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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  November 18, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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assaulted. a lot to get to. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. it's flat out cold out there. let's get to meteorologist bill henley. >> you can feel the difference this morning. the temperatures have dropped in the 30s and lower 40s northeast philadelphia 39 degrees, colder in wrightstown and doylestown, millville 40, northeast philadelphia colder than roxborough and south philadelphia at this time. we'll see temperatures climb, however, get some sunshine to start with. we're less than an hour away from sun rise at 8:00, clouds, sun, 48 degrees. the clouds take over later this morning. the temperature climbs. low 60s at 11:00. a little warmer by 2:00 this afternoon. there are changes ahead for tomorrow, however. we'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back. right now jessica boyington has first alert traffic. >> we check out 95 right now. this is around cottman avenue
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starting to see that increase in volume. headed southbound into the center city area but for now you can see the drive time is okay. we're at 14 minutes now southbound from woodhaven to the vine street expressway, speeds up in the 60s, so we're good to go. that usually changes in the next 20 minutes or so. we'll keep you updated but watch out for this two alarm house fire, had an update from katy, the 6100 block of columbia avenue where the fire location is, is still active scene but they reopened 63rd and lebanon avenue. mass transit is doing great. great alternate because patco, dart and septa on time with no delays. >> terror in paris, here is a live look at a suburb where an all-night police raid and standoff is over. this happened in the overnight hours. french police surrounded an apartment searching for the suspected mastermind.
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police stormed an apartment building. this is what happened around 10:30 our time last night. police targeted the area believing the mastermind of the attacks was there. two suspects died in the raid, four officers were hurt. a police s.w.a.t. team dog was killed and police made seven arrests. after seven hours of gun fire and searching we learned that the standoff ended. >> we're working to find out what happened. matt delucia has been monitoring all of the information coming out of saint-denis. what's happened in the last 30 minutes? >> a lot has been going on as you mentioned. the a.p. reporting word from a ghost spokesperson who is saying that the raid on the apartment building is over. that's where the focus was all morning. an apartment where police believed that the mastermind of the attacks was hiding. now armed security officers have
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started fanning out around saint-denis and also escorted children and others from the scene. so take a look at this live picture. this is just north of paris. watching the live feeds we can see in the distance a lot of uniformed police officers still out there at the scene as this is all winding down. i've also seen them get close to a church, they had riot gear there, heavy protection. this is all in the past 30 minutes. as of now seven people are under arrest. two are dead including a woman who blew herself up earlier this morning as the raids began. we got some new video from nbc news, it shows police going through the streets of this neighborhood, guns drawn as you see, clearly tense scene out there for several hours. enough to close schools, and businesses. so a lot of new developments. this is still unfolding though we're getting reports that this
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vad over. i'll be back with an update. >> two air france flights that departed last night, one from los angeles and the other from washington, were diverted and forced to make emergency landings after someone called in threats against the aircraft. everyone on board made it off safely and the fbi says there is no evidence to suggest that either of the threats is credible. soccer fans in evening land paid tribute to the french terror victims. ♪ the french national anthem echoed at a soccer game in london last night. security was tight. the english and french teams set aside their rivalry to unite on the field in a show of solidarity. >> we're following breaking news locally in philadelphia. fast moving house fire destroyed a home, damaged two others and displaced families.
