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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  November 20, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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to more breaking news now, this time overseas, a deadly attack at a hotel in mali that is still unfolding. islamist extremists armed with guns and explosives stormed inside and took dozens of hostages. some were freed and ran for their lives, others still trapped. at least three people have been
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killed. governor romney, i'm keith jones. the u.s. military says six americanss recue from that hotel and president obama says he is monitoring the situation. islamic extremist gunmen took control of the radisson blu in mali's capital bam co-early this morning. bamako. there were 170 hostages, 140 guests, 30 hotel workers. the gunmen opened fire and some witnesses say they used grenades, killing three people. mali and state tv reports security forces have freed 80 of the hostages so far. children knees tourists inside the hotel took this video. hoo these are photos of what was happening around the hotel. one hostage said the attackers allowed him to leave after he recited verses from the koran and witnesses say the ten gunmen
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yelled "god is great" when they stormed the hotel. it's not immediately clear which muslim extremist group may be behind the attack. the u.s. embassy advised americans to shelter in place. we'll bring you more updates on the area and nbc 10 as well as the app as soon as we get them. this, of course, comes a week after the terrorist attacks in france. the french president, francois hollande, expressed solidarity with mali following today's hostage situation. he says his country is ready to help mali with all means necessary. the death toll has risen for the paris terror attacks. the french prime minister says one more person has died as a result of the bloodshed. that raises the officialañm tot count now to 130. the count doesn't include any attackers who died. french authorities say police have conducted nearly 800 raids since last week's attacks. they detained 90 people and
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seized more than 1070 weapons. the french senate is vote to extend the country's state of emergency for three more months. and french officials said they found a third body in the apartment where the alleged attack organizer died during that police raid wednesday overnight. nbc's bill neely has an update from paris. >> reporter: in the debris of an apartment hit by 5,000 bullets, forensic teams found the remains of a third person, a woman. it's not known who she was or whether she, too, blew herself up. this woman did. hasna aitboulahcen, her handbag and passport also found. friends say she loved life, loved to party, and that she was brainwashed. her final recorded words telling police the man she's with is not her boyfriend. and this is the moment she detonated her suicide vest. police say it almost destroyed the apartment.
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her mother and brother were led away by police from the paris home she left just three weeks ago after showing no sign of being radicalized. she was with abdelhamid abaaoud. he was identified by dna, the ringleader of the massacres who'd evaded police across europe. >> it's a good thing they found him. >> reporter: there's no satisfaction for the grieving parents of natalie laurent, killed at the concert hall. it means nothing, her mother told me, my daughter is dead. isis have threatened more attacks on italy and washington in a video called "paris before rome." after the unthinkable here, it's a threat no one can ignore. and the police in paris have now recovered cctv footage of the ringleader abaaoud as the attacks were taking place. he was filmed at a metro station in paris. clearly the man who organized these massacres was also on the ground directing them. back to you.
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>> bill neely reporting. this afternoon, a rally and march will take place to show unity against war, racism, islamophobia and police repression. that's happening today at 4:00 on the west side of city hall. a number of groups are behind the rally which is in response to the paris attacks. more than 100 people are expected to turn out tonight at a candlelight vigil in doylestown that starts at 5:00 at the center of town at state and main streets fr in front of starbucks and the giant holiday tree. you're invited to write a message of hope, love, peace and sympathy on a peace dove to place on the holiday tree. two musicians will lead those gathered in songs of peace. skyforce 10 over an accident that knocked down a pole in lower providence township, montgomery county. a vehicle hit the poll and overturned at south park avenue and woodland avenue. police say park avenue will be closed between ridge pike and
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eagleville road for a while as a resu result. rescue crews did not transport anyone to that scene. racers are making their final reparations for this sunday's philadelphia marathon. the city is getting ready for 30,000 participants as well as spectators. monique braxton is live along the ben franklin park way with the race weekend details. good morning, monique. >> reporter: sounds like we'll have a great day weather wise. ben franklin parkway is going to be shut down from here at 222nd street back to city hall. just moments ago, skyforce 10 was over the scene catching the activities, the last-minute activity here. you can see the medical tents are set up. barricades are being put in place for onlookers and what's being called the cheering zones. part of the parkway will be closed all day today, then reopen for the rush hour. but the inner lanes will be shut
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down and remain shut down through sunday. across town, comcast, our parent company, will be hosting a free health and fitness expo at the convention center that begins at noon and runs through saturday. so take a look at this video from last year. the gortex marathon organizers tell us on saturday there will be a kids fun run for ages six to 12. they will run a mile or half mile. also on saturday an 8k run allows groups of five or more to run together and compete, including wheelchair athletes and runners or walkers. then on sunday the half marathon and full marathon will go through center city, across the schuylkill, through university city and fair mount park. back here live with 30,000 runners expected to hit the pavement this weekend we reached out the the philadelphia sports congress to find out what impact that's having on restaurants as well as hotels. i'll have that at 11:30.
