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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 19, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EST

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>> and right now, it is umbrella thursday on the radar the rain moving into nbc 10 viewing area. it will stay with us for a while. we are into a rainy day, up to an inch possible. in paris, pence a restaurant, it quickly turned na chaos. just ahead, what we are learning about the terrorists and security changes in new york city because of a video from isis. happening right now, workers at philadelphia international airport are off the job, on the picket line and they're not alone. just ahead, what the strike means for travelers in philadelphia and across the
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country. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today on this thursday him i'm chris cato. you want to grab the rain jacket before you head out the door. meteorologist bill henley told us all week it is coming. it looks like he will be right again. i don't know how he keeps being this accurate. >> persistence, it comes down to it. let me show you what is happening. the rain isn't in here yet. it is dry from the adventure aquarium. the rain is moving into the western suburbs. radar activity shy of philadelphia. a few sprinkles in northern chester county. but this large area to the west and the southwest, that's going to be streaming in. through it all, it stays mild. we are near 60 degrees. at 6:00, 60 degrees. here comes the rain a. steady rain at 9:00. 63 degrees. in spite of the rain, the temperatures keep climbing, 65
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degrees. we can thank those southerly winds up to 19 miles an hour at noontime. a wet and windy day. we go through the forecast neighborhood through neighborhood. jessco boyington has your first alert traffic. >> we are looking at our cameras, the schuylkill facing the vine street expressway closed, most direction, between the schuylkill and broad street. can you see over here, these are the onramps in here to get to the vine street expressway, right in this area here, you can see them blocking off that on ramp. so noing a is those the vine, that will be out there until 5:00 this morning. otherwise our drive times are doing great. the blue route is doing great. when i come back in the next ten, we will check in with mass transit, chris. we have new developments to tell you about out of france this morning. we also have new video showing the very moment that life changed for people living and working in paris last friday evening. it captured the terrorist attacks as they happened pence a
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parisian restaurant. nbc 10's matt delucia has that. >> that's right. harrowing moments who encountered those people. some pharaohly escaped. take a look at this video. can you see workers if diners taking cover as the bullets begin flying at a restaurant in paris. in this video, we can also see a woman outside right there in that shot. you see the terrorist there. but assault rifle misfired, so the woman had a chance to run away. it's incredible video. now a new threat against the u.s., isis has already threatened to attack several states and washington, d.c. now it appears they are setting their sights on new york as well. isis released a new propaganda video. which we opted not to broadcast. nbc news decided not to show it. in it, there are several scenes in manhattan, including time's square, a restaurant and yellow
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taxicabs and images of terrorists, sharpshooters and terrorists wearing suicide belts. the nypd re-affirms the message that new york city remains a top terrorist target. police commissioner about this new propaganda coming up. matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> thank you for that. four minutes after 4:00. philadelphia fire crews had to put out a fire at this applebees restaurant on city avenue in west philadelphia. everyone made it out of applebees okay. officials are still looking for the cause of the fire. if you are traveling out of philadelphia or many other airports today, you want to pay attention to this. workers at philadelphia international airport are on strike. the employees are baggage handlers, wheelchair attend apts and other positions at the airport. they are a part of a group of
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2,000 employees that walked off their job in newark, new jersey, boston, chicago and ft. lauderdale. katy zachary is live outside philadelphia international. what is the sticking point this time? these workers have walked off the job before, right? >> reporter: we have seen them walk off the job. i can tell you take a look behind me. airport operations at the early hour are running pretty smoothly. there have been no drugss reported so far. picketers are not outside at the moment. those on strike are not actively picketing. they are expected to be back on the line. the employees you will see are subcontracted workers. here at philadelphia international, they handle bags. they clean wagons, push wheelchair bound passengers to tear gates and other like jobs. they want higher wages and stronger medical coverages for
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themselves and tear family. they are not in the union. they so far have the support of key philadelphia politicians. >> the docket cannot have a 1st class international airport. workers are fought treated with respect and dignitary. >> and so far we've heard from a few airlines about this strike. delta and southwest specifically tell us they do not anticipate travel disruptions for ease of travel. united says it has a contingency plan in place, if there is an issue. but that spokesperson tells us they do not expect an issue. we will be at the airport throughout the morning. we will check in with passengers with those who are striking. if we hear of any disruption, we'll pass it on to you. we'll have another update at 5:00 a.m.. >> all right. indicate i. 4:06 now. hang today, the secret service him who was accused of sexting
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on duty has a court hearing. he is accused of soliciting someone he thought was a 14-year-old girl. prosecutors say he sent lewd photoles of himself to that person and they say some of the sect og kurd while he was on duty at the white house. well, it turned out he was chatting online with a delaware police do it. he is currently suspended from duty. four firefighters are suffering from injuries. sky force 10 flew over the scene last night. the injured firefighters were taken to the hospital. we are told none of their injuries are life threatening. a father spoke for the first time pleading with his son to come home. they gathered for a vigil for 19-year-old jacob marburger. he left campus sunday night under troubling circumstances.
