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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  November 23, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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here. since we saw you at 4:30, police left the main house where the bodies were found and came up to talk to the people. we tried to talk to them, as well, they were very emotional, did not want to speak with us at this moment but said they were relatives of people who live down in that home. it is unclear how long those bodies were inside the home. and police did come -- some people getting out of a car right now running toward the scene, also very emotional, but again, it was back around 3:10, unclear how long the bodies were inside, unclear how they were found, but two men with gunshot wounds to the head, no weapon inside that house right now, so police very early in the investigation still trying to piece together a motive why this may have happened, and still at the scene unfolding as more people find out about what happened here, you can hear screaming off in the distance, very tense scene here at the moment. we're going to try to find more information from police, back to you.
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happening now, the department of corrections in delaware is looking for an inmate at this hour. on saturday, 21-year-old brittingham was discovered missing. he never returned from a work release program. an escape warrant has been issued for his arrest. brittoni brittoningham was serving a one-year sentence for theft. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> now a look at some of the first flurries of the season. that's right, i said it, snow. this was the scene in allentown today. with this early sign of winter, we're feeling the dramatic dip in temperatures. >> and the winds were flapping the flags on temple's campus. one week ago we were basking in temperatures that topped out at 70 degrees and tonight we could see that mercury fall into the 20s. >> oh, my goodness. that made some shivering shoppers at the king of prussia mall. tonight it is finally starting to feel like the holidays.
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>> yeah, let's get right to nbc 10 meteorologist sheena parveen. >> only going to get colder from here, right? >> from tonight it will be getting colder, then a warmup later in the week. we'll talk about that coming up. temperatures right now are getting colder, mid 30s areas north and west. 33 in allentown, 35 in reading and pottstown, 30s for new jersey and delaware, even atlantic city airport coming in at 36 degrees. 41 degrees right now in philadelphia. yes, we expect 20-degree temperatures as we go through tonight and here's a look on radar, some of the flurries earlier today is because of that strong wind. the snow flurries blew in from the north and west, a lot of lake effect snow, too, developing but right now seeing things quiet down with that. still a lot of snow around the great lakes and our wind direction pulling in the colder air. so this is going to be the forecast for tonight, making it the coldest night so far this season. widespread 20-degreepbn2 temperatures is what we expect by sunrise. 6:00 tonight dry conditions, mid
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30s by 8:00 p.m. and by 10:00 mid to low 30s. some areas may start getting into the 20s or close to it. coming up, your thanksgiving day warmup. >> thanks, sheena. colder weather and big crowds are par for the course when it comes to the holiday shopping season. we set out to see what's being done to reduce frustrations around one of the area east largest malls. deanna durante is live in king of prussia with that story. deanna, what did you discover? >> there's brand new technology making its debut here black friday when all the shoppers show up. behind me you see a multimillion dollar renovation here connecting the two malls and we can tell you that's going to bring a lot more shopping, some have their concerns about will it have enough parking come this weekend. what could you possibly put in? >> reporter: if you haven't been since last black friday shopping, a lot of changes are
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happening at the mall. >> debut approximately 50 more retailers and restaurants, a signature dining experience, and some of the new firsts to market and luxury stores that aren't found in this area yet. >> reporter: lots of new dining options. you won't have to go far for more. what's here hasn't changed much, but the construction is making people take notice. >> i come from a small town, so this mall is fabulous. >> reporter: with change comes more change, the old parking structure is gone, and a new one will be here, but not open till july, so for shoppers used to parking there, new spaces will soon await, just not in time for the holiday shopping season. to make room the mall is having employees park off site. >> the sales. >> reporter: one reason why many people are shopping today, skipping black friday all together. >> we got a couple deals early, but we'll not be here come friday. >> reporter: some are taking in the sights, visiting santa all before thanksgiving. for those looking to brave the
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traffic, the crowds, and find even deeper discounts, a new tool awaits, new cameras and lighting timers will help drivers exit and enter the mall based on traffic conditions. >> it's a smart technology that can see the number of cars in line to turn or go straight, and adjust the yellow, red, and green lights accordingly. >> reporter: again, that system brand new, going to be operational this weekend. police aren't anticipating any problems, but just in case they are going to have a lot of officers directing traffic, helping people cross the street, as well as manning the booths just in case that computer equipment needs fine tuning. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. the latest tonight on the terror in paris. french police just confirming within the past hour that an explosive belt found south of paris contained bolts and the same type of explosives used in the attacks earlier this month. nbc 10's jim rosenfield is back
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from reporting in paris and joins us live from our digital operations center with the latest. jim? >> denise, french police say that belt did not have a detonator, but it was found in the same place where investigators tracked a wanted fugitive's cell phone on the days of the attacks. in belgium, authorities have charged four suspects in connection with the attacks. this is video of one of the raids, one of 22 raids in brussels alone. police detained 21 people during the raids, but most of them have been released. belgian police looking for paris fugitive salah abdeslam during the raids. investigators say he played a key role in the terror attacks. his brother raheem was one of the suicide bombers. another brother of the fugitive spoke with belgian television, describes the most wanted suspected terrorist as naive, kind, and intelligent. mohammed says he and his mother just did not see this behavior coming and salah had pretended he was going on a ski trip.
