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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  November 30, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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we head back to work and school after the holiday weekend. ahead rain is also in the first alert seven-day forecast. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. let's find out about the chilly start and when and if we'll get a warm-up with bill henley. >> the temperatures came down overnight. we are running about 12 degrees colder than yesterday. and you have to deal with this, too, a steady breezehwlzno carr0
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involving a dump truck. it happened on the 5600 block of durham road in plum stead township. in the next minutes i'll come up with an alternate to get around that. taking a live look now in camden, this is 76 right at market street. a few more cars on the roads than a few minutes ago but no accidents to report. into pennsylvania taking a look at drive times on the majors, 95, 76 and 476 in the green looking good if you are headed back to work or even back home after the thanksgiving long weekend. thanks. 4:31. we follow this breaking news out of montgomery county from overnight, hatfield police are investigating a shooting before midnight police were called to the home along diamond street. they quickly blocked off the
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area. matt delucia is live on scene. matt, bring us up to date. >> reporter: a few minutes ago we saw the coroner's van, you see it down in the distance that's the house with the christmas lights where police have been since before midnight. this is the 100 block of diamond street. here's what we know. the shooting happened just before midnight. we know of at least one victim here, and we're working to get confirmation on anyone else. this has been an ongoing case here throughout the night and the early morning hours. police have been shuttling to and from the scene. we'll come back live, you can see there is a little bit of activity in front of the house down the street here, again we've been told the d.a.'s office is involved. and of course that is generally done for more serious crimes. at this point we have not received word of an arrest. i did speak with a neighbor who lives in the neighborhood. he didn't hear any of the gun shots but at this point he's telling me that this is just a
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terrible situation out here, i'm working to get some of that audio when we see you in the next 30 minutes. live in hatfield, matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." 4:33. flags are flying at half-staff in honor after police officer killed in the line of duty in western pennsylvania. stant claire township officer rooerd was responding to a domestic call in new florence between pittsburgh and johnstown. the 20-year veteran did identify himself as a police officer before he was shot. he was taken to the hospital where he died. of ray shelter jr. is charged with criminal homicide. he ran after the shooting. he was arrested about six hours later. setler was shot in the shoulder. there will be new information this morning. a wake for reed will be thursday. hills funeral is friday. a fire company in delaware county is mourning one of its own. scott jones die independent a crash in edgemont early saturday
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morning. scott was a firefighter and emt in the new town square fire company. he also served as a marine and a firefighter. 76ers rookie jaleel okafor tweeted apologies for bad behavior. since thursday we've learned of three incidents. yesterday t"the philadelphia inquirer" reported he was pulled over a few weeks ago for driving 108 miles an hour. tmz released this video thursday showing him yelling and pushing someone throwing a punch outside of a boston nightclub. in october, someone pulled a gun on okafor outside a nightclub. police are looking into both incidents. yesterday he tweeted i have 100% focused on my responsibility to the league, my teammates and fans. he added, i don't want to be a distraction from my team and am grateful for the support and guidance those close to me are
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giving. today begins pennsylvania's firearms hunting season for white-tailed deer. lasting the next 12 days. starting each day for a half hour before sunrise and ending a half hour after sunset no hunting allowed on sundays. new jersey's firearms hunting season will begin next monday and last for six days. >> 4:35. if you didn't get all of your holiday shopping done on black friday or small business saturday today the best deals can be on line. those cyber monday bargains come with the threat of identity theft. important advice how to avoid becoming a victim. new jersey governor christie has a political shot in the arm. who is throwing support. >> time to bundle up. it's cold out. 37 degrees and the wind making it feel colder. we've got clouds that have started to move into the area. that's going to make for big changes over the next 24 hours. come on in pop pop.
