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tv   Today  NBC  November 29, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EST

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good morning. deadly storm. that massive system moving across the middle of the country, now responsible for at least 14 deaths. dangerous roads, flash flooding, power outages left in its wake. and the impact will continue to be felt today, as tens of millions head hoeme after the holiday weekend. this morning, everything you need to know before walking out the door. shooter's motive. new information this morning about what may have driven a gunman to open fire at a planned parenthood clinic in colorado. as mourners remember the three victims, a police officer, child and friend of nancy kerrigan. >> he was my best friend when i was a kid.
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>> the suspect set to head to court where he will face criminal charges. we're live in colorado springs. clear and present danger? the fbi on a hunt for an arizona activist who reportedly posted a video online, threatening a muslim community in new york. the former marine last heard from in pennsylvania. falling down, cracking up. prince harry takes a tumble from his polo pony, while queen elizabeth tries her hand at h d standup. the joke that has the crowd howling today, november 29 th, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on this sunday morning. i'm erica hill. >> glad to have you with us, i'm craig melvin with sheinelle jones and dylan dreyer. we have a lot of folks heading home, or trying to head home, on this sunday. >> weather making it a little tough. lingering effect.
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that is our top story this morning. >> as you and millions of other people return home from your holiday trip, many of you will likely encounter our huge wintry storm that is crippling much of the country. ice-covered roads caused crashes in oklahoma. in kansas, cars careening off highways there, killing at least four people. meanwhile, in texas, this was the scene. slick conditions caused a tracker trailer to slam into an o outback steak house. rehema ellis is at laguardia this morning. >> good morning. the crowds are building here at laguardia airport for the start of what could be a long day for many, expecting a crush of holiday travelers. >> reporter: you'll need suitcases full of patience to get through the nation's airports. expect long lines due to higher security. >> heightened security. there's a bigger presence. >> reporter: the number of
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passengers could lengthen the time in the terminal. aaa estimates 3.6 million flying this thanksgiving season. >> we got here three hours early to make sure we're not going to miss our flight. rather take my time and not stress out. >> reporter: the highways are crowded, too. 42 million on the roads. drivers got an early holiday gift with gas averaging $2.15 a gallon. the lowest pump prices for the thanksgiving holiday in seven years. >> too expensive to fly. you can't take the dog. >> guys all right? >> reporter: for some, ice, flooding and snow made highway traveling treacherous, asstretc middle of the country. >> if you don't need to travel, stay home. it'll get worse as temperatures continue to drop. >> millions of people do need to travel today. the hope is that the weather, at least, will cooperate. craig? >> rehema ellis for us. thank you. >> dylan is tracking the weather
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for your traveling today across the country. >> the ice accumulating through the southern plains accumulated up to 1/2 inch in oklahoma. it's been falling in this same area for the last almost several days. it's that cold air working in. we're losing the heavier freezing rain now. now, the focus is shifting to just regular heavy rain through eastern texas. this will stretch up into arkansas through the day. if you're traveling this morning, especially along i-35, that's where we're going to see the very icy conditions. remember the overpasses and the bridges? because they freeze on the top and underneath, as well, that makes those extremely slippery. on and off ramps, as well. if you're traveling alocross i- in tennessee, it'll be a wet go, with patch ty areas of fog. this is not the only storm. cold air and an area of low pressure is developing, and the next winter storm is bringing the possibility of more snow and
