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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  November 16, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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it's best that we don't, you know, shoot first and aim later. it's important for us to get the strategy right and the strategy that we are pursuing is the right one. >> right now at 111:00, president obama lays out the long-term strategy to defeat isis militants. we will tell you about the stance he is taking on sending more u.s. troops into iraq and into syria. plus, police descend on a brussels, belgium, neighborhood, searching for people responsible for the paris attacks. it is just one of several overnight raids. good morning, i'm vai sikahema, we continue to follow the latest developments into the investigation into friday's
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deadly terror attacks in paris. 129 people were killed and separate attacks throughout the city. this morning, security officials say authorities in turkey have arrested more than a dozen isis militants who had exchanged messages with the militant in paris responsible for the deadly attacks. french officials say the attack friday night were masterminded by abdel aimmediate abroad, a belgian with known terror connections. we are learning senior iraqi intelligence officials warn members of the u.s.-led coalition fighting isis of imminent assaults a day before the paris attacks and the french military has carried out air strikes on islamic state positions throughout syria. the french interior minister says police raided 168 locations across the country last night and arrested more than 100 people. france's prime minister warns that more terror attacks could hit in the coming days or weeks. reafirmed president francois hollan
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hollande's declaration that they are at war against terrorism. after three hours with no new arrests, an investigation in brussels ended. the search centered on finding the alleged mastermind of friday's attacks. two small explosions were heard and dozens of masked and several heavily armed security officials sealed off the area. police arrested three suspects in that same neighborhood saturday and continued house searches. and president obama spoke to reporters after the g-20 summit in turkey today. the president says the idea of sending more u.s. troops into iraq and syria will only help in the short term, but a better strategy needs to be used for a long-term solution in eliminating isis. >> systematically going after their leadership, their infrastructure, strengthening shia -- strengthening syrian and iraqi forces that are -- and kurdish forces prepared to fight them, cutting off their borders and squeezing the space in which they can operate until ultimately, we are able to
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defeat them. >> president obama says that strategy may take a long time, but it's the most effective one. and french president hollande said the victims of the paris attacks represent 19 different nationalities. he is speaking at a special joint session of parliament in the palace of versailles and said he will meet with the u.s. and russian leaders to discuss pooling their efforts to destroy isis. hollande also wants to extend the national state of emergency for three months. that is a move that would require parliamentary approval. the power of silence, people paused for a minute across paris today in memory of the victims of the terror attacks. this was a scene outside the restaurant where a gunman killed 15 people. many people also gathered to reflect that -- at various places throughout france.
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french president francois hollande there, leading a minute of silence at sorbonne university. and people continue to make -- to visit makeshift memorials throughout paris today. this little girl leaving flowers. many residents says there is an atmosphere of fear, even as parisians try to go back to normal life after deadly attacks. the decision to conduct air strikes in syria has made some even more concerned. >> we have to fight back and the only way to fight back is to keep on living the way we live. >> meanwhile, the eiffel tower has reopened to visitors and tonight will be relit in red, white and blue as it did following friday's attacks. people across the globe have united in grief over the attacks in paris. the french international school of philadelphia held a stand with paris vigil last night. one-third of the students at
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this montgomery school come from french families much the school wanted to support those who can't be in france with their loved ones right now. ♪ yesterday, the philadelphia orchestra began their concert with a performance of the french national anthem. they also performed the french song last night as a show of support. of course, don't forget to download and check the nbc 10 news app for instant updates on the deadly terror attacks in paris. coming up in a few minutes, nbc 10's jim rosenfield speaks to some average citizens on the streets of paris. and we have breaking news closer to home. a montgomery county high school is working in a lockout mode this morning after a former student allegedly made a threat to his college campus. school officials at cheltenham high school say no one is allowed to enter or leave the buildings. the threat was made to washington college in maryland. the school identified the
