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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 5am  NBC  November 21, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EST

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nbc so news starts now. right now, security concerns on a flight with new jersey governor, chris christie, why authorities detained another passenger. it is marathon weekend in philadelphia, and there's extra security in place for today's events and tomorrow's big race. here a look at ben franklin parkway where it's happening. we have a live report. >> jacket and glefs, it's a cold start, breezy out there, and this chill will be with us for a little while, but there is a warmup in the first alert forecast. we have details on that. this is nbc 10 news today, i'm
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rosemary connors. brittney shipp is tracking the frigid weather. >> neighborhoods are in the 30s, philadelphia in the 40s, cold compared to what we saw yesterday. so that's always a way to put it in perspective. here's a closer look at the big temperature change. you'll feel the difference when you step outside this morning. we're down 22 degrees in millville, 12 in the poconos, and down 14 degrees in trenton. 36 in quakertown, and we're at 36 in coatesville, and 43 in philadelphia. mount holly, temperatures at 38 degrees. you can see the cold air is blowing in from the northeast. we're at 34 degrees currently in dover. eight hour city planner, sun comes up at 6:52 today,
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temperatures at 10:00 a.m. at 47. closer to average, but colder tomorrow. details on that and track your tailgating forecast, cooler temperatures expected, but a warmup is on the way for us. going over all the details in >> thank you. this morning, new jersey governor and presidential candidate is in boston after a security incident. travelers capture the this picture of him sitting at san francisco international airport after a passenger was pulled from the lane before takeoff for taking photos of the flight crew. police made no arrests, but passengers got off the plane and went through security again before being allowed to get back on. this comes in a week when two flights diverted after threats. passengers understand why safety officials did not take any chances in this case. >> i think it's a little strange for them just take pictures at the flight crew, but at the same time, everyone heightened
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awareness of what happened in paris, i don't blame them. >> christrie's spokesperson say the governor did not interact with the passenger who did not pose a threat. now to the terror in mali. one american woman was among thosed killed in the attack in the hotel with ties to our region. that victim was anita detar, living in the washington, d.c. area, raised in new jersey, and graduated from rutgers university. the attack started yesterday morning. extremists stormed the raddison blu hotel in mali, took 170 hostage, and released those who proved they were muslim. al qaeda linked group claimed responsibility for the attack. belgium raised the threat level in brussels to the highest
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level, level 4 meaning severe and close. in the last few days, there's been numerous raids linked to the deadly attacks in paris. on that front, investigators found a third body in one of the raids at an apartment in saint denis, france. these are new photos from the raid. authorities say the body is a woman. one of the others kill in the raid is a suspected master mind of those terrorist attacks one week ago. the terrorist attacks have people in our area calling for unity and peace with our allies in france and with our neighbors here at home. a large group gathered and lit kand candles last night, joining the people to show support, and many in the group support allowing syria refugees to resettle in pennsylvania. organizers say amid a time of fear and worry, it's important to stand up for families freeing
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families from terror in their homeland. >> to come together of loving our neighbors. >> we cannot fix the world, but it starts with fixing yourself, your neighborhood, and the community. >> on thursday, congress voted to increase scrutiny as syria refugees coming into america because of concerns that terrorist suspects might slip through the cracks. because of what happened in paris, there's tighter security for the philadelphia marathon this weekend. this is a live look at the ben franklin parkway, providing the starting and finish line for sunday's race. there's two events here today. right now, the interlanes of the parkway are closed and lined with barricades. nbc 10 is live on the parkway this morning with details about the security and more on what's happening today. good morning. >> reporter: hey, rosemary, this is 22nd and the parkway.
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i have seen counterterrorism making their routine checks. the elite swat team of philadelphia police is here. look at the barricades over the shoulder. now, this is to keep the 60,000 spectators expected here back in the cheering area. now, today, the race starts at 10:30 where groups of five or more runners, wheelchair athletes, and walkers are participating. across town, comcast, our parent group, hosts a free health and fitness expo convention center. we stopped by to talk about the athletes around the word eager to accomplish their personal best. >> you can run this anywhere, but, honestly, it's the spirit of the race that brings me back. >> reporter: now, we're also showing you the first aid center just set up, where everybody's
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where the balloons are. a lot of wheelchair athletes are expected to participate. you'll hear from one of them in the next half hour. i was told by philadelphia sports congress that they expect hotels to be at capacity tonight. live along the parkway, nbc 10 news. >> thanks for filling us in. as always, there's going to be some traffic issues because of the marathon where you saw her standing. interlanes of the parkway are shut down. nbc 10 breaks down everything you need to know for today and for tomorrow. >> reporter: now, the philadelphia marathon is causing traffic problems all weekend, but we will start with today. saturday, from 4:00 a.m. this morning until 2:00 p.m. later on this afternoon, closures between 18th and 25th street, parts of the parkway and mlk drive and logan circle. tomorrow, watch between 18th and 25th street for closures until 4:00 p.m. there's ramp closures after 4:00
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a.m. from westbound 22nd street, eastbound to 23rd, and possibly a closure for 15th and broad street exits. they may also close so watch for that. rolling closures all weekend which means they will close as runners run through and open back up when they are passed by the area. no parking zones in effect all the way until sunday night. next, more fallout for bill cosby. another takes action in the wake of the sexual assault actions against the comedian. later, nbc 10 investigators find personal identity information on government websites waiting for someone to steal. what they are getting officials to do about it. come on in pop pop.
