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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  November 26, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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the yearly tradition of having pros cook your bird to perfection is opened again t. south philadelphia bakery is ready to take your turkey. it is just before 6:00. good morning. happy thanksgiving. i'm tracy davidson. >> and they're going to cook it right and give it back. >> let's get right to nbc 10 meteorologist brittany shipp. good morning. >> 2k3w50r78. it is on the cold side to start. happy thanksgiving, everyone, as we head into the afternoon. we warm up nicely. our temperature in philadelphia 43 degrees, 37 in dover. low 40s in wildwood, thee degrees currently in atlantic city. as we head into the next eight hours, we will continue do see warming temperatures. so by 11:00 a.m., 57 degrees, 62 degrees. we're pack in the 60s, well above average for this time of year. average is really 52. our temperatures today will range between 60 and 63. a mix of sun and clouds, warmer tan we saw yesterday, i'm
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tracking a few changes, cooler temperatures and a chance of showers. i'll go over more details of that coming up in my full forecast. now we want to check in with traffic reporter jessica boyington. >> brittany, we have light volume, pretty much clear out of way. you can see that reflected in our cameras here right around german pike. northbound our times are great. if are you in delaware, watch out for krungs on 95. 896 northbound is closed. the drive times you see are great. northbound and southbound no problems. 11 minutes at the most. out in center city, we will check in with mass transit and the parade routes around the area. >> thanks. now an update on breaking news, russia's state owned news agency is reporting long range defense missiles at its base if syria.
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russia warned of the move yesterday. new from overnight in philadelphia, a man is dead after firefighters found him in a home that burned on brunner street. fire officials tell us there were no working smoke detectors. the victim was the only one home. this morning the fire marshall is looking for the cause. . new from overnight, a brawl breaks out at a newcastle county skating rink, cameras capture this chaos. nbc 10 monique brangston is live with more on this wild fight. what happened, monique? >> hey, tracy, for the past two hours, we have been making calls to delaware state police to find out exactly what happened here. but as can you see, they have cleared the scene, all is quiet and the investigation continues. here's video, though, that we dpatsed while you were sleeping of the chaos at the christiania skating center. if you have a moment, take a
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look closely. one person appears to be stopping:00 investigators tell us a brawl broke out at the family fun center at about 10:30 last night t. motive isn't known or how long the fight lasted. but there are reports of multiple minor injuries. also, gunfire heard in the commotion, but no one was wounded. so i reached out to christiania hospital to find out if anyone was taken there to be treated, if anyone was admitted overnight. i was told because of hipa they cannot answer our questions. we will be following the questions, definitely let you know if anything is dwpg this morning. live now in christiania, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. a pennsylvania state trooper shot and wounded in a chase and crash on the vine street expressway is now spending thanksgiving at home. >> i want to thank everybody for all their prayers and support. have a happy thanksgiving.
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let's go eagles. >> that's trooper patrick casey. he left the hospital in good spirit yesterday. he was shot in a pursuit on the vine street expressway tuesday. a bullet is still lonled in his shoulder. he is expected to make a full recovery. the alleged shooter, a 17-year-old is now charged with attempted murder. . breaking news here, a deadly drive-by shooting in port richmond. you are looking at a live picture. police tell us the shooting happened about 45 minutes ago. police say someone driving a white car shot a man in the chest. >> that man was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. police are now looking for the shooter. three people are in the hospital this morning, following a fiery crash just off the schuylkill expressway on a busy night before thanksgiving. police say the car that caused the crash was stolen earlier in the day from a 7 already 11 in northeast philadelphia.
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investigators tell us the drivers a speed and exited and blew past a stop sign before smashing into a toyota that had the right of way. two suspect itself ran from the burning car onto the expressway. >> so they were both able run up the onramp here. another careless act on tear part with track out here. >> one of the people hurt in this toyota is a pregnant woman. she and her boyfriends are in stable condition now. her mother was critically injured. police say the suspects suffered minor injury and could be charged with aggravated assault and auto theft. a thanksgiving tradition is happening right now in south philadelphia. >> cacia's bakery is now opened and cooking your turkeys. matt delucia has that assignment. people are lining up to say, here, cook it. the greatest. >> make it delicious.