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4:38 and it is a cold morning. clear and dry this morning. but temperatures will be climbing against clouds moving in during the day. a bigger warm-up if it wasn't for the clouds moving in, 35 degrees right now with a 10-mile-an-hour wind. it's colder than yesterday morning. we're not alone in philadelphia look at chester springs 32 degrees. 20s for quakertown now, reporting 28 degrees and colder in shenandoah, and in delaware and south jersey, warmer for delaware, dover at 40. most of new jersey in the 30s. mount holly at 34. 36 in millville. a cold and it's going to get cloudy during the day today. a cold start and high clouds are already here. but the thicker clouds, the rain producing clouds are to our south. those will be arriving this evening. and staying with us for tomorrow
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and possibly into wednesday as well. that's a steady light rain in virginia and south and north carolina. upper south carolina getting raindrops. it will stay completely dry during the day today. isolated shower is possible late this afternoon. but then this evening, that's when the first real raindrops start to move in the area. by early tomorrow morning, it is a steady rain to start things off. by 9:00 in the morning, tomorrow we could see a quarter inch on the ground in philadelphia. and the rain continues into the late afternoon and evening hours. by 6:00 in the evening, closing in on half an inch of rain tomorrow. for today, no rain. but clouds will be taking over, as the temperature climbs 42 at camelback, 46 in pennsburg. clouds take over in new hope and morristown. chilly for this time of year. you'll feel that cool with a breeze blowing at the shore. ventnor city 52.
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cape may 52. while 49 the high temperature in symrna. and you'll see upper 40s for malstrern and thorndale and philadelphia high temperature of only 48 degrees today. by the weekend, sunshine is back and the temperatures right where they should be this time of year. 53 on saturday, and 54 degrees on sunday. and we will get some warmer temperatures before the week is out. but it will also come with the rain. i'll show you how long you can expect that with the seven-day forecast coming up. >> all right, bill. 4:40 now. let's check the road. we're getting new information about the accident in bucks county, katy has an update. >> yes, that's the only incident that we're following right now. it's in bucks county in plumstead township. it's a single vehicle accident. it's going to be there through the morning rush. take 611 around it if durham road is part of your commute. it happened on the 5600 block of durham road near the intersection of stump road and
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old durham road. that intersection off limits through the morning. take 611 around that or locally if you know the roads in that area you can take them. moving into center city philadelphia, on the vine street expressway in both directions, average speeds in the 50s right now. no overnight construction on the vine street expressway which is nice. normally around this hour we're telling you that the vine has just opened. that overnight construction on the vine will resume at midnight tonight. and moving into new jersey, 295 and the 42 freeway all free and clear of issues. >> katy, thanks. 4:41. the power of parenting, we have just released research that shows keeping an eye on your kids could make a big difference when it comes to their intimate behavior. also ahead, in honor of becky. we'll tell you how a local fire and police department raised money for a fallen hero and how much they collected.
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4:43. happening today the man accused of killing three people in a
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planned parenthood is scheduled to be in court. we may never know why he allegedly opened fire inside the planned parenthood on friday. that's because the warrants related to the case against robert dear are sealed. a law enforcement source says dear said the words no more baby parts after he was arrested following a five-hour standoff. one of the three killed is police officer garrett swasey, he was a former champion figure skater and a father. he rushed in to try to save other people's lives. >> not his jurisdiction and no one would have faulted him for not going. he went and he laid down his life. for others. for this community. that doesn't surprise me at all. no. that's garrett. >> planned parenthood came under fire this summer after activists released video suggesting that the group sells fetal organs. a man faces charges after his 6-year-old daughter shot and killed herself with a gun she
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found between sofa cushions. authorities say she was at home on sunday with her dad, her twin brother when she found the gun. police arrested her father. the mother would not say who owned the gun or if she had seen it before. she said she's not mad at her boyfriend, her father. >> his child as much as my child. it hurts. i lost my baby girl. >> of the girl's father is charged with involuntary manslaughter and reckless conduct. the european union and turkey reached agreement. turkey has become a pipeline for hundreds of thousands of people crossing into europe especially greece. many of them get there by sea using small boats like this one. the officers can't legally stop the migrants and refugees for fear of endangering their lives but they are allowed to arrest
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smugglers and charge thousands of dollars to get to europe. the greek coast guard officials have arrested dozens of smugglers and say turkey is not doing enough to stop them. >> 4:46. pope francis continues his trip through africa and now visiting a country considered a battleground between christians and muslims. security was in full force throughout the area during the pope's first visit to the central african republic. the pope says his mission is to be an apostle of hope for the country. yesterday the pontiff marked the catholic church's year of mercy in a cathedral. the u.n. officials say they hope the pope can achieve goals bringing together christians and muslims. >> bring to this country a new momentum, to bring community to each other. >> the pope will also visit a mosque to speak with members of the muslim community. parents, keeping an eye on your teens and enforcing rules