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katy zachry is live on scene in overbrook with new information on what might have sparked that blaze. >> reporter: tracy, first off it is a cold morning and there are several families here who are not able to be back in their home and seek warmth there because of the damage that this fire caused. in fact as we push in, the twin home where this fire started as just in the last bit been condemns by lni because the damage is so bad. the house collapsed during the fire fight. you can see how fierce the flames were at the height of it. people poured out to the street along columbia avenue to watch this home burn, this happened around 1:15 this morning. neighbors say they were concerned late last night that the woman who lived here was grilling and the flames were getting too big. i did speak with the homeowner about the claims. she tells me before she went to bed she secured the outdoor
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grill like she does every night. >> there was a grill in the yard and the grill was locked, covered, you know. and i wake up and all i hear is glass breaking and it's a grass in the kitchen. i come out the grill's on the ground. >> reporter: in the last minutes i was able to talk to the battalion chief. he has been spending the last few hours fighting the fire and then inside the home looking for the official cause. at this point they do not have official cause but they are taking note of all of the people in the neighborhood, saying that the grill last night, the flames coming up from it were so big and up so great concern. he has a firefighter taken to the hospital for minor injuries during the fire fight. live in overbrook, katy zachry, "nbc 10 news." >> in burlington county investigators work to find the cause of this fire at a county land mark. sky force 10 flew above last night as crews battled heavy
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smoke and flames. crews evacuated no one was hurt. the community house is used for special events like wepdings, and local groups meet there. they hope to get up and running soon. >> counselors will be at a middle school after authorities charge add former choir director with sexually abusing a student. police arrested 43-year-old gary smith yesterday. he worked at hb dupont. smith was involved in a sexual relationship with a 13-year-old student from 2010-12. police say many of the offenses happened on school grounds, the district helped with the investigation. >> deeply disturbing. it is very difficult time for red clay. >> smith is charged with 27 counts of rain, is on paid leave and in kale on $815,000 bond.
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eight minutes after 6:00. it's colder out this morning. the temperatures have been dropping overnight and though we'll see a colder morning, this afternoon we'll get a warm-up. even though clouds will be on the increase durping the day today. we'll be dry but i'm tracking rain for tomorrow. it will start tomorrow morning. right now starting the day out, 36 degrees in reading, philadelphia at 44 and 54 in cape may so a range of temperatures and a breeze that's starting to shift. more southerly so in spite of clouds moving in during the day we'll see the temperatures climb in the 60s this afternoon. so far all we've seen are high clouds moving in. so we'll get some sunshine to start w. it's not going to last. we'll see some breaks at 9:00. look at the clouds coming in to play. 49 degrees at philadelphia. by lunch time even though it turns cloudy 60 degrees and the clouds stay with us for the rest
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of the day and into tonight. upper 50s for fleetwood, pennsburg and morgantown, 59 degrees, clouds take over in sauter on the and bordenton. cape may, avalon, millville in the low 60s. warmer in delaware. though wilmington will top out at 62. 64 in philadelphia and berlin. dry but the clouds start prodosing rain tomorrow. we'll go through the futurecast when i'm back in 10 minutes. headed out to work or school, another extra minute or two and get your forecast here. >> jessica boyington is watching 202 for you. >> right. we have an accident right now, a few vehicles involved on 202 with lane restrictions. you can see that behind me. this is at 252. so you can see still squeezing
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by. also in center city we do have some ongoing construction on 19th street south. that is closed between vine street and ben franklin parkway. they have detours so you'll be fine traveling through the area. the p.a. turnpike, the right lane is closed there but it's not affecting the drive times, still great at 22 minutes from valley forge to route 1. these are up there, i think that says 67. that's the average speed. >> we want to continue to follow the terror in paris for you. neighborhood on lockdown. here is a live picture. this is saint-denis, north of paris. where there was a raid overnight. two terror suspects are dead including a female suicide bomber who blew herself up. they have been searching for the mastermi mastermind.
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the stanoff is over. the suburb is shut down, schools and businesses closed. we'll get you updated. this video is local in the nick of time. hear from the driver on a split second decision that may have saved the family's life.
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6:14. following breaking news from outside of paris. a suburb, a police raid and standoff is over. there was gun fire, explosions and the search for terror suspects. here is new video from nbc news of police expanding their search of the suburb. authorities were targeting the suspected master mind of the deadly attack. his fate is unclear.
