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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  December 1, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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philadelphia 76ers. >> no respect for the hometown team. ahead fun at the 76ers expense. it's 4:30. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. it is raining outside. let's find out what's to come for today with meteorologist bill henley with his first alert forecast. >> fortunately, though we have rain we have temperatures that are up and going to be climbing. you see plenty of rainfall across the area. there are going to be some brief breaks during the day but count on carrying abumbrella with you through this afternoon and you need it tonight if you go out. temperatures are warmer in the 30s, above freezing for the pocono mountains. 47 degrees in philadelphia and parts of south jersey are 15 degrees warmer than yesterday. rain coming down this morning at 6:00. steady at 9:00, 54 degrees, not much warmer at noon but heading the right direction. we'll see temperatures in the
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upper 50s for philadelphia this afternoon. some areas get warmer than others, some more rain than others. we'll go through the forecast when i'm back in 10 minutes. jessica boyington following the first alert traffic. >> one of the projects we're watching now is the construction project on the vine street expressway. in the red here because it slows east and westbound in between broad street and the schuylkill expressway. that will be about another half hour until 5:00 this morning. they typically pick it up early especially with the rain. still we'll keep you updated. in new jersey in west deptford on 295 around 644 no problems you can see, a little bit of reduced visibility there. 24 minutes south from route 42 to the delaware memorial bridge, average speed 63 miles per hour. give yourself a little extra time before you head out the door because of the rain. mass transit great, no problems or delays. >> fighting back. today pennsylvania's embattled
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attorney general will be at the national constitution center to announce a new legal team fighting on her behalf. katy zachry is live in old city with what we can expect. >> reporter: tracy, attorney general kathleen kane put together this team of special prosecutors to reviews offensive e-mails allegedly sent to and from some top state employees. later this morning in a few hours she will announce that team. kathleen kane, this comes after kathleen kane's job as pennsylvania attorney general is in jeopardy. a state senate committee recommended that she be removed from office. kane's law license was suspended after she was charged with perjury, and obstruction this summer for allegedly leaking grand jury information and for lying about it under oath. today attorney general kane is drawing attention away from herself and her case and instead putting it on the state employees who allegedly passed these offensive racially offensive misogynistic and
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homophobic e-mails to and from each other. we'll tell you about a state justice who is accused of doing this. reporting live in old city, katy zachry, "nbc 10 news." new information about the small delaware county borough known for holding chaotic meetings. last night council members voted for a recovery plan. the first order, hiring a manager. it almost didn't happen. in true fashion the vote was as crazy as it could have been. three out of five council men didn't show up. one was a no show. one sick, the president said he was boycotting. it wasn't until he was summonedpy a state official that he showed up to vote. >> wasn't coming. dealing with personal health issues, somebody's got to take the bull by the horns and get this borough back on the right track the way it should run. >> the recovery plan starts immediately in addition to a borough manager, the plan calls for increasing enforcement as a way of creating more revenue for
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the borough. >> ask in delaware a jury will hear the case of a white police officer accused of kicking a black suspect in the face while he was in custody. police released dash cam video of corporal thomas webster kicking dickerson in the face. we warn you you might find this disturbing. you can see dickerson on his hands and knees, knocked unconscious, suffered a broken jaw. webster is charged with second degree assault. the delaware aclu sued the city of dover and the police department after a grand jury failed to indict webster. the son of dr. kermit gosnell is going to prison. in a case unrelated to his father, barren alexander was sentenced to 1 to 2 years in prison for burglary and aggravated assault. he broke into a home last year, the homeowner shot him. his dad dr. gosnell is serving life in prison for killing newborns and at least one adult.
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>> today the newest men and women in blue will be sworn in to the allentown police department. the mayor and the police chief will be there for the swearing in. and to award the badges to the city's newest members on the force. today's ceremony is at city council chambers beginning at 11:00. >> congratulations in order to a local high school student. this is the aaron passkin. awards high school leadership award. aaron started a student tutor club who donate time to teach children at a local elementary school. congratulations to him. >> starting today every grain of salt counts. not quite but how restaurants in new york are taking a unique step forward in the name of educating people about eating healthy. also ahead. ♪
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>> his unforgettable voice sure got the pope's attention when he came to town. now philadelphia's bobby hill has his sights and vocal cords set on hollywood. >> 4:36, the rain is coming down, it's a steady rain this morning. the temperatures are already running warmer. 46 degrees here at nbc 10. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast just ahead.
