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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  December 1, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EST

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schuylkill and 95, heading into center city, we still have no problems, the blue route great, the schuylkill to 95, only 16 minutes and the vine street expressway in the beginning of being cleaned up right now with that ongoing construction. still listed as closed so we have some in the area between broad street and the schuylkill expressway. thanks. new from overnight one person is in custody in north philadelphia after police officer was punched in the face at a crime scene. this is new information. this started when police were responding to a shooting at fourth and west cambria streets. one man was shot in the leg. as police were wrapping up they say two guys walked up and started yelling when an argue u. broke out. police chased two men, one was arrested and a gun was recovered. >> pennsylvania's attorney general will be in philadelphia planning to make an announcement about the investigation into the statewide pornographic e-mail scandal. katy is live at the national
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constitution center where kane plans to make that announcement. >> reporter: good morning. kathleen kane around 11:00 a.m. from here at the constitution center will unveil a legal team she created made up of special prosecutors to review offensive e-mails. some of those you can see here, we had to blur some of them. kane's new team will review e-mails and documents like these that are according to her camp, quote, racial, misogynistic, homophobic and religiously offensive. michael eakin is accused of circulating the e-mails. the point of kane's new legal steam to investigate what other state employees in addition to that state justice had been part of this, and circulated those offensive e-mails. coming up, we'll look into how what the announcement that kane is making today how that could
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help her own legal troubles. reporting live, katy zachry, "nbc 10 news." >> it's 5:02. two former city officials in allentown and reading plead guilty to conspiracy charges in a corruption scandal. dale wild and aaron lloyd were public officials in their towns, prosecutors say both men took part in similar schemes, steering contracts to political donors. defense lawyers did not immediately return calls for comment after yesterday's plea hearings. >> police are trying to figure out the motive behind a double murder and suicide. investigators say paul marshall shot two people and then himself sunday night in a home in hatfield. marshall's daughter and young grandchild were there but not hurt. >> shock, unbelievable. i couldn't believe it. this is a quiet neighborhood. we don't have this kind of stuff happen. they were quiet, it wasn't like
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there was police activity there all the time or domestic disputes. >> police have not released the victims' names because they are contacting relatives. >> the v.a. medical center is hosting a discussion about veterans benefits. veterans, families and elected leaders invited to the v.a. center on wood land avenue in philadelphia. the goal is provide vets with information about benefits and health care. >> if you didn't get a chance to ask philadelphia's next mayor questions last night you have another chance tonight. jim kenney is holding open forum meade meetings. he took questions from everything from safer streets to housing to schools. he has been very vocal about making education a top priority. someone asked him how he plans on increasing high quality schools in the city. >> the city of philadelphia delivers services in many, many departments to many parts of the city. schools can be and will be the center of the universe when it comes to delivery of services. >> the next meeting is tonight at 7:30 at south philadelphia
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high school. it's a meeting on thursday and friday. details on or on the nbc 10 app. from our jersey shore bureau, moody's service expects more casinos in atlantic city to close. the reason, a new wave of gaming planned for the region. there are eight new casinos opening in the next three years, one in south philadelphia, atlantic city casinos are hurting, four went out of business, a wall street firm and some people we spoke with predict the new wave of gambling could make the ac casinos go bust. >> i believe the whole city might close down. people isn't going to be traveling this far. they don't have to. >> just being here and local, it has been the only thing that has brought me in. >> right now gaming remains shaky in ac, the trump taj ha haul, caesars and bali as are in
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chapter 11 bankruptcy. >> members of philadelphia's faith community are gathering to hold a prayer for those living with hiv and aids. it's the annual world aids day prayer breakfast. hundreds of people including church leaders will meet in center city. there will be speeches and a performance. the prayer is hosted by philadelphia flight which provides education and outreach to thousands in the area living with h.i.v. and aids. 5:05. need the umbrella, you need it just about any point during the day today. i'm tracking rain that will be here today and tonight and into tomorrow. it's a steady light rain that's in the area. there could be brief downpours but mostly what it will be is light rain but it will accumulate by the time it comes to an end. that will happen before the weekend. we're on track for weekend sunshine. temperatures that will be above
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normal. in the 40s in philadelphia, millville rain and 52, everybody's running warmer than yesterday. and everybody has rain this morning. no sign of anything but the rain. even in the pocono mountain it's in the 30s, temperatures are above freezing there too. the rain has tapered off, northeast maryland, but falling in wilmington, philadelphia, trenton, we may see some breaks during the day, but there is more wet weather that's waiting in the wings for us for tonight and for tomorrow. so the neighborhood by neighborhood forecast calling for temperatures to climb above yesterday's level. camelback, 45 degrees, low 50s for fleetwood and pennsburg, you will see sunless skies for king of prussia but that doesn't mean it will be warmer. in the middle 50s, the steady rain into tonight and those locations and that's true of shore communities as well where it will be warmer closer to 60 degrees for cape may and avalon.
