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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  November 30, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EST

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and clouds take over as we go into the afternoon hours. 47 degrees at 1:00 today. and there is some rain on the horizon, i'll go through the forecast when i'm back in 10 minutes. jessica boyington has the day off. it's katy zachry with first alert traffic. >> i thought i was going to catch him. thank you, bill. good morning to everyone. and if you are headed back home or back to work this morning after the long holiday weekend, fear not. there are really no major incidents on our roadways in pennsylvania, new jersey or delaware as evidenced by drive tiles. 95, 76 and 476 free and clear of issues as you can see looking good there. i do want to update you on an accident in durham, on durham road in plumstead township. first a quick look at the vine street expressway where travel speeds in both directions are in the 50s right now. no incidents to report on the vine. getting back to the accident in bucks county, this is in
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plumstead township. it didstrike at least one horse that was going across the roadway, but i am told i got an update that scene should be clear in a short amount of time. if you want to avoid it you can take 611 around that. moving into new jersey now, this is a live look in mount laurel, route 73 where you get on the turnpike. looking really good there. also your new jersey road, 295 and the 42 freeway are free and clear as well. keith. >> thank you very much. we are following breaking news from overnight in montgomery county where police are investigating a shooting at a home. it happened before midnight along diamond street and hatfield. right now we know at least one person was hit by gunfire. matt delucia is live at the scene. what have you learned? >> reporter: a deadly shooting here in the past hour we've seen two vehicles from the coroner's office show up here at this house. you see it down the street here, this is the 100 block of diamond street and that is the house there with the christmas lights.
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police are telling us the district attorney's office is involved and more information will be coming out of there. here is what we know. there was a shooting here at this home just before midnight. we know of at least one victim and because of the coroner's office presence it's clear there are bodies inside that house. i spoke with a neighbor. he tells me he does not know the people who live in that house and did not hear gun shots but is still concerned that this happened around the corner. >> it's a little disturbing to have you know, knowing people have issues in your neighborhood. they don't get help for it, they resort to violence. violence is never the answer. >> reporter: again back live on the scene, hatfield police have been out here for several hours holding the evidence for investigators, again we have been told that the d.a.'s office is involved and the coroner is also out here at the scene. there is no word of an arrest at this time. of course as we get new information we'll be sure to pass it along. matt delucia, "nbc 10 news."
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5:02. the trial begins for the man accused of murdering a philadelphia teaching fellow for his ipod. prosecutors say marcel jones shot bu zabel. zabel was shot to death in south philadelphia. he had just moved to philadelphia to begin a teaching fellows program. today lawyers will begin selecting jurors. >> two people are walking around south philadelphia pretending to be police officers, then stealing money. investigators say the thieves targeted two people early yesterday. in the first incident a man and woman flashed a badge at a woman at fourth and jackson street. she ran away as the man yelled he was going to arrest her. two hours later a man on east passayunk avenue was told he matched the description of a drug suspect so the pair demanded his identification, and stole all of the cash in his wallet. they took off in a silver nissan.
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>> kind of scary, out here you don't know who is who anymore. >> it's scary because this is usually a nice quiet neighborhood. you got kids out here and everything. >> police are looking at surveillance video to see if they can get a better description of the suspects. >> coatesville high school in chester county is tightening security after rumors of a potential threat on social media. the school district says it's working with police and so far no direct threats of try lens to students. recently there was a fight in the school cafeteria and an off-campus fight involving students but officials insist silence is not escalating at the school. in a letter to parents the district says it will continue to take all rumors of violence on social media seriously, also if any of those rumors turn out to be true the district said it will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. >> happening today, who should pay for water main breaks. that's the question the council plans to discuss. we all remember this, look at that, millions of gallons of
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water flooded a neighborhood in west philadelphia last june. the broken main damaged homes and businesses along 52nd street. lawmakers will hear testimony from property owners and look at the water department's responsibility in the matter. >> also, peco crews worked to repair a power pole damaged in a tractor-trailer crash. you can see the sparks and smoke from downed wires after the truck hit the pole. it happened next to a car dealer sthp ship around 9:00 last night. no one was hurt. >> five philadelphia firefighters recovering after a fire truck on its way to a call crashed into a line of parked cars. you can see from this surveillance video what happened. it was yesterday morning, it shows the ladder truck barreling down baltimore avenue before crashing. you can see the truck with the firefighters inside, fish tailing, almost flipping, witnesses said it sounded like an explosion.