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french president francois hollande will be traveling to washington, d.c., tomorrow to meet with president obama. the two leaders, of course, will discuss their efforts to try to help with france's investigation into the attacks and an international strategy to try to defeat isis. hollande will then travel to moscow to meet with vladimir putin, and as the search continues for the wanted fugitive, belgium's prime minister says the alert level in brussels will stay at the highest level possible. that's the latest from our digital operations center, jim rosenfield, nbc 10 news. denise? >> thanks, jim. leaders in allentown feel the new influx of syrian refugees are victims of fearmongering through terrorism. the lehigh valley has one of the largest syrian communities in the country, and has taken in 44 refugees since this past march. leaders there feel the refugees are being demonized by political enemies in the media. allentown mayor said one resident feared the refugees
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would decapitate her. >> we have a very stringent process that's scanning folks coming into this country. i can guarantee you nobody is going to be coming into your house at night and chopping off your head, but that's fear just being propagated and perpetuated by this constant drone in the media. >> contrary to what you hear in the media, these guys, most of the people coming here, are orph orphans, they are widowers, they've fled everything. >> local clergy say many of the refugees are professionals in search of jobs and fair rent and are asking employers and landlords for help. after nearly five months of roadblocks, pennsylvania lawyers seem to have hit a wall as they work to solve the state's budget battle. pennsylvania's been operating without a budget now for 145 days. we sent nbc 10's lauren mayk to the state capitol. lauren, this is another setback now for school districts and other groups who rely on money from the state. >> reporter: yeah, keith, it means that they are going to have to wait longer.
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it is looking for unlikely that there will be a budget by thanksgiving. with the governor saying today that that framework, the only sort of agreement both sides had on a budget and what would be in it, that that is in peril. >> i want them to get serious about getting this done quickly. people have been holding out for too long. we need a budget. >> reporter: with thanksgiving days away, lawmakers are now appearing farther apart. republican on the appropriations committee -- what's the tone like right now? >> we're all stressed. at this point in pennsylvania, this budget process has taken hostages. >> reporter: those who rely on state money are either borrowing, cutting, or figuring out when they'll have to stop paying people. >> everyone's, you know, responding to that panic as opposed to responding to the facts and numbers on the sheets that we have to deal with. >> reporter: responding to the panic, but still not going all the way to get it done. >> because even though there's that panic, there's still philosophical boundaries. >> reporter: what seems to have slowed things down again?
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even almost five months in after a budget framework surfaced with optimism. >> we have not made progress. to me, that's signifying we have a problem. >> reporter: and with that, the holiday deadline could change. we're a couple days from thanksgiving, going to have a budget by thanksgiving? >> i think it's highly unlikely. i think the more realistic goal seems to be christmas. >> reporter: the governor is now setting a new deadline, saying the republicans should have a new spending plan that can pass on his desk by next friday or they should move forward with that original framework. just before we went on the air this evening, i did get a message from the leaders office saying that they, the republicans, still believe that original framework is active and that they are perplexed by the governor's attitude. live in harrisburg, i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. >> lauren, thank you. we want to go to sky force 10 now live in the middle of the
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evening rush. this is backing up traffic right now. this is the schuylkill eastbound near south philly. an accident there. it appears to be tractor trailer at least involved there blocking one lane. this is in south philly, not sure of any injuries at the moment. the newsroom is making calls and as soon as we know more about this accident backing up traffic there on 76 east, we'll let you know about it. well, the holiday shopping season is upon us. one of the hottest items comes with controversy, too. coming up, what you need to know before buying a drone. john? >> november 18th, 1973, that's the last time the eagles' run defense had a worst day than what you saw yesterday. chip kelly feels it's not as bad as it seems. we'll hear from the coach coming up next. a meltdown over macaroni.