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and middle 50s for wilmington, malvern and 55 degrees this afternoon in philadelphia. we could see some breaks in the rain which would allow the temperatures to go higher, looking for lynn, new jersey. there is warmer weather on the way. i've got the seven-day forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. >> thank you, bill. i see flashing lights and a police cruiser. >> let's get details on that accident we're watching. jessica boyington has it. >> so on 26th street now. we have all lanes closed southbound between the schuylkill expressway and passayunk avenue. they are holding back this vehicle. the police officer putting his car between the roads in here. a few vehicles involved and you can see they have it into the right-hand lane so hopefully they reopen the left lap soon. for now some backup there. moving over to new jersey, construction projects, one in the atlantic city at the toll plaza in egg harbor.
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so again, that's westbound, they are repairing some of the area there. watch out for some lane restrictions. route 202 no problems, you can see in the green, 11 minutes north or southbound from 30 to the schuylkill expressway. we'll have more on these when i come back in the next ten. 5:08. the philadelphia 76ers taking steps to protect a young star. jaleel okafor's new shadow after a string of off-court incidents. kobe's farewell tonight. fans will get one last chance to see philadelphia native kobe bryant take the court in his hometown. >> i'm matt delucia live in south philadelphia. it is giving tuesday, another one of those days after cyber monday. a live look at how you can donate on this day. ue
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>>. >> 5:11. tuesday morning. if you are getting your day started this is what you'll have to deal with this morning. all that green is rain. first alert radar shows that rain hanging over our entire area. here is a live look at 95 in south philadelphia. jessica boyington will be along in a moment. she's keeping an eye on the commute and have abupdate in a few minutes. and now is the time to download the "nbc 10 news" app. there you'll find the first alert weather updates in real time, a look at what's happening right now in your neighborhood.
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it is giving tuesday. >> first black friday, then cyber monday, now giving tuesday. kicks off the charitable season as we count down to christmas. matt delucia is live in south philadelphia, tell us more about giving tuesday. matt. >> reporter: tracy and vai, you mentioned it is giving tuesday, one way you can help in donate is by dropping off nonperishable food items out here where we're by wmmr, things they do every year. here is food for thought. new research showing that between now and new year's day americans will give between 75 and 100 billion dollars to charity, that's a lot of money. it's a quarter of all donations for the year. i spoke with a few charities in the area, united way says about 100,000 donors make those charitable donations throughout the year, so this time of year it is important. and through their holiday
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network you can donate time, serving meals or collecting books for children. i also spoke with the salvation army yesterday. they tell me this holiday season is so big they have volunteers out collecting with red kettles, and this time too anonymous donors matching gifts up to $13,000. another way that you can help donate to charity is you can go high tech. i'll have more on that coming up at 6:15. we have plenty of information on how you can help on this giving tuesday on our website, it's a little quiet out here now, it's wet, but that shouldn't stop you. come on down, donate some food and help out a very good cause. live in south philadelphia, matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." >> we want to make sure your donations count if the you look to give. go to the "nbc 10 news" app or, there are ways to keep you from getting ripped off by fake charities. >> if you see 76ers rookie star
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jahlil okafor around chances are you'll see his body guard. espn is reporting a guard will accompany the 19-year-old wherever and whenever he goes out. it's not out of the ordinary for nba players to have security guards. recently okafor has been in the headlines for making bad decisions off the court like speeding and fighting. sunday afternoon okafor tweeted apologies for his bad behavior. >> tonight 76ers fans will be treated to a final appearance by lakers superstar and hometown athlete kobe bryant who is retiring at the end of the season. cameras caught up with kobe last night at one of his old haunts. one of the places he visits in town. larry's steaks, you can see him greeting fans. a home coming for the hoop star who made a name for himself at lower merion high school. we spoke to his head coach who still leads the aces. >> i've been in this business a long time and i've never seen a
