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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  November 16, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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nbc 10 news starts now. >> the faces of evil revealed. we have our first look at the men suspected of masterminding the deadly violence in france. the man hunt intensifies as a new terror video has washington, d.c., on notice tonight. good evening, i'm keith jones. >> and i'm denise nakano. this is a suspected mastermind behind friday's attack. french officials say he's a belgian national with known terror connections. today isis released a new video threatening to carry out an attack in washington, d.c. french war planes launched another air strike against isis targets in their capital city of rakka as president obama defended his strategy to take down the terrorist group. the president says his strategy will be intensified going forward, but will keep u.s. troops off the ground. nbc 10's jim rosenfield was on the ground in paris less than 24 hours after the attack. >> he files this report now from paris.
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>> we are united against this threat. isil is the face of evil. >> reporter: addressing the g-20 nations in turkey, president obama stood by his long-term strategy for defeating isis, saying more american troops on the ground would be a mistake. >> we have the right strategy and we're going to see it through. >> reporter: some questioned the president's strategy today when isis released a new threat, this time against washington, d.c. this new propaganda video praised the paris attack and promised more. france's president isn't backing down in the face of increased threats. francois hollande is stepping up international raids, targeting known islamists and he's threatening to strip suspected terrorists of their citizenship, even if they were born in his own country. >> that was nbc 10's jim rosenfield reporting. he is live in paris. we'll check in with him in just a minute. for the first time since the attacks in paris, french school children returned to class
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today. at one elementary school in paris, the school's director was there to personally greet each and every student. a team of psychologists were on hand to talk to the children and staff. there are mixed emotions tonight for some french students in our area. they are celebrating a big soccer victory, but fully aware of what's unfolding in their homeland. nbc 10's cydney long has that story from ryder university in mercer county. >> at first i didn't know if it real. >> reporter: within moments of the explosion sounding off outside the paris soccer arena, rider athlete's phone lit up. he grew up in a paris suburb watching his soccer idols in that very stadium. he learned right away his mom was safe. >> nobody that i know was injured. >> reporter: his teenaged brothers were in paris friday night, along with friends. >> they didn't know until the end of the game and i had a couple friends near the shooting
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in paris. they were pretty scared, they told me it was chaos. >> reporter: he is not alone. in all rider has 19 french foreign exchange students studying in new jersey now. >> i had a friend who was in the stadium, the soccer stadium, at the time of one of the suicide bomber explode, but she was fine. >> reporter: today rider men's soccer had a pep rally of sorts. they were selected to pay virginia in an ncaa tournament after winning the conference championship. it is a victory coupled with heartache, especially for international players on the team. >> it is pretty big for the school, but on the other hand i know all i can think about people in paris, too. >> reporter: flying home to paris to be together with his family is still a month away. rider university's holiday break begins december 15th, but to let the students know they have a home here and to show its support, the university is gathering all international students together tonight. >> we feel for them the way we
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felt at 9/11. we can't feel it the same way they can, but we can understand they do know they are hurting and we're here for them. >> reporter: pelle isn't sure the attacks will impact her parents flying to new jersey next month. >> the situation right now, they are closed. >> pray for the victims, that's all we can do. >> reporter: from lawrenceville, cydney long, nbc 10 news. amtrak travelers should expect to see police officers carrying military rifles and other increased security measures starting today. the rail service tells us it is stepping up security at stations and on the trains in response to the attacks in paris. it's also reminding people to look for and report any suspicious activity. nbc 10's jim rosenfield was on the ground within 24 hours of the attacks in paris. >> he joins us there live now. it's about 11:00 at night paris time. what's happening there now, jim? >> reporter: well, keith, here
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in the place de le republique where we joined you in the last hour, this light rain that's falling has really made the crowds disperse. i'm going to step out of the shot just to show you, but there are still people coming and in something that seems symbolic of the french resolve right now, despite the rain and damp weather, those candles are still flickering there around the monument, which is the symbolic center of paris in terms of the republic of france. this was also, as we've mentioned, a main gathering spot for parisians after the "charlie hebdo" attacks back in january. we haven't seen those types of crowds here yet and certainly the weather tonight is affecting that at this hour, but also strong urgings from the government, from the president of france, to avoid large gatherings at this point for obvious reasons. keith and denise? >> jim rosenfield live for us in paris. thank you very much, jim. turns out video games may play a key role in how terrorists secretly communicate. why investigators are taking a