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we'll tell you why the student at the center of it believes he deserves a break.
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a live look at lincoln financial field. the boos and bitterness replaced by silence following sunday's blowout loss to the buccaneers. things were so bad ed rendell
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wore a plastic bag over his head. look at this, during the post game show on comcast sportsnet. well, this afternoon coach chip kelly addressed the issues at hand and i bet that took a long time for him to do. comcast sportsnet's john boruk joins us with the aftermath of the latest letdown. no better way to describe it, john. >> no, not at all. watching a rookie quarterback throw five touchdown passes or give up 283 yards on the ground, hard to discern which was worse, the defense or the run. the bucs pounded out 283 yards, mainly with doug martin. that total is the sixth most allowed by an eagles defense and the highest in some 42 years. the eagles had not allowed a run from scrimmage since 2011 and proceeded to give up two in the first half alone yesterday. martin with runs of 58 and 44 yards finished the day with 285. the eagles defense has fallen from third in the league a month ago to 28th now.
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chip kelly says they need to cut down on the big plays. >> it was four runs, you know, four runs, i think, for 185. i know, but those four runs were the big -- we have not done that before. people have hit us for six, seven, eight, but we haven't had runs break and get out the backside, you know, and go the distance they went for. that's the thing in terms of that. we got to do a better job tackling and in terms of where we're going to be in defense. >> now coming up at 6:00, kelly is taking a lot of heat from the fans, but his players are standing by him. back to you. >> thanks, john. out of new orleans, police arrested a man accused of shooting a medical student. 21-year-old cain is charged with armed robbery, second-degree kidnapping, and attempted first-degree murder. cain is attempted of trying to kidnap a woman friday morning. a medical student, peter gold, tried to help that woman out.
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surveillance video then shows gold getting shot in the stomach. cain attempted to shoot him two more times, but his gun jammed. gold is still in the hospital. a man shot and killed his step daughter in a tampa, florida, hospital while they were visiting a family member this morning, then he turned the gun on himself. the motive is still not clear and police are talking to family members and looking for surveillance video. nine of 16 guns stolen from a massachusetts army reserve facility are back in the hands of law enforcement. the fbi said today six assault rifles and four handguns were stolen november 14th from an army reserve center in worcester. three of the guns were found by a homeless man in a park near yankee stadium over the weekend. charged with gun theft, police say blood evidence and a gps ties the 34-year-old james morales to the theft. in other news, remember this, a college student's drunken tirade about jalapeno
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bacon mac and cheese? here's a reminder. >> jalapeno mac and cheese! >> can't come in here! think about it! >> that is 19-year-old luke scotty. last month this video went viral. you might have seen it. you can hear him yelling at a university of connecticut food service worker who refused to serve him. the 19-year-old is charged for breaking the peace and trespassing. now he wants the court to let him go to rehab. in the video the restaurant manager said he smelled like alcohol and knew he was underage. the former freshman is no longer at the university, the school won't say if he was booted or left on his own. the charges will be dropped if he's accepted into the program. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, there's no doubt winter's coming here, but folks in northern japan are already feeling it. temperatures in hokkaido dropped
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below 10 degrees in that region. there was a dusting of snow and even ice forming on parts of the nearby river, and we locally even saw some flurries around the area, but we're not going to see that just yet. we have a bit of a warmup in the forecast after we see a very cold night tonight, but if you were in the lehigh valley today, allentown, even king of prussia you would have seen snow flurries, mainly north and west of philadelphia, mainly because of high winds blowing those in from the north and west, but tonight everyone will be getting cold and widespread 20-degree temperatures. coldest night so far this season, but there is a warmup in the forecast. just in time for thanksgiving. so if you wanted milder air, it will be getting here by thursday. already 28 in the poconos, 25 in pottstown, 36 degrees right now bensalem, low 40s in philadelphia, 37 now glassboro and millville, 38 degrees in dover. so as we go through tonight, take a look what's going to happen, clear skies are going to also be responsible for this. temperatures really dropping by