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live along the parkway, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> looking forward to that, monique, thank you. the city of philadelphia stepped up security, as you might have guessed, for weekend's big marathon. police setting up secure zones around the start and end points along the ben franklin parkway. runners and visitors will be thoroughly screened. as monique mentioned, drivers will see detours in center city because of the marathon. the nbc 10 first alert traffic september we are reporter jessica boyington tells us about the closures and how to get around them. >> the philadelphia marathon will be causing quite the traffic disruption this weekend. starting today, the inner drive of the ben franklin parkway will be closed intermittently until sunday at 6:00 p.m. starting tomorrow saturday at 4:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. closures from 18th street to 25th, parks of the ben franklin parkway, mlk drive, logan circle. on sunday, ben franklin parkway between 18th and 25th again and closed until about 4:00 p.m. on sunday. additionally we have ramp closures on the vine street
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expressway closed sunday after 4:00 a.m. from westbound to 22nd street, eastbound to 23rd street, 15th street and broad street may close if necessary. so just a heads up there. otherwise, what you have to watch out for, a lot of these are rolling closures which means as runners move through the area they will reopen them as they pass through. and no-parking zones will be in effect all week friend friday to sunday so watch for signs so your car isn't towed. >> jessica, thank you very much. protesters going to city hall to fight possible changes to philadelphia's sanctuary city program. one year ago, angela navarro took sanctuary in a west kensington church. the honduran mother was threatened with deportation. now mayor nutter wants to make an exception to its sanctuary program. it would allow police to inform federal immigration officials when they arrest somebody who's committed crimes like murder, rape, and domestic violence. activists argue the accused should go through the legal process and not deportation.
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>> we believe that everyone deserves a second chance and we believe the police should not be doing the work of immigration. >> the mayor's office is reviewing possible changes to the sanctuary program and has asked for feedback. in response, dozens of organizations plan to hand deliver their objections in a letter to the mayor this afternoon. across the river, camden city leaders say their community is already an unofficial sanctuary city. they do not report immigrants who are victims of crime to the feds. back across the river happening today, parx casino in bethlehem will open the first phase of its expansion. our partners in the pennsylvania business journal report parx is adding more than 200 slot machines and more than 100 live table games. future phases of the expansion will continue into next year pending approval by the pennsylvania gaming control board. a plan to privatize pennsylvania's government-run
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liquor system is headed to the state senate. the house approved the bill yesterday that would close all 600 state stores while creating 1200 permits to sell wine and liquor. that means you'd have more locations to choose from. the governor vetoed a similar bill in june with but some hope it whether pass this time as part of a new budget agreement. did you see this? a philadelphia executive spent the nights sleeping on the street to help homeless youth. nbc 10 was at the covenant house at jermgermantown just before t woke up. each businessman has a cardboard box and a sleeping bag to protect them. we talked to the president of the 76ers about what the night was like for him. >> cold and uncomfortable. it gives you perspective of what it's like to get a warm shower and what it's like not to have one. >> the annual sleepout raises money to provide homeless youth with food and shelter. the nbc 10 digital team spent weeks investigating the problem
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of philadelphia's homeless youth. there are kids who even attend school everyday without having a place to stay. don't miss the digital exclusive on and our mobile app. to a heightened alert now. the steps intelligence officials are taking in the wake of the terror attacks in paris. plus, how some lawmakers are trying to block syrian refugees from entering the united states. and a taste of espionage, the complicated u.s. relations with israel for decades. now after 30 years convicted spy jonathan pollard is free from prison. why his legal fight is far from over. we got windy conditions out there today but it's going to get much colder this weekend. i'll let you know how low the temperatures will go just ahead.