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could help them delay having sex. that's according to the cdc. reviewing research on sexual behavior found that the good parenting practices were associated with fewer teens having sex, more teens delaying sexual activity, increase in condom and contraceptive use. >> cyber monday but before you log on to the deals you should take precautions according to the experts. keith jones is live in our operations center. what you need do while shopping. >> good morning. today is no the super bowl for on line shopping. they expect to hit record numbers as well this year. there are several things you need to do to make sure online buying is secure. first use a separate credit card for online shopping. that way if hackers get your information, the rest of your credit line and bank accounts will be safe. also, pay attention to your
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statements after your purchases for unusual micro charges. they hope you won't notice one or two dollars. for getting the best deal experts say plan ahead. >> look through your e-mails for ads and give you a heads what to expect on cyber monday. find out what you like, at it to the cart so when that deal becomes available you have it ready in your cart and to check out faster. >> $3 billion for the first time. that's according to a forecast by adobe. if you are shopping for toys, the consumer products safety commission has three tips to keep children safe all year long. choose age appropriate toys by reading the age label on the toy for giving a scooter or another riding toy, be sure the child is a proper sized helmet as well. be cautious buying high powered magnetic sets that have magnets that should be kept away from
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children. get many more tips with the help of the "nbc 10 news" app. it's free and you know what, it can be your first bargain item today. keith jones, "nbc 10 news." a lot warm tear stay in and shop than head out now. the temperatures have really come down overnight with mostly clear skies, you can see venus. there a few high clouds moving in. the temperatures have moved down into the 30s for most of the region right now. 37 in philadelphia. with that steady northeasterly wind at 10 miles an hour it feels colder. back to making snow. it's cold enough there, the temperatures have fallen and will stay chilly during the day today. below freezing also in pottstown and doylestown. it's in the upper 30s in millville, wilmington, 36 degrees right now. and langhorne at freezing.
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31 in richboro and doylestown, and with mostly clear skies right now it's colder in quakertown at 28 degrees. though it's dry now, that changes tonight. you see the rain falling just to the stout. that's very light rain in maryland and virginia. the showers will slowly be moving our way today. during the day today we'll get the clouds, then the evening here comes the rain. that's 9:00 this evening. light rain falling in maryland, delaware and south jersey. heading toward philadelphia at that hour, but quickly moving in. by this time tomorrow morning we will see the light rain in philadelphia and much of the area. it won't be an all day rainfall but there willble showers in the vicinity all day so we might get some breaks but plan on umbre a umbrellas through the day tomorrow and possibly into wednesday. for today, a chilly breeze blowing as clouds increase, staying breezy, afternoon temperatures in the 40s to near 50 degrees. clouds today, rain tonight.
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and rain likely tomorrow, a high of 56 degrees for tuesday. the showers continue into wednesday with a high of 58. we clear out, we'll cool down thursday, 43 in the morning, 51 degrees in the afternoon. bright sunshine for friday and for the weekend. temperatures in the low 50s for friday, saturday and sunday. >> thanks for that. 9 minutes before 5:00. let's check the roads. we watch that problem in bucks county. >> we're keeping our eye on bucks county specifically plumstead township, at 5600 durham road around the intersection of stump road there is a single vehicle accident. it's pretty serious and we hear it's going to be out there into the morning rush. you can take 611 around that scene there. as soon as it clears i'll let you know. moving further down into montgomery county and parts of bucks county, 309 is looking good especially after an accident that cleared not long ago at this intersection. so 309 the stretch of that is
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good. and moving into new jersey now, 295, the turnpike and the 42 freeway all free and clear of accidents as well as active construction because of the long thanksgiving holiday and all of the vehicles expected on the road, most of the construction projects in new jersey and in pennsylvania are not resuming until later this morning. >> katy, thanks. the barnes foundation is looking to build on its move from the suburbs to the city t museum will unveil a 5-year plan that includes a way to reach new audiences, new tours and create new funding. the museum also wants to bolster the barnes foundation as a research hub, more than 1 million people visited since the museum moved to philadelphia in may of 2012. right now we continue to follow breaking news out of montgomery county. mess are investigating a shooting and we have new information about the condition and number of victims. we'll get an update in less than 10 minutes. next, showing support for chris christie, hear who is officially
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endorsing the republican candidate for president and why.