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ice through parts of the plains. early monday, heavier snow will take hold through omaha, nebraska, and works up into minneapolis, where snowfall rates could be 1 to 2 inches per hour. south central minnesota and iowa, we're looking at the possibility of 8 to 10 inches of snow right on the heels of the last cold blast. it is going to be a messy start to the work week, too. >> that it will. dylan, thank you. to the latest of the deadly shooting and the five-hour standoff at a planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs. new information is emerging about the suspect and what might have triggered his deadly rampage. nbc's national correspondent miguel almaguer is in colorado springs. >> the shopping center where this went down is cordened off. it's an active crime scene. this as we're learning more about the suspect and what some say was clearly his motive. >> reporter: after robert dear was taken into custody, a law
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enforcement source says he began ranting about president obama, politics and abortion. police have not released a motive for the shooting that injured nine and left three dead here, but now officials at the colorado springs planned parenthood say they believe the 57-year-old targeted the facility because he opposed abortion. >> it's hate speech going on in our country right now that could be causing more violence than we might otherwise see. >> reporter: dear recently moved to the town. he lived with a woman in a run down trailer that had no water, sewer system or electricity. described as reclusive, even in a small town, few knew him. >> not real personable. quiet, to his own. >> reporter: with dear scheduled to be in court monday, overnight, this community grieved together. ♪ but now i see
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>> reporter: officer garrett swasey gave his life trying to save others. a champion figure skater who grew up with nancy kerrigan. >> one of my best friends. >> reporter: the young father of two was always a standout cop. he rushed into the gunfire. >> his wife is so proud of her husband. yeah. she knew -- she knew what he loved to do, and she knew the risks. >> reporter: there's not just heartbreak here, but also guilt. >> bullets went through the wall. you could see it, you could smell it. >> reporter: she hunkered down five hours as the gunman hunkered down with police. her boyfriend is still missing. she fears he's one of the unidentified still dead. >> i wish i could have held on to him ten more seconds. that's how fast it happened. >> when robert dear was taken
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into custody, he muttered the words, no more baby parts, referring to the abortion services offered at the clinic. police have not identified a motive. they apparently are still asking the question, why? >> so many questions this morning. miguel, thank you. the 2016 presidential candidates are returning to the campaign trail in full force today. it comes with republican front runner donald trump still defending himself against charges he mocked a reporter who had a disability and a fellow journalist, telling us, trump is lying. kristen welker joins us from the white house with the latest. good morning. >> good morning to you. the person challenging trump this morning, a former former named susie parker. she doesn't believe trump's claim that he doesn't remember serge kovaleski because she witnessed them interact firsthand. trump is standing by his assertions, and he's the one demanding an apology.
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>> reporter: donald trump, defiant saturday, denying he mocked new york time's reporter serge kovaleski who has a c congenital joints disorder. >> i would never mock a person that has disabilities. >> reporter: it started with an article kovaleski wrote in 2001, to back up his claims that thousands of muslims in new jersey celebrated on 9/11, wh. when he said his article didn't backup trump, he spoke out. >> i don't remember. >> reporter: the "new york times" called trump's behavior outrageous. trump said the paper owes him an apology, arguing he doesn't remember kovaleski and wasn't making fun of him. >> the person said, i know him. i know him. i said, when? in the 19d80s. that's a long time. 30, 35 years. that's a long time ago.
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>> this man is lying. >> reporter: in her first on-camera interview, susie parker, a friend of kovaleski's during the '80s and fellow reporter, said kovaleski introduced her to trump. >> i thought they knew each other. it was a very cordial, friendly meeting of people who knew each other. >> reporter: parker is a self-described democrat but is speaking out to set the record straight about trump's assertion that he doesn't remember kovaleski. >> i said, this guy is an outright liar. i was with him when serge introduced me to him, and they were all on a first name basis. they know each other. >> reporter: kovaleski also tells nbc news he was on a first name basis with mr. trump. saying he talked to the real estate mogul at least a dozen times when covering his career in the late '80s for the new york daily news. now, parker says it's important others know she doesn't buy trump's claim he wasn't mocking her friend.