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student as sophomore jacob marburger. officials say they were notified by his parents after he left home with a gun. right now he is considered a missing person. if you happen to know anything about his whereabouts, you are asked to call police. a violent home invasion played out in philadelphia's port richmond neighborhood this morning and neighbors say there were children in the home at the time. nbc 10's katy zachry is live outside of the house where one person was shot. ka katy, knew new information on this? >> reporter: in the last few minutes, i got information on the home invasion. police tell us there were actually three men who broke into this home behind me around 3 this morning and since that time, they have been on the run. neighbors who live right next door tell me they woke up to a woman screaming around 3 this morning and their stair railing was actually shaking from the commotion next door. some neighbors heard a loud pop, assuming that to be a gunshot. police tell us a woman inside the home was shot three times by
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the men who when they broke in, they say this is a robbery, give us everything you've got. now, it's still unclear why the woman was shot three times. police say the men ran away from the scene without taking anything. there are a lot of children on this block and we are told by neighbors that three children live inside this home where it happened so you can understand that parents in this area are quite shaken about what happened behind me. coming up in the next half hour, i'm working on a story regarding the suspect's description. they are still on the run. police are looking for any information you might have. reporting live from port richmond, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. this morning, one person is in the hospital after a police-involved shooting in philadelphia's kensington neighborhood. this happened around 3:00 this morning near the corner of f street and westmoreland. we know the suspect is headed to temple hospital after being shot by the police officer. police have not released that suspect's condition or told us if the suspect shot at police
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first. and philadelphia police are searching for three masked men who stormed into a burger king with a -- with baseball bats and attacked an employee. this happened around midnight on columbus boulevard. police say one of the men hit the worker in the head but that the worker should be okay. the suspect stole money from the safe and cash register and they took off. meanwhile this afternoon, eagles head coach chip kelly will speak to the media about his team's gut-wrench 1-point loss to the miami dolphins much the birds blew a double-digit lead at the linc yesterday. miami took control in the fourth quarter with this catch by jarvis landry for a touchdown that got batted up. the dolphins sealed the deal when they picked off mark sanchez in the zone late in the game in the fourth quarter. sanchez had filled in for sam bradford who left the game with a shoulder sprain and also had a concussion much the birds lose 20-19. and here's what coach chip kelly had to say afterwards.
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>> i have never been part of a play like that where it got tipped and went high and lost track of where the football was. and then on the other plays, we got an opportunity to not force that situation, we come around the corner, if we don't have the drive they're we are looking for, let's just chuck it down and plate next time. >> eagles running back matthews suffered a concussion. the birds fell to 4-5, tied with the washington redskins in the standings and still a half game behind the giants for the division lead in the east. next up, the eagles will host tampa bay sunday at 1:00. and happening now, mayor-elect jim kenny and other local lawmakers discussion the result of a study about plans to extend the broad street line south to the if i recall navy yard. the survey is a partnership between penndot, septa and other local agencies to try to determine the effects this extension would have on septa ridership and economic growth in the navy yard. the yard is home to more than 11,000 employees and 143
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companies. and here's a look at the current path of the broad street line. right now, it started at the fern rock transportation center in north philly and then moves along south -- moves south along broad and ends at the at&t station near the sports complex in south philadelphia. officials hope to extend the line another mile and a half and then add one or two stations in the navy yard. we are continuing to follow developments out of paris. coming up, we will take you to the streets of paris as nbc 10's jim rosenfield talks to residents there. and see why one person he spoke to was happy to meet an american. and he is the teen suspected of killing a teacher in a bathroom. and this morning, as the young defendant's trial begins, his defense attorneys make a major admission. we will have that straight ahead. glenn? >> we are going to take some heavy rain at some point this week. i will show you when to expect that ahead in my 7-day forecast.
