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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  November 23, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EST

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mark and falling in roxborough. northeast philadelphia the temperatures coming down. but we'll see lots of sunshine. the wind will be steady. increasing a bit at 10:00, and that wind will keep temperatures cooler. 34 at 7:00, by 10:00, almost at 40 degrees. then in the low 40s at 1:00 this afternoon. not a very warm day today. we'll go through it neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in 10 minutes. jessica boyington, a troublesome monday morning. >> you said it, bill. we have a big and busy morning. a lot going on. more importantly right now we're looking live now over top of a scene out in west deptford on 295. an earlier accident and vehicle fire on the southbound side. so it's taking out all of the lanes southbound right now. also affecting some northbound lanes, you can see traffic moving through on the northbound side. this is between woodbury and exit 20 and paulsboro at 21.
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all lanes blocked southbound now. so your best bet is to take the new jersey turnpike. that's going to be the easiest way to get around. watch for a vehicle fire on the northeast extension southbound between lehigh valley and quakertown. i wanted to leave you with good news. the vine street expressway back open. westbound, eastbound, no problems right now. firefighters work to put out flames in a home in north philadelphia. the fire started on the third floor of this house on west ontario street. this happened after 3:00 a.m. we're told everyone did make it out safely. today, school funding takes center stage. there is a new plan on the table that would change how schools across the state get their money. along with that comes major tax changes. katy zachry is live in the digital operations center with more. >> a lot of changes. i'm here to break it down. talking about the elimination of school property taxes, people like to hear that but on the
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other hand, the increase of sales and income tax. here is how it would work. republican senator david argle drafted the bill calling for elimination of school property tax except in school debt. personal income tax and sales tax on items would increase. sales tax would be applied to a wider range of services that are currently exempt like basics tv service, tickets to sporting events and cultural events, even work performed by lawyers, architects and financial institutions. and renter, they would also pay higher taxes too. some critics say this bill is clouding a bigger issue in harrisburg, balancing the state budget. we are efforting reaction from both sides early this morning and i'll have an update at 6:00. live in the digital operations center, katy zachtry, "nbc 10 news." >> 35 degrees out. happening today the tsa will
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demonstrate the newest way of screening passengers using caninings. the dogs are trained to defect explosives. philadelphia international airport will have five of the specially trained dogs. no word yet on when the new screening measures will be in effect. >> today police in montgomery county are cracking down on drivers not wearing their seat belts, called click it or ticket. the upper merion township police department one of hundreds participating in the program. it's a law enforcement program that has each department dedicating half of their enforcement time after dark to make sure drivers are wearing seat belts. according to penn dot data 383 people killed in car accidents last year were not wearing their seat belts. >> the busy montgomery intersection could be home to a new hotel and wawa. the council will meet to talk about the proposal to build at the current site of williamson banquet and event center at
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route 611, blair mill and new roads. it would change the traffic pattern in the area if the approved. the debate over refugees continues across the country. >> in philadelphia, a few volunteers are making sure that refugees feel welcome with this event refugee thanksgiving hosted by the people helping with resettlement. the dinner included performances and food from cultures all over the world. organizers say some are trying to generate up ines saer fear about immigrants. >> very dismaying. there are elements of our history that we really should not be repeating. >> some of the refugees told nbc 10 they lived in camps for decades and grateful to be in philadelphia. >> it's not thanksgiving yet but the birds stuffed by jamison winston and the buccaneers in the worst home loss in a decade. sam bradford without a concussion 0 mark sanchez took the helm. after scoring in the opening kriv the birds quickly got
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deplate flated. the final score, 45-17. chip kelly booed as he jogged off the field. no surprise this morning fans are calling for chip must go. the hash tag fire chip was trending last night. the birds have lost the last two games at home. fans believe both should have been easy wins. la night fans expressed frustration with chip. >> over it. chip, listen. listen to us. do something or you got to go. >> just you got to give him some time, like -- >> is two seasons enough or three? >> wow. the birds have time to dwell on the loss really, they take on the lions in detroit on thanksgiving day. >> thousands of runners beat the windy conditions to cross the finish line in yesterday's philadelphia marathon.
