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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  November 30, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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week ahead. >> at least the first half of the week, all the way through wednesday once this rain moves in. it's going to take a while to move out and we're going to have a lot of hours of rain. the live radar showing a couple of sprinkles in and around the philadelphia area, little bit more in extreme southern new jersey and southern delaware, and it's very, very light if anything falls during the next couple of hours. we have a little bit more significant rain across much of virginia right now, and some of that will be moving in later on during the evening hours. you can see with the future cast between 8:00 and 10:00 we really see an increase in the amount of rain, the area covered. we're not necessarily talking about real heavy rain, but hours and hours of it overnight tonight and into the morning rush tomorrow, and continuing during the day tomorrow. it's just wave after wave. generally of the lighter stuff. it's going to get heavier later
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on during all this period. by 8:00, 45, chilly, maybe a sprinkle, showers around the area by 11:00. and by tomorrow morning's rush, yeah, it should be rainy, but a lçmá milder than it is right now. talk about when the heaviest rain is expected with the seven day in a few minutes. >> all right, glenn. with all this rain in the forecast, good time to download the nbc 10 news app. you can just pull out your phone, check the forecast any time. and a quick look will let you know when you'll need the raincoat. other news now, searching for answers. nbc 10 is working to find out what caused this fire truck to slam into parked cars along baltimore avenue in west philadelphia. we first showed you that surveillance video yesterday at 6:00. the crash injured five firefighters. tonight, one is still in the hospital and nbc 10's doug shimell is live at the scene of the crash. doug, i know you spoke with fire officials about trolley rails on the road, one of the factors they are looking at. >> reporter: that among many others, including human error.
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>> pretty devastating, a lot of damage done. >> reporter: this is not what's supposed to happen on the way to a fire call. whether speed or slick trolley rails, security video shows ladder 13 losing control and slamming into parked cars in west philadelphia sunday. >> my first concern was whether the firefighters were hurt and if civilians were hurt. >> reporter: fire administrators say four of the five firefighters have been released from the hospital, all being interviewed about why a ladder truck did so much damage. >> observed all fire department rules and regulations, all state, you know, driving regulations and road regulations. what the road conditions were, speed travel. >> that was coming pretty fast. it was raining. >> reporter: louis torres was one of many witnesses who believe speed and wet roads were factors. >> the rails, you know, they are wet, they probably slid when they were turning, lost control. >> reporter: in addition to trolley rails, accident investigators are checking
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ladder 13's brakes, frame, and steering to see if something beyond human error was to blame. the fire department says it expects to have a pretty good handle on what happened out here by the end of the week. live in west philadelphia, doug shimell, nbc 10 news. >> new at 6:00 tonight, check out these pictures from an accident at a starbucks in chester county. happened this morning in exton. car hit the store and the drive thru. no word on what caused that accident. police say a man shot and killed his live-in girlfriend and her son before turning the gun on himself overnight. neighbors were shocked to hear about the crime at the house on diamond street in hatfield, montgomery county. police are still investigating the shooting, but say they found a gun in paul marshall's possession. police say marshall's daughter and young grandchild were also in the home at the time of the shooting but they were not hurt. >> shock. unbelievable.