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>> amg and it smells so food in here. we got the bread right here. they have been breaking all morning. now people are dropping a tough turkeys. take a look at this live right here. people have been coming in,ineing up to drop off their tuck ur turkeys. this is a tradition. i have joe cacia kel me this is something the family has been doing here in south philly for many, many years, for generations, why is it so special this time of year? >> it's just a holiday. people seem to really like bringing their turkey here every year, so it was just nice to be able to do something nice and get together with our family. it's us as nice, every year, it's more and more people. >> reporter: why do people drop off their turkeys? you are have the brick ovens here? >> the brick oven is totally different than your normal oven, the heat radiates among the bricks, it's a totally different
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cook. it's a nice golden brown. it cooks evenly. it cooks nice and it's just tastes so much better. you can seriously tell the difference. >> how many people are you pecks effecting to tloom through the door? >> from now until 7:30. 130 turkeys at least. sometimes people bring three turkeys. >> oh, my. >> you can see the line right there. people are already showing up here. we know you have a lot of work. very excited. happy thanksgiving. there you go. we have kurskies here. look at these guys, they're having fun out there. they come every year. it's a tradition not just for this family but for the folks that come here every kwer a. little known fact, joe is the biggest fan. we have been talking about it all morning. anything you want to say tsheen. >> sheena, i'm older, i a am your biggest fan.
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>> reporter: sheena, if you are watching, he wants you to come here, drop after your turkey. they will be getting a lot more turkeys cooking in the ovens, they have been dropping them off for the past few minutes. this will be a busy day here in south philadelphia. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> i think he was saying his cell phone number. i'll give sheena the message, make sure she watches. right now 36 degrees in the pocono, 29 in allentown, 26 degrees in coatesville, 40 degrees in philadelphia, the mid-30s in trenton, 29 degrees in mount holly. it is a cold start to the morning. everyone in line was pretty much bundled up. you won't need a heavy jacket. our temperatures will stay in the low 60s. 62 degrees in wilmington, low 60s in wildwood, a milder
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thanksgiving on tap for us. as we head into tomorrow, we will see warmer weather, so unseasonably warm. we could tie a few records, especially in places like allentown, our record for philadelphia is in the 70s so we don't think we'll match that record. but our satellite radar shows a few clouds pushing in from the north. off to the northwest. we have this system that won't have a cold front associated with it. it will move closer to us. that's what will drop our temperatures as we head into saturday and also into sunday. so our temperatures in the 60s will be short lived. we'll be dropping out of the 60s as we head into the weekend. here's a closer look at our conditions, dry today. dry tomorrow. we track those showers as we head into sunday morning. closer to 8:00, 9:00, it should move out as we push into the afternoon and evening. we see another slight chance into sunday. our 7-day forecast coming up in a few minutes.
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not everyone is in their pjs, some are heading out. let's check with jessica boyington. she has been following that accident. >> right. one of the first accidents of the morning t. only one i have seen so far, lower marion on city avenue and east linwood road. one of the biggest things is the thanksgiving day parade. we had a lot of closures in the area because of it. ben franklin west bounds, art pulmonary circle. kelly drive between fairmount and art pulmonary circle. jfk boulevard between 20th and 30th will be closed for the prep. also an update for septa. all services are running on a sunday or holiday schedule, bus route detours. can you see several down there, including the market. >> that will be in effect until 2:00 p.m. as for the philadelphia international airport, to pick anybody up, they will be right
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on time. currently no delays. we'll have more updates when i come back in the next ten minutes. >> jessica, thanks. 10 after 6:00. the fallout continues. and there will be something different about this year's macy's thanksgiving day parade. it has nothing to do with balloons. we'll explain.
