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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  November 16, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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>> right now from paris, we're learning isis has threatened another attack in a new video. the target is on american soil. washington, d.c. meanwhile, president obama says the u.s. strategy in syria will not change. >> the strategy that we are putting forward is the strategy that ultimately is going to work. >> tonight, as air strikes take aim at those responsible in france, we're live in paris as people in our region relive the emotion from friday's deadly terror attack. good evening, i'm jacqueline london. >> and i'm jim rosenfield live in paris, where a chilly rain is now falling here in the place de le republique as some of the street barricades also come down around some of the attack sites. here's what's new tonight in paris. less than 90 minutes ago there was a raid in another part of france. they were looking for a suspect but he was not there, it turns
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out. also the barricades, as we mentioned, have been removed from in front of the bataclan theater, where the attack took place. this happens as police now know more information about the suspects believed to be responsible for the attacks. >> an international man hunt is happening right now for the mastermind behind friday's deadly attacks in paris. >> isil leaders will have no safe haven anywhere. >> reporter: french police also released a picture of this man believed to be an accomplice who rented a car used in friday's attack. french authorities had stopped him at a check point after the attacks but let him go because he had no criminal record. members of isis praised the work of the terror suspects in a new propaganda video released today and promised more attacks, including one in washington, d.c. the obama administration arrived in paris a short time ago, saying the new threat doesn't change their game plan. >> we will defeat daesh and all who share their despicable
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ideology, and we are on the course to do so. >> the strategy that we are putting forward is the strategy that ultimately is going to work. but as i said from the start, it's going to take time. >> reporter: meantime, french president francois hollande made a rare appearance in front of parliament and urged the u.s. and russia to come together to defeat the terrorists. secretary of state john kerry is now here in paris, he's expected to join lester holt for a live interview tomorrow morning on "today." he is said that president obama will likely come to paris to meet with president hollande, but not until the end of the month when there is a u.n. conference on climate here in paris. as for back at home, security issues there we want to talk about. amtrak stepping up its security at train stations all across the country, including at 30th street station in philadelphia. amtrak saying it now has extra
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officers in uniform holding military rifles. there are also extra canines on patrol. we stopped by 30th street station and security is definitely visible there. employees are told to report any suspicious activity or unattended items. we caught up with mayor nutter, as well, riding amtrak down in washington, d.c., today. >> we're a city that's in constant vigilance as i'm sure washington, d.c., as new york city and other cities across the united states of america. there are some very dangerous people running around this world, some are in our own country, and we have to be very, very vigilant. >> reporter: hours ago a flight from paris arrived in philadelphia, a lot of passengers still shaken up and they were on edge. travelers talked to us when they landed. they described being in paris as friday's attacks unfolded and why they are still apprehensive. >> people are pretty scared of any loud sounds or any scary
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moments right now, because everybody's sensitized to the event. >> just hearing siren after siren, watching all the police cars going by and it was alarming how many sirens there were and just constant all night. >> reporter: most also telling us they will not allow this attack to stop them from returning to paris in the future. jacqueline, you mentioned this at the top of this newscast, one of the terrorists used a fake syrian passport to get here to paris and so now some people believe that the u.s. should not allow any syrian refugees in. nbc 10's lauren mayk is joining us now live from center city with more on the debate. lauren? >> reporter: good evening, jim. i did some research and found out at this point this year, six syrian refugees have made it here to philadelphia. 40 have gone to allentown, but now this clash of humanitarian and security concerns is raising questions about where immigrants across the country will go in
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the future. the aftermath of anguish in paris is stirring an already controversial question in the u.s. should refugees from syria come here, and where? >> it's a moral outrage we haven't taken in more. >> reporter: executive director of the philadelphia arab-american development corporation, a social service agency for the arabic community. >> i have no fear, i don't think it's going to be any terrorist or security threat to our country. >> reporter: refugees are vetted in a process that according to the state department takes 18 months to two years. some refugees are already here. the states in blue have taken them in this year. pennsylvania, one of the biggest at 119. new jersey took in 75, in delaware none, though the governor supports asylum, but governors in some states are saying no to the refugees and immigration advocates here worry the fear could spread. >> i think that, you know, in this country, especially in the
