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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  November 17, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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we first of all learned within the last hour the chairman of the u.s. senate intelligence committee says there's a "strong likelihood that the paris attacks were directed rather than inspired by isis," directed, not just inspired by that terrorist group. here's what else we learned today, france's president francois hollande will travel to washington, d.c., one week from today to meet with president obama. those two world leaders will be discussing their strategy to try to take down isis. also today we're learning new information about threats in stadiums in germany. renewed fears tonight as soccer fans and concert goers in germany were forced to evacuate two stadiums. german police received overwhelming information today about a possible attack. like the one a suicide bomber tried to pull off at a paris stadium friday night. these new chilling images of the attacks in paris were taken just
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moments after terror suspects opened fire inside the bataclan theater. french officials now say another person directly related to this massacre is unaccounted for. his identity a mystery. while the brother of the first fugitive, salah abdeslam called on him to turn himself in to belgium authorities. he describes his brother as devout but no signs of a radical islamist. secretary of state john kerry met with french president francois hollande today, their common goal taking down isis. >> we're going to look out every single day to these plots. >> reporter: france is determined to put a stop to the terror plots, launching more air strikes today on isis targets in their capital city and police conducting more than 120 raids. ♪
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and look at this tonight, a show of solidarity at london's wembley stadium, a soccer match between france and england of secondary importance here, this ceremony that took place before the game will never be forgotten. both teams and the crowd of thousands singing the french national anthem. many of the players and fans very emotional there tonight. and back in philadelphia, we've learned runners are going to see heightened security as they race through our city coming up on sunday. we've learned new security measures are in place for the marathon. nbc 10's george spencer is live along the ben franklin parkway with more on that. george? >> reporter: jim, the core of the race zone here along the parkway will be secured with runners and spectators screened by security personnel. there is no known threat against the city, but in this environment, leaders say they can hardly be too careful. for 22 years now the philadelphia marathon has
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attracted runners from around the world, plus tens of thousands more as spectators, but this year coming just a week after the terror attacks in paris, the host city will be especially vigilant. >> i'm feeling pretty prepared. i'm really excited for it. >> reporter: courtney, a philadelphia runner, is among the 30,000 who will race, relying on extensive security preparations by local police and federal law enforcement alike. >> i can tell you that we are working diligently and collaboratively to make sure that our operations teams in advance and on site are well prepared, integrated, mobile. >> reporter: mayor nutter tells us the race's starting zone along the parkway will be secure, as it has been ever since the bombing at the boston marathon with screenings for all who enter. runners and their supporters should bring only the essentials to the race to speed that screening process, and the police commissioner says spectators can assist his
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officers by reporting what they see. >> people are a force multiplier. we can't be everywhere. we can observe and we can pay attention, but people are just out there. >> reporter: there is no known threat against the marathon, but security along the race's 26-mile course will be enhanced, which is a comfort to runners like kia, who says she is comfortable at an event like this, even in these times. >> i never feel unsafe at all during the race, i trust the city knows what they are doing. >> reporter: to be sure, many of the security measures that will be in place on sunday morning are not entirely new, but this year, again, leaders say vigilance will be critical. live tonight along the parkway, i'm george spencer, nbc 10 news. >> george, thank you. college students across philadelphia demonstrated their solidarity with france following the terror attacks in paris. this afternoon students at the university of pennsylvania law
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school gathering on campus. there was a moment of silence for the victims. and students held up signs that said terrorism has no religion and talked about not singling out a specific group of people. as for that hot button issue of what to do about syrian refugees, this from new jersey today, it will no longer accept them. the governor, governor chris christie, sending president obama a letter saying syrian refugees are no longer welcome in the garden state. that despite the fact they've already accepted 75 refugees so far this year. as for delaware and pennsylvania, they will allow them. syrians have a big presence in allentown and scranton, for example. in fact, 38 refugees accepted in that area in the past year. nbc 10's doug shimell joins us live from allentown with more on that tonight. doug? >> reporter: and the debate here is whether you can still accept the huddle ed masses without putting your city in jeopardy. what is to prevent terrorists from slipping into the united
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states with refugees the way analysts say they slipped into paris? the lehigh valley has one of the largest syrian communities in the country, 38 refugees have been resettled here in just the last year. >> you have to have compassion because we kind of look at the safety aspects of it, and so the vetting would be very important to me. >> we still have to be safe at the end of the day. we still have to have our sense of security while inviting them in for their security. >> reporter: aziz wehby came from syria 24 years ago. >> helping the refugees is a noble thing by our government. >> reporter: but he worries the latest wave isn't refugees at all, but isis fighters and war criminals. >> of course they are going to bring some of the ideas they were using in those so-called tough neighborhoods or terror neighborhoods, they would use them over here and that's what we are afraid of. >> nobody wants to bring a terrorist into this country. >> reporter: the lutheran children and family services
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resettled those 38 refugees and said less than 3% of them are approved by the united nations and most of those are rejected by homeland security checks. >> our u.s. refugee program is built on the will of the american people, and if that is not there, there will not be a refugee program. >> reporter: what many people we spoke to today said they would prefer setting up safe refugee camps at military bases near syria, rather than automatically bringing them to the lehigh valley. live in allentown, i'm doug shimell, nbc 10 news. all right, doug, i'll be back in about 15 minutes. don't miss nbc nightly news coming up with lester holt right after our broadcast here. that's the latest live from paris, i'm jim rosenfield. jacqueline, back to you. >> jim, nice to see you. we'll see you soon. and now developing stories across pennsylvania, delaware,