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i couldn't believe it. this is a quiet neighborhood. we don't have this kind of stuff happen, you know? they were quiet people. wasn't like there was police activity there all the time. >> sources tell nbc 10 one of the shotgun blasts went through a front wall of the house right here. the casing found outside on the front lawn. police have not yet released the names of the victims. in delaware, a jury is now ready to hear the case of a white police officer accused of kicking a black suspect in the face while the man was in police custody. police released dash cam video of corporal thomas webster kicking lati fdflatif dickerson face. dickerson was knocked unconscious, suffered a broken jaw here. webster's charged with second-degree assault. delaware aclu sued the city of dover and the police department after a grand jury failed to indict webster last year. he has pleaded not guilty. the man accused of a deadly
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shooting at a planned parenthood clinic in colorado made his first court appearance today. robert lewis dear was arraigned via video in colorado springs. a judge decided today to seal court documents, including the arrest warrant and search warrant for dear's home. prosecutors say making that information public would jeopardize the investigation. dear is accused of killing three people during friday's attack, a mother of two, iraq war veteran, and a police officer. the shootout lasted for hours before police took dear into custody. nine other people were injured. and planned parenthood clinics in our area have been on alert since friday's shooting. jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg has a look at the security efforts at several local clinics. >> reporter: with his patrol car parked outside, atlantic city police officer kept a constant eye on the entrance to planned parenthood's clinic here three days after friday's deadly rampage in colorado. >> i would say rather be safe
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than sorry overall. >> we do have a presence there, we have a law enforcement presence, very visible. >> reporter: the head of planned parenthood of southern new jersey tells us the increased police presence in atlantic city and its facilities in camden and burlington county came at the request of the organization. >> no patient should have to feel fearful coming into a planned parenthood facility for their medical care. >> hopefully, they will feel a comfort level that will make them feel that law enforcement is nearby. >> reporter: planned parenthood says it pays to have officers at its facilities to ease any anxiety patients and employees might have. a decision hasn't yet been made on how long the increased safety measures will stay in place. >> there is no threat. we are just doing this in a manner to ensure that perception is not there and that our patients and staff can feel extra safe. >> you know for sure nothing bad's going to occur and if a
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situation arises, the law's here to make sure nothing bad comes out of it. >> reporter: planned parenthood wouldn't be specific about how much money the organization is spending on the added security except to say it's in the thousands of dollars and not in their budget. in atlantic city, i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. a jersey shore man has pleaded guilty to falsifying applications to get more than 200,000 dollars in superstorm sandy aid. under a plea agreement, the state will recommend the 63-year-old gregory wagner be sentenced to 364 days in jail and pay back the money he got. authorities say wagner falsely claimed a property in ocean county was his primary address when sandy hit, but it was really a rental property. cyber monday is in full swing and shoppers are expected to spend at least $3 billion online today. that's up 12% from a year ago, but many started shopping online ahead of cyber monday. according to the national retail federation, more logged online than actually stood in line on
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black friday. all that online activity, bad news for some local customers, though. many told us when they clicked on the site they got this error message saying the site was too busy. others got bumped off and they are hoping target will make the cyber monday discounts available to everyone who couldn't log on. >> i think that they would try to honor it for tomorrow, work on whatever the glitches are, have it up and running as an apology to their consumers. >> we reached out to target's media relations staff but never got a response. the popular paypal service also had some glitches today with all the extra customer traffic. new information this evening on the porn e-mail saga involving government officials. attorney general kathleen kane is appointing a special prosecutor now to this case. kane will make the announcement tomorrow at the national constitution center. the special prosecutor will reportedly lead a team to comb through public e-mail accounts on government computers. lewd e-mails were exchanged
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among prosecutors, judges, and others inside government. happening now, mayor-elect jim kenney is sharing his vision for the future of philadelphia. he's hosting the first of four town hall meetings at central high school. if you can't make tonight's event, there are three more this week, including a town hall at south philadelphia high school at 7:30 tomorrow night. public is welcome and they can ask the mayor-elect or his transition team questions. for more information, be sure to check out the nbc 10 news app. today a symbol of the pope's visit to our area was unveiled and it could be a record breaker. organizers hope this massive mural will make the guinness book of world records. it covers three walls in philadelphia. officials say the artwork, which the pontiff also signed, has the most contributions to a painting by numbers. nearly 3,000 people from all over the world had a hand in the 4,000-foot mural, which was created during the world meeting of families back in september. pope francis painted the final stroke and then signed the
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artwork after a section of it was shown to him while he was here. officials with the mural of arts program tell us guinness is reviewing their bid. well, it's known as the season of giving, but that doesn't mean your money is going to a good cause. what the nbc 10 investigators say you need to know before you make a donation. tonight, the biggest decision in the history of the tiny town. i'm harry hairston, coming up we'll show you how a no vote may devastate the financially stressed bstres stressed borough. when you're going to be expecting the rain and how long it's going to stick around in my nbc 10 first alert seven-day forecast.