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an update on the breaking news we're following this morning. philadelphia police have found three-year-old boy who was missing in south philadelphia. we're told thankfully he's back home and safe and sound. meanwhile this morning, president obama is launching a very public effort to relieve fears over syrian refugees following the paris attacks. nbc 10 national correspondent tracie potts has the story. >> reporter: in the wake of the paris attacks and isis videos mentioning washington and new york, the obama administration
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is trying to reassure americans that it's highly unlikely that this could happen here. >> we are not aware of any credible threat here of a paris-type attack and we have seen no connection at all between the paris attackers and the united states. >> reporter: still, some in congress want to shut our borders to every refugee from syria and other countries known to harbor terrorists. 47 democrats voted against the president to support that, but it's unclear if the plan will make it to the president's desk. >> don't worry, it won't get passed. >> reporter: the plan to block syrian refugees is drawing heat on the campaign trail. >> very simply, we can't take them, folks. we can't take them. [ applause ] it could be a trojan horse. >> reporter: ben carson compared it to protecting children from rabid dogs. >> doesn't mean that you hate all dogs by any stretch of the imagination but you're putting your intellect into motion and you're thinking how do i protect
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my children? >> slamming the door on every syrian refugee is just not who we are. >> reporter: that effort to block syrian refugees from coming into this country now moves to the senate. we're told they won't take it up until after the thanksgiving break. tracie potts, nbc news, u)ñ>> texas senator ted cruz is holding a town hall meeting right now in iowa. this is a live look in at briar cliff university. that is not him speaking in sioux city where cruz is about to take questions from students. he's joined today by iowa congressman steve king. congressman steve king endorsed cruz on monday. this morning, convicted spy jonathan pollard is out of prison after nearly 30 years behind bars. pollard was released early this morning from a federal prison in north carolina. he was later spotted at a federal courthouse in manhattan to check in at a probation office. pollard is on parole for at least five years and must remain
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in the u.s. during that time. pollard was arrested in 1985 for providing large amounts of classified information to israel. quite a change from what we saw yesterday. it was raining in the morning, it was raining in the afternoon, it was raining in the evening. we have cooler winds coming in clearing us out setting us up for a chilly weekend. we'll have the latest on the thanksgiving outlook for big travel day and for thanksgiving itself. you can see the flags blowing pretty good. we've got a 10 to 20 miles an hour wind with stronger gusts. right now 16 miles an hour, gusting to 23. it's 54 degrees andehp 13 degr colder than it was at this time yesterday, despite all the sunshine. and only 49 degrees in west chester and in reading at this hour. remember yesterday we were well sgh,?=t 60s at this time and we're only in the mid-50s, even
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toward shore where we also have sunshine. there's that northwest wind. the dry wind but also the chilly one. gusts to 28 miles an hour now in millville, 24 miles an hour in mount pocono. and we'll see gusts like that during the afternoon. we'll also see a bit of wind on sunday. not as much for the beginning of the marathon as later on. temperature on the chilly side. we're going to get clouds to start off with but as we go through the morning we'll see more sunshine and temperatures, well, it will be chilly, 44 degrees at 11:00 a.m. with some wind on top of that. and still pretty chilly for the eagles sunday afternoon. 10 to 20 mile an hour wind could affect the kicking or even passing games and temperatures well below haw average, feelinge about 40 degrees, a lot colder than last weekend's game.
