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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  November 27, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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and right now at 11:00, one of the busiest shopping days of the year is under way, but this year black friday is not the only day for you to get a great deal. here's a live look from skyforce 10 at the scene around the king of prussia mall. a very popular destination this time of year. the surrounding stores, the plaza, the court always a big destination for shoppers the day after thanksgiving. good morning, i'm katy zachry, thanks for joining us, hope you had a great holiday. with so many stores opening on thanksgiving, scenes of frantic pre-dawn crowds are becoming a thing of the past, but bargain hunting is still definitely a reality. for that, we go to nbc 10's
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monique braxton who has been live at the king of prussia mall all morning. monique, you've been there since before the]q8 stores opened. how are things now? >> reporter: i was here when the door busters were a big deal but some savings continue throughout the weekend. we talked to shoppers who started bargain hunting before dawn. they tell us going to the mall on black friday is a fun family tradition. the shopping bags are proof they're pleased with spending less money on their purchases. >> you always find a good deal at lord & taylor around this time of year on their cosmetics and fragrances because you never, ever get a deal on that and today i saved $20 on chanel. >> i went to nieman-marcus at philadelphia premium outlets and the first 100 people got gift cards ranging from $10 to $$1,000 and i got prada sunglasses and a gift card for $100. >> i wanted these scarves and
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they're $24 in the regular store and this was only, like, $9. >>? the next half hour we'll talk to shoppers about why they're choosing to come here to face the crowds rather than shopping at home online, in their pajamas and what they're doing to get the best deals. at king of prussia mall, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, monique. how is the traffic getting to and from the malls? let's get a check from traffic reporter jessica boyington. you have been watching the roads since pre-dawn. >> all morning we've been dealing with not a lot of volume. people are off work today so if you have to head out the door and get yourself to the king of prussia mall, take yourself to the schuylkill expressway, you'll be just fine. westbound no problems from the vine street expressway. no problems into center city, either. if you want to get center city shopping under way there is some thanksgiving day parade cleanup under way right now. the ben franklin parkway
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westbound between spring garden street and art museum circumstance is closed and kelly drive eastbound between fairmount avenue and the art museum circle. watch out for that. katy? >> jessica, thank you. the target store at the christiana mall was packed this morning. the store opened at 6:00 p.m. last night and has been busy ever since. and nbc 10 was hanging with shoppers outside cabela's in delaware. people were lined up around the building until it opened at 5:00. they were excited to score deals on shoot, fishing, camping and boating gear there. >> people were actually the first group in line last year so beat them here this year. >> so this is something, you see each other every year now, right? >> pretty much. like family. >> we were here last year. >> reporter: is this a family tradition? you get everyone together and come out here? >> yes. >> reporter: so what is something in particular that you're looking for this year? >> a new rifle!
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why not? >> why not? radio shack is opening to turn around years of lagging sales this black friday. the company shut down more than half its stores earlier this year. the remaining stores opened yesterday for part of the day and most have already reopened today and will continue this black friday. in gloucester county, the deptford mall opened at 6:30. mall employees launched an online petition asking managers to close it on thanksgiving. and the gloucester premium outlets welcomed shoppers last night. 90 stores opened around 6:00 p.m. and staying open until 10:00 tonight. new this year, you'll find an old navy out let and a gap factory outlet. and door buster deals were strong enough to pull people away from their dinner table -- hard to imagine that. many stores started opening last night to get a head start on the holiday shopping frenzy. people lined up around the best buy in plymouth meeting long
