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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  November 19, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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all right look at this. the nbc 10 first alert radar. we break down the timing of the rain and the impact of your morning commute. look at this, moments of terror caught on tape. video from a restaurant if paris as terrorists attack. and they sell pizza with all the fixings, but police say there is one item for sale that is not on the menu and is illegal. hear what a pizza shop sting uncovered. good morning, this is nbc news
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today. >> i'm chris cato. don't forget the umbrella this morning. you will need that pretty much all day. meteorologist bill henley is here. >> the rain is not very far away. we already have the clouds. can you see some scattered showers in the western suburbs and the steadier rainfall is in central pennsylvania and to the south. can you see heavy downpours in virginia. we can expect that during the afternoon. but the rain starts to move in this morning. heading out the door, you don't need the big winter coat that was required yesterday. look at the 60s for millvale, atlantic city, 59 right now in reading. 58 in northeast philadelphia. the wind will keep temperatures mild. but the rain will be moving in, coming down at 9:00. the temperature goes up to 64 degrees. 65, a rainy afternoon. we'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood to show you exactly what to expect when i'm back in ten minutes. right now jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> we are watching 202. it's smooth sailing around the
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schuylkill expressway. our drive time northbound from 29 to the schuylkill is a 7 minute trip. we're in the green. no problems there. definitely a good drive turnpike, everything is in the green. 23 minutes from route 1 to valley forge. watch out in new jersey, the rent from 42 northbound to 295 northbound is closed. >> that will be out there until 5:00. at least another half hour before they start to clean up, tracy. new video shows how they turned it into a war zone. >> security cameras were rolling as bullets came flying through the windows. matt delucia is live with more. matt, really not a surprise we are seeing this video come out now. we know cameras are everywhere. we are seeing the moments the attacks unfolded on friday. >> absolutely. you may remember we saw video of folks coming out of that theater. we will get to that in just a
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moment. some new information that we just got coming out of europe right now. the french prime minister is warning that terrorists could be using chemical weapons in the future. he is calling for an extension of a state of emergency. this new information in the past 30 minutes, meantime, authorities in belgium have launched six raids in the brussels region linked to a paris suicide bomber, outside the stadium on friday night and the moment that video shows a glimpse of what some people were going through in those early moments. here it is this video a woman who otherwise died t. terrorist assault rifle misfired. you see the trifs right there circled if red with the assault rifle there. the woman is able to escape, run away and get into that restaurant to take cover. another thing people are talking about is isis released a new propaganda video. in that v video.
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there are several scenes, including time's square and a yellow taxicab and includes images of terrorist sharpshooters wearing suicide belts. the nypd says it is proof new york city remains a top terrorist target. take a listen. >> it's important to note there are no credible and specific threat against new york city. nypd is working very closely with the fbi and our other federal partners. >> and another bit of new information, new york police commissioner says the props appear to be repeated. the city remains on alert. we have learned that french president francois hollande will be going to moscow to push for a stronger coalition against isis. we are getting new developments, live in the digital operations center. matt delucia, nbc 10 news.
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the colwny fire department says he thinks a da investigation will show no wrongdoing. the delaware county troern's office searched a search warrant. investigators looking for items that fire officials claim to have purchased between august 2012 and june of this year. this search comes after allegations of misuse of taxpayer dollars. >> were you able to find what you were looking for? >> we have found a majority of equipment we were looking for. we still have to compare the totes between the actual inventory we have and the items that were on the list. >> and some of the items detectives were looking for there included computers, televisions and generators. >> philadelphia's emergency management program has gotten the seal of approval across the country, which means, when disaster strikes, the city is
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ready. philadelphia is one of 13 programs to receive the accreditation last month. this afternoon, the mayor will accept an award for the city's preparedness. township police bust a manager accused of selling more than pizza. she was selling drugs while she was on the clock. police arrested brandy weldon after a month-long investigation if radner. officials say she came out sever several times the officers followed her back into the store and found more marijuana. >> certainly shocked. it certainly shocked me. >> having marijuana in the restaurant is actually a health code violation as well. crews had to shut the place down for cleaning. 4:36. happening today.