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wheelchair and hand cyclists kicked off the race. 60,000 spectators cheered on the runners. there was heightened security for yesterday's event but that didn't deter the runners and the fans. >> my husband who is running in honor of my mother, we're running for pancreatic cancer. and my father-in-law is the also running. >> a man from ethiopia was the winner in the men's. he came in in 2 hours 18 minutes and the woman at 2 hours 40 minutes. she gave birth to a baby only eight months ago. how about that. congratulations to her. >> 5:37. it is cold outside this morning. the temperatures are still falling. this is one of the coldest
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mornings of the season so far. 34 degrees in philadelphia. with a steady wind at 10 miles an hour. much chillier than yesterday for the marathon. it's 18 degrees colder this morning. and with clear skies we'll see plenty of sunshine. some snow is falling, some high clouds but we should stay snow-free today. the cold, that's going to stay with us into this afternoon. normally 50s is what we see this time of year. low 40s for allentown and reading, 34 the high for mount pocono. bright sunny skies, but you'll feel wind even at the jersey shore. atlantic city and cape may will warm to 40s this afternoon. and a breezy chilly day for dover. plenty of sunshine, 44 degrees in philadelphia and wilmington. 41 this afternoon in west chester. there is a warm-up on the way. the seven-day when i come back in ten. >> we're keeping our eye on this situation in west deptford with
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that accident. >> jessica boyington has an update. >> right. so again, out in west deptford on 295, the accident occurred on the southbound side. we have sky force 10 live over top of the scene. you can see on this side, these are the northbound lanes, so cars allowed to move through. this is 20 and 21. if your best bet as you can see all traffic diverted off at the exit, the best bet to get by is the new jersey turnpike for now as you can see still a massive cleanup. staying in new jersey, pennsauken township, a collapsed manhole right around route 70 t left lane is closed. more on 295 and more drive times when i come back in 10. >> a football team thought they'd be putting their record on the line at disney world. that didn't happen.
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>> they pulled the rug out from under these kids. is that how you teach kids character, lie to them? >> how a lawmaker stepped in after the young athletes became victims of a false promise. plus, out for a free thanksgiving stroll, look at this picture. we'll tell you where we found this turkey taking in the sights.
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donald trump's idea to monitor muslims in the u.s. is shaking things up in washington and on the campaign trail. trump backtracked on his idea to register muslims saying only syrian refugees. some ideas include a data base of all refugees and monitoring mosques here in the u.s. this is happening while republicans and some democrats say they are not happy with how president obama is handling the fight against isis. some of them are questioning if the president is sending enough troops to syria. >> group of 50 is fine for what they are doing so far. but it's not going to solve the problem. >> this is not a return to iraq, we're not talking about 100,000 people or 50,000 armed soldiers. >> some republican presidential candidates are also saying they will focus on the fight against isis during their newest campaign ads. >> a southwest airlines flight was forced to change course and
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land in kansas city after self passengers were allegedly acting suspiciously. airline officials say multiple passengers did not follow crew instructions and continued to act suspiciously during the flight. police say at least four people were escorted from the back of the plane, all passengers had to get off the plane while police searched the plane and the luggage. no one was arrested. >> we now know the name of the man who allegedly shot a tulane university medical student during attempted abduction. >> we warn you this is tough to watch. this is who police are looking for, 25-year-old yore cane. here it is. you can see the man police say is cane dragging this woman down the sidewalk and that's when peter gold steps in, then cane allegedly shoots him in the stomach. the gun jams. new orleans mayor and police have this message for cane.
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>> we know who you are. and you need to know that we are going to find you. we need the public's helpft$ @c there is no question now that we know who he is that he will be brought to justice. >> the new orleans p.d. says cane has a lengthy criminal record including multiple robbery and weapons charges. >> also today, marks one year since a 12-year-old boy was shot and killed by a cleveland police officer. dozens gathered where tamir rice was killed. doves were released in his honor. rice was outside the rec center holding a pellet gun. a police officer shot him. two reports found the shooting justified. the officer was never charged. >> i want to thank everybody for coming out and continue to support. i thank you all for standing for me for when i can't stand, to give me strength. >> family is still fighting to have the officer indicted.