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before it opened. anita brown camped tloout there wednesday night and was the first in line and through the $rp" dinner, breakfast, lunch, now we're working on not having dinner the next day. >> that's a good attitude. anita accomplished her mission, something that ago 50-inch tv for $150. but it's not every retailer that took advantage of the early bird shoppers. a growing number of businesses decided to stay closed so their employees could enjoy thanksgiving. if you love the shop and keep your phone nearby, it could help you during trips to the mall this holiday shopping season. your smart phone or mobile device is a valuable tool for retailers who can use it to learn more about what products you like. google's ad technology lets retailers figure out what search terms, ads or or videos are driving you into the stores. and before you hit the stores, check out nbc 10's holiday gift guide. it has all kinds of gift ideas. you can find it all on
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and our nbc 10 news app. all right. here's a live look at the weather conditions in center city, philadelphia right along market street. we had a beautiful thanksgiving yesterday and i'm hearing a little bird tell me the warming trend will continue today which is great. brittany, fill us in. >> we are going to see temperatures close to the record today, especially for locations like allentown where the forecast shy in the yellow, 63 degrees. the record is )r-d62. so we could make a run for that. for friday our record is 65. for the poconos, a three-degree difference and in atlantic city the high 64 but the record 69 and for philadelphia it will be more difficult. but still we're in the same region here, 67 is our high today and the record is 73. so we are expecting very warm conditions well above average
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and right now we're already pretty mild 5, 4 in pottstown, mid-50s in quakertown, 51 in allentown. close to 60 in blue belle. so temperatures are starting to feel more comfortable out. 62 in millville and 59 right now in dover. our eight-hour city planner shows as we go into the next couple of hours by 4:00 p.m. temperatures at 62 degrees and by 7:00 p.m. we'll be at 57. but, again, today's high 67 degrees. even warmer than yesterday. satellite radar shot shows we have a few clouds will have moved through but i want to widen out the picture and show you the other storm system moving through the midwest, stretching down into the northern parts of texas, oklahoma, kansas, all experiencing a little bit of snow, even a wintery mix and ice and an ice storm will be a possibility as we go into the rest of tonight. part of the system will give us a chance of weekend showers and
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help cool temperatures down. i'll go over the details in my full forecast. j. >> thanks, brittney. happening today in south jersey, haddonfield kicks off candlelight shopping. you'll find ltrees throughout te town. a tree light ceremony happens tonight at 6:30 following a parade featuring santa claus. there will be music and horse drawn carriage drives. h had -- haddonfield's shopping will take place every weekend this christmas. a historically terrible season for the 76ers is getting even messier this morning. the team is looking into reports that rookie center jalil okafor
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got into a fight outside a boston bar. here's the video by tmz. the okafor reportedly shoved a man to the ground and punched him after the man was heckling him about how bad the 76ers are. the team released a statement saying they're worked to find out more what happened. no police report was filed. eagles fans did not have much to be thankful for yesterday as far as their team is concerned. they watched the birds suffer their third straight loss. the drierns beat them soundly 45-14. >> we're getting whooped. guys are frustrated on the sidelines because they care. >> making excuses saying shoulda woulda coulda, that won't take back three losses in a row. >> this is the first time since
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1971 the eagles have lost back-to-back games by 28 points more. the eagles get a break but then the team takes on the undefeated new england patriots on december 6. another security breach at the white house. see why this latest fence jumping ins accident especially troubling. that's coming up. and a wild break in at one office. an unusual intruder caught on camera. we'll show you.
