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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  November 18, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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right now at 11:00, gunfire, explosions, deaths and arrests. we continue to follow breaking developments this morning in the aftermath of the terror attacks in paris. police raided a suburban paris apartment in the search of the suspected mastermind of the attacks, but there's still no clear information on the fugitive's fate. governor romne good morning, i'm vai sikahema. it's been a morning of major developments into the terror attacks. police carried out a seven-hour operation targeting abdel hamid abaaoud. police say two people were killed in the raid, including a
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female suicide bomber. the french interior ministry says in all overnight raids resulted in 25 arrests and the seizure of 34 weapons. abaaoud's fate remains unclear at this hour. shots rang out before dawn as the raid took place in the paris suburb of saint-denis. it's a about a mile from the explosion at the soccer stadium. a police dog was also killed. a lawmaker described the operation as "a big victory." police also raided a church in st. denis. officers broke down the door and searched the building. the french newspaper "le monde" reports that the incident was a false alarm and that police left the church empty handed. and french fighter jets have intensified their raids on isis targets in syria. the french military released
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video of the bombings. 10 fighter jets struck buildings in the isis stronghold in raqqah. two air france flights that departed last night, one from los angeles, another from washington, were diverted and forced to make emergency landings after someone called in threats against the aircraft. everyone on board made it off safely and the fbi says there's no evidence to suggest either of the threats is credible. germany is on edge following the paris attacks and now a bomb scare of its own. police hanover, germany, canceled a soccer game last night. officers said they has concrete evidence of someone wanting to set off a bomb in the stadium. germany's national team was playing in paris when explosions went off outside the stadium. and soccer fans in england paid tribute to the french terror victims. [ playing l.a. marseillaise ] >> the french national anthem echoed at a soccer game in
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london last night at wembley. security was tight. the english and french team set aside their rivalry to unite on the field in a show of solidarity. for updates on the terror in paris, just tap the nbc 10 news app and keep it right here as more details emerge from the other night raid in france and the search for the mastermind after the attacks. we're following breaking news here at home in montgomery county. me methact methacton school, police have one person in custody, monique? >> reporter: that's right. vai. moments ago pennsylvania state police told us an unidentified suspect, male in his 20s is beig questioned here at the skippack parks. we're told it's regarding his
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reaction to a recent breakup. choper 10 was over methacton high school in eagleville after we learned of the status. state police tell us students with -- were not harmed. i was told a resource officer was at the high school when students arrived and the lockout was put in place this morning. here's the official statement from the school. "early this morning we were notified of threats against a student at the high school. in consultation with law enforcement and in an abundance of caution, the high school was placed on lock-out status as law enforcement investigated the threat. the individual responsible is now in custody and we will be returning to a regular building operation." we've also learned that he will be arraigned in a short time. we will continue to follow any developments and have them as soon as they become available. live now at the skippack parks, moniq
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-- barracks, nbc 10 news. nine people are out of their home following a fire in philadelphia's overbrook neighborhood. around 1:15 breaking glass woke up a woman sleeping inside the twin home on columbia avenue where the fire started. she did get out. the fire spread to two neighboring homes. medics took one firefighter suffering from exhaustion to the hospital. he's expected to be okay. no official cause yet but neighbors and first responders told us an outdoor grill may have started the fire. in burlington county, investigators are working to find the cause of this fire at a county landmark. skyforce 10 flew over the scene at the morristown community house last night as firefighters battled heavy splomoke and flam. the community house is used for special events like weddings and many local groups do meet there. officials hope they can repair the damage and get it up and running again soon. police in montgomery county are looking for a robber who
