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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  November 17, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EST

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met with french leaders. he briefed the media on what they talked about. so katy what happened here? what did the secretary say? >> chris, secretary kerry wrapped up about a half hour ago. he was briefed. he did not take questions but did reaffirm the united states commitment to supporting its oldest ally. here's video of him being greeted by french president francois hollande. secretary kerry expressed con condolences of the people of the united states and the two spoke about the steps they will take to continue to counter isis. already this morning the french military has carried out more air strikes over a stronghold in syria, here's secretary kerry's comments on what more that be
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done over theĆ” on for now reporting live, katy zachry, "nbc 10 news." >> thanks. a lot to follow this morning. president obama meantime is defending his military strategy in battling isis. yesterday the president vowed more air strikes in response to the attacks in paris. but he said he is not sending
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more ground troops to fight. the president also bristled at suggestions that his strategy isn't doing enough. >> it's 5:04. given the events in parisnd a threats from isis expect to see tighter security measures moving forward. eagles fans experienced some of that on sunday. authorities say expect more of the same for the eagles game this sunday and the philadelphia marathon. police were in contact with the fbi during the paris attacks and that dialogue continues. >> good decisions quickly. and based on that again we adjust deployments, look at where the attacks occurred. we evaluate the similar things here. >> the police department's homeland security team is studying the paris attacks in detail. it recently added advanced active shooting training including how to handle a coordinated attack at multiple locations at the same time. >> a flight from paris arrived at philadelphia international airport last night. many of the passengers on board
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were there on friday when the attacks occurred and many are still shaken up. they describe the feeling of being there when the terror attacks unfolded. >> people are pretty scared of any loud sounds or any scary moments right now because everybody's sensitized to the events. >> hearing siren after siren, watching all of the police cars going by and it was alarming how many sirens there were and just constant all night. >> in spite of that most stay they will not threat attacks stop them from returning to paris. >> more than a dozen governors including governor chris christie said their states will not welcome syrian refugees in the wake of the terror in paris because one of the attackers was found to have a syrian passport and is believed to have arrived with syrian refugees in europe. coming up at about 10 minutes we'll hear what leaders in pennsylvania and delaware are saying on that and why president obama calls jeb bush's refugee plan unamerican.
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about 5:06. this breaking news, the head of russia's national security service says the crash of that passenger plane in egypt was the result of a terrorist act. russian officials told president vladamir putin this morning that a homemade explosive device blew up the plane. all 224 people on board were killed in the crash back on october 31. most of them were russian tourists. philadelphia mayor nutter called on the u.s. attorney general to treat gun violence in america with the same priority as global terrorism. >> he said the threat abroad is as dangerous as the threat on our city streets. that was the message nutter delivered in washington. he says there is no level of distinction between daily violence in american cities and acts of international terrorism. he was skroyned by mayors from several other cities dealing with a large number of homicides. philadelphia has had more than 250 this year. >> police in bucks county say an officer might not be alive today if it wasn't for his gun.
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but it's different than what you think. earlier this month, police went to a motel room in bensalem looking for a parole violator. he was there, so were two murder suspects from north carolina. investigators say one of the suspects fired at police, but the officer couldn't fire back because his gun actually stopped the bullet. it got lodged in the flashlight there you see it, under the barrel of the pistol. it's a miracle the officer wasn't hit. >> it was at such close proximity to one another where we're probably talking less than a couple inches away. >> the murder suspect who fired at police, lloyd wright, took his own life. the others are behind bars. 47 degrees. philadelphia city council members are all in on plans for a new hotel and casino. the council unanimously endorsed zoning for the casino in south philadelphia. these give us an idea what that
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will look like. developers plan to build the casino on packer avenue next to the sports complex. it will feature 2,000 slot machines, more than 100 table games, live entertainment, luxury rooms and restaurants. the expansion of the broad street line to the philadelphia navy yard gained attention and traction with the help of state and local lawmakers yesterday. philadelphia mayor-elect jim kenney call forward support of the $370 million project joined by pennsylvania senators bob casey and pat toomey and other city leaders. the push for a correct route is nothing new but the latest study suggests the expansion would almost double employment in the area. officials say it's time to stop the studying and start the planning. right now septa's broad street line starts at the fern rock center in north philadelphia, travels stout along broad street and ends at the at&t station near the stadiums and south philadelphia. officials hope to extend that
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line a mill and a half and end it at the navy yard. >> it's so important for the development and expansion of the city to have a developed and expanded mass transit system. i am so proud to be here in the beginning of it but hopefully the beginning of its conclusion. >> septa is still working on a feasibility study and that is expected to take another year. right now the navy yard is home to more than 11,000 employees and 143 companies. it's 5:09. a second chance for small businesses still struggling three years after hurricane sandy. that's the idea behind a new bipartisan bill passed by the house yesterday, if approved by the president it could give business owners another chance to apply for government assistance. some homeowners could also be eligible. coming up on 10 minutes after 5:00, a cool chilly start this morning, the temperatures are still falling right now.