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first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. we're starting out in hamilton township where we have an accident on the atlantic city expressway around egg harbor toll plaza. all westbound traffic is being diverted off to the e-z pass lanes. skyforce 10 is on the way right now. if you're trying to head out to the door and get to deptford shopping mall, drive times are okay. we're still at a five-minute trip so no problem there. i'll have another update in this next half hour. katy? >> thanks, jessica. we'll keep our eye on that. there are things you may want to do differently if you're hitting the stores. first, shop around. that's what the experts say. not just from store to store but apps. black friday is not just one day anymore. many online sales exist throughout the holiday weekend and stores are expanding the
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types of merchandise they have for black friday. they'll have deals on everything from electronics to p.j.s. and if you want to take advantage of deals in stores and online at the same time, here's what you need to know. first, some stores have kiosks and apps that will help you comparison shop. also, download store apps before you go shopping. subscribe to e-mail coupons and sale notifications. you can go to the nbc 10 news app for more helpful holiday shopping suggestions. a man who jumped the white house fence as the first family was inside celebrating thanksgiving is now facing criminal charges. >> reporter: the secret service is investigating that have man, identified as joseph caputo, jumped over the white house fence draped in an american flag, clenching an envelope in his mouth. he was apprehended after taking only a few steps but it all unfolded while the first family enjoyed thanksgiving inside. some witnesses told the
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"washington post" they heard caputo say "all right, let's do do this" before scaling the nearly eight-foot fence. this footage posted on instagram captures the terrifying moments when the crowd was told to scatter, the white house placed into lockdowdm? mode for more n three hours, the surrounding streets blocked off. for witnesses, it was unnerving. >> it was just move, move, move. crazy. this marks the first time someone jumped over the fence since new spikes were put in place nearly five months ago and it comes as the secret service is trying to rebound after a series of embarrassing security breaches, including a number of frightening fence-jumping incidents. last fall, there was a breaking point when a man with a knife jumped the fence and made it all the way inside the executive mansion. the president wasn't home then. still, it prompted a change at the top and veteran agent joseph clancey was brought in to help the agency rebuild. this latest jumper, a reminder
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there's still gaps. >> any time someone successfully jumps the fence, there's no question there's a level of danger to the first family. there's no question about that. i. >> kristen welker, nbc 10 news. france's president hosted a somber ceremony today in memory of the 130 people killed in the paris terror attacks. soldiers, politicians, and families of the victims gathered inside a courtyard at a french national monument, france's national anthem was played before a moment of silence. this was the first formal gathering since islamic extremist gunmen and suicide bombers attacked the city two weeks ago. and turkish police say one suspect linked to isis is now in custody after a series of raids in istanbul today. anti-terror squads raided a five-story building and several other addresses in the city. security forces have been conducting anti-terrorist operations across the country since july after an isis suicide bombing killed dozens of people
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in zurich. and pope francis is now on his way to uganda as he continues his very first visit to africa today. he spoke to thousands of young people at a nairobi, kenya, sports stadium. urging them to resist the temptation of corruption. the pope reflected on the problems raised by two young kenyans, including tribalism, extremism and corruption. pope francis said corruption is not just in politics but in all institutions, including at the vatican. oscar-winning filmmaker roman polanski won't be extradited backing to the united states. prosecutors in poland were seeking his extradition over a 1977 child sex conviction, but now they say they will not be appealing a court's decision that ruled against extradition. polanski, now 82 years old, pleaded guilty to having sex with a 13-year-old girl during a photo shoot in l.a. the u.s. requested his extradition after he made a high-profile appearance in warsaw, poland, last year.
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and it was not a typical morning at the office for workers at a lumber company in japan. a bear showed up in the office. you can see it on this cell phone video just rummaging through the shelves there. the bear climbs on to the shelf in the office probably looking for food or a way out. after taking these videos, some brave workers there, they called for help and a local wildlife association came no the tranq l tranquilize the bear and take it away safely. no one was hurt. as we head into the end of -- well, the continuation of your holiday, we are going to see warm conditions. ourmñ temperatures are going toe well above average. in fact, we'll be near record -- we'll see near record highs. i'm tracking changes into the weekend. weekend showers cooling things down so our 60s, we are not going to continue to see them right into the weekend, we'll drop right back down closer to average as soon as tomorrow. for philadelphia, 56 degrees.