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mix of sun, clouds right now, and clear skies. we'll see lots of sun and clouds move in as we go throughout the day. temperature-wise, 32 degrees in the poconos, low 30s in allentown, and 34 in pottstown, and 34 in dover. big difference this morning versus yesterday morning. temperatures are down anywhere between 15-20 degrees. our city planner shows that we're at 41 -- will be by 7:00 a.m., but 10:00 a.m., 47, and 1:00 p.m., 53 degrees, the high today. in philadelphia. expect a chilly day, but close to average. now, on sunday, the marathon is happening by 6:00 a.m., that's your warmup, 39 degrees, and then as we head into 7:00 a.m., your start time, 40 degrees. into the second half, as you finish up by 9:00 a.m., 41 degrees, and by 11 a.m., our temperatures will be at 44 degrees. it's going to be a chilly marathon tomorrow. i'll go over all the details and
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what else to expect and when we warm upcoming up in the seven day forecast. new from overnight, two people treated for minor injuries after a crash in philadelphia's lawncrest neighborhood. police say a car and suv collided at adams avenue at 12:30 this morning. authorities are trying to figure out what led up to this accident. a university of delaware professor is now charged with stalking another school employee, william harris, an associate professor of economics at delaware. police say he tried several times to damage the tires, pop the tires of a fellow employee in a school parking garage. according to the university, harris and victim did not work in the same department. harris is out on bail and on leave from the school. philadelphia's central high school has removed bill cosby from the wall of fame. cosby attended central for part of the freshman year. nth last year, dozens of women accused him of molesting them
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decades ago. cosby denied the allegations, never been charged with the crime, and several schools across the country, though, resended degrees begin to the comedian following the allegations. about quarter after 5:00 on saturday, having your identity stolen is scary enough. >> they know my social? >> yes. >> i don't like it. >> yeah, well, what if the government made it easier for thieves to pull off the crime? the nbc 10 investigators found that, and now they are getting officials to make changes to keep your identity safe next.
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you may not realize if, but your social security number may be online for anybody to see. pennsylvania practically handing out the information by the thousands. we explain why it could be a real opportunity for identity thieves. >> with the information we found
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on one county website, an identity thief it a birthday away from getting the cord. >> does that number mean anything to you. >> that number there? >> yeah. >> that's my social security number. >> one after another. >> that's a social security number. >> from upper d a, rby to wayne. >> crazy everything's out there. >> residents have the same reaction. >> somebody can find out my social? >> yes. >> i don't like it. >> we found hundreds of socials online after a viewer e-mailed us. >> you know, everything you need for someone's identity. >> ryan fitzpatrick called the investigators when he says delaware county gave him the run around, finding his address, and social security number posted on the website. we're not disclosing the site in order to protect the information. >> i feel it needs corrected. i don't want them stealing my identity.
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>> at first, officials were reluctant to speak on camera, did not want to call attention to the information, but now because of our investigation, the county is changing how they display social security numbers. >> we can alter images on the internet, and thank you for bringing this to our attention. >> the county is going to redact socials soon and says delaware county should not be blamed for posting them. >> blaming the people who gave you the documents? >> correct. >> who is that? >> in this case, it's the department of revenue. >> documents came from the state department of revenue here in harrisburg. no one from the department would answer our questions on camera. a spokesperson did e-mail us to say that the department decided in june to stop using full social security numbers, but we found dozens of them on documents filed by the state ígaugust. when we asked the spokesman about the discrepancy, he said the decision was made in june, but not implemented until
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recently. he could not tell us how recently. in most cases, posting a social security is illegal in the commonwealth. one of the only exceptions is when they are part of court filings. >> we really need to be more careful how we handle people's personal, private information. >> state representative margo davidson says it's individual county's responsibility. in april, she introduced a bill to make local governments liable for damage to someone's r reputati reputation. >> there needs to be a punishment if they refuse. >> we didn't put it out there. commonwealth put it out there. >> delaware county leaders point to the state, those with personal information online for anyone to find -- >> it's scary, very scary. >> don't care who takes it down as long as they do it soon. search your name on your county court website, you'll be able to see what information is publicly available. you can then ask the county to remove or redact it. for the investigatorinvestigato
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blacher, nbc 10 news. happening this weekend, all new made in philadelphia holiday markets opens in the park, and we got a sneak peek as vendors prepared earlier this week. local artists, designers, and candy makers showcase their work along the ice rink. the made in philadelphia holiday market opens today and runs through december 27th. the market was designed to compliment the christmas village. german's christmas market opens today and tomorrow for preview and officially opens november 26th that runs through december 27th. now y first alert weather with brittney shipp. >> good morning. a live look outside right now. one of the flags blowing on top of the air mark building. we'll sbreezy conditions today. winds pick up as we head into tomorrow as well.
