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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 5am  NBC  November 28, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EST

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nbc 10 news starts now. right now on nbc 10 news today, an attack at planned parenthood colorado leaves three dead including a police officer. an updpat on the wounded and shooter. cashing in this weekend, small business saturday, live with what local shops and stores are doing to entice customers. somewhat mild outside taking a live look over philadelphia. a chance of rain for saturday. we'll let you know if the showers interrupt your holiday weekend activities. i'm rosemary connors, 5:00 on
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this saturday, and michelle grossman is tracking welt weather. good morning. >> yeah. scattered showers throughout our saturday, could extend into sunday. today, though, mild air is in place, cooling off on sunday. we are mild with temperatures in the 40s and 50s. live look outside, waking up to overcast skies with a lot of clouds throughout the day and chance of scattered showers in the afternoon. right now, mild, 48 degrees in all allentown, 51 in philadelphia, 51 is a normal high for this time of year. south and east looking at the 50s as well, 51 in atlantic city, 52 in wildwood, and 50 in dover, delaware. showers are west, moving throughout saturday, especially in the afternoon hours, 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, rein in the afternoon into the evening hours, extending into sunday, south of philadelphia, very slow moving cold front moves through.
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keeping mild air in place today, 62 this afternoon, and cooling down for sunday. a cold monday. talking about that coming up. this morning, three people dead including a police officer. several others wounded, and suspected gunman is in custody. could take investigators in colorado days to sort out the shootings. you are looking at video showing the suspect after surrendering to police in colorado springs yesterday. we learned overnight authorities identified him as robert louis of north carolina and we know the name of the police officer killed at the scene you saw a moment ago, that's garret swazey. nine others shot including five police officers. nbc correspondent leon greg has an update. >> reporter: colorado springs police say a gunman who stormed a planned parenthood office was captured alive, but not before killing three people including
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officer garret. >> this is a terrible,bcq)rible tragedy that occurred here in colorado springs today. obviously, we mourn the loss of the two civilian victims. we mourn the loss of a brave police officer. >> reporter: the end came five hours after it started. teams of heavily armed tactical police rushed the scene, a shopping center, confronting the shooter, and the standoff began with suspect and police firing after each other over the course of hours. >> we're pinned down. we're getting active gunfire. >> reporter: five officers wounded, and they were taken to nearby hospitals. >> a lot of individual acts of bravery today and bravery as a team. it was amazing how law enforcement and first responders came together today, worked very well and efficientlily today, but it's a horrible tragedy. >> reporter: police say the gunman was armed with an ak-47. the motive for the shooting is
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not yet known. colorado springs. >> now to a developing story. while the 76ers are off to a historically rough start to the season, they are dealing with trouble off the court involving 19-year-old rookie. we learned new allegations he had a gun pointed at him in a fight in philadelphia last month. the allegations came one day after tmz posted a video showing a man believed to be him punching another man in boston after the sixers lost to the celtics wednesday. reports this is not his first fight someone pulled a gun on him on october 4th. according to the report, a witness saw the sixers' rookie and another person arguing with two men with a parked car before it happened. they are looking into that incident, and representatives with the sixers say they are aware of the investigation, but they are not commenting.
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now, in the boston incident this week, the tmz video appears to show him yelling, pushing someone, and throwing a punch thursday morning outside the nightclub. his representative tells tmz he was being heckled about the sixers' poor record. he says he regrets the incident. you'll hear from him coming up in sports. new from overnight in the lee high valley, american red cross is helping dozen of the people in bethlehem driven out of their homes by a fire. firefighters stomped out a fire in an apartment building this morning, working on details on what happened and what caused the fire. the red cross is offering shelter, food, and clothing to the victims. stores want to remind you you can save big by thinking small as today is small business saturday. >> three, two, one!
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[ cheers and applause ] >> haddonfield camden county is where you can shop small. there was a parade, and there was candle light shopping as a preview for today. >> i know the money goes right back into the local economy opposed to, you know, some random corporation somewhere. it's nice to be able to give back to the community and people around us. >> the candle light shopping continues every friday night until christmas. collinswood is another place to shop small saturday. we are live this morning and, monique, there's a parade to get into the security. >> reporter: absolutely. look how beautiful the city is lit up now. just gorgeous out here this morning. this city of 13,850 is ready to welcome shoppers. today is small business saturday
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when communities are encouraged to embrace merchants on main street, and in this case in collingswood, it's cam den avenue. they are helping small businesses so more businesses grow. now, we've. talking to merchants in camden county, and haddonsfield kicked off events last night. >> it's a lot of programs we do here, candle light shopping, which is on the weekend friday and saturdays, we have horse drawn carriages coming through, we have carollers. we have music. >> reporter: when you arrive here in collingswood, there's a sign saying "seasons greetings," so as merchants open up shops, we'll talk to them. we'll have that for you. live in collingswood, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. there's a historic twist in delaware. nbc 10 was in old new castle
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this week where senator tom corker came together to promote the state's underground railroad byway trail and discounts driving along it. there's spots where harriet tubman and others led slaves to freedom. black friday brought out the crowds. where shoppers were spending their cash around the region yesterday. plus, the new information about the man caught jumping the white house fence an thanksgiving day. the clue he left that may answer some questions about what he was thinking.
