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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  November 18, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EST

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we're following breaking news in france after a deadly raid overnight. we'll tell you what happened while you were sleeping, they are targeting the man police believe was behind the attacks. >> look at this fire video.
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a house fire in philadelphia that forced people out of their homes in the early morning hours. we'll explain what one woman saw that made her question how this all started. plus this. >> for the second time in weeks students in the lehigh valley fight with police. we'll show you how this played out. 5:31. good morning. a lot going on. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." >> we'll get to all of those developments in paris in a moment. let's begin with your forecast for this wednesday. a cold start that will have you grabbing the jacket. >> much of the area in the 30s right now. definitely colder than yesterday morning down by 9 degrees in mount holly and millville off by 4 in pottstown which has most of the region in the 30s, allentown, northeast philadelphia, trenton, mount holly all in the 30s, while it's in the middle 40s in wilmington. we'll see temperatures climb in spite of clouds moving in as the morning goes on. you'll get sunshine at 10:00, 56
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degrees, then low 60s with cloudy skies at 1:00 today. dry today, but there is some wet weather ahead. the neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i'm back in ten. jessica boyington right now has first alert traffic. >> we're giving you an update on the vine street expressway. we're back in business. here in the cameras, westbound no problems to the schuylkill expressway. no problems eastbound to 95. so heading out the door there great in center city. heading to center city on 95 or the schuylkill expressway no increase in drive times. 13 minutes southbound on 95 from woodhaven to the vine street expressway and from the blue route to the vine, 12 minutes. no problems on the blue route. watch out in the overbrook section for lane restrictions from the house fire on columbia avenue. 63rd and lebanon avenue also blocked because of that fire. back to the terror in paris. i just have seen tweets now that
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the raid is apparently over. there was a long standing raid overnight. a suspected terrorist was keeping police at bay. two others were killed. >> there is late breaking word on the arrests and matt delucia is following everything that's happening too in the digital operations center. bring us up to speed what's going on. >> it has been a busy morning to say the least. we have live feeds in from france, i'm getting new information throughout the morning. a couple bits that i just got. first a number of people under arrest has gone up in the last 30 minutes from five to seven. and a bill to extend france's state of emergency for three months is being presented to a cabinet meeting but the focal point of the morning is really the raid of an apartment in the town north of paris. looking at a live picture from saint-denis, france. police and military have been out here for several hours this morning. in this area, now french officials say there is an apartment and inside that apartment may be the mastermind of friday's attack in paris.
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whether or not police got him yet that is unknown but this raid is still under way. as we mentioned it is starting to wrap up here. we still see a lot of activity, a lot of police and military presence. two people are dead including a woman who blew herself up in a suicide vest as police moved in. it was a dramatic scene as the gun fire erupted earlier this morning. a french official with knowledge said scores of police stormed the apartment building and were met with unexpectedly violent resistance. and the people inside were heavily armed. schools and businesses in the area have closed because of this and neighbors heard constant gun fire and explosions for about a full hour as police clashed with the people inside that apartment. as i mentioned we are still getting new information in to our newsroom. i'll have an update at 6:00. matt delucia, nbc 10 news.
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keep us posted. also, two air france flights that took off one from washington, another from l.a., were diverted and forced to make an emergency landing because of bomb threats. everyone on board made it out safely. the fbi says there is no evidence to suggest that either of the threats was credible. we're following all of the overnight developments in france including that story. >> who is allah? is he a killer? i'm asking. a big question. >> coming up at 5:45, we will check in with jim rosenfield in paris who talks with locals about the increasing anti-muslim sentiment following the attacks. >> here at home in philadelphia's overbrook neighborhood our camera caught this, this fast moving fire that damaged three homes, displaced several people. nbc 10 saw this along columbia avenue as crews were working to put out a fire. it started around 1:15.
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noise from breaking glass woke up a sleeping woman and she managed to get out. some first responders told us an outdoor grill may have started the fire. >> in lehigh county police and teens clashed for a second time in recent weeks, all caught on camera. police in allentown say they were trying to break up a large fight on friday before the crowd started being aggressive toward them. arrested seven teens and then there is video from three weeks ago four officers and several students taken into custody after a brawl outside allen high school. youth group leaders say there is a disconnect between police and teens in the area which can cause even more tension. >> number one is alarming. am i surprised by it, no. following students with tasers, calling them names, that is not the best way to de-escalate a situation. >> allentown police released a statement saying officers showed a tremendous amount of restraint during the arrests. >> 5:36 now. something is bugging insect
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experts in pennsylvania and farmers too. next, where this creature has now turned up and what kind of damage it can do. you'll want to stay tuned for that. and talk about a room with a view. look at this, where you cap get a glimpse of philadelphia like never before. >> that sunshine will be fading and the views around the area after starting off with clear skies, for most of the area, and a chill that's in the air. 42 degrees at 5:37.
