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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  November 30, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EST

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trenton 1 degree above freezing. the wind is blowing, a north-northeast wind at 7:00, 37 degrees, not a lot warmer at 10:00. the clouds take over the into the afternoon. that's going to keep our temperatures down during the afternoon hours. we'll go through the forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. katy zachry is following your first alert traffic. i am. i'm following an accident in bucks county in plumstead township. we have a photographer at the scene along durham road. a live picture of that scene. a dump truck was traveling on durham road and hit two horses that escaped from a farm. we're told the dump truck driver was taken to the hospital to get checked out. this is what's happening. durham road between stump road and old durham road is closed off. we are told fortunately this should be clearing in the next little bit. i'm told a utility pole was damaged in that crash.
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i can show you where this is happening on the maps. you can take 611 around this. i'm keeping my eye on it. it's the only major thipg this morning. our interstates in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware are looking good. this is 95, if you are traveling from the betsy ross bridge that will take about three minutes, going from cottman to air aming go avenue about 6 minutes. everything on 95 south between woodhaven and the vine is free and clear. especially new jersey and pennsylvania some of the active construction, they put a stop to that from wednesday through today at noon because they were expecting so many drivers on the roadways. if you are headed back to work or home that's good news for you. again, taking a look at drive times, really good on 95. >> thanks. 5:31. we continue to follow breaking news out of montgomery county, at least one person is dead, after a shooting at a home there, just before midnight along diamond street in
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hatfield. matt delucia has been following the new developments. he joins us live from the screen. bringing us up to speed. >> reporter: this is a deadly shooting investigation, police and the coroner are out here at the scene. you can see there's a lot of activity on the 100 block of diamond street and police are telling us that the district attorney's office is involved in this case and more information will be coming later on this morning. you see down there that house with the christmas lights that is the where the investigation is unfolding. police tell us there was a shooting there in the house just before midnight and we know of at least one victim confirmed but there are multiple vehicles from the coroner's office indicating there are several bodies inside that house. i spoke with a neighbor not long ago. he doesn't know the people who live out here on this street. he doesn't know what happened. didn't hear gun shots but says this is the disturbing to hear about something like this happening in his neighborhood. >> people that live in this neighborhood, you know, we're friendly with each other, we
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look out for each other. we don't go to each other's houses per se, everybody, but you know, it's quiet, nice neighborhood. >> reporter: again, the scene here in hatfield, 100 block of diamond street. the house with the christmas lights where the investigation is unfolding, a shooting the overnight. police and the coroner's office have been out here for a while and we're told again that the d.a.'s office is involved and handling this case. there is no word of arrest at this time but of course we'llvú pass along new information as soon as we get it. matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. flags are flying at half-staff in honor after police officer killed in the line of duty in western pennsylvania. sinclair township officer lloyd reed was responding to a domestic call. the 20-year veteran did identify himself as a police officer before he was shot.
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he was taken to the hospital where he died. ray shetler jr. is charged with homicide. he ran after the shooting and was arrested about six hours later. shetler was shot in the shoulder. police in greensburg will release new information. a wake will be thursday and his funeral on friday. a fire company in delaware county is mourning one of its own. scott jones died in a two-car crash in edgemont saturday morning. scott was a firefighter and emt with the new town scare fire company for five years. he also served as a marine and is a firefighter in aspen and media. >> rookie jaleel okafor tweeted apologies for a string of off court bad behavior. since thursday we learned of three incidents, yesterday "the philadelphia inquirer" reported that the 19-year-old was pulled over on the ben franklin bridge for driving 108 miles an hour. tmz released this video on
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thursday, showing okafor yelling pushing someone and throwing a punch outside of a nightclub. in october someone called a gun on him outside of an old city nightclub. yesterday okafor tweeted i am 100% focused on my responsibility to my league, my teammates and fans. i am grateful for the support and guidance those close to me are giving. >> today kicks off pennsylvania's firearms hunting season for white-tailed deer. it will last 12 days, starting a half hour before sunrise and ending a half hour after sunset. no hunting on sunday. new jersey begins monday and last for six days. >> i want you to look at this. looking live at xfinity live in south philadelphia. this morning marks the camp out for hunger. they are playing music, the guys from wmmr will camp out all this
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week, broadcasting live in the morning and taking donationings of nonperishable food items to benefit full abundance. meet the press's chuck todd takes on donald trump. >> of the united states your words matter. >> we'll show you what sparked that back and forth and how trump defended himself when it comes to campaign trail controversies. chris christie grabbed a cozreted endorsement. who is throwing support behind the candidate. >> 5:36, 37 degrees, it's a chilly morning. i'm tracking rain. the timing with your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast ahead. ♪
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5:38. time to bundle up if you are heading out the door.