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assaulted someone. this happened around 1:30 on gray wall lane in lower merion township. police are not sure what was taken. they say the victim was not hurt. so far they haven't arrested anyone. shaping up to be a mild november day outside. rather cloudy as well as we take a live look over center city, philadelphia. you see the flag flapping in the wind. eneye the dry weather while it last. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast. glenn? vai, the clouds are already increasing across the entire area, even toward the shore. this is a live view from the marquis de lafayette in cape may. you can see on the eastern sky we've got blue but those clouds continue to advance across the area. it's not stopping the temperature from rising. up to 58 degrees, already above the average high for this time of the year and already the to
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60 in much of southern half of new jersey and delaware. and it's going to go up from there. we've seen the clouds increase. it's still dry across the entire region. the atmosphere as a whole is still fairly dry but not here. from the ohio valley toward alabama, that's a solid area of rain, some heavy thunderstorms and that system is moving this way. now it's not going to be bringing in any rain during the day or tonight but tomorrow there it is, fairly significant rain coming across the area. more on the timing of that in a little bit. but this afternoon the timing shows temperatures going into the low 60s with the cloudy skies. more on that rain and just how cold it's going to get over the week wednesday the seven-day in a few minutes. this morning police say there's good reason to believe a missing student from montgomery county armed. out of precaution, officials
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have closed the college he attends in maryland. sources tell nbc 10 jacob mar berger was last seen monday morning buying ammunition at a walmart. mar burger is a sophomore. officials say marburger told them he felt persecuted after students pulled pranks on him in october. three weeks ago they got a tip about him having a gun and found an antique rifle and revolver in an off-campus house. he was suspended until a psychologist cleared him to return to school and police say he left campus sunday night and went to his parents' home where he took a rifle case. >> we don't have evidence that he has threatened students, the campus, the community here. he obviously is a troubled young man. we hope he comes home. we hope he tells his parents. >> washington college is closed until further notice. pennsylvania state police searched by air yesterday and turned up no new leads.
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counselors are at a middle school in newcastle county after authorities charge add former choir director with sexually abusing a student. police arrested 43-year-old gary smith yesterday. he worked at hb dupont middle school in hockessin. police say smith was involved in a sexual relationship with a 13-year-old student from 2010 to 2012. many offenses happened on school grounds. red play schoclay school distri with the investigation. >> it's a very difficult time for red clay. >> smith is charged with 27 counts of rape. he is on paid leave and is in jail on $850,000 bond. today four high-ranking lawyers in the pennsylvania attorney general's office will testify before a state senate committee that's deciding whether to remove kathleen kane from office. the panel is considering whether the suspension of kane's law license prevents her from doing her job. the lawmakers have already heard from legal ethics experts about
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the limited work that suspended lawyers like kane are allowed to do. the state supreme court suspended kane's license to practice law after she was charged with perjury and conspiracy for allegedly leaking secret grand jury information. he's not backing down. what president obama is saying about his plan to bring syrian refugees to the u.s. in the wake of mounting criticism. plus, wild weather tears through parts of the country leaving behind damage and widespread power outages. well, the clouds continue to build today and rain is heading our way. i'll let you know when it will arrive, how long it will last and what's in store for the weekend just ahead.
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at this thundershower whereabouts of abdel hamid abaaoud remain unknown. two people were dead and seven arrested. police are searching for a car that could be carrying a fugitive wanted in those attacks. now we want to take you live to belgium. here's a live look at the brussels neighborhood where authorities conducted raids this week. people are clapping and chanting to show their solidarity with
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paris in the wake of the deadly terror attacks friday night. u.s. leaders are addressing the 35th annual overseas security advisory council briefing. the briefing features such topics as radicalization and update to the u.s. hostage policy. earlier, cia director john brennan spoke to the gathering. he talked about the evolving balance between individual rights and the need for government surveillance programs to keep the country secure. president obama is show nothing signs of backing off his administration's plan to bring an additional 10,000 syrian refugees here to the u.s. and he had harsh words for those opposing the move. the president talked about the issue at a news conference in the philippines. he criticized republicans in congress who are responding to the terror attacks by threatening to suspend efforts to allow those refugees into the u.s. and he slammed suggestions that muslim refugees should not be allowed to come to america.