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. at 6:13. we take a look at new york where crews are working feverishly right now to make final preparations for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. the 89th annual parade featuring mariah carrie. you will see the fans and the giant ma mus balloons. the city expects spectators to line the route. they will be joined by an
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unprecedented number of new york city police t. stepped up security will include heavily armed tactical units ready to move in at the first sign of any trouble. officials stress there is no spec threat. you can watch the macy's thanksgiving day parade starting at 9:00 this morning right here on nbc 10. we are in the middle of the busiest travel week of the year t. state department issued a world wide travel alert. they're urging you to keep your eyes opened or report suspicious activity. they are conducting more screenings at airports across the country. this comes on the heels of the deadly attack and the bombing of the russian airliner. despite that, at least one train traveler told us he experienced no inconvenience. >>. >> they're not doing anything they didn't do before. >> there are a lot of things going on behind the scenes. >> western europe is the big concern. u.s. officials say they have no evidence of a credible threat
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against the u.s. homeland. it's 6:14. new this morning, tensions continue in chicago following the release of police dash-cam video that shows an officer shoot and kill a black teen. last night, protesters ripped lights off the christmas tree at millennium park. several people were arrested there. the officer in the video is charged with first degree murder in the death of 17-year-old laquan mcdonald. minneapolis companies are holding a fourth person if custody in the shooting of five protesters. they were shot monday night during a demonstration of the fatal police shooting of an unarmed black man t. five victims all suffered non-life threatening injuries. some members sucked the shootings of the protesters were racially motivated. police have not disclosed a motive. meanwhile, protesters are demanding that video from that officer-involved shooting be released to the public. >> you need to know what's happening. we need to know.
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even if they're blurry, dprany, we need to know. the longer they hold on to them t. more we think there is something on there that is not right. >> 24-year-old jamar clark was fatally shot when he was in police custody early sunday morning. witnesses say he was shot while handcuffed. but officers say the incident happened during a physical struggle. if you have to run out, pick up something from the airport, a train station, or get something you got, let's check the roads. >> first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has an eye on it this morning. >> we wish the schuylkill looked like this all the time. behind me along montgomery drive, eastbound or westbound, we have mo problems this morning. you see the vine street expressway, we're still at a 12 minute trip. that's 63 miles per hour. the average speed, you see no lane restrictions whatsoever. we do have an accident in montgomery county. not to borrow this point in lower marion, at city avenue at
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east wynwood road. watch out for lane restrictions there. 95 is looking great. this is typically the time we see that drive time ramp up. we are nowhere with that. a 14 minute trip. no problems if you are headed northbound from the vine street expressway to wood haven road. that takes you 12 minutes. that's through the work zones. we'll do a check in with mass transit when i come back in the next ten minutes. >> good morning. happy thanksgiving. a mild turkey day on tap for us. warmer weather as we head into your black friday tomorrow for all you shoppers. we are going to see unseasonably warm conditions and i'm trablging showers. we get a little closer to the weekend. mainly on saturday. so for philadelphia, 40 degrees right now the air has come, films like temperature has come. across the rest of the region, we're in the 30s for atlantic
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city. 48 degrees in wildwood, 36 in northeast philly. potts town, 36 degrees in the poconos, our temperature trend shows we were in the 50s on tuesday and wednesday. today we're going to push into the low 60s by friday, well above average. our average for this time of year is 52 degrees. so it's going to be a very warm and mild thanksgiving for us. a closer look at our satellite radar shot shows a few clouds moving in. lot of sun zion, a few clouds mixed in there. then we have seeing a few showers stretching back into parts of chicago, to the north of st. louis. a little snow moving through parts of colorado. this system will translate into the dlax. the snow is ail already throughout the day and tonight. as we push into friday, we stay nice and dry t. cloud start to increase. by saturday morning, that's when our chance of shower reaches, philadelphia, womening torp, stretching down into dover, most of south jersey.
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this will continue for a few hours. as we push into saturday evening. most of those showers will move on. we will see temperatures pushing into the low 60s for philadelphia. 60 degrees in potts town, 62 in wilmington. even warmer as we head into tomorrow. 67 degrees for us and then our temperatures in the mid-60 for atlantic city tomorrow. today we range between 66 and 63. a mix of sun and clouds, warmer tan we saw yesterday. we stayed in the mid-50s, your seven-day forecast shows that we will see these 60 degrees temperatures. it will be short lived as we head into the weekend , the chance of showers, a comedy front associated with it. ld front associated with it. . >> thanksgiving means food, family and cooking to help relieve some of the stress of cooking. cacias will handle the turkey.
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you do the side. we check in with a south philadelphia bakery where the line is starting to grow. iaed to your meal today, for some, it's time to go shopping. we'll run down a list of which stores are opened before black friday officially begins.