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here's what we know. two suspects died in the raid on the apartment building, one a suicide bomber who blew herself up. four officers were hurt. a police canine killed, there were seven arrests. police led a group of children from the scene. take a look at what happened in a family's car in north philadelphia. that was near temple last night. check out the charred remains of the car after it unexpectedly exploded. look at that little girl's face. three people were inside seconds before. the driver explains the moments before the blast. >> as i come out the car is in flames on the right-hand side in the front. and i told them get out the car get out the car. the flames, the flames. boom. >> very loud boom. >> all three passengers managed to get out safely. >> police are still searching
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for the vandals who damaged homes and cars in two north wilmington neighborhoods. residents woke up to find shattered car windows caused by shots from a bb gun. the vandals damaged the siding of some homes, police say the vandals struck in the dartmouth woods neighborhood. residents cleaning up and paying the thousands in repairs have a simple question. >> why? what's the point? i mean you're destructing people's property they worked hard for. it's senseless. i don't understand. >> police have been questioning possible suspects but not made any arrests. >> from our jersey shore new findings about the heflt barnegat bay. there were three years of research. they say the bay's ecosystem is in relatively good shape despite a surge in development along the
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shores. the findings will help policymakers improve the bay's health. >> let's check on your ride to work including 202 if you travel that. >> jessica boyington has the details. >> hi, vie and tracy. we're watching an accident around 252 taking out some lanes on the northbound side. you can see that police activity in here spread for a little bit approaching that section sit ramp. we're not hitting a ton of volume at this early hour. the southbound side doing a bit better. drive times in the philadelphia area around starting to see low spots to the vine street expressway. 14 on the schuylkill. south from the schuylkill to 95 is about 15 minutes so we're still good there. a heads up for later on this evening, though, heading out in the stadium area. wells fargo hosting tonight at 7:00 p.m.
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so expect extra volume around the area. when i come back we'll check in with delaware, some construction tying thingsp. >> 18 minutes after 6:00. we're just over a half hour away from sun rise this morning so skies are starting to brighten up. you see clouds in the distance, the clouds that are going to be increasing as the day goes on. 44 right now in philadelphia. that's chiller. you'll need a winter code. in the pocono mountains, that's the view from the french manor. the clouds will take over as the day goes on. and leads to that for tomorrow. that is rain and some thunderstorm activity. potential for severe weather. i'm not expecting for our area. we'll get rain for tomorrow. it will be sweeping innant first thing light rain falling.
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will sweep through during the day. we could see wet weather on thursday. then it will clear out thursday night and over the weekend one more system to keep an eye on. it's going to produce snow in the chicago area and then in the ohio valley. parts of pennsylvania will see snow as well. even if the snow misses us we'll get the cold. it will turn much colder as the weekend goes on. you can see 5:00, saturday, some spots of snow in the pocono mountains. might see snow farther to the north and west of allentown. on sunday morning. for today, increasing clouds. driveway today, 60s this afternoon. the temperatures will warm up compared to yesterday and warmer tomorrow. in spite of the wet and windy conditions a high of 66 degrees. that's where the milder air ends.
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56 on friday. a lilly day on thursday. could see rain showers into sunday morning might see some snowflakes. we'll get the cold sunday. a cold wind blowing, 45 the high. cold for the eagles game and colder monday and tuesday with the 20s and low 30s. a fight between students and police breaks out at a lehigh valley high school. we'll look at what's behind this tension. keeping runners safe in the wake of the terror attacks.
