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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  November 23, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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right now at 11:00, straight out of excuses. that was one fan's message for the eagles after a lopsided loss at home. good morning. i'm vai sikahema. the birds are reeling this morning after their worst loss of the season. the tampa bay buccaneers trounced the eagles by 28 points yesterday. that's the worst loss at the linc in a decade now. happening now, eagles head coach chip kelly is set to talk to reporters about yesterday's blowout loss. we are waiting on coach kelly to show up at the podium any moment
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now. and here is a look at how this all went wrong. mark sanchez filling in for the injured sam bradford. there was hope of the eagles scoring in the opening drive but after that the bucs really beat up on the eagles. chip kelly leaving the crowd to a chorus of boos. players equally frustrated as the fans. of course, nbc 10 is your official eagles station. we are teaming um with the birds for a salute to service. that airs on saturday 7:30 p.m. right here on nbc 10. meanwhile, skyforce10 was over a fire under a septa train which led to some delays on the paoli thorndale line this morning. the train was evacuated in bryn mawr and crews put the fire out. no one there was hurt. and there was a fight in harrisburg today that would change the way schools in pennsylvania are funded. in essence, it would mean the end of school property tax as we know it. the republican-sponsored bill would get rid of school property taxes, except in cases of school
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debt. the personal income tax and sales tax on many items would go up. seams tax would be allowed me to a wider range of services that are exempt right now, like basic tv service, tickets to sporting veebts, work performed by lawyers and architects, just to name a few. representers would pay higher taxes as well. state senator david argile who is the bill's sponsor says they introduce it had on behalf of taxpayerses says the solution is not to reform taxes but eliminate t we reach old out to governor tom wolf's office. the governor opposes the bill, a spokesman says. now to the latest in the afteras a matter of fact of the terror attacks in paris. belgian authorities have taken 21 people in just toddy since yesterday while brussels remained under its highest alert level yet. the raids continue as authorities hunt for fugitive salha be a salam, a suspect in the attacks. french president hollande and british prime minister cameron
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visited the batalclan concert venue in central paris today which saw the largest number of deaths from the attack that occurred on november 13th. president obama will be in washington, d.c. tomorrow. french police released the photo of another man believed to be involved in the terror in paris, one of the three suicide bombers who died in the attacks outside the national stadium where a game was being played november 13th. police want anyone with information about him to come forward. we have new video showing the rescue operation at the batalclan concert hall in paris. this is video that captured some of the drama and the horror of the massacre at this theater. in the meantime, members of the band eagles of death metal who were flag night are speaking publicly now for the first time. take a listen. >> several peopled any our dressing room and the killers were able to get in and killed every one of them except for a kid who was hiding under my leather jacket.
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>> the killers got in your dressing room? >> yeah. people were playing dead and they were so scared, a great reason why so many were killed is because so many people wouldn't leave their friends. >> 89 people were killed at the concert hall. and the debate over the refugees continues across the country, but here in philadelphia, few volunteers are making sure refugees do feel welcome. the is called refugee thanksgiving and hosted by people helping with resettlement. the dinner included performances and food from cultures all over the world. organizers say some people are trying to generate unnecessary fear about immigrants. >> very dismay ing, an element f our history we should not be repeating. >> some said they lived in camps for decades and they are grateful to be in philadelphia. it's the coldest day so far this season and tonight will be