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>> it won't be long now before the crowds will be out lining the ben franklin parkway if philadelphia this morning for the nickth annual thanksgiving parade. here's a live look at the parkway rate now. they are for sure getting everything ready out there. this parade includes float and giant balloons, local performances from choirs, dance groups and marching band and, of course, the first appearance of the season. do your shopping with just can't wait until black friday, there are lots of major retailers opening tonight.
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macys will open at 6:00 p.m. toys 'r' us opens an hour earlier. wal-mart shoppers, you can cash in on online deals. they are available right now. one retail cane is closed today for the first time actually on thanksgiving. h & m all of its u.s. stores are closed today. they want to give employees time to spend with fear families. >> hey, everyone, jessco boyington with your first alert traffic. we are watching route 73 right now in new jersey. approaching pal myra bridge. no scheduled openings right now. around 6:24. we will have more updates if you take mass transit. there are changes. first let's get a check on the forecast with meteorologist brittany shipp. >> good morning. >> that the a beautiful picture right now from cape may. we've seeing a few cloud, lots of sunshine as we head into the rest of thanksgiving. our temperatures will be on the mild side, pushing into the 60s.
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that is your range between 60 and 64 degrees a. mix of sun and cloud, definitely warmer tan we saw yesterday. even warmer as we head into tomorrow. i'll go over more details coming up in my full forecast. >> reporter: this video shows a fight that occurred late last night. we're working to find out what caused the fight and the extent of the injury. and good morning, happy thanksgiving, i'm matt delucia. why cook your turkey when you can have somebody else cook it for you. we will show you a look at a south philly tradition coming up after the break. .
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new from overnight, flames
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ripped through a philadelphia home killing one person. >> pre-thanksgiving fun turns violent after a brawl erupts at a roller skating rink in newcastle county. here's a live look in south philadelphia. this is not an early line for plaque friday shop. this is all about turkey day. you got to bring your turkey with you. cacia's bakery is opened. good morning. >> how good must it smell? >> let's get you updated on this forecast. >> i felt it was serious business there. so you don't want to mess that up. >> that is the centerpiece. temperature wise, we're at 40 degrees in philadelphia. treaven e 27 in potts town, 36 in the poconos, so it is a cold start on this thanksgiving morning. as we head into the afternoon.
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things warm up. . >> 57 by noon, lehigh valley. by noon, south jersey mainly in the 40s. as we get into the afternoon, 3:00 p.m., your early dinner time will be in the low 60 for philadelphia. south jersey in the mid-50s. then our temperatures or our conditions will be a mix of sun and clouds. so that will be nice. the next thing we will be tracking fear record highs as we head into tomorrow. so you can see the temperatures are close. forecast for atlantic city 64. the recovered is 69. so we are going to see warm temperatures as we push into tomorrow. i have more details of what else is in store. more changes closer to the weekend coming up in my full forecast. >> no, it's not really an excuse to use this turkey breast 100 times this morning. we have addicts to the
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thanksgiving day parade closures as it gets closer to the start time. . all right, thanks, jessica. happy thanksgiving to you. it's 6:31. it's breakfast time. a lot of people are waking up, thinking about dinner. >> right. they're starting to cook. others are waking up, getting tear turkey. instead of putting it in the oven, they say, no, no, no, i'm
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go to south philadelphia and let cacia's cook it for us. we will check back in with matt delucia. >> we will be keeping an eye on that for you. we have breaking news, russia's state owned news agency says the country is deploying anti-aircraft missiles in syria. this move comes after turkey shot down a russian warplane. one pilot died after turkey shot the russian jet out of the sky on tuesday. a sec pilot was rescued. turkey released audio recordings on wednesday that says it repeatedly warned the russians not to approach turkish airspace and they were in danger. the and a half fator of the plane who was ejected as it was going down says he heard none of these warnings. moscow says this was an act of turkish aggression. francois hollande is expected to
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go to moscow in an effort to calm the crisis. locally, police say the family of a man killed this morning in a drive-by shooting. police tell us around 5:15, a 21-year-old man was walking to his home when a white suv pulled up and someone shot him. now, police just told us that the man's mother just headed to the same suv stop and he pulled a gun on her and drove away without shooting. we will keep you updated. new from overnight, a pay lay at a skating rink sends people rung and gets phones rolling. monique braxton is live at christiania skating center. this video was posted online. what have you learned about it? >> reporter: that's right. i can tell you the delaware state police have cleared the scene here. it also appears the owners have swept the parking lot. no evidence of a brawl.