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look at household gaming systems ahead at 5:15 as our coverage of the attacks in paris continue. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> here at home let's talk about the weather, because it is a beautiful fall day. we've been treated today. >> so gorgeous, of course, change is always on the way. first alert meteorologist sheena parveen says things are going to be cooling down, sheena? >> yeah, as we go into tomorrow, denise and keith. right now, though, temperatures still in the 60s for a good portion of the area. we did hit 70 degrees today in philadelphia, now we're at 65 degrees. 60 degrees in allentown, 54, though, in millville. that's one spot really starting to cool down. 57 in wildwood, 63 degrees in northeast philly. locally we are dry, but up to our north that's a cold front that's going to move south through the area so we typically call these back door cold fronts since they don't move that normal west to east motion we always see with the cold front. this is going to drop down, cooler temperatures tomorrow and then the rain you see well off
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to our west, that will be here as we go into thursday, so there's cooler temperatures ahead, then we have some heavy rain before the weekend gets here and more weekend changes. for tonight, though, we do stay dry. 58 degrees, clear and cool by 6:00 p.m. by 8:00 mid 50s and by 10:00 tonight around 52 degrees, chilly outside and cooler through the day tomorrow. coming up i'll show you the timing of the heavy rain and bigger changes as we go into the weekend. that's straight ahead. >> looking forward to that, sheena. have you heard about this? bodies of newborn babies found in kensington over the weekend. now we've learned they were medical specimens. medical examiner says the bodies had been preserved, possibly with formaldehyde. police say professional autopsies had been done and the organs removed by unknown medical personnel. the special victims unit is trying to determine who did the procedures and why they were dumped. >> well, somebody from a lab like that, throw it on the
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street something like that, that ain't right right there. >> detectives are still trying to determine if someone in a black pickup truck seen dumping trash in the area has anything to do with the newborns. meanwhile, a mother and son are among those busted for allegedly dealing drugs to college students on the main line. investigators say 53-year-old joanne beanie and her son, 24-year-old george, were selling drugs out of their home. george is the son of a former radnor township commissioner and current chair of the township democratic party. joanne is his ex-wife. the elder doesn't live in the home. >> it does not matter to us. take a look at that picture. if you were to come to radnor and try to sell those drugs to our students and our residents, you will be arrested, regardless of who you are or who you're related to, period. >> police also arrested jean boller.
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they say she was inside the home at the time the search warrants were executed. police say they found pills, marijuana, cash, along with drug paraphernalia, all inside the home. new at 5:00, a deadly standoff in bucks county ends with an officer's life being saved by a gun, but not in the way you might think. as deanna durante reports, the officer had no idea what he was walking into when he entered a hotel room in bensalem saturday. >> they say god is everywhere, god was in nigknights inn on november 7th. >> reporter: the officer had no idea what he was walking into when he knocked on the door of room 142. he was looking for a parole violator wanted in a stolen car case. police knew this man was inside. what they didn't know, two others were inside the room with him. jennifer lanning and lloyd franklin were wanted for murder in north carolina. >> as a police officer drew his weapon, the weapon i have before you, and opened the door slowly, he was met with gunfire
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immediately by mr. franklin. >> reporter: the whole exchange, according to police, lasted just seconds from the time the officer came here to the door to the time he came to the closet and discovered the wanted man inside. >> it's nothing less than a miracle. >> reporter: the shot fired by the murder suspect didn't hit the officer, instead, it hit the cop's gun where it stays today. the flashlight under the barrel stopped a bullet. it happened so fast, the officer had no idea his gun had been hit. thinking his weapon jammed, he got out of the room quickly. >> he didn't get injured, he was shot technically, but he's alive and back on the job. >> reporter: franklin killed himself, the wanted hitch hoohi is in jail. >> two bad guys in custody and one that will be buried. >> reporter: deanna durante, nbc 10 news. our coverage of the terror attacks in paris continues with how popular video game systems may have played a part. >> playground where you can hide in plain sight. >> up next, cyber secrecy.