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the dry air has returned and the whole east is dry. it will stay dry for a good while. the temperature doesn't budge very much during the day. if anything it goes down a little bit so it's going to be a cold evening. if you're headed out, you want to take a heavier coat. you won't need any umbrellas, of course. by tomorrow morning, of course, it will be colder but there will be more clouds coming in tomorrow preventing it from being, let's say, in the 20s. but tomorrow afternoon is not really going to be warming up very much, either. there's -- tomorrow afternoon then tomorrow night we've got some clouds increasing, maybe a couple of showers saturday night or first thing on sunday, especially toward the shore, but then we clear out again and set us up for some dry weather early next week. wait until you see that. sunny skies this afternoon, kind of breezy, 10 to 20 miles an hour gusting up as high as 30. and temperatures holding in the mid-50s or even dropping a little bit.
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mid-50s tomorrow after that cold start. we're down in the 30s, below the freezing mark north and west and then a pretty chilly wind on sunday for the eagles. high of only 48 degrees. another chilly day on monday. but then we really warm up and we stay dry all the way through thanksgiving day. >> i like the sound of that, glenn, thank you very much. this is important. it's the season of giving and the american red cross needs you now more than ever. up next, a big push for volunteers. and where the most help is needed this holiday season. later, relationship gone sour? well, if books's new plan. we'll tell you about it to make your breakup a little easier to take.
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the holiday season is upon us from the partees to the preparations to the gift giving there doesn't seem to be a free moment but there are thousands of people in our area who could use your help now more than ever. the red cross is looking for volunteers to give of their time this holiday season. it's my pleasure to welcome in my friend judge renee cardwell-hughes. thank you so much for joining me. >> so good to see you. >> judge hughes is the ceo of the eastern pennsylvania chapter of the american red cross and she's here to tell us about the urgent need for volunteers. urgent. any areas of focus? >> it is urgent. there are actually several areas of focus, keith, as you know because you're with us, we here in the street every single night. there are literally seven to ten
11:25 am
disasters across our region every night and we need volunteers to respond to disasters. but i know that everyone can't do that 2:00 in the morning call. so we also need what we call donor ambassadors. when you go to give blood, the person who greets you to help you fill out the paperwork, that's a volunteer. >> huge. >> it's a great job and a lot of fun. we also need volunteers to help us with our community education programs -- children, seniors, helping them prepare for disasters and our work with veterans, people interested in helping veterans, we have magnificent programs where they can give a -- give back to help a vet. >> of course, next week we have thanksgiving, we have christmas on the way. who tends to need the most help? you mentioned veterans. is there a specific group? >> well, the weather is changing. it's going to get cold. our fires increase when it gets cold. >> people turning on the heaters. >> turning on heaters, doing things that -- they do what they need to do to stay warm but
11:26 am
sometimes that can cause a fire so that's why education volunteers are so important, disaster responders. but what happens at holiday times is sometimes people are sad and so when you come volunteer to help another person it really does lift your mood and whatever your talent is, we can use it. so, for example, if your talent is talking, you can come answer the phones for us because we operate 24/7. literally. we're never closed. so we can use people to answer the phones. we can use people to help us goive if holiday cards to -- at the v.a. where we have veterans who won't get a visitor this entire holiday season. there's so many ways to help. the red ball is coming. you can volunteer to help us plan the red ball. >> which is at lincoln financial field this year which i'm so excited about. >> and you're going to be there, right? >> of course i am! >> we do this together. >> i say it every year, too. when i get on that stage i say there's a couple constants when you go out and i report a story at 11:00 at night, it's usually
11:27 am
a tragedy, you see police, you see firefighters and you see the american red cross, which is amazing, paramedics as well. >> that's our promise, to always be there for you. >> and now we need volunteers. for more information on volunteers or donating to the american red cross. head to our web site or check out the nbc 10 news app. judge renee card welwell-hughes always a pleasure to see you. >> we will dance again. >> we dance every single year. that's enough enticement to go to the red ball. volunteer doerks na volunteer, donate. we follow breaking news overseas. we know at least six americans are among those evacuated following the deadly attack at a hotel in mali. u.n. security forces are now on that scene and we just found out the hostage drama at the hotel appears to be over. the the latest details just into nbc 10 as intelligence officials work to figure out who is behind the brazen attack.