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happening this weekend all
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new made in philadelphia holiday market opens. artists, designers, and candy makers will be showcasing work next to the rothman ice risk. the market will open through december 27. officials tell us it was designed to compliment the christmas village at love park. the christmas village also opens this saturday. it will be closed sunday but reopens november 26 through december 27. >> good morning everyone. jessica boyington your first alert traffic. watching route 202, an accident, police activity. that's the northbound lane around 252. again, traffic moving by the scene. no gaper delay. we'll have an update around 6:30. for now a check on today's forecast with meteorologist bill henley. >> chilly start this morning, clouds are on the way. they will be increasing along
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with the temperature. we'll get a little bit of sunshine before the clouds take over and a decent warm-up. right now it's a chilly breeze blowing, the temperatures have dropped into the 30s and 40s. feels like 39 right now in philadelphia. trenton the wind chill is 36, and 39 in wilmington. >> i'm matt delucia live in the digital operations center. a busy morning outside of paris. police raid an apartment and swarm the streets, several have been arrested. some suspects are dead. more coming up next. >> i'm monique braxton. a local family is living out their worst nightmare. we'll tell you what happened. the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
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breaking news throughout the
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morning terror in paris minute by minute getting new information about a raid in a paris suburb that turned violent in the search for the mastermind of the deadly attacks in paris. the prosecutor there says they are trying to figure out who was killed and who was arrested. if the man behind the attacks is still on the run or one of the two people killed. it's been a hectic morning and overnight good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. first let's start with our chilly morning. meteorologist bill henley has your first alert forecast. >> it is colder than yesterday. much of the area is in the 30s and about everybody people tos like the 30s thanks to the wind that is starting things off. that wind at 9 miles an hour in philadelphia. and wilmington. while it's calm now in wrightstown and colder, 35, toms river at the freezing mark. northeast philadelphia in the 30s, it's middle 40s at the airport and in wilmington. we'll see the temperatures climb. a bit of sunshine to start, 48
6:30 am
degrees, by 11:00 turning mostly cloudy and 60, 61 at 2:00 this afternoon. the neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> we're watching things in newark, delaware, construction making big backups on 95 on the northbound side, the construction is at exit 4. the left and center lanes are blocked. it's supposed to be there until 6:00 a.m. it's backed up all the way to exit 3. 95 around the philadelphia area we're seeing the normal slowdowns. 25 minute drive time there is, 32 miles per hour for your average speed so we're slow heading intoner city. on 202, all clear, no problems. police activity out of the way. >> we continue to follow breaking news, terror in paris, a seven-hour police raid and standoff with terror suspects in
6:31 am
a suburb of paris is now over. two suspects are dead, one blew herself up using a suicide vest, police made seven arrests as they search for more. four officers were hurt, a police dog killed and the fate of the target of the raid is unclear. we're also learning about other people affected by this night-long siege there. >> namely, some pirn whom police led away safely. operations center. >> this raid took more than 7 hours and people in the area were told to stay inside. schools were closed. the area was shut down as police you can see police moving through the streets with guns drawn. in the past few minutes we learned that president obama has
6:32 am
been briefed on the raid. two people have been killed including a suicide bomber. the target of the raids as we mentioned was a mastermind. his quarterbacks is still unknown. this is what the scene looks like now. the operation has ended. there is a large police present are presence. i saw a tweet from richard engel. he said it looked like these forces were ready for battle. this is what it looked like early on. a lot of gun fire and explosions as you can hear. people describing the area as a war zone this morning. several police officers as we mentioned slightly injured. a police dog was killed. the french authorities just spoke a few minutes ago offering they are not releasing the identity of those and again the
6:33 am
whereabouts still unknown at this pour so we're going to keep up to date on what's happening throughout the day. for now live in the digital operations center, matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." >> president obama says any attempts to plok syrian refugees from coming to the u.s. is quote offensive and contrary to american values. the president talked about the issue at a views conference in the philippines, criticized republicans by threatening to suspend efforts to allow 10,000 syrian refugees into the u.s. >> we are not well served when, in response to a terrorist attack, we descend into fear and panic. >> the president also said suggestions that only prove in christians should be allowed in. would abpotent recruitment tool for the islamic state.
6:34 am
house speaker paul ryan has assembled a task force to bring refugee legislation to the floor this week. the obama administration shows no backing off its plan to bring refugees to the u.s. >> russia is stepping up air strikes in syria. the country is searching for those responsible for blog up that russian jet over egypt. >> military officials have updated president vladamir putin saying they carried out more than 2,000 air strikes in the last 48 hours. a u.s. official says the united states would not cooperate with russia in carrying out those strikes. >> now to breaking news in philadelphia a wire destroyed one home and damaged two others. nine are out of their homes following the blaze.