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citing these images, now widely circulated online. >> you do not forget serge. i'm sorry, he imitated, he mocked him. there is zero questions. >> now, we reached out to the trump campaign for reaction. his spokesperson reiterated trump has repeatedly insisted he doesn't remember kovaleski and had nothing further to add. trump weathered so many wlit l political fire storms. it remains to be seen whether this will be different. >> thanks. chuck todd is moderator of "meet the press." good morning. good to see you, as always, my friend. donald trump said things now that are offensive to the muslim community, offensive to women, offensive to the hispanic community. this time, he's poking fun at someone who lives with a disability. how real is the concern that even if he's not the nominee, this is the kind of thing that sticks to the gop brand long term? >> well, look, you talk to republican operatives and
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they're fearful of this. they believe that if you go and do some qualitative research, focus grouping, it's been coming up. middle of the road voters are attributing trump to the republican brand. not to trump itself. there are some republican operatives with other campaigns who believe, this is all trump and voters can discern the antics of trump from the brand of the republican party. but the longer trump is the front runner, the more there is risk. >> let's talk about number two in iowa, ted cruz. appears to be surging in the hawkeye state. to what can we attribute the rise of ted cruz? >> number one, he's put together probably the best organization on the conservative side of things than any of the other candidates. better than trump's, better than carson's, better than anybody else in the lane. that's number one. number two, he's benefitted more so -- if you look at the pops for cruz, it's come at the
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expense of dr. carson. what changed? paris changed, craig. i think that you have voters who, in particular, evangelicals that liked dr. carson and their second choice is cruz. the more carson is insteunstead national security issues, they've been shopping for another candidate. that's where they land with cruz. >> let's talk about his troubles. ben carson in jordan visiting syrian refugees, apparently told the associated press the camps aren't that bad and that the refugees don't really want to come to the united states anyway. is this the kind of trip that is going to help ben carson's foreign policy? >> it better. the campaign knows he needs it. i just debriefed with him myself on what he learned in jordan. i think that that's why they did this trip. it's symbolic. it's obvious it's symbolic. he's also put out a tv ad
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associated with the trip, associated with the refugee issue. i think they know they have to pass a commander in chief test. as we talked about earlier, i think right now, he's been flubbing it, this is why he's seen a downturn in the polls. >> chuck todd, always good to see you. thank you, sir. >> you got it, craig. >> watch "meet the press" this morning when donald trump and ben carson will be among chuck's guests. president obama heads to paris today for the global climate conference there. a little more than two weeks after ris terrorists attacked t city. >> the commander in chief will join other world leaders to talk about how to slow global warmings. the talks will take place under heightened security. security also heightened at ho home. the fbi issued a warning for law
8:15 am
enforcement to look for an activist who post add video online threatening a muslim community. >> the former marine was last heard from in scranton, pennsylvania. pope francis is in the african republic this morning. landing in the capital moments ago. it's his final stop in africa, as he calls for peace in a country wrapped with conflict between muslims and christians. an thompson anne thompson is following pope francis on his trip. >> you'd never know this was the most dangerous part of the pope's africa trip. look at his face this morning. but he is visiting a country, the central african republic, that has been the center of a bloody conflict that's killed more than 6,000 people since 2013. >> reporter: the capital city is a mix of force and trappings to protect pope francis who comes
8:16 am
for peace. francis is the first pope to visit an active war zone. this nation is suffering from more than two years of bloody battle between muslim rebels and christians. displacing a quarter of its people, many of them children. >> the pope's visit is a great opportunity, not only to bring the attention on the car situation, but to bring the attention on the children. >> reporter: today, francis visited a refugee camp. tomorrow, he'll meet with muslims at a mosque in one of the city's most dangerous neighborhoods. on the plane to africa, francis down played the threats to his own safety, saying he was more worried about the mosquitos. in kenya and uganda, security has been very visible. there have been few of the spontaneous moments that are the hallmark of francis' papacy. still, this has been a very joyous trip. on a continent where the catholic church is alive and
8:17 am
growing. >> later today, francis will knock on the door of bangui's theater, starting the holy year of mercy in a city of conflict. erica? >> anne, thank you. sheinelle is following a number of headlines for us this morning. including a baby found buried alive. >> this is disturbing. police in california are asking for your help in identifying the newborn baby girl. she was discovered friday, buried alive under asphalt and rubble near a busy bike path in compton, after people reported hearing muffled cries. the baby is believed to be 46 to 48 hours hold when found. she is in stable condition. a six-hour man hunt for a man suspected of killing a police officer in pennsylvania ended this morning. the veteran police officer was shot while responding to a domestic call. the suspect is being treated for
8:18 am
