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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  November 19, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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first alert weather coverage. nbc 10 news at 5:00 starts right now. and we start with a live look at the radar. you can see the rain moving across our entire area. >> and we're in for several more hours of rain, that means a miserable morning commute. you can see that in this live look at i-95 in philadelphia. actually, morning commute, how about an evening commute. that's what we're talking about now. hopefully it won't be around tomorrow morning, but we'll check with sheena and find out. >> bringing you first alert team coverage, jessica boyington is there on the left side tracking the messy evening commute. >> yes, let's start with sheena parveen, who's timing out this storm. i hope this isn't around tomorrow morning, but for the evening rush this is nasty out there. >> that's right, it is rainy outside right now. temperatures which are fairly mild, but the rain is still coming down at a pretty good clip through much of the area. here's a live look at center city, we have the low clouds, we have the rainfall, but look at the radar all streaming in from the south and west. so we're going to keep seeing this rain move through.
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we'll jump into parts of northern delaware, wilmington across 95 seeing some of the heaviest rain in newcastle county shown by the yellow. now we're looking across the philadelphia area near palmyra, cheltenham, that's shown by the yellow coloring and this is all going to be sliding up the i-95 corridor in the direction of trenton. looking closer to trenton right now, here you see heavier rain falling. trent trenton, near levittown and 95. so we are seeing pretty steady rainfall. that's what it looks like right now, line of heavier rain, basically from wilmington to trenton, kind of spotty with the heavier showers, but pretty consistent with the overall lighter rainfall. it is a messy commute for the area and we do expect that for the rest of this evening. we won't really see much clearing until later on tonight and then a bigger cool down as we go into the weekend. coming up i'll show you the timing on the rain and how much colder your weekend will be.
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right now let's get a check on the roadways this evening with nbc 10's jessica boyington. >> busy day for traffic and weather. schuylkill expressway, right around spring garden you can see visibility right in here. schuylkill expressway westbound 60 minutes from the expressway. >> we're going to work on getting jessica's mic back up and have her in just a few minutes. the mastermind of the paris terror attacks is dead. today french authorities confirmed his i.d. through fingerprints. she w he was killed in yesterday's raid in saint-denis. here's what else we've learned about abdelhamid abaaoud. french short authorities connecm to four of six attacks. paris officials say abaaoud used
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social networks to try to recruit women from spain to join isis. investigators believe he planned last friday's three simultaneous attacks, including this one at a paris restaurant while he was in syria. it was one of their first targets just after 9:30 when cctv cameras inside the restaurant caught the moment the first bullets were fired. the video from shows a woman bursting through the door. she's been shot in the wrist. she hides behind the bar, comforted by a waitress. a man rushes in, his two friends have been shot. then outside, the first sight of the terrorist in a t-shirt calmly shooting. he turns and sees another target. he takes aim at the head of the woman, but she says later his gun jammed. three clicks, he was out of ammunition, but bullets are still shattering glass. there was more than one shooter. as the killing continues outside, those inside retreat from their hiding place and one by one escape to the cellar. it all took less than a minute.