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he resigned from student government office. he was kicked out of his fraternity after an instrument where he brandished an unloaded rifle while drunk. his father told us his son made very few mistakes in his son and probably feels ashamed. >> jacob, wherever you are, whatever indirections you have done, they are all recoverable. jacob will hear this and come. that's the only answer we want. >> now, police say jacob may have a rifle with him. he was seen on under surveillance video buying a small box of ammunition in hamburg, berks county, that prompted washington and maryland to close its campus through the break out of precaution. they say he made no threats. can you see the entire interview on rmths happening today, republican
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presidential candidate carley fiorina will be delivering a key note address at the university of pennsylvania t. most recent nbc news poll shows fiorina has the support of 22% of republican voter voters. >> 9 minutes after 4:00. it is a warmer morning. it is going to be a rainy day on tracking rain just to our west this morning. it will be moving in this morning and staying for most of the day. and along with the rain, we have some gusty winds that will help with the warm-up. we'll be in the 60s this afternoon. but over the weekend, cold arrives. it really moves in saturday night and sunday and we might sigh snow in the area. right now, 54 degrees in doylestown 67. 63 a warm start in millvale. completely dry at the shore. it will take some time for the wet weather the arrive if south jersey. but it will be moving in there,
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too. right now it's to the west. day today. those clouds. that's the end of the rain. >> that will be coming through this evening. before it gets here, that narrow be with us all day. but it is. we'll start off with light rain. we could see some good downpours up to an inch. a lot of the area will get less than that. everybody will be warm today. low 60s forallen town, reading, 64 in trenton, mount holly and norris town will warm to 65 degrees t. rain will be coming down with gusty winds at the shore for cape may and atlantic city. rehoboth, you will see that rain as well. for wilmington, unusually warm this time of year. 10 degrees above normal. especially when you see the rain moving through during the day
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and finally ending this evening. when i come back, we take a look at the extended future weather with wet weather over the weekend. >> all right. bill. sounds good. 11 minutes after 4:00. time to check your morning drive. no problems on this early first morning. nbc 10's jessica boyington has that. >> reporter: it's through the work zone as well. intoupd times are okay from the vine street expressway. 100 around route 30 in lincoln directs, parts of the ramps from 30 to 100 halalso being blocked. no delays for new jersey septa, dart and patco. feeting the parking meter. starting today, can you use that
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new app to pay for park income some parts of philadelphia. it's a pilot program. it's called meter up. no more searching for pocket change. you click on the app on your phone and follow the instructions to pay kwor your parking. when your meter is about to run out, you get an alert and you can reload the meter from wherever you are. you don't have to rush out of the restaurant. beat the ppa. it's not available city way. meter up is only work income four test zones for the next six months on this handy map we designed for you. >> that includes a big clunk of center city and arch and locust streets. it will run along columbus boulevard from spring garden and the ppa's 8th and chestnut parking lot. also in northeast philadelphia, it will be at the torresdale train station. a dozen cars are charred wrecks, after someone set them on fire at a repair shop. but up next, you got to see the
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valuable piece of evidence that features the suspect if action and then something rather unexpected. we'll show you that. also next, the international crisis that has ignited a fiery national debate, especially in the wake of what happened in paris. hear what's happening in washington today about allowing syrian refugees into america. >
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. >> it's 4 v. 15 now. happening today, the house of representatives is holding a meeting and a hearing on the syrian refugee crisis t. house will meet this morning to examine the humanitarian and the impact in the u.s. another will be taking a look at the u.s. refugee admissions program as a whole. testimony will come from the
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state department, homeland security and others. halting the u.s. program to admit thousands of syrian refugees into the country would be a mistake. >> that is the message from vice president joe biden. now, some 1,700 syrian refugees are already in this country and president obama has pledged to take in another 10,000 within the next year. trying to ease fears now, vice president biden is assuring that there are safeguards in place. >> there is not going to be, you know, 10, 20, 30, 50,000 syrian refugees coming across the border in the next month. this is a process over the next year, year-and-a-half. these folks are vetted. and it's the story of who we are. >> but here's the thing, 26 governors have said that they would not accept those new arrivals from syria because of security fears. governor chris christie is one of those governors refusing to do that. governors jack markel and tom wolf say they will accept
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refugees. >> we should really educate the public about who the muslims are. >> members of the muslim community are now responding after a leader, a county leader in kansas made some controversial remarks. he said the enemy is in the at our dpaets, it's pence our dpaets. the islamic society of mitch that you invited that county leader to come see them and learn more about their faith. happening today, former pitchman jared will find out how much time he will spend in prison. >> hi, i'm jared the subway guy. >> jared fogle pleaded guilty to sex crime charges. the 38-year-old father of two admitted to having child porn and traveling across state lines to engage in sex with minors. >> repeatedly traveled from indiana to new york to engage in commercial sex acts with victims he knew to be children. this conduct began as early as
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2010. >> subway cut its ties with jared when that investigation was announced. prosecutors capped their request for prison time at 12.5 years. they want himming to supervised for the rest of his life after his release. he will be speaking before the judge before today's hearing. we'll keep posted. look at this, this morning police are lacking for a man seen on under surveillance video setting cars on fire, also setting himself on fire apparently. at repair shop in philadelphia. police say november 6th the man set 11 cars on fire at superior in overbrooke. you see the arsonist running from the scene with his left arm on fire. police believe likely he has serious burns. the fire almost spread to some homes nearby. >> you look in the back, somebody seen the fire in the back. my neighbor down the street said actually the flame, the light from the flames were in their bedram? it woke you up?