11:28 am
plus, doing anything he could to witness the birth of his baby. we'll tell you why authorities say this new dad went a little too far.
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that breaking news, islamist extremists armed with guns and explosives carried out a deadly attack at a hotel in mali. authorities say they killed three people and took dozens of hostages. just minutes ago we found out all of the hostages were released. islamic authorities say the 10 islamic extremists burst into the radisson blu hotel in mali's capital bamako this morning. they fired guns, threw grenades and witnesses say they were shouting "god is great." here's what we know about it. we just learned there are no more hostages inside that building. that's the latest update. the u.s. military says at least six hostages who have already
11:32 am
been freed are americans. president obama is monitoring the situation. the u.s. embassy in mali is asking americans to shelter in place. there is no word on when that advisory might be lifted. we've been hearing about what happened inside the hotel. one hostage said the attackers allowed him to leave after he recited verse us frs from the k. it's not clear which group is behind the attack but all hostages have been freed. we'll bring you more updates on the air and the nbc 10 app as soon as we get more of them. meanwhile, the death toll has risen from the paris terror attacks. the french prime minister says one more person has died as a result of that bloodshed. that raises the total, unfortunately, to 130 people. the count doesn't include any attackers who died. imams and mosques across turkey spoke out today against isis during traditional friday prayers. they said the paris attacks were
11:33 am
against islam's values. the french senate is expected to vote today to extend the country's state of emergency for three more months. the christmas season naturally is getting off to a somber start in paris. the official celebration that normally mark the lighting of the champs-elysees were canceled. normally, the lights are lit by a celebrity with thousands gathering to savor the sights and tastes of the accompanying christmas market. some said they were disappointed by the decision saying people should carry on as normal. elsewhere, brazilian officials say they'll ensure the safety of the 2016 summer olympic games following last week's terror attack in paris. western governments have been worried about the safety of their athletes and tourists because many believe brazilian authorities are complacent. but police in rio de janeiro are already preparing to deal with any terrorist threats. an elite force participated in a training session just yesterday to learn new techniques for
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containing violent crowds. you'll be able to watch the 2016 summer will olympics, by the way, here on nbc 10. president obama called on young people in southeast asia to reject violent extremism and embrace tolerance. the president made that appeal during a town hall meeting with young leaders in kuala lumpur, malaysia. he asked them to build an interfaith dialogue and combine an appreciation with their own culture and traditions with the modern world. it's sunny and breezy out there today. here's a live look at boat house row in philadelphia just along the schuylkill river. you see the flag there is flying pretty hard. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz now is here with the forecast. hey, glenn. >> keith, we'll show you some other flags blowing pretty hard out there. we have a northwest wind bringing in colder air, bringing in dry air and gusting up to 25 miles an hour at the moment. and perhaps even a little bit
11:35 am
stronger as the afternoon goes on. the temperature not moving up very much. still only 49 degrees in reading and barely into the 50s in pottstown and allentown. mid-50s about the warmest we see and we're 10 to 15 degrees colder than at this time yesterday across much of the area. despite the sunshine. there's the dry air all over the eastern portion of the country. there's some moisture back to the west but that's going to take a while to get here and mostly just in form of clouds. winds gusting up to 25 to 30 miles an hour at the moment across the region. so it's a windy and chilly day, lots of sunshine, temperatures holding steady or even falling a little bit. we'll see how cold it will get this weekend and what's ahead for thanksgiving week with the seven day in a few minutes. a lot of people are hoping for nice weather because happening now preparations are under way for the weekend. philadelphia marathon.
