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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  November 19, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EST

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today at 5:00 a.m. starts right no now. terror strikes. this morning, we have video of the moment that a gunman opened fire pence a restaurant in paris last friday. we will show you how some of the survivors escaped. plus a new threat to a popular start in the u.s. >> wherever you are, whatever your discretions you have done, they are all recoverable. >> a father's plea to his missing son as a community comes together to pray for his safe return. also on strike right now, workers at philadelphia international airport are off the job as they join airport employees across the country in protest. we'll tell you what it means for your travel plans. and it is umbrella thursday across the region. we are tracking rain this morning. a live look at nbc 10 first alert radar.
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we will let you know exactly when the wet rain will be moving through your neighborhood. wet rain as opposed to dry rain. good morning, welcome to nbc 10 today. >> it's warm, though, it's 56 degrees, but you will need your umbrella, that's all we need, wet rain, umm brael la. >> we have been promising wet rain for thursday. it's not here yet. cloudy skies over philadelphia and a warm 60 degrees right now. the rain, a few sprinkles in the northern and western suburbs, but the steadier rain. that's in central pennsylvania. heavier downpours move through virginia. isolated stuff there is a possibility of those moving in. most of the rain, clouds at 7:00. 60 degrees, 64, look at the wind kicking in at 120 10:00. 65 degrees. the neighborhood by neighborhood
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forecast, when i'm back if ten minutes. right now, jessica boyington is watching your first alert forecast. >> we are back to business. he had it closed for the most part of the morning. so your biggest problem will be just watch out for a crew alongering in the area after they just reopened it right now you can see this is 24th street. no problems headed westbound, speaking of the schuylkill expressway so a little way away from the drive temps across the board. no problems currently for mass transit. i'll have another check on traffic in the next ten minutes, chris. >> not only do we have jessica watching roads for you. look at this. a live picture from sky force 10
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launches every morning to bring you breaking news as it happens. we'll have traffic and weather again in less than ten minutes. now to paris. the morning, the police chief is calling the attacks a statement of intent to export terror to new york another new piece of information. we are live with more. matt. >> yeah, tracy. new details within the last hour. the french interior ministry and paris prosecutors say it's unclear whether the suspected mastermind has been killed or is still at large authorities are working to determine if abdelhamid abaaoud was among those killed in the raid. we are getting a look here, video obtained be i the daily mail, you see the workers and diners taking cover as bullets
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begin, a woman who otherwise died. you see the terrorists out there outside that window, but the woman had a chance to run away. now, incredible video there isis has put out more propaganda video. it also includes images of terrorist sharpshooters and terrorists wearing suicide belts. the nypd re-afilms the message that new york city the a top terrorist target. >> obviously, it remains one of the top terrorists videos in the world. it is a mismatch of previously released video. now r
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now, they say they have been working with the fbi. we will take a live look t. pair says as of right now, there is no credible or specific threat against city. now, another new piece of information i just got. an official is warning that the paris attacks are a serious escalation of the terror unit and a statement of intent. i am still gathering new details. i'll be back again with an update. >> matt, thanks. workers at are on strike. they're expected back on the picket lines this morning. please employees are people who clean the airplane cabins. they join some 2,000 airport employees, in new jersey, boston, chicago and ft. lauderdale katy, these workers have gone on strike before.
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what's the sticking point this time? >> chris, if you are traveling today, this is something you are watching closely. i can tell you, operations are running pretty smoothly. i just talked to a spokesperson for the reason that is helping these workers strike and picket. she says not all the workers have walked off their jobs yet. some of them are still in place and still doing their duties. some airlines say they have contingency plans in place for travellers who may feel the effects. other airlines tell us they quite frankly don't feel there will be a disruption. >> if we don't get it, shut it down. >> now the workers on strike are subcontractors, baggage hand himmers, carbon cleaners and wheel they're attendants employed by several private contractors the airport deals with. the men and women on strike are protesting the work environment of those companies. they want a minimum wage of $15 an hour and an end to the
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harassment they say they experienced by trying to unionize. >> we are going on strike here at the airport because we are tired of the treatment here. we have low wages, no rnt on the job and we want a union to respect our rights. >> we are told it is to last through the end of the day. aim told by a union representative. i chatted with her that more strikers will be out on the picket line in the next half hour. we will show you what it looks like. we will show you location and go a few terminals away from where they can gathering in the next half hour. katy zachary, nbc 10 news. new from overnight, philadelphia crews put out a fire on the roof of an applebees restaurant in west philadelphia. everyone got out safely. fishes are looking for the cause, happening in federal court in delaware, a judge could
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reduce bail for the secret service agent accused of secing an underage girl while on duty. he is due in federal court in wilmington this afternoon. he is accused of soliciting someone who he thought was a 14-year-old girl. prosecutors say he sent lewd pictures of himself. they say some of the sexting happened while he was working at the white house. it turned out, he was chatting online with a delaware state police detective. he is currently suspended from duty. the father of a missing college student from montgomery county spoke publicly for the first time pleading with his son to come home. last night, people gathered at a synagogue in abbington for a vigil for 19-year-old jacob marburger. he attends washington college in maryland. he left campus sunday night. he had just redesign i signed from his student government post and was kicked out of his fraternity after an incident where he brandished an unloaded gun while drunk. his father says his son made
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very little mistakes and probably feels ashamed. >> jacob, wherever you are, whatever your discretions you have done, they are all recoverable, jacob will hear this and come. that's the only answer we want. >> now, police say jacob may have a rifle with him. he was actually seen on under surveillance video buying a box of ammunition monday morning in hamberg, berks county at that wal-mart. >> that news prompted through thanksgiving break just out of precaution. officials say marburger has made no direct threats. you can watch the entire interview with jacob's father on to a decision 2016, carley fiorina will be in philadelphia today to deliver the key note address at the keystone conference on business and policy at 10:00 t. most recent nbc poll shows fiorina has support of 22% of republican
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voters. >> happening today, feeding the parking meter. there is an app for that now. parts of philadelphia. starting today the new app to pay for parking goes live in certain sections of philadelphia. the program is called meter up. here's how it works. no more searching for change. you can click on the app on your phone and follow the instructions to pay for parking. when your meter is about to run other of time, you can get an alert and reload why from wherever you are. it's not available city wide yet. meter up is only working in these four test zones here for the next six months. >> that includes a big chunk of center city. it will also run along columbus boulevard and also the ppa's 8th and chestnut parking lot. in northeast philadelphia at the torresdale train station. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> it's ten minutes after 5:00.
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it is warm outside this morning. we got rain on the way him i'm tracking rain to the west. that's going to move in and stay with us through this afternoon into this evening. along with the rain, gusty winds. those are starting to get started right now. the week turns much colder. right now, it is warm. you have to take the jacket off. 55 degrees in doylestown. 60 in philadelphia and millvale 63 degrees with clouds in theary, but no rain just yet. look at the wind. that's a southeasterly wind. that's helping with the warm-up today and the winds will go stronger this afternoon. right now a 12-mile-an-hour wind in philadelphia. that 12-mile-an-hour breeze in wildwood is gusting to 17 miles an hour. a, the rain is concerned. that's just to the west this morning. light rain is moving into harrisburg. the rest of the area seen the sprenk him. nothing more than that. the heavier raively is to the south. we could see scattered downpours as we two into the afternoon. the high resolution hour by hour forecast shows at 11:00, look at
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that steady rain from the lehigh mountains to philadelphia, wilmington, cape may will be getting rain as we go into the afternoon. you can see some isolated downpours that will be coming down a bit heavier with the steady rain for the rest of the area. factor in the wind and some of these downpours and it's going to feel heavier during the afternoon hours. that's 3:00 this afternoon. then the tail end of those showers by late in the afternoon will be reaching into the reading area while steady, heavier downpours and south jersey. finally, we head into the evening hours, it will be clearing out. we dependent your 7-day forecast when we're back. >> let's get a check of the roads before you head out on a wet thursday morning. >> jessica boyington is watching all of her cameras. what are you seeing? >> chris, tracy, we actually got word of an accident scene on 95 right around girard avenue. so we have sky force 10 live
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overtop of that scene. can you see police activity in here as well. it's actually taking up a left hand shoulder in the middle of the work zone on the northbound side of 95. you see this vehicle has crashed into the center median right in here. traffic is still moving by the scene nicely. i checked with my drive times a few moments ago. we are about a 13 minute trip. we have updates to come. for now, let's give you an update in new jersey and belmar from 42 forth bound to 295 northbound. that's usually closed until 5:00 in the morning. now a little afterwards. but it's cleared out of the way. you are gad to go on 42. we have updates on an accident dean scene and more drive times in 10. it's 5:13 a. man with a judge u grudge takes it to the grave. it wasn't his grave him we'll explain how a 56-year-old disagreement led to repeated tombstone vandalism. plus the vice president gets involved in the reasonable debate. we'll hear what joe biden
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thinks. some leaders may be overreacting. and food that tastes like home. because the money we spend here... can help keep our town growing. on small business saturday, let's all shop small. for the neighborhood, the town, the home we love. on november 28th, shop small.
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5:16 now. we have new information about a police stop in lower marion that resulted in a protest after the wrong man was handcuffed following a bank robberych after an internal investigation, the police department last night said it has found the officers did everything by the book.
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now this is video of the protest and rally that occurred after the stop. now, last month, police were called after a bank robbery. the teller gave them a description of what the robber looked like. police saw a man fitting that description one block down the street from the bank. they stopped him, handcuffed him. they say they brought the teller out to i.d. the man, when the teller said that wasn't the right guy, police let him go. the main life chapter of the na acp filed a case on behalf of the man which prompted the investigation. happening today the house of representatives is holding a meeting and a hearing on the syrian refugee crisis. the house will meet to examine the humanitarian crisis and its impact here that another committee will be taking a closer look at the security of the u.s. refugee admissions program as a whole. the debate kicked up ach. a supposed syrian passport was found near the body of one of the slain assailants. some think he could have been a syrian refugee.
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now, halting the u.s. program to admit thousands of syrian refugees into the u.s. would be a mistake. >> that itself the message from vice president joe biden. some 1,700 syrian refugees are already in the u.s., president obama pledged to take in 10,000 more next year, trying to ease fears, biden is assuring there are safeguards if place. >> there is not going to be ten, 20, 30, 50,000 refugees over the border. this is a process of the next year-and-a-half. these people are vetted. it's a story of who we are. >> the governments of delaware and pennsylvania say they will accept refugees. new jersey governor chris christie says no way. happening today, former subway pitchman jared fogle will find out just how much time he will spend in prison. >> hi, i'm jared the subway guy. >> jared fogle pleaded guilty to
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federal child pornography and sex crime charges. he admitted to having child porn and traveling along state lines to have sex with minors. as a part of the plea deal, they capped it at 12-and-a-halvers 82. they want him to be supervised for the rest of his life. he will speak for the judge during today's hearing. we have new information on a story you first saw on nbc 10. investigators say they've solved a gravestone vandalism mystery in montgomery county. >> they say the motive was a grudge that lasted more than half a century. someone vandalized a gravestone in conshohocken over and over again for more than a year. after we showed you the images of the suspected vand am, police tips started rolling in. and they now charged this man, ball donovan with theft and vandalism. investigators say donovan was
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angry with the dead man buried in the cemetery plot over a theft he said happened 56 years ago. >> when the deceased was 10 and this subject was 12, he claims in this subject toll money from him and 56 years later, he was getting back at him. so for 56 years, he lived with this grudge. >> police sell us donovan offered to pay the family back for the damage he did, minus the debt from 56 years ago, which he claimed to be $300. >> he says he was $300 stolen from him. >> right. >> wow. what a story. 20 minutes after 5:00 now. before you head out the door, you will want the umbrella, the rain jacket and a little patience, too. >> information from jessica boyington would be helpful. especially a problem on 95. >> we have sky force 10 over the scene on 95. this is on the northbound side
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of 95 around girard avenue. a vehicle right in here that actually careened a off the side and into the guardrail. police activity on the scene and through the work zone. it's behind some of the work zones. traffic is moving by. we do have at this time you can see not a huge backup there. i just checked in with our drive times. southbound doing a bit better. by keeping it on 95, it's current closed for construction. our drive times doing okay. you can see everything in the green, north, southbound, 11 minutes at the most. we'll have another update when i come back.
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>> 21 minutes after 5:00. grab the umbrella. you don't need it right now the rain is not far. look at the temperatures. 60 degrees pretty bad breeze is blowing at the shore. gusts near 20 miles an hour you will see rain in cape may and the delaware beaches, too. these numbers won't last, though, past today. 58 if wilmington and at the shore in the low 60s in cape may a. very warm but the rain, a line of showers doesn't look like much. some areas will get off easy with less than half an inch of rain. future-cast showing light rain at 8:00 you can see them in
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chester county. as you go into the afternoon, it's more likely you see them in. the rain is done in philadelphia. it quickly moves off shore wet and wondy today. look at those temperatures. 64 degrees this afternoon. tomorrow will be cooler. the sunshine will be back. a nice breeze blowing. 54 degrees. 37. that's the normal low temperature in the morning. saturday evening, we sould could see rain showers. some snowflakes early sunday morning. during the game, it will be a cold wind blowing and dry sunday afternoon. the cold stays with us into monday and tuesday. look at those morning temperatures in the very low 30s. >> look at that. big coat time. all right. thanks. 5:23. next. o uber is looking for more than a
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plist and how they are making house calls. plus, man on fire. what this guy did that ended with a flameing get away. .
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happening today, uber whether use a service to help protect against the flu.
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good morning landon. >> reporter: good morning. everyone wants to administer your flu shot t. ride sharing service is offering shots in 36 city, including philadelphia, given by registered nurse, recipients will fill out paperwork and sign a consent form. can you sane up ten people between 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. you get a well ness package. and over on wall street, markets look to extend wednesday's rally today, futures are higher. stocks rose after the fed released minutes from last month's policy meeting, which showed most members are open to raising interest rates in december. look for data today on unemployment and manufacturing. the dow rising 247 points, its best day in four weeks to 17.737. tracy, back over to you. >> good to see you. landon dowdy with cnbc, thanks.
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>> 60 degrees. it is warm and it's about to get windy and wet. we got rain moving in. so far it is dry. you can see now a drop on the parking lot in front of the link, which is going to have decidedly different weather for the game this sunday. got your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast just ahead. jessica boyington is in the first alert traffic center. what's going on out there? >> bill. no problems here. you can see our drive time eastbound to the schuylkill. still doing great. an 8 minute trip there. average speeds of 62 miles per hour. we will have more updates when i come back at 5:30. >> i'm matt delucia, regarding all of that happened last week with the terrorist attacks in paris, i'm getting new information and we have video the moment the shots were fired at a restaurant along with the people who escaped. that's next. @@
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