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>> when individuals say that we should have a religious test and that only christians, proven christians, should be admitted, that's offensive and contrary to american values. >> the president went on to say some of the political rhetorics about the refugees could be used as an effective recruitment tool for the islamic state. republicans have urged an immediate closure of america's borders. house speaker paul ryan assembled a task force to bring refugee legislation to the floor as soon as this week. the islamic state group this morning has released a photo of the bomb it says blew up the russian jet over egypt. meanwhile, russia is stepping up their strikes against isis in syria as it tries to hunt down those responsible. military officials told president vladimir putin that they carried out more than 2,000
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air strikes in the last 48 hours. a u.s. official says the united states is not cooperating with russia in carrying out those strikes. powerful winds left a trail of damage across the pacific northwest. one vehicle rolled over along i-84 near portland. many trees knocked over on to the highway causing officials to close a stretch of the road while crews cleaned up the mess. chain saws going, the wind storm killed at least two people in washington state. strong gusts knocked trees on to vehicles and homes there. more than 370,000 homes and businesses lost their power. the wind also damaged balloons at a chinese hasn't earn festival exhibit in downtown spokane. arkansas residents are cleaning up after severe weather ripped through hot springs. winds ripped the roof off one building there. one resident says she saw a big funnel cloud filled with lightning. many business owners had to shut
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down early after they lost power. well, some of that heavy weather in the middle of the country is moving this way, not stuff in the pacific northwest. we are tracking heavy rain that's likely to come in during the day tomorrow. it's going to be a wet and windy day. also kind of warm. but it's not going to stay that way. we have a cold weekend in the forecast. cloudy skies now. the wind is still coming in off the ocean, an easterly wind. six miles an hour. we're four degrees warmer than we were at this time yesterday. 63 degrees today after 70 on monday. we start going back down the average high temperatures are in the mid-50s now.
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we got 49 degrees in allentown but other places there are the 50s. 52 in coatesville, reading. 53 in doylestown. already up to 60 in mount holly. 58 in wrightstown, 59 in trenton with the wind coming in off the ocean we have a limit on how much warmer it will be getting another the beaches. we have dry conditions across the area. the clouds building. the rain is getting closer but it's still far away as you can see. just barely getting into cincinnati. so it's going to take a little while to get here. prance as much as 24 hours. 62 degrees by 1:00. temperatures going into the 60s across much of the area, just not north and west and nothing more than a couple of sprinkles during the night tonight. we start to see the activity
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tomorrow morning. maybe not for beginning of the rush but as we go later and later into the morning rush that band of rain looks like it's coming here now. it does not look like it's going to be anywhere near as heavy or certainly not as severe as what we've gotten back to the west but that's several hours of rain there, some of it on the heavier side. the newest computer guidance shows more coming in during the afternoon and even into 7:00 tomorrow night. we're not totally done with this. so we're talking about quite a bit of rain but look at these temperatures. even by 9:00 thursday night we are in the mid-60s and it's even in the 60s north and west but it's not going to cool down until at least friday. the clouds thicken up today. it's going to be mild for this time of the year, highs in the low to mid-60s, even milder
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tomorrow but kind of windy and several hours worth of rain. some of it on the heavy side adding up to perhaps close to an inch of rain. then breezy and colder on friday. a chilly day on saturday. if you think saturday is cold, look at sunday. 46 degrees. colder eagles game this weekend than what we saw last week. thank you, glenn. stepping up security. it's happening nearly everywhere in the aftermath of the paris terror attacks. the step the vatican is taking today and the special preparations ahead of the pope's big jubilee year which begins next month. and later, making a run for it -- more to this case perhaps a waddle. watch as a group of penguins attempt to break out of a zoo. many people clean their dentures
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this week's wednesday's child is a fun and stylish teen who has a big heart and a lot of love to give. she's hoping to find a forever family to make all of her dreams come true. >> tell me what you like about doing hair? >> isila is an energetic and talented 17 year old. she has an interest in koz mcos so we visited this institute in philly. she enjoyed trying her handout
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on styles. do you like doing hair with your friends? >> yeah, like curling it and straightening it and doing designs i do with my friends. >> she's currently in 11th grade and enjoys her science class. she wants to use her past to help others in the future. >> isila would like to be a social worker. she's very empathetic in regards to the dynamics of adoption. >> she also has dreams of having a large family of her own. >> i'm the only child and i want to have more children so they can interact with each other. >> what's the number? >> five to seven. >> five to seven! that's a lot! isila is open to all types of families. she would thrive in a loving home that would offer guidance and support throughout her life. >> when i was younger i dreamed of like a mother and father and siblings but now i just want a family. >> she has a big heart that she is ready to share with a forever family. >> isila would bring a lot of
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joy, a lot of love, excitement, commitment as well as team work to our family. >> isila is this week's wednesday's child. if you'd like to make her dream come true or the dream of any wednesday's child sponsored by the dave thomas foundation, go to our web site at and search wednesday's child. you can call the national adoption center directly. we continue to follow breaking developments in france as authorities carry out an overnight raid that turns deadly. the search for the suspected mastermind behind friday's deadly attacks and where the investigation is leading authorities right now. bus keeping runners and spectators safe in the wake of the terror attacks in paris. philadelphia is stepping up security as well. we'll tell you what law enforcement is doing to protect everyone during philadelphia's marathon weekend.