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our humidity is at 75%. wind speeds out of the west at six miles per hour. across the rest of the region, temperature wise we're warming up nicely, close to 60 degrees in northeast philly. same thing in mount holly, 51 in allentown. 63 in wildwood, temperatures in atlantic city at 66 degrees and dover is close to 60 as well. our 24 hour temperature change map shows we are much warmer here in the poconos. up about 11 degrees. we're up five in atlantic city. up four degrees in pottstown. our temperature trend shows we saw a high yesterday of 64 degrees. today we will get warmer so if you were grateful for yesterday's forecast, today will be even better. but as we push into saturday, we drop down ten degrees and we drop another few degrees so we're back to the low 50s sunday. a closer look at our satellite radar shot shows we are seeing clouds move through, but lots of sunshine peeks through as well. we have a pretty severe system that is moving through. parts of the great lakes
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stretching out to texas. it's especially the northern parts of texas, oklahoma and kansas city that we're watching over the next couple of hours because we do expect to see a dangerous driving condition, black ice expected within that pink area there, you see that's more of a wintery mix. so we have some ice storm warnings in effect for the rest of the evening. as the system transitions closer to us the only thing we'll see is a few showers as you wake up saturday morning. so late morning hours 10:00 a.m. the poconos, allentown, reading, moving into philadelphia closer to 8:00 p.m. this will be light rainfall so it's not like the weekend will be a washout but we'll see showers on and off and as we head into sunday this time the main concern will be parts of south jersey and the shore and parts of delaware but by sunday at 1:00 p.m. most showers will be out of here. we'll clear up nicely but continue cooling down over the next couple days. today is an exception. we'll warm up. ë2 in )zyq
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millville. by tomorrow much colder. more 50s on the map. for today temperatures range between 65 and 68, unseasonably warm for us. typically in the low 50s for this time of year. seven-day forecast shows we'll see a big degree drop into tomorrow. ten degrees down then we stay in the low 50s into monday. >> there's a much different weather story happening in other parts of our country. weather woes are making things difficult for holiday travelers. we'll show you what people are dealing with in other parts of the u.s. and a warning for shoppers. while you're looking for those bargains, thieves are looking to steal your private investigatfo. coming up, we'll show you how you can best protect yourself.
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we're not able to bring you wednesday's child last week because of breaking news we had so we're meeting her today. she's a sweet a teenager who loves to make sweets and we're hoping she can find a forever family. vai sikahema introduces us to ajene. >> reporter: 15-year-old ajene is shy but lights up when you talk about her two passions -- music and baking. so we headed to swiss house bakery in philly to get our cookie on. >> just put it down like this and pour it right in. >> reporter: she had a great
11:25 am
time learning baker's secrets and doing decorating. she has dreams of having a career in baking. >> ajene is a beautiful young lady, she has a sweet soul, she's caring and loving, super empathetic and she cares about other people's feelings and you can tell that the minute you meet her. >> reporter: she's currently in 10th grade and loves math. she benefits from her special education classes and does well in school. >> the ideal family for ajene would be a family who understands structure for a young lady like ajene. she has some developmental disabilities and needs a family that understands that. >> reporter: she would thrive in a committed and supportive environment. >> she would offer so much to a family who adopts her. she is very lovable. she'd be able to give that back to any family. she's very sweet, she's very
11:26 am
kind. >> reporter: ajene is this week's wednesday's child. >> and if you'd like that make a jene's dream come true or the dream of any wednesday's child, go to our web site, and search "wednesday's child." you can call the national adoption center at 1-866-do-adopt. point, click, and buy. online shopping continues to grow as an alternative to big mall crowds. some new financial figures are out and wait until you hear how much people spent online yesterday on thanksgiving alone. and karate kids. only on nbc 10, see how some local kids are using martial arts training to help them take on some very big challenges. woman: my mom and i have the same hands.
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difficulty passing urine, seizures, and worsening of lung problems. the most common side effects associated with namzaric are headache, diarrhea, dizziness, loss of appetite, and bruising. woman: mom and i share a lot of moments. and we're making the most of each one. vo: ask your doctor if new namzaric is right for your loved one. good morning again, i'm katy zachry. it's 11:30 on black friday.