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21 before 6. it's cold outside this morning. most of the area reporting temperatures in the 30s. 38 for example at philadelphia, northeast philadelphia airport, 5 degrees colder than yesterday. that's not the only spot. high clouds will lead to some thicker clouds. clouds will be on the increase
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during the day today and though we'll stay dry today that rain will be moving in for us for tomorrow. for today we'll be watching the temperatures, in spite of the clouds, 50 degrees this afternoon for mount pocono. close to 60 in allentown and quakertown and in the 60s for trenton, mount holly, norristown a high of 62 degrees. some sunshine to start but the clouds will be increasing at the shore too. cape may, atlantic city 63. vineland 63. in delaware low to mid-60s today with clouds taking over right at 60 in westchester and 64, warmer than yesterday in philadelphia. tomorrow that's the rain and this weekend it gets cold. the seven-day forecast when i'm back in 10. >> how cold, bill? >> that's coming up. >> we'll have to wait. >> coming up. >> he turned his mic off. gone to drink coffee. you have that final cup and get ready to head out this is what awaits you on the roads. >> jessica boyington has cameras
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she's watching. >> on the boulevard we have no problems so far, we're a little early to see any kind of morning rush. route 1 right around 17th street you can see no problems, southbound, specifically where we see i was about to say drama but i guess makes sense. traffic in the morning hours. southbound to the schuylkill expressway. no problems there right now. the rest of our majors are doing okay, the schuylkill, 95, not a huge increase. the blue route is okay as we take a fly here. 17 minutes at the most northbound from 95 to the schuylkill expressway. southbound where we normally see that drama in the morning time 14 minutes though from the schuylkill to 95. i'll check in with mass transit when i come back in the next ten minutes. >> 5:41. invasive bug keeps spreading across pennsylvania. the spotted lantern fly is now in milford township bucks county. it was originally from asia, it arrived in berks county and spread over the summer. the agriculture department says the bug attacks plants and could
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be trouble for businesses like vineyards and orchards. >> this morning we're following breaking details out of paris. we'll tell you about a deadly overnight raid, two suspects killed, seven arrested and a stand off. also next jim rosenfield talks with locals in paris about the raw emotions left in the wake of the attack.
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so much happening outside of paris now. it's been going on for several hours. this is a live look at saint dennis, france. special forces raided an apartment building a few hours ago where the alleged mastermind of friday's attacks was believed to be hiding along with other terrorists and we're now seeing social media reports from several outlets saying the standoff is over and the scene is secure. nbc news is working to confirm that. here's how the standoff began. listen. here's what we have confirmed. two suspects died in the raid including a woman who blew herself up with a suicide vest. we've also learned that police led a group of children away from the scene to take them to safety. it's unclear whether the kids were in that building where the two people were killed.
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police have made seven arrests so far. we don't know yet if one of those arrested is the alleged mastermind of the paris attack or if he could have been one of the suspects killed. we're waiting for all of this information to clear up. stay tuned and stay with the "nbc 10 news" app for updates. obviously with the terror in paris sill fresh on the minds of everyone there, some people appear willing to blame not only islamic extremists but the entire muslim community. as nbc 10's jim rosenfield found out, drawing the line isn't always easy. ♪ >> french pride on display outside four days after the attacks. emotions are raw, coming with friends to pay respects to their friend who died. >> i came here to -- for him, for the memories, for me too.
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for france. for love, for brotherhood. >> in another part of town, not all who live in paris are feeling that brotherhood. we met this engineering student outside the grand mosque where he sometimes comes to pray. >> on facebook, about this, and some people they say that we need france without any muslim without any arab but this, i want to say you have not to mix attacks and terrorists with islam. >> france is said to be home to the largest muslim population in western europe. after the second attack in less than a year attributed to muslim extremists, anti-muslim sentiment is definitely on the minds of people here. >> allah, who is allah? is he a killer? i'm asking a big question. >> many people from islam said
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it was terrible and they were inside too. and they were killed. so it's not islam. >> an official with human rights watch tells me this anti-muslim rhetoric is a page out of the isis playbook. inviting nonradicalized muslims who may feel unwelcome to join their cause. thanks. again, so much happening this morning. and it started with this gun fire. and explosions as a raid began on an apartment building in saint-denis. two suspects dead, seven arrested. matt will join us with an update on everything happening there in france. at 5:48 police are not taking chances with a missing college student from montgomerie montgomery county. they think jacob marberger is armed and dangerous since leaving his college. monique braxton is live where police say he was last seen. tell us what's happening.