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the temperatures have dropped into the 30s, some spots in the 20s. 35 degrees in philadelphia, northeast philadelphia airport, 10 degrees colder than yesterday and with the wind out of the northeast at 12 miles an hour, it feels colder than that. the wind chill now is 27 degrees. 29 in wilmington. even below freezing, feeling in atlantic city the wind chill is 31. we have high clouds that moved in. really show up this time of year on the satellite imagery. those are cold high clouds. the clouds are thicker to the south and that's where you find rain. that's where it's going to stay during the day today. this is a system that starts moving into our area this evening, and then the next couple of days you need your rain gear. not today. sunshine thins out. clouds take over, we warm into the afternoon. in the low 40s for camelback. and pennsburg in the middle 40s. a bit of sunshine to start and mostly cloudy this afternoon. 50 degrees in morristown and
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bordentown. at the shore the temperature is in the 50s. isolated shower is possible. mostly cloudy skies for avalon and cape may. the clouds take over for malvern, wilmington and all seeing temperatures in the upper 40s. with the rain will come warmer temperatures. seven-day forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. >> 20 minutes benefit 6:00 now. let's check your right to work. there is an accident on the jersey turnpike. >> katy has the details. >> we're looking at an accident that happened not long ago on the new jersey turnpike northbound. just north of interchange 8 which is the exit for route 33. the inner drive, the right lane is blocked because of an accident there. we're getting reports that on the outer lanes in that same there're is a vehicle, a truck fire as well as accident. it's probably residual. the two are probably -- i'll
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have an update coming up in 10 minutes on that. moving into pennsylvania we're also following an accident in plumstead township along durham road which is route 413 and gets busy later in the morning. so durham road is closed between stump road and old durham road so be aware of that. you can take 611 around that if you wish. 95 drive times into delaware, the wilmington area, traveling on 95 between 295 and 495 will take about 10 be minutes. southbound about nine. >> thanks. 5:41. this is cyber monday. how to avoid hackers. look at that. we'll tell you how philadelphia is commemorating the art work and the visit from pope francis.
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decision 2016 now. donald trump's campaign for president is dealing with what one pastor called a miscommunication. the republican front-runner canceled a news conference in new york today where he expected dozens of black clergy leaders to endorse him. many said they had no intention of backing trump. a pastor who served as a go between blamed a miss communication. that's just one issue trump is
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dealing with for the campaign trail. yesterday on nbc's "meet the press" chuck todd challenged the claim that muslims celebrates the 9/11 attack. >> this didn't happen in new jersey. there were reports and -- >> did it happen in new jersey. i have hundreds of people that agree with me. >> you're running for president of the united states. your words matter. truthfulness matters. fact based matters. >> just play cool. >> trump again denied mocking a new york times reporter with a disability saying he doesn't even remember the man. a friend of the reporter called trump a liar and said that the two knew each other when the reporter covered trump in the late 1980s. >> gop white house candidate ben carson says refugee camps in syria should be the long term solution to the syrian crisis.
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his campaign release add video of visits to two camps in syria and jordan. he said refugees who couldn't be admitted to the camps could be absorbed by other middle eastern countries rather than coming to the u.s. >> closer to home, chris christie won the endorsement of the only statewide newspaper in new hampshire. christie's campaign for president is banking on new hampshire which holds the first of the nation primary in february. >> it's 5:46. 37 degrees. the man accused of killing three people in a planned parenthood in colorado is scheduled to be in court. we may never know why he allegedly opened fire inside on friday because the warrants related to his case the case against robert dear are sealed. dear said the words no more baby parts after he was arrested following a stand-off. one of the three killed is officer garrett swasey, a former figure skater and father, he rushed in to try to save others.
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>> not his jurisdiction and no one would have faulted him for not going. he went and he laid down his life for others, for this community. that doesn't surprise me at all. no. that's garrett. >> planned parenthood came under fire this summer after video suggesting that the group sells fetal organs. >> in atlanta a man faces felony charges after his 6-year-old daughter shot and killed herself. >> she accidentally pulled the trigger after finding the weapon between sofa cushions. she was home with her father, twin brother and other kids when she found the loaded gun. yesterday police arrested her father, the child's mother would not say who owned that gun or if she's ever seen it before. she said she's not mad at her boyfriend, the girl's father. >> that this child as much as my
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child. it hurts. i lost my baby girl. >> the father is being held on charges of involuntary manslaughter and reckless conduct. >> the european union and turkey reached agreement for turk tee limit the flow of migrants coming into the country. turkey has become a pipeline for hundreds of thousands crossing into europe especially greece. many of them get there by sea using boats like this one9x tfl officers can't legally stop them for fear of endangering their lives but are able to arrest g smugglers. they say turkey is not doing enough to stop them. >> pope fran sills is continuing his trip through africa this morning now visiting a country considered a battleground between christians and muslims. security was in full force during the pope's first visit. the pope says his submission is to be an apostle of hope for the
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country. yesterday the pontiff marked the year of mercy inside a cathedral. un officials say they hope pope francis can achieve his goal. >> the difference that this can bring to this country ask a new momentum. to bring community to talk to each other. >> speaking of the pope, happening today philadelphia's going to dedicate a mural honoring this year's world meeting of families. >> it's a record breaking piece. the ceremony is scheduled later this morning at thompson street 18 north philadelphia. the mural is called the sacred now. pope francis signed during his visit in september. the mural set the record for the most contributions to a paint by numbers piece.