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the coldest night, along with these cool temperatures. nbc 10 chief meteorologist, glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the answer of how long they will last and the forecast. glenn? >> yeah, vai, going to have chilly nights the next couple of days but this this going to be the coldest afternoon we are going to be seeing this week. got bright blue skies there, the comcast building, you can see the temperatures are still pretty low. it is only in the 30s north and west, 37 in pottstown and reading, 36 in lancaster, even with bright sunshine, so, it is a chilly air mass that's on top of us now. we are eight to ten degrees colder than we were at this time yesterday. mount pocono, 12 degrees colder and we have wind on top of this, making it feel even colder, gunses at 29 northeast philly airport and 20 to 25-mile-an-hour gusts in many other places. so, you know, not really strong
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wind, but it's just enough to make it feel like it's in the 30s when we are getting into the 40s. and not very high into the 40s today either. 42 degrees by 4:00. wind will diminish tonight but the temperatures are going to go down, too, see how cold it is going to get where you live and see how much we are going to warm up this week with the 7-day forecast in a few minutes. >> all right, thank you, glenn. happening right now, eagles head coach chip kelly just arrived at the podium. let's listen in. >> that's exactly what i meant. whether i said we weren't ready, however it was, we didn't play well defensively and obviously, it was reflected in what tampa bay did to us offensively. >> [ inaudible ] >> that is the rotation we have at the inside linebackers spot. >> [ inaudible ] >> play a whole game, not sure about that. what's that? >> [ inaudible ]. >> i don't think we are bringing him along in terms of his -- him progressing, same thing with d'amico, i don't think he can
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play a full game now. >> [ inaudible ]. >> no thought at the level. >> [ inaudible ] >> what is that? >> [ inaudible ] >> felt like he was good to go and cleared by the doctors. >> who made the final decision co-play? >> ultimately, i make the final decision on who the inactives and actives are. >> so you make that decision and how about in the game, who decided that he would no longer play? >> we all did. talked about -- >> you said he -- >> i get input from him on how he feels. we have a discussion -- we have a discussion on how he feels but i'm not going to make a player go play if he tells me he is hurt. >> very hard on himself and the way he coached yesterday what is your confidence level? >> tremendous confidence and i think's hell of a football coach. >> [ inaudible ] he have some sort of injury during the game or other explanation? >> no, how it expressed in the game, the coverage, how they do it they played a lot of cover two against us, they had guys up
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in the face, receivers, high safeties on the top, to be veryiously, work the ball inside a little bit more against that coverage. >> concerted effort when a guy has a big play like that to get him involved later in the game? >> they were playing man coverage on them. we didn't see much man after that, we saw a lot of cover two after that, i thought that was the reason for that, to make a concerted effort -- >> coach chip kelly answering questions for the media and just sense from the media's line of questioning that it's more pointed, more critical this morning because of that 45-17 loss. moving on now, happening right now, a teen who killed a student crossing the road to catch her bus is finding out how long he is going to spend behind bars. last december, michael shelley ran a stop sign on bensalem boulevard and hit and killed 16-year-old girl. she will lives convicted of vehicular homicide this past summer. sentencing is under way right now. shelley is facing up to seven years in prison. new jersey state police say two drivers only have minor injuries after a fiery wrong-way crash on 295 in west deptford.
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they also told us one of the drivers will most likely be charged. the crash backed up traffic for hours this morning. fire crews in manayunk tell us carbon monoxide detectors save lives this morning. fire officials tell us the malfunctioning heater caused poisonous gas to spread throughout this home. everyone did manage to get out safely. a young pastor's wife murdered and this morning, there's been a break in the case. we will tell you who has been charged with killing this pregnant woman. we will have that coming up. danger in the water. toxic substance ends up off the beaches of brazil. find out what it is and where it came from. and it's cold today but it's not going to stay that way. how much of a warmup can we expect this week? i will show you ahead in my 7-day forecast.
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indianapolis police arrested a man for killing a pregnant wife of a pastor during a home invasion. 18-year-old larry taylor will be charged with murdering 28-year-old amanda blackburn back on november 10th. police say blackburn's husband found his pregnant wife dead when he returned home from the gym. a colorado woman has been killed in a weekend skydiving accident. authorities say the student died following a tandem jump in arizona. witnesses say a malfunctioning or failure with the parachute led to a hard-impact landing. her 40-year-old instructor, who was also on the jump, broke both
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of his legs. this morning, two u.s. military members are dead after their helicopter crashed in south korea. officials say the apache chopper went down and killed its pilot and another crew member. no word on what caused this crash. right now, more than 28,000 u.s. troops are stationed in south korea. officials say the search for the missing malaysian airliner has shifted to a remote part of the indian ocean, southwest of australia. authorities say the search for flight 370 is moving farther south because the southern hemisphere spring makes the extreme conditions in the southern ocean calmer. 239 people were on board the plane when it went down in march 2014. police are investigating a potential terrorist incident at a con strollers shrine in japan a bomb blew a hole in a ceiling of a men's bathroom, no one was injured in the blast. investigators found remnants of
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the bomb and a separate timed detonator. plastic pipes and wires at the scene. the shrine has long been the center of controversy because it is the final resting place for some japanese world war ii war criminals. in jerusalem, israeli police say two palestinian women tried to stab an israeli pedestrian with scissors near a market. officials say a police officer saw the attack near the market and then opened fire, killing one of the women and wounding the other. authorities say four israelis were hurt in the incident. in brazil, 11 people are dead there after a mine spill unleashed toxic mud across two states. you can see the thick orange mud flowing across more than 300 miles of land and water. the mining company behind the spill has already been fined more than $65 million and they have been forced to pay for accommodations to the people impacted. many are already saying it's not enough and that the damage done will have a long-lasting impact
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on the area. well, it's been exceptionally warm for november, but today is one of those exceptions, the coldest day so far this season by quite a bit. we are going to be down in the 20s tonight, just about the entire area, but some big warming ahead as we head toward thanksgiving and black friday. a lot of sunshine out there right now. we are going to keep it, 41 degrees, the wind is northwest at 15 miles an hour, eight degrees colder than at this time yesterday. and it's still in the 30s to the north and west, even without the sunshine and 37 in glassboro, new jersey, 41, atlantic city airport. that's one of the warm spots. and we are eight to ten degrees colder than we were at this time yesterday. the sustained wind, the average wind here, about 15 to 20 miles an hour. and then tonight, the wind dies
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down, the temperatures drop down to 21 in allentown, 22 in millville, 25 in mount holly. yeah, the coldest night so far. but november overall is going to end up as one of the warmest novembers in recorded history. philadelphia so far, 6.7 degrees above normal, allentown, 6.8 and other places, more than five degrees above average. so, we are going to be chilly for a couple of days, but going to go back above average as we end the month. see some clouds coming down from the north and maybe even a couple of flurries in the poconos. some other lake-effect snow that's not going to reach us. otherwise, it is a pretty dry country out there and it is going to stay that way. and for travel on wednesday, beautiful conditions up and don't east coast. seasonable temperatures, you go into the middle of the country, there's going to be some clouds and rain, maybe some delays at the airport. west coast, that's where there
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is going to be some issues, got rain and fog, snow in the rockies, that's where the delays are going to be coming. how about the amount of rain this week? as the koch pewter goes all the way to friday at 6 p.m., showing nothing. dry week. go ahead and wash your cars. gusty winds, chilly, temperatures in the low to middle 40s today. so, that's well below average. tomorrow, up to 50, but another chilly night tomorrow night, then we go up a little bit wednesday and a lot thanksgiving day, 62 degrees, black friday, 67, may be some record warmth there before a cold front comes through on saturday cooling us down for sunday. >> thank you, glenn. 38 hours of laughter, hey, no joke. one group of philadelphia comedians is gearing up for comedy marathon. >> we passed 294-hour mark.
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>> yeah. this is isn't just about allowing comedians to showcase their talent but about local business. here to explain is greg maughan, one of the producers of the black friday comedy marathon. greg, welcome. thank you very much for coming in. tell us about this interesting pairing of comedians, we are familiar with comic relief but comedians helping out small business. >> sure. so i run the philly improv theater, i found it had ten years ago and i'm a small business owner, right? and i've always wanted to find a way to support other small businesses. so, for us, this marathon is a way to showcase all our performers, all want something to do when they are home for this long weekend, they all want to be on stage, so, we are putting them on stage and anybody that shops at a small business in center city and brings a receipt can come to our marathon for free and that's my way of encouraging other people to support small business owners like myself. >> so, tell us about some of the acts who will be out, singing, just everything going to make people laugh? >> it is going to be absolutely everything. >> improv?