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>> 22 minutes benefit 5:00. it's a rainy start to the day. and it is going to be a rainy day today. fortunately the temperatures have warmed up. it's not as chilly as yesterday. up by 11 degrees in northeast philadelphia. so it's only rain that we're going to get out of the system. and it is a steady light rain in philadelphia, into delaware and south jersey. allentown getting your share of rain. look to the south you can see the line of showers and heavier
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downpours, those will be moving in overnight tonight and with us again tomorrow for day two of the rainfall. but the temperatures will climb nonetheless. in spite of that steady rain allentown, reading and quakertown will reach into the low 50s. middle 50s for trenton, norristown and mount holly. at the shore inching toward the 60-degree mark for atlantic city and cape may. rain falling in vineland and dover. some breaks during the day, but it will not end until late wednesday, possibly early thursday morning. so, you'll get good use out of your umbrella in philadelphia, look at the temperatures in the 50s for wilmington and williams town. yesterday we were stuck in the 40s all day long. and hey, time means everything. by the time we get to the weekend, sunny skies and above normal saturday and sunday. take a look at the seven-day forecast with the timing of the end of the rain when i'm back. >> we'll see you in ten. 4:39. let's check your ride to work
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especially in the newark area. jessica boyington has a look at the roads. >> so we're seeing wet roadways there as well out in delaware, you can see even a little bit of reduced visibility on our lens in here. covered with water. on route 1, no problems, though, in terms of accidents or traffic. just something to watch for. the slippery conditions. on 42 in new jersey north or southbound no problems there, we don't have an increase in drive times from 55 to the walt whitman bridge. we have construction in new jersey on route 130, closed between porcupine road and center square road. that's until -- that's inaccurate. so for some time we'll have that project out there. >> 20 minutes before 5:00. president obama wants the country to welcome syrian refugees and chris christie says he wouldn't admit a 5-year-old. but new jersey is still rolling out the welcome mat for some people escaping chaos in syria.
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next, see where one grateful family is now calling home. and salt warning. too much sodium can cause high blood pressure and heart programs. what restaurants in new york city are doing to educate people.
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it's the best gift ever. now during the ford holiday sales event get 0% financing for 60 months plus 1,000 dollars holiday bonus cash on select vehicles. see your local ford dealer. a live look at a wet early morning commute. leave yourself extra time. a live look along 95 in south philadelphia. traffic is light, rain is in the forecast for most of the day. we have you covered on air, bill and jessica return in a few minutes, and online. all you have to do is download the nbc 10 app, put alerts in your smart phone or tablet. syrian refugees continue to seek shelter in new jersey despite governor christie saying he opposes the measure. some local coalitions are taking a stand against the decision and privately funding shelter for refugee families following the terror attacks in france. governor christie said that he would close new jersey to syrian
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refugees out of concern that isis militants could slip in. new jersey senator robert menendez, the son of political refugees from cuba disagrees with the governor. >> new jersey has always been a welcoming state. it is replete with stories of immigrant past and present, and it will continue to do so regardless of what the governor is saying. >> new jersey is currently home to just 20 refugee families who have fled syria's civil war. >> pushing for the privilege to drive a proposed bill in the new jersey legislature would allow undocumented immigrants to get a driver's license. the supporters gathered in west deptford. the group says public transportation does not allow a person to go everywhere in the state. the proposed bill would only allow undocumented immigrants a license for driving, not for any other purpose. >> what we're asking is that we create a different license which
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still has a point system, that would allow them only to legalize their driving. >> a spokesperson for sweeney says legislators want to learn how this same effort has worked in other states with similar programs. it's 4:45. happening today chain restaurants in new york city have to start marking menu items with a high salt contechblt look for the salt shaker symbol that will mark menu choices with more than a teaspoon of sodium. they hope it will urge diners to cut the kak. too much is linked to high blood pressure. >> when you see this warning label you know that item has more than the total amount of sodium that you should consume in a single day. >> chain restaurants in new york city have until march to fully comply with this new symbol requirement. medical experts say you should have no more than 2300 milligrams but typical american is likely to toss back closer to
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3400 milligrams. >> it's the mother of all yard sales, a famous junk yard in the heart of los angeles is now up for grabs. this is you pick park, it's provided the backdrop for hundreds of mes, commercials and music videos. the yard is full of hollywood memorabilia including the shark from jaws, the owner says the yard has been in the family since 1962 but he says it's finally time to let go and threat whole yard go up for sale. >> having a lot of stuff wipeds up owning you. >> the junk yard is scheduled to close january 1. >> a local boy is flying out to los angeles to be named one of "ebony" magazine's power 100. ♪ >> that's bobby hill. he sang last night at a tree
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lighting. you might remember him as the boy with the golden voice, bobby hill sang a solo for pope francis during his visit to philadelphia in september. you remember that. we caught up with him last night to talk about being honored by "ebony" magazine. >> it's just such an honor and so humbling to be on a list with all of those great performers and people and it's just great. it makes me happy to know my voice can help other people and it's just -- i mean i don't feel like i'm doing that much but to know that it helps other people is a great feeling. >> how sweet. others who made the top 100 list, john legend, prince, lester holt, jay da picket smith. he will perform in january. >> 12 minutes before 5:00.