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with many stores opening on thanksgiving, scenes of long pre-dawn lines are becoming a thing of the past. at this hour right now, malls are getting more and more crowded by the minute. we know this because nbc 10's monique braxton has been live at the king of prussia mall all morning for us showing us those long lines and crowds. hi, monique. >> reporter: hey, there. you know, this is a real shoppers' paradise. but isn't that what black friday is all about? it's about sealing the deal. we've seen groups of shoppers, some mothers and daughters or families, we asked one shopper why come here and search for a parking space then navigate the crowds? and she told us it's one holiday when you can shop until you drop with family and friends. now, to help you save some money, we're handing -- some stores are handing out coupons like this and others are urging you to go online to look for a coupon. but shoppers tell us what they prefer. >> sometimes you don't get the good coupons when you'reomñ onl but when you actually come into the store you get more coupons. >> well, i've squirrelled away
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all of my coupons like from bath and body and saved them for today when i knew i'd be out in this craziness so that i could -- because you never pay full price for anything ever. what a stack of coupons,ued right? so we asked a marketing expert about leveraging the best bargains and here's what she told us -- download store apps before shopping to have your information at hand. make sure you subscribe to e-mail coupons and sale notifications or alerts. and then search for coupons and special deals that may appear on recently posted web site updates. that's all from king of prussia. happy shopping, everybody. monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> thanks, monique. let's get a check of the area traffic. we are following an accident on the atlantic city expressway in the westbound dresk. jessica, tell us about that. >> the atlantic city expressway
11:32 am
in hamilton township, westbound near the egg harbor toll plaza where a car, a vehicle, actually crashed into one of the toll booths and is on fire. all westbound traffic is diverted to the yeeps lane to get by. you can take 322 for now you want to avoid that detour. for now they are diverting traffic through. for the thanksgiving parade, cleanup. we knew that would happen so there's closures. the ben franklin westbound between spring garden and art museum circle is closed and kelly drive is also closed. new jersey transit is running on a weekday schedule but they are providing extra trains to new york city in case you need to shop. no delays for dart, a special schedule for patco and buses, trolleys and the high speed line are running on a modified schedule this morning. >> thanks, jessica. kohl's stores have been open since midnight. we found early morning bargain hunters at kohl's in roxborough.
11:33 am
they were getting a jump on all kinds of door buster deals there. and this was the line at target in philadelphia's wynnewood neighborhood. we were there when the store opened at 6:00. the biggest draw for shoppers. the tvs. target offered in store only deals on 50 and 55-inch models. this target stays open until 11:00. and shoppers who didn't brave the malls on thanksgiving were still busy buying online. many of them achlt doby digital index, which tracks 4,500 retail sites says more than $1 billion were spent between midnight and 5:00 p.m. yesterday. that's up from 22% as of last year. target's ceo says online sales are off to a very strong start for them. target and walmart both launched all black friday deals online a day early. and more stores are offering online deals this year. and that's giving thieves new opportunities. nbc 10 investigative reporter
11:34 am
mitch blocker shows us the new strategies that you should take to protect your money and your identity. >> whether you shop in person -- >> i've got to get my stuff. >> reporter: or online. >> it's easier. >> reporter: american consumers are expected to spend $1.5 billion in the next four days. according to consumer protection experts, as many as 60 million americans will become identity theft victims. >> we all have day jobs and the people we'll find ourselves up against, the identity thieves and the scammers, we are their day job. >> reporter: adam levin is the former director of the new jersey division of consumer affairs. he says you can do simple things like checking your receipts to make sure the price offered is what you pay. online, make sure the web site you're using is secure. lock for the lock in the upper left-hand corner of the screen and, above all -- >> people should be checking their bank accounts on a daily basis and their credit card accounts to make absolutely sure every transaction they see is
11:35 am
thei theirs. >> reporter: you may have noticed that target has started using the chip-embedded credit card. this is done mainly because it's a safer way to pay but it's also for liability reasons. if you swipe your credit card and your information is compromised, the retailer is now on the hook for it, not your bank. >> we are living in an era where breaches have become the third certainty in life. >> reporter: while data breaches have exposed the biggest names in retail -- from target to home depot to ebay, you can protect yourself and your family. experts say now is the time to check your accounts daily. for the investigators, mitch blocker, nbc 10 news. before you hit the stores for your holiday shopping, check out nbc 10's holiday gift guide. it has all kinds of gift ideas for you. you can find it on and the nbc 10 app. >> all right, looking outside, it's a beautiful day. here's a live look at citizens bank park where weather conditions could not be nicer
