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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  December 3, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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farther northwest. snow is 96 i mixing in with that. the temperatures have dropped in the low 40s. the wind is blowing. it makes it feel like it's in the 30s. just dropped to 49 degrees in philadelphia and the temperatures will keep coming down, thanks to wind out of the west at 18 miles an hour at 7:00, 47 degrees, it gets killier at 10:00 this morning. 46. we finally get enough sunshine as to warm things up this afternoon. but the wind out of the west northwest at 20 miles an hour. it will be a kite flyer's dream today. katy, how is it going? >> i'm not a kite flyer, bill. thanks for that. it's a far different story this morning commute wise. you don't have the mist the fog to deal with. very cool, crisp clear morning and our drive times are reflecting that, 95 southbound, looking really good between wood haven and the vine. 76 eastbound headed into center city philadelphia. that drive couldn't be better. about 12 minutes and 476 t. blue
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route. only about 15 minutes there. as we take a live look outside. this is in mount laurel or camden, new jersey. i was looking at a bunch of cameras, in camden, route 70 and route 38. free and clear of some issues. light traffic. no issues on the 42 freeway as well. take a look at your area bridges, yesterday this time, there were speed restrictions. you were restricted to 35 miles an hour. everything is all cheer. tracy, vai. >> thank you, indicate y, we are following breaking developments in the deadly mass shooting. two suspects died in the gun battle with police following yesterday's mass shooting at a social services center. one is syed farook. he and his wife malik opened fire on a holiday party killing 14, injuring 17. matt delucia is following the developments from the digital operations center. matt, what are you learning
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about these suspects? >> reporter: the big yes what what was the motive here? police are working on two theories, work place violence or terrorism. several law enforcement says it looked look the attack was well planned. there were three key locations. this was the inland regional center in san bernardino. then tips led police to a home in redlands, california. officers cased a vehicle from the home back to san bernardino. that's where a shootout left two suspects dead two miles from where the mass shooting happened. now, here's what investigators do know. this is one of the suspects, you are looking at him right now. he was an environmental specialist for san bernardino county for five years. he was at a holiday gathering with co-workers when he suddenly left. then according to police, he returned with his wife and both were armed with assault rifles and semi automatic pistols. now, a relative of the suspects
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is now talking about that attack. >> i have no idea. why would he do that? why would he do something like this? i have absolutely no idea. i am in shock myself. report. now, police have spent the night searching the suspect's home. this was the nation's deadliest mass shooting since the attack in connecticut. >> that happened, by the way, three years ago this month. live in the digital operations center, matt delucia, nbc 10 fawzy. we downloaded audio from police and ems radio as they learned about yesterday's active shooter. listen to how it all unfolded. >> shots heard in the area. 1365 south waterman. we do have victims down. we'll have fire staging. rpo security. >> through the back door, east side. >> we have two down. it looks look we have several
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downt the conference room. several down. get an ambulance here quick. >> president obama was doing an interview with cbs when he was first informed about the shooting. he offered his condolences to the victims and families and called for tougher gun control laws. >> there are steps we can make to make americans safer. we should come towing in a bipartisan basis at every level of the government to make these rare as opposed to normal. >> among the steps the president called for are stronger backgrounds checks. democratic president hillary clinton tweeted i refuse to accept this as normal. we must take action to stop gun violence now. gop front runner donald trump tweeted the california shooting looks bad, good bless. this is when our police are so appreciated. this morning, cover of the new york daily news reads, god isn't fixing this the gop presidential candidates offered prayers, not
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solutions on gun control. we continue to track the breaking developments in this story on air an online with the nbc 10 news app. we are following breaking news in south africