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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  November 30, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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back shortly. >> reporter: shoppers over our region told me the same thing on facebook, target's site gay them an error message and when you could shop anything could bump you back out. >> you think they would have had this worked out before cyber monday got here. had a whole year to work on it. >> reporter: a local it expert tells me it might not just be a server issue, they've had cyber attacks recently and it's possible they tweaked security settings and inadvertently slowed down the works. paypal has had problems today, as well. millions looking to spend money today, many having trouble doing it. laura now hoping target extepds the cyber monday sale to make it up to her. >> i would think they'd try to honor it for tomorrow, have it up and running, as an apology to their consumers. >> reporter: tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> before you go shopping online or head to the mall, check out nbc 10's holiday gift guide.
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it has all kinds of gift ideas and advice for protecting your financial information. find it on and the nbc 10 app. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> all right, time to get your umbrellas ready again. the nbc 10 radar showing the wet weather moving in and it's going to stick around for a while. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking the rain. >> glenn, when will the first raindrops hit our region? >> it's going to hit portions of delaware first and eventually move through much of the rest of the area. right now it is dry, the roads are on the dry side even though we're seeing some radar echoes in the vicinity, a lot of this not reaching the ground, but central and southern delaware we're getting a little stronger returns so we could actually see a bit of rain reaching the ground during the next hour or two, and even up farther to the north. the atmosphere continues to get more and more moist as everything is moving from west to east, so the moisture from
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west virginia and virginia continues to move this way. this is mostly light rain we're talking about for tonight. future cast shows by 8:00 some patchy light rain, especially in delaware, extreme south jersey, but by later this evening, 9:00, 10:00, it's becoming more widespread and should be raining for much of the night tonight. look at this, by midnight practically everybody is seeing rain. we're seeing it for the morning rush tomorrow, not necessarily heavy, but it's going to be hour after hour after hour of rain as we go into the day tomorrow. temperatures are going to be rising as all this is happening. 46 degrees now. by tomorrow morning over 50 and was in the 30s earlier. starting to rise north and west. low 50s in parts of jersey. temperatures rises overnight. rain starting this evening and it's going to continue for a good while. let you know when it's going to
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get heaviest and end with the seven day in a few minutes. >> nmother and son murdered in montgomery county. nbc 10 has learned the name of the alleged killer who then committed suicide. >> deanna durante has been following the investigation all day long and joins us live from the scene of the murders in hatfield. deanna? >> reporter: yeah, investigators say it all happened inside this house here on diamond street in hatfield some time last night after 11:00. now, neighbors on this quiet street say this was the first house to be decorated with christmas lights. it was starting to feel festive and they were woken up last night with a lot of police cars in the neighborhood. >> shock. unbelievable. i couldn't believe it. this is a quiet neighborhood. we don't have this kind of stuff happen, you know? they were quiet people. wasn't like there was police activity there all the time or domestic disputes. >> reporter: it was after 11:00 last night, 48-year-old paul
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marshall shot and killed his live-in girlfriend and 28-year-old son and shot himself. >> strange, really weird. i said they were good neighbors. we shared everything. lawn tools, everything. >> reporter: steve said he saw the couple yesterday, no sign of a problem. police say marshall's daughter and 4-year-old grandchild were in the home at the time of the shooting, they were not hurt. some neighbors say they heard shots, most say it was the lights and sirens of police cars that woke them on this unusually quiet street. >> i'm at a loss for words. neighborhood is so quiet, i didn't hear anything. >> reporter: now, investigators say when they discovered marshall's body, he was in possession of a shotgun. you can see one of those shotgun shells had pierced the outside of the homes. they found the shell out in the front yard. they are withholding the names and identity until their family can be notified. deanna durante, nbc 10 news.
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nbc 10 is asking more questions about this fire truck accident caught on video. surveillance cameras captured the truck that slammed into park cars in west philadelphia. nbc 10's doug shimell is live at the scene of the crash on baltimore avenue this afternoon. doug, one of the firefighters hurt is still in the hospital? >> reporter: yeah, and they kept him for observation, but firefighters say he should make a complete recovery. most of the mangled cars out here have been towed away. there's still a good debris field out here, along with many questions. witnesses say they have little doubt about what they saw them doing. >> going pretty fast. when they turned right here, they lost control and took everything. >> reporter: video from a tire store appears to show ladder 13 sliding and jackknifing near 55th and baltimore on its way to a fire call, damaging cars, poles, and buildings. >> i don't want to speculate whether they were going too fast or too slow.