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>> standups, improv, sketch comedy like "saturday night live" and one group of comedians called hey we are cool who are hosting the entire thing, they are staying up for the entire 38 hours, going to be doing all kinds of crazy stuff throughout the entire marathon. last year, just an example, one of the strange things they did, took audience members, sent them out to try to scavenge for food, they are hungry,+÷÷ 30 hours at that point and they had a contest to see who could bring the most food back for them in an hour, it's a really fun time, a comedy show, it's also a party really. and anybody can come. >> tell me what's important for you to help other small businesses do that. imagine it's not just -- your place of business, but others in the inner city. >> i think this time of year, everybody is talking about the big box stores and what is happening but the truth is what really drives the city is the small business owners. you know, people who are opening record stores, retail stores that are actually in their community and actually helping
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their community. so, for me, we are on sansome street off of rittenhouse square and there are a bunch of really cool businesses right on our street. i wanted to help them, 'cause i'm a small business owner, too and i know how hard it is. >> you know the struggles that they have? >> yeah. >> the second year of the convenient, you expect this to get bigger? >> oh, yeah, absolutely. >> is it already bigger this year than it was? >> it is big they are year than last, my guys stopped me, wanted to do 40 hours, they said they cannot stay up that long, maybe next year. starting in january, going to have two statements in the building we are in, so comedy in the city is exploding, it is everywhere, i would encourage people really to go out and see a comedy show, think of it the same way you think of going to a movie, going out for dipper, go to see music. >> what hooked to you comedy? came here to go to school at penn? >> i came here to go to school at penn and i thought i was going to be a lawyer, a doctor, or something, i loved doing comedy stuff, i had done stuff with second city when i was growing up. at some point, i realized that actually you can be an adult and is i will have a lot of fun, too. >> where your passion s chase your passion. >> exactly.
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>> black friday comedy marathon starts friday at 10 a.m., runs through saturday at 11:59. you couldn't go to, like, 12, you just had to end -- >> we are all going to drop dead just being so tired, man. >> this all takes place at the philly improv theater locate and the 2030 sansome street, greg's place, a link for more information there, go to our website, mobile app. >> thanks for having us. millions of children take them but could medicines used to control behavior in kids with adhd be having a negative impact on other -- with their other habits? we will tell you what one new study is saying about that. plus, find out how a simple test involving a raisin could predict a child's future academic success. stay with us.
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a new study finds a dhd medicine may make it harder for kids to sleep. about 3.5 million kids in the u.s. take medications to treat adhd. past research suggested the drugs would improve sleep by cutting down on bad bedtime behavior but scientists now say children who took the medicine tended to have trouble falling and staying asleep. experts say adjusting the timing of doses and encouraging nightly bedtime routines may help these kids sleep better. researchers find a simple raisin test could predict a
11:25 am
toddler's academic abilities at the age of 8. the test measured how long a 20-month-old child could rerain train from picking up a raisin place under a cup in front of them. the children tested were born between 25 and 41 weeks of pregnancy. researchers say the children who were born very prematurely were more likely to pick up the raisin sooner. the follow-up study years later showed those children weren't performing as well in school as their peers. and a new report into the handling of the recent ebola outbreak slams the world health organization. a group of experts praised individual acts of courage and solidarity, but also says the outbreak caused immense human suffering, fear and chaos. the panel say members of the world health organization were aware of the outbreak last spring but did not declare ebola a public health emergency until last august. the experts recommend a better global strategy and funding and support for poorer countries in the future. in the wake of the paris
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attacks, there's a renewed focus on security here in this country. see what new york officials are doing to make sure people stay safe during the holidays. we will have that coming up. and eagles fans are not happy campers this morning. we will hear what the birds' faithful have to say after the worse loss of chip kelly's tenure. it's just a cough. if you could see your cough, you'd see just how far it can spread. robitussin dm max soothes your throat and delivers
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just about 11:30, checking out our nbc 10 headlines, skyforce 10 was over a fire on delays on the paoli thorndale line. this was the morning. the train was evacuated in bryn mawr and crews put that fire out. no one was hurt. firefighters worked to put out flames at this home in north philadelphia, the fire started on the third floor of this house on west ontario street happened just after 3 a.m. we are told everyone inside made it out safely. happening today in
11:30 am
harrisburg, a plan on the table that would change how schools in pennsylvania get money. a republican state senator sponsored a bill. it would eliminate school property tax but increase sales and income tax. critics say this bill is clouding a bigger issue in harrisburg, which is balancing the state budget. we have reached out to governor tom wolf's office. a spokesman says the governor opposes this bill. now to the latest in the aftermath of the terror attacks in paris. belgian authorities have taken 21 people into custody since yesterday while brussels remains under its highest alert level. the raids continue as authorities hunt for fugitive salha be a salam, a suspect in the attacks. french president hollande and prime minister cameron visited the batalclan.