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no one inside that restaurant died, but five people were killed on the street. 129 people died in the three attacks, including a california college student. there's a spike in gun permit applications across pennsylvania. in two days, chester county received 85 applications for permits or renewals. the chester sheriff says it's because of the paris attacks. officials say it's common for more applications to come in after a highly publicized shooting. delaware, montgomery, and philadelphia counties have not seen the same increase. coming up later this hour, tenants and terror. we will detail a plan to train local landlords on how to make sure their properties are not being used to plot terror attacks. only nbc 10's doug shimell investigators coming up at 5:55. pennsylvania lawmakers have now gone 142 days and counting without a state budget, but should counties keep paying the state if legislators cannot do their jobs? officials in bucks county say they are considering not turning
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over some money due to the state as long as this budget stalemate continues in harrisburg. nbc 10's deanna durante joins us with more. deanna, the governor hopes to get a budget deal passed by thanksgiving. >> reporter: well, that's what he's saying that he hopes to happen. lawmakers here in bucks county are exploring whether or not they can withhold that money, if it's even legal. they say they had a 40 million reserve at the start of the year and the budget stalemate has cost them $20 million, if not more, from the state account. >> i think that's game of chicken. >> reporter: joy is frustrated when it comes to the 142-day budget standoff. she says there will be few winners, but she's liking the plan to hold off on sending state money to harrisburg. >> i think that's great. i think it's unconscionable what the state's been doing with the budget, like just months and months of not working anything out, and i know that the women's shelters have been forced to close and borrow money and incur extra expenses. >> we collect around $4.5, $5
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million on behalf of the state. the county is looking on the possibility of not sending the remittances to the state until a budget is passed. >> reporter: in january, bucks county had more than $40 million in reserves, but since july it's covered more than $20 million of state funded services, dropping the county's reserve. and in the last six weeks of the year it says that cash will be gone unless a budget's passed. >> if nothing is done, no budget is passed and we continue to fund services the way we've been funding them, probably some time at the end of december we will run out of cash. completely. >> reporter: the county will have to borrow cash to make payroll. asking if it has to take out a loan, will the state repay costs associated with it. >> sounds like a legitimate position to make. >> reporter: tarms are all for that plan. commissioners are not yet sure if they can pull it off. if nothing else, may buy time before the county has to take out that loan. governor spokesperson tells me the governor is working hard to
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pass a budget, he is hoping it will be passed by thanksgiving. however, lawmakers here in bucks county say they have no guarantee as to when the cash will then flow into the county. the governor's office is saying they are hoping it will be as soon as possible. reporting live, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. >> deanna, thank you. to this now in lehigh county. six middle school students were busted for drinking vodka. allentown police say the students were found drinking at trexler middle school. police say one of the students brought the alcohol from home. you might recall earlier this month police were called to the same school to break up fights. and last month four officers were hurt while trying to break up this fight at nearby william allen high school. a philadelphia transit officer is recovering after having a cardiac emergency while struggling with a vandalism suspect. the sergeant had just handcuffed a man when he collapsed. he was rushed to the hospital and is in stable condition.
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the septa police chief tweeted the sergeant is going to be okay and even told a joke this morning. "when i spoke to transit police sergeant who had cardiac emergency, he said next candidate on promotion list isn't getting it today. love it." new video tonight of a man police call a serial engagement ring robber and one who apparently works in record time. this is a man inside the helzberg diamonds on nixon drive last tuesday night. he swiped a ring worth $9,000. within the hour police say he was inside the kay jewelry county, pocketed a second diamond ring with the very same value. he took off in a black dodge charger. police say if you know the man, of course, please call police. they are working with the delaware river port authority to determine which bridge he crossed and enhance his license plate. new at 5:00, an effort to stop philadelphia's plan to change its policy on immigrants. >> it comes after a move last
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week by mayor michael nutter. the mayor wants to roll back a 2014 executive order that's barred city police and prison officials from cooperating with federal immigration and customs enforcement agents. immigrant groups were angry at the decision saying victims of crime will no longer feel safe talking to police because of possible deportation. tomorrow protesters plan to go to city hall to demand the changes be rejected. meantime across the river in camden, city leaders say camden is already an unofficial sanctuary city, they do not report immigrants who are victims of crime to the feds. >> you know, as far as a law-abiding citizen who may have immigration status, you know, regular car stop, that fear can create other things, that's something we definitely don't want as far as a camden county police department. once again, we strive for that community involvement. >> camden city police say they are partners with the community and want to serve all
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individuals. isis issues a video making a threat to times square. we'll go there live with the investigation next. and later, hundreds of philadelphia students without teachers every single day. we're live with the plan the district is pushing today to solve a major substitute teacher problem. but first, josh duggar sued by a philadelphia porn star. next, what she's saying in the latest scandal for the reality tv star.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> an adult film actress is suing reality tv star josh duggar, claiming duggar assaulted her twice when consensual sex turned rough. the woman says she met duggar at a philadelphia strip club in march. she wants half a million in damages from the former star of tlc's cancelled "19 kids and counting" show. the show was pulled after revelations duggar molested four of his sisters and a babysitter. now to commitment 2016. republican presidential candidate ben carson argues that islamic state leaders are much more sophisticated than the al qaeda operatives that carried out the 9/11 attacks. >> responsible for the september 11th attacks.
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>> yeah, but being responsible for the september 11 attacks, what happened right there really didn't require a great deal of sophistication, because we were not paying attention. we were not coordinating our efforts, so you didn't have to be all that great. you had to be able to fly some planes and get a couple of people in here. >> carson went on to say pulling off an attack that severe would be more difficult now. hillary clinton detailed her isis and terrorism strategy today. she says defeating and destroying, not deterring, the terror groups should be america's goal. >> isis is demonstrating new ambition, reach, and capabilities. we have to break the group's momentum and then its back. our goal is not to deter or contain isis, but to defeat and destroy isis. >> clinton argued that massive air power isn't enough and that ground forces will be needed to
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take back territory from isis. she says those troops should be made up of syrians and regional troops with u.s. special forces helping them. meanwhile, bernie sanders spoke about another fight. he said economic security is essential to americans achieving true freedom. >> if we are serious about reinvigorating american democracy, we need to develop a political movement, which once again is prepared to take on and defeat a ruling class whose greed is destroying our nation. >> the vermont senator says the idea is a political tradition rooted in the legacies of franklin d. roosevelt and dr. martin luther king jr. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, we're still dealing
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with the rain for the evening commute. we had it around this morning but now it's actually getting a bit heavier like a lot of the computer models saw last night and we're seeing the heaviest through parts of mercer county, the major interstates here, so if you are about to leave or going to be driving somewhere soon, keep in mind we have heavy pockets, especially near the p.a. turnpike, across 95 here, also into the philadelphia area, pretty steady rain around philadelphia it's fairly light, but we have pockets of heavier rain shown by the yellow. so right around wilmington and 95, up towards chester and down into other parts of newcastle county, closer to dover, as well, that's where we're seeing heavier rain. more heavy rain into dover, also river view and heavy rain around milford, but some of this is pretty isolated the farther south you go. it's when you get into new jersey and pennsylvania it's a lot more widespread. all this rain is going to move through the rest of the evening
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and there is a lot of clearing behind it. if you look back behind the rain, that is the clearing that will start to see as we go into tomorrow. as far as tonight is concerned, though, the rain is going to hang around for a little while longer, it's going to be clearing late tonight, so after i would say 8:00, 9:00, we should see a lot more clearing. tomorrow a colder and windy day to end out the week. lot more in the way of sunshine and as we go into the weekend and next week, we have quite a few 30-degree mornings ahead for us. a lot of temperatures will be cold in the morning. aside from the rain and mild temperatures out there, windy conditions, south wind sustained anywhere from 15 to 20 miles an hour the farther south you go through the lehigh valley, winds are still gusting but sustained closer to 10 to 15 miles an hour. temperatures are in about the mid 60s, so it's not a very cold rain out there. it's on the milder side, but by tomorrow we will see that colder air start to move in. future weather, again, rain around now, heavy pockets, so
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the model here is doing a pretty good job of picking up what we're currently seeing. then we go into 8:00 tonight, not too much will be changing from now until 8:00. we still expect widespread rain, pockets of some heavier rain in there, too, then we get closer to 10:00 and you see the rain shifting from west to east. in new jersey by 10:00, maybe even some of the beaches in delaware through sussex county, but that would be late tonight, finally clearing out closer to midnight for the areas and into tomorrow morning, some big changes. so a lot more sunshine when you wake up tomorrow morning, but it will be a colder and also breezy day. going into the weekend it's going to get even colder than that, especially for sunday. this is going to be the coldest day out of the weekend, so for the eagles game if you're tailgating, temperatures in the mid 40s and by the fourth quarter temperatures should be in the upper 40s by with the wind around it could feel closer to 40 degrees, so it is going to be a much colder eagles forecast than what we'll see for saturday. tonight, though, rainy and warm this evening, rain is clearing
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out later tonight, temperatures staying in about the mid to upper 40s across the area for a low. tomorrow high temperatures in the 50s, mostly sunny. a breezy day, but also colder. 54 to 57 degrees for the high temperature, so you will definitely notice the change in temperatures, especially going into saturday morning. look at the low on saturday. 37 degrees, high temperatures topping out around 53. sunday morning we are in the 30s topping out in the upper 40s. there's a chance we could see some rain late sunday, closer to the shore, but by monday morning temperatures around freezing. areas north and west in the 20s and highs will only be in the 40s, but we do get a bit of a warmup going into thanksgiving. >> good news there. sheena, thank you. tonight new york city officials are reassuring people after isis released a video of a suicide bomber preparing to attack times square. >> this video comes just days before 3 million people come to watch the macy's thanksgiving parade next week.
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brinn? >> reporter: keith and jark l jacqueline, i had a chance to sit down with an nypd officer this afternoon and said what are your majority security threat concern and he told me a simultaneous attack like we saw in paris, but he also told me the nypd is prepared more than anyone. post-paris attack and isis propaganda, no specific threat, but the nypd is on high alert. you can't miss their presence around the city. >> a lot of people feel frightened about it, so i think the security amped up is great. >> reporter: teams and the newly created strategic response team here patrolling times square, ready to act at a moment's notice. >> as commissioner bratton said the other day, even as many as two dozen incidents could be responded to simultaneously by the nypd if god forbid that day came. >> reporter: underground police rely on force and fur. >> what makes canines such a
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valuable tool, such a valuable asset is their ability to smell things which far exceeds any machines, it far exceeds what a human can smell. >> reporter: the k-9 unit is made up of roughly 35 teams. this is taylor, an explosive detection dog checking out garbage cans and bags. and rachel, the friendly labrador who seems to get uncomfortably close, she's sniffing for vapor given off by explosives. for example, if someone were wearing them -- >> we're one component of a much greater and much more efficient and effective counterterrorism strategy the new york city police department has employed since 9/11. >> reporter: that strategy evolving every day, giving new yorkers a peace of mind during a tenuous time. >> we have a really great police department, and so i'm definitely keeping my eyes open more. >> reporter: and you guys
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mentioned that the moild parade is coming up. authorities say go about doing what you would normally do, along with the tree lighting, authorities do not want you to change your plans. live here in times square today, nbc 10 news. former subway spokesperson jared fogle will spend more than a decade in prison. what he is saying tonight hours after his sentencing. plus, only one in three substitute teacher positions are getting filled right now on the best day in philadelphia schools. and that leaves hundreds of kids in teacher-less classrooms every day. we're live with the district's plan to fix the problem next. [ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going.
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it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the way. whether you're working or recharging, do business travel on your terms. acela. take off.
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the former subway pitchman pled guilty to possessing or distributing child pornography and traveling across state lines to engage in sex with minors. the 38-year-old father of two sobbed openly as he told the judge "not a day will go by when i don't think about what i did." fogle was sentenced to 15 and a half years in prison and mandatory supervision for the rest of his life.
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the naacp is organizing a vigil tomorrow night after these protests in minneapolis. >> people angry with police surrounded the city's fourth police precinct after an unarmed black man was shot and killed by police. just after nightfall protesters surrounded the precinct. police used pepper spray after some protesters began throwing rocks, bricks, and bottles at officers. the standoff began earlier this week after 24-year-old jamar clark was shot and killed after a confrontation with two officers. guilty, that was the verdict for a former michigan police officer. a jury found him guilty of beating a man during a traffic stop last january. he was caught on dash cam video punching the man 16 times. melendez was fired in march, he faces ten years in prison. he'll remain in jail until his sentencing next month.
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the nfl versus its former players in a philadelphia courtroom today. we'll tell you what they are fighting over next.
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♪ 6 new holiday instant games from the p.a. lottery ♪ keep on scratchin'! this is nbc 10 news. >> right now at 5:00, heavy rain keeps falling in our area as we take a live look at the radar. look at the size of that system. all that green is covering the entire region. >> let's take a live look
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outside. there you go at the ben franklin bridge. jessica boyington is tracking all of the traffic troubles out there and she'll have that for us in just a moment. first, nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen continues our team coverage. sheena, how long is this messy rain going to last? >> i know, it's going to last a while longer now and we have some heavy pockets, too. through the rest of the evening commute we expect the rain to be around all the major interstates for the most part. a few breaks in new jersey and areas north and west, but not until later tonight, closer to about 9:00, 10:00 we'll see a lot more clearing. right now towards mercer county, trenton, chesterfield, across 95, 295 here and this is an area we do have some heavy rain starting to fall. and also near norristown, moving into the philadelphia area across 476, 76 near the pa turnpike, this is another area where we see the heavy rain. king of prussia, as well. so these areas i'm sure traffic is moving slower and you want to take your time on the roadways
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this evening. through delaware heavier showers, as well, even near dover. we're going to watch this rain the next several hours. we don't have immediate clearing on the way, but once all this moisture moves through closer to about 9:00, 10:00 tonight better clearing into your friday. right now, center city not looking too bad, the rain a little bit lighter closer to the airport, but still getting reports of that consistent rainfall. 64 degrees, but look at the wind, it's gusting near 24 miles an hour, so even though it's mild outside, it's still windy and rainy. here's a look at future weather. as we go through the next couple hours here, we still have the rain around, heavy pockets, too, but temperatures still in the 60s. coming up, a timing of when the rain will be clearing up and colder weekend forecast and eagles forecast. meantime, a messy roadway, everywhere you drive, let's turn to first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington tracking it all. where are the problem spots, jessica? >> surprise, surprise, the
5:32 pm
schuylkill expressway having major delays right now. you can see reduced visibility in our camera lens right here, but look at the drive times, hour trip westbound or eastbound, no matter which way you slice it from the vineway expressway. this is typically a 12-minute trip, so at least 45 minutes off the bat, not including the accident, good news here, accidental that cleared on lincoln drive south, but look at the areas surrounding. everything in the red, the radar, everything is being rained on at this moment, so just because accidents are clearing out of the way, the residual delays remain. as for the blue route, string of red there, as well. hour trip southbound from the schuylkill to the 95, also a 12-minute trip, so 45 minutes there. low visibility at the airport, 89-minute delays for arriving flights and stadium traffic, flyers game later tonight at 7:00 p.m.
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jacqueline? >> all right, jessica. tonight the philadelphia school district thinks it is come up with a plan to solve a major substitute teacher shortage that leaves hundreds of kids without a fill-in. nbc 10's george spencer joins us live for a meeting that's just getting under way. george? >> reporter: jacqueline, the school district now admits that the substitute teacher outsourcing has really not worked out as anticipated. most everyone agrees that this problem needs a quick fix, but they do not all believe that the fix announced today will actually work. in classrooms across philadelphia, there is a critical gap, far too few substitutes to fill the 500 to 600 daily teacher absences. at northeast high school it means teachers like christopher frank are doubling up and filling in, covering classing with as many as 60 students. >> as a school of over 3,300
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students, i think it's taxing both the students and the teachers. >> reporter: finding enough substitutes has always been a challenge, but at the beginning of this year the school district outsourced that challenge to source 4 teachers, a substitute staffing firm in new jersey. since then, just 3 out of every 10 teacher absences have been filled on a given day, and sometimes it's even fewer. >> the numbers have been very, very low since the very first day of school, and it has literally been a disaster. >> reporter: today the district announced a new approach, it will fill longer term absences like medical leave in-house with retired teachers and others. and only let the outside contractors try to fill daily absences. >> we are very much concerned that, you know, they do not perform as we expected as they told us they would. >> reporter: teachers who have filled in as substitutes using time meant for class planning will be paid for that time, but many say the education losses have already occurred.
5:35 pm
>> we haven't had planning time for our kids and teachers, so there's been a loss of our continuity of the school. >> reporter: at source 4 teachers, the outsourcing firm says it is still committed to this substitute teacher contract and now focusing on daily absences should improve its fill rate. live tonight at the school district headquarters, i'm george spencer, nbc 10 news. a lot of star power at the pennsylvania convention center today for the pennsylvania conference for women. take a look at some of the people, actress and entrepreneur jessica alba interviewed by writer and actress gloria steinem. we sat down with celebrity chef and businesswoman right there, rachael ray, to talk about her secret to a happy, but busy, life. her advice, try to love work. >> busier you are, the more grateful you should be that you're busy and that you have purpose. >> rachael ray attracted quite the crowd signing her new
5:36 pm
cookbook based on family recipes. the argument over caring for former nfl players who have concussion-related illnesses is playing out right now inside a philadelphia courtroom. lawyers appealing the nfl's $1 billion plan to address those injuries does not include depression and mood disorders. lawyers had negotiated a settlement say the deal is meant for serious brain injuries like alzheimer's and parkinson's disease, not every medical problem tied to football. if the settlement stands, it would cover more than 20,000 nfl retirees over 65 years old. a school bus driver from dover, kent county, is facing drunk driving charges. he was bringing maryland school kids home from a field trip when he was arrested last night. someone driving behind the bus called troopers to report he was weaving all over the road. parents onboard made him pull over. newcastle county police arrested a teenager they say was behind a
5:37 pm
bb gun assault on cars and homes today. police arrested the 17 year old after finding evidence they say links him to the crime. residents in the neighborhoods woke up tuesday morning to their car windows shot out and holes in the siding of their homes. police are looking for a second suspect. the debate over accepting refugees ramps up on capitol hill today. we'll get the latest on what lawmakers were stewing over, plus a legal and political expert joins us live to break down whether states have a choice in accepting refugees.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> we all know that sound. it's that time of year again. the salvation army bell ringers are hard at work in cumberland county, pennsylvania. the goal is to get the most
5:40 pm
donations to the kettles of the seniors to help the less fortunate and this group has a special reason to compete. >> when they started five years ago, i was in the hospital. i was in the hospital for six weeks. i didn't think i'd get out of the hospital. and here i am. well and enjoying doing this. >> that's a great reason. the salvation army in the harrisburg area says last year the red kettle raised close to $200,000 and they hope for even more this year. well, they worked like a well oiled machine. take a look at these volunteers behind me from the bank of america. they helped pack and sort food for fill abundance today. that work is in addition to their annual give a meal program. right now for every dollar donated, bank of america donates $2. the money goes to charitable food organizations all across our area. they also received a $25,000
5:41 pm
grant in support of its efforts to help fight hunger. to this now, here are some questions people are asking. the big one, do states have a choice in the debate over accepting syrian refugees? governor chris christie seems to think so. a political and legal expert joins us live next to break down this debate. plus, inside the bill congress is considering to help give some refugees a safe home within our borders. and we have more rain moving through, some of it on the heavy side. i'll show you the timing of when it clears out and how much colder your weekend is going to be. that's coming up.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> here's the latest on the
5:44 pm
paris attacks. the mastermind behind them is dead. today french authorities confirmed abdelhamid abaaoud through fingerprints. he was killed in yesterday's raid in saint-denis. french authorities connected him to four of six foiled attacks this year alone. investigators believed he planned last friday's three simultaneous attacks, including this one at a paris restaurant, while he was in syria. in washington, though, the focus is on refugees. >> the house voted to stop a program aimed at resettling thousands of syrian refugees, and that bill requires background checks to any refugee from syria or iraq coming to the u.s. president obama has already threatened to veto the bill if it gets to his desk. today, dozens of democrats joined republicans in supporting the bill. the vote comes six days after the terror attacks in paris, which fuelled concerns about isis trying to use the refugee program to attack the u.s. joining us now to talk about the refugee debate is political and legal expert jim schultz.