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>> reporter: four of the firefighters injured have been released from the hospital, while police continue their investigation. >> each of the members and evaluate activities with police so we can correct anything we may have done wrong or to re-enforce what we did right. >> reporter: two power poles destroyed by the ladder truck. and it's not clear whether ladder 13 itself will be salvageable. police say they are also going to be looking at, obviously, the speed of ladder 13 and also whether wet, slick trolley rails may have had to do anything with the cause of the crash. live in west philadelphia, doug shimell, nbc 10 news. speaking of crashes, highway crashes, injuries, and deaths are up this thanksgiving holiday weekend compared to last year. pennsylvania state police say they investigated 148 local crashes over the thanksgiving holiday period, which runs wednesday through sunday. that's a third more than last
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year, and three people were killed on local highways this year. that's up from one person killed last year. the driver of a bus that flipped over in virginia is now facing reckless driving charges. the charter bus was carrying college students back from thanksgiving break. 36 people were hurt. most of the injuries were minor. police say the bus was going too fast when the driver lost control. the man accused of a deadly shooting in colorado is making his first court appearance today. robert louis deer is being arraigned via video right now in colorado springs, accused of killing three people in friday's attack. a judge decided to seal court documents, including the arrest warrant and search warrant for his home. prosecutors say making the information public would jeopardize the investigation. friday's attack lasted several hours before police took deer into custody. he reportedly lived a troubled, isolated life, but never hinted he would target the planned
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parenthood organization. a police officer, an iraq war veteran, and a mother of two died during friday's shooting. nine other people were hurt. in baltimore, the first trials under way in the police custody death of freddie gray. jury selection today, porter faces charges of assault, manslaughter, reckless endangerment, and misconduct in officer. gray died in august. officer porter is accused of checking on gray several times but not getting him any help. porter and five other baltimore officers were indicted for gray's death, the other officers will be tried separately. trial is under way for a delaware police officer accused of kicking a man in the face while the man was in police custody. police released the 2013 dash cam video of thomas webster k k kickikic kicking the man in the face. dickerson was knocked
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unconscious and suffered a broken jaw. webster is charged with second-degree assault. the delaware aclu sued the city of dover and the police department after a grand jury failed to indict webster last year. webster has pleaded not guilty. tonight may be the most important vote in the history of the troubled borough of colwyn. council members will decide whether to accept the state's financial recovery plan. the cash-strapped b eped boroug plans calls for sweeping changes that some say won't work in colw colwyn. >> and some of the things you guys want to do fail in this town, and i'll tell you one thing, as council president i'm not going to send a police officer or code guy out to fine anybody. >> state plan says the colwyn council lacks the experience and expertise to operate the borough. if the plan is voted down, the council will have to come up with its own plan before the end of the year. harry hairston has been covering
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and following the chaos in colwyn for almost a year. he'll have a live update at 6:00. pornography-filled e-mails sent back and forth between pennsylvania government officials will soon be the subject of an investigation. attorney general kathleen kane announced she'll name a special prosecutor tomorrow. she'll also reveal how the investigation of the pornographic and lewd e-mails will unfold. prosecutors, judges, and other officials allegedly exchanged the e-mails on government-issued computers. kane is facing charges he lied about leaking secret grand jury information to a reporter. pennsylvania's now five months into a budget impasse, but talks continue today with governor tom wolf and top lawmakers. the main sticking point, taxes. a framework agreement between the democratic government and republican-controlled legislature nearly collapsed. republicans saying increasing the sales tax to plug a budget deficit lacks support. governor wolf told me today he's
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confident they'll have a deal within days. >> going five months without a budget, we agreed last week, the majority leader of the senate, republican majority leader of the senate and the house and i, that we would work and do everything we can to make sure we have a budget by -- a signed budget, by week's end, by this week. >> nbc 10 has reached out to republican leadership for a response to governor wolf's comments but so far we haven't heard back. pushing for the privilege to drive. a proposed bill in the new jersey legislature would allow undocumented immigrants to get a driver's license. supporters of the bill gathered outside steve sweeney's office in west deptford today. the group says public transportation does not allow a person to go everywhere in the state. they say their success is dependent on a driver's license. >> this bill would not only benefit undocumented residents, but anybody who shares the roads