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we continue to follow the latest developments in the deadly attacks in paris. french president francois hollande is addressing parliament about france's response to the terrorist attacks. french police raided 168 locations across the country and detained nearly two dozen people as authorities identified more people linked to the attacks at the g-20 summit in turkey, president obama says putting large numbers of u.s. troops on the ground to combat the threat from isis would be, what he
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calls a mistake. the eiffel tower has reopened to visitors and tonight will be relit in red, white and blue. nbc 10's jim rosenfield is in paris, talked to the people about what they witnessed and what they are experiencing. >> reporter: so this is the site of one of the sort of drive-by shootings, really a bar and across the street there, that gray line is the restaurant also hit here in the canal district, canal quarters. here on the 10th aron dizment friday night and people are coming to pay their respects. you live in the neighborhood, next door? we were talking a little bit ago. you were not home when this
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happened, you were in normandy. >> yeah. >> but tell me what you're feeling now. i'm very sad and a built scared because i was just here and maybe walk on the street maybe tomorrow, we can -- >> sadness and fear. mm-hmm. yeah. >> you said it is good to know that there were some americans here? >> yeah. yeah, because you're -- you have the same feelings about the -- >> about terrorism and what can happen? >> exactly. >> we went through 9/11. >> exactly. >> tell me your name. >> charlotte. >> charlotte. and your last name?
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oy. we appreciate you speaking with us. back to you. >> count on nbc 10 and the nbc 10 app for continuing coverage of the terror in paris. jim rosenfield will continue to bring us more reports from paris like that as he talks with people from our area about the attacks and look for his reports on air later this afternoon and online. happening now, opening statements are under way in massachusetts in the trial of a teenager accused of killing his high school math teacher. this morning, defense lawyers admitted that phillip chisholm killed his teacher, but say he was suffering from psychosis and that made him hallucinate. chisholm was found competent to stand trial last week following the psychiatric evaluation. he was 14 when investigators say he followed his high school math teacher into a bathroom and then struggled -- strangled, raped and murdered her.
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someone who got support from our community during their time of tragedy are now finding a way to pay it forward. families of fallen philadelphia police officers will be bartenders during a special fund-raiser at the irish pub. joining us now are three women who lost their husbands in the line of duty, maureen faulkner, the widow of dennis faulkner, judy cassidy, widow of chuck cassidy and jim mcfillen, the widow of jim. tell us why you wanted to see this become a reality u >> we felt as though widows who have lost their loved ones in the line of duty right around thanksgiving time, it's -- it's a family time and it's a little bit of a sad time so we wanted to make it uplifting and get together and be together and support one another and have our friends and family be with us. so we decided the irish pub and
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nothing better than to be bartenders and drink a little beer. >> judy, tell us more about the fop survivors' fund and how it helps make families like yours in your period of despair. >> yeah. well, we know that if we ever need anything, we can just make a phone call and they will be there for us. but they have the survivor luncheon every year for all of the survivors and that's nice to get okay to see people that you really don't see often. we have all been through the same, you know, tragedy, which is horrible. and it's not something that you want to be a part of, but they do a lot of good things and they never forget us on holidays and they do a lot for all of us. >> yeah, it's a specially unique frat concern that really nobody wants to be a part of and yet you are and doing your best. kim, you were five months pregnant when your husband was shot and killed seven years ago. tell us how little johnny is doing. how you're doing. >> he is wonderful.