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but social media tells more of the story. now, while you were sleeping, we have been monitoring social media closely. look at this video, which captures the commotion at the christiania skating center. you see what appears to be one person stomping another at what's called a family fun entertainment center. you also hear someone saying, hold up. investigators tell us a brawl broke out at about 10 chicago:30 last night. pre-thanksgiving is a busy night for most businesses d. motive isn't known or how long the fight lasted. comments posted include several different themes. there are reports of multiple middle eastern injuries. we also hear that gun fire er t erupted. but no one was wounded. so i phoned christiania hospital to find out the extent of the injuries, if anyone was brought there, if anyone had to be admitted. they told us because of hipa, they can fought answer any of my questions. we will continue to reach out to
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delaware state police. live now in christiania, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. the state set for law makers to vote on pennsylvania train general kathleen cane's future. a special bipartisan voted to let the full senate decide. >> that i will center on whether cane can do her job with the suspended law license as she fights charges for allegedly leaking grand jury testimony and lying about it under oath. >> we need the attorney general who doesn't have this giant cloud over her head. >> considering whether or not to remove an elected office is very significant. >> kane released a statement saying she will fight against her removal. she believes it is unconstitutional. the eagles are among the holiday travelers this thanksgiving. the birds arrived in detroit yesterday for today's game against the lions. the team is hoping to bounce back from two straight disappointing home losses.
6:37 am
this is also the second straight year the eagles have played on thanksgiving. the team says it isn't worried about playing on just three days rest. >> it's sometimes beneficial. we are taking care of our body this week. it gives us a chance to go over to the detroit lions, everything e everybo everybody is feeling good. >> sam bradford is questionable for today's game. he is recovering from a concussion and left shoulder injury. today's kickoff at 12:30 in forbes field in detroit. bc 10 is the official station of the philadelphia eagles. 6:36 t. city expects thousands to line the ben franklin parkway in philadelphia for the 96th annual thanksgiving day parade. a live look at the parkway, where everything is getting ready. people are getting their spots. the philly tradition includes floats and giant ploons. the first appearance from santa
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in what is the oldest thanksgiving parade in the country. well, happy thanksgiving to you. it is time already to start thinking about dinner. i know it's early. but it's time. and that means it's time for people to start lining up outside cacia's bakery. let's take you loo i have been there. matt. >> yeah, i was busy eating a turkey last time. so that's why you had to come to me later. it's so busy in here. we have turkeys getting ready to go into here 45 minutes or so just to drop off these thanksgiving turkeys and this really has become a tradition here in south philadelphia. they have been baking the bread all morning and all these turkeys you see here, they will be going into the overnes around 8:00 this morning. they're expecting about 100 to 200 turkeys. this again is something they do every year. it's a decades long tradition.
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what they're doing is they drop off the turkeys. they go in the brick ovens, they come back and pick them up later. how many we at now? >> 72. >> 72 turkeys have been dropped off here. this is something people have been doing all morning and they're going to come back and puck up these turkeys a little bit later. we got some soft customers out here, you guys enjoying yourselves? go ahead. happy thanksgiving. yes. it's so early in the morning. sam here is the owners. i mean, why are you doing this every year? >> i ask myself that question. i have been doing it sentence i was like 12-years-old. so i don't know anything else. it gets interesting because i actually foound found out there is others that do this. they don't. i equated to the fact that sometimes you go to a doctor with problems and you go to three, four doctors, they say, we can't help you out. gow to the fifth doctor. he know what is he's doing you
6:40 am
are not afraid to take care of that person. >> what is it like seeing people here this early in the mo,? >> they're as crazy as i am. it's a good thing. >> everyone is festive, in the holiday spirit. these guys will be busy all day cooking all those turkeys. i want to show you the pileup right here. we got just we heard it was 72 at this point. these guys will be taking in more turkeys. this will be something that will be very festive, smelling like turkey here not long from now. we will be enjoying that. for sure. >> good morning. eighth cold start. as we push into the afternoon, it will be a mild thank. 30 droo es in reading. we're at 26 in coatesville. a little warmer in philadelphia.