5:45 pm
served as general counsel to the commonwealth of pennsylvania under governor tom corbett and worked with the u.s. attorney for the eastern district of pennsylvania. >> thank you so much for joining us there live in the digital operations center. governor wolf in pennsylvania, governor markell in delaware, they said they would accept refugees. governor chris christie saying no way, even in the case of a 5-year-old orphan. we know states can't say know, but explain how they can make the process difficult. >> with 31 governors across the country, 30 republicans and one democrat expressing concern over security and vetting process at the federal government, the question becomes what can states do. pennsylvania and along with seven other states, six other states, has welcomed them with open arms. in terms of what the state can do going forward is very
5:46 pm
limited. the federal government has broad powers as it pertains to refugees. they have the refugee act of 1980 made it very clear that that falls within the area of the federal government and not the states to determine who comes into this country and who doesn't. that being said, this federal government is to consult with the states under federal law as to placement of the refugees in the particular locality or state. the issue becomes that the federal government doesn't really have to listen to the states. they can take it into consideration and tell the states, well, you're wrong, we're going to place them wherever we want to. the states, practically speaking, have a little power with the power of the appropriation pen. the states, the way it works generally, is that the states work with the federal authorities and nonprofit organizations to bring refugees into the particular areas, and the state typically supplies funding in many cases to these nonprofit organizations, which work with the refugees.
5:47 pm
they could defund those organizations and they could also -- they could also, you know, provide no support through the agencies associated with these issues. >> the u.s. admitted nearly 2,000 syrian refugees in the past two years. president obama wants to allow 10,000 more in, but most of those are children, seniors, still, this is creating a huge divide. where does the debate stand right now in congress? >> today, congress passed by overwhelming majority basically a pause in the refugees from syria and iraq coming to the united states. it was 287 votes in favor of the bill, 47 of those were democrats, and essentially what it does is enables -- it requires the department of homeland security director, the national intelligence director, and the fbi to certify that these folks aren't a security risk when they come in. certainly, the agencies will have to put policies and procedures in place to comply with the law should it be passed
5:48 pm
by the senate and will certainly slow the process. >> political legal expert jim schultz live in the digital operations center. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you for having me. we turn to this, though, first. just in time for the holidays, the internal revenue service is warning shoppers to watch out for identity theft. more and more people buying gifts online, it's getting easier for thieves to target your personal information. be aware the links that you're clicking and be careful sharing sensitive data. regulators are working together to catch thieves in the act. >> before we put the partnership together, we would talk to the individual states, talk to individual people in the private sector. now we have a network of shared communication, shared contacts, so if anything goes on anywhere, we'll all know about it immediately. >> over the next few months the irs will be issuing weekly tips and posting videos to help you keep your information safe. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen.
5:49 pm
>> well, the rain is still here for the evening commute, but kind of a messy evening commute, and we still have the heavier pockets of rain right around the major interstates. some breaks, but near trenton the rain is pretty steady and heavier pockets in parts of mercer county. for bucks county, the rain has gotten heavier here around buckingham, new britain, upper bucks county, seeing some of that heavy rain. parts of montgomery county, also across the pa turnpike, so take your time on the roadways if you have to be driving out there, traffic is moving a lot slower. closer to followed the rain is steady, on the lighter side, but you see the yellow spots here, especially around haverford, that is heavier rain. salem, cumberland county, light rain here, but heavier rain off shore cape may county. most of delaware seeing a bit of a break. newcastle county seeing steady light rain and more rain
5:50 pm
watching moving into sussex county. so this area of moisture, that's going to stick around for the next several hours, then we'll start to see it clearing up closer to 9:00, 10:00 tonight. the clearing is off to the west so you already notice that and it will be here as you wake up tomorrow morning. temperatures are still in the 60s, so it's been a mild day with the rain, about the mid to low 60s right now. as we go through the rest of the evening, the rain is going to hang around. it will be clearing late tonight, so by the time you wake up tomorrow morning for your morning commute, it will be colder and windy for your friday. temperatures topping out in the 50s and the winds will be picking up, too. then as we go into the weekend and into next week, a lot of 30-degree mornings ahead, so it is going to be cold, especially for the morning hours. here's future weather over the next couple hours, the rain continues mainly through new jersey and delaware, but still the steady rain across the i-95 corridor and major interstates. by 10:00, 11:00, lingering rain in new jersey and delaware, but after that we start to see even