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we had a chilly morning yesterday, a warm-up during the day. that's not happening today. it will be cooler even though we'll get sunshine, the winds have shifted. that's going to keep temperatures lower. later this week i'm tracking rain. and early next week a possibility of snow for parts of the area, too. right now 34 degrees. cold enough for snow. mount pocono in the 30s, northeast philadelphia and atlantic city low 40s at this hour. completely dry though you'll see high clouds at the shore. no stein of any rain for today. you won't need an umbrella but some areas will need sunglasses. the high clouds evare coming in advance of clouds in the midwest. the high cloudiness shouldn't cause a problem. still enough sunshine to have people putting sun class glasses on and warm up temperatures a little bit. 50s for allentown, reading and quakertown. sunshine, high clouds and 55 degrees in mount holly.
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doylestown 52, the high temperature, and 50s at the shore for atlantic city, cape may and rehobeth, near 60 degrees this afternoon. sunshine and clouds in philadelphia, 57 degrees today while west chester in the low 50s, and 56 degrees in williams town. a look at the weekend forecast and chances of snow which chris cato must be excited about. you're excited for the snow. >> i love trading the rake for the snow shovel. >> i don't think you need a shovel. >> this is not shovable. >> sorry. disappointed. >> what a tease. >> i love just standing here on tv. >> out of there. >> 11 minutes after 5:00. someone else is in that spot now. >> that would be jessica boyington looking at the roads including 309. >> we're on 309 now, on the p.a. turnpike barely a car in sight. everything is moving along
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nicely. so, no problems right now on 309 and if you are heading out the door in new jersey, an update for that construction, the ramp from 42 freeway northbound to 295 northbound is closed, that's reopened so you're good to go. watch for crews in the area and watch out for the ongoing construction projects on 295 and the 42 freeway. there are lane restrictions there. they are ongoing. 202, you see our drive times okay here, north or southbound from 30 to the schuylkill expressway. we still have an 11-minute trip. i'm going to come back with a check on your morning drive. >> 12 past 5. this morning new developments we're following for you in the terror in paris. we'll tell you about the targets in the latest air strikes against isis. plus, no syrian refugees, we'll hear governor christie's stance even when it comes to orphans. the mission to find a missing cargo ship has come to an end with a key piece of evidence unaccounted for.
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new information on the terror in paris. the european union says france is demanding member nations provide security and assistance, security aid i should say and assistance. john kerry out of his meeting with the french president said coalition forces are disrupting isis operations in syria and iraq. also france says its air strikes destroyed isis locations at the military stronghold at the
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militant stronghold in the syrian city of raqqah. >> more than a dozen governors across the country say they are against letting syrian refugees into their state. >> in this area we're seeing both sides of that debate. new jersey governor chris christie says no way, he says no way to the refugees, not each orphans. the governors of pennsylvania and delaware are willing to welcome the refugees. some people fear that terrorists posing as refugees will enter the u.s. a professor specializes in middle eastern politics. >> we will detect them and be able to either stop them there or put them under surveillance and use them as intelligence assets without them even knowing it. >> he said that refugees entering the u.s. already undergo strict background checks. >> shameful. that's president obama's take on the idea of the u.s. giving christian refugees preference
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when admitting people from war torn syria. the criticism came after jeb bush told chuck todd while a majority of refugees should be kept in safe zones in syria it's special and important to help syrian christians. president obama dismissed that notion near the end of the g-20 summit in turkey. >> that's not american. it's not who we are. we don't have religious tests to our compassion. >> criticism over refugees intensified after investigators found this syrian passport by the body of one of the paris attackers. authorities believe the attacker came in with a group of refugees. republican lawmakers want president obama to abandon his plan to bring syrian refugees to the u.s. >> federal search teams are giving up on finding the data recorder in that sunken charactero ship el faro. it went down near the bahamas during hurricane joaquin on october 1.
