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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  November 21, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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6:00 an imminent threat of paris like terror in brussels tonight, the city is shut down and people are being warned away from the airport. we're live at philadelphia international where passengers from brussels just arrived. and in the wake of the paris terror attacks philadelphia police are on heightened alert. the philadelphia marathon is just hours away. geechk i the marathon will close roads across center city with 30,000 runners and nearly twice as many spectators the biggest foot race of the year puts philadelphia on ant international stage. nbc 10's george spencer has been tracking the city's marathon prep all week long.
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george, it all starts early tomorrow morning. >> reporter: many of the road restrictions actually take effect overnight and then the race kicks off from this area of the parkway right at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. you can see the barricades are up, the warming blankets are ready to go as people from around the world descend on philly. at the starting horn early in morning runners stepped off for the first race of the weekend, a preview of tomorrow's main event. and this afternoon we found the marathon crowds enjoining philly's attractions like bev at the holiday market outside city hall. >> we love coming here, seeing city hall, the scaffolding is down, it's so beautiful. >> reporter: the philadelphia marathon has become a signature event for the city, now ten times the size it was when it started 22 years ago. visitors like the shae family from syracuse are walking our streets and enjoining the sounds
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and the sites. >> philly is a lot bigger, definitely. >> different than syracuse, new york, huh? >> yes. yes. it's a lot different. a lot more music, too. >> reporter: law enforcement will be on heightened alert along the course tomorrow but we are told there is no known threat. the mayor says it's a chance for worldwide visitors to see and enjoy the city. >> to reemphasize the point philadelphia is a big city that does big events well. >> reporter: this group of eight canteen runners have attest that popularity is spreading. >> our friend did it, it came highly recommended.avo cf1 o it's a beautiful city and a great time of year to run. >> reporter: for marathon families like this one from montreal a photo at the rocky statue is only one on leis of must sees. >> we are going to go see the liberty bell and run around the city. >> reporter: you're doing all the highlights? >> yes. obviously, yes. >> reporter: now, this core race zone along the parkway will be
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secured tomorrow with screenings from everyone coming in, but the race will not be delayed even if those screening lines are lengthy so arrive early. we are live tonight along the parkway, i'm george spencer, nbc 10 news. and tonight the belgium capital of brussels is on lock down as the government there warns of an imminent possibility of a paris style terror attack. the city shut down its metro system today, soccer games are canceled and people are being warned to stay away from public places like shopping malls and airports. still a flight from brussels did arrive at philadelphia international airport this afternoon. that's where we find nbc 10's drew smith. drew, what did passengers there tell you? >> reporter: many of them are happy to be home and they described how this tense interruption to their vacation or travel plans did affect them. they watched last night as this busy european city turned into a military zone. teams of soldiers and police armed with long guns are now
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walking the cobblestone streets of brussels, seeming to outnumber the regular people there. >> it was panic in downtown. people didn't know what to do. everybody had to take a strand. you were stranded. >> reporter: annie arrived back today after visiting family at belgium. she was at a restaurant when the terror alert moved to its highest possible level. >> it is a serious and imminent threat. >> reporter: the government is warning of a paris style bomb and gun attack from the streets to the airport, they're taking no chances. >> a lot of police, a lot of security, extra security, normally it's easy to go through, but now there are longer lines. >> reporter: the threat forced the closure of the entire subway system and we are told the hotel staff warned guest toss stay in their rooms. >> normally on a friday night the streets would be crowded, it would be covered with people, but last night tlurn guards walking around and it was a high alert atmosphere. >> reporter: this is happening as the last surviving known terrorist linked to the paris attacks remains at large,
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believed to be hiding in belgium. >> i was shocked chblt i was really shocked. yeah. i never expected that, that that could happen in belgium. >> reporter: now, another flight departs here from philadelphia direct to brussels, it leaves in 45 minutes, it's on time and that depose to show you that even though the subway may be closed, the airport is operating and accepting inbound flights. live in philadelphia international airport i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. security forces are still looking for more than three suspects in the deadly attack at a hotel in mali. a security guard and witnesses say the islamic extremist timed the result for the moment when guards would be the most lacks. now, one american was killed in the attack, anita datar, she lived in the washington, d.c. area, but she was raised in new jersey and graduated from rutgers university. hillary clinton knew datar personally through one of her policy advisors in the senate. donald trump is taking on the issue of syrian refugees.