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10:00 p.m., close to freezing in the philadelphia area, dropping below freezing by midnight, and look at tomorrow morning, 6:00 a.m., we expect a low temperature between about 6:00 and 7:00 when we expect temperatures in the upper 20s through the philadelphia area, low 20s areas north and west. right now we're nice and dry, there's the big area of snow moving across the great lakes. we had a bit of that start to move in mostly to the lehigh valley, poconos, king of prussia saw a few flurries, but that's starting to dry up. however, we will be getting colder tonight, stay cold tomorrow, then get the mild air moving in. the cold air will stick around, wind direction keeps bringing it in, you will want to bundle it up outside. probably want your jacket through the afternoon and even for wednesday, there you see an area of high pressure passing by tuesday, into wednesday. that's going to be keeping us dry this week, so we expect a dry forecast. wednesday we'll still be on the chilly side with the wind direction, but once that high moves off the new england coast, that's going to change our wind
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direction in time for thursday. we'll get more of a south wind, milder thanksgiving in the forecast, and that mild air is going to stretch up into maine, so no matter where you're going across the northeast and midatlantic states, it is going to be a milder thanksgiving. now with thanksgiving travel under way, before we get to thursday if you're mostly traveling on wednesday, looks pretty good from the carolinas all the way up into new england. temperatures seasonal for this time of year, so on the chilly side, but we do expect nice dry conditions. if you are headed down south towards florida, temperatures here in the 70s, maybe the low 80s in some spots. will be cloudy with spotty showers, so could be a couple travel delays in that direction, even if you're heading from texas up into parts of kansas city, across the central plains, could be seeing showers there, too. off on the west coast we have snow in the rockies expected for wednesday, areas of rain and fog, so, of course, check your flights if you're heading in that direction. also locally we'll be nice and warmer by thursday. low temperatures tonight, though, it's going to be cold.
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21 degrees for allentown, 23 reading. philadelphia dropping to 29 for the low temperature, 22 in millville, 28 degrees wilmington, 30 in dover. even atlantic city airport coming in possibly around 26 degrees. this is the coldest night yet. tomorrow mostly sunny, chilly through the afternoon, high temperatures near the upper 40s for most of the area. by wednesday we're sunny, low 50s. slow warmup, but by thursday we jump up ten degrees from wednesday. 62 for your high thanksgiving day and for friday we'll be around 67 degrees. mild way to end the week, but by saturday we'll be dropping off. well, there wasn't much for eagles fans to cheer about yesterday, but one fan took full advantage of a once in a lifetime opportunity. another live look at lincoln financial field. what happened here at half-time sunday that has plenty of people talking tonight.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> it is being called the biggest buyout of the year. pfizer and allergan are combining to be the world's largest drugmaker. allergan is based in ireland, pfizer's tax rate will drop from 25% to 18%. pfizer makes lipitor and
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allergan makes botox. the eagles didn't play well yesterday against tampa bay. >> let's push it aside. wasn't the case for a berks county man who left the linc much richer than he entered. winner of the field goal challenge, a native drilled the 20 yarder during half-time to win the $20,000 prize. $10,000 goes to him, another $10,000 will be donated, though, to the brandywine middle school. >> something good out of yesterday's game. >> exactly. we can say that. that's for sure. all right, something else great people are looking forward to. expected to be one of the hottest gifts this holiday season. >> but it did come with concern and controversy. straight ahead, what you need to know before putting a drone under the tree come christmastime.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> don't adjust your screens. yes, those are snow flurries. some of the first fell in the allentown area today. not only does it look like winter, but it feels more like it out there tonight. nbc 10's first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is here now. >> quite a difference out there tonight, sheena. >> big difference, coldest night so far this season and the snow flurries have pretty much come to an end from part of the lake effect snow, windy conditions
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and now the cold air really setting in. it's extending all the way down to parts of the southeast and we will be very soon dropping into the 20s for part of the area. right now we're already in the low 30s for allentown, coming in at 33 degrees, poconos already in the 20s, 28 degrees there for mount pocono, 31 in philadelphia, 36 degrees right now in northeast philly, also trenton and much of the suburbs in new jersey and delaware in about the mid to upper 30s, so cold day today, there you see some of the snow flurries, which have come to an end around the allentown area, parts of bucks county and the poconos. that was earlier today, and now we're watching the same system, but it's really spinning around the great lakes at this point. the cold air is moving down from that and we'll continue to see that for tonight. take a look at future temperatures here, this starts with pretty much now and goes until 7:00 tonight. temperatures keep on dropping off and then by 10:00, 11:00 tonight, many areas will already start to get into the 20s. widespread 20s by early tomorrow