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last few months, we've seen a lot of anti-immigrant sentiment and that the horrible, horrible thing that happened in paris is going to feed into that. >> reporter: of course, this is no doubt becoming a political issue after word today from governor tom wolf's office that he would continue to allow syrian refugees to come into pennsylvania. i saw both press releases and tweets from politicians, both criticizing and celebrating that decision. live in center city, i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. from paris to the u.s., people continue to honor the victims of the attacks today at the september 11th memorial in new york. dozens of people held french flags and flowers as leaders prayed for paris to recover from friday's deadly and devastating attacks. we have much more coverage of the terror in paris. nbc 10's jim rosenfield will rejoin us live in a few minutes, then don't miss nbc nightly news terror in paris with lester holt right after this broadcast at
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6:30. it's the middle of november and it reached 70 degrees today. don't expect this to last too much longer, though. nbc 10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz joining us now with his first alert forecast. glenn? >> yeah, jacqueline, the cooler air is going to be coming in tonight and you're going to feel the difference by tomorrow, but it's not like it's going to get cold for the middle of november. it's just been so exceptionally warm it's going to feel so much colder tomorrow. temperatures are dropping now, but because the skies clear and it's nightfall, 53 in pottstown, 57 in lancaster, 49 degrees in millville. again, that's because of the clear skies. the colder air will be coming in. 58 degrees in philadelphia, dropping to 49 shortly after midnight. we'll see how much colder it's going to get and when some heavy rain is coming this week with the seven day in a few minutes. now to a developing story on the main line. police say they busted a mother
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and son dealing drugs to college students and others in the area. investigators claim 53-year-old joanne beatty and her son george were selling drugs out of their home. police say concerned neighbors alerted police who sent in undercover officers to buy drugs. george beatty is the son of a former radnor township commissioner and current chair of the township democratic party. joanne is his ex-wife. police say the elder beatty does not live in the home. new details tonight about the bodies of two children dumped in a grassy area in philadelphia. tonight, the focus is not on how the children died, but rather who tossed the bodies. it turns out the bodies have been preserved. we first told you about this discovery yesterday. nbc 10's doug shimell joins us live from philadelphia with more. doug? >> reporter: it wasn't an illegal lab that perhaps put the two small bodies in the ally? or a rogue medical waste hauler? or all of the above?
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the medical examiner believes the two small bodies of newborns found amidst trash in kensington were actually specimens from a medical facility. >> can't make it disappear. >> reporter: the news compounds with ronnie jackson and his 9-year-old son kassim saw. >> when you have specimens like that you want to get rid of, you should cremate it. somebody from a lab like that, throw it on the street, something like that, that just ain't right right there. >> reporter: detectives from the police special victims unit say the infant boy and girl had been preserved in formaldehyde after being professionally autopsied. >> it's terrible, i don't know what to think of that. >> reporter: investigators are likely checking hospitals and labs and medical waste haulers to see if any of those may yield something. >> the big one's stomach was cut
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open. >> reporter: to kassim and his father, labeling them as medical specimens doesn't making dumping small bodies in an alley right. >> those specimens still belong to someone. someone leaves something like that in their care, they should respect it. >> reporter: investigators are asking anyone with information to call them live at special victims, doug shimell, nbc 10 news. in bucks county, police say a gun saved an officer's life, but not in the way you might expect. earlier this month, police went to a motel room in bensalem looking for a parole violator. he was there but so were two murder suspects from north carolina. police say one of the suspects fired shots at an officer, but he couldn't return fire. one shot hit the officer's gun. the flashlight under the barrel of that gun stopped the bullet where it is now lodged. police say it's a miracle the officer wasn't hit. >> but it was at such close proximity to one another, we're
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probably talking less than a couple inches away from one another. >> the man who police say fired the shot, lloyd wright, was wanted for murder. he killed himself. the other two suspects are behind bars. next on nbc 10 news at 6:00, a local mall called the grinch. new at 6:00, a change of heart for parents and kids wanting to see santa. rebuilding a boardwalk one step at a time. tonight we take you up close at the demolition work down at the jersey shore.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> 15 victims of friday's deadly terror attacks in paris have yet to be identified. that information is coming from france's ambassador to the united states within the last hour. 129 people were killed in the coordinated attacks. u.s. secretary of state john kerry says president obama will travel to paris later this month for a planned u.n. climate conference. and within the last two hours, police launched a raid in another part of france. they thought a suspect was there, but it turns out he was not. and we'll go back to my co-anchor jim rosenfield live in paris in about ten minutes.