11:36 am
for this late november. the team is welcoming holiday shoppers to the majestic clubhouse to find free gift, doughnuts and hot chocolates. meanwhile, the forecast is giving people something to cheer about for sure. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist brittney ship is here with that forecast. it's a fantastic forecast. temperatures will be warmer today than yesterday and yesterday we warmed to 64. we have warmer air coming up from the south and southwest. temperatures are at 56 degrees in philadelphia. 54 in pottstown, 53 in wilmington. mid-60s already in atlantic city at the airport. 63 in wild wowood so perfect conditions heading out to shop or exercising. whatever you decide to do, nice conditions, quiet. wind speeds with stay light lots of sunshine by 4:00 p.m. 62 degrees and by 1:00 we'll be close to 60. our temperature trend shows that
11:37 am
yesterday on thanksgiving we were at 64. today warmer than that but we are going to see temperatures dropping down to 57 as early as tomorrow so we are down with these 60s. as we get into sunday, temperatures drop down to 53. the average for this time of year is 52. the reason why our temperatures will drop down is we have this system. there's a cold front associated with it that will swing our way to bring us weekend showers on saturday and sunday so i'll go over the timing of when you can expect to see any type of rainfall in your neighborhood in my seven-day forecast. >> thank you, brittney. the drive home from thanksgiving is a messy one today for many traveling in the middle part of our country. for millions of people the weather is a mess with rain, snow, and ice making travel in some areas down right dangerous. the weather channel's mike seidel reports. >> reporter: this morning, a huge storm system is bringing the cold winter blast to a big
11:38 am
part of the country. like a belt wrapped around the midwest from the great lakes all the way down the southern plains if you're anywhere in its path, there's likely to be some kind of nasty weather in your forecast. in oklahoma, as the front moved in, temperatures plummeted from a balmy 46 to a chilly 49 in just one hour. >> ice storm warnings in red. travelers' advisories in orange, flash flood watch continues south central, central into eastern oklahoma. ♪ i'm dreaming of a white christmas ♪ >> reporter: in kansas city, they're dreaming of a white christmas but rain nearly drowned out a holiday plaza lighting ceremony. >> look at the crowd. the rain is coming down. >> reporter: more rain than kansas city has seen on thanksgiving day ever. >> everybody is dealing with rain right now. everybody at this point. >> reporter: holiday travel never easy. >> holiday travel is nerve-wracking and they make it more nerve wracking with the young kids.
11:39 am
>> reporter: it will be challenging for post-thanksgiving travelers in parts of texas, oklahoma and arkansas. if you're going by car or plane, get ready for delays. but at least skiers had something to be thank. for. up to 20 inches of new snow in california. nearly a foot in oregon and up to ten inches in parts of colorado. >> that was the weather channel's mike seidel reporting. it's another sign of the season -- the blue cross river rink is open for business in pú]ada!%9ñ the ice opened to skaters a short time ago. randy gyllenhaal was there for that as well as a big announcement. he joins us live from penn's landing. randy, it's nice out, not what you feel like skating weather. >> it's kind of 76nóweird. they have the christmas music playing but the sun is shining it's warm and you have skaters on the blue cross river rink here off columbus boulevard. they're having their big kickoff event featuring a "star wars" bash. you can see a lot of these people are skating in t-shirts,
11:40 am
it's that nice out. feels like spring and they tell me despite this amazing weather it won't melt. this ice will stick around for the rest of the winter. it is black friday also so organizers trying to get those downtown shoppers here for opening day. >> we are the healthy alternative. who wants to be inside in a store? we have free wi-fi, you can shop, watch your kids skate, you can do it all here. >> so we have a few tips for you. there's a heated lodge over there with a bunch of fireplaces. they've got food and beer. tickets with a skating rental are $13. it's 2k34 ee it's $3 for your own skates, free for anyone with a blue cross card. they'll be here all day. this goes until 11:00 p.m. and this weather is not helping the ice. we're starting to see melting in the center of the rink. live at the blue cross river rink, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10
11:41 am
news. >> looks fun, thanks for the preview, randy. skyforce 10 is over breaking news in atlantic county. new jersey state police are on the scene of a deadly fiery crash at the egg harbor toll plaza. we're told the driver died after crashing into a toll booth there before the car caught on fire. no other injuries are reported. you can see traffic delays related to that. one gift you can give this holiday could save a life. the red cross's holiday blood drive is under way. see why it's so important to donate this time of year and find out what the red cross is giving you to convince people to roll up their sleeves. get outside and enjoy these nice conditions. lots of sunshine and above-average temperatures. we could tie or break a few records and it will be short lived. i'm tracking changes. that's coming up in my full forecast.