gunshot wound to the shoulder. charges are pending. in california, a suspected burglar died after getting stuck in a chimney saturday. a homeowner called police after hearing a scream, after lighting a fire in his fireplace. as he scrambled to put out the fire, the house was engulfed in smoke. the firefighters used jackhammers to break open the chimney, but it was too late. numbers are in for black friday shopping. sales slipped to $10.4 billion, with actual shopping in stores down 10% from last year. a reason for the decline, a spike in online shopping, which jumped 14% this year. this according to the research firm, shopper track. it was a royal tumble for prince harry. not once, but twice, at a polo match in south africa on friday. he first fell off after scoring a goal. as the match was ending, he fell again but walked away unscathed. kensington palace released these adorable photos of princess charlotte, taken at
8:19 am
home by her mother, the duchess of cambridge. marking her six-month milestone. seen happily playing with her stuffed animal. just a cutie. >> adorable. now to an epic selfie going viral. take a look at these two guys posing for a close-up with a bald eagle. after they freed the bird from a hunter's trap in canada. they first had to calm the eagle by placing a hoodie over its head. after struggling with the trap and the selfie, they set the eagle free. they don't think it was injured. beautiful. they said it was really cool to see the eyes up close. >> i bet. >> amazing. >> that's a selfie. >> look at that. >> cool. >> thanks. >> dylan is back with a check of the national forecast. >> we have nicer areas. the focus is on the middle of the country where we still have the ice and the rain. the west coast enjoying a nice day, though it's chilly this time of year. 40s in washington and oregon. 30s in northern california. the northeast is a little
8:20 am
chilly, too. upstate maine, we're seeing temperatures around 26 degrees for good sunday morning. the light rain falling this morning will move out and the clouds will stick around to the south of philadelphia a little longer, otherwise a cooler day, and clouds increase in the afternoon, and rains on tuesday and wednesday, and you will need your umbrellas both of those days before the sunshine returns on thursday, and then cool on friday and then a mild start to your next weekend. 58 and sunny. have a great day. >> that's your latest forecast. >> thank you. still to come on a sunday edition of "today," it's a doghouse. a woman begins public enemy number one online after posting this picture. she's learning the lesson today. that's for it takes a lot of work... to run this business. i'm on the move all day long...
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welcome back on a sunday morning. a woman learned she was barking up the wrong tree when she tried to teach her dog a lesson. >> dylan is in the orange room with more on that. it unleashed a fire storm on social media. >> to say the least. this is katie brown. on friday, she took to facebook and posted a photo of her dog with his muzzle taped shut, along with this caption. this is what happens when you don't shut up. within hours, the photo spread like wildfire on facebook, where it was shared more than 300,000 times. brown tried to clear the air when she then posted, don't panic, everyone, it was only for a minute, but hasn't barked since. point made! calls to local police came in from more than 44 states and countries as far away as australia, to the point where the police department posted this message, saying they were aware of the photo and they were investigating and taking the matter seriously. later, they went on to say that they went to brown's home and spoke with her son, who told
8:23 am
them his mom was out of town but the dog was in good health and cared for. police will follow up when she returns from her holiday weekend. don't mess with pets, especially on social media. >> so true, dylan. wow. >> they should follow up by taking the dog. still to come on "today," the new "rocky" movie a knockout at the box office. ♪ the way i see it, you have two choices; the easy way or the hard way. you could choose a card that limits where you earn bonus cash back. or, you could make things easier on yourself. that's right, the quicksilver card from capital one. with quicksilver you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. so, let's try this again. what's in your wallet? take 25% off nike apparel, shoes and accessories for the whole family!
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good morning. i am rosemary connors. it's just a few minutes before 8:30 on this sunday. i'm looking behind me and it looks a little cloudy out there, and let's get the forecast from meteorologist, michelle grossman. >> we're seeing light rain and that will change this afternoon. here's a live look outside. we're not talking about heavy rain and that will be the trend over the next couple of hours, and we're going to clear late this morning into the early afternoon hours. 43 in philadelphia, and 28 in mt. pocono, and 38 in allentown. 40 degrees in lancaster. up to 50 degrees, and sun to clouds on monday, and rain returns to the forecast on tuesday and wednesday and by next weekend, mild with lots of sunshine. you have seen the family and you digested the thanksgiving dinner, and now it's time to return home on one of the busiest travel days of the year. many folks are still very cautious due to the state departments worldwide alert.
8:28 am
it covers every manner of transportation, from bus terminals to train stations to airports, so be sure and keep that in mind. this morning, two people in the hospital after a car crash at washington avenue. no word yet on the victims' conditions or what led up to the accident. also new this morning, this crash between a car and a truck sent a man to the hospital with serious injuries along bethlehem pike and police are investigating. i am rosemary connors. see you back here at 9:00. pre-owned vehicles...
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and exceptional customer service, head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... flip your thinking about buying your next one.