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morning so you'll need to bundle up when you walk outside. coming up, how long the cold air will last and your thanksgiving day. we have a bit of a warmup in the forecast, too. straight ahead. >> thank you. new at 5:30, the drone debate. the flying machines are said to be the hottest sellers of the holiday season, but with the sudden popularity of the high-tech choice comes questions and also concerns. >> tonight's nbc 10's tim furlong answered the questions you need to know before buying a drone for the holidays. >> reporter: call it the new sound of the holidays. this season drone sales are expected to take off, pun intended. >> get into it for less than $400. >> reporter: daniel's skygear solutions expects drones like these to fly off his warehouse shelves. today a task force comprised of camera makers, pilots, aviation leaders and retailers like amazon issued new recommendations to the faa that could come along with your new drone. every drone under 55 pounds should be registered, very
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small, more durable toy drones will not have to be registered. >> this is about the limit of what the new limit is going to apply. >> reporter: serial numbers on every drone and they want an education component as part of the registration. the faa already does have a program. adam flies the wilmington police department's drones used for investigations and crowd control. he registered his drone. i asked if maybe a drone isn't really a good gift. >> just like a teenager getting a car for their sweet 16, they come with cautions and limitations. >> reporter: he says drones are fun and useful in responsible hands, but you have to get training, keep them low, in sight, out of people's windows and nowhere near airports. the crew aboard sky force 10 tells me they are very concerned about people flying drones near them. they and many others hope anyone who buys a drone learns how to fly it responsibly.
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long story short, if you're buying a drone this holiday season, you better know what you're doing, because you're not just buying a toy, you're buying a pretty good sized set of responsibilities. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. let's go back out live to sky force 10 now. this accident backing up traffic all the way inside center city. what you're looking at here is the schuylkill eastbound in south philly. see one lane is blocked there, there's a tractor trailer involved. not clear whether anyone was injured, but police are there on scene and there's the traffic. sky force 10 zooms out, again, this is south philly looking northward as we continue to move into the city, you're seeing the results of this crash. just simply a mess out there on 76 eastbound. stay with nbc 10 and the nbc 10 news app for the very latest on this crash. in addition to that, here are the stories we're following at 5:30. police on the scene of a double murder in kensington.
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two men were reportedly shot in the head inside a home near jasper and glenwood avenue. live report coming up at 6:00. french police say an explosive belt found in a paris suburb contains bolts and the same type of explosive used in the paris attacks. a street cleaner found the vest in the same area where police tracked the cell phone of one fugitive salah abdeslam. authorities have charged a fourth suspect in connection with the attacks. lawmakers in harrisburg seem to have hit a wall now as they try to hammer out a budget nearly five months overdue. the budget vote is still not on the agenda just three days before thanksgiving. and one state representative told nbc 10's lauren mayk today christmas is a more realistic deadline. in the city of philadelphia, mayor-elect jim kenney unveiled part of his plan to improve student life in the philadelphia public school district. >> it's a program called the community school's model and the mayor details a new approach today. kenney spoke to kids, he says
5:35 pm
the model would allow schools to become multiservice centers for children, complete with dozens of local partnerships with places like clinics and tutors. kenney saw the community school's model in action in cincinnati last week. he talked about how it would work here at home. >> it's first engaging the community, finding out what it is that's important to them, what they value, and then trying to provide services either governmentally, corporately, philanthropically to make it happen. >> kenney went on to say he hopes to start rolling out the program the day he's sworn into office january 4th. nbc 10's katie zachary was the only local reporter to travel with the mayor-elect and his team while they toured one of these schools. >> reporter: it's a long way to go for a few hours touring a school. but to this team from philadelphia, there's no other way to measure the success of community learning centers.