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secure silt high in advance of the macy's thanksgiving day parade. ida siegel reports from new york where police are preparing for the crowds and a potential emergency. >> reporter: macy's herald square surrounded by the nypd, a show of force ahead of this week's parade. kate vallejo, for one is happy to see them here. her daughter, jillian is a cheerleader performing in the parade but she says she is not afraid. >> and i can be an overprotective mother. so, if i can get over it, i feel like a lot of people can get over it, 'cause i am a mama bear. >> you like seeing the heavily armed officers? >> i love it i took a pitch and put it on instagram. >> reporter: officials say police have their eyes opened and as always, encouraged folks on the street to do the same, which is what we did when we saw this black backpack left unattend old broadway. i alerted officers on the corner and they inspected. turns out the bag was full of trash, possibly left by a homeless person. but it's that kind of vigilance
11:32 am
that gives officials the confidence to say this. >> we encourage americans, as the holiday season approaches, to continue to travel, to associate, to go to public events, to go to public places. >> reporter: homeland security secretary jeh johnson in new york for this long-planned terror drill in the subway. multiple agencies simulated this paris-style attack. victims bleedinging on the street, people calling for help from the subway platform. first responders had to approach as if this were the real thing. >> these exercises are vitally necessary, particularly in light of all that's going on in the world at this particular point in time. >> we know of no specific credible threat of a paris-like attack directed against the u.s. homeland. we are and we continue to be and we have been concerned about copycat-like attacks. >> that was nbc's ida siegel
11:33 am
reporting. well, imagine school -- a school where students get the clothes, food and medical attention they need in between classroom learning. it's a model that exists in other parts of the country and philadelphia leaders want to bring it here. mayor-elect jim kenny traveled to cincinnati, ohio, last week with council president daryll clark and the city's new chief education officer, otis hackney. there, they toured a community learning center, the school that offers much more than traditional classroom learning, private health partners occupy space in the school and see young patients throughout the day as well as their parents. after school hours, these schools open up as rec centers or spaces for the neighborhood. >> about making a difference in people's lives from the cradle onward and having really productive kids, productive adults who were contributors our community. nbc 10's katy zachry was the only local reporter to travel to the philadelphia dell gaing to cincinnati and see firsthand
11:34 am
what these community schools look like. look for a report today starting at 4. a cold and breezy start to the week as we take a live look now from our exclusive eagles' nest camera, lincoln financial field, those turbines are turning there. how long will we have to wait before things warm up again? check with nbc 10 chief meteorologist, glenn "hurricane" schwartz with the answer. hey, glenn. >> hey, vai. it is going to warm up a little bit tomorrow, a little bit more on wednesday, but you're really going to notice it on thanksgiving. you can notice the clear skies out there right now and it is going to be a pretty sunny day across the region, but a much colder day than what we have been used to. november has been one of the warmest in our recorded history so far. 41 degrees in philadelphia, only 37 in pottstown, reading, 39 in wilmington, delaware, we are eight to ten degrees cooler than at this time yesterday and
11:35 am
yesterday wasn't exactly balmy, we have a northwest wind that is adding to the chill, 15 to 20-mile-an-hour sustained winds, now those winds are going to be dying down somewhat tonight and so that will help the temperature drop even more, the humidity is low, plus the clear skies, that allows the temperature to drop the most, and you can see we are barely into the 40s during this afternoon, but we are going to be well into the 60s before we get to the week. we will have that warmup with the 7-day forecast in a few minutes. the tampa bay buccaneers, too much for the eagles to handle. the game ended with a 28-point loss for the eagles the home. that's the worst loss at the linc in a decade. sam bradford was hurt, mark sanchez came in and hope after the eagles scored on their opening drive but after that, geez, the bucs really beat up on the birds. chip kelly got an earful as he jogged off the field.