6:35 am
the fire started, she got out. medics took one wire fighter to the hospital expected to be okay. no official cause yet. some told us an outdoor grill may have started the fire. >> in lehigh county police and keens clashed all caught on camera. >> police say they were trying to break up a large fight before the crowd started being aggressive toward them. offers arrested seven teens. four officers were hurt and several students taken boo towed's after a brawl. group leaders say there is a distwekt when teens in the area. >> am i alarmed, no, i'm not surprised by it. >> the following students with razors, calling them names that
6:36 am
is not the best way to de-escalate a situations. >> allentown released a statement saying the officers showed a treatment amount of restraint during the arrest. monique braxton is following the investigation near where police say jacob marberger was last seen. >> reporter: vai, not far away the mer berger family hoping to hear from jacob. they told police that they came home sunday night, but left with a rifle case. here's a picture of college sophomore. investigators say he was captured at a walmart outside of reading. bying a bok of 12 gun shells. he places -- the president of washington college tell u.s. in
6:37 am
october marberger waved a gun. when he returned he was kicked out of his fraternity and resigned as head of the student senate. despite an aerial and ground services, had been placed on a lock down. the college will be closed again today. investigators tell us his cell phone hasn't been used since before he purchased that ammunition and we're going to be following the add vin trags, a lou ago, they say so far no word of that missing college student. >> 6:38 is cold out this
6:38 am
morning. and though we'll see some sunshine to start with, that cold will be easing. clouds take over and then the temperatures will warm into the 60s. wet and windy conditions hold off. i'm tracking rain that will be here first thing tomorrow morning. heading out the door, 34 in doylestown. philadelphia international is 44, northeast philadelphia has dropped in the 30s and millville at 40. you can see the clouds. the temperature is moving up in spite of those clouds. the clouds are coming off of rain that's to our west. so we're getting scattered clouds. the neighborhood by neighborhood forecast is calling for skies to turn cloudy. 59 in allentown, reading and quakertown in the low 60s. at the shore some sunshine to start with before the cloud take owe they're. dover will warm to 64.
6:39 am
swedesboro 63 with skies cloudy. tomorrow, than weekend you're near the winter gear. >> thank you, bill. 6:39. if you are arriving in the delaware area. >> take a moment, look at what jessica boyington has to show you. especially in delaware. a few things going on around namen's rod. we're dealing with an accident. of course under my drive time is a stalled truck or somebody in the left hand shoulder here. they have crews in the center lanes to direct traffic. they are intending to move it into the shoulders but you can see northbound from namens rot to the blue route, you'rep
6:40 am
crawling approaching this and a 13 minute time. construction on 95 northbound. there's a backup behind that scene to exit 3 right now. but the schuylkill expressway we're slow in the normal spots. you can see eastbound, westbound, wer in the yellow, intoner city. i'll have another check when i come back. >> thank you. with the terror attacks in paris going on we're monitoring social media and chris will have a live up date. >> lack of sportsmanship, that's what a school administrator had to say about a banner during a football game. the verbal rep pli man may not be enough. where you'll soon be able to go
6:41 am
up without taking off.
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>> we continue to follow breaking news out of paris. a night of gun fire paralyzed the paris suburb. here is a live picture of saint-denis outside paris, it's near the stadium. police raided an apartment building here looking for the suspected mastermind of the deadly attacks. a standoff lasted seven hours, it is unclear if police found their target but we know the raid left two suspects dead, one blew herself up using a suicide vest. police made seven arrests. four officers were hurt, a police dog was killed. also police led a group of children at the scene to safety. we're learning that president obama has been briefed.