6:41 am
already in the 40s. 30 degrees in wilmington, 35 degrees in trenton. her to currently in woodbine, our temperatures continue to climb as we head into the rest of the afternoon. the city planner shows us, we warm up icily. we push into your 200 hour. by 11:00 a.m., 57 dries, mainly see sunny skies, a few thin clouds hoff in as well. stay mild, low 60s for us today. 60 degrees in potts town, 63 is the high in reading. 63 in dover. our temperatures will range between 60 and 64 degrees. a mucks of sun and clouds, warmer than what we saw yesterday. the interesting thing as we head into tomorrow, it gets warmer, our temperatures will push into the mid to high 60s. here's a look at your forecast. we started at midnight in case you want to get an early start.
6:42 am
king of patricia 48 degrees at midnight. christiania is closer to 49. cherry hill 48. by 6:00 a.m., temperatures in the low 50s by noon as you are recovering from that strapping. our temperatures will be in the 60s. with etop out tomorrow in the mid to high 60s. we'll have more details and the chance of rain that will move in over the weekend. also, cooler temperatures on the way. >> thanks, brittany. well, it's about time some hoe folks are headed out to the roads to pick topp stuff that they forgot. >> or maybe start shopping. if you are on 95, let's get a look at it. jessica boyington is watching that. >> watch aught out for construction along the blue route off-ramp. that's currently blocked until december 1st. not a lot of volume out there. if you have to led to thearity, northbound, intoupd, no problems, as can you see. we will check in with the drive times there as well. in the green, northbound, southbound, to the blue route on 95. no problems and no delays at the philadelphia international
6:43 am
airport. so, whoever you are picking up this morning will be on time. we'll have another update when i come back in the next ten minutes. . >> best hug ever. this is a thanksgiving reunion between a south jersey man and the stranger who saved his life. we'll have the story of how and ord fare man became a hero. and we have new information this morning on the new born baby found in a manager at a church. we'll tell you why police have decided not to press charges against the mother. . and after a two-day preview, last weekend, christmas village overed for the season t. german-style open air mark features gifts and crafts from more than 60 senders. you can enjoy it now new through december 27th. t
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. >> hey, if you are going to be in the city this thanksgiving day or the next couple of weeks. comcast is the parent company of nbc 10. we have new information this morning. police have found the mother who they say abandoned a newborn at a new york city church. she will not 'charged. the d.a. says the reason is the mom followed the spirit of new york's safe haven law leaving the infant in what she considered to be a safe place. under surveillance video shows the mom buying purple towels before the baby was dropped off. minutes later, less than a half mile away, a maintenance worker found the child swaddled in the towels pence the manager.
6:48 am
the baby is doing fine. it's 6:46. new from overnight, pope francis visits africa for the very first time. he celebrated with an estimated 300,000 people in kenya. millions of people are expected to come to see the pope during his tour. an estimated 200 million africans live in mask. >> that is expected to double by 2060. new information in the costco e. coli outbreak. they show it as a possible source in the costso chicken salad. it is being blamed for at least fine e. coli cases in seven states. it was cold in late october and early november. paul walker's father is suing porsche over the death of his son. he claims the car the "fast and
6:49 am
furious" star was riding in lacked preventive features that could have prevented the crash. porsche has not commented. walker's daughter filed a similar suit in september. well, fans of the ss united states will be thankful to learn of a reprieve they say they have raised $600,000 over seven weeks. it costs $60 grand a month. the vessel will be sold for scrap if the conservancy didn't raise enough cash. happening today in thanksgiving. >> that means turkey, parades, and dogs. the national dog share airs today. nearly 2,000 dogs came to the expo center a few weeks ago to record the show that will now be seen nationwide. the dogs anded their handlers
6:50 am
consider this show as one of the elite competition and what they're competing for is the coveted best in show. >> you invest in show. you are basically beating. there is 1,800 dogs here. that's a major accomplishment. we have the most decorated. >> you can dpoond out who wins starting today at noon on nbc 10. the show is run by the kennel club of philadelphia. it has been televised on nb doctor for 14 years. >> so fun. >>top doc. >> we'll see. the thanksgiving reunion months in the making. it is amazing. >> it brought together a south jersey man with a stranger that saved his life. >> dude, you're kidding me, right? >> no. >> he was in a motorcycle accident five months ago. he severed his leg in the crash.