11:36 am
he spoke with reporters about a half hour ago and got defensive about the defense. >> played well defensive and that's exactly what i meant. whether i said we weren't ready, however it was, we didn't play well defensively and obviously, it was reflected in what tampa bay did to us offensively. >> a lot of fans of the game and also social media calling for the change at the top of the team. the birds have lost the last two games at home and a lot of fanses believe those should have been easy wins. at xfinity live last night, a lot of fans said eagles head coach chip kelly has got to go. >> over it. chip, listen, listen to us, do something or you got to go >> just got to -- you got to give him some time. like they are -- >> two accept as enough or three? >> yeah. next up, the birds play the detroit lions in detroit on thanksgiving day. retraining police officers to respond without violence, that's the mission several departments in our area are
11:37 am
trying to embrace, including camden county. nbc 10's matt delucia has the story from camden. >> you got this you got this. come on. keep it up. keep it up. >> reporter: in many cases, this is the first training these officers have seen since graduating the academy. >> one more, one more. >> reporter: about 90 lawmen in all from camden county police, pine hill and toms river spent three days last week what's being called a reboot camp. >> how to deal with people in a less violent way but still very effective. i don't think that it's reactive as much as proactive. they are just looking at this situation as a whole and saying, how should this really be done? >> how you deal with that response is what makes a difference. >> reporter: the focus is on three topics, the ethics of protecting and serving the community, verbal deescalation and finally -- >> come on. >> reporter: physical fitness and tactical skills.
11:38 am
lieutenant kevin lutz is one of 20 mentors with the camden county police force. he says there's one thing every cop should realize. >> they are there to protect and to serve, but we are there to protect and serve all human life. >> reporter: and one case here in camden about a week ago, a man with a knife, police tell me, might otherwise have been shot by officers but they were able to talk him down and make a peaceful arrest and that's the kind of solution these guys want to see more often. in camden, a immatt deluge sharks nbc 10 news. and happening now, police in montgomery county are cracking down on drivers who are not wearing their seat belts. the upper merion township police department is one of hundreds of departments participating in the thanksgiving click it or ticket seat belt inforcement program. each department will dedicate half of their enforcement time after dark to make sure that drivers are wearing their seat belts. according to penndot data, 383 people who were killed in car crashes last year were not wearing their seatbelts. and new information this
11:39 am
morning on the montgomery county teenager who was found dead by police. the family of 19-year-old jacob marburger, a former student at cheltenham high school, will hold a celebration of life for him on wednesday. police say they found marburger dead from self-inflicted gunshot wound on saturday in berks county. he went missing last week after he drove from his college in maryland to his parents' house in cheltenham. marburger took a rifle case with him. his disappearance prompted his school, washington college, to shut down. was it or was it not a crime? the nbc 10 investigators obtained video showing a man breaking into a home. pennsylvania state police are now investigating the incident and their own state troopers might be their best witnesses. investigative reporter harry hairston is here now with a preview of a story that you will see "today" on nbc ten news at 4:00. >> reporter: a man takes an object and throw it is through a glass door of a home. standing just feet awake state troopers.
11:40 am
state police are supposed to help -- to help protect and -- protect us, but in this case, it didn't work that watch. >> reporter: the home owner wants the troopers and the other people involved held accountable. >> did your client do anything wrong? >> no. >> reporter: the attorney for the woman in the recording says there is more to the story than this video. >> this is not a black and white situation where you can say that this is clear what occurred. >> reporter: today at 4:00, the nbc 10 investigators want to know why the troopers watched the break-in and if they acted appropriately. for the investigators, harry hairston, nbc 10 news. helping make the holidays brighter for the less fortunate, a philly radio legend will join us to tell us how he is trying to make sure everyone who wants one has a full thanksgiving meal. we will show you how you can help coming up. and after a cold day today, things are really going to warm up. show you what to expect for turkey day ahead in my 7-day forecast.