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live is starting to get back to normal in st. denis france after police carried out a raid on the suspects in the terror attacks. there's no word on the fate of abdelhamid abaaoud. the prosecutor says indications from tapped phone conversations indicated the suspected planner of the attacks might be a saves now the suburb of st. denis. police say two people were killed in the raid, including a female suicide bomber. one french lawmaker says this morning's raid was a big victory. as nbc's richard engel shows us, it took place in a neighborhood with a large muslim population. >> reporter: amateur video captured some of the heavy automatic gunfire when elise french forces raided an apartment outside paris this morning.
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the main target, officials say, was the alleged mastermind of the paris attacks. but as the raid began, a woman in the apartment blew up a suicide vest. police ordered residents to stay inside. anyone who approached was told in no uncertain terms to back away. neighbors, many of them muslim immigrants, were evacuated by police and searched. we stopped abdul noor who was rushing down the street. he said in arabic he witnessed the whole thing. "i saw the raid 20, cars pass by here, then five minutes later the shooting started." i asked if he heard the gunfire? "i saw it with my eyes," he said. meanwhi meanwhile, the police focused on one apartment on the third floor of this building. that, neighbors say, is the apartment where the raid targets were hold up. the main target officials say
11:31 am
was abdelhamid abaaoud. the man who they say was the mastermind. a belgian national, he went to syria to join isis. as day was breaking the raid seemed to be winding down but several explosions echoed through the streets. it's common in situations like this for police to use grenades or small charges in order to set off booby traps the suspects may have set up. police here remained on edge, occasionally moving aggressively to search the neighborhood. they are taking no chances. police have reopened this area, they say the raid is over but france's president francois hollande says this country is now at war with isis and calls for more cooperation, more countries to cooperate internationally to come up with a cohesive strategy to fight the group. richard engel, nbc news north of paris. for updates on the terror in paris, tap the nbc 10 news app
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or go to our web site to keep it here as more details are emerging from the overnight raid in france and the search for the mastermind of the attacks. security was tight in the vatican as some 20,000 pilgrims gathered in st. peter's square. italy is on a level 2 awlertlerh a notably increased police presence. plain clothed officers mingled within the crowd. police said there had been a lower turnout of people for the audience but pope francis carried out business as usual. one school district in maryland canceled off trips to washington, d.c. but this group of students from a business college in western pennsylvania visited d.c. after the president of the school assured them it was perfectly safe. tourism experts say washington has a strong police force and is
11:33 am
always in a state of readiness anyway. and companies that give tours of the city say they received no cancellations so far. in our area this weekend, runners will see heightened security as they race in the philadelphia marathon. coming up just a week after the paris attacks, the core of the race zone along the ben franklin parkway will be secured. runners and spectators will be screened by security personnel and there's no known threat to the city but leaders can hardly be too careful. >> i can tell you we are working diligently and collaboratively to make sure that our operations teams in advance and on site are well prepared. >> i never feel like i'm going to be unsafe during the race. i trust the city knows what they're doing. >> it could take a while for runners at the starting line. penn state is beefing up security for this saturday's football game in the wake of the
11:34 am
terror attacks. there are no known threats against the final home game. there are some changes you need to know about. the gates to beaver stadium will open 30 minutes early at 10:00 a.m. only clear one gallon plastic bags will be allowed into the stadium. and now republican candidate jeb bush will call for broad military build up following the attacks in paris? bush will speak at the military college of south carolina, also known as the citadel. experts show he's projecting himself as a potential commander-in-chief able to handle terrorism challenges. bush says the u.s. armed forces have been left ill prepared to defeat the isis militants who attacked paris and he's the leader who can fix that.