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he is 6. he is in first grade. he looks just like his father. amazing to watch and see the mannerisms of his dad. and this thing tonight is -- we are excited. there's 14 police officers in this area killed in the last six, seven years. and this is just a fun way to get everyone together and see these lovely ladies, like you said, this is a fraternity that you never want to be a part of. and we -- i have a special bond with these two ladies and some of the other wives. >> yeah. i wondered if because of the uniqueness of your fraternity how -- it bonds you guys together and in a very unique way because off shared experience, right? >> yes. absolutely. we do have a shared experience. an awful shared experience, but we do >> and we love each other and we all support each other and we are together. >> i can feel that and we appreciate so much how guys are
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and the way that you responded to such an unfortunate situation and the way you have helped make others going through the same experience strong, like you are. we appreciate you all. >> thank you. >> 5 to 8 tonight. >> 5 to 8:00 tonight. there you go. >> the widows stand strong event benefiting the fop survivors' fund is tonight, 5 to 8:00 at the irish pub located at 2007 walnut street. they will ask for as 10 donation at the door and we posted a link for more information about it on our website at ladies, thank you again. >> thank you. starting off the week with some pretty amazing weather for the middle of november. very warm and it's going to be a warm week overall. just going to be one exception, that's tomorrow. it's going to be a whole lot colder, just for a day. and then we have got some heavy
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rain in the 7-day forecast before the week is out. the blue sky out there and the temperature is just skyrocketing. 65 degrees. winds west at 7 miles an hour. it is 11 degrees warmer than it was at this time yesterday. and it wasn't that cold yesterday. 65 in philadelphia and in bensalem. 63 in allentown and reading and trenting and mount holly, 66 in wilmington. 65 in atlantic city. average high this time of year is 57. see some of these places 10 to 12 degrees warm they are time than yesterday. so, we are definitely going to be warming up. west wind here a cold front, back door front coming down from the north and northeast, you see some of the wind flow behind it. got some chilly air, that is going to change things, not
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coming in from the west. going through the afternoon, the computer molds underestimating the warmth from today. tonight, you see the wind arrows change, the winds coming in from the north and the northeast, not expecting much moisture tomorrow, cloud cover. but look at the temperatures. they are just not going up very much. 54 is the highest hourly temperature you saw in philadelphia and pottstown and in doylestown, not even that warm. so we have another sunny day tomorrow but feel dramatically different and then on wednesday, the clouds start to come, thursday, we start to get a period of heavy rain. sunny and warm today, highs in the upper 60s, some place could touch 70 degrees, much cooler tomorrow. high of only 56 that is about average this time of the year. then we jump right back up on
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wednesday. we are wet and windy on thursday. then we start to cool down again, another fairly chilly weekend but most likely a dry weekend. we have breaking news, skyforce10 has launched and hovering live over the scene of a deadly pedestrian accident. this is in southwest philadelphia, corner of 54th street and woodland avenue. as the camera pulls back here, police are telling us a 38-year-old woman getting out of the trolly, at 9:00 this morning, been a couple of hour, when she was hit by a car and killed. police say they are working on it but they have not identified the woman. we noelle driver did stop. no charges have been filed there. we will continue to monitor the situation and bring you updates as it warrants. coming up, our coverage of the paris terrorist attacks continues. local survivors speaking out. we will hear from some college students from our region who were in that soccer stadium when
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it came under attack. antibiotics in our food. how safe are they? this morning, experts have a new warning. many people clean their dentures
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with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria.
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for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. the country's leading pediatricians have a warning about the overuse of antibiotics in food-producing animals a new report finds adding antibiotics to the feed of healthy livestock to stimulate growth may make the drugs ineffective when they are needed to treat infections in
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people and that poses the greatest danger to children who have the highest rights of drug-resistant infections. experts say just like humans, animals should only receive antibiotics for infections. remembering an american killed during the terror in paris, a vigil is held for a young woman who lost her life in the attacks. we will let you hear how she is being remembered this morning. and a new carbon monoxide slaw now in effect in pennsylvania. coming up, philadelphia's fire commissioner joins us to tell us what homeowners need to know about the new regulations.