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>> he lost control and they took everybody, all them cars. >> there were parked cars? >> and two of the firemen, one of them flew out the car. >> witnesses rushed to help the injured firemen. some were unconscious. we checked, one is still in the hospital but is expected to be okay. no one on the street was hurt. investigators are looking for the cause. well, home sweet home. for most people. >> right. millions of people find themselves this morning at home wrapping up travel over the thanksgiving holiday weekend. fill if i international handed nearly 100,000 people yesterday. most departing flights took off on time. the only impact on flights from other parts of the country. passengers we spoke with said their trips went smoothly. >> there were a lot more people at tsa, than ordinarily. so, and there were multiple lines and you were able to go through reason pli. i felt comfortable. >> the airport tightened security because of a worldwide
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terror alert. yesterday was a busy day on the rails too. amtrak added extra trains. you can see 30th street station was buzzing with people making their way home. final numbers aren't in but last year amtrak carried a record 772,000 plus passengers during the thanksgiving travel period. that was the most ever for the holiday. >> if you want to get a good feel for how philadelphia's next mayor is going to run the city, tonight is your chance to find out. jim kenney is holding four town hall meetings, the first tonight at central high school. the others tomorrow, thursday and friday. you can go to or the nbc 10 news app for times and locations. seven minutes after 5:00. cold out. the temperatures running chillier and a cold breeze is
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blowing to make it feel like it's below freezing. we'll see some sunshine but during the day clouds will increase leading to rain. tracking some rain for tonight and for tomorrow. during the day today it will be dry. to start with, cold. 37 degrees in allentown. excuse me, 27 degrees. 35 in northeast philadelphia, atlantic city at 36 degrees. completely dry, just high clouds so far, the thicker clouds will arrive during the day today. you see the satellite picking up the high cloudiness, thicker clouds to the south. those are the rain producers and what's coming will only be rain. it brings in warmer temperatures. not a big warm-up. only in the upper 40s for allentown and reading, 45 in quakertown. sunshine for doylestown, trenton and norristown. all reaching the upper 40s. low 50s for cape may and atlantic city. a little warmer for rehobeth up to 54. clouds take over after some sunshine, 45 in west chester.
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48 degrees in swedesboro. chilly today, with the rain will come milder temperatures. the seven-day forecast with the timing when i'm back in 10 minutes. >> check traffic now. horses hit in bucks county. >> pliv on the scene. katy has been telling us about it. >> our photographer has this live picture. this is the durham road as we push into the intersection right near stump road and old durham road. it's a five-point intersection in upper bucks county. a single vehicle crash, a dump truck hit at least one, possibly two horses. unfortunately the animals did die at the scene. the dump truck driver i'm told was transported to the hospital with minor injuries. so i'm told good news it's going to be clear before the morning rush. initially we were told it was going to last the morning rush. i can show you we have an alternate of route 611 around this. if you want to avoid it. but again, if you are leaving the door later this morning
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check back with us because this should clear not too long from now. taking a look southbound, or further south from that point if we look at the pennsylvania turnpike your drive times between route 1 and the valley forge exit, 22 minutes both directions, no incidents along the turnpike in new jersey as well. your bridges over to new jersey or delaware looking free and clear of issues and just taking a closer look at our new jersey road drive times, 295 between route 38 and 168, that stretch about 13 minutes. on the 42 freeway going north between route 55 and the walt whitman bridge about five minutes. >> it's 10 minutes past 5. president obama is joining other world leaders in paris for a climate conference. it comes after protesters clashed with police. next we'll explain why demonstrators are angry with the government there. plus, we're learning more about why a man jumped the white house
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fence. we'll explain his reason what his lawyer says his reason is for wanting to talk to the president.