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americans will donate billions to poorly run or fraudulently run charities, but watchdogs say there's something you can do to make sure your money goes to a good cause. sites like charitynigavigator.o help you search for a charity by name and see where every dollar goes. consumer advocates say asking questions and taking time to know what a charity spends money on is imperative. >> money is raised, but what we really care about as donors is given the amount of money that's raised, what are they actually
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accomplishing. tell me who they are helping and how many of the people they are supposed to be helping are they actually serving? >> you can find more ways to check out a charity on or the nbc 10 news app. it's decision time for the tiny town of colwyn. the financially strapped delaware county borough has to make a decision that will determine if they get the state aid they need to survive. nbc 10 investigator harry hairston has been telling you about the chaos in colwyn, chaos filled with allegations of misspending, grand jury investigation going on, an investigation by the delaware county district attorney's office. harry is joining us live with more on what lies ahead in tonight's meeting. tell us about it, harry. >> reporter: well, let me tell you first of all in less than an hour council members are supposed to come here, they are expected to vote on a state proposal that if passed will help get this little tiny town right back in the finances all on track. let me tell you, not everybody here on council is excited about having the state help out.
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is this an historic vote? >> it's an historic vote, but i'm voting no, and they don't need me to go up there and vote no if they have the votes already. >> reporter: the council president acknowledges he was part of a coup that got him elected as council president. fired the code enforcement officer and the borough manager. the state's financial recovery plan says that the current elected officials do not have the expertise or the experience to run the borough. it calls for the borough to hire a manager and get a code enforcement officer. that's what he is dead set against. >> all it's going to do is going to bring the same thing that we got rid of here in colwyn right back to colwyn, but they are going to get the blessings of the team. >> reporter: the political activist that helped get him and others elected to council, clark tells us he hopes council approves the state's plan before tough times get tougher. what do you think the ramifications will be if act 47 does not pass?
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>> i don't know what might happen. i think it will be chaos. >> reporter: and that's right, chaos is the word we're all used to hearing out here. other members of council we reached out to did not return our calls. we'll wait and see if they show up to vote and how they vote. reporting live, harry hairston, nbc 10 news, back to you guys. >> all right, harry, thank you. from our jersey shore borough, a pilot program that limits waiting room times, new jersey transit is assessing the program, which is already in place in atlantic city and three cities in north jersey and since this summer ticketed passengers are allowed to sit in seating areas for up to two hours. homeless advocates say it forces the homeless out on to the streets, but new jersey transit tells us this only limits how long someone can sit. it does not restrict how much time someone can spend at the station. in pennsylvania today marks the start of hunting season for
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white-tailed deer, runs through december 12th, that's a week from saturday. hunting is not allowed on sundays. hunters older than 16 have to have a general hunting license, younger need a junior license. the firearms hunting season begins next monday and lasts for six days. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> well, we haven't had a whole lot of rain during the month of november and especially remember how great black friday weather was? all right, we're kind of due for some rain. we're getting some rain tonight. more tuesday and especially on wednesday. and we're also finishing up the second warmest november ever recorded in philadelphia area and we're starting december off on the mild side, too. 47 right now, not exactly warm, but this is the coldest day of the week likely. northeast at 9 miles an hour, and we're in the low to mid 40s in most of the area, 35 degrees in mount pocono, and near 50
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degrees at the jersey shore, atlantic city at 50, and wildwood and lewes, delaware, have been up to the mid 50s. we're seeing reporting stations, everywhere reporting cloudy skies and none of them reporting rain. at least not yet. but it's on the way. we have a little bit more activity down in the southern half of delaware and extreme south jersey than elsewhere. most of this not reaching the ground, but the first sprinkles will be starting during the evening hours. we don't have a lot of rain that is going to be moving in overnight. it's going to have to develop, and we do expect that to happen, but there's more activity back down in tennessee. that's going to be coming up during the day tomorrow and especially into wednesday. so as we go through the night tonight, you'll notice the temperature and also the increase in rainfall. the temperatures go up as the rain goes up. take a look at the timing as we go through the late evening
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hours, overnight, into the morning rush. it's wet. hour after hour after hour, but not all that heavy. the temperature, though, rising. 50 degrees at 5:00 a.m. and warmer than that farther to the south. there we are tomorrow morning, still with some rain. periods of rain all day tomorrow with temperatures generally in the 50s. so, again, it's going to be milder than it was today, and then as we go into wednesday, things increase again. not all that much tuesday night, but look at this coming in on wednesday. when we add it all up, talking about one to three inches of rain, most of that falling on wednesday, and that will be the warmest day of the week, as well. so we expect some of the patchy light rain to be moving in with rising temperatures overnight. slowly rising temperatures. by tomorrow morning's rush, it's not going to be as cold and tomorrow afternoon will not be as cold, but it's going to be a rainy day. we're going to have a lot of hours of mostly light rain.