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it is a rainy morning. and the rain is going to be steady light rain for much of the day. you can see the low clouds as well as the rain over philadelphia. a live view from here at the nbc 10 studios, a dreary day. 47 degrees now in philadelphia with winds out of the northeast at 9 miles an hour. the temperatures will stay elevated, the rain will keep falling. i-95 in south philadelphia. free car washes today and tomorrow. the good news is everybody is above freezing, chilly, a cold rain falling in the pocono mountains, 47 degrees in wilmington and philadelphia and look at the 50s in delaware and south jersey. cape may, 55 degrees. then this. umbrellas for today, tonight and tomorrow. there are some breaks in the rainfall, but there is more on the way. it's a very large system. it extends into the upper plains states where it's producing snow. now the center of the storm system is here and that center will be moving our way. we won't get the snow, but on
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thursday we'll get gusty winds, as the rain finally comes to an end. a rainy one, 50s this afternoon, closer to 60 degrees for tomorrow in spite of the rain, after a morning low of 49 degrees. then the wind picks up. the center of the storm moves through, we'll be drying out. 51 on thursday, look at the sunshine for friday and warmer after cold morning, 55 degrees with sunshine, sunday afternoon. >> bill, thanks for that. 449. so wet roads to get to work or school or wherever you are headed. let's look at the schuylkill expressway. jessica boyington has a look. >> right. so tracy, we're going to look at the schuylkill in a second. quickly word of an accident on the schuylkill around passayunk avenue. so we'll have some live cameras of that when i do come back after this. but for right now we are looking at the schuylkill around girard, eastbound no problems you see the drive times are great into center city 13 minutes to the vine street expressway, right in here we have no problems, just
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wet roads and the vine street expressway still closed east and west between broad street and the schuylkill. until about 5:00 this morning. another 10 minutes. wet roads to watch for and another update on the schuylkill accident when i come back. starting today you can take advantage of a new commuter discount plan at four bridges including the ben franklin bridge. four new jersey easy pass customers only. over the bridges 18 times a month you get an $18 discount credit on your account. you must enroll by december 28 to get credit for the month of december. >> today we expect to learn more about the pornographic e-mail investigation in pennsylvania. in a live report at 5:00 a.m. attorney general kathleen kane heads to philadelphia today to announce changes in how the case will be handled. also next. >> kobe announce head will quit
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professional basketball. that's right. and he's signing with the philadelphia 76ers. >> sixers become late night fodder. jimmy fallon having fun at the home team's expense.
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now to decision 2016. donald trump is taking more heat for what he is saying and doing on social media. yesterday the republican presidential front-runner took aim at rival candidate chris christie on twitter, said how is chris christie running the state of new jersey when he is spending all of his time in new hampshire. trump took a shot at president obama releasing this video on instagram. take a look. >> a bunch of killers.