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right now president obama is in paris for the start of the global climate change conference. you are looking at the president here arriving at the conference earlier today. french president francois hollande greeted him. shortly after he arrived last night president obama remembered the victims of this month's terror attacks. the president paid a late night
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visit to the bataclan theater the scene of the deadliest attack. the french president and the mayor of paris joined him. they placed flowers at a memorial, they also paused for a moment of silence to honor the victims. this was yesterday, protesters in paris clashing with police the day before the start of the climate change summit. officers used tear gas to break up the crowd. many protesters say french security officials are taking away their rights by canceling marches on a variety of issues. >> we're following a developing story in chicago. classes at the university of chicago's hyde park campus are canceled because of an online gun threat. they are working with the fbi which is continuing to investigate, the university of chicago medical center will be open with added security. the school expects to return to normal tomorrow. happening today a chicago
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police officer accused of murder will be in court. by now you have probably seen the dash cam video, if you haven't we warn you it's disturbing. dash cam video shows laquan mcdonald being shot 16 times, some shots fired after the 17-year-old fell to the ground. the release of that video last week sparked protests in response to last year's shooting. officer jason van dyke says he feared for his life when he saw mcdonald had a knife. >> in baltimore today the trial begins for an officer accused in the death of freddie gray. his death marked protests. william porter is the first officer to be tried. five others will be tried separately charged with involuntary manslaughter and assault. a bus full of college students heading back to campus after the break slipped in virginia last night. 35 people are hurt. most had bumps, bruises and broken bones. many parents received terrifying
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phone calls. >> just saying that the bus was driving very fast. she was hysterical. i didn't understand what she was saying. and i had to try to get her to calm down. next thing you know she tells me that the bus flipped over. >> the students were from the university of virginia, radford and virginia tech. the driver of the bus is charged with reckless driving. she asked him to put out a cigarette so he shot her. that's what police say happened in a waffle house in mississippi. johnny mount lit up a secret in a waffle house. a waitress asked him not to smoke. investigators that's when mount pulled out his gun and shot her in the head. her boyfriend is in shock. >> take her life over a cigarette. of all of the things. >> mount is being held on $2 million bond. he is charged with murder.
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>> 5:16 and 37 degrees. the man who jumped over the white house fence prompting a lock down says he wanted to give the president a message. we'll find out more about caputo. he was wearing an american flag. his lawyer says he was trying to deliver a message about issues of education and the legal system. activists climbed on the roof of an art gallery at buckingham palace, two men used the ladder to climb up the roof after another demonstrator created a distraction outside the palace. they put up a banner reading i am harry's dad. protest was part of a campaign calling for equal rights for fathers. >> something you don't hear about every morning. two horse hit by a car. >> let's get more. we're live on the scene. katy? >> reporter: that's right. more than a car, a dump truck. the horses did not survive and hopefully we'll get you a live picture of the scene. first starting out -- there it
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is. see, it's snap your fingers. this is on durham road in plumstead township, that's a portion of upper bucks county. you can see there is a dump truck on the scene, also emergency vehicles. this happened not long ago. durham road which is also 413 is closed between stump road and old durham road. it's a five-point intersection. if you are looking to avoid that take route 611 around that. we go back to my maps now. we'll show you drive times on 95. along 95 southbound really looking good between woodhaven and the vine, 13 minutes northbound the same average speed. and the same drive time. we get closer to the morning rush, i'm going to look back there because we are expecting things to pick up. moving into new jersey now. right at the base of the tacony palmyra bridge, if you are looking to take an area bridge into new jersey, pennsylvania or delaware they are all free and clear of issues at this hour. and the 42 freeway, north and
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southbound along between route 55 to the walt whitman bridge, the drive time about five minutes. 19 minutes after 5:00. it is a cold start this morning. mostly clear skies overnight but high clouds are starting to move in over boathouse row. rain will hold off until tonight. there is rain on the way. 37 now in philadelphia. that's one of the warm spots, the 10 degrees colder than yesterday morning at this time. completely dry at the shore. but rain will be moving in to cape may and other points along the coast line tonight. moving out the door now, have to deal with the wind. it's up to 13 miles an hour, in philadelphia that's a steady northeasterly wind that will keep things chilly during the day. it will stay dry. radar shows showers, light showers at that way to our south. and that's where they will stay during the day today. but that changes this evening. the futurecast rainfall shows very light rainfall moving in
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during the evening. by 11:00 this evening, just .01 inch. you can see more in dover and cape may. then as we go into tomorrow morning this time tomorrow morning, some steady light rain that will be tracking through the area that will continue much of the day. we could see some breaks, but it's never going to shut off completely tomorrow. noon time, close to a third of an inch on the ground in philadelphia, by tomorrow evening, by the time it starts to wind down, about a half inch on the ground in philadelphia. that's tomorrow. for today, it stays dry during the day. you will see the clouds increase and a breezy day, too, we'll keep temperatures in the 40s to near 50 degrees this afternoon. with the rain, warmer weather. 43 in the morning, 56 in the afternoon. and even though we'll see a chance of showers again on wednesday, even warmer with a high of 58. then clearing skies and turning cooler for thursday. a breeze and 51 after morning low of 43 degrees. and then sunshine is back for
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friday and just in time for the weekend temperatures that will start in the 30s will warm into the low to mid-50s. >> thank you. many people pointing and clicking their way to online deals on this cyber monday. many calling it the super bowl of shopping. next, where you could find the discounts all week long. plus, more problems for sixers rookie jaleel okafor. a run-in with the law that included a 100-mile-an-hour ticket. and hunters in pennsylvania are hitting the woods this morning. what you need to know if you are trying to bag a buck.