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some big news out of the pharmaceutical world. u.s. drugmaker, pfizer, announced today that it is merging with an irish company in a deal worth more than $150 billion. billion with a b. the deal with allergan create the world's biggest pharmaceutical company now. pfizer, known for its drug, viagra, would lower its tax burden by merging with allergan,
11:44 am
known for its anti-wrinkle treatment, botox. flying this holiday week, prepare to spend a little more time on the plane. a new study found -- this -- a new study this year found that airplanes spend a record amount of time taxing between gates and runways. on average, airplanes spend 23 minutes and 32 seconds between gates and runways about 50 seconds more that last year. the extra time is because of a number of things, including runway construction projects at some of the nation's busiest airports and new distant runways that relieve congestion, but require more time to reach. gas prices are plunging on one of the busiest travel weeks of the year and the average nationwide price for a gallon of gas is now $2.14 a gallon. compare that to just a year ago when it was 70 cents higher at 2.84 a gallon. and in our area, drivers in the philadelphia region are paying 2.31 a gallon, south jersey, typically the lowest, almost always the lowest, 1.91.
11:45 am
delaware drivers are paying about 2.08 for a gallon of unleaded regular gas. if you are heading out to the stores on black friday, you will need a plan to take advantage of all the deals and the discounts that you are out there. all this week, we are helping you put a plan -- that plan into motion. first off, it helps to shop around and not just from store to store but also online and by using store apps. second, black friday is not just a one-day event anymore. many times, the online sales last through the entire holiday weekend. also, stores are expanding the types of merchandise that they have for black friday. so they will have deals in everything from electronics to pajamas. so, here's what you need to do to take advantage of those deals, both in the store and online. first, download the store apps, you have all the information you need right at your fingertips. you should also subscribe to e-mail coupons and sale notifications. and look for those deals that pop up on social media. monday sales are moving to
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sunday night at wal-mart. walmart will launch 2,000 online-only specials at 8 p.m. on sunday. investigators stay is all part of psycher week, which runs from saturday through december 4th. many holiday shoppers will be making a stop at the a tm before hitting the stores a survey by bank rate finds 39% of americans will use cash to pay for most items this year. that's up slightly from last year followed by debit cards, credit cards and checks. nearly half the millennials say they will do their shopping with debit cards a third will use cash. bank rate says the preference for cash may show shoppers do not want to overspend. not everyone is able to afford a thanksgiving meal. so, once again, one local radio station is stepping in to help thousands of families who are in need. wmgkfm's annual turkey drop is slated for tomorrow. morning host john debella will broadcast live from love park where he will be accepting money and turkey donations.
11:47 am
the radio station is teaming up with giant food stores for the effort. my buddy, john debella, joins us now. >> hey. >> you look great. >> thank you very much. >> you have lost some weight. probably not eating the turkeys. >> no, as a matter of fact, i'm kind of living on turkey. low fat, high protein. >> very nice. we have known each other a long time tell me how this whole thing works. >> this started literally 30, 31 years ago and it was -- i saw an ad in the enquirer saying that $25 would feed ten people. and i said, well, i can come up with $25. then the idea of asking listeners, hey, what if you donated turkeys, and the first year, we collected 125 turkeys. it is now 30-some-odd years late and do anywhere between 9 and 10,000 turk days this we collect up in a three-hour period from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. tomorrow morning. >> amazing, john. you may be as known for this as you are for, you know, breakfast with the beatles. really, a signature event for
11:48 am
you at the station. >> it is huge a lot of companies step up. most importantly, our listeners and the public because although we get a lot of corporate support, the bulk of it comes from people giving us those turkey coupons or $20 bill or handing over a turkey itself. so you know, and no amount is too small. >> why did you -- why did you become so passionate about this event? >> look, there's no reason on god's green earth that anybody in this country should go hungry. and the people who this food goes to are the working poor. it is not people who just say i'm not doing anything and i need food, i want a handout. these are people who have jobs, who are not -- just can't put three meals a day on the table. and if we come up with enough turkeys, not only do we supply them for thanksgiving but the team can also do christmas as well. >> you are partnering with firm ya -- city team philadelphia but not just helping people during the holidays. they service more, they do more than just the holidays. >> they are there all year long