5:36 pm
education teams from all over the world have made trips to the oyler school in cincinnati. mayor-elect jim kenney, joined by city council members, kenney's newly named education chief, are taking tips from those running these community learning centers. they are schools, but much more, inside are medical facilities run by people outside the district. they double as a nurse's office and neighborhood health clinics. there's also childcare here, food and clothing services, and a 24-hour police substation. the goal of the community learning center is to make the building the best fit for a struggling neighborhood. council president clark says they already have the interest from universities and hospitals in philadelphia. >> this is exactly what we need to see in the city of philadelphia. we've been talking about it for some time, now mayor kenney elect and now the school district has indicated the willingness to move forward in a very aggressive way. >> reporter: how quickly do you
5:37 pm
think philadelphia could see one of these schools? >> i'm not going to give you a date, but we're going to move fast. >> reporter: katie zachary, nbc 10 news. up next, a new benefit for breast feeding mothers. plus, down but not out. you likely never heard his name before, but the fact he renames on an nfl field sunday is generating a firestorm of controversy tonight. that story ahead. and fooling your brain to con tsunamiing fewer calories this thanksgiving. how it can be done.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> pregnant women who drink a moderate amount of coffee don't need to worry about the affects on their babies according to a new study. researchers found drinking one to two cups of coffee a day did not have any impact on iq scores or behavioral problems in children. the affects of more than one or two cups of coffee on a child is
5:40 pm
not yet known. new benefits tonight associated with breast feeding. researchers say it may protect against type two diabetes in women. gestational diabetes affects about 250,000 women in the u.s. every year, and it occurs only during pregnancy. however, gestational diabetes increases the risk of a woman getting type 2 diabetes some time in the future. researchers found moms who breast fed their babies at least two months cut their risk of developing diabetes in half. you want to listen to this now, we all love eating on thanksgiving. now there's a way to fool yourself, though, into enjoying all the same foods while eating less. that story straight ahead. not sure why you'd want to do that, but either way we have a nice warmup in time for thanksgiving. until that gets here it's going to be the coldest night so far tonight, so you'll want to bundle up.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> 500 families in need now have turkey dinners to cook on thursday. members of the most worshipful lodge of pennsylvania handed out gift baskets with all the trimmings inside. organizationers, including the city's department of human services and several senior and veterans groups received these baskets. members will be distributing turkeys all across the city all week. speaking of which, thanksgiving for many people is a time to binge eat, a time most people look forward to all year long. >> what if there's a to enjoying all the foods but eating fewer calories. experts say it is possible and they can prove it. here's nbc's jeff rossen.
5:44 pm
>> happy thanksgiving. >> how are you? good to see you. happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: we're throwing an early holiday feast for this family. >> this is really good. >> reporter: and we're serving all the classics. turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese. they think we're here doing a general story about thanksgiving. but what they don't know, this is really a test. >>s >> reporter: we're secretly weighing all the food, as a nutritionist is counting every bite. we're breaking the family into two separate groups. group one is going to eat over here, what i consider a traditional thanksgiving meal the way i've always had it in my house, all the food is on the table, easily within reach. group number two is going to be right through this hallway over here at this table, and you can notice there's no food on this table and that's because they are going to have to get up and serve themselves buffet style through here.