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helping kids learn by teaching them self-defense. a lot of children take martial arts classes for skill and discipline but in allentown there's a different kind of class, one in which the challenge is met with a special kind of determination. nbc 10's matt delucia has the story you will only see on nbc 10. >> hey, guys, how are you? ready? >> reporter: inside a classroom in allentown beside the games and projects there is a fight. >> step and punch. >> reporter: a fight with little fists and little legs. >> and what you're going do is snap out a bunch your right hand. >> reporter: it's not a person
11:45 am
they are trying to knock out. no, the kids are in the middle of another fight. in some cases it's cancer. for others it's a learning disability. >> this was just another way to reach them. >> reporter: jan sinclaire at the cancer support community and christine cleaver at camelot for children came together thinking there had to be a better way to teach. >> kick! >> and learn. >> whether they're ill or they have some sort of disability they're always hold that it's not as easy for them do. instilling that confidence helps them. >> blocking and striking medi, self-defense move. >> david namerov decided it was time to give back and after 30 years of martial arts training he never took on a challenge quite like this. >> i see the mind body coordination developing so even children that have special needs and coordination issues, it helps reestablish that link and i see improvement over when they
11:46 am
first started the program. >> mimi, come up here. >> reporter: for eight-year-old mimi, the idea of talking to me with a camera would have seemed impossible. but now -- >> really fun. >> very rewarding to see that sense of pride develop in them and see them go from somewhat shy to impressing and surprising themselves. >> bow. awesome job, guys. >> in the face of a constant battle. >> very good today. dismissed. >> reporter: in allentown -- >> other hand! there you go. >> reporter: -- matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> the project is only being offered in allentown. we have more information about the free program if you go to we want to take you back to breaking news we told you about not long ago. skyforce 10 is over the breaking news, a scene on the atlantic city expressway. this is happening in atlantic county. new jersey state police are on the scene of a deadly fiery crash at the egg harbor toll
11:47 am
plaza. we're told the driver died after crashing into a toll booth there before the vehicle caught on fire. no other injuries are being reported as we heard from first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington, traffic westbound is being diverted through the e-z pass lanes around the scene as it likely will be out there for time time. changing gears now. as the holiday shopping season begin, gift giving is very much on people's minds. it's black friday, right? but the local chapter of the american red cross wants to give something that means something. that's the theme of their holiday blood drive. here to tell us more about that is beth toll from the american red cross. thank you for joining us. i love your red today. >> thank you, thank you. >> dressed appropriately. this is a time, like we said, so many people have holiday gift giving, parties, this is a time where you don't see blood donation. >> right, this is a challenging time for us collecting blood. people are traveling, there's holiday parties, winter weather
11:48 am
isn't here yet but it's coming and that causes blood drive and of course seasonal illnesses like the flu. so we want to encourage people to give something that means something and donate blood to help save lives. >> and you're offering people incentives to do that. >> we are. right now we have a special mixing spoon and a celebrity recipe card while supplies last, of course. we're giving these to donors through sunday so anyone that comes out to red cross blood drive will receive these items as a special way to say thank you for coming out during this critical time period to donate blood. >> hopefully people will see this plea and put it on their to-do list. what are the requirements for donating blood? >> you need to be 17 years old but you can be 16 with parental consent. just generally healthy and you can go on line at to make your donation appointment or denate our app or call 1-800-red cross
11:49 am