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and now to the deadly terror attacks in paris. french officials say the attacks friday night were masterminded by abdel hamid abroad, a belgian
11:31 am
with known terror connections. we are learning senior intelligence officials wand members of the u.s.-led coalition fighting isis of imminent assaults a day before the paris attacks and the french military has carried out air strikes on islamic state positions in syria and president francois hollande led his stunned nation in one minute silence this morning to remember victims of the attacks. we are continuing to accelerate what we do as we find additional partners on the ground that are effective, we work with them more closely. i have already authorized additional forces on the ground who are going to be able to improve that coordination. >> president obama laying out his strategy to defeat islamic militants, even though he did authorize those special forces, the president opposed the idea of sending more troops to iraq and syria staying is not an effective long-term solution. those rear attacks have become a focal point of the g-20
11:32 am
summit in turkey where president obama is meeting with world leaders. as president obama said this morning, it would be a mistake to send the u.s. troops into ground war against isis. nbc's peter alexander tells us the president is vowing to hunt down those responsible. >> attack on the civilized world. >> reporter: the high stakes underscored by the president's impromptu hallway meeting with vladimir putin, the global rivals the odd house to defeat isis and end the syrian civil war looking to bridge their differences. under fire at home, the administration strategy is ineffective by critics pointed at the president's comments an hour before friday's attack about successfully halting the spread of isis in the middle east. >> you think they are gaining strength, what is true is from the start, our goal has been first to contain and we have contained them. >> reporter: over the last year, the u.s. has been dragged deeper into the fight, sending advisers then launching air strikes and last month, announcing up to 50 special forces would go to
11:33 am
syria, america's first boots on the ground there. the white house now conceding the u.s. must do more. >> clearly going to have to be an intensification of efforts. >> reporter: the president's former secretary of state, hillary clinton is coming under fire by republicans by refusing to say the u.s. is in battle with radical islam. >> i don't think we are at war with islam. i don't think we are at war with all muslims. . i think we are at war with the jihad diss. >> reporter: mitt romney arguing in an op ed we must wage the war to defeat the enemy, not merely to harass it a message echoed by the top 2016 gop contenders. >> a threat to the western civilization and we should consider it this way. >> this evil, radical islamic terrorism, needs to be called out. >> this is a clash of civilization, either they win or we win. >> that was nbc's peter alexander reporting. meanwhile, hundreds gathered to celebrate the life of the american killed in the terror
11:34 am
attacks. they held a vigil yesterday for 23-year-old know hemigonzalez at california state university long beach. gonzalez was a senior studying abroad. she was shot to death at a restaurant in paris friday night. students call her a hard worker and a role model. >> we all have to feel pain and we all have to live this moment the way we need to. but always, always remember, know hemiwants us to be happy, successful and strong, just the way she was. >> gonzalez's family says they still don't have all the details surrounding her death. alabama governor robert bentley has announced he is refusing syrian refugees relocating to his state. bentley posted a statement on twitter that said, in part --
11:35 am
quick thinking at the soccer stadium kept three students studying in paris kept them out of danger. the millersville university juniors attended friday's soccer match between france and germany and captured cell phone video inside the stadium that you see here, just after the first explosion. about 15 minutes later, they heard the second blast and they knew something wasn't right. the students were able to make it out of the stadium before it was locked down. they passed police and packed crowds and they told nbc 10's jim rosenfield they made strategic decisions about how to get back to their apartment located in the center of paris. >> we decided no -- not to take the metro in case they bombed the metro and walked an hour and 15 back to the apartment. >> how glad were you to be home? >> really glad. we got in and very thankful to be locked up in our apartment. >> the millersville students say
11:36 am
they intend to finish their semester abroad in paris and motivated by the resolve of the french people to carry on. don't forget to download and check the nbc 10 news app for instant updates on the deadly terror attacks in paris. we will have more from the city of lights coming up "today" on nbc ten news at 4:00. we have breaking news closer to home, a montgomery high school is working in a precautionary lockout mode this morning. officials at cheltenham high school say no one is allowed to enter or leave the building. school officials made the decision after learning about a threat to a maryland college involving a former student. officials at washington college identified the student as sophomore jacob marburger. marburger's parents called the college this morning to tell them he had left home with a gun. right now, he is considered a missing person. if you happen to know anything about this -- his whereabouts, you are asked to call police.