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home depot and other companies are hosting a job fair for veterans in south philadelphia. >> that job fair will run from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 this afternoon. home depot is trying to make it easier for military service members to find a career within their company. there is an online tool called the military schools translator that matches an applicant's armed forces skills. we have a link on police in atlantic county need your help tracking down a thief. he's unarmed. he makes no threat. >> check it out. just ahead, you will see how he creates, capture confusion and makes off with more money than he should have. also ahead, which driver gets the best auto insurance deals? one vehicle in particular can really save you money. >> 56 degrees this morning. a rainy day ahead. the grain just to our west the morning. don't forget your umbrella. your neighborhood by
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neighborhood forecast just ahead.
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>> 20 minutes before 5:00 a. breezy start. so far it's die. not for long. a steady rain moving in this morning will stay with us this afternoon. heading out the door, we are 20 degrees warmer this morning in philadelphia than yesterday. 58 degrees. it will be a warm, windy and a rainy day. it's not just philadelphia. philadelphia at the airport, wilmington, pill veil in the 60 to start with this morning, but here comes a few showers moving through berkes and lehigh counties to start with. the steady rain is this line to the west that will be trending into d.c. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast calling for rain and mild conditions. 63 for fleetwood, pens burg and morgantown, into the 60s for borden town, new hope and
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abbington, but the rain will be coming down and a steady rain will eventually work its way to the shore as well milford a high of 66 degrees. windy conditions especially this around they kick in, that's when we see heavier downpours. it does not last for the weekend. the warm and the steady rain takes a break as well. i bought the 7 day when i come back in ten minutes. >> bill, sounds good. 20 minutes until 5:00 there is bright lights on the vine street expressway. >> let's find out more. jessica boyington is watching more. >> the camera behind me actually is around 11th street. so what we're looking at, we're trying to look at in the camera in here is construction. so construction between broad street and the schuylkill expressway is closing down the vine street expressway east and westbound today. so right in here is where they're pretty much pushing traffic off to the side before
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they get to the broad street exit. watch out for that. it should be out there until 5:00 this morning. we are good news at route 30 around lincoln highway. we had lanes blocked in both directions earlier this morning. it's been out there about an hour-and-a-half. >> that accident is cleared out of the way. you can see red around lincoln highway area. otherwise, you should be goods to go. watch out for some police activity on the scene just in case. some construction on the northeast extension of the pa turnpike. i'll be back in ten minutes, though, with another check on your morning drive. the images we have been seeing from paris a terrifying. >> of course the loss of life heart breaking. >> i remember when i get to her. people start to feel the pain. people started to scream and people started to panic. >> next you will meet the woman who instantly turned from paris citizen to first responder.
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also, security cameras catch an out of control tour bus barreling down a busy san francisco street. see what happens next.
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. >> terrorism experts report that terrorists took down a plane with a soda can. the picture was published on the online propaganda magazine including a photograph of what was the actual bomb disguised pence a soda cam. the bomb smuggled onto the plane after they discovered a way to compromise airport security t. picture has not been verified by nbc news, experts say a bomb that small could indeed do a lot of damage. >> if the bomb was real, the can would have to be packed with an efficient explosive. any kind of explosive. but the more reliable the more
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efficient it would be for example a military type explosive. experts say a soda can likely would fought get past tsa checkpoints, the biggest security gap exists if catering cars and cargo not screened 100%. the plane went down in egypt okay 31st, killing all 224 people on board. most of the passengers were russian tourists. russian authorities confirmed a bomb brought the plane down. egypt says it is still investigating the cause. we continue to hear stories of survival and heroism following the terrorist attacks in paris, including how one woman went from journalist to first responder. she is a producer at france 24 hour news, she covers war zones, because of that, she's had to undergo specialized training and first-aid survival. when shots rang out at the cafe across from her home. she rushed outside and started to treat the first person she came across. >> it was a woman that had