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that's a cold and windy sunday on tap for you, but to kick off the weekend, there is a cold start to the morning. we saw cooler air move in. there's a secondary cold front tomorrow. that's also going to drop our temperatures more. that's going to set us up for a chilly eagles' tailgating forecast, but good news is, i am tracking warmer conditions closer to thanksgiving. there's a live look outside right now from philadelphia. 43 degrees, seeing just a few clouds moving in, a mix of sun and clouds as we head into the rest of today as well. winds from the north at 12 himis per hour. it feels like 37. it's a cold start, colder than what we've seen in the last couple days. temperature-wise, freezing in the poconos, and 32 in allentown, same in red iading. 39 in atlantic city, and temperatures in mount holly at 38. how much colder it is this morning than what we saw
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yesterday. we are down 16 degrees in mount holly, 14 degrees in trenton, and down 22 degrees in millville. the feels like temperature throughout the region in the 30s, feeling like 37 in philadelphia, 33 in millville, and feels like 27 degrees as you step outside in dover. our satellite radar shot shows there's a few clouds moving in from the west. we do want to show you this little system right here that's producing snow for chicago and rain for places like st. louis. there's a cold front associated with the system that continues to work its way towards us tonight. tomorrow morning and throughout the day tomorrow, it's going to be a cold and windy day. again, that's going to affect your tailgating forecast if you plan to go out to the game. temperatures around your tailgating party, 45, and kinds sustained at 10-20 miles per hour. peoples like 40 degrees even in the fourth quarter. the actual temperature will be
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49. as far as today's concerned, temperatures ranging between 51-54 degrees, mix of sun, clouds, and definitely a chilly start to the weekend. your seven day forecast shows we dropped a few degrees with the next cold front passing through, and then as we head into next week, our temperatures starts to recover, just in time for thanksgiving. >> you heard her talk about the eagles, yep, hosting the bucks tomorrow, but the birds are without two key players. how they are compensating coming up in sports. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
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so this is a plea to anyone looking for a pet. kennels are full at the animal care and control team base in philadelphia. this week, they are trying to get all the dogs adopted. act filly is waiving fees for large breed adult dogs today and tomorrow. they are cut in half for all other dogs and puppies.
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interested? the kennels are in huntington park in north phillie. coming up in our 8:30 show, act pr will bring in a cat. more on that later. sunday, 1:00 in lincoln financial field, eagles miss bradford and matthews ruled out for the game. bradford suffered concussion and injured the shoulder taking this hit in the third quarter, and mark sanchez starts, and despite the issues, he feels ready to take over. >> any time you get reps in the justify season, you know, all during otas, preseason training camp, all that, you know, every experience, every repetition can only help your knowledge and your grasp of the offense, so i feel good with it. i feel comfortable, and be ready
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to go. >> hey, be sure to join us tomorrow for eagles game day kickoff, a look at the offense with mark sanchez at the helm and johnson's breakout season. a love story more than a half century in the making with eagles football. that's kickoff sunday at 10:00 a.m. only on nbc 10. 76ers in charlotte, hornets stung them for the 13th straight loss. sloppy start. covington throws it into the front row, and a few rows better the next time. brett brown, unhappy campers after this loss. t.j. a slam for the floater own jefferson with 26 to lead all scorers. 116-88. 11th ranked villanova dogging at the pavilion. enough of that. sets up daniel who, for the two handed flush, and villanova
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winsle 6-51. the puerto rico kickoff, beautiful scene there. lane open up, a game high of 24, and butler, too tough when it mattered most. louis with the easy deuce. owls fall 74-69. that is your look at sports, i'm danny pommells from comcast sports net. marathon weekend is here in philadelphia. we have you covered from traffic to security. we are live along the ben franklin parkway in philadelphia. >> reporter: hi, rosemary, and in just a couple minutes, security will get underway as you can see. philadelphia police departments, the swat team arrived to participate. highway patrol is behind them, and counterterrorism is just around the corner. we'll have that for you after the break. i'm tracking a cold start to the morning, a bit of a wind chill. if you're headed out the house soon, definitely need your
5:28 am
jacket, and temperatures will be slightly below average today, and tomorrow and even back to work. but i'm tracking a warming trend. all the details in the seven day forecast.
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again, stiffening our resolve to meet the challenge. >> tough talk from president obama following the latest terrorist attack at a hotel in
5:30 am
mali. more reaction and update on the investigation. here at home, it's a big weekend. thousands of runners hit the pavement in the philadelphia marathon tomorrow. today, there's plenty of events on the ben franklin parkway so there's stepped up security. we are live with a preview. your first reaction this morning may be similar to mine, brr, the mercury took a dip. how cold? well, winter coat cold. you need hat and gloves as well. details on the big chill coming up in the first alert forecast. good morning, welcome back to nbc 10 news today, i'm rosemary connors, 5:30 on saturday. let's met more on the weekend weather. >> we have a few places at freezing or below freezing. temperatures are warmer in philadelphia, but it's cold, especially because we're seeing breezy conditions this morning. a bit of a wind chill. closer look


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