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with good social media. thanks obama. >> trump's video shows the president seemingly more concerned with selfies than attacks from isis. the white house has not responded. gop candidate ted cruz says the debate over planned parenthood did not lead to the deadly shootings at one of the clinics in colorado. cruz accused the media of using the tragedy to advance a political agenda. >> this man is a despicable murderer and should be punished to the full extent of the law but none of that changes the reality that planned parenthood is in the business of buying and selling the body parts of unborn children. >> planned parenthood president denied cruz's allegation. the organization said reports that the alleged shooter uttered no more baby parts during his arrest showed he was motivated by anti-abortion views. a batch of hillary clinton e-mails are out. yesterday the state department released nearly 8,000 pages, the
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largest release yet from the former secretary of state's personal account. officials said most of the e-mails were sent and received in 2012 or 2013. officials released no details about the messages. >> the democratic white house front-runner got well placed endorsements yesterday. 13 of 14 women in the u.s. senate backed hillary clinton for president. at a washington fund-raiser. the only hold out, massachusetts senator elizabeth warren. the fund-raiser feature add video entitled 44 boys is too many where young girls express support for clinton in her quest to be the first female president. >> pennsylvania could pass a state budget by the end of the week according to governor tom wolf. pennsylvania is five months into its impasse. the sticking point taxes, a framework agreement between the first term democratic governor and the republican controlled legislature, nearly collapsed. republicans said increasing the sales tax to plug a budget
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deficit and cut school property taxings lacked support. now governor wolf told nbc 10's jim rosen field the new plan will come together through compromise. >> this is a democracy. i don't get just because i said i won it or some people wanted it, that doesn't mean you get it. you have to negotiate, you have to work with the folks. the other folks in harrisburg who have been elected. that's what this will be, the result of those negotiations between people of different parties. >> nbc 10 has reached out to republican leadership for a response to wolf's comments. so far we have not heard back. >> from the jersey shore bureau, a new jersey transit pilot program that limits waiting room seating in some stations, is under fire by homeless advocates. nbc 10 learned that new jersey transit is assessing the program which is already in place in atlantic city and three cities in north jersey since the summer. ticketed passengers are allowed to sit in seating areas up to two hours.
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homeless advocates criticize the plan saying it forces the homeless out on the street. but new jersey transit tells nbc 10 it only limits how long someone can sit, not restrict how much time they spend in the station. >> for the past month you may have seen some atlantic city police officers with extra facial hair but those beards are coming off today. here's what it's about. part of no shave november, a fund-raiser you've seen everywhere to help those with cancer. officers posed for a picture before the beards and mustaches come off. they raised more money an they could have ever expected. >> we were expecting maybe 2,000, $3,000. when i saw that we raised, we kept gaining, it got to $5,000, and $10,000. i couldn't believe it. and now we're at $23,000. it's unbelievable. >> this is the first year that the police department has participated. the department says they will
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continue to participate in no shave november for years to come. you're watching "nbc 10 news." "nbc 10 news today" at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. right now "nbc 10 news today", it is a wet morning and the rain could be around for a while. we'll tell you what it means for your neighborhood. >> and the rain could make for a sloppy morning commute. jessica boyington is keeping an eye on the roads with our series of cameras throughout the area. >> and pennsylvania attorney general kane will lay out her latest plan here in philadelphia. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. let's find out more about the rain and what's coming today with meteorologist bill henley. bill? >> good morning. it's a rainy start, the rain is going to be with us not just this morning, but through the day today. this is a rainy view from
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wilmington, the rain will be steady but light for most of the day. the winds from yesterday have settled down and the temperatures have warmed up. so, this is only rain for our area. no stein ign of icing. the temperatures are above freezing for the pocono mountains. by 9:00, 54. not a lot warmer but still rainy at noon time. 55 with wind out of the east-northeast at 9 miles an hour. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. jessica boyington is watching your first alert traffic. >> an accident scene now, this is around 26th street between the schuylkill expressway and passyunk avenue on the southbound side. all lanes were closed. that's not true, the reports are saying all lanes are closed but you can see they are allowing the left lane to squeeze by. so police activity and also this accident scene here taking out the right lane. we'll keep you updated on that. the rest of the drive times still doing great.
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southbound or eastbound on the schuylkill and 95, heading into center city, we still have no problems, the blue route great, the schuylkill to 95, only 16 minutes and the vine street expressway in the beginning of being cleaned up right now with that ongoing construction. still listed as closed so we have some in the area between broad street and the schuylkill expressway. thanks. new from overnight one person is in custody in north philadelphia after police officer was punched in the face at a crime scene. this is new information. this started when police were responding to a shooting at fourth and west cambria streets. one man was shot in the leg. as police were wrapping up they say two guys walked up and started yelling when an argue u. broke out. police chased two men, one was arrested and a gun was recovered. >> pennsylvania's attorney general will be in philadelphia planning to make an announcement about the investigation into the statewide pornographic e-mail scandal.


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