11:36 am
about 30,000 runners are expected to hit the streets nbc 10's monique braxton is live along the ben franklin parkway with the race weekend details. good morning, monique. >> reporter: hey, keith. here at ben franklin parkway at 22nd street is the starting point for those 30,000 runners that you mentioned. we've just gotten word that restaurants across the city are going to be offering carb-loaded meals at a discounted. the philadelphia sports congress also tells us hotels expect to sell out. so we launched skyforce 10 to show you the final preparations under way on the parkway. you can see the medical tents are being set up. metal barricades are in place for on lookers in what's being called the cheering zones and across town comcast, our parent company, will be hosting a free health and fitness expo at the convention center. that begins at noon and runs through saturday. as we show you video from last year, the gortex marathon organizers tell us on saturday
11:37 am
there will be a kids' fun run for ages six to 12. they will run a mile or half mile. also on saturday, an 8k race allows groups of five to run together and compete, including wheelchair athletes and runners or walkers. then on sunday the half marathon and full marathon will go through center city, across the schuylkill river through university city and fairmont park. >> this month, the marathon made the greatest dotcom list of the 17 best marathons for beginners, recognized for its ski scape and green countryside views of philadelphia, its last course, enthusiastic spectators and our on-the-course support for runners. cheer zones. whoo whoo. >> we'll have all the excitement for you online and on the nbc 10 news app. live along the parkway, monique braxton, nbc 10 news.
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>> monique, thank very much. the city of philadelphia stepped up security for the weekend's big marathon. police are setting up secure zones around the start and end points along the ben franklin parkway. you saw some of that in monique's shot. runners and visitors will be thoroughly screened. it takes grit and determination to go the distance in the 26.2 mile marathon. there's many inspirational stories to go along with the runners, including a father and son team from south jersey. they told nbc 10's matt delucia it's not about how they get from start to finish but that they do it together their own way:. >> reporter: the medals hanging on josh goldstein's wall are proof that he takes running seriously. >> it's unbelievable. >> reporter: his father dave is just as serious and proud. >> training is tough but it's worth it. >> reporter: the only
11:39 am
difference? dave uses his legs while josh cannot. >> i thought, you know, why should josh be on the sideline watching in when he can be included in the runs, too? >> reporter: josh has been disabled since birth and 20 years later he finds pure happiness in getting to ride with others who run. >> zwrosh is josh is my hero. he's lived a rough life and had it hard at the beginning but he smiles like this 24/7. he's always happy. anything that's wrong with me or goes wrong how can i complain when he deals with what he deals with? so i just draw off his happiness and it inspires me. >> reporter: and never one to back down from a challenge, this army veteran bought a special racing chariot. he hadded a little eagles green
11:40 am
and the rest comes naturally. >> when he h he's on the race c, he's happy, the runners are high fiving him and fist pumping him. people are so motivated by seeing him on the course so it makes me proud to have him with me and be a team. >> reporter: mad delucia, nbc 10 news. >> an incredible team right there. we wish them both good luck. in the meantime, the naacp is arguinge organizing a vigil protests in minneapolis. people who are angry with police surround add police station after an officer killed an unarmed black man. yesterday the head of the minneapolis naacp joined protesters demanding police release videos of the altercation that led up to the shooting. we want to tell you about that story, too. a new dad in utah faces charges for allegedly calling in a bomb
11:41 am
threat so he wouldn't miss the birth of his child. prosecutors say michael sherman was in idaho in september and he wanted enough time drive back to the utah medical center where his wife was having a c-section so they say sherman called the hospital with a threat. the hospital then was immediately evacuated and patients were taken to another facility 30 miles away. officials say it was a major problem for staff and for those being treated. >> we had one that was already under anesthesia. we hadn't started the procedure joet th yet so that one we stopped, we interrupted, woke them up and sent them home. >> reporter: sherman faces up to ten years in federal prison if he's convicted. [ cheers and applause ] new video into nbc 10. look at that on looker's capture. a daring rescue as a kayaker fell out of his boat wile racing
11:42 am
down rushing rapids in north carolina. here it is again. falls out of the boat, daring rescue. you see a volunteer leap into the water, vault over the kayak and grab on to the helpless boater. another person pulls the pair on to the river bank. the kayaker suffered broken bones but is safe and is on the mend. just before the holiday, eating begins. we have a new way to shed those unwanted pounds. you'll want to stay tuned to that. we'll give you the skinny on the procedure that helps you slim down without surgery, pain, or down time. but does it really do the jock? get ready for this colder weather after a very warm month. i'm tracking plunging temperatures for the weekend and i'll let you know how cold it will get just ahead.