6:45 am
chris joins us with new images of that raid. >> tracy, as we see in situations like this, any one with a smart phone near the scene is recording video, taking pictures. twitter has this moments feature that is perfect for situations like this where you can instead of having to search for activity around one breaking news event you can click on and it does the searching and these are videos from people who were staying near the apartment building where that raid was being carried out including this one from andrew scott. if the sound was up you could hear a lot of gun fire. it shows armed officers across the street from the apartment building. another one from a different vantage point here. you can really hear the the sound through the town of saint-denis as the gun fire was taking place. it lasted several minutes during the beginning of that raid. then also matt delucia was telling us, the children led away from the apartment
6:46 am
building. great use from this user showing a family being evacuated walking down one of the streets there. young children, a woman and a man there as well. and also something else on social media is an interview that nbc news did with the man who was allowing the suspected terrorist to stay in his apartment building, explaining that he didn't know who they were. listen to this. >> obviously that was in french. we have the subtitles up there. he had no idea who they were, he said it's not uncommon for him to allow strangers to stay at his place for two or three days. they just needed a place to stay. he has not been charged. a lot of video coming in,
6:47 am
pictures and we'll continue to look through it and get the best out there for you. >> chris, thanks. one school district in maryland suspended all field trips to washington after an isis video threatened attack there. >> experts say terrorism isn't affecting terrorism in the city. this group of students from a business college in western pennsylvania visited after the president of the school assured them that it was safe. experts say washington has a strong police force and is always in a state of readiness. companies that give tours of the city say they received no cancellations so far. >> in our area this weekend runners will see heightened security as they race in the philadelphia marathon. coming just a week after the paris attacks the door of core of the race zone will be runners and spectators will be screened and there is no known threat but leaders can hardly be too careful. >> i can tell you we are working
6:48 am
to make sure our operations teams in advance and on site are well prepared. >> i never feel like i'm going to be unsaxt i trust that the city knows what they are doing. >> given the screening it could take a while to get to the starting line but the race will not be delayed so plan to arrive with plenty of time. >> 6:48. to decision 2016. the field of republican presidential hopefuls shrings. bobby jindal announces the end of his presidential bid. he made the announcement yesterday and says it wasn't our time. he struggled in the polls against the remaining candidates and never qualified for a prime time republican debate. that didn't stop him from taking shots at donald trump and hillary clinton yesterday. >> it's not going to be trump. i made my clears view but i'm going to support the republican nominee. we can't have hillary clinton in office we can't go down the road of socialism. >> the governor says he is not
6:49 am
ready to endorse another gop candidate. >> 17 former boy scouts are suing the boy scouts of america saying that scout master abused them. the scout master died two years ago. the suit claims he abused the scouts. one of the former scouts says he was molested more than 1,000 times. >> he didn't have any boundaries. he would take boys to the back woods, at these camp outs and molest them in the woods. he would shower with the boys and you know, molest them in the shower. >> the boy scouts of america issued a statement saying the organization just learned of the allegations and had never before received reports against the scout master. some students in sussex county could be punished for a banner with a curse word displayed at a
6:50 am
football game. school officials are investigating. >> it's a game and a rivalry. it should be kept in perspective. i hope that the kids in this area will rise and keep it nice. >> the superintendent released a statement apologizing to the sussex tech community. >> judges for the agency that regulate buses and taxis in pennsylvania are now pushing for a record fine against ride sharing service uber. they are recommending a $50 million fine saying that uber illegally ran its service from february to august of 2014. the company did not have the authority to operate in pennsylvania. lawyers claim they didn't break a raw saying uber is only a software company that facilit e facilitates rides. a folks spurn says that it hopes to reach a reasonable resolution. this is from the new observation deck opening later this month at the top of one liberty place.