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he was at a rally in birmingham, alabama, today. trump says he want3>;f to send the syrian refugees out of the country and make them reenter through a data base. >> i do want surveillance. i will absolutely take data base on the people coming in from syria if we can't stop it, but we are going to. >> trump also says he wants to put surveillance on all mosques. the debate over refugees continues to heat up and today some refugees who have found a new home in our area got their first taste of an american tradition. thanksgiving came early for about 200 people, the nationality services center hosted its 11th annual thanksgiving celebration in center city. staff, volunteers and board members served a traditional thanksgiving feast to hundreds of guests and many of them fled extreme violence and oppression in their home countries. this was their first thanksgiving since resettling in
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the u.s. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather. turning now to our weather, chilly tailgate temperatures today for temple football fans outside lincoln financial field and it will be even colder tomorrow for the eagles tailgaters. let's go to meteorologist brittany schiff. >> our wind speeds will pick up as we head into tomorrow. it is going to be a windy start to our sunday and that's going to affect our marathon runners. a closer look at our temperatures, 37 degrees in the poconos, we are at 47 in all allento allentown, 50 degrees in philadelphia, 50s in wilmington. today's high only 56 degrees so that was a drop for us, but closer to average so it's a typical november day out there. your city planner shows that as we go into the rest of tonight 48 degrees by 8:00 p.m., by 11:00 p.m. 49 degrees, so definitely bring your jacket with you. satellite radar shot shows we are seeing a few clouds, we will see a bit more sunshine as we
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head into tomorrow but we will start off with those clouds at first. we are tracking this system. we have a cold front associated with this system so we are going to see our wind speeds picking up and that's where we are going to get our colder temperatures as we head into tomorrow. right around the time the marathon starts at 7:00 a.m. we will see wind gusts closer to 25 miles per hour so all the runners should keep that in mind. a closer look at your marathon forecast, by can have a.m. as we're starting to warm up temperatures only at 39 degrees. we are going to see those gusty wind speeds. by 7:00 a.m. temperatures push into the 40s. 9:00 a.m., 41 degrees, 11:00 a.m. 44 as some folks are probably winding down on the marathon. i am going to track how cold we'll get for your tailgating forecast and a warmer thanksgiving in store. i will go over the details on that coming up. from our south jersey bureau police are investigating the home invasion of an elderly woman at a salem county trailer park. investigators say a masked intruder broke into the 81-year-old woman's home at the white oaks trailer park in
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penville about 1:00 this morning. police say the man forced the woman out of bed and demanded cash and jewelry. she was not physically hurt. coming up next on nbc 10, a new meaning to the term thanksgiving get away. a lot of turkey on the loose this afternoon at a philadelphia market. we will get the story next. . and we are just five days from thanksgiving but it's already feeling a lot like christmas in center city. we will take you to the christmas village that's coming up.
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well, it's almost thanksgiving and this turkey is on the run. check out these photos of a wild turkey outside a northeast philadelphia shopping center this afternoon. the bird may have been checking out the black friday deals at grant plaza. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal just talked to a police officer on
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the scene who said he never saw the bird so it's not clear where the turkey came from or where it went. it's beginning to look a lot like christmas in center city. the christmas village opened today at love park. the open air market features gifts, crafts and fun for more than 60 vendors. shoppers can enjoy the outdoors while picking up holiday gifts. this is the first year the christmas village is open before thanksgiving. it's opened for a preview weekend today and tomorrow. it officially opens thanksgiving day and runs through december 27th. up next on nbc 10, a mistake may have just saved a new jersey woman's life. we will tell how a misplaced ad connected her to a kidney. brittany. and we did see a cold start to your weekend, i'm tracking even colder weather as we head into sunday plus our wind speeds are going to kick up. i will let you know what's in store in my seven-day forecast.