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with them in the state. >> the proposed bill would only allow undocumented immigrants a license driving not for any other purposes. a spokesman for sweeney says legislators want to learn how the same effort worked in other states with similar programs. breaking news from sky force 10 live over north philadelphia. police are here on north 11 street. here's what we understand to be going on. there's been a shooting here. we're still waiting for information on just who was hurt and how serious any of the injuries might be, but we'll keep an eye on the scene as you see the squad car there with its door open and police tape up already, this is on 11th street. north 11th street in north philadelphia, where there's been a shooting. we'll bring you more information as it comes into our newsroom. overseas now, pope francis left africa today after presiding over mass in central african republic, the pontiff pushing for peace and unity in the country divided by years of
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fighting between christians and muslims. he spent time with religious leaders from both sides of the confli conflict. his stop also included visits in kenya and uganda. a symbol of the pope's visit to our area was unveiled and could be a record breaker. organizers are hoping this massive mural will break the guinness book of world records. they say the artwork has the most contributions to a painting by numbers. nearly 3,000 people from all over the world had a hand in the 4,000-foot mural, which was created during the world meeting of families back in september. pope francis painted the final stroke and then signed the artwork after a section was shown to him while he was here. officials tell us guinness is reviewing the bid. >> love the fact that thousands of people, literally thousands of people, will be able to visit this wall and look up and say, i did that. >> the mural covers three walls at a school in philadelphia.
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camden brought in new business and now pse&g is putting $55 million back into the city's infrastructure to support that economic growth. the utility company will now provide service for big name businesses that have moved to camden, including holtec international, 76ers, rutgers school of nursing, subaru, and aerofarms. pse&g will upgrade a local substation, re-enforce electronic lines, and modernize gas lines to meet the increasing demand. liheap is accepting applications from pse&g, customers who need help with winter heating bills. new jersey's department of community affairs run the program. customers eligible may receive about $300 toward their heating bills, and eligibility is based on last month's gross household income and household size. west philadelphia residents who dealt with damage from this massive water main break could be getting some more help from the city. this was the mess left behind
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from the break at 52nd on june 14th. today city council passed legislation that would mandate the water department and office of risk management streamline how it handles claims. the legislation would also get rid of the cap on money paid out for damages. to a more recent break here, customers have water again after a second water main break in a little more than a week in hoboken, new jersey. workers restored service from the second break this morning, coming hours after officials restored service from the first
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high school. went on to become one of the best nba players of all time, third all time in scoring, won five nba titles. here in philly he's been booed since the nba finals 15 years ago when he said he was going to cut the 76ers' hearts out, but he'll probably finally hear cheers tomorrow night. he says philly is where he grew up and it's always a different emotion for him here. >> going to be beautiful. it's going to be beautiful. you know, so much of my game was developed in philadelphia. and lower marion high school with coach downer, playing in
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the inner city skill league, great coaches, playing at the playground, all these things. just so many, so many great memories there. so many very, very special moments. >> yes, it will be. tomorrow night right here at the wells fargo center. we'll have it covered for you. about the eagles and chip kelly and some of the rumors you were hearing about the usc job, chip responds today. we'll hear from him in an hour. i'm john clark at comcast sportsnet. back to you. >> see you in an hour to hear what chip had to say. can't wait. 15-year-old swimmer just won "sports illustrated" sports kid of the year. >> just so happens to be from montgomery county. show you the cover of "sports illustrated kids" showing reese whittley, he looks thrilled. he's a student at penn charter and olympic hopeful. they say he holds national records for the 100 and 200-meter breaststroke in his age group. we just spoke to him in the last few minutes about what he thinks of this honor.