6:51 am
you can get a 360-degree view of the city from 57 stories up. the observation deck opens november 28. the nice is $19 for adults, $14 for kids. a florida couple got an unexpected guest. >> he didn't even say thanks for the food. the couple had stepped away from their meal when this alligator crashed their party. there he goes chomping away on a sandwich. after he finished, the couple managed to shoo it back. just be concerned aboutants. clouds are moving in, nine minutes before 7:00 we saw mostly clear skies but that is changing. this is a live view of the city from the adventure aquarium. 44 degrees to start with. that's cooler than yesterday.
6:52 am
that's at the airport. much of the rest of the area is in the 30s, we're seeing clouds move in to the shore, you'll see a bit of sunshine to start with but it's going to fade as the day goes on. turning cloudy. 34 in doylestown, wrightstown is 35. northeast philadelphia is in the 30s and blue bell down to 34 degrees. it is a cold start but dry. the rain not expected until tomorrow. he's moving through the chicago area into the deep kout where the heavier rain and strong thunderstorms are. tomorrow a steady rain. this is going to be moving in first thing tomorrow morning. today it will accepted us clouds. 7, 8:00 in the morning when the rain will start. we could have downpours. showers in the area thursday si/ afternoon. i'm expecting a third to an inch of rain as those starms move through. then it clears out and atepgs turns to voong more system.
6:53 am
that system will be making its way to pennsylvania, parts of the area will see snow and it's a possibility into the pocono mountains early sunday morning. for today, increasing clouds. but the temperature will also increase into the 60s this afternoon. easterly winds to start with. more subtle as the day goes on. wet and windy. the wind will warm us but you are never going to feel warmth thanks to the steady rain for most of the day on thursday. then the clouds clear out. here comes the colder weather for friday, 56, turns chillier saturday. there is a chance of scattered rain and snow showers to the northwest and the lehigh valley, pocono mountains saturday night and early sunday. then everyone will feel the cold wind blowing on sunday. bundle up if you plan to go to the game. and come monday and tuesday morning it's each colder. we'll see clear skies, it will drop into the 20s and low 30s.
6:54 am
>> where did i pack those gloves. let's get you to work. >> i'm usually looking for my keys. >> we're watching for an accident on nay monday road. they are in thester rain. traffic is slow behind that. starting to see slowdowns on 100 southbound from 113 to 30. 6 minutes, slow 8 minutes on 30 eastbound from 340 to 113 but 202 okay and the earlier accident around 252 is clear. we're seeing 12 minutes delays on the doylestown lane but steer for dart, and more when i come back. >> i'm matt delucia following the newest information coming out of france. a standoff, arrests and a small town shut down as police search for the mastermind of friday's
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>> i'm matt delucia. following the late esz on the search for justice in the wake of the terror attacks in paris. a 7 hour police raid and standoff with terror suspects in saint-denis has ended. this is what it looked like when police went through the streets of that town. there was a large police presence there, two suspects are dead, police made seven arrests and they were searching for the mastermind. a prosecutor said authorities are still trying to figure out his fate. we just found out that police tracked this area down through telephone conversations and surveillance, some of the witness accounts and one last
6:59 am
bit, we got all 129 victims of the terrorism on friday have been identified. we're going to have all of the latest on air on line and on our mobile app. matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. in delaware watch out for construction, 95 northbound backed up from exit 4 to exit 3 with the left and center lanes closed until about 7:00 a.m. coming up now. and an accident at naamans road northbound. >> it's a cold start, 40 in south philadelphia. northeast philadelphia at 39 degrees. and clouds, already moving into the area. but that will not stop temperatures from climbing into the 60s today. it will be dry, the rain holds off until tomorrow. >> thank you, bill. the "today" show is up next.
7:00 am
good morning. breaking news. terror raid. [ gunfire ] >> special forces in france launch a massive operation targeting the alleged mastermind behind the paris attacks. at least two suspects dead, including a woman who blew herself up as police stormed an apartment. seven others taken into custody, but did abdelhamid abaaoud manage to slip away? while here at home bomb threats forced two air france planes from the u.s. to paris to be diverted overnight, leaving america very much on edge today, wednesday, november 18, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news,


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