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how investigators believe the world of video games may have played a key part in carrying out the deadly attacks if france. plus this -- france fires back. our nbc 10 military analyst joins us for a look at how french fighters are working to bring down isis strongholds in syria tonight. that and more next on nbc 10 news at 5:00. [ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going.
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>> a new threat against the united states today in the wake of the terror attacks in paris. isis released this video calling its members to strike in washington, d.c. despite the new threat, president obama's sticking with his strategy to keep u.s. troops out of syria and french president francois hollande launched another air strike today against the terrorist group's capital city. one question investigators are continuing to ask here is, how isis terrorists secretly communicate in the first place. >> how were the men in paris able to go undetected. turns out video games may have played a key role. nbc investigative reporter jeff rossen has been looking into that. >> reporter: intelligence sources tell nbc news the french were caught completely off guard. their agencies seriously weak at
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detecting terrorist chatter online. today, investigators are honing in on this gaming system, playstation 4, isis has been known to use it. this accused isis militant now in jail for downloading bomb plans on his ps4. so did isis use it to plan the paris attacks, too? officials believe the plot may have been hatched in belgium. days ago the political leader spoke at a political forum. >> the playstation 4. >> reporter: cyber security experts agree. why playstation? >> you can put together a working group of members, such as terrorist organizations, communicate on your plan and dissipate and it's gone. >> reporter: let me show you how this works. i'm on a playstation right now, connected directly to the internet, which means i can play live with anybody anywhere in the world privately. i have to invite them to the game or they have to invite me
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into the game, and that's not all. you can text on the play stain n 2. hi, stephanie. >> hey, jeff. >> reporter: show me how this texting works. >> i'll show you a message. hi, jeff, how are you? remember, this doesn't go through your phone company. okay, sent. >> reporter: there it is. just got it. and it's literally that simple. sony, the maker of playstation, telling nbc news, we take our responsibilities to protect our users extremely seriously, and when alerted to suspicious conduct, we are committed to taking appropriate actions. and experts say it's not just playstation. terrorists can choose from any of the private messaging apps out there. apps including what's app, signal, and silent phone. >> there's also an app called telegram, you go into it and stephanie and i have downloaded it, you hit new secret chat, then you click on this little self destruct timer and set it
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to five seconds, done. i write, hi, stephanie. send. >> got it. >> count it down, five, four, three, two, one. >> gone. >> privacy platforms encrypt end to end, which means they self destruct. >> what's the take away? >> increased information sharing across our allies across the world. >> and it will take days, weeks, even months before we know how isis pulled this off, but experts say the old way of gathering intelligence doesn't work anymore. now it's about going undercover, getting inside and infiltrating the private message groups so they are a part of it. philadelphia is talking about its response to the deadly violence in france. nbc 10's drew smith has that story as our coverage of the terror attacks in paris continues at 5:30 tonight. take a live look at lincoln
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financial field. disappointment lingers following sunday's one-point defeat to the miami dolphins, and it wasn't the only loss the birds suffered. this afternoon chip kelly provided a nest egg on the status of injured quarterback sam bradford. stai comcast sportsnet's john clark joins us with the latest letdown, no better way to describe it, john. >> yeah, it was tough. by the way, chip kelly kind of provided an update, sort of. chip says sam bradford has a concussion, we know that. but we know he hurt his shoulder, and it looks like a sprained shoulder, but chip will not reveal the severity of that yet. the birds blew their biggest first quarter lead in seven years yesterday against the dolphins, missing a 32-yard field goal, they had a punt blocked for the second time this year. they had a touchdown called back for an illegal formation, and mark sanchez threw an interception in the end zone with under 5:00 to go in the game. here is chip kelly about the plethora of mistakes.