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gunshot here in the arm. i remember applying right here to her. people started to feel the pain and people started the scream and people started to panic. >> she says she never puns thought about her own safety, whether she was in the line of fire. she wanted to help and comfort the people that needed help. a moment at a paris vigil is going viral on social media. >> it happens in the city's republic square. take a look a. mindfolded man described as muslim offered hugs. he says, i'm a muslim, i am told i am a terrorist. i trust you. if yes, hug me. as the video shows, many people did just that. police and the fbi are investigating after one of these, a drone, fell from the sky and crashed into a car in northern new jersey. it happened yesterday outside of a refinery in london union
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county. investigators say the drone operator ran off. there are very few federal guidelines for operating non-commercial drones. but investigators say they're taking a serious look at this incident in light of the attacks if paris last week. >> with nefarious motives could use these devices for those motives. >> this may have been a scouting venture. >> that's what police have to worry about? >> i think which all have to worry about it. >> officials say drone incidented are on the rise. since july, pilots have reported 16 intrusions. watch the top of the screen. you see the puff of smoke. kind of hard to miss. that happened when a bus crashed into a building in san francisco last week. we are just getting the under surveillance now. here's another angle. the left side of the screen there, you see the bus racing down that busy street taking out
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construction cones and construction barriers. 20 people were injured. it strikes twice in the same day, doug flutey parents both died of heart attacks within an hour of each other. he is known for his hail mary pass while playing for boston college in nanny 84. he works as an analyst for nbc sports now. he posted on facebook wednesday that his father, who had been ill, died of a heart attack in the hospital. less than an hour later, his mother died suddenly of a heart attack. he wrote you can die of a broken heart and i ploov it. a heads up if you are doing home improvement projects before the holidays. the government issued a warning saying home depot continued to sell more than two dozen recalled products after the recalls were issued. everything from ladders and outdoor lights were sold under recall, with risks ranging from lacerations to fires. we have a risk online at
4:50 am we did reach out to home depo for comment. they tell us this involves 1,800 transactions out of 4 billion over the past three years. >> that said, we take the safety of our customers extremely seriously and apologize for the error. well, as the morning news team, we're all pretty close for sure. >> yeah, we're pretty close. you will never see me and tracy get you this close. i can guarantee you that. at an nbc affiliate in fargo, dakota, two reporters reveal they have a very close relationship on air. here's what happened. bradford eric proposed to ashley bishop during yesterday's morning show. news travels fast, especially in a newsroom, so bradford had to prick trick ashley to pull this off. she had put together a story about winter wedding, when that story was supposed to air, a prerecorded message from bradford popped up on air. after that message, he walked into the studio, got down on one knee and popped the question.
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>> aahh. >> of course, she said yes. >> that's pretty sweet. it's creative, too. it's not just walking up on air and proposing. putting it in the video is cool. >> hats off to bradford, my wife was if television news as well. we worked at the same tv station within we got married. if i tried that with her. >> you might not be married right now. she would not be happy. >> so you got to know your audience, right? >> yes, you do. bill, talk to us about -- would you ever do something like that? >> ah, probably not. >> i'm with chris. >> that probably right on the answer. eight minutes coming up on eight minutes before 5:00. don't need to fear the rain moving in. it will be a steady rain much of the day. we are seeing cloud and a very warm start. 57 degrees right now. that's not a mistake. we're into the 60s this afternoon. waiting for rain at the links, south philadelphia. we get a steady rain this
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morning. through most of the afternoon, also on duty is that wind that's already blowing and that's going to keep us warm. ahead of the heavier downpours in virginia, we'll see the light rain for most of the morning. we do get some spots, where it's coming down a bit heavier, during afternoon. the future-cast shows 8:00 this morning, mainly light rain in philadelphia and delaware. there xould be some brief downpours as those showers swing through the area. that's at hundred. time today. can you see some moderate rain in wilmington and moveing through the trenton area and then this afternoon, during the afternoon and evening commute, the rain will still be falling, but by 9:00. most of the rain is done if philadelphia and it heads off shore. then we look to the west because there is another system. it's not going to be very big, but it may be enough to give parts of our area the first snowflakes of the season. can you see them moving into the mid-west and then heading our way, late saturday night, that's a cold front at 8:00 in the evening. we'll see some clouds.