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>> coming up on 10 minutes benefit 6:00, it's a cold morning, colder than yesterday by about 10 degrees. we have mostly clear skies, now high clouds have moved in. but we will get filtered sunshine to start with. you can see the flag at the nbc 10 studios, a steady brez that will stay with us. out of the northeast at 13 miles an hour at philadelphia international. it's 37 and that's one of the warmer spots, but many spots are colder. cape may completely dry. this is a live view. by this time tomorrow likely see some rain on that vantage point. 30 at pottstown and doylestown. trenton, above freezing. below freezing in reading and in camden dropped to 35 degrees, audubon is 35. colder in haddonfield at 33. but dry. radar showing no rain in the immediate area but look to the south you can see light
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rainfall. those are the showers of a start moving into our area. we'll see the clouds this afternoon. by 10:00 it's a light rain in south jersey. overnight the rain spreads across the area and 6:00 tomorrow morning it's a steady but light rain. we see downpours, they hold off until the afternoon. by 8:00 tomorrow evening a few scattered showers in the area but there is more wet weather on the way for wednesday. but not today. clouds increase, definitely breezy, that's going to keep the chill in the air. we'll see temperatures below normal today. 46 to 50 and the winds out of the northeast at 12 miles an hour. to make it feel colder. warmer in spite of rain. rain for much of the day and into wednesday. as well. but the temperatures even warmer. a high on thence, the wind picks up we cool down for thursday.
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partly sunny, 51 degrees thursday. here comes the sunshine for friday and the weekend. >> looking forward to the weekend already. talking about rush hour. in new jersey you got to pay attention. >> a couple of accidents and one on the new jersey turnpike. katy? >> reporter: a lot of people back to work, back to school maybe back home after your long thanksgiving trip. on the new jersey turnpike north of exchange 8. the outer roadway, the left and center lanes or blocked because of an accident around 5:00 a.m. not long after the inner road there was an accident there in the right lane is blocked there. so traffic is getting by, just slowly thring these two on the outer roadway and wound on the inner. i'll let you know when it clears. in bucks county, plumstead township along durham road. a dump truck hit two horses that
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escaped from a farm so. that seen is out there. there is a utility bowl that came down. i'm hollywood is that should clear before the morning wush. this is the vine street expressway. average in both directions in the low 50s. no issues along the vine. good news for the construction that closes the vine, that has been lifted until tomorrow morning so the mind has been free. >> it's cyber monday. before you log on for screen buster deals. use a separate credit card for on line shopping. that way if knockers get your information the rest of your credit line will be safe. pay attention for unusual micro chargings. whackers hope you won't notice one or two dollars missing. expects say plan ahead.
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coming up next, honest abe is found. the bust of the president.
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we have new information on a story we told you about last week. a bust of abraham lincoln stolen has been found. officials say visitors spotted the bust in bushes at a cemetery. it was stolen days after the 152nd anniversary of the gettysburg address. the bust will be cleaned and placed back on its pedestal. kobe bryant is calling it a career. >> he got his start here and his retirement tour begins tomorrow night here in philadelphia. appropriately enough. kobe announced retirement yesterday saying quote this season is all i have left to give. my heart can take the pounding, my mind can handle the grin but my body knows it's time to say good-bye. the kid who kid up the scoreboard in the early 90s will make his final trip with the
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lakers tomorrow. kobe has five nba titles, a pair of mvp awards and two olympic gold medals over 20 years. he said the time is right to call it quits. >> i honestly feel good about it. i feel at peace with it and you know, excited for what's to come. >> kobe bryant is the third leading scorer in nba history but this year he's 10 points a game below his career average. a final call for facial hair today. to honor an nj services worker. 28-year-old paramedic becky scott died in october after a battle with cancer. all these months the city of burlington fire police officers have been growing facial hair to raise money for a scholarship in her name. they made a push for donationings yesterday and a go fund me account now shows the fund is almost at $18,000. good for them. >> you love hearing that.
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nbc 10 news today at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. that breaking news we're following a shooting investigation in montgomery county. we're live on the scene where there are now two coroner vans. police are collecting evidence. >> community on edge. investigators say a pair of fake police officers are stopping and robbing people. >> climate change, 100 world leaders coming together with one mission, to reach a deal to stop what president obama call as global threat. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm keith jones. let's get right to first alert meteorologist bill henley. a chilly start. >> yes, the climate this morning will require bundling up. we're down about 10 degrees for most of the area but it is dry. we're getting closer to sunrise. about an hour before the sun comes up. you'll see a bit of sunshine before clouds take over. right now getting


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