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>> and 52 years ago yesterday president john f. kennedy was shot and killed in dallas. >> dozens gathered to commemorate the assassination posting signs and pictures in remembrance. on november 22, 1963, lee harvey oswald shot and killed kennedy in his motorcade. a moment of sigh tense wlence w. >> think about the turmoil at the time and an american president assassinated on the streets of a major city like dallas, texas. >> the man went on to say he was gratified at the number of young people there. >> racing's version of game 7. the sprint cup series finale has four drivers vying for the championship including retiring four-time champion jeff gordon. things got off to a slow start after the rain in south florida delayed the race. but things got interesting toward the end of the race when it looked like any of the four
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drivers could pull awaxt in the end kyle busch you see there beating out the three others, his first nascar sprint championship, it's an emotional end to jeff gordon's career. >> time to talk turkey. it appears some birds are plotting their great escape. check out this picture. have you seen this? a viewer spotted these wild turkeys in southwest philadelphia yesterday. that comes after another wild turkey was seen walking around the grant plaza shopping center on saturday. then we have this. a gang of wild turkeys caught trotting around in colorado over the weekend. a couple says they spotted these uninvited guests in their front yard. they looked unfazed. >> national presidential turkey we'll leave from san francisco today and expected to arrive in washington, d.c. aboard what's called turkey one.
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the presidential turkey motorcade will greet the bird and accompany it. later this week president obama will pardon the turkey in the rose garden. >> 13 minutes before 6:00. you need some feather layers or something else, it is cold outside. grab the winter jacket, the wind is blowing to make it colder. this is one of the coldest mornings we've seen. 35 degrees, that's at philadelphia international. look at the pog pog mocono moun. in the 20s now. this is the snow guns going this morning. they will make snow for the next few days as we'll see cold mornings. 28 in pottstown. wilmington at 32, toms river is 32 and right now mullica hill at the freezing mark.
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the cold to washington township. we'll see 60s later in the week. snow showers, northwestern and central pennsylvania, we won't see those, not today, not the next few days. you don't need a snow shovel or anything to dust off the car. we'll see bright sunshine, a sunny day but a chilly wind so 40s this afternoon. a real winter preview less than a month away from the beginning of winter. tomorrow, colder to start with, with less wind. 28 degrees in the morning. 50 in the afternoon. that's the beginning of a warming trend. warmer on wednesday but look at thanksgiving. 63 degrees in the afternoon. partly sunny skies and a bit warmer for friday. now looks like 67 the high temperature. showers rolling through on saturday. and here comes the cold. returning for sunday with lots of sunshine. >> bill, thanks for that. let's check your ride to work.
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there's been a couple of issues. >> let's check in with jessica boyington to give us details on how to get around that problem in west deptford. >> right. sky force 10 on top of this scene live, accident happened in the southbound side in west deptford so blocking all lanes on the southbound side. you can see crews here as well. so we had an earlier vehicle crash and vehicle fire. the fire is out. a massive cleanup. in between exit 20 and 21 and also affecting some of the northbound lanes as well. you can see they are allowing traffic to move through the area. the best bet for a major roadway is take the new jersey turnpike by locally you can take route 44, 130 is a great alternate. traveling around the area you're going to be stuck in a significant amount of traffic. just avoid 295. they are diverting traffic off from our cameras right before that accident scene. so huge backup, avoid 295
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southbound for right now. keeping it in new jersey watch out in pennsauken township. route 70, the left-hand lane is closed. we'll have updates on 295 and some of the philly majors when i come back in the next ten. was it or was it not a crime? the investigators obtain video showing a man breaking into a home. pennsylvania state police are investigating the incident and their own state troopers might be their best witnesses. harry hairston has a preview today on "nbc 10 news" at 4:00. >> a man takes an object and throws it thorough a glass door of a home, standing feet away state troopers. >> to help protect us. in this case it didn't work that way. >> reporter: the homeowner wants the troopers and the others involved held accountable. >> did your client do anything wrong? >> no. >> reporter: there is more to
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the story than this video. >> this is not a black and white situation where you can say that this is clear what occurred. >> today, the nbc 10 investigators want to know why the troopers launched a break-in. >> up next, a school funding fight heads to harrisburg. what is happening today that could lead to a major change in your taxes. and later, where searchers found this red panda after a zoo escape. and three days on the run.