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we'll hear from him coming up at 5:00. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> well, there's some joggers out there on boathouse row, not even wearing a coat today. cloudy last day of november and, as a matter of fact, this may be the coldest day of the week. it certainly hasn't been a cold pattern. second warmest november in philadelphia. rain coming in tonight. we've got more coming in on tuesday and wednesday. yes, the second warmest november. temperatures close to 6 degrees above average for the month as a whole. it's below average right now. 46 degrees, but the temperature is actually going to go up overnight. wind northeast at 10 miles an hour and that, plus the cloud cover, is keeping the temperature down. as we go through the night
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tonight, we're starting off in the mid 40s, but by 7:00 a.m. we'll be close to the 50 degree mark. and so that is a sign of things to come. it's going to get warmer, even with the rain over the next couple of days. 41 in pottstown and quakertown, but 44 in allentown right now. 45 in wilmington. 46 in mount holly. 45 in trenton, you can see the easterly wind. 51 in beach haven, 54 in lewes, delaware. and as far as the airport reporting conditions, everybody's got overcast skies, but no rain. only the poconos reporting partly cloudy skies. those clouds are going to be thickening up, too. the radar showing little bit more activity than we saw earlier. especially in extreme southern delaware, but there's a fairly wet pattern here, we have some rain back into west virginia and even more back into western
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tennessee. big storm in the middle of the country with all that snow, that is not coming this way. it's headed up into central canada. this is not a pattern that would favor snow around here, but here we go with the future cast. watch not only the rain moving in, but the temperatures going up as we go through the night. so here we are 9:00, 10:00, 11:00 tonight, we've got rain covering most of the area, but it's a little milder than it is right now. and as we go into the morning rush tomorrow, it's wet. just about everywhere, but now we're talking about near 50 degrees in philadelphia and even warmer farther to the south. but look at this, it's a fairly green pattern here. generally lighter rain. we're not talking about big downpours tomorrow, but we're talking about hour after hour of rain. then look at the temperatures, into the 50s. then a bit of a break tomorrow night, then heavier rain starts
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to come in on wednesday. that's when we should be seeing the heaviest rain of this week. and then things start to dry out after that. so for tonight, periods of rain developing. temperatures slowly rising up into the upper 40s or near 50 in philadelphia by morning. and there's rain. when you get up tomorrow morning, driving into work tomorrow morning, driving home tomorrow afternoon, rain. but milder, highs in the mid to upper 50s and even warmer on wednesday with heavier rain. not all day, but a number of hours then, too. gusty winds coming in on thursday and that starts to dry us out and we stay dry and pretty mild through the weekend. >> thanks, glenn. may be the best selfie of all time. how two guys got this close up with a bald eagle and what happened after they snapped this photo. thought she wrecked it. >> an unforgettable moment between mother and daughter. how this mom describes watching
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her young girl hear for the first time. no way you should have survived that. >> a woman pulled to safety from the icy waters. why rescuers almost did not reach her in time and how she ended up there in the first place.
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well, a woman tried to save her dog, ended up needing saving herself. >> the dramatic rescue was all caught on camera. the utah woman fell through ice as she tried to grab her dog, who had done the same thing. luckily, a city worker saw it happen and dialled 911. the man isn't usually near the deserted lake at the time the woman fell in, but that day had overslept and was driving by later than he usually does. >> had i come earlier and done my rounds and been home, she would have been dead. >> no way you should have survived that. >> i don't think she should be alive today.