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player like him, in my opinion the greatest high school player i've ever seen. it was a great ride but i think it's a good ending and i don't think he leaves the game with any regrets. >> pretty amazing. the coach and hundreds of students at lower merion high school plan to cheer on kobe at tonight's sixers/lakers game. no surprise there. if you are going, by the way, sixers say come early and you'll see a special pregame ceremony. might be one of the one opportunity for the sixers to get a sellout. >> i was going to say the best attended game of the season for sure. it's 5:15. let's check the roads. we have a problem on woodhaven road. >> and jessica boyington is checking on that. >> hey, vai, tracy. we have a big problem now on woodhaven road so. this is from woodhaven road headed to 95 southbound, the off ramp. you can see that blocked off behind a little bit of a slow go because all traffic headed to 95
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now from woodhaven road is being stopped. at least 295 southbound because there is an overturned tractor-trailer. police activity there on this 0 scene. watch for slippery ramps, that's going to be our problem of the morning. we'll have alternates for you to come there. we're going to check in with that accident on 26th street southbound that was earlier closed between the schuylkill and you can see the schuylkill expressway moving by that nicely as well. that is clear. route 422 is okay so far for the morning. we have eastbound from 29 to the schuylkill. no problems. we'll have updates on theed two haven scene when i come back. 16 minutes after 5:00. the rain has arrived. it's moved in overnight, late last night we saw some raindrops and still falling in philadelphia. lots of low clouds, really dreary day ahead. but the good news is the temperatures are warmer.
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11 degrees warmer right now than yesterday which has 48 degrees in spite of the rain. the rain, that's rain in the pocono mountains where the temperatures are above freezing. blue mountain getting a light rain this morning. we're all getting an easterly breeze, part of what is helping to keep our temperatures up. 7-mile-an-hour wind in philadelphia, a little stronger in dover and mount pocono but i don't expect it to feel much stronger. usually a strong gusty wind will make light rain feel heavier. it's light rain that is starting things off. you see a break in the rainfall, before the next round moves in. so we could see periods of rain come to an end briefly during the afternoon. in fact, 3:00 in the afternoon you can see spots where we'll be drying out. the showers will completely leave us and then wednesday morning. tomorrow morning, the rain is back, in fact, tomorrow afternoon that's where we could see steadier rain and possibly heavier downpours in portions of delaware and south jersey.
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so you'll get good use out of your rain gear. a rainy day, 50s this afternoon, and the rain continues tonight and tomorrow. the temperatures will warm up a bit, 56 today, 60 degrees tomorrow, that's after a morning temperature of 49 degrees. then the rain, gone by thursday. but gusty winds bring our temperatures down, a chilly breeze, 51 degrees the high temperature on thursday. less wind on friday which means a colder start in the morning, 35 to start with and 52 degrees friday afternoon. you'll see similar conditions if not a little bit of a warm-up for sunday afternoon. bright sunshine continues through monday. >> thank you, bill. hitting polluters in the wallet. it's one of the ideas world leaders are promoting at the global climate change summit in paris. president obama and leaders are trying to come up with a binding agreement on reducing carbon emissions. the president met with the leaders of china and india. smog is choking the capitals of those nations.
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president obama and experts warn that type of pollution is warming the planet, leading to rising sea levels, melting glaciers and extreme weather. >> merge countries, abandon cities, fields that no longer grow. political disruption, trigger new conflict. >> this problem doesn't go away and we can't negotiate with the atmosphere. it will keep happening so we have to find other approaches if this doesn't happen here. >> most world leaders will be leaving paris today but thousands will stay for two more weeks to work out details if a deal is reached. >> this morning we are putting a nice bow on cyber monday, next we'll break down the numbers compared to last year and it will explain why some online shoppers may have been shut out from the item they were looking for yesterday. plus, new york city is shaking it up when it comes to restaurant menus and how much salt is included in your meal. we'll tell you about the health push that starts today in the big apple.