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>> if there was one thing, everybody would say, hey, if we fixed this, we're golden, you know, it's an individual breakdown at different spots. it's not one guy that has all the penalties against him, it's not one guy that has, you know, is not executing and is missing an assignment or block or running a wrong route or doing the wrong thing. >> so what you have is an inconsistent football team, they are 4-5, but amazingly they are only a half game out of first place in the nfc east, or we should call it the nfc least. more coming up at 6:00 in an hour and also some sixers for you. i'm john clark, see you then. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, after a mild start to the week we have some changes coming tomorrow. you will notice it will be cooler than it was today, and then we have some heavy rain one day this week. that's before the weekend and then we get that cold weekend forecast after that rain again,
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so i'll show you how cold it will get in just a minute. in philadelphia still at 65 degrees, clear skies, but we did hit 70 today, so still unseasonably warm through the lehigh valley, around 60 through most of the area there, 59 pottstown, 63 in wilmington. millville has cooled down into the mid 50s and it will be a chilly night for the area. some areas north and west in the 30s. this is the reason we're going to be cooler tomorrow. we have a cold front to the north, it's going to slide south through the area, we call that a back door cold front, so it will give us cooler temperatures tomorrow. then we'll be watching that rain you see moving through the middle of the country for thursday. that's going to give us even some heavy rain at times. here's future weather, cold front from the north, that moves down overnight and into tomorrow, that's going to give us a cooler afternoon with highs only in the 50s. then we go into wednesday, clouds increase during the day, but our rain really stays away until about thursday. so watch what happens as we go into thursday morning, rain just off to the west approaching by 6:00 a.m. and moving through,
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some of it heavy right by the middle of the day. so we are looking at some heavy rain this week. mild temperatures really pretty much stick around until the end of the week, going into your weekend, saturday colder, sunday and even monday starting off next week thanksgiving week we do expect temperatures on the colder side. so colder than what we see this week. clear and cool, 37 degrees areas north and west. tomorrow we'll see mostly sunny, but cooler day. 55 to 58 degrees. then we go into wednesday, more clouds around. thursday we have some heavy rain near 70, but we drop off into the weekend. 50s for saturday, 40s for sunday, even starting off next week. all right, sheena, thank you. a developing story that has an area school on p7óxgalert. kids at the school have been kept inside throughout the day. all because of what police say one former student did.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> to a developing story out of montgomery county tonight.
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they don't know if he took a gun. marberger graduated from high school two years ago. as a precaution the school was on lockdown today. marberger now attends washington college, that school suspended classes today. students in three dorms removed so police could search the buildings. marberger isn't facing any charges but police want to talk to him to see if he was last seen in a green range rover. education supporters boarded a bus to harrisburg today to urge lawmakers to pass a budget. this was part of a budget action day and it comes as budget negotiations are ramping up. education supporters met with lawmakers and told them to sign a budget that would invest in schools and their community. it has been more than 138 days without a budget and there is still no word on when we can expect the stalemate to be over. a new terror video has put the u.s. on notice tonight. plus, the faces of evil, our
5:26 pm
first look at the suspected terrorist wanted in the attacks in paris. our jim rosenfield is on the ground in france tonight as our coverage of the developing story continues. plus, the rush at the store to get a project done by the spring. tonight, a look at what's happening on the boardwalks in ocean city.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> the strategy we are putting forward is the strategy that's ultimately going to work. >> calls to attack isis with u.s. ground troops, meantime, the faces of evil revealed as the search for suspects in france's terror attacks intensifies, and tonight a new threat has put washington on notice. both u.s. and french officials warn today isis has more attacks in the pipeline. >> france's president is promising a merciless response against the terrorist group. francois hollande is calling for another 5,000 positions to france's paramilitary police force. french authorities are still looking for two belgian nationals, one believed to be the mastermind behind friday's attacks. isis released a video today threatening a similar attack, this time in washington, d.c. but president obama's backing down on his strategy to defeat isis because he's determined to
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take down the terrorists while keeping u.s. troops off the ground. nbc 10's jim rosenfield has been bringing us the latest developments from the streets on paris. >> the french president is certainly talking very tough about destroying isis. do you get the feeling the average parisian shares that sentiment? >> reporter: you know, denise, it's you have to answer that in any scientific way, but on the street a couple of snapshot impressions we've gathered, the overwhelming feeling is shock and grief and it's hard to move beyond that yet, but i also think they feel that the french government is going to do what it has to do to keep them safe, and i also talked to the travel editor we met earlier today, who is from new jersey, lived here for 25 years and his sense is that the average parisian, french person, is certainly less hawkish, militaristic than we might expect to see, for instance, in the united states after a situation like this.