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we are following breaking news in montgomery county. methacton high school was on lockout this morning following a threat against a student. monique braxton is live outside of the state police barracks in skippack. monique, last time we talked to you, police were questioning someone about that threat. what else do you know. >> vai, a unanimous in his early 20s is here being questioned by state police at the skippack barracks. we're also learning he allegedly threatened his ex-girlfriend and her family, including a student at the high school. chopper 10 was over methacton high school in eagleville shortly after we learned of the lockout status. state police also say no students who are in any harm or danger but i was told school resource or police officer was at the high school when they arrived and the lockout was put in place. here's the official statement from the school. "early this morning we were notified of threats against a student at the high school. in consultation with law
11:36 am
enforcement and in an abundance of caution the high school was placed on lockout as law enforcement investigated the threat. the individual responsible is now in custody sand we will be returning to a regular building operation. right now the unidentified man is being questioned. if he is charged he will be walked over to the courthouse here and be arraigned in front of a judge. of course we'll be following all developments and have them for you as soon as they become available. in skippack, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> and checking out our nbc 10 headline, investigators are trying to figure out if an outdoor grill had anything do with this fire overnight in overbrook. the fire destroyed one house and damaged two others. a firefighter was taken to the hospital for exhaustion but he will be okay. police in montgomery county are looking for a robber who assaulted someone around 1:30 this morning on gray wall lane in lower merion township. police are not sure what was taken. they say the victim was not
11:37 am
hurt. so far they have not arrested in in. and four high-ranking lawyers in the pennsylvania attorney general's office will testify today before a state senate committee. the panel is considering whether the suspension of kathleen kane's law license prevents her from doing her job. it was a mild day down the shore but the clouds will continue to build throughout the day. here's a live look if our camera atop the marquis de lafayette hotel in cape may, new jersey. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast. we have rain coming, right, glenn? it's going to be a wet day tomorrow. not so much today even though the clouds have increased across the philadelphia area and many other parts of the region. we have temperatures that have really gone up despite this cloud cover. you can see the clouds moving in. there's nothing on the radar anywhere close to us.
11:38 am
you have to go back to cincinnati down to alabama before we find any significant rain but in the next 24 hours it will be moving to the east and as you can see some of it on the heavy side, some of it could be affecting the morning rush, at least in parts of the area. the temperatures now already up to 58 degrees in philadelphia and 60 plus in parts of new jersey and delaware. and as we go through the afternoon, we're into the 60s but a lot of clouds, no rain yet but more on the timing of that rain with the rest of the seven day in just a few minutes. >> see you then, glenn. state investigators are trying to determine whether an african-american minneapolis man was restrained when police shot him during a scuffle. jamar clark died on monday, a day after the incident. police say clark was interfering with paramedics who were treating an assault victim when they tried to calm him there was a struggle that ensued and an officer fired at least one shot.
11:39 am
police initially said clark was not handcuffed when he was shot but authorities later said handcuffs were at the scene and now they must determine if they were on clark or simply dropped at the scene. officials say a passenger in new jersey tried to get through airport security with a knife hidden in his underwear. tsa screeners at newark liberty international airport found the weapon in the man's carry on bag. the man left the line and returned a short time later, this time he set off the scanners. that's when workers gave him a patdown and found the pocket knife hidden in his underpants. he's now facing a weapons charge. a florida couple gotten a unexpected guest during their likeside picnic and he didn't even say thanks for the food. look at this. the couple just stepped away from their meal last week when the alligator crashed their party, grabbed a sandwich. you can see there, globaling that sandwich down. after the alligator finished eating the couple managed to
11:40 am
shoo the reptile back into the water. and in denmark, these footprints led to a much less intimidating group of zoo animals. a worker captured the wet tracks on camera. when he followed them, he found penguins dashing down the hallway. zoo officials say it looked like an escape attempt. but the penguins ran into a dead end and had to turn around. more than a million people have already viewed the video. are you ready for cuteness? here's a look at the new red panda cubs at the philadelphia zoo. within the last thundershower two cubs made their adieu in the red panda exhibit. perhaps you've been there and seen them. you can see them running around with their mom. they were born in june. the zoo is still trying to find perfect names for the cubs. just go to our web site at or the nbc 10 app and search red panda direct to you where you can share your
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suggestions for names for those two cute animals. "people" magazine confirmed what many women have been saying for decades -- david beckham is the sexiest man alive. the magazine announced last night the british soccer star would be on the cover of its 30th anniversary sexiest man issue. beckham says it's a huge honor and he's pleased to accept but he says he doesn't think of himself as being an attractive sexy person. they never do. beckham has four children with ex-spice girl and fashion designer victoria beckham. shop 'til you drop or 'til you get caught. why people think getting their online shopping done at work is a good idea might need to rethink their plans. glenn, you never do that. >> no: no. all right, cloudy and mild but i'm tracking rain on the way and plunging temperatures for the weekend. i'll let you know what you can expect and when just ahead.