6:51 am
walter rives saw the accident and stopped to help. >> he took his belt off, tied it around my leg like a tourniquet. >> i was thinking i was watching a guy die like in front of me. take his last breath. >> he absolutely saved his life. >> he has a new prosthetic leg. now he had a chance to thank the man that saved his life. >> amazing, that hug gets me every time. it's the huck. let's go to new york for a preview from natalie morales and willie geist. good morning to both of you. happy thanksgiving. ? happy thanksgiving to you, lauren and tracy. coming up this morning on "today" we are, of course, your holiday headquarters. we have complete coverage on the nasty storm and the increased security put in place. matt, savannah and al will be there live. >> plus if you are getting ready to cook your feast. we have tips. we are bringing in two experts.
6:52 am
sends them to we will answer them throughout the show. buyer beware, why tomorrow's black friday deals on flat screen tvs may not be as good as they seem as we get started open a thursday thanksgiving morning here on "today." have a great one. >> happy thanksgiving. >> see you at 7:00. >> good morning, such a mild turkey day, temperatures are going to push into the low 60s for today, even warmer for all the plaque friday shoppers tomorrow. plus tracking week showers. mainly as we head into saturday. it will be short lived. light rainfall. 40 degrees right now t. air is calm for us. comfortable conditions as we get into the afternoon. we're at 35 degrees in trenton. 35 in wilmington and 36 this dover. our temperature trend shows we will continue warming things up
6:53 am
today, heading into tomorrow. by tomorrow, we'll be almost 15 degrees above average. you also notice more clouds will move in. we do have unsettled weather out west, here in chicago, stretching out to parts of colorado, we're seeing a little snow moving through. some of this is going to head our way, in the way of showers by saturday. we willals see a cold front. substantially we head into the weekend. as we get closer to 9, 10:00 a.m. open saturday. the 7-day forecast shows, by thursday, 62 degrees today. by friday, warm. we drop 10 degrees. that cold air moves through. then we drop down to skrift 50 degrees on sunday. >> thanks, brittany. we're getting a little cooler. but today sounds like a nice day to be out there if you have hitting the road. we got an eye on that for you.
6:54 am
>> including the road closures around where the parade will be. jessica boyington, walk us through that. >> so a lot of our majors are in the clear. we have parade routes to talk about. the parade for 9:00 a.m. and proceeds eastbound to 16th street. up the ben franklin parkway. around logan circle. it will endty art museum this morning. so a lot of closures in effect because of this parade. also no parking zones to watch out for. parts of jfk boulevard, art street, vine, race, in between 19th and 30th, a lot of no parking zones that aren't normally in effect. pay attention to signs. .
6:55 am
when we come back. we'll have one last minute check on your last-minute traffic. >> turkeys, turkeys everywhere. why these folks are dropping off their thanksgiving birds? we'll have a live look right after the break. .
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>> reporter: i'm monique braxton live at the christiania skating center known as a family fun entertainment center. this video looks frightening. we have been monitoring social media closely t. video captures the commotion at the skating rink. it appears one person is
6:59 am
stopping another. you also hear someone saying, hold up, hold up. investigators tell us a brawl broke out at about 10:30 last night t. motive isn't known or how long the fight lasted. but there are reports of multiple minor injuries. we are hearing gunfire erupted. no one was wounded. we are going to continue to make calls to delaware state police, the investigating agent. live in christiania, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. . >> reporter: i'm matt delucia live in south philadelphia, happy thanksgiving to you. you would think a bakery is all about the bread or the pizza. take a look at what they're dealing with here. turkey is here. turkey is here. turkeys around the corner. turkeys everywhere here in the back room here. they are going to be throwing these in the oven in about an hour from now. all these folks in line, they are dropping off their turkeys
7:00 am
to be cooked. they have a brick oven. it's nice, it's fancy, a lot of folks have been coming here for years, sometimes decades. this is a south philadelphia tradition. they're just about at 100 turkeys they have collected in the last couple hours. this is a big thing here. yes. this is a lot of birds out here a. lot of people will be having a nice thanksgiving when they pick these up. matt delushia nbc 10 news. good morning, everyone, i'm jessica boyington with your trfg travel traffic. 95 and the schuylkill expressway doing great. for the big macy's thanksgiving day parade. as we kick off your day of .


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