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welcome back on this saturday morning. it's michelle grossman. clouds outside, waking up to mild air, mild again today, not as mild as yesterday, but temperatures in the 60s. a live look outside, waking up to clouds, the chance of scattered showers as we go throughout our saturday. just plan on that.
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temperatures right now mainly in the 40s and 50s. northeast philadelphia is 50s, 51 in philadelphia, 49 in washington township. to the north and west, temperatures in the 40s and 50s as well. 50 in reading, 53 in mount pocono. 51 is normal this time of year. 51 at atlantic city. 52 in dover. 45 in millville, new jersey. tracking the chance of scattered showers throughout the day, especially by the afternoon, 11:00 to the north and west seeing rain falling as well as 2:00 in the philadelphia area, and it moves off to the south and east by 6:00, but we'll see the front lingering south, so we see showers extending into sunday. by 9:00, 54. lunchtime, a lot of clouds, 62 and 4:00 temperatures at 61 degrees. mild today, cooler sunday. a cold day on monday. we'll talk more about that coming up. well, today's holiday shopping focuses on small businesses as we mentioned. yesterday, it was all about the malls and the big chain stores.
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we found plenty of customers looking for deals at the biggest shopping mall in the east coast. bargain hunters went store to store with bags in hand while drivers circled the parking lot, desperate for a spot. target stores were packed. the hot ticket item? big screen tvs. it's the first holiday shopping season for the camden county outlets. shoppers got out of the house and into the stores with the mild weather. speaking of warm weather, people were on the shore on the water. a boat capsizes, taking the lives of two men from philadelphia. what investigators are learning about what caused the boat to flip over yesterday.
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two men from philadelphia died when their pontoon boat
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capsized in inlet, ocean county. investigators say choppy waters flipped the boat over killing the two men and injuring five others. first respondersh res dued th hurt. crews and witnesses tried to help yesterday. new jersey state police tell us launched into the water. you see in the video the coast guard and police in the efforts to try to get to the men. the chief was on his surf board in the inlet when the boat flipped over. >> waves were pretty rough today. the water was a little chillier than normal. water was around 50 degrees. >> it's very, very heart breaking that two people can actually die from this. it was so close to the beaches. >> two men killed in the accident have been identified as alex and gregory. it's unclear if they were wearing life vests at the time of the accident. in other news this morning,
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police and family members have a lot of questions about what led to the firy and deadly toll booth crash on the atlantic city expressway. joseph crawford died after crashing into the plaza at 11:00 yesterday morning. the car burst into flames. the plaza itself caught fire. nobody else was8 hurt. he was 29 years old, unclear why he crash. his father says he's devastated. >> to hear this is hard enough and tonight, to realize the car upstairs. >> the right lanes were closed most of yesterday. the man who jumped the white house fence in the thanksgiving celebration left a suicide note with friends. court documents show joseph of stanford, connecticut left a will saying she may never see him again. he'll have an emergency
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psychiatric evaluation this weekend and scheduled to appear in federal court monday. security mixes with sadness as france remembers victims of the deadly terrorist attacks in paris. yesterday marked two weeks since the bombings and shootings kill 130 people. france observed national day of remembrance with a memorial service in paris. the country remains in state of emergency. security tightens further with president obama and other world leaders arrives in paris next week for a u.n. climate conference. security remains tight in belgium two weeks after the attack. armed troops walked among shoppers in the christmas market in brussels. authorities are searching for two suspect in the attacks. yesterday, prosecutors announced they arrested a man and charged him with terrorist activities in connection with the attacks, but that person has not been identified yet.