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at this hour, the fate of alleged terrorist mastermind abdelhamid abaaoud remains unknown after police targeted him at an early morning raid in a paris apartment. the seven-hour operation left two people dead and seven people in custody. french authorities are searching for a citroen car that could be carrying a fugitive wanted in those attacks. if you chew tobacco, you are exposed to more harmful substances than cigarette smokers. a new study from the fda and the
11:45 am
cdc finds adults who only chew tobacco had higher levels of nicotine in their system. smokeless tobacco users have higher cob seine tragss of compounds that can increase cancer risks. researchers say more studies need to be done on the effects of smokeless tobacco since it's especially common among young people. 150b9% of high schoolboys say they chew tobacco. new data shows nearly 10% of americans have a lifetime diagnosis of drug use disorder because they have used drugs in the past. that's more than 23 million people if you're counting. drug use disorder includes things like an increased risk for suicidal behavior and a reduction in quality of life. experts say less than a quarter of the people with the disorder are getting proper treatment. american airlines is changing its frequent flier program. loyalty members will soon earn miles based on the price of a ticket. the program has been based on the number of miles a member flew. the move takes in effect the second half of the year.
11:46 am
industry experts say that means travelers who fly primarily on discount fares or sales prices will accrue fewer points: do you check out the online deals during your lunch break? there's a good chance your boss might be watching so be careful. a new survey shows nearly one in four office shoppers say their manages have caught then red-handed. not all the employees shop with a clear conscience. 30% say they feel guilty about bargain hunting during work hours. mean while, co-workers say those employees are not pulling their weight when they shop on company time. as families throughout our area prepare for thanksgiving, a reminder not to forget the most important part of the meal -- certainly for me, dessert. a man is coming to the rescue for its 19th annual pie in the sky fund-raiser. pseudoerty is the executive director of manna, she's here to talk about that program, thank you for coming, sue. >> thanks for having us back. >> this is important but it's
11:47 am
much more than getting a great pie. talk to us about the fund-raiser and how it benefits people. >> sure. so pie in the sky is our largest fund-raiser throughout year and it helps us to support our efforts all year long. today manna is serving 850 of our neighbors battling life-threatening illnesses and we are all about medicine and making sure we deliver everyday to their homes three meals a day seven days a week to help them win their fight for their life. so pie, pie in the sky is all about thanksgiving day because on thanksgiving day we don't want our clients to be home alone and on thanksgiving our kitchen starts at, like, 2:00 in the morning. we have over 250 volunteers that show up and when you buy a pie for $25, you get a pie and you know that on thanksgiving there's a gourmet meal for four going to the homes of the clients we serve. >> it's a wonderful program. manna is known for much more than a thanksgiving pie. you provide a range of service fs. you made reference to that but give us more information on the services you get. >> so every year we serve over
11:48 am
2,000 of our neighbors in philadelphia, new jersey, and the surrounding counties. we touched over 67 different illnesses last year and we really truly see a prescription for your diet just as important as your prescription for your medication and so we know for our clients to win that fight, whether they're battling cancer, diabetes, kidney disease, hiv or aids they need proper nutrition and so we deliver that to their homes to make sure they get that in conjunction with their medication so they can get better. >> give us a ballpark of how much you raise? >> over $200,000. it goes a long, long way. we have an army of volunteers to make you are efforts happen. >> rosemary connors might raise $100,000 by herself. i buy the pies. >> rosemary i have amazing. >> we're afraid of rosemary if we don't buy. >> she's one of our biggest pie sellers. >> she's terrific. thank you for coming in. pie sales end this friday night so you got two, three days now
11:49 am
before the deadline. >> go on line right now. >> they're easy, too. i bring a pie home to my wife. >> you can't go wrong. >> pretty nice. we set up a link on our web site to purchase a pie and get more information. those or check out the nbc 10 app. thank you so much, sue, for coming in. appreciate all that you guys are doing. another mild day in a very mild month of november. we've got temperatures averaging about seven degrees above average from the month. i haven't had much rain lately, though, we're tracking some heavy rain that falls during the day tomorrow. it will be a wet and windy and warm day for this time of the year. a cold weekend, especially on sunday. cloudy skies out there now. we didn't start the day off like that. 58 degrees. the winds out of the east at six miles an hour. it's only 49 in allentown but 59 in trenton.