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there was definitely someone watching out for her. >> and both dogs were also rescued and are doing fine. well, people are usually eager to snap a selfie with celebrities and well known politici politicians. >> what about a bald eagle? take a look at this picture. two canadian brothers who rescued this bald eagle from a trap snapped a selfie with the bird before setting it free. freeing the eagle was no easy task, but the bird was calm after he was out of the track and the brothers decided to watch it make flight and make sure it was okay. >> now go. brothers say they didn't believe the bald eagle was injured. it did fly low, though, and wobbled for a moment. looks pretty strong. here's another look at the picture, also looked like the bird was smiling for the camera, didn't it? two brothers came to his rescue. >> luckily they didn't get bit, right? >> yes. next on nbc 10 news at 4:00,
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delivery by drone. amazon shows us how your packages could soon arrive by air. and now is the time for a lot of shopping, but it's also the season of giving. next, the nbc 10 investigators show us why you need to do your homework before donating to charity. winter is hard on your nose.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> between black friday, small business saturday, cyber monday, americans have already spent billions on the holiday shopping season. now local charities are hoping you can save a few dollars for them, too. they are calling giving tuesday. >> before you give, you need to do some homework and the nbc 10 investigators found americans waste a lot of money on charities that are fraudulent or
4:31 pm
poorly run. mitch blacher joins us. mitch, what can we do to make sure our money goes to a good cause? >> do your research, between now and new year's day, americans will give between $75 and $100 billion to charity. experts say before you give, you should know exactly how your money is spent. throughout the year it could be a hurricane or a flood that motivates us to give to those who need it most. but the next month it is likely the spirit of the season. >> there's a difference between a great cause and a great nonprofit. >> reporter: she directs penn's center for high impact philanthropy, analyzing nonprofit organizations, connecting what is given to what is achieved. >> a great organization does as much good as it can with whatever it spends. >> reporter: with so many charities with names that sound good, it's important to know what you're giving to. nonprofit watch dog charity
4:32 pm
navigator tracks charities on the amount of money going to the cause. take the disabled police officers of america. charity navigator claims 92% of the money it raises goes to raising more money. also pay attention to administrative costs. some of the most well known charities, like the alzheimer's association and american cancer society have ceos making more than $1 million a year. >> money is raised, but we care about is what are they actually accomplishing. tell me who they are helping and how many of the people supposed to be helping are they actually serving. >> now is also the time we see more fraudulent charities pop up. charities are actually frauds. if you see the word veteran or military in an organization's name that does not necessarily mean that is whereqj.q the mone going and that applies to charities across the board. >> makes sense, you have to do your homework. >> where do we go if we want to
4:33 pm
do research on a charity? >> simple stuff. start with a simple google search. that will reveal a lot of information. also ask questions. i think that's a really big takeaway. ask questions. if someone is soliciting your donation. ask about your mission, ask where the money is going, and, of course, if you want more detail, look at an organization's tax filing records that every nonprofit organization has to file with the irs and right now actually on our website,, we put a list of links that can help you background your charity. >> mitch, good tips, thank you. before giving tuesday there's still a few hours left, of course, in cyber monday. experts say there are some great deals to be had. >> target was having issues with its website earlier today, but almost everything in the store is 15% off. at kohls and the children's place, deals from 50% to 75% off. the children's place even has free shipping. ebay is also selling gift cards at discounted prices. and still ahead on nbc 10 news
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at 5:00, linda from the frugal philly joins us with tips on how to find the best holiday bargains. tune in to linda. speaking of sales, amazon likely will be the king of cyber monday. the company says this is their peak shopping day. means a lot of packages will be arriving at people's doors in the coming weeks. >> soon you may need to look up if you're expecting a package from amazon. the online retailer released this video of its drone that can drop off orders in about 30 minutes. according to amazon, the drone will be able to sense and avoid obstacles on the ground and air. don't look for the drones any time soon. amazon has not said when the service will begin. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> this guy needed a light jacket to put up christmas decorations in chestnut hill today. chilly, but not too cold. the clouds are going to soon turn to showers.
4:35 pm
the nbc 10 radar showing wet weather is headed our way. >> chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking the rain, and glenn, it's going to stick around for a little bit? >> yeah, once it starts we're going to be seeing it for a lot of hours between that time and later on wednesday. we're finally seeing the clouds advance up through the pocono mountains. this was totally clear earlier and now the clouds starting to overspread. even in the poconos, so just about everybody will be seeing overcast conditions soon. and it's 36 degrees in mount poco pocono, but the 40s the rest of the area, even 50s towards the jersey shore, 52 degrees in wildwood. we have a few blips on the radar, but in a lot of cases it's not reaching the ground. could see some sprinkles over the next couple of hours, but we're not really seeing a large advance of steady rain, so i think it's going to be spotty through the next several hours
4:36 pm
and later on tonight some of that moisture from virginia starts to come in. it will be a steadier rain. we're not talking about heavy rain overnight tonight, just a number of hours once it gets started, not so much in the next couple hours, but look what happens as we head later this evening and towards midnight and towards the morning rush. it's going to be wet in most of the area for the morning rush. it's not going to be all that cold. temperatures will actually be rising overnight tonight and into tomorrow. so it will be a mild rain, no threat of snow or ice with any of this. when the heaviest rain is expected and when it's going to eventually dry out with the seven day in a few minutes. >> all right, glenn. mayor elect jim kenney tonight has his first town hall meeting at 6:00 p.m. the public is welcome and may ask the mayor-elect or his transition team questions. this is the first of four town hall meetings he has scheduled.