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how do you feel? what are you thinking about? >> rocky? rocky? >> blast from the past this morning with that scene from the original "rocky." the film starting a franchise that would bob and weave throughout the next few decades. with now seven installments. the latest revival hitting movie screens this holiday weekend in a big way. we are back on this sunday morning, 29th of november, 2015. we've got another big and lively crowd, enjoying the end of a long holiday weekend. >> i think we have the loud estefan bes hies --
8:31 am
loudest fans behind us. with their boas. >> nothing like a fuchsia weather boa to get your day started. weather dangerous this morning as millions of americans return home from their destinations. icy conditions and flash flooding now responsible for at least 14 deaths and sweeping power outages, as well. new information about the man police say stormed a colorado planned parenthood clinic armed with an ak-47, killing three. up vest ga investigators haven't revealed a motive, but he was heard muttering, no more baby parts, when taken into custody. an fbi alert is issued after an activist threatened a muslim community in upstate new york. he made headlines earlier in the year for his involvement in
8:32 am
anti-muslim protests in phoenix. we begin with the return of "rocky," the franchise back on the big screen with "creed." to the surprise of almost everyone, the film that has critics and movie goers in its corner. jacob rascon has more on "creed"'s knockout success. >> reporter: fans are raving about "creed," apparently the best "rocky" movie since the original. rocky balboa battled apollo creed, beating him in the se sequial. fighting with him and then defending him. in the latest installment,
8:33 am
apollo's son is played by michael b. jordan. >> when we were doing scenes on the street, all the people, "rocky, hey, rocky!" >> reporter: "creed," a small-budget film with modest expectations is more than a spinoff. >> you have a new african-american lead in the role. you have a new director. it's a fresh start for the franchise. >> reporter: it is the first "rocky" not written or directed by sylvester stallone. the new director had to convince ci stallone to sign up. >> this is his create and he's directed it in his own way. >> i wanted this relationship to be siymbiotic. both of the characters are in need. >> reporter: the classic underdog sports story for a new generation. already, talk of a sequel and an
8:34 am
oscar nod for stallone, who hasn't been nominated since the 1976 otherwise. "creed" said to be a knockout edition to one of the most iconic movie franchises of all time. for "today," jacob rascon, nbc news, los angeles. >> michael b. jordan had to get ripped for that. >> it paid off for all of us who get to watch it. there is no official talk of a sequel at this point. michael b. jordan said he'd be interested in stepping back into the ring. >> there will be a sequel. final check of the forecast? >> much colder up here this morning. as everyone is getting ready to go home, it'll be chilly on the east and west coast. look at the fact we have freeze advisories out in california. temperatures only in the 30s and 40s. you go farther to the north, 20s and 30s. this is very much below average, with highs today certainly on the cold side. running 5 to 15 degrees below average for highs. elsewhere across the country, we're looking at still icy conditions back through the
8:35 am
plains. rain through texas and into parts of the midwest. another storm system getting its act together through the rockies. that'll make for snow as it spreads to the upper midwest as a good sunday morning. i am meteorologist, michelle grossman. the light rain falling this morning will move out and clouds will stick around to the south of philadelphia a little longer, otherwise a cooler day, 48 to 51. lots of sunshine to start out your monday, and clouds increase at 51, and rain arrives on tuesday and wednesday you will need your umbrellas both days before the sunshine returns on monday. cool on friday and then a mild start to your next weekend, 58 and sunny. have a great day. >> that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thanks. up next, our sunday story. uniting audiences through dance, the director of a dance theater celebrates 50 years on the job. the only way is up for four nice people who finished dead
8:36 am
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back on a sunday morning. the alvin ailey theater has captivated audiences in six countries. >> the woman who played a pivotal role in the theater's success. >> it's impossible to think about the alvin ailey dance theater without mentioning judith jamison. we talked with her, celebrating 50 years on the job. ♪ >> the reason you remember seeing the dances is, yes, they're fabulous. they have extraordinary technique. but there is something that touched you inside deeply, and that's what mr. ailey was about. >> reporter: back in 1958, at a new york city ymca, on the cusp
8:41 am