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it will be dry later in the evening. 11:00 saturday night. that's sought rain falling and a shower or two into sunday morning as it gets colder, could see some snow flangs e flakes. not with temperatures like these, wet, windy, definitely mild t. rain tapers off tonight. tomorrow sunshine, 54, then here comes a chili wind on saturday. saturday night, early sunday, scattered showers, especially likely to the north. clearing out for the afternoon game. maybe that was the problem. maybe it was too warm. >> that will change on sunday. a cold wind blowing. coldered monday morning, tuesday morning, we'll be below freezing. >> all right, bill, thanks. getting out the door, let's check your ride to work. >> make sure an umbrella is a part of that stuff you are gathering. jessica boyington is watching route 42 for us. >> we're onto the 42 freeway in new jersey right now around 41. so you can see right in here, no problems northbound, headed to
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the walt whitman bridge, if are you headed to philadelphia, 295. we currently have no problems there. the roadway is almost empty i. a five minute drive time headed to the walt whitman bridge. the biggest thing you have to usually deal with the time of the morning is ongoing construction. also on 42 freeway northbound to 2 five northbound. that's still closed with construction. >> that will be out there another 20 minutes or so until about 5:00 a.m., c is. >> if you are looking at the best deals on auto insurance, you may want to look at what vehicle you are driving. how much you pay depends on what kind of vehicle you have. a new report by insurance shows suvs and trucks are cheaper to insure than sedans. it goes to ford explorer, followed by the nmc sierra and chevy silverado. analysts say you can pay 4 to 7% of the price of a new vehicle. well, this morning, we have video showing the moment that terrorists hit paris.
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everything was normal pence this restaurant until a gunman began spraying the place with bullets. next in a live report at 5:00, what we are learning about the attacks and increased security here in the u.s. next, cashier confusion. this guy looks like your average customer. wait until you hear how he manages to make money every time he goes into a store in atlantic county.
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>> from our jersey shore bureau, police in atlantic county are looking for a crafty crook. they say he uses the art of confusion to rip off businesses. he uses a quick change scam to trick cashiers into giving him more money than he came in with. police say he usually buys something for less than $5 bucks tries to pay with a $100 bill and confuses the cashier for
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looking for different denominations along with extra cash. >> he's a con man. he is doing the scam all along the east coast. he does have a way with words. he's very aggressive about it. so far he's hit at least four stores, with the holidays approaching. authorities say they want stores and customers to be on the lookout for this guy. mcdonald's is pouring out support for camden county's cop with a cup program. they discuss issues in the neighborhood and members of the camden county police department will be in the haddon avenue and federal streets and mcdonald's today from 4:00 to 6:00. the greater philadelphia region will do nate $500 to the metro camden police department. the atlantic police department is looking for ways to eliminate bias and insure that officers treat people fairly. officers gathered wednesday for a conference on fair and impartial policing.
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organizers say the vast majority of officers are fair and not biassed. but they tell us that there are some unresolved issues between many police departments and the people they serve. >> but yet we have these issues of bias and policing. it can't simply be people's perceptions. you can't say they're wrong. there has to be some truth to it. >> and the goal of yesterday's seminar was to help police develop training that will help them identify any biases within the ranks and minimize those. well, this week before thanksgiving is national hunger and homelessness awareness week. >> a philadelphia organization is helping some of the city's most needy to get a fresh start. the bethesda project gave a makeover to all the people staying at st. mary's shelter in center city. several barbers volunteered haircuts. toiletry items were handed out. organizers say letting people know someone cares goes a long way. you are watching nbc 10 news
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today at 5:00 a.m. starts right no now. terror strikes. this morning, we have video of the moment that a gunman opened fire pence a restaurant in paris last friday. we will show you how some of the survivors escaped. plus a new threat to a popular start in the u.s. >> wherever you are, whatever your discretions you have done, they are all recoverable. >> a father's plea to his missing son as a community comes together to pray for his safe return. also on strike right now, workers at philadelphia international airport are off the job as they join airport employees across the country in protest. we'll tell you what it means for your travel plans. and it is umbrella thursday across the region. we are tracking rain this morning. a live look at nbc 10 first alert radar.


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