to make those appointments. >> does your need increase during the holidays? >> not necessarily increase but because donations go down because people are involved in other activities it's more challenging to get people in the door to rep to make those appointments to donate blood because patients in need don't get a break and they still need those blood products. have you offered an incentive like this before? >> we have. it's a great way to say thank you to our donors and give them extra incentive to come in and donate. >> beth toll with the american red cross thank you so much for joining us. good afternoon, temperatures today expected to get pretty close to our report so near record warmth expected for us today. temperatures well above average, pushing into the mid to high 60s for parts of the area. i'm tracking changes already, weekend showers expected, we'll cool things down as we head into
11:50 am
your saturday and sunday and monday. for philadelphia we're at 56 already so comfortable conditions, a mix of sun and clouds. wind speeds are light out of the west at six miles per hour. across the rest of the area 56 in the poconos, mid-50s in trenton. 65 in atlantic city. 65 in wilmington and 59 in dover. so not too bad out there if you're heading out to do shopping. up 11 degrees in the poconos. four degrees in allentown. so we're warmer right now than this time yesterday. notice those clouds moving in from the west but lots of sunshine today and we'll stay nice and dry. we have an area of thap will continue to pull away from us and then we have this storm hearing impaired that will move closer to us. in fact, this is going to be a trouble spot for any folks traveling into this location. if you have loved ones in the northern part of texas, parts of oklahoma we have an ice storm
11:51 am
warning until saturday at noon. that will lead to a few delays is. as we take a closer look at what happens, it will progress as there's a cold front associated with it. that will move through into the weekend. it will trigger showers before and after the cold front so we have the poconos around 11:00 a.m. same thing for allentown and lancaster closer to 8:00 p.m. on saturday. philadelphia will see light rain showers. you can see these are spotty short-lived showers. and once again 8:00 a.m. another round for philadelphia and this time it's to the south of philadelphia. south jersey. the shore, central southern parts of delaware, even northern delaware like wilmington. by 6:007:00 p.m. we have skies clearing up. highs around the region will push to 67 in philadelphia. low is 60s for allentown, 61 in wilmington and tomorrow more 50s
11:52 am
on the map. temperatures drop about 10 degrees. as far as today is concerned, 65 to 68, unseasonably warm. a warmer more moist air coming from the southwest that will help us out with the mild conditions but that cold front and chance of showers moves through dropping temperatures into the 50s and we stay there into next week.
11:53 am
11:54 am
11:55 am
>> best the show tonight is the skye terrier. >> the skye kerrier, best in show. >> that's charlesedly skye terrier who won best in show at this year's national dog show. the kennel club of philadelphia hosts the show at the greater philadelphia expo center and it airs right here on nbc 10 every thanksgiving. you may not have realized this -- i don't know why you would have -- but there's another industry cashing in big on black friday. it's very hectic for plumbers. that's because preparing and cleaning up the turkey day feast sends a lot of food and scraps down the drain. some plumbing experts say the number of service calls doubles the day after thanksgiving. who knew? >> i really like that last -- that last piece of video at the
11:56 am
end that paints the picture. >> paints a great picture. hopefully everyone got outside and enjoyed thanksgiving because we saw comfortable and mild conditions and it gets better today. unseasonably warm for us. temperatures will range between 65 and 68 so the warmer side of things the average is low 50s. but our temperatures drop 10 degrees into the weekend plus a chance of showers on saturday and another chance of showers sunday. temperatures drop down more with the cold front that will move through so wind speeds pick up throughout the weekend as well. and then that cooler air will stick around we head into next week. 50 degrees by the time you head back to work so you have to enjoy the 60s because that's it, they're not in the seven day. >> it still looks okay. we'll take it. "ellen" is coming up in a few minutes. airing at an early time followed by nhl hockey on nbc 10.
11:57 am
then our news returns following the game. thanksgiving for joining us on this black friday. we hope you had a great thanksgiving. i'm katy zachry. for brittney shipp have a great one. i'm only in my 60's. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call now and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan,
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>> here she is now, ellen degeneres. [cheers and applause]


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