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5:24. is live look at what will be a busy place t fulfillment center in robinsville. today is cyber monday so they are going to be busy. this is where a lot of your packages might come from. it's expecting its busiest holiday ever. the national retail federation predicts 121 million shoppers plan to shop on line today. and that number is down slightly from last year. likely because many stores started their online deals last week and shoppers have spent billions shopping on line. let's get more from landon dowdy keeping track of the numbers. she joins with the cnbc business news. good morning. >> good monday morning to you. consumers may have opted to shop from home this weekend.
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adobe says on line sales rose 18% thursday and friday to $4.5 billion. the firm is predicting $3 billion in sales today, cyber monday. several retailers are rolling out new promotions. walmart launched on sunday and best buy and amazon extending theirs all week. on wall street the markets look to start the week on a good note. stocks ended last week flat to mixed. we get data on manufacturing and pending home sales on friday the dow falling 15 points to 17798, the nasdaq to 5128. back over to you. >> thanks. >> a chilly morning, the wind is blowing. temperatures in the 30s but most of the area feels like the 20s right now. good news is it's dry. but that, too, is going to be changing later today. we'll see the clouds right now, mostly clear, 37 degrees at
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5:25. katy zachry in the first alert traffic center. >> good morning, bill. keeping my eye on an accident in bucks county. we're taking a live look along durham road in plumstead township. a dump truck hit two horses running across the road. vile an update when this will clear. >> reporter: i'm matt delucia live in hatfield, montgomery county. press and the coroner on the scene of a shooting. what we learned coming up after the break. ♪
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we are live on the scene of breaking news in montgomery county in the past hour the coroner's office showed up we're working to find out how many were killed. >> rookie mistake. sixers star jaleel okafor is in trouble with police again. we'll tell you what happened this time around. >> and chilly start, a cold breeze is blowing, look at that, you can count on nbc 10 and the first alert forecast to help you prepare for the week ahead. it's 37 degrees, about 5:30. good morning. welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm keith jones. right to first alert meteorologist bill henley. colder than yesterday, bill, also windy. >> we're down 10 degrees compared to yesterday at this time. and that's in philadelphia. 37 degrees as you mentioned. most of the rest of the area is colder. we're seeing some spots in the 20s, mount pocono, allentown at 27, it's 36 in wilmington.
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trenton 1 degree above freezing. the wind is blowing, a north-northeast wind at 7:00, 37 degrees, not a lot warmer at 10:00. the clouds take over the into the afternoon. that's going to keep our temperatures down during the afternoon hours. we'll go through the forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. katy zachry is following your first alert traffic. i am. i'm following an accident in bucks county in plumstead township. we have a photographer at the scene along durham road. a live picture of that scene. a dump truck was traveling on durham road and hit two horses that escaped from a farm. we're told the dump truck driver was taken to the hospital to get checked out. this is what's happening. durham road between stump road and old durham road is closed off. we are told fortunately this should be clearing in the next little bit. i'm told a utility pole was


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