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>> i heard a lot of boom boom boom. >> police say they have canvassed local hospitals looking for burn skrimts that might match the suspect's prescription. so far, though, they've come up empty. some people in georgia are cleaning up after strong storms, possibly a tornado tore through a town in palmetto, georgia. the wind damaged homes, knocked down tree, caused a lot of power outages. police at this time have not received reports of injuries. they are brai bringing strong storms to mississippi, alabama and georgia as well. a lot of straight line wind damage. the national weather service will be out in georgia today investigating to see if, indeed, that was a twistert. now, we're watching that because the same system is headed to this area. hopefully no powerful thunderstorms coming out. meteorologist bill henley is here. will we see any strong winds? >> we will get gusty winds.
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i think the potential will stay way to our south. we will, however, get the rain and the rain will be steady most of the day. it hasn't started yet. we got the wind that will be a factor today. >> that has already led to a warmer morning. 16 degrees warmer this morning in philadelphia. it's 57 degrees right now. that's actually warmer than our normal high temperature this time of year. we usually see morning temperatures in the 30s. a little rain falling in blue mountain. the rain will be steady right on through the morning, into the afternoon in the mountains. the wind now out of the southeast, just 3 miles an hour in philadelphia. above the building level. it's a little stronger. at the shore, 13-mile-an-hour breeze, here it comes the rain that extends from canada into the deep south. that's where you will find thunderstorm activity, more likely to our south. there is a slight chance an afternoon thunderstorm could cross parts of delaware. more likely, it will be a rainy
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day. the future-cast shows the rain coming in, staying with us until this evening. then it clears out, then our attention turns to the west. you see those clouds building in the mid-west and snow friday evening in chicago. >> that could arrive here by early sunday morning. this cold front will be on the move. that's going to bring the temperatures down over the weekend. late saturday evening, that's some rain that's falling. but as this moves through, the temperatures will be dropping. so parts of the area could see a rain-snow mix. that's most likely to the forth. allentown and into the pocono mountains. that's this weekend. for today, a windy one. most of the day you will need an umbrella with you. cloudy skies at 6:00. 59 degrees, into the middle 60s at 9:00 with the steady rain that continues at lupch time. look at those winds, 14 miles an hour near 20 miles an hour at lunchtime today. a full 7-day forecast no show you how long the cold weather arrives over the weekend lasts. that's coming up over the next
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half hour. an identity thief could get your personal information. nbc investigators found thousands of social security number, names and addresses on those sites. nbc 10's mitch blocker has a preview of a story you will only see on nbc 10 at 4:00. >> reporter: we hit the streets, knocked on doors. what we showed people got this reaction. >> scary. very vary. >> i don't like it. >> this is just unreal. >> there and their family's personal info on a public website for everyone to see. >> everyone to get someone's identity. >> wait until you see who is posting it, where they got it. today at 4:00 we'll tell you where the info is, what you can do to get it moved. >> 4:22 now.
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police in montgomery county say the same man vandalized the same marker. they say it all had to do with history. next, here what the prime suspect says happened decades ago that made him do this. why he is only willing to pay for some of the damage, a bizarre story. also ahead the threat from above. something fell out of the sky over this new jersey refinery. hear what police say happened and why they have no suspect.
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>> in case you haven't done so, don't forget to vote on our nbc 10 high school blitz of the week on nbc
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. there we go. eventually, we'll get the name on our website right. . >> what a story here a. story you first saw on the nbc 10 investigators. police have actually solved a mystery. a gravestone mystery about vandals. they say the suspect in this case vandalized someone's tombstone if montgomery county because of a grudge he had held on to for more than half a century. we first brought you the story last week. someone vandalized a gravestone in conshohocken after we showed these under surveillance images of the suspect. police say the tips started rolling in. now they've identified and
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charged this man, paul donovan. investigators say he was angry with the man who was buried in that grave over a theft that happened when they were kids. >> when the deceased was 10 and this subject was 12, he claims that this subject stole money from him and 56 years later, he was getting back at him. so for 56 years, he lived with this grudge. >> now, police tell us donovan has offered to pay back the family for the damage he did to the dpravstone minus the debt, the money that was allegedly stolen from him. which he says is $300. next, the sign says, pizza, pasta and wings. police say something illegal was also for sale that wasn't on the me
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all right look at this. the nbc 10 first alert radar. we break down the timing of the rain and the impact of your morning commute. look at this, moments of terror caught on tape. video from a restaurant if paris as terrorists attack. and they sell pizza with all the fixings, but police say there is one item for sale that is not on the menu and is illegal. hear what a pizza shop sting uncovered. good morning, this is nbc news


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