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here's another reason why it's good to learn a second language. being bilingual could protect your brain during stroke. a new study found people who speak at least two languages are twice as likely to have normal cognitive function after stroke compared to patients who only speak a single language. one researcher says the study suggests pursuing intellectually stimulating activities over a long period of time can protect people from damage brought on by a stroke. beauty technicians in texas claim a new laser procedure can help you shed unwanted fat. nbc's haley hernandez shows us how it works. >> reporter: rhonda is the
11:46 am
mother of three teens and says -- >> the pounds coming off doesn't happen the way it used to. >> reporter: just now offered in the states, london and other major cities in the uk have been swearing by the strawberry laser for years. >> you can see it immediately. i did my and men abdomen. it's very comfortable treatment. some are very uncomfortable and expensive. this is not. you see results right away and you can't to lose for up to three days. >> reporter: as a non-invasive treatment, any technician or aesthetician can use the machine. >> very simple. the paddles, a few directions and you're ready to go. >> reporter: it seems like losing weight is never that easy but here's how she says it works. >> the fat cell is penetrated immediately within six minutes of the beginning of your treatment so you have two sessions of ten minutes on each area. then it's leaked into the lymphatic system. >> reporter: while it's true the lymph nodes are responsible for moving fluids in our body, the theory on whether laser cans
11:47 am
force fat to move through the lymphatic system isn't proven, although the safety of this product has been approved by the food and drug administration. >> i feels like an electric blanket on low. >> reporter: they say the key to working out is drinking water and moving. and with this session from our model -- >> 33 to 32. 36.25. >> reporter: it worked. >> i lost six and a half inches in 20 minutes. >> wow. that was nbc's haley hernandez reporting. the fda only approves the use of the laser eight times in one area. beauty technicians say they have people come in eight times for their stomach and then move on to other areas like their thighs or aarms. have you ever had a breakup and your ex's pictures keep popping up on your facebook news feed? protection could be coming to spare you any extra heartache. the social network is working to
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help people deal with the pain of a broking relationship. it's testing a new feature that prevents users from constantly seeing their ex's posts and pictures in their news feed without necessarily having to unfriend them. doughnuts on demand. we'll tell you about the story of people losing weight and now we tell you doughnuts on demand. dunkin' donuts is partnering with a company to test delivery in the dallas area this week. we're staying in texas for these stories, folks. customers can order through an app. the trial will expand to test in other cities. not in philadelphia. the company is testing on-the-go ordering that would allow customers to go ahead for pickup at the store. rival starbucks already offers on-the-go ordering at over 7,000 stores. the new "star wars" movie doesn't open for almost a month but it's already set to smash box office records. analysts expect "the force awakens" to rake in -- listen to
11:49 am
this -- at least $200 million in its opening weekend, possibly topping "jurassic park's" $208.8 million debut this year. last month, fandango said it sold eight times as many pre-sale tickets for "star wars." as for the previous record holder, "the hunger games," no movie has ever made $100 million in its opening weekend during the month of september. speaking of which, the christmas village opens in philadelphia's love park this beak end. it will be open saturday and sunday and then close for a few days before it reopens on thanksgiving. after that it stays open through december 27. we've got a forecast that's going to be pretty good for outdoor activities for a good while. you just have to dress properly and you'll be okay. we've got colder winds coming in
11:50 am