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this is a robber, give me everything you got, a message a couple in port richmond woke up to this morning after three men with guns broke into their home. nbc 10's katy zachry is live on the 2000 block to pick up the street from there. a woman was shot in this home? >> reporter: she is and in stable condition at temple university hospital after she was not sho shot three times in the arm by the men. we have been on the block for hours today a lot of families who liv here, young children, understandably shake-about what transpired inside this house at 3 this morning. some of the neighbors say parts of their home shook because of all the commotion that took place inside. philadelphia police say three men wearing dark clothing, hoods and ski masks broke into this home on the 2,000 block of back yus street. they first woke up a man sleeping inside in a back room. they demanded everything from him but he said he had nothing. then the gunmen moved into a
11:38 am
front room. they woke up a woman sleeping there, held her at gunpoint, demanded the same from her and in the end, she was shot three times. police say the men ran off with nothing. they stole no possessions from inside this home. now, i'm told by neighbors that the couple that was attacked this morning, they moved in only a few weeks ago and even more recently, they had several other relatives move in here and live with them. most notably, three young children and neighbors say those three children were inside the house when this happened around 3 this morning. if you have any information on the gunman, call philadelphia police. reporting live in port richmond, katie zachary, nbc 10 news. new video into nbc 10's newsroom, police looking for two men accused of robbing a duncan doughnuts in west philadelphia, happened just before 8 p.m. on thursda in thursday cobs creek. they walked into the coffee shop
11:39 am
and demanded money from the car here at handgun. one of the men jumped over the counter to take cash before running away. if you happen to know who these men are or anything about this case, you are asked to call police. checking out our other nbc 10 headlines, one suspect is in the hospital this morning after a police-involved shooting in if i recall's kensington neighborhood, near f street and westmoreland. the suspect was shot by police. no word yet on the suspect's condition or if the officer was shot at first. also in philadelphia, police are looking for three masked men who stormed into a burger king and attacked an employee with baseball bats. this happened around midnight on columbus avenue -- boulevard, rather. police say one of the men hit the worker in the head but the worker should be okay. education supporters and advocates are pushing for a budget that invests in schools and community. nbc 10 was there as they boarded a bus in center city this morning for what they are calling action day.
11:40 am
pennsylvania hasn't had a budget for five months now. two zebras are back at the circus after escaping yesterday and running through west philadelphia. the universal circus says that it's investigating how the animals got loose at the mann center yesterday afternoon. they were spotted trotting down city streets before they were caught. animals protesting at the circus say this is another example why animals should not be used for entertainment. >> they really horrific experience for the zebras who probably saw a chance to escape and thought they were going to maybe get some, you know, outside time instead of being inside a small pen. and instead, they end up in traffic, running, you know, terrified. >> the circus says the animals were not hurt. thousands of kids will get a warm winter coat today. volunteers are teaming one cradles to crayons to give out 10,000 winter coats, kids'
11:41 am
clothes and school supplies. this is video of a similar convenient. cradles to crayons 2015 big give event helps low-income and homeless children across our region. and local businesses looking to cash in on the 2016 democratic national convention will get valuable information tonight. the dnc committee and the philadelphia host committee are holding a meeting for businesses to learn about potential vendor opportunities. the dncc plans to award 35% of its contracts to diverse businesses. >> we are going to have anywhere from 35 to 50,000 visitors, 15,000 credentialed media and experience as much as philly as possible in that down time. we have a full-time committee focused on that. a lot of people in the business community and the restaurant community and the marketing promotion commune vitt been helping us think through ideas. >> the dnc takes place at the convention center in center city, philadelphia, next july. using social media to communicate following a major
11:42 am
tragedy. we will tell you about a little known facebook crisis feature that proved useful in the aftermath of the paris attacks. we will have that coming up. and we have got a pretty warm week ahead. i will show you which day is going to be the warmest ahead in my 7-day forecast.