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a south jersey man is giving a gift this holiday season that most people would never dream of giving. he is donating a kidney to a complete stranger and it's all thanks to a misplaced craigslist ad. glen colder bank went on craigslist looking for building materials and saw an ad that had been placed in the wrong session. nina needed a kidney. he lost his first wife to kidney failure several years ago. he was not a match for her but he did match seria. the surgery is set for december 1st. we will have more on their incredible story tonight at 11:00. we will following a developing story out of chicago, one person was injured when a fire broke out at one of the city's tallest skyscrapers. authorities say the fire at the john hancock center has been put out. flames and thick smoke poured out of an east side window on the 50th floor.
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officials are still looking into the cause. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittany schiff. >> oh, it's that time of year again. people are pulling out their shovels and firing up snow blowers across parts of iowa, wisconsin, illinois and indiana. the first significant snowstorm of the season is creating hazardous travel conditions, it's already delayed hundreds of flights and more than a foot of snow covered several towns in northern iowa and part of that system, not the precipitation from that system, but some of the cold air from that system is going to head our way and that's what's going to help drop our temperatures down. here is a closer look at your headlines, as we head into tomorrow we are going to see another chilly day, i'm tracking dry conditions, so a dry stretch for us, warmer days are on tap as we get closer to thanksgiving. if you want your holidays a little more on the mild side that is in your forecast. for philadelphia we are at 50 degrees right now, our wind speeds are breezy out of the east-southeast at 11 miles per
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hour, not dealing with the windchill tonight, that will not be the case as we head into tomorrow. temperaturewise we are at 47 degrees in allentown, 43 trenton, 45 degrees in moupt holly, temperatures in atlantic city at 49 currently. it was a pretty cold start to your weekend although temperatures were close to average, which is 54 degrees for this time of year. we have a few clouds hanging out, we will see a cloudy start to the morning and then more sunshine as we get into sunday afternoon, but here is the system, we saw the video with the snowfall there, you can see it's on its move here moving closer to us. now, what we'll see is a few scattered showers into our overnight hours associated with this system. on the back end a little bit of lake-effect snow. we don't effect this lake-effect snow to reach us but there is a possibility we could see a few flurries moving into parts of the poconos on monday morning. here is the cold front it slides through tonight and early into sunday, behind it we will see the cold air moving in from the northwest.
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we will see a cold and windy day and we head into most of your sunday. we have lots of visitors in town for the marathon, tailgaters, keep that in mind as you're making your plans. cold and windy on sunday. 8 a.m. expect windsqg gusting to 25. as we get into the afternoon as you are leaving the eagles game it's still going to be breezy and windy out there. our feels like temperature will be closer to 40 degrees, our actual high tomorrow will be around 51. we will stay in the 40s, 48 degrees in allentown and low 40s for of the poconos. your eagles forecast, kick off at 1:00 p.m. those wind speeds sustained x miles per hour, so our temperature at 47, let's take a look at the fourth quarter, our high is 49 but the feels like temperature will be right around 40. i mentioned we will start off with a few clouds and you will see gradually we will switch to more sunshine. just a little bit on the cold side. as far as tonight is concerned cloudy with a stray shower from
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that approaching cold front. 42 degrees philadelphia, 46 suburbs north and west. tomorrow clouds to sun, windy conditions throughout the day, our temperatures will be colder than what we saw today ranging between 48 and 51 degrees. seven-day forecast shows even colder air is on its way heading into monday we stay nice and dry. we warm things up just in time for thanksgiving on thursday. the comcast health and fitness expo brought athletes and their families to the pennsylvania convention center today. vendors showcased the newest running, clothes, shoes and accessories. there were product samples and expert advice on health and fitness. a great place to head before the philadelphia marathon. >> it is race weekend in philadelphia. the marathon is tomorrow but today racers stepped off for an 8 k. the race stepped off from the ben franklin parkway around 7:30 this morning. the 8 k is for groups of five or more runners and wheelchair
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athletes. supporting including michael nutter lined the route to chair on the runners. the first woman to cross the finish line is from right here in south jersey. >> i am a professional runner, this is what i do, train for events like this and hopefully get a chance to represent the u.s. >> of course, the big day is tomorrow, 30,000 runners will race in the philadelphia marathon. but as you can see it's not all about the adults this weekend, the kids fun run took off at 10:30 this morning along the parkway, the young runners could go either half a mile or a whole mile and the smaller athletes showed they really could go the distance. go to nbc for everything you need to know about tomorrow's marathon and to track all those race road closures andersen ter city. up next in sports we will hear from mark sanchez, he will make his first start of the season for the eagles against the buccaneers.