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so it's a bit of a different sensibility, i would say. >> speaking of mourners, streets are still closed, mourners are able to directly visit in front of the concert hall hit, we saw the video, what was that like? >> reporter: i got to tell you, keith, it really gave me chills and i said to my photographer bruce ryan, boy, this is like their ground zero right now. the tribute is growing, it's stretching all along the sidewalk, as far as the eye can see now, and as you said, now you can walk directly in front of the concert hall itself. the windows are darkened, some of them seem to be shattered. people are just looking at it in silence, lighting candles, leaving flowers, messages there. and the only sound we heard coming from that side of the street, because it's still blocked off by a tarp, was the sound of someone washing the sidewalk in front of the theater.
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so it's really moving and very eerie. >> nbc 10's jim rosenfield live for us in paris. we'll check back in with you, thanks. well, there are a lot of opinions about what the u.s. should do in the fight against isis. do we send troops, do we engage in air strikes? well, nbc 10 caught up with pennsylvania senator bob casey today to ask his opinion. >> the fighters now have been limited to kurdish forces, pe peshmurga, we need the sunni arab countries to put fighters on the ground. sharing intelligence, providing training and help, but we cannot put american combat troops on the battlefield. >> meanwhile today, a plane from paris arrived in philadelphia about three hours ago. travelers onboard the american airlines flight talked to us after they landed. they described what it was like to be in paris hearing siren after siren as the terror unfolded. tonight, philadelphia is talking
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about its planned response to the terror attacks in san francisco a-- france. drew, what did they have to tell you? >> denise, i just sat down with the head of homeland security. he said the moment they started learning what was going on in the ground in paris they started communicating with the fbi and the dialogue has continued through today. chief inspector joe sullivan says you will see more of a police presence throughout the city as you saw at the eagles game yesterday. that deployment of force was not in response to any particular threat because there is not a credible threat to philadelphia. but police felt it was important to take extra security measures and that is something that will continue this upcoming weekend. we have another eagles game, a temple game, and the marathon. >> we want people to feel comfortable. we know that an incident of that magnitude, that tragic overseas, obviously, it's stressful for people to see that, causes them concern, and especially knowing that one of the attacks occurred
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at a sports venue. >> reporter: his team is going to study these paris attacks down to the very detail. he says this sort of low tech multi-pronged attack using explosives is something he continues to see around the world and they are already preparing for that sort of thing, they train for that and train to hopefully prevent it from ever happening over here in philadelphia. live in the police training academy, drew smith, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, drew. france is striking back at isis targets in syria once again. our coverage of the terror in paris continues at 5:45. our nbc 10 military analyst is with us and joins us for an in-depth look at what's unfolding tonight. in other news, a new call tonight for one of pennsylvania's top judges to step down. the judge was involved in a scandal involving offensive and exples it e-mails. as rosemary connors reports, there are some critics who believe he hasn't paid the price. >> these are government tax-paid
5:35 pm
e-mails that people are talking about in pornographic, hate speech terms. public e-mails. >> reporter: state senator anthony williams describes the e-mails asth misogynistic and racist. he points to this one. pennsylvania supreme court justice michael aiken is the main target by the call from senator williams for anyone who sent or received or covered up these e-mails to resign. >> this man should not be, cannot be, apparently has never been a fair jurorist when it comes to all pennsylvanians. >> reporter: senator williams and the civil rights activists are also calling on pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane to appoint a special prosecutor who had subpoena power to investigate the scandals and find the answer to important questions. >> i think he should have fired them a long time ago.