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>> reporter: hi, tracy. jacob marburger was last seen by his parents at the home not far from this police station. he retrieved a rifle case, according to his parents and left the home while they were sleeping. but a surveillance camera captured the 19-year-old college sophomore miles away outside reading, investigators say he was buying a box of 12-gauge shotgun shells at a walmart. his cell phone hasn't been used since before he purchased that ammunition. he faces misdemeanor charges for weapons violations, from a previous incident. the president of washington college tells us in october marberger waved an unloaded antique gun while intoxicated. when he returned to the college campus he was kicked out of his fraternity, and recently resigned as head of the student senate. despite an aerial and ground search marberger hasn't been located. the president of washington college says marberger has made
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no threats but the college will be closed again today. police are working with pennsylvania state police in trying to locate himment we'll keep you posted on updates as they become available. 10 minutes benefit 6. getting ready to leave the house get ready to bundle up. the temperatures have dropped in the 30s and 40s this morning. and it's going to stay colder to start with. but we will see some sunshine before clouds arrive to boost temperatures into the 60s. right now 43 degrees at philadelphia international, one of the milder spots this morning. skies clear overnight. really allowed the temperatures to come down. a shift in the wind is going to keep us dry today. and lead to a warm-up today and tomorrow. tomorrow this is what we'll deal with. the rain will be on the move. and we'll see it first thing
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tomorrow morning. overnight moving in from the west at 6:00 tomorrow morning light rain in allentown, reading and lancaster. philadelphia during the late morning commute. by mid morning the rain will be falling. steadier rain to the west and in portions of delaware will sweep through at noon time. there will be wet weather for the afternoon commute. by then to have a half inch of rain on the ground in philadelphia, some spots along the coast more than an inch of rain for tomorrow. for today it will be dry, increasing clouds with temperatures in the 60s. easterly winds to 10 miles an hour. warmer but wet and windy conditions. 66 the high. then we clear out and cool down for friday. saturday not bad. clouds increasing later on saturday. could see showers north and west on saturday. and then here comes the cold for sunday. 45 the high on sunday. even colder monday and tuesday
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mornings, we'll see readings in the 20s and low 30s. >> nine minutes before 6:00. >> your ride to work. >> nbc 10's jessica boyington has a look at 76. >> right. so we're in gloucester nowsch right around market street open 76 so approaching the area bridges, you can see no problems and that's headed toward philadelphia. and those lanes no problems back into toynl. we'll take a drive on the 42 freeway -- you can see we're all in the green heading to the walt whitman bridge no problems. it's four minutes northbound from 55 up to that point at the bridge. the rest of the area bridges are near so we checked in and heading up in that direction. the tacony palmyra, construction on the ben franklin bridge into philadelphia. >> you could see a lot of traffic from up here. look at this.
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a new view, observation deck opening later this month on top of one liberty place. you can get a 360-degree panorama. one deck opens november 28, the price of admission $19 for adults, $14 for kids. >> i'm hiv positive. >> that was charlie sheen. we now know the lengths that the actor went to to keep his diagnosis a secret. [ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going.
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it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the way. whether you're working or recharging, do business travel on your terms. acela. take off.
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>> to admit that i'm hiv positive. >> all of us watched that. charlie sheen dropping the news yesterday morning in that interview with matt lauer talking about his health and recent hiv diagnosis. not recent but now coming clean. he said he paid nearly $10 million in hush money to keep people from telling others about his condition. sheen's announcement at a time when one of the most promising new treatments is for those who haven't been diagnosed with hiv
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orb aids called prep. it can be prescribed to people who have a partner already diagnosed. it's also for those considered high risk like someone with multiple sexual partners. >> this is definitely the new trend because we want to prevent the virus. >> prep was approved by the fda but we're told it recently became more widely used in philadelphia. >> daily fantasy sports site fan duel, new york's attorney general filed a lawsuit to ban fan duel and draft kings. they issue the sites are illegal. both companies say the games are based on skill not luck and that they are perfectly legal. comcast is an investor in fan duel. from our delaware bureau some high school students in sussex county could be punished for a banner with a bad word.
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it was displayed at friday's football game. school officials are investigating. >> it's a game and a rival which. should be kept in perspective. i hope that the kids in this area will rise above it and keep it nice. >> the superintendent released a statement apologizing to the sussex tech community. happening today, if you haven't seen this come to the tv now. you're going to like it. two red panda cubs will join this adult. i think that's their mom. the cubs were born in june to the 5-year-old red panda, spark. today we'll get a look at the baby boy and girl. the zoo is trying to find the perfect names for the cubs. go to orb the app and search red panda and we'll show you where you can suggest your names for the baby pandas.
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red panda cubs. >> a girl and a boy. come up with names. >> first alert. >> first and alert. >> how about vai and tracy. >> thank you, chris. you're watching "nbc 10 news." we begin with breaking news, terror in paris, a picture from saint-denis, a raid that began 7 1/2 hours ago at an apartment targeting the mastermind ended. we're live with the latest. here aus how it started though. explosions and gun fire. two suspects are dead including a suicide bomber. we'll bring you up to the minute information on the terror in paris. >> we're also following breaking news here at home in philadelphia. a home goes up in flames in overbrook. what neighbors think started this fire. >> and a 13-year-old sexually
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assaulted. a lot to get to. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. it's flat out cold out there. let's get to meteorologist bill henley. >> you can feel the difference this morning. the temperatures have dropped in the 30s and lower 40s northeast philadelphia 39 degrees, colder in wrightstown and doylestown, millville 40, northeast philadelphia colder than roxborough and south philadelphia at this time. we'll see temperatures climb, however, get some sunshine to start with. we're less than an hour away from sun rise at 8:00, clouds, sun, 48 degrees. the clouds take over later this morning. the temperature climbs. low 60s at 11:00. a little warmer by 2:00 this afternoon. there are changes ahead for tomorrow, however. we'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back. right now jessica boyington has first alert traffic. >> we check out 95 right now. this is around


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