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33 crew members were on board. a navy vessel did find the wreckage sitting upright on the ocean floor but not been able to find the black box recorder. no further missions are planned. it's time to take a pause and see how the roads are shaping up for your tuesday morning drive. >> nbc 10's jessica boyington has that. what ra you seeing? >> we are starting at the schuylkill expressway. the vine street expressway construction all cleared up and out of the way. you can see no problems here. where the schuylkill expressway comes in contact with the vine and eastbound from the drive times great. 12 minutes there. average 64 miles per hour so you are good to go. out on the schuylkill expressway but we're not too far away on the ben franklin parkway. there's two lanes now and a new pattern to watch out for. mass transit no problems or delays. i'll come back in the next ten
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minutes with another check on drive times. check out this video. severe weather whipped up more than a dozen tornado s includin this. storm chasers captured funnel clouds, a twister hit businesses including the halliburton plant. the storm kautdscaused a chemic leak. we're taking a live look at denver where that city is under a blizzard warning. winter storm ajax is expected to bring heavy snow into the rockies and parts of kansas and nebraska. that blizzard warning is in effect until early this afternoon. we don't wantto see that here. bill henley did say we may see flurries. what can we expect from this system causing this blizzard warning out west? >> that's going to be a rainmaker on thursday. that's also producing the rain in the midwest and the
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thunderstorms. you saw the funnel cloud activity, you showed that. that's rain for us for thursday. but not today. we are dry. mainly in the clear other than a few high clouds in the area. it's chilly this morning. 49 degrees, that's at philadelphia international. much of the rest of the area is cool. cooler and some areas dropped in the 30s including the pocono mountains which is completely dry. we'll see lots of sunshine today. this is a view from blue mountain. over the weekend the mountains may get the first snow from mother nature. just a month ago they were making snow it got cold enough for that. nothing on the radar screen here just yet. but to the west a line of showers and possibly some thunderstorm activity by thursday at midnight, early thursday morning you see that line moving through the ohio valley and into western pennsylvania, then during the day on thursday, that's when umbrellas will go up. rain coming through philadelphia, could be heavier downpours at times in delaware and south jersey. looking at about an inch of rain
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there. and then another system way to the west in montana, wyoming and moving into the dakotas. that could bring us rain on sunday that may end with snowflakes for parts of the area. so the forecast, for today it's calling for actually not a bad day. just cooler than yesterday. we'll see mostly sunny skies, high cloudiness, definitely cooler with temperatures in the northwests today. the northeasterly winds at 12 miles an hour. tomorrow, a warm-up. that's ahead of the rain that's due in on thursday. 64 degrees, clouds increasing later in the day on wednesday. a steady rainfall for thursday and windy, too, but look at the temperatures. 67 degrees, thursday afternoon. it will not last with temperatures start dropping on friday. go even lower on the weekend. saturday not bad, a cold start, 55 in the afternoon. a chilly rain for most of the day on sunday. and sunday night we could see snowflakes especially north and west into the pocono mountains. cold for monday. potential problem with the
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use of some water jugs. the nbc 10 investigators have learned that a bottling company is looking into claims that some of their containers were used improperly and then reused as in possibly sent to customers. harry hairston wanted to know if a problem reached the water that you drink. here's a preview of a story you'll see today only on nbc 10. >> constantly gives you a headache, a strong smell. >> airline workers told to use empty water jugs to transport a toxic chemical used to clean toilets, then later return the containers so the company could pick them up for reuse. >> how many bottles are you using? >> at least eight to nine a day. >> the airline tells us it's taking the allegations seriously and agreed to suspend the water service while they investigate. >> shocked to see people would treat it that way. >> the bottling company started its own investigation to see if
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resealed bottles could have made to the new customers. >> of course we're investigating. >> today at 4:00, find out why the company says it is confident no customers were affected and why the workers say they had to use them in the first place. for the investigators, harry hairston, "nbc 10 news." >> next, market watch will tell you how wall street is reacting after the terror attacks in paris. plus, the dnc experience, how a local university is helping college students get the most out of the upcoming national convention in philadelphia. >> i'm still shocked you know. i'm still amaze it about the fact that it had this much impact. >> a special honor for that local officer who is now part after viral video heat wave bought something for a homeless man.
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>> it appears the financial world is pushing forward in the aftermath of the paris attacks. landon doubty is here with details in this morning's cnbc business news. good morning. >> good morning. wall street will try to keep the rally going futures are higher ahead of the opening bell. stocks on monday investors moved bas past the attacks betting a short-term impact. look for data on inflation, manufacturing and house and earnings from walmart, the dow rising 237 points to 17483, the nasdaq up 56 to 4984.
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back over to you. >> thanks. >> 5:27, 47 degrees right now. there is a chill in the air that is going to be staying with us. the wind has shifted. that will make all of the difference. your forecast is ahead. jessica boyington is in the first alert traffic center. >> bill, we're around route 130. when i come back we'll have a check on more of your morning drive. >> i'm katy zachry live in the digital operations center. there is a lot to follow out of paris this morning from u.s. secretary of state john kerry on the ground there to additional air strikes being waged by the french military over isis strongholds. i'll break it down coming up.
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this morning france is on the attack. we'll tell you about the new round of air strikes targeting isis and how the u.s. is getting involved following the terror in paris. >> a family affair. police say a local cub scout leader and her son were dealing drugs to college students. >> we're in for a cool tuesday. what you need to know as we get your morning started, get ready to get


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