of the civil rights movement, alvin ailey had a vision and founded the alvin ailey american dance theater. >> there were prejudices and biases going on in this country. when he formed a company that said, yes, i will celebrate our african-american experience, and our cultural expression. >> alvin ailey said beautifully, dance coming from the people and should always be delivered back to the people. that accessibility that celebrates our common humanity is what ties us all together in that theater.jamison, standing nearly 6 fetet al -- tall joined the theater. she became a star. this ballet is why, called "cry." the performance on posteres everywhere, including my bed
8:42 am
growing up. >> i had the "cry" poster forever. wh what about dance brings people to tears? >> it connected to your core as a human being, and we happened to do it through excellent dance. >> reporter: before ailey died in 1989, he asked judith to take the reigns as artistic director. for the next 21 years, at a time when several dance companies struggled to stay afloat, she took the company to new heights. to celebrate her 50th anniversary, the ailey dancers are bringing "cry" back to the stage for the first time in nearly a decade. >> she turned it into this brilliant piece. and she trusts me to carry the torch. >> reporter: jamison is still active with the company but pass td torch to robert battle. >> she took the company to heights mr. ailey probably went, wow, this doesn't feel like a
8:43 am
job, it feels like a calling. >> reporter: battle is forever grateful for judith jamison who is, in many ways, like a mother to him now. in fact, a lot of dancers feel that way. >> she's like the glue that holds everything together. seeing her comes so many other images, you know, of the past and of alvin, of history. >> so often, we think in order to go forward, we have to let go of the past. i think you bring it with you. it's the only way forward. >> i have never believed in -- in a door closes, then another door will open. i believe that if the door closes, build a frame so you can get a door and open it for yourself. >> what are your dreams for this company? >> always aspiring upward. always learning new things. we don't survive unless we have something to say. boy, do we have something to say, and we've been saying it for a long time. we'll continue to do so. >> you can check out alvin ailey's winter season at the new
8:44 am
york city center from december 2nd to january 3rd, with a special celebration for jamison on new year's eve. >> great piece. you still have your poster. >> i do. when i was married, my grandmother made me take it down from the bed. you husband probably doesn't want to look at a ballerina. it's in my closet. it's strength and dignity. i see it when i get ready in the morning. >> beautiful. winning by losing. four self-proclaimed losers with four self-proclaimed losers with the determination to turn their ♪ four self-proclaimed losers with the determination to turn their i found a better deal on prescriptions. we found lower co-pays... ...and a free wellness visit. new plan...same doctor. i'm happy. it's medicare open enrollment. have you compared plans yet? it's easy at or you can call 1-800-medicare. medicare open enrollment. you'll never know unless you go. i did it. you can too. ♪
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easy to whine about losing. what if you were dead last? >> you'll meet four so-called losers who proved they are anything but. >> reporter: we're taught from a young age, you can win at anything if you just put your mind to it. we love those who finish above the rest. athletes, celebrities, politicians, billionaires. what about those who tried and failed, loved and lost, and persevered against the odds? >> i am a loser. >> i'm a loser. >> i'm a loser. >> i'm a loser. >> reporter: can you win by
8:48 am
losing? >> i did it! >> reporter: on november 1st, nearly 50,000 runners competed in the new york city marathon. >> everyone was taking pictures. they asked me, do they do it for everybody? i said, i think it's because i'm the last one. >> reporter: she was the last recorded finisher. 8 hours, 28 minutes. >> this was sweat, this was tears, this was training for months in advance. this was earned. >> how many? >> five. >> reporter: for this brooklyn schoolteacher, just finishing was a victory. not just for her. >> i am the inspiration for the children. they need me to be the example for who they should be. >> reporter: ryan knows what it means to finish last. in 2009, he was the kicker for the university of south carolina football team and an nfl scout came to watch. >> i had a tough year. i dealt with an injury that happened the fourth or fifth week of the season.
8:49 am
i felt, why is this happening to me? >> reporter: the draft followed. >> the fifth round, sixth round, i never got the call. into the seventh round, i still didn't get the call. i watched the whole draft and i waited until the very last kid to get picked. >> reporter: he was bestowed with the title of mr. irrelevant, the way to roast the last player picked in the nfl draft. >> i didn't see it as a bad thing, mr. irrelevant. to me, i viewed it as an opportunity. >> my life growing up here was simple. >> reporter: by day, hay broker. by night, pageant contestant. katie has fought her way through competition. >> my first pageant, i was sick. i didn't know what ui was doing. i looked like a mess on stage. >> reporter: katie's first loss. did it stop her? in june, she competed for mrs. california america for a hopes of winning a spot at nationals. >> it was exciting and nerve racking at the same time.