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what of a familiar sight, right? us a couple months ago. an estimated 2 million people greeted the pope in uganda today, the first trip to africa, celebrating mass at a catholic shrine that's dedicated to two dozen martyrs killed in the 19th century when they refused to renounce their faith. now your first alert weather. good morning, chance of showers today, waking up to clouds, mild air, so we have one more mild day before we start to cool things down. mild air in your seven day. weather headlines on this saturday morning, tracking scattered showers, not yet, but they are not too far off. we'll see the chance for scattered showers throughout the day into tonight and sunday as well. mild again, temperatures in the 60s, 40s and 50s across the area, and we're going to be cooler sunday, chilly on monday. right now, 51 degrees in philadelphia. winds from the west, southwest at 6 miles per hour. 9 degrees warmer compared to
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this time yesterday, mainly in the 40s and 50s. 48 degrees in allentown, 41 in philadelphia, 52 in mount holly. 51 in atlantic city, and 52 in dover, and 45 in millville. normally this time of year, here at 51 degrees. we're there already this morning. temperatures will be in the 60s before a cold front skirts through the area. live look outside, waking up to clouds this morning. waking up to the chapnce of scattered showers today. showers not too far west, but a slow moving front moving through, seeing scattered showers throughout the day. it's extending to the south central states, and it's moving through later on today, and then dropping our temperature by this afternoon, and especially feeling that temperature change sunday. future weather throughout time here, 11:00, seeing showers north and west, lingering throughout the day, not everyone sees the showers, but there's a chance of showers, by 2:00,
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light rain falling throughout philadelphia, the evening hours, and look what happens sunday there. the front stalls, and it brings rain and chance of rain on sunday as well, south of philadelphia. keep that in mind, not just today, but sunday as well if you have plans, we have the chance of rain both days. today, temperatures at 63 degrees, 61-64. a mild day again, ten degrees above typical this time of year. clouds in place, showers around, bring the umbrella and jackets with the hoods headed out today. tonight, temperatures drop into the 40s. a mild night with clouds in place. sunday, cloudy skies, sun especially to the north and west, cloud cover to the south and east on sunday, and chance of showers stay put for your sunday, south of philadelphia, could include philadelphia as well. monday, a colder day, mostly sunny, 49, tuesday clouds, chance of rain as the cold front moves through back as a warm
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through, 56, wednesday, 55 chance of showers, thursday, mostly sunny, cold wind, and friday, 51. year end deals lift auto sales to record levels right now according to a research firm, dealers sell 18 million vehicles in november, the highest monthly sales of the year and marks three straight months in which sales topped 18 million vehicle, and that's never happened before in the u.s. barbie reclaimed the title for top holiday toy for girls. one in five plan to purchase a barbie for their girls this year. last year, merchandise from the movie frozen topped girls' christmas lists pushing barbie out of the lead for the first time in a decade. for boys, legos are top again followed by star wars toys, cars, and trucks. let's look what happened this week on wall street. here's cnbcdom chu.
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russia strikes back, don't wait for monday, and a billionaire grunts in the week that was. russia responds to turkey's downing of a bomber with sharp strikes at their economy, suspending visa free entry, and is threatening sanctions which could include the end of multibillion dollar investment projects. good, not great, early read on black friday sales. one of the strongest areas, online shopping. one survey said consumers expect to do 59% of the spending on the internet. online shopping is so ubiquitous that black friday is expected to surpass cyber monday as the most popular day to by online. dell pcs came with a huge security hole that could allow hackers to steal pass words and dell now has a tool to remove the offending software. finally, speculation over the
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health of 92-year-old media billionaire redstone made a leap into the courts. a former girlfriend who oversaw his medical care filed a lawsuit that calls into question his ability to run the board's of viacom and cbs. the suit lists a series of health issues, inability to seat other than brief grunted responses. the attorney calls the suit riddled with lies and invasion of his privacy. i'm dom chu. get all your business news on cnbc. you may not realize this, but depending where you live in philadelphia, it may be against the law to have a live christmas tree. details coming up. come on in pop pop.
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proud to showcase the military in our salute to service special. we'll profile the powerful story of dan rose, a paralyzed swr ed back on his feet through the help of remarkable technology, plus, a hometown hero whosen. dedication to the country runs generations deep. the pros take on the gi-joes in a game in madden, and we salute eagle the service aboard battleship new jersey. nbc 10 is your official station. mt of people this weekend are picking up a christmas tree. well, if you live in a high-rise in philadelphia, fire officials remind you about the rule that could save lives. the fire code bans live christmas trees in high-rises. the fire department is doing inspections, and anybody caught with a real tree could be slapped with a real fine of $300 a day. fire officials say live trees dry out quickly.
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that's the fire hazard in this case and pose a risk to your home. >> three, two, one! [ cheers and applause ] >> this is a live tree just find where it is. the cooper river park ice rink now officially open for the winter season. skaters of all ages can enjoy the rink, dancing, too. there will be performances on the ice in the coming months for everybody to participate in. it's the opening weekend for the blue cross river rink at penn's landing. there was pleasant weather yesterday avoiding the black friday shopping clouds. today, the sixer's mascot, franklin, there to take photos with kids and there's an ornament making workshop. ♪ >> incredible, right? more holiday fun. check out the comcast holiday spectacul spectacular. it's a 15-minute video on the
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massive comcast video experience video wall. it's a tradition in philadelphia in the eighth year. comcast, by the way, is the parent company of nbc 10. minutes before 5:30 on saturday, and it is small business saturday. nbc 10 is checking out the stores in new jersey. >> reporter: hey, rosemary, just a couple hours, this street here in collingswood is bustling with shoppers and those celebrating the holidays. a preview after the break. off to a mild start, temperatures in the 40s and 50s, 41 in philadelphia now. a mild day today, temperatures into the 60s, but tracking showers for your saturday. here's a live look outside. overcast this morning, a lot of clouds, more about today's forecast, and then we cool down for your sunday, details straight ahead.
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a frightening standoff in colorado ends in deadly gunfire. a police officer is among three people dead this morning. authorities managed to get the suspected gunman coming up. small businesses are rolling out the welcome mat today. small business saturday. we'll show you why it's a big deal on main street in our area. it may not hurt to bring the umbrella while op


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