5:45 pm
notice something else, we put out all the healthy foods as the first course, all the greens. experts say this group, group number two, will eat a lot less with these little tricks. let's see. >> i'm so hungry. >> reporter: we send them in and right away the buffet group is piling on the roasted vegetables and salad. they are getting full on the healthy stuff. you're eating healthy. >> love it. >> reporter: by the time the main course comes out, the meats and starches, all the calorie busting dishes, they don't take much, but just look at what's happening in the other room where all the food is right there on the table. they are piling on the fatty stuff, digging deep into the mashed potatoes. >> anybody need gravy? >> reporter: heaping spoonfuls of mac and cheese. not many takers on the greens. how's it going, guys? >> good, good. >> reporter: you guys eating up? >> absolutely, very good. >> seconds, thirds. >> did you see the group family
5:46 pm
style? going to town, they are loading up because it's right in front of them. >> reporter: here's another trick, the kind of wine you serve makes a difference. we only put white wine on their table, but for the buffet group only red. >> when you pour white wine, you often pour more because there's no contrast with the glass, so you pour with a heavier hand. if you want to cut back this thanksgiving, go for the red over the white. >> reporter: we also gave them different colored plates. the group in here eating on white. the buffet group using blue. >> blue is traditional aan unappetizing color. when we eat on blue plates or dine in a blue room, research has shown we eat less. >> reporter: when everyone is finally finished and we add up the totals, we bring both groups together for the big reveal. we've been doing a secret food test on you behind your backs. >> what kind of deception is this! >> reporter: we broke this down by calorie, the buffet group over here, you had 9,218
5:47 pm
calories. but hang on, the group over here, and you serves yourselves right on the table, 14,632 calories. you guys had 59% more food than the buffet group. >> no way! >> reporter: we're getting to that right now. glad you brought up alcohol. so the buffet group had almost two bottles of wine. my friend over here with the food and drinks on the table, you guys kicked almost six bottles of wine. >> all right! >> reporter: tricks you can use this thanksgiving, courtesy of this family. >> the most important thing is that the family is together. >> reporter: happy thanksgiving! >> it all makes a difference. these tricks aren't just for thanksgiving. experts say if you use these tricks year round, you could lose a few pounds of month, adding to serious weight loss over the course of a year. now your nbc 10 first alert
5:48 pm
weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, it is going to get cold tonight. aside from the flurries areas north and west, we have that around today. those come to an end, but allentown, king of prussia, the poconos would have noticed snow flurries around. they blew in from areas north and west with a strong wind and now tonight that wind is going to start to lighten up and temperatures will be dropping. coldest night so far this season, widespread 20-degree temperatures. as we go into the end of the week just in time for thanksgiving, it will start to warm up a bit, believe it or not. right now, though, it is getting cold outside, 28 degrees in mount pocono at the moment, 33 in allentown, 35 in reading and pottstown, 41 right now philadelphia, but mid 30s in trenton and bensalem. 37 degrees in wilmington and millville, 38 degrees in dover. through tonight, though, we will be cold. tomorrow we'll also be cold in the afternoon. 49 degrees for the high temperature.
5:49 pm
today we got to 43. by wednesday, low 50s, but look at the jump from wednesday to thursday, big ten-degree jump in time for thanksgiving, 62 degrees for the high on thursday, the average high is 53, so the cold air will be here most of the week, then milder by thursday and friday. if you wanted the warmup for thanksgiving, it is on the way. right now nice and dry, flurries coming to an end over the great lakes, same area we're seeing the snow continuing, but this is from earlier today. we have the snow flurries around with the strong northwest wind. that's going to start to die down tonight. temperatures will be dropping, so tomorrow morning around the time you walk outside, 8:00, 9:00, we should be around 30 degrees for most of the area, but we're going to stay dry because of the area of high pressure. so for tuesday and wednesday, this high moves over the area, once it moves offshore off the new england coast by thursday and friday, that's when our wind direction is going to switch and that is when we start to warm up even more. so thursday and friday we will be in the 60s. if you are traveling for
5:50 pm
thanksgiving, mostly wednesday in this forecast, temperatures seasonal around the upper 50s through the carolinas, mid 40s through boston and parts of maine, but sunny conditions, nice travel weather there. farther south into parts of florida if you're heading in this direction, expect temperatures in mostly the mid to upper 70s, cloudy, humid, scattered showers around, there's a chance that could cause travel problems, but for the northeast, looking good. tonight here's a look at the low temperatures, 21 in allentown, 24 pottstown, 29 philadelphia, 22 suburbs in new jersey like millville. coldest night yet, definitely want to bundle up by tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon, chilly day, 47 to 50 degrees for the high temperature. we get milder for wednesday, low 50s, but big jump going into thursday. low 60s for thanksgiving, 67 friday and colder into the weekend. >> sheena, thank you. time now for a look at what you'll see on nightly news at
5:51 pm
6:30. >> joining us live from new york city with a preview. good evening, lester. >> hi, keith and denise. good evening to you. late word about a new worldwide travel warning put in place for american citizens. we'll explain what's behind that. certainly, the tensions after paris, but other things happening today we want to report on. donald trump making provocative statements over the weekend about what he claims happened on 9/11. did it really happen? and in this political environment, does it really matter? what some of his opponents are saying about that. and the nfl facing some hard questions about a hard hit on the football field over the weekend. it left a star player with a concussion. those stories and more coming up on nbc nightly news. back to you. >> all right, lester, thank you. see you back here in about 40 minutes. hate to bring this back up now, but eagle fans are sounding off about the team's latest disappointment tonight. >> it's what happened during another game that lester eluded to that's attracting attention across the country. >> that's right, the center of the controversy, one player simply stayed on the field.