here. a chilly weekend. we'll have the outlook all the way to thanksgiving and even to black friday. clear skies right now, a lot of blue in the skies, way different than yesterday. 54 degrees. we've got winds of 16 gusting to 23 miles an hour. these are northwest winds and they are pretty strong. these are sustained winds 16 miles an hour in philadelphia. 17 in dovero. that's keeping the colder air in here. 49 in reading right now and in coatesville 47 in lancaster. 53 in trenton wilmington 52 in washington township, 55 in wrightstown and the land breeze is 56 in beach haven. it won't be even that warm as we head into the weekend. sunday with the marathon it will
11:51 am
be chilly and perhaps fairly cro crowdy and as we go through the morning, maybe seeing more sunshine, still quite chilly, a bit of a wind, too, 10, 15 miles an hour there. by the time the eagles get to play, the wind may be stronger even, 10 to 20 miles an hour. temperatures well below average and the wind could potentially affect the kicking game, maybe even the passing games and definitely a colder game than what we saw last weekend. we have dry weather that will stay dry. watch what happens with that system to the west. it brings a few clouds in here as we go go into saturday night. maybe a couple showers saturday night and then the whole thing just fall ace part as we go into sunday. so just to give you an idea of
11:52 am
what we're looking at, this is a computer model giving expected rainfall all the way into black friday. the total amount of rain, zero. so we're talking about a dry weather pattern overall. it's going to start off kind of cold as we go through the weekend but then just as we get towards thanksgiving it gets a little warmer so we'll end november pretty warm. sunny skies, breezy, temperatures into the mid-50s which is right around average for this time of the year. same thing tomorrow for the cold start, colder than it's been and a cold wind on sunday for the eagles game, highs only in the 40s. 40s on monday. but each day it gets a little warmer. by wednesday back to the normal temperatures, 54. and by thanksgiving day and black friday it looks like 60 plus. we'll be right back.
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is . i want to tell you about a big honor for a member of our nbc 10 team. tracy davidson will be inducted into the broadcast pioneers hall of fame. she'll receive the honor at the organization's 50th annual banquet tonight.
11:56 am
i'd like to offer sincere con trats s grats to my former co-anchor. coming up, ellen sits down spangler drops by with his "cbs evening news" experiences ever. then i'll see you on nbc 10 at 4:00. talk about dedication, the important task that couldn't wait while this woman was in labor. that's this afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00. to an update on our breaking news, we've learned 18 bodies have been found inside the hotel in mali where islamist extremists gunmen took hostage this is morning. there are no more hostages inside the radisson blu hotel in mali's capital bamako. the gunman initially took about 170 people hostage. six of those hostages were american and they were freed. we'll have much more on the deadly attack on nbc 10 this afternoon and on the nbc 10 news app. let's get to our weather. no rain but colder this weekend, glenn, right? >> a chilly weekend and then it
11:57 am
will get warmer everyday next week. >> looking forward to that. thank you for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm keith jones. have a great day.
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>> caroline: hmm. well, you know, it was such a nice thing that you did for your parents. >> ciara: yeah. i was hoping that the party would cheer them up, but they still seem just so sad. >> caroline: darling, it's gonna take time, you know? ah, would you like me to stay with you till they get home tonight? >> ciara: i'm a big girl grandma. thank you, though. >> caroline: oh, okay. hmm. >> ciara: who's pretty creeped out about being here alone. >> caroline: oh. >> ciara: i can't wait till we move. do you think that things will ever be normal for us again? >> steve: now, you listen to me. you're gonna fight this thing, and you're gonna beat it, you hear me? >> bo: yeah, okay.


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