8:50 am
>> reporter: once again, she lost. >> what if you've lost 14 times. >> seven times for mayor. six times for city council. one time for legislative. that's 14 times i've lost elections. >> reporter: jackie reed, a part-time waitress and aspiring politician in alabama. >> i want to wake up the public. for 30 year, i've been preaching and haven't saved a soul. >> reporter: despite the losses, she refuses to give up. >> determination is the key to success. i'm not a quitter. >> reporter: advice that's paid off for all our losers. kate tee won heretic et katie won a spot through internet voting. >> i was so happy. i couldn't believe it had happened to me. >> reporter: ryan is a new dad and a top nfl kicker, recently signing a multi-million dollar
8:51 am
contact with the tennessee titans. >> defeat is going to happen. it's all about how we respond to it. >> i'm a mayoral candidate. >> reporter: this november, jackie announced her new candidacy for mayor. she's still cautious. >> i don't put dates on the sign because next year, i'll have to use the signs again. >> reporter: jackie's resolve made her something of a local legend. they've even written songs about h her. ♪ there's a lady in my hometown, jackie reed is her name ♪ >> embrace being a loser and show losers can make it, too. >> get your mind straight and say, there's always a next time. >> maybe somebody along the way will say, he did it. i can do it, too. >> you choose what your win will be, and once you go for it, finish. >> all the best winners have lost. >> i love that story. >> let's go lose! >> so good. >> we have to move it along. just ahead, bogged down by labor of love.
8:52 am
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sundays with harry. you probably enjoyed cranberries on thanksgiving thanks to the dedicated work of farmers. harry is back from the bog. >> we spent a day in massachusetts, watching the cranberry harvest. there are families that have been farming cranberries more than 100 years. there is nothing quite like it. >> reporter: not so far from cape cod on a chilly, fall morning, fifth generation cranberry farmer sue gilmore knows the clock is ticking.
8:56 am
only so many days to get the crop? >> cold days, cold nights, they turn red. >> that's how you get this? >> that's how you get this beautiful color, the red. >> reporter: when the cranberries are ripe, the bog is flooded and a contraption shakes the berries loose and they float to the surface. >> until you come out and you actually see it, you don't realize what it's like. what goes into it. you can talk about it, you can bring it to them, but it's like anything, if you're here, you really get a sense of really what it's like. especially the harvest. this is what we work all year long for. >> reporter: what it's like is as pretty as a picture. just about as beautiful a harvest as there is. the berries get corralled, where they get slurped off the surface. soon, headed to the juice aisle for a holiday dinner table. >> it's a proud moment. for us, it's a legacy, and it's part of kind of the fabric of who we are.
8:57 am
>> reporter: who they are, are people who work hard and love it. >> if the sun is shining, the water is clear, the berries are red, people need to eat them. right? my job is to get them off the bog and get them to somebody's table. >> reporter: sue's brother-in-law kirby says, when the harvest is done, you can catch your breath. >> we work seven days a week from beginning of april all the way until the middle of november. after that, we only work five days a week. >> reporter: catch your breath and count your blessings. >> good feeling. it really is. to know i am in -- there were people before me, my ancestors took care of it. so i take care of it for them. it means a lot to me. >> reporter: as it will, no doubt, to those who follow. >> we've got cranberries from
8:58 am
sue's bog. andrea joyce made this with secret ingredients. brown sugar, dijon mustard and thyme. >> will she be mad about giving away her secret? >> did you leave something out? i knew it. >> this is great. >> straight from a bog in massachusetts. >> thank you for the story and the cranberry sauce. tune into "meet the press" this morning. chuck's guests, donald trump and dr. ben carson. >> i didn't want to talk with food in my mouth. that'll do it for us on a sunday morning. thanks for spending part of your day with us. have a great day, everyone. next vehicle purchase?
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it's one of the busiest travel days of the year and unfortunately the weather won't make it any easier. across the country heavy rain, sleet and snow are creating problems for passengers. what about folks coming home to philly? we'll have more on that in a live report. a dreary morning out there as we wrap up a long holiday weekend. here's a live look over center city. a slight breeze out there. the showers will taper off but they will be back this week. details ahead in the forecast. it's 9:00 on this sunday, and


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