5:52 pm
he's right there. we'll tell you why that's generating so much debate tonight.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
this is nbc 10 news. >> concussion issues continue to make headlines for the nfl. during yesterday's rams/ravens games, st. louis quarterback
5:55 pm
case keenum is clearly dazed after having his head slammed on the turf. keenum could barely get up. now there is controversy and growing concern tonight about the safety of all nfl players. >> even after that hit there, keenum stayed in the game sunday, despite showing signs of a head injury. this comes two weeks after eagles safety malcolm jenkins admitted he played against the cowboys with a concussion. jay gray has the latest on the league's concussion headache. >> reporter: the hit was not all that extreme. >> as keenum was wrapped up. >> reporter: but the effects seemed obvious and immediate. case keenum struggling to stand, but staying in the game, despite the nfl's self proclaimed commitment and new program to protect against head injuries. >> case keenum slow to get up. >> reporter: with a minute left in a tied game, the team trainer apparently gave the okay to stay on the field, but even fans spotted a potential problem.
5:56 pm
posts on social media included, a woozy case keenum picked up by linemen and stays in the game, nobody cares. keenum is still in the game? how? why do we have a concussion protocol then? following the game the team confirmed keenum was suffering from a concussion. today in a written statement the nfl announced they are reviewing the incident and prior to this week's game, we will re-enforce with all involved the need to ensure these injuries are properly identified and addressed in a manner consistent with our protocols. experts say if there is a question, the player should be benched immediately. >> it's always best to err on the side of safety and to take players out of the game if you think there's a concussion. >> reporter: because doctors say staying in could take them out of a much bigger game off the field. jay gray, nbc 10 news. coming up next on nbc 10 news at 6:00. >> we are staying on top of breaking news, two men murdered inside a home. we are live on that scene with
5:57 pm
the latest. well, it was cold enough to flurry in somes parts of our area today. how long is this november chill going to stick around? my holiday forecast is next. plus, cold hard cash. tonight, the local town that could soon take away money from your paycheck. that's next on nbc 10 news at 6:00.
5:58 pm
nbc 10 breaking news. >> breaking news in the
5:59 pm
kensington section of philadelphia tonight. two men killed, both of them shot in the head. >> their bodies were found around 3:00 this afternoon. tonight, raw emotions at the scene of that crime. nbc 10's drew smith joins us live from the scene. drew, we last saw you at 5:00. have you been able to get any new information since then? >> reporter: well, right now we still do not know the identities of these victims, just that they are young men who were found down inside a house at the end of this block on jasper street. as this truck passes you can see there is still a crowd of family members who have been crying, yelling, wanting answers as to how their loved ones died. a big question here, how long were the bodies inside that home? we do know when paramedics arrived they pronounced them dead on the scene right there. this is a significant crime here in the entire city, as well, because we have surpassed the number of murders over last year, the entire last year. these are homicides number 248
6:00 pm
and 249. so, again, we're waiting for information from a police supervisor, who is supposed to be heading down here, but when we were talking with the family members they said they haven't been able to get to the house to i.d. the bodies, it has been very frustrating for them, as well, because they don't know what happened here tonight. we are live in kensington, drew smith, nbc 10 news. and turning now to our weather, as we can see from that picture, we have snow for the first time this season. check it out, nbc 10 in allentown. >> and it is that time of year in the poconos. cam elback mountain starting to make snow. glenn "hurricane" schwartz joining us now. >> glenn, we're in for a really cold night. >> yeah, this is definitely going to be the coldest night so far this season, but it's going to warm up every night this week after tonight. we have mostly clear skies right now, and that will allow the temperatures to dro


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