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>> five minutes before 5:00. decision 2016, donald trump's campaign for president is dealing with what one pastor called a miscommunication. the republican front-runner canceled a news conference in new york today where he expected dozens of black clergy leaders to endorse him. many said they had no intention of backing trump. a pastor who served as a go between blame add miscommunication. yesterday on "meet the press" chuck todd challenged trump's claim that thousands of muslims in north jersey celebrated the 9/11 attacks. >> this didn't happen in new jersey. there were plenty of reports, and -- >> it did happen in new jersey. i have hundreds of people that agree with me. >> you're running for president of the united states. your words matter.
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truthfulness matters. >> chuck, chuck, take it easy, chuck. play cool. >> over the weekend trump again denied mocking a "new york times" reporter with a disability saying he doesn't remember the man but a friend of the reporter called trump a liar and said that the two did know each other very well when the reporter covered trump in the late 80s. >> gop candidate ben carson says refugee camps in syria should be the long term solution to the crisis. his campaign released video of his visits to two camps in syria and jordan. he said refugees who could not be admitted to the camps could be absorbed by other middle eastern countries rather than coming to the u.s. and chris christie won the endorsement of the only state wide newspaper in new hampshire. christie's campaign for president is banking on new hampshire which holds first in the nation primary as you know in february. >> new information on a story we first told you about last week,
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a bust of abraham lincoln stolen has been found. officials say visitors spotted the bust in bushes in a nearby cemetery. it was stolen sunday night and monday morning, some time last week. just days after the 152nd anniversary of the gettysburg address. >> a final call for facial hair today in honor of an emergency services worker in burlington county. 28-year-old paramedic becky scott died in october after a battle with cancer. the city of burlington fire and police officers and firefighters have been growing facial hair to raise money for scholarship in becky's name. they will make a final push for donations today at city hall, the go fund me account shows that the fund is almost $18,000. >> we also want to update you on a story that touched hearts earlier this year, the tribute to a wisconsin farmer that he created for his late wife,
4:58 am
remember this story. he lost his wife to cancer last year. in the spring he planted miles of sun flowers, her favorite flower. months later they dried up. but the seeds are now being bagged and sold for a cancer fund aimed at finding a cure. he and his family call it the circle of life. >> it's a love story. dad loves my mom. my mom loved her family and who doesn't love a love story. >> japan, china, south korea. >> we've gotten e-mails from all over the world. it went way beyond. >> family hoping the seeds from the tribute will provide a ray of sunshine in the fight against cancer. you're watching "nbc 10 news." "nbc 10 news today" at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. we're following breaking news from overnight. police investigating a shooting after a gun fire erupted at a
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montgomery county home. we're live at the scene. >> usually a nice quiet neighborhood. >> a warning for people in a neighborhood after police impersonators. >> waterlogged. how leaders in philadelphia are looking into water main breaks like this one and who should be paying for the damages caused by the citywide problem. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm keith jones. >> is and i'm tracy davidson. off to a chilly start. let's get you updated with meteorologist bill henley in the first alert weather center. >> good morning. it is cold out. the temperatures dropped into the 20stl yesterday. doylestown at 30, pottstown 30, and while it's 36 degrees in wilmington, just a degree above freezing for stout philadelphia. add in the wind, and it feelings like the 20s and teens. allentown now reporting a wind chill of 19 degrees. sunshine will be decreasing as the day goes on. 37 degrees at 7:00, we'll get some filtered sunshine at 10:00,
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and clouds take over as we go into the afternoon hours. 47 degrees at 1:00 today. and there is some rain on the horizon, i'll go through the forecast when i'm back in 10 minutes. jessica boyington has the day off. it's katy zachry with first alert traffic. >> i thought i was going to catch him. thank you, bill. good morning to everyone. and if you are headed back home or back to work this morning after the long holiday weekend, fear not. there are really no major incidents on our roadways in pennsylvania, new jersey or delaware as evidenced by drive tiles. 95, 76 and 476 free and clear of issues as you can see looking good there. i do want to update you on an accident in durham, on durham road in plumstead township. first a quick look at the vine street expressway where travel speeds in both directions are in the 50s right now. no incidents to report on the vine. getting back to the accident in bucks county, this is in


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