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cyber monday was a record-breaker. let's get details from landon dowdy here with the cnbc business news. good morning. >> good morning. shoppers pointing clicking and buying a lot on cyber monday. adobe set $3 bill i don't believe spent on line. about 11 billion since thanksgiving. heavy web traffic overwhelmed
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target's site offering 15% off everything and several other retailers showed items out of stock. the top sellers, samsung tv's and lego star wars toys. on wall street investors helped the rally early, futures higher this morning, stocks ending november with a womimper. we get data on manufacturing and construction spending, the dow falling 78 to 17720, the nasdaq down 19 to 5109. back over to you. >> landon, thanks. 5:23. chain restaurants in new york city have to start marking menu items that carry a high salt content. a salt shaker symbol will point out choices that contain more than a teaspoon of sodium. they hope it will urge diners to cut back on salt. too much is linked to high blood pressure.
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>> umbrellas going up this morning and you'll need to keep one nearby. not only today, we're looking at rain that will continue into tomorrow. right now it is a dreary view, what we can see of center city. that's the view from the adventure aquarium. no problem across the delaware. 47 degrees. jessica boyington is in the first alert traffic center. >> i'm watching an accident scene now on woodhaven road that is a jackknifed tractor-trailer blocking off the off ramp to 95 southbound. i'll have alternates when i come back. >> reporter: i'm katy zachry live in center city philadelphia. coming up how embattled pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane is going to make an announcement in a few hours that could help her own legal problem.
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right now the rain is falling. we'll tell you what you need to know as you get your day going. >> here is a live look at the first alert radar. a line of wet weather hanging over the area and it could stick around for some time. >> today pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane is taking center stage in the porn e-mail
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investigation. we'll explain what is happening in philadelphia and the new developments. >> it's 5:27. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. light and steady. two things i aspire to be more of in 2016 but enough about my problems. and see how that relates to the weather. >> in the wake of thanksgiving it's difficult are to be light. we have more holidays ahead. at least the rain is light and has been steady through the night. you can see the rain especially steady across new jersey. there are some breaks in delaware and new castle county now though it's raining in wilmington and philadelphia. we'll see some periods of rain during the day. and everybody running warmer this morning. from reading to philadelphia, millville, atlantic city, the 50s in parts of delaware and south jersey and cape may in the middle 50s. so it's only rain we're in store for today. 51 degrees at 7:00. at 10:00, 54. not much of a warm-up. they will be climbing and we'll see temperatures in the middle
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to upper 50s. we'll go through the forecast naibld neighborhood by neighborhood. >> bill, we're watching the jackknifed tractor-trailer on woodhaven road actually on the off ramp headed to 95 southbound. so right now they are forcing traffic off at i-95 northbound so your best bet for alternates if you do want to go past this completely take frankford avenue past pretty much the brunt of this accident scene, you can hop on further down south. or, you can take academy road from woodhaven and onto 95 southbound that way. right now we have the whole exit ramp blocked. police activity on the scene in there blocking it for that tractor-trailer. so all traffic starting to be slow by the scene as well. something to pay attention to. heading out the door on 95, through delaware no problems, the drive times you can see rain falling there as well. north and south from 295 to 495 is only 11 minutes.
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we'll have more for you when i come back in the next 10 minutes. >> happening today, pennsylvania's attorney general is fighting back, laying out plans to defend herself in the statewide porn e-mail scandal. katy zachry is live at the national constitution center where kane plans to make an announceme announcement. >> reporter: around 11:00 this morning she will make announcement about a special prosecution team she put together to review these e-mails. first you'll remember last week it was recommended by a state senate committee that attorney general kane be removed from office. but this morning she will be focusing on e-mails instead of her own legal trouble. now these e-mails we're showing you we had to blur out because they were too sexually explicit in nature to share on television. kane's camp has accused justice michael eakin of circulating e-mails like this, today she is announcing a team of special prosecutors that will investigate what other employees were involved


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