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meanwhile, it is one of those popular boardwalks at the shore, but tonight part of it is closed, and that's because of a major construction project that officials say should resolve in a stronger and safer boardwalk. it ted greenberg shows us how the work is showing progress ahead of a spring deadline. >> reporter: splintered woods, nails exposed for a stretch of ocean city's well-traveled boardwalk, this is the end of the road, at least temporarily. >> we were really surprised when we came down. >> reporter: demolition crews are in the process of ripping out more than a block of the boards from plaza place south to eighth street. the worn concrete sub structure more than three-quarters of a century old will come down, too, and be replaced with timber pilings. >> necessary. >> yes, necessary, inconvenient, but it's progress, so we're happy about it.
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>> reporter: this is the third phase of a multi-year project to rebuild the boardwalk from fifth to 12th streets. officials say the new sections are sturdier, they can handle more weight than the old ones, and the wooden decking is an inch thicker, making the boardwalk more resilient to storms. >> first i've ever seen that done, yeah, but i guess it had to be done. >> reporter: officials say the demolition is also helping to cut down the risks of future fires by exposing potentially corroded utility lines that have been concealed for decades. >> able to remove all of the potential hazards that we can't see from underneath. in some instances we're seeing stuff that is 50, 60, 70 years old and over time we know it wears down. >> reporter: it could take two to four more years before the entire project is completed, but city leaders expect to have this phase nailed down in time to have a brand new boardwalk ready for palm sunday weekend. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news.
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the cherry hill mall is now in the christmas spirit. parents voiced their concerns over the weekend after the mall charged for the adventures of santa experience. it costs between $35 and $75 per family or person. it was free last year. late this afternoon the mall decided to get rid of the charge. it is now free for all children. you no longer have to buy the photo package to sit on santa's lap. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> pretty amazing day today with temperatures reaching 70 degrees in the middle of november, but we have much colder air moving in for tomorrow, then we have some heavy rain that's on the way, but we also have some more warmth this week. this is not the only warm day we're going to be seeing. we still have clear skies. the temperatures dropping pretty quickly, though, 61 degrees the wind west of eight, relative humidity is very low. we got up to 61 degrees yesterday, 70 today.
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down to 57 tomorrow, then 61 on wednesday, and then up again on thursday. some places could hit 70 degrees on thursday, but it's going to be a wet 70 degrees. these are the lows tonight. see temperatures going down into the 30s in many areas north and west, so will be a chillier start to the day. this is the area of rain that is moving in. a lot of moisture building up in the gulf of mexico. first thing, a cold front comes down from the north, comes down dry. no rain with this one tonight, but you're going to feel the cool change by tomorrow. then on wednesday we start to get a wind off the ocean, we get more clouds, but still relatively mild. then thursday, that's when we get hit by some of that heavy rain, especially in the middle of the day. most of it after the morning rush and ending before the afternoon rush. and then another chilly air mass comes in for the weekend,
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especially on sunday. it's going to be pretty chilly for the next eagles game. even colder than what it's going to be tomorrow. 44 degrees in philadelphia tonight, 37 north and west. then tomorrow doesn't warm up a whole lot, mid to upper 50s, but that's about average for this time of the year. mostly sunny skies again, and, of course, no rain during the day tomorrow. wednesday probably dry, as well, but the clouds increase, temperatures up a little bit, then warm, windy, and wet on thursday. some periods of heavy rain, then windy and colder on friday. little colder than that saturday, and a lot colder on sunday for the next eagles game. some pretty chilly weather goes into early next week. tampa bay won't like that. i'm john clark, coming up, will sam bradford be ready for sunday? we'll hear from mark sanchez and why nick foles won't be starting for the rams anymore. that's next.