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they would like to put last week's defeat behind them. highlights are on the way.
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time to check in for a look at what's coming up on "nbc nightly news." >> coming up tonight keir simmons is on the ground in mali and has an interview with an american trapped inside the hotel while under siege by an al qaeda linked group. plus brussels raises it's terror threat to the highest level. also 22 million people in the midwest are under advisories or warnings due to snow. >> the middle school principle going toe to toe with his fifth graders on the viola. back to you. thanks.
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josé. sam bradford is on the shelf nursing a concussion and a shoulder injury so mark sanchez will make his first start of the season for the birds sunday and faces a bucks defense ranked in the top ten in the nfl. >> i think they are one of the best we've seen, those two linebackers inside are tough, man, and mccoy is no slouch. he is a heck of a player. i think their secondary, i think, is playing really well for them and we faced him in dallas. he has a good comfort level with us, that's another guy to look out for. >> as for tampa bay's qb jameis winston has gotten better. he threw seven picks in the first four games and last just two since but they both came last week. the eagles say they need to get to him early.
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>> i think he can take care of the ball but i don't think he has been hit enough. if you hit any quarterback you shake them up and they start to get frustrated, they start doing crazy stuff. >> for us we've just got to make sure we get him down, no matter how you look at it. that's what we kind of like, you know, thought about when we looked at it, like a ben rothsz berg err but just a little smaller. temple needs to win out secure it's find two games to guarantee a spot in the aac championship game. first up today a visit from number 21 memphis. second quarter owls down 6-0 after three turnovers. pj walker airs it out to da loech. 7-6 temple. less than four minutes later david hood breaks a couple of tackles and get into the end zone. owls lead 14-9 at the half. walker finds major, major breaking tackles into the zone,
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19 yards for 6, owls win 31-12. >> senior day at penn state, the last class to have played for joe paterno. senior christian hachenburg, 25 years to blackknoll. michigan responds, quick pass out to adarbo who wooefs his way into pay dirt. wolverines up 14-10 at the half. penn state has the chances. penn state leads it 28-16. >> pitt and cornell going with at it. pitt dominated early. brian show naur goes six cards on the toss sweet. still the first. alex torgerson to alex watson. quakers up 20-0 after that. we begin 24-21.
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on the local college hoops team st. joe's lost to florida 74-63 and pen lost to washington 104-67. flyers in ottawa tonight. they have lost four of their last five and ten of their last 12. maybe getting on the road will be good for the orange and black. coverage begins at 6:30. the 6ers probably would have loved to have won two of their last 12 games. miami lost 23 in a row dating you can see tonight's fame on comcast sports net, tip off shortly after 8. that is your look at sports. back to you. the city of reading received a dose of holiday cheer today. a 20 foot fir tree is the centerpiece of the city's holiday celebration. these celebrations got under way today with the annual holiday parade. crowds lined the street this morning as the holidays around the world parade made its way down penn street.
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it looks like we will bring out the blankets and hot chocolate. >> only for a couple of days because our thanksgiving forecast is right back into the 60s. a bit of a mixed bag, you get a little bit of everything. wind yeed and cold conditions for tomorrow, 51 will be the high, take a look at monday, monday is going to be pretty cold, 44 degrees, as then as we head into thursday we start to gradually warm things back up. we will go from the 40s to the 60s by the time thanksgiving rolls around on thursday. >> pretty mild out there, i guess, but those few cold, cold days. >> a few cold days and then it will be pretty nice. >> that's nbc 10 news for now. from brittany, danny and all of us here i'm denise mcconnell we will see you back here tonight at 11:00. "nbc nightly news" is next.
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. on this saturday night, stories of survival from hostages who made it out alive from the deadly hotel siege in mali. tonight while an american who spent three years in afghanistan says that wasn't has terrifying. imminent threat a warning from the belgium government. raising the terror alert in brussels to the highest level. a city on edge and locked down after the massacre in paris. record breaking snow. a month before winter arrives much of the midwest is blanketed. tens of millions under watches and warnings. the right note. a principal whose school of thought brought him to the fifth grade orchestra where he's learning more than just the viola. nightly news


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