5:51 pm
more clearing. we go into friday and it's going to get colder and breezy through the afternoon. take a look at the air mass in place. it's going to move out. that's the milder air, cold air for the weekend and even into monday. that's going to hang around for most of next week, but then look what happens closer to thanksgiving. that cold air retreats back to the north and milder air tries to sneak in here. going to be comfortable for your thanksgiving forecast. now for the eagles as we go into sunday, cold temperatures in the 40s, but at least it will be nice and sunny. tonight, though, the rain will be around clearing late tonight, temperatures in the 40s, then tomorrow we'll see a nice change, cooler but windy day, temperatures about the mid to upper 50s, but across the weekend we will see the colder temperatures move in even more. look at the morning lows across the weekend in the 30s and stays that way next week. >> all right, sheena. time for a look at what you'll see tonight on nbc nightly news at 6:30. >> lester holt joins us from paris with a preview. good evening, lester. >> hi, jacqueline and keith. coming up tonight, my exclusive
5:52 pm
interview with a man who led the raid to free hostages and end the massacre at the bataclan music venue. we'll hear his step by step account of how they did it and the risks they faced in the process. also the mastermind of the paris attacks now confirmed dead, but one agency isn't resting easier. ahead, the fbi of a fear of copy cat attacks in the u.s. when we see you coming up on nbc nightly news. back to you. >> thank you very much, see you back here about 40 minutes from now. the only thing standing between you and a terrorist could be your landlord. >> one expert points out the leng link. plus, what you and your landlord can be doing to make sure terror attacks aren't being plotted near your home.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
tenants and terror. one philadelphia property manager believes that landlords need to be trained to make sure renters aren't plotting terror attacks in their properties. >> he says the majority of mass causality suspects were renters who left behind boxes and packing material for bomb making that no one reported to police. nbc 10's doug shimell joins us live. the idea is to get landlords to trust their instincts and use common sense. >> reporter: exactly, and in many cases the landlords could have been the first line of
5:56 pm
defense if they knew what to look for. the hydrogen peroxide based bombs that devastated paris likely left clues that people saw at the apartments the bombers rented. >> was it unusual for the property manager, for the maintenance guy, for the gal that was cleaning the hallway or even the residents to see cases upon cases of hydrogen peroxide? >> reporter: philadelphia property manager started researching the living habits of suspects in mass destruction attacks after the boston marathon bombings. >> where do they live? are they buying the house with the white picket fence with the dog and the 1.2 children? no. they are renters. >> reporter: he says even renter linda weston's basement of horrors created trash and other hints of people chained in cellars. >> i have roofing nails, but do you have thousands upon thousands of roofing nails? >> reporter: so he started adding awareness training to the property management class he teaches at temple university.
5:57 pm
>> just to educate property managers, leasing agents, maintenance supervisors on just looking for things that seem instinctively wrong. >> reporter: decades in the property management business, he says he never thought about looking for terror signs until he talked to mike batly. >> we realized we not only need the 16-camera system we have in the building, but we have to go further with that and maybe have limited access. >> reporter: part of his class is to teach tenants, as well as property managers to avoid the bystander syndrome and to report what they see. live in fairmount, i'm doug shimell, nbc 10 news. coming up next on nbc 10 news at 6:00, doubling down. one local casino plans to show off its new digs. and get ready for a rainy evening. when is it going to clear out? first alert forecast is straight ahead. nbc 10 tracks down carly
5:58 pm
fiorina in philadelphia. we asked her about the refugee debate.
5:59 pm
nbc 10 starts now. >> right now at 6:00, a rainy ride home across the delaware valley. the windshield wipers are working overtime. rain is creating gridlock on the roads and the air. arriving flights are delaying more than an hour and a half.
6:00 pm
here's a live look at philadelphia, a gloomy thursday night. good evening to you, i'm jacqueline london. first up we begin this thursday evening with your first alert forecast taking a look at that radar. all of the rain out there indicated by the green. we have nbc 10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz watching this radar joining us with his first alert forecast. glenn? >> yeah, jacqueline, it's a solid area of rain and got the heaviest right as the rush hour was starting this afternoon. still everything is slow going, the camera shaking a bit because we've got some gusty wind on top of that rain, but we are seeing a back edge to this. conditions improving dramatically in maryland and even parts of delaware. it's still soaking rain throughout the philadelphia area and even heavier in parts of bucks county and mercer county, new jersey. you can see that's some of the heaviest rain of the day there, but farther to the south it's really tapering off in


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