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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  November 21, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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woodward street. we have a crew on the way, we will bring the latest updates as we get them. also now at 11:00, fears of imminent attack put another european city on high alert. american tourists are told to stay off the streets of brussels in case terrorists strike again. tonight the threat alert is at the highest level. there are fears of another terror style attack. belgian government went as far as to say they were afraid multiple attacks on multiple locations could be carried out. they closed down the entire subway system at least through the weekend. authorities aren't saying if the threat is tied for the hunt for salah abdelsalam. he is the last known member of the terrorists that carried out paris attacks, possibly hiding in brussels. in a few hours, a flight from philadelphia will land in brussels. nbc10 drew smith spoke with passengers arriving from and departing to brussels.
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>> reporter: the sun will be rising by the time philadelphia passengers arrive in brussels but a new day will not bring an end to high security and tense situation in that city. carla said good-bye to her grandkids at the ticket counter. she's bound for her home city of brussels. she may not recognize it. armed soldiers are now posted at every corner. >> it is not nice, but i am to accept. i have no choice. whatever they do, they do for my security. >> reporter: the prime minister is urging people to avoid gathering in crowds. soccer games are cancelled and the entire subway system is shut down. >> it is a serious, imminent threat. >> reporter: they're worried about a paris like gun and bomb attack and believe a terrorist linked to the massacre is hiding here. >> the hotel was saying to go in, not go on the streets and into town. >> reporter: passengers saw people panic, emptying the
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streets. >> had a good evening and leave. something to happen like that is shocking. >> reporter: one woman is adjusting vacation plans, skipping france and belgium on the tour of europe. we have a tour going to switzerland and austria for skiing, those plans are still on. >> reporter: the embassy in brussels asks all americans to shelter in place for now there. i am drew smith, nbc10 news. the philadelphia marathon is just hours away. the race will close roads across center city and after terror attacks in europe, philadelphia police are on heightened alert. 30,000 runners and nearly twice as many spectators are expected. the race will put philadelphia on an international stage. law enforcement will be on heightened alert, along the course, but we are told there's no known threat. more than anything, the mayor says it is a chance for worldwide visitors to see and
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enjoy the city. >> our friend has done it, came highly recommended. heard it is a great course. obviously it is a beautiful city and great time of year to run. >> the race will be secured tomorrow morning, officials screen everyone who enters. it will be a cold start for the marathon runners. brittney shipp is here. >> colder air is moving in for the rest of the overnight hours and early morning hours. that's going to set us up for cold start for the morning tomorrow. by 6:00 a.m., temperatures are 40 degrees. notice clouds around. by 7:00 a.m., start time, we see temperatures at 42, but with wind speeds, it will feel like we are in the 30s for start of the race. then pushing into late morning hours, right around the time of the half marathon wraps up, 49. the high tomorrow is in the low 50s. but again, dealing with wind
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speeds. that's something to keep in mind if running the race. we are going to see wind speeds gusting in philadelphia up to 22 miles per hour. wind speeds will continue as we go through the day. keep that in mind if you plan on tailgating. i have the eagles forecast coming up. the reason we see windy conditions and colder conditions is a cold front associated with this system that will continue to work closer to us. the good news, we will stay nice and dry. we will see a cold, windy sunday. i will go over more details in the full forecast. new information in the case of a missing college student. 19-year-old jacob marberger is dead. he was found in a car near a sanctuary in albany township. he went missing after he drove from maryland to his parents' home. he took a rifle case with him. his disappearance prompted the school, washington college, to
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shut down. the school sent out a statement sending sympathies to the family. quote, this is a terrible blow to our community, we need to continue to be supportive of each other as we mourn individually and as a community. the school is offering counseling services to students when they return to classes after thanksgiving. from our south jersey bureau, police are looking for a man who broke into the home of an elderly woman in salem county. investigators say a masked intruder broke into the 81-year-old's home at the trailer park in white oak 10:00 this morning, forced the woman out of bed, demanded cash and jewelry. she was not physically hurt. volunteers helped improve the life of a vietnam veteran today. more than 20 home depot associates built a ramp at the home. the retired army private
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recently had surgery to amputate one of his legs. along with the ramp, workers put up a new flagpole and they came out to raise that flag. quite a sight in time for thanksgiving. check out photos of a wild turkey outside grant plaza shopping center. it is unclear where the turkey came from or where it went to, it was gobbling up all of the attention out there. feeling like christmas in center city. christmas village opened at love park. the german tile open air market features gifts, crafts, fun from more than 60 vendors. enjoy the outdoors while picking up holiday gifts. first time the christmas village is open before thanksgiving and runs through december 27. and the all new made in philadelphia holiday market opened today in dillworth park where artists, designers, candy
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makers show case work near the ice rink. the made in philadelphia holiday market runs through december 27th. friendship betrayed. police say a woman killed her own childhood friend. why they say she did it. and kidney coincidence. this man stumbled onto an ad that touched his heart. now the offer he made to save a life. coming up in sports, mark sanchez gets his first start of the season tomorrow. we will get his thoughts on the buccaneers and sixers having a double digit lead against the heat. see if they can hang on, grab a first one of the season.