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and new jersey tonight. we begin with the search for a missing college student in montgomery county. jacob marberger has been missing since late sunday. college officials say the 19 year old was suspended in october for waving a gun around. he was cleared to return to school, but officials say that gun incident is now the basis for criminal charges. >> we do not have evidence that he has threatened students, the campus, the community here. he, obviously, is a troubled young man, we hope he comes home, we hope he calls his parents and comes home to people who love him and give him the treatment that he needs. >> marberger is believed to have returned to cheltenham township and taken a gun case from his parents' home. no word if a gun was inside that case. in the meantime, washington college has suspended classes until further notice. now to breaking news in burlington county. just minutes ago sky force 10
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was over this fire at the moorestown community house, where crews are battling heavy smoke and flames. the building is used for special events like wedding and birthdays. the community house is evacuated and we're told there are no injuries. a choir teacher at a delaware middle school is accused of raping a student over the course of two years. police arrested gary smith at his home in newark this morning. detectives say smith raped a 13-year-old student at the hb dupont middle school. the alleged crimes happened between 2010 and 2012. the school district says they immediately placed smith on administrative leave. there was a meeting for parents next tuesday night. tomorrow four high ranking lawyers will testify about kathleen kane. they will go before a state senate committee considering whether kane's temporary indefinite suspension justifies removing her from office. the committee is trying to determine if her suspension is
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affecting work in her agency. paying for parking in philadelphia is about to get a lot easier. this thursday philadelphia parking authority will launch a free parking app called meter up. the app will alert you when you're running out of time and you can reload the meter right on your phone. meter up will start in four pilot zones across the city for six months. it should be available citywide in the late spring. the please touch museum is trying to bounce back from bankruptcy. today the philadelphia museum announced a new seven-figure commitment in the form of an anonymous pledge. also today the museum ceo announced she plans to leave her job once they raise the $10 million needed to stay open. the museum is a family friendly place for kids to learn through theater and art. next on nbc 10 news at 6:00, dissed by the state. tonight, why new jersey is still holding on to tax refunds seven months after the deadline.
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a picturesque view of philadelphia. tonight new details about when you can see the city from 883 feet up in the air. and what a difference a day makes. this is supposed to feel like this in november, but i'm also tracking rain for later in the week. my first alert forecast is next.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> check out this view of the new observation deck on top of one liberty place will open later this month. residents and visitors can get a 360-degree view of the city 57 stories up in the air. the one liberty observation deck opens november 28th. it's not a free attraction. it will cost you $19. the deck is billed as the tallest standing attraction in philadelphia. seven months, that's how long thousands of people in new jersey have waited to get their state tax refunds. people are still waiting. we first told you about the delay in processing refunds more than three months ago. the state says it's to curb identity theft. cydney long reports frustrations are boiling over as people start filing their 2015 taxes in just a few months.
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>> some of them are frustrated, there's probably still over 1,000 that haven't received it. >> reporter: cherry hills cpa dave evans knows it's in the taxpayers best interest, but says seven months is a long time to wait for your tax refund check, calling it excessive. >> to an extent, there should be some additional screening, but i have to agree with some taxpayers, the length of time of seven months is not reasonable. >> reporter: she finally received her refund check after our august 5th story aired, but she filed two months ahead of the april 15th deadline. people who wanted their money months ago for summer vacations now want it in time for the holidays. >> if you didn't file a return by april 15th, all the returns go through the same scrutiny. >> reporter: the state treasury department is working to prevent identity theft and root out fraudulent filers looking to cash in on returns by using
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someone else's information. >> treasury works at the speed the treasury works. >> reporter: when a producer checked by phone with the state's department of treasury on a specific return, he was told that he could not be given any update until after 90 days of receiving his paperwork. 90 days later, a second phone call and still no answers. that same receptionist told nbc 10 she fields calls all day long from upset taxpayers still waiting, but she has no answers. >> you can call them or go on their website, it's not going to speed it up. >> reporter: from cherry hill, cydney long, nbc 10 news. breaking news right now, you're looking at images right here of a car fire on temple's campus. you can see the firefighters there on the scene. the good news is that no one was injured. the location of this, we don't know what contributed to this, but again a car fire on temple's campus. no one injured. now your nbc 10 first alert
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weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> it's been a very mild november so far, but we did cool down today, we're just going to warm right back up starting tomorrow. we've got some heavy rain that we're tracking and a cold weekend ahead, especially on sunday. we've had clear skies for much of the day, some clouds come in now, 50 degrees, the wind is diminishing. 11 degrees colder than it was at this time yesterday when we hit 70 degrees. today, 57, but that's closer to average, and now we're just going to go back above average. 63 tomorrow, 68 on thursday, some places could hit 70 degrees. nobody near that now. it's 44 in doylestown, 45 in pottstown and coatesville, 46 in mount holly. 45 in trenton. 46 in ricetown, and 54 degrees in lewes. plenty of moisture back in the middle of the country. huge plains storm here, look at all this moisture coming up from
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the gulf of mexico, we've had severe storms, tornados there, snowstorm over here, and as far as our weather's concerned, we just have some clouds coming in and they are thinner clouds now, doesn't look like there's going to be much in the way of a rain threat for a while. as we go through the night tonight, we're going to be clear for the most part, on the cool side, but nothing exceptional. then the wind starts turning into the southeast tomorrow. the clouds increase. the temperature increases, too. but you don't see the rain. tomorrow night may be a couple sprinkles, but thursday, that's the day we're going to really get it. there we are as we go into thursday morning, thursday morning rush hour, generally okay. but here comes the rain. that's a solid area of rain and some of that is very heavy. so especially after the morning rush, through the midday hours, into early afternoon, and look how warm it is.