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now the latest on the terror attacks in paris, isis has released a video praising friday's deadly attacks and
11:45 am
urging muslims to carry out similar acts. french president holland says the attacks targeted youth of 19 different nationalities at the g-20 summit in turkey, president obama says putting large numbers of troops on the ground to combat the threat from isis would be what he calls a mistake. and facebook says it will now use its safety check feature more widely after the attacks in paris. the feature lets users in a crisis zone send a message out that let's everyone know that they are safe. now, it was developed after the japan earthquake and tsunami back in 2011 but was only activated five times since launching. facebook says more than 4 million people used the feature just this weekend alone. happening now, members of the immigrant community are gathered at city hall to talk about immigration issues in the city of philadelphia. last week, mayor michael nutter repealed parts of an executive order limits city interactions with immigration and customs enforcement, or i.c.e.
11:46 am
nbc 10's lauren >> mikmink is there and working to find what it means moving forward. tune into her report on nbc 10 news starting at 4:00. as the no-tipping movement spreads in a new stud dish a new study is revealing which group of people tip the most. when it comes to tipping, young people are the most generous, what an nbc news poll shows, even when the service isn't so great. some customers 18 to 24 said they would tip 20% or more. most in that able group said they would leave at least 15%. a new law is aimed at an invisible killer and it went into effect and it is aid at preventing carbon monoxide deaths. joining us to talk about the new law, philadelphia fire commissioner derek sauer and gigi ruben from first alert. first alert is a company that manufacture es alarms.
11:47 am
you are trying to get the word out about this new launch what should people know about it? >> well, the requirement is that you have at least one in your sleeping area, so, 15 feet from any sleeping area, if you have a three-story home and you have sleeping areas on the second and third floor, you are going to need at least two, at the bare minimum. we wanted to remind everybody that if you own rental property or if you own your home, the law applies to both. >> what can people do right now to make sure that their home is safe? >> well, in addition to installing a ceiling alarm, we want them to check their hearts, water hearts, furnaces and make sure they are operating correctly. so right now, it has been nice out, nice day out today, but shortly, it is going to get real cold and before you start turning on those heaters, have someone certified to come out and inspect them. >> the best time to get that inspected is when you don't -- you haven't used it. >> that's right. >> nice day like today a perfect time. >> once it gets cold, you turn it on, not going to get it inspected. >> if it's working, good to go.
11:48 am
you move on. tell us more about carbon monoxide detectors and what people should look for when they're buying one. >> sure, first alert is known as the most trusted name in home safety and they have a new line of ten-year smoke and seal alarms. this one is brand new, the only one of its kind, it is a ten-year carbon monoxide alarm, it is going to -- the battery is going to last for the life of the alarm. it gives you an end of life warning and it means take it down and put up a new one. you see the battery is encased within the unit, you can't get to it and you couldn't use it even if -- in something else, even if you could. >> it works separately from the smoke detectors? >> it does. this are some combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. one i have in my home is combination. >> we have one of those right here. this is a.could bin nation smoke and seal alarm, a real thin profile, some of the alarms are just sleeker and actually cuter, if you see this one right here, this little -- this is a smoke alarm. so cute.
11:49 am
it is called the adam. this one is a combination alarm like you said you have in your home. and they start -- this one is probably around $50. >> i was going to get to that. i want to know how much -- you probably pay more for the dual. >> yeah, but with these alarms, you are not replace the batteries, so you are saving on the cost of the batteries. >> that's what's important nowadays, that you have a ten-year alarm. so, in the past, we used a 9 volt battery, people would take them out for remotes, different things, toys around christmastime. by having the sealed unit, don't have to worry about anyone taking out the battery and that battery lasts ten years. >> good advice. thank you very much, commissioner. good to see you as always. stay safe out there with your men and women. gigi, thank you for coming in and educating us. >> thank you. got pretty chilly on saturday but things are really warming up out there. we warmed up a little bit
11:50 am
yesterday and going to be even warmer today. temperatures right now already into the mid-60s in philadelphia and northeast philly, 63 in allentown, reading, mount hollis,delaware, warmest, 66 degrees and 10 to 12 degrees warmer than we were at this time yesterday. well, we have temperatures that are going into the 60s during date today. we have some very strong rain in the middle of the country and we are going to be seeing that come in a little bit later in the week. we have the wind blowing out of the west, 65 degrees, and again, 11 degrees warmer than it was at this time yesterday. the temperatures have really skyrocketed, even mount pocono at 57 degrees right now. 58 degrees in swedesboro, one of the coolest places on the map right now.