11:49 am
for support and the turkeys that we collect up, we happened over to them, they are the distribution point, they go to hundreds of organizations throughout the valley. it is not just them handing them out. every church who needs them, every soup kitchen that needs them, every situation where they are needed, they start laning up, as the turk chris coming in tomorrow morning, there are organizations lined up outside the city team waiting to give them out. >> i hope you keep working forever. >> from what i understand, people at my station are hoping the same thing, too. >> good to a lot of people. >> hope they are not lying. >> good to a lot of people, not just people that received the turkeys. >> thank you so much, john. >> thank you. >> john debella's annual turkey drop is tomorrow from 6 to 9. john will be broadcasting live from love park, classic rock 102.9, wmgd. i tune in, you tune in we will be there -- he will be there accepting monetary and turkey donations but there will also be a collection location, giant food stores. for a link, just tune in to --
11:50 am
or go to our nbc 10 mobile app. looks like it's going to be unseasonably warm for turkey day and even warmer than that for black friday. but to start off the week, it's the coldest weather so far this season. of course, that doesn't say a whole lot, 'cause november has been so mild. we are down to the 20s tonight in most of the area. but we will be warming significantly by thanksgiving day. we have a lot of blue skies, some fair weather clouds and parts of the area, 41 degrees, the wind, 15 miles a hour, relative humidity, pretty low at 38%. and the wind out of the northwest, it is gusting up to 20 to 30 miles an hour in parts of the area. as you can see, 29 miles an hour northeast philly, that is the strongest gust. it is only 37 at quakertown,
11:51 am
pottstown, reading, 36 degrees in coatesville. even with sunshine, so, yeah, that's pretty chilly air mass, 38 in washington township. 40 degrees in trenton and 38, delaware city. blacksburg, it is cold, even in south jersey, lewis, delaware, 38 degrees. these are my productive low temperatures for tonight. by tomorrow morning, 6, 7 a.m., 29, philadelphia, 25, mount holly, 24 in pottstown, 21 degrees in allentown. still going to end up being one of the warmest novembers ever recorded. we have a little weak system here, bringing some clouds down to the lehigh valley, poconos, maybe even a few flurries in the poconos. some flurries, lake-effect snow across the western lakes, but that's about it for the country. it is very kwai yes. and it's going to stay quiet through wednesday, at least in the eastern portion of the country. no delays, just beautiful
11:52 am
weather. then as we head down to florida, we are going to see some scattered showers, mainly in the extreme southern part of florida, like the miami area, in the middle of the country, some showers in the plains but no big deal. out west, a bigger deal, that's where there will be perhaps some travel problems for the big travel days. gusty winds, chilly today, highs only in the low to middle 40s, remember the winds making feel like it is in the 30s. tuesday, 50 degrees, there is another chilly night tomorrow night and into wednesday morning but once we get to thanksgiving day, look at that 62 degrees for the high, 67 for black friday, but it's not going to last all the way through the weekend, cold front comes through, showers and then colder weather by sunday. and we will be right back.
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♪ 125 young musicians put on quite a show at the kimmel center yesterday. the muse vision between the ages of 14 to 21 and are members of the philadelphia youth orchestra. the orchestra celebrating you its 76th year. it is one of the nation's oldest and most respected community edge cation programs out there. come coming this up afternoon
11:56 am
starting 3, ellen begins her 12 days of christmas giveaways, a big hit. and cats to the rescue? why people living near the terror raids in belgium were way to thing pictures like this and why police are actually thanking them. that's this afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00. nbc 10 chief meteorologist, glenn "hurricane" schwartz here now with a look at the afternoon forecast. >> yeah, looks like it's going to be dry this afternoon and through the rest of the week. not just today. so, good time to wash the car. it starts off cold and gradually warms up, by thanksgiving day black friday, should be unseasonably mild, but that will change as we go through the rest of the holiday weekend. but just keeps getting warmer every day. no rain expected, at least through friday, then on saturday, as the front comes through, we will probably get some showers and then it gets colder on sunday. but then, that might only be temporary and we start to warm
11:57 am
up again next week. >> a lot of neighbors will be happy on turkey day because we have got thanksgiving bowl. thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm vai sikahema, for nbc 10 chief meteorologist, glenn "hurricane" schwartz and all of us here at nbc 10, have a great day.
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