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trenton 69 degrees at noontime. so this is a warm, windy day with a lot of hours of rain and maybe an inch or two adding up, some localized flooding if that happens. 45 degrees in philadelphia tonight, 36 north and west. during the day tomorrow, the clouds will be increasing and thickening during the day, highs in the low to mid 60s, but the rain holds off, maybe a few sprinkles tomorrow night, then some of that heavy rain on thursday, windy, warm, then it starts to get colder with those winds on friday. saturday looks to be the warmest day of the weekend, even that's not too warm, and for the eagles game on sunday, starts a pretty cold period. >> thanks, hurricane. i'm john clark, sam bradford practiced today, we're going to hear from the eagles on mark sanchez, if he is the guy on sunday and jameis winston is ready for the birds. great video of him coming up.
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this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. >> hey, i'm john clark from comcast sportsnet. it looks like mark sanchez could be the starter for the eagles sunday against the bucs. sam bradford did not practice today. here is sam, he's visiting the rothman institute. they are trying to figure out how bad his shoulder injury is. of course, he has a concussion, as well. he watched practice today so it looks like he is through the first stage of the concussion protocol. sanchez took all the snaps at practice today. of course, last year he filled in for nick foles and the birds went 4-4 in those games. he seems to run the offense faster and can be more mobile. >> it will be the same offense,
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then we just, you know, we'll kind of just veer towards some of the things that he -- whoever is in there might do better, but it's virtually the same offense. >> the birds know they let one get away, losing to the dolphins, but they are only a half game out of the nfc east. they are still alive. >> everyone's frustrated, i mean, we're 4-5, not where we want to be, but at the same time there's a lot of football left. we keep saying there's a lot of football left, but it's time to think change. >> we're doing a lot that won't allow us to win in the league, regardless of what everybody else is doing, it won't matter if we can't figure it out here, so we got a lot more, a lot bigger fish in front of us than to be looking out and see what other teams are doing. >> jason peters did practice today, at running back, ryan matthews did not. jameis winston and the bucs will be coming to the linc on sunday.
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check out jameis' speech to the cowboys two days ago. this is good. >> overcome adversity. i told you the team that wanted it the most will pull that came up. you kicked that -- you kicked that -- offense, we kept fighting! we keep doing that, we keep doing that, if we give all we got, we have each other's backs, we going to go 7-0 in these. let's go! let's go. >> that looks like a leader to me. flyers tonight, moved to the top line with claude giroux, facing his former team the kings. jake scored his first goal of the season last game to win it for the flyers. hopefully, they can build off of that. >> feels good, feels good, especially we won that game in overtime. now, like i say, got to focus on the;cát tomorrow, can't be worried about what happened on saturday night. >> highlights at 11:00. we're right back. for the girl scout meeting...
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breaking news now in the race for president. louisiana governor bobby jindal is dropping out of the race. the republican was down in the polls. let's go back out live right now to jim rosenfield in paris. beautiful to see the city of light aglow behind you after security concerns again today. >> reporter: the eiffel tower is beautiful, isn't it, jacqueline? awash especially after these attacks in the colors of the french flag. it was open for a time yesterday, but we're told it closed again today, and the reason why, workers at the tower have very serious security concerns, so it's closed once again. coming up tonight at 11:00, by the way, jacqueline, we'll talk about the growing concerns about the antimuslim backlash in the wake of the attacks. meantime, that's the latest from paris, back to you. >> great to see you, look forward to seeing you tonight at
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11:00. thank you, the news continues now with nbc nightly news with lester holt. tonight. a new terror scare. thousands of fans rush out of a soccer stadium and a sudden evacuation after what officials call a concrete threat. fears of another bomb plot thx time in germany. and in paris, the new manhunt for a fugitive. a ninth suspect on the run. unknown until now as the brother of one of the suspects goes on tv to tell him and the world, turn yourself in. tonight for the first time, nbc news takes you inside of the terrorists' hotel room where they plotted to kill and the possible clues left behind. and as isis threatens to attack america, the fbi is intensifying surveillance of potential terror suspects already in the u.s. being tracked. "nightly news" begins right now.


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