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>>. >> this morning we're celebrating one of our own here. tracy davidson is now a member of the broadcast pioneers hall of fame. co-workers and colleagues know the honor is well deserved and built on a lifetime of top notch journalism. take a look. >> three people in oswego county are homeless. the cult leader expressing regret. in a historic shift. >> audiences depend on tracy davidson for more than 30 years. >> you don't stay that long
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unless your connection with the audience and the community is real. and if you watch tracy you feel she is talking to you. >> which travel websites get you the best deals. >> she knows it's not about her it she is a conduit. to get information to her audience. >> she doesn't just want to know what happened. she wants to know how it happened. that is the very basis of her firm grasp on journalism. >> tracy discovered this passion quhil attending in western new york. >> i was a deejay. someone said there is another radio station you can read news. i thought that's interesting. >> it wasn't long until her knack for delivering the news landed her a full-time job at a local radio station and then in 1986, she joined the news team at wtvh 5 in syracuse. >> president reagan reports. >> a syracuse man accused of terrorizing four people. >> after a decade in small market syracuse tracy took her talent to philadelphia. >> president clinton comes to
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new jersey. >> i'm pretty sure i was scared every day. i wanted to do such a good job. >> she was so quiet and shy but then they sent the two of us to the 1996 olympics in atlanta. that's when i learned about her news chops. >> that was a defining moment in our hearts and minds about what tracy could be for us. >> 20 years, seven emmy and countless accolades later tracy davidson's warm and engaging style has undoubtedly earned her the trust and respect of nbc 10 viewers. but it's her tireless work as a consumer advocate that sets her apart in our community. >> we tell people shred. we're so passionate about this. the only place you can get it free is -- >> it's a blessing to be able to connect with people, help people especially when it comes to information or connecting them with services that they need. that completely drives me. >> you heard that old saying, if you want to get something done,
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ask somebody who is busy. that's tracy davidson. >> i never have seen anybody make things happen the way tracy did can, both on tv and off. >> this is a huge honor for you now in the broadcast pioneers hall of fame. congratulations, we couldn't be more proud and i couldn't be more proud to sit next to you every morning. way to go. let's keep it going. >> thank you. >> what a huge honor for you. this woman is a journalist's journalist. you really are. >> you're so nice. >> you care about the people who watch and what happens in their lives. >> i do. i do. right. and go ahead and make fun of the hair. hash tag 80s hair. i know. >> did giggle. your watching "nbc 10 news." "nbc 10 news today" starts right now. new low. instead of flying high the
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eagles are tanking. and this loss at home has some fans demanding that chip kelly has got to go. >> pennsylvania lawmakers take on school funding today. they vote on a plan that would get rid of school income tax and there is a catch, though. we'll break down the plan and why it could lead to a big increase in another tax. >> and bundle up. it's cold out. thermometer says it's in the 30s but it feels below freezing. we'll get your first alert forecast hour by hour which means we're talking about wind chill. when i hear bill talk about that, that means we're in chilly weather. it's about 6:00 a.m. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. bill henley, what's the deal? >> a winter preview. a month from winter and the temperatures are falling and the wind making it feel colder. look at the readings below freezing, allentown, reading, pottstown 28, right at the freezing mark for wilmington and trenton and northeast philadelphia is 33 degrees. but the wind is with us and
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everybody's going to feel it all day long today. so that's going to make for a cold one. look how nice and clear the view from the studios we'll see sunshine 34 degrees at -- 36 at 7:00, just updated. low 40s at 10:00 and 1:00 this afternoon we'll still be in the low 40s, thanks to that gusty wind. neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. >> good morning. i'm your traffic reporter jessica boyington. we're live on top of a scene in sky force 10 in west deptford. we have all lanes of the southbound side of 295 closed right now between exit 21 and 20 between paulsboro and woodbury. southbound side is here. we had an earlier crash into the median and resulted 18 vehicle fire. that vehicle fire is put out but you can see emergency crews on
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the scene. trying to clean this out of the way. also affecting some of the northbound lanes in here, traffic still moving through that area. but the southbound side resulting in a huge backup. heading out the door take a highway your best bet is new jersey turnpike that pretty much is the closest highway for you that runs parallel to the scene. if you plan on 295 to drive through that's your best bet. you can jump back on 295 past that accident scene. between 20 and 21 and 44 runs parallel to the scene right now. more on this when i come back in the next ten. firefighters worked to put out flames at a home in north philadelphia. this fire started on the third floor of this house on west ontario street after 3:00 a.m. we're told everyone did make it out safely. >> and take a look at this. two north philadelphia homes are scorched from a fi


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