4:37 pm
food drive is under way in south philadelphia. wmmr's campout for hunger food drive runs all week long in the parking lot of xfinity live. everyone in the area is asked to donate nonperishable food items. and you can make a donation from 6:00 in the morning until 8:00 at night through this thursday and until 11:00 a.m. on friday. that's nbc 10's vai sikahema getting his groove on. until today, you're going to meet a young girl who could not hear her mother's songs. now they both could have something to celebrate.
4:38 pm
now new tonight at 5:00, weeks after governor chris christie said new jersey would not accept more syrian refugees, a group is set to arrive in the garden state. where the welcome mat will be out for them.
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philadelphia eagles pro bowl linebacker proven he's a star not just on the field, but through his work, sky community partners has named him its person of the year. barwin's make the world better foundation recently helped fund the building of a local playground. barwin was in studios earlier today to talk about this honor. >> i started my foundation when i got to philadelphia. i thought i'm 27 years old, i'm moving to philadelphia, it's time to take a leadership role in the community that i live. >> barwin will be honored wednesday night at the lohse hotel in philadelphia. the rain is moving in and the colder temperatures are going to be moving out.
4:42 pm
how long before we dry out and how much warmer it's going to feel next in the first alert forecast. then all new tonight at 5:00, look at this, encased in ice. one american town looks like a scene from "frozen." see where this is happening coming up.
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minute of silence today in paris for those who lost their lives in the recent attacks around the globe. u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon called for a moment of reflection at the international conference for climate change. 151 leaders will take place in talks aimed at long-term plans to reduce green house gas emissions and to slow global warming. and as china's president attends the climate conference in paris, millions in his homeland are choking on the most severe air pollution of the year. authorities upgraded the city's air pollution alert and the new alert means production will be
4:46 pm
suspended at industrial plants, construction sites, and also stops transportation of materials and waste. starting tomorrow, chain restaurants in the big apple must identify dishes with a high salt content on their menus. this salt shaker emblem will mark items that contain more than about a teaspoon of sodium. new york city health officials hope the warning label will encourage diners to cut back on salt intake. too much salt is linked to high blood pressure. a typical american should eat no more than about 2300 milligrams of salt a day, but we're more likely to toss back closer to 3,400 milligrams. to decision 2016 now. is the republican race for the white house going through another shakeup? one-time front-runner is fading in most polls, while two other candidates are rising and chris christie got a huge boost in new hampshire. steve handelsman has more from washington.
4:47 pm
chris christie is polling just seventh in new hampshire. >> it's game time, everybody. >> christie claims his endorsement reflects a race that's rebooted. with newcomer ben carson losing support. >> new is fabulous until you need experience. and then when you need experience, wish this guy was a little tarnished, wish he was a little festive. >> reporter: experts say the republican race is wide open. >> chris christie proves it, he's in this game because he could be the hot candidate. >> reporter: donald trump leading in new hampshire polls attacked, tweeting "how is chris christie running the state of new jersey, which is deeply troubled when he is spending all of his time in new hampshire?" some conservative african-american ministers endorsed trump today. >> we're wanting to get off of welfare and we feel that can be done through the information, the knowledge of a person like donald trump. >> reporter: but ted cruz declared the outsider's day is
4:48 pm
done. >> i think it's very clear, i don't believe donald trump is going to be our nominee or president. >> reporter: marco rubio's first super pac ad targets trump. >> don't just sent the establishment a message, send them a conservative president. >> reporter: rubio is running second now to donald trump in new hampshire. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> well, it's a pretty nice weather overall for thanksgiving holiday. black friday was the peak, wasn't that spectacular? rain moving in, been a dry month, we could use rain. more rain coming tonight, more tuesday and wednesday and just now ending one of the warmest novembers ever recorded in philadelphia area. we have cloudy skies right now. not raining. not yet. 46 degrees, the winds northeast at 10 miles an hour. and the temperature, about as
4:49 pm
low as it's going to get in the area. temperatures are going to be rising as we go through the night tonight. we're in the 40s in most places, 50 in millville, atlantic city, showed 52 in wildwood a little while ago. so it is going to be warming up. and it is certainly warm during the month of november. as of today, nearly 6 degrees above average in philadelphia. it's going to be the second warmest november ever recorded after 1931. that was in first place, and you can see all these other places, four to six degrees above average, which is what we were predicting for november and december is going to start mild, too. here is the rain. not real impressive. it's on the light side, kind of patchy. we have more back to the west. even that is not real impressive, at least not yet. it just continues to be more and more patches of that. the big storm in the middle of the country is not going to be
4:50 pm
affecting us. and certainly not with any kind of wintery weather. if anything, these temperatures are going up tonight. but watch the rain kind of blossom as we go through the latter portion of the night after 8:00, 9:00, then the temperature is going up as the rain is falling. 50 degrees by 6:00 a.m. in philadelphia. wildwood in the mid 40s. and then as we go through tomorrow, we see periods of rain, going to be many hours worth of rain. not especially heavy. if we're going to get any heavy rain out of all this, it's likely to come on wednesday. here we are tuesday night and things are relatively quiet, but now look at what's coming in for wednesday. little bit on the heavier side. we're talking about potentially one to three inches of rain. that's some heavy stuff wednesday morning and into the afternoon. look how mild temperatures getting into the 60s on wednesday.