11:51 am
and you can see that we have a cold front up in the northern portion of new york state. some of that is going to be coming down this way. and the wind is going to shift out of the north to northeast and that's going to bring cooler air down. so, it is not like it is going to get cloudy or rain is going to cool it, it is just the wind shift. so tomorrow morning, 39 degrees in doylestown and by noon, 49 degrees. barely up to 50. that is an example how much cool ter is going to be, already into the mid-60s there barely to 50 tomorrow. so, these going to be quite a change. then as we go into wednesday, we will see more cloud cover that is going to warm up, come into the 60s, this system, going to come in on thursday.
11:52 am
we have a strong southerly wind, there's going to be lots of moisture and there's going to be a lot of rain, but it's just going to be one day this week. sunny and warm this afternoon, high temperatures in the upper 60s to near 70 degrees. for the rest of the 7-day forecast, we cool down one day tomorrow, 56 the high, right back up into the mid-60s on wednesday and thursday. could be even warmer than that, depending on the exact wind direction, if it's a southerly wind, we could be getting close to 70 degrees, even with all of that rain because that is going to be a strong wind coming in, look how much it cools down friday and over the weekend, but that also means drier air coming in. and we will be right back.
11:53 am
direction, if it's a southerly
11:54 am
11:55 am
hey, we can now reveal our choices for next week's high school game of the week, here we are, we got ryan versus wood, timber creek versus whom mham m town. this afternoon at 3:00, khloe kardashian sits down with ellen and opens up about lamar odom's health battle. nbc 10 news at 4:00 this afternoon, people can't get enough of patti labelle's new
11:56 am
pies but see how one fan's rave review got the singer's attention, that on nbc 10 news at 4:00 today. now to an update on our top story, president obama says the u.s. had no intelligence information ahead of the paris attacks that would have given a clue that an attack was imminent. the president spoke at a news conference at the g-20 summit in turkey. he says putting large numbers of u.s. troops on the ground to combat the threat from isis would be a mistake. meantime, isis released a video showing fighters praising the attacks and urging muslims to carry out similar attacks. islamic state claimed responsibility. french president francois hollande says victims from 19 different nationalities were killed in the attacks. pivoting now, let's turn to nbc 10 chief meteorologist, glenn "hurricane" schwartz for a quick weather update. >> starting the week off with sunshine and unseasonable warmth, average highs 57, talking close to 70 degrees today but not quite a record, the record high is 76. cooler tomorrow.
11:57 am
>> nobody is complaining. thank you, glenn. thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. vai sikahema for glenn "hurricane" schwartz, all of us here have a great day. enjoy the weather out there.
11:58 am
11:59 am
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>> theresa: hey. >> brady: hi. >> theresa: what are you doing home? >> brady: oh, i thought i'd grab some lunch here, maybe take tate out for a while. do you you wanna come? >> theresa: uh, nope. you can go on ahead without me. >> brady: what's wrong? >> theresa: nothing. >> brady: theresa. what happened to us being open and honest with each other? >> theresa: okay, fine. victor kicked me out. >> brady: what? >> theresa: what, you-- you're surprised? brady, you know he hates me. he only let me stay here because of tate, but i guess something changed, and now he wants me out. >> brady: oh, man. >> theresa: what does that mean? >> brady: it was me. >> rafe: chad, abigail is


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