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this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity. your home for the most live sports. >> hey, i'm john clark from comcast sportsnet. chip kelly did not reveal houw bad sam bradford's shoulder is. sam bradford reportedly has a sprained shoulder and concussion, so he's under nfl concussion protocol. not sure he's going to play sunday. he got drilled by chris mccain right here, who beat dennis kelly. mark sanchez right there came in and threw an interception in the end zone. mark filled in for nick foles last season, so it is ten games with the eagles, he has 15 turnovers. does chip still have faith in mark sanchez?
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>> i feel very confident in mark sanchez. >> you have to be ready to go every week. i don't know, you never want to see a teammate go down, that's never the circumstance in which you want to play, but, you know, when you do get a chance to play, you got to make the most of it. >> birds blew a 13-point lead in the first quarter yesterday, their worst in seven years. they had trouble running the ball and finding receivers. the birds' wideouts only caught nine passes for 76 yards yesterday. riley cooper has gone three straight games without a catch. jordan matthews really is the only receiver having a good season, but chip kelly does not think the talent at the wide receiver position is the problem. >> there's a lot of things we're doing and targeting our inside receivers and tight ends just because of matchups. we knew going into this game our tight ends and inside receivers were going to be huge components, so we're trying to get the ball to those guys.
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we play. if we can throw for 300 plus yards by throwing to tight ends and backs, we'll continue to do that. if they take them away, we need to go to our outside receivers. >> how about this, this just in, former eagles quarterback nick foles benched in st. louis. rams coach jeff fisher is looking for more consistency on offense, so they are going with case keenum. the birds traded nick in a second round pick to the rams for sam bradford. has it worked out for either team? not sure. sixers hosting the mavericks tonight. robert covington should be back. sixers are the only winless team in the nba, 0-10. this will be their toughest test so far at the power forward position. sixers have lost 20 straight games going back to last year. i'm john clark, we're right back.
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before we leave you here
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tonight from paris, i want to share with you a moving tribute in light that's begun tonight here in paris. the eiffel tower awash in a way that i've never seen before and parisians tell us they haven't either, in the colors of the french flag, in red, white, and blue. usually the eiffel tower, of course, awash in white light. this, a tribute to paris standing tall after so many innocent fell to the terrorists. coming up tonight at 11:00 we're going to share with you a harrowing story of survival told to a friend of a woman who was inside the theater and survived. that's coming up tonight at 11:00. jacqueline, back to you. >> the beauty and resiliency of that city shining brightly, despite the devastation. jim rosenfield live in paris, thank you for that report. and a look at weather this evening. >> definitely going to be colder tomorrow, then we're going to start warming up again. overall a warm week and the rain
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mainly thursday. >> for all of us here, the news continues now with lester also in paris. breaking news tonight. the face of evil behind the massacre in paris. the manhunt for the master mind and terror raids across europe after an eighth attacker who escaped. and as the french president tells this country, we are at war, isis warns of an attack on american soil. counter-terrorism units stepping up security as authorities warn terrorists are going dark. why it is becoming so much harder to track them. also, from paris, new images from inside of the horror at the concert hall. how some hid in silence for hours. tonight the world is asking how do we stop these brutal killers. and the eiffel tour shines bright once again, bathed in the colors of france. "n


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