4:51 pm
for tonight, temperatures are going up, at least a few degrees as the periods of rain move in. generally light, and generally light rain tomorrow, but a lot of hours worth of rain. some for the morning rush, some for the afternoon rush and in between. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. then even milder on wednesday with the heaviest rain of all, as you just saw on the future cast. and then we dry out on thursday with a gusty wind. once we're dry, we stay dry. next weekend is looking great again. eagles' coach chip kelly addressing rumors about his future. has he been discussing other job possibilities? we'll hear from him tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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a moment a local mother will never forget. >> finally able to call out her daughter's name, knowing the 2-year-old would hear her with the help of cochlear implants. that was the moment ava's implants were turned on. ava was born with a slight ability to hear, but was completely deaf by 8 months old. her mother tells us she wanted to give her daughter the chance to live in a hearing world. >> it's a lot. i'm a singer, so just to know she'll be able to hear, it's just amazing. ♪ >> what a voice to hear. brown says she expected her daughter to react more strongly to her sudden ability to hear. she says even doctors expected a
4:56 pm
bigger reaction, but ava took it in her own way, with wide eyed amazement. ava begins therapy to start learning to talk next week. amazing. >> changes her life. nbc 10 news at 5:00 is next. >> here's keith jones. >> all new at 5:00, a digital deal still remains. if you haven't shopped online today, still bargains to be found. we're going to talk to an expert who knows how to find them. and it's going to be rainy tomorrow, too. we're already watching the rain just to our south. this will start to move in overnight tonight. make sure you have your umbrella tomorrow and wednesday. i'll show yacht timing coming up. next on nbc 10 news at 5:00, a young athlete from our area gets a big national honor. you'll hear from him in our next hour.
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nbc 10 news starts now. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> well, dry for now, but our first alert weather radar is tracking rain on the way. look at that, just the beginning, too. it's going to be here for quite some time. good evening, i'm keith jones. one thing's for certain, you'll need that umbrella for the next couple of days. let's talk to sheena parveen. what's the timing on all this rain, sheena? >> yes, you're right, we'll need it for a couple days, your umbrella, that is. and the rain is starting to approach parts of the area tomorrow. overall we're seeing overcast skies. in the philadelphia area, few
5:00 pm
sprinkles trying to form, but this is not the widespread rain we expect overnight tonight. if we zoom out a bit, you'll see down to our south and south and west, more of this will be moving in through the overnight hours tonight, that's going to lead to a rainy morning commute and that's going to hang around even through wednesday. so the next couple days you will want to have the rain boots, raincoat, umbrella, and temperatures right now kind of cool outside. 46 degrees philadelphia, northeast philly, 44 in allentown, 35 in mount pocono, but we will be seeing these numbers rising a bit as we go overnight tonight. so for the rest of this evening, most of the area will stay dry. 8:00 p.m. 43 degrees, cloudy, chilly, showers trying to form. by 11:00, more showers move in, widespread, mid 40s, and by 7:00 tomorrow morning we'll be dealing with a rainy morning commute, temperatures around 50 degrees. coming up, a look at the timing of the rain and when it will clear. >> looking forward to that. cyber monday didn't go off without a glitch. troublest


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