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a deadly crash on the boulevard. >> reporter: we had to move back from this active crash scene. i will show you this absolutely devastating crash here on the boulevard at the intersection of the boulevard and woodward street. four cars involved, one completely ripped in half around this sign post. we're being told one person is dead in this accident, another person transported and both directions of the boulevard here in the northeast section of philadelphia have been shut down after this absolutely horrific accident. we just got on scene. trying to get details. one dead, one transported. right now, boulevard is shut both ways. randy jill enhall, nbc10 news. a pregnant woman stabbed to death in new york, her baby cut
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from her womb. tonight, the woman's childhood friend is under arrest on murder charges. the 22-year-old was found in a pool of blood at an apartment in the bronx. she was nine months pregnant. police say sutton's old friend ashley wade stabbed her after the two got into an argument. investigators say when they arrive, wade claims she gave birth and the baby girl was wrapped in a jacket. the newborn is in the hospital expect to survive. an ad on craigslist leads to a coincidence. a south jersey man is making a life saving gift to a woman who was running out of hope. we have a cold, windy sunday on tap. i have your forecast and tracking warmer weather closer to thanksgiving. i will go over the details in the seven-day forecast.
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it is a holiday gift to last a lifetime. a south jersey man is giving the gift of life to a total stranger. as nbc10 randy jill enhall explains, it started with a misplaced ad. >> reporter: this amazing coincidence began on the computer. glenn logged onto craigslist, he's a contractor, was searching construction materials for a job. >> i was scrolling down. all of a sudden an ad hit me that said looking for a kidney donor. >> reporter: that's a strange place to find a posting about kidneys. >> so i read it. >> reporter: it was from a new jersey man pleading for help, his wife was in desperate need of a new kidney. suffers from autoimmune disease constantly on dialysis.
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>> then i responded back and said i would like to tell you a story. >> reporter: you see, glenn knows a lot about kidneys and loss. his previous wife jessica died from kidney failure in 2011 during that dark time. >> wanted o type kidney. >> he also posted wanted ads in the newspaper but a match was never found. >> i know how helpless you feel. nothing you can do except ask for help. but we didn't get it. i am in condition to give it. >> reporter: so then strangers on craigslist met in person and the blood type matched. a coincidence that could save a life and all began with a mysteriously placed posting on construction pages of craigslist. >> i really think that i was supposed to see that ad. i don't know if you call it
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angel, karma, fate, everybody has a different word for it. i didn't see it by accident. >> reporter: after months and tests and doctor visits, it is days away. they both go under the knife december 1st, started a go funding to raise money for post surgery care. and winter is still a month away. look at this tonight. 22 million americans in the midwest are under winter storm warnings and advisories. slammed by heavy snow from south dakota to wisconsin and illinois. some areas saw more than a foot of snow. that system is not going to bring us any type of snow or rain, we're going to see colder air associated with that system here by tomorrow. expect cooler temperatures. tracking a chilly eagles
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forecast, dry stretch going through the next couple days, warmer days on tap closer to thanksgiving. we will see mild conditions. a look outside in philadelphia, 49 degrees, wind 6 miles per hour. temperature feels closer to 47 degrees. 53 in dover, 54 in atlantic city. 49 in northeast philly. temperatures have dropped into the 30s for the poconos. we're also at 47 degrees in allentown. satellite and radar shows a few clouds with cloudy skies to start sunday. then we see more sunshine. here's a system we were showing you video from. you can see it is weakening as it tracks east. we will see most precipitation die out as it gets closer, but a cold front associated with this system will bring us cooler air. the other thing we are tracking is a possibility of light showers on the shoreline. that will be at 1:00. for tailgating, we will stay
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dry. we will see a few clouds at the start, then they start to clear going into sunday. there's a cold front that's moving through early morning hours. that leaves cold, rainy conditions. notice wind direction shifts, that means wind comes in from the northwest. that's always a cold wind. it will feel colder tomorrow than today. we are also going to see wind speeds kick up through the morning, see a break into the afternoon, then once again sunday night, look at the wind speeds, close to 30 miles per hour for philadelphia along the shoreline and atlantic city. feels like temperatures, pushing into sunday morning mainly in the 30s. we're going to see a cold eagles forecast for you. feels like temperature by fourth quarter around 40 degrees. keep that in mind as you make plans to head out. we're also going to see heading into monday temperatures feeling like they're in the low 20s. that will be a cold commute.
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as we head the next couple days, we stay below average. the seven-day forecast shows we stay in the low 50s heading into tomorrow, that's a cold forecast for you. look at what happens monday, down to 44 degrees. the good news, as we get closer to thanksgiving on thursday, our temperatures go well above average, up to 61 degrees. take a look at friday. 63 and warm. start to cool things down again heading into next weekend. fliers and sixers on the road struggling to get in the win column. flyers with two victories last 12 games. big fellow getting fancy on the fast break. led all rookies in that category last season. he had ten points.
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sixers up 16 at the half. they scored four points in the final seven minutes, and chris bosh with a three. justice winslow with the follow. sixers lose 96-91. flyers, senators, point shot, gets by mason. flyers 1-6-4 when the opponent scores first. early second. bobby ryan intercepts the pass. sets up mike hoffman. 2-0. flyers shut out second straight game, 4-0 the final. to football. mark sanchez makes a first start for the birds. faces defense ranked in the top ten in the nfl.
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>> i think they're one of the best we've seen. two line backers inside are tough. i think their secondary, sterling morris is playing well, faced him in dallas. he has a good comfort level with that. another guy to look out for. memphis, walker hooks up for a 19 yard pitch and catch. that was a difference maker, 31-12. can earn a spot in the acc championship game with a win next week. penn state and michigan. he has a 46th career touchdown pass. quick pass out to darvo.
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penn state loses 28-16. what a grab by rhino mali. let's storm the field. they win and share ivy league title. college basketball, tough day for locals. north carolina lost to northern iowa. that's why we watch. that's sports. we will be right back.
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it will be cold and windy tomorrow morning. temperatures are going to be feeling like they're in the 30s when you wake up and head out. we have a lot of people in town for the marathon. we will stay in the low 50s tomorrow. >> that's nbc10 news for now. all new "snl" next.
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