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heavier rain coming in during the day wednesday with higher temperatures, then gusty winds starting to dry us out on thursday. we could see some snow flurries in the poconos, then dry and mild as we head towards next weekend. i'm john clark. chip kelly responds to college coaching reports. how many players will the patriots be missing? and kobe bryant talks about his final game in philly tomorrow night. that's next.
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this is the xfinity sports desk, brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. >> i'm john clark from comcast sportsnet. chip kelly has lost the last flee games and some have
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questioned whether he's lost the team. reports usc reached out to chip before deciding on a coach today. one report said usc met with chip on friday. chip says he did not speak to usc and he has not talked about a college job since he became eagles coach. >> i've been totally committed since the day i got here on january 16th of 2013 and that hasn't changed. i'm here. i can't control what's written, but, you know, i guessthere's no rules. people can say whatever they want, but i've never discussed another college job since i came here. >> chip said sam bradford will practice tomorrow, so we'll see if sam can play sunday at new england. the eagles are 13-point underdogs and that's with the pats probably without their best weapon. rob gronkowski last night bruised his knee. take a look at that, thought it was more serious. julian edelman is out, possibly danny amendola and key defensive players. you want to see how smug bill
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belichick is? watch a reporter ask about gronk's injury. >> from a personal standpoint, over the years, what are your emotions when you saw that? >> well, what do you think? >> death stare. boy, he's a beauty. sixers center jahlil okafor was pulled over on the ben franklin bridge in october for speeding over 100 miles an hour. the delaware river port authority says he was cited for reckless driving and driving at an excessive rate of speed. how about kobe bryant, he left high school 19 years ago and became one of the best players in nba history. he's retiring at the end of the season and his final game is here in philly tomorrow night. final game in philly and kobe can't wait. >> it's going to be beautiful. it's going to be beautiful.
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you know, so much of my game was developed in philadelphia, and lower marion high school, playing in the sunny hill league, so many great coaches, playing at the playground, all these things, and just so many, so many great memories here. going to be a very, very special moment. >> going to be a great night and i think kobe will be cheered, finally cheered, here in philly. back to you, jim. >> no boos, no boos. all right, john. how about this? remember this guy, bobby hill who sang for the pope when he was in town, impressing everyone with his amazing a cappella solo. this is a live look right here at his appearance at the tree lighting in wynnewood. can we listen in for a second? ♪ beautiful. since he sang for the pope, bobby was named one of ebony magazine's 2015 power 100. we'll be right back.
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going to be a damp evening. >> damp evening, damper
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tomorrow, and the dampest on wednesday. >> all right. we're prepared. and check the app for the latest forecast. see you at 11 k. tonight, search for a motive for the first suspect in the deadly siege at a colorado planned parenthood appeared in court. while so many questions remain over what could have driven him to do it. missing evidence. 86 minutes of video footage are gone after police are seen examining surveillance tape that could shed new light in the fatal shooting of a chicago teen. what happened to it. killer storm. a system that left 14 dead is putting millions more at risk. neighborhoods coated in sheets of ice and major snow expected tonight. and record sales. american shoppers just made history. why everything you thought you knew about holiday shopping has change pd and how to keep your information safe when so many of


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