11:50 am
60 in mount holly. so there's definitely warmer air in new jersey and delaware. partly because there is more sunshine clouded up fastener allentown than other areas. they're only one degree warmer than yesterday while mount holly is ten degrees warmer than at this time yesterday. so another mild day. but it won't be mild for the eagles on sunday. this tampa bay, look at this, kickoff temperature 46 degrees with wind on top of that and the wind will be stronger than it was this past sunday affecting the kicking game and the passing game perhaps. it will feel like it's in the 30s. so definitely going to have to prepare for that. much colder game than what we saw last sunday. you can see the clouds increasing across the area, the rain getting closer but not very close, only cincinnati so far. we're mild with a high about 63 degrees. we don't cool down much tonight
11:51 am
at all. here we are late at night and it's still near 60 degrees all night. that sets us up for a warm day tomorrow but here's the rain, especially in western suburbs arriving by the morning rush. heavy at times through the day but these latest computer models not quite as wet as what the previous runs have given, at least as far as total amount of rain, as far as the number of hours of rain, pretty similar. it's going to rain for a lot of hours tomorrow but look at those temperatures. even tomorrow night it's pretty warm out there. that is kind of amazing. how much rain? this latest computer model has the amounts down generally less than one inch of rain in most places there's 1.2, toms river and of course a lot in the poconos clouds thickening up today, mild temperatures, low to
11:52 am
mid-60s with the east wind continuing. milder tomorrow, 68. some spots could hit 70 degrees. remember, it's mild all morning when you get up, too. but definitely going to be wet and it's definitely going to be cooler on friday with some wind. a cooler day on saturday and then the coldest day of the weekend on sunday is, we below average temperatures for sunday and monday. we'll be right back.
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happening this weekend, an all new made in philadelphia holiday market will open in dill worth park just outside city hall. local artists, designers and candy makers will showcase their work alongside the rothman institute ice rink. you can visit the maid in philadelphia holiday market starting this saturday through december 27, just after christmas. and that new holiday market was designed to complement this attraction, christmas village at philadelphia's love park which also opens this weekend and then it will close for several days and reopen thanksgiving through the 27th of december. coming up this afternoon at 3:00, ellen takes her audience outside for a special con sfrert o -- concert from one direction, 1-d.
11:56 am
officials aren't confirming whether an early morning raid resulted in the death or arrest of the suspected mastermind of friday's paris terror attacks. we want to take you live for a look at the eiffel tower in paris bathed in red, white, and blue, the colors of the flag. very patriotic, a show of solidarity for the people of france in the aftermath of the attacks there. police carried out a seven-hour operation this morning targeting abdelhamid abaaoud. prosecutors say phone surveillance tipped them off to the possibility the suspect might be in a safe house in a paris suburb. one local resident says he heard continuous sounds of grenades and automatic gunfire for an hour or so. two people were killed, including a female suicide bomber. let's turn our attention to our chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz with a look at the weather. >> we have some mild weather for the next couple of days, dry with -- despite those clouds today and pretty wet tomorrow.
11:57 am
>> thanks, glenn. thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm vai sikahema. have a great day.
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