5:36 pm
>> reporter: other state employees caught in the scandal include three prosecutors who work for philadelphia district attorney seth williams. in one e-mail exchange the message reads, a wish to you, a new secretary. the image shows a nude woman sitting in front of the computer. seth williams allowed the three men to keep their jobs and go to sensitivity training. >> did somebody just receive an e-mail, if so, how many e-mails, did they forward these e-mails, did they initiate these e-mails? >> that's rosemary connors reporting. d.a. said williams said he will not fire the three prosecutors. we reached out to his office today for further comment, but did not hear back. holiday season, shopping season, is upon us. right around the corner. traffic around one of the area's busiest malls should be a little less congested this time around. that story straight ahead.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> you're going to like the sound of this. expect some help with holiday traffic at king of prussia mall this year. the reason, the district is installing smart traffic signals along mall boulevard. the cameras actually see congestion and change to alleviate it. then get things moving again. the executive director of the king of prussia district says similar cameras are already helping to reduce traffic. the new signals will be up and running in december. before we get to christmas, though, some panic from turkey eaters this thanksgiving over the possibility there may be a shortage of turkeys. >> say it isn't so, but there's no need to worry as long as you're willing to pay the price. some are blaming the outbreak of avian flu back in april and may. more than 7 million turkeys were lost during that time, but industry officials say the flu wasn't too widespread and only impacted a small percentage of the overall turkey population.
5:40 pm
most of the frozen turkeys you buy for your thanksgiving meal were already frozen and stored back in march before the flu outbreak. >> significant for the individual producers, it affected only 3% of the population of turkeys nationwide. when the turkey comes from the farm, it's taken to be packaged, it's ready, sealed up, and it is then instantly flash frozen down to zero degrees. >> however, the u.s. agriculture department is still predicting that because of the outbreak, turkey prices might jump as much as 20% this thanksgiving. switching gears now, france is firing back tonight. french war planes have launched another air strike against isis targets in syria. our nbc 10 military analyst joins us for a look at their strategy as our coverage of the terror attacks in paris continues. tomorrow will be a cooler day, then rain for at least one
5:41 pm
day this week. i'll show yacht timing on it and the colder weekend come up.
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a merciless response to friday's deadly terror attacks in paris. that's what france's president is promising against isis. french fighter jets have launched their biggest raids in syria to date. meantime, isis has released a new propaganda video threatening a similar attack in washington, d.c. joining us to discuss the impact is nbc 10 military analyst colonel rick keirnan. his resume includes 26 years of army experience, he served our country in germany, vietnam, and saudi arabia. he was also presented with two bronze stars. >> colonel, thank you so much for joining us and taking the time. let's start with this, the
5:44 pm
president came out to say we are staying the course in the fight against isis. is keeping troops out of the region around syria the right thing to do, in your opinion? >> well, i think also, keith, we have to be careful that it's not a one-size fits all. there were times when we would have a large show of force with a lot of boots on the ground and this sends a message to american people, reassures them we have a lot of people over there, but if we're using the wrong strategy for a different enemy, we need to take a careful look at how we're using it. this is a very insidious target that we have. it is not a front line symmetrical battlefield, it is an asymmetrical battlefield with a lot of entities on the ground, so we have to be very careful how we tailor a strategy for this particular enemy. >> colonel kiernan, isis threatened to attack washington, d.c. what is happening right now to prevent any attack on u.s. soil? >> i think what's happening right now and the transparency
5:45 pm
is not required because we don't want to show our cards, but i think since 9/11 there's been a very good strategy on pulling together a comprehensive intelligence network. the central intelligence agency, the defense intelligence agency, and the national security agency have a seamless bond together and now they share that with the fbi because if there is a threat to the u.s., then we have to be very, very careful that those four agencies are tied together and that there's a seamless relationship amongst them. >> so there are a couple things going on here. air strikes on isis strongholds, president obama saying we're staying the course. in your opinion, what's the next step to winning this war against isis? >> i think the next step is reminiscent what we did in vietnam. it started with advisers on the ground, it then escalated to a lot of boots on the ground, then de-escalated to advisers on the ground. the value of our special operation, the folks that come
5:46 pm
out of fort bragg, is that they have matured so much over the last 25 years. they provide intel on the ground, they provide human intelligence because they are tied right in with the indigenous people, and they can also provide air strike and indirect helicopter strikes on the targets. we have to be very, very careful of our strikes, because it is amongst the populous and the people, so we're going to have no fire zones and we have to be very, very careful that we don't cause collateral damage to the people we're trying to help. >> great insight. nbc 10 military analyst colonel kiernan, thank you so much for taking the time to join us. >> my pleasure, thank you. nbc 10's jim rosenfield is reporting for us live in paris, as well. he heads up our coverage from france as we bring you tonight's developments ahead on nbc 10 news at 6:00 thousands of people hospitalized in philadelphia's psychiatric hospitals will soon have to live smoke-free.
5:47 pm
the city is banning all forms of tobacco in and out of hospitals for all patients and staff. there are concerns that a smoking ban could aggravate behavioral problems in patients. studies show people with mental illness smoke more for a longer period of time and die about 25 years sooner than others. researchers say tobacco-related heart and respiratory problems are a big factor. urban outfitters struck a deal with a celebrity chef. he's selling his group of restaurants to the retailer,. it does not include the family's flagship italian restaurant. urban outfitters has been integrating restaurants into its stores for several years, referring to them as lifestyle centers. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> mild start to the week, but we have another cooldown coming
5:48 pm
tomorrow. you will notice temperatures through the afternoon cooler than today. today we hit 70 degrees, then as we go through the week, we will have one day where we see heavy rain and that will give us a bigger cool down for the weekend. we've kind of seen a pattern here, each weekend has been on the colder side and this weekend will be another cold weekend leading into a cold start for thanksgiving week. yesterday 61 the high temperature, the average high is now 56 degrees, today we got to 70. unseasonably warm to start the week, but then we have a drop tomorrow. 67 for your high temperature for tuesday, by wednesday about the low 60s again. changes by wednesday with clouds increasing. right now we are clear outside. clearer skies, 65 degrees right now in philadelphia, six degrees warmer than yesterday at this point, but again we did hit 70 degrees, mild outside right now. we do have a cold front up to the north, so this is what's going to be responsible for giving us a cooler day tomorrow. this is going to swing down
5:49 pm
through the south, because of the direction it's moving and it's going to give us a cooler air mass for your tuesday. aside from that we're going to be watching all of this rain. that's not going to get here until about thursday, but you will notice the clouds increasing for wednesday. currently mild air in place, but once the cold front moves through, the mild air is going to go to the south and tomorrow afternoon will be a cooler day than today with highs only in the 50s. clouds increase as we go through wednesday, so you'll notice that, and then we get the rain by thursday. mostly by the middle of the day, heavy rain at times and this is all part of another cold front. once that swings through, cooler end to the week, then colder temperatures into the weekend. by the end of the weekend, we could only see highs in the 40s. that's even going to start us off into next week, so we have another cold setup in the forecast. for tonight, though, areas in the 30s, mainly north and west of philadelphia. allentown dropping to 37 degrees for the low tonight, clear
5:50 pm
skies, 38 degrees pottstown, 39 in reading. philadelphia should be in the mid 40s as well as atlantic city, wildwood the upper 40s, low 40s for wilmington. tomorrow mostly sunny, still nice and dry, just cooler than today. 55 to 58 degrees for the high temperature, compared to 70 today. that's going to be quite the cool down tomorrow. wednesday, clouds move in, low 60s. rain for thursday and some during the morning commute but heavy during the middle of the day. near 70 degrees, then drop ten degrees for friday. we drop into the 40s for sunday in time for the eagles game and start off next week that way, too. a holiday treat for philadelphia seniors today. hundreds were in attendance for the annual seniors holiday affair and health expo. on top of the live music and dancing, dozens of local health care vendors were on hand to provide information about health and wellness programs available
5:51 pm
in the area. well, there is a battle brewing over driver's licenses in the garden state. >> the governor calls it a dangerous idea. tonight, there's controversy over potential plans to give one group of residents the chance to earn a license. that story straight ahead.
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
this is nbc 10 news.
5:54 pm
>> new jersey's considering a driver's license for people who can't prove they are in this country legally. >> governor chris christie calls the idea dangerous. the statement came after hundreds of people marched to the new jersey state house today asking lawmakers to support the measure. about 450 marchers converged on the state house steps. rally organizers say the legislation is important because so many immigrants in new jersey need a car in order to get to work. governor christie said he would veto legislation allowing state driver's licenses for residents who cannot prove they are in the country legally. to this now, a call to invest in s.t.e.m. education. congressman john carney visited the university of delaware today to discuss science, technology, engineering, and math education. he toured the school's science and engineering lab and spoke about legislation that would provide financial assistance to low-income students majoring in s.t.e.m. fields. elsewhere, state and local lawmakers came together today to
5:55 pm
call for the expansion of the broad street line south to the philadelphia navy yard. mayor-elect jim kenney joined senators bob casey, jim toomey and bob brady at the navy yard today. talked about direct public transportation to the site to help the area to expand and continue to expand. right now septa's broad street line starts in north philly and travels south there along that line along broad and end at the at&t station near the stadiums in south philly. officials hope to extend the line by about a mile and a half and end at the navy yard. >> it's so, so important for the development and expansion of our city to have a developed and expanded mass transit system. i'm so proud to be here in hopefully the beginning of its conclusion. >> right now the navy yard is home to more than 11,000 employees and 143 companies. >> as we get closer to the start of winter, philadelphia's fire commissioner is getting a word out about the new carbon
5:56 pm
monoxide law. no one has died from carbon monoxide poisoning in the city so far this year, but officials warn more work needs to be done to keep it that way. the fire commissioner derrick sawyer appeared on our 11:00 a.m. show today. he tells us the biggest mistakes people make are not checking their heater and not having a carbon monoxide detector. >> one day we're going to wake up and it's going to be very cold outside and everyone is going to turn their heater on and never think they should have got a heater checked first. >> the new law requires landlords to install and test detectors in buildings with more than two units. tenants must maintain the alarms and replace the batteries. you might have seen this, a random act of kindness seen by millions. an officer buying boots for a homeless man. >> such an uplifting story and all caught on camera. today that officer got a special honor. >> joyner today, congressman honored him with a special
5:57 pm
plaque for his selfless action. >> i want to shake your hand. give him some shoes. >> oh! >> you may have seen this video posted earlier showing the homeless man trying on boots after joyner bought them for him. the officer says he's still stunned at the officer's response. >> i'm still shocked, you know, i'm still amazed about the fact that it's having this much an impact. to me seemed the right thing to do. that's why i can't understand why it's getting so much attention. >> so far more than 2 million people have seen the video of joyner. coming up next on nbc 10 at 6:00. one of the terrorists used a syrian passport. should our local states allow syrian refugees into our country? plus, nbc 10's jim rosenfield is the only local reporter in paris. he'll join us live next.
5:58 pm
how long will this warm weather last and when that rain is coming in. my first alert forecast is straight ahead. plus, mall controversy, seeing santa cost almost $50. tonight what a local mall decided after listening to its customers next on nbc 10 news at 6:00.
5:59 pm
nbc 10 news starts now.
6:00 pm
>> right now from paris, we're learning isis has threatened another attack in a new video. the target is on american soil. washington, d.c. meanwhile, president obama says the u.s. strategy in syria will not change. >> the strategy that we are putting forward is the strategy that ultimately is going to work. >> tonight, as air strikes take aim at those responsible in france, we're live in paris as people in our region relive the emotion from friday's deadly terror attack. good evening, i'm jacqueline london. >> and i'm jim rosenfield live in paris, where a chilly rain is now falling here in the place de le republique as some of the street barricades also come down around some of the attack sites. here's what's new tonight in paris. less than 90 minutes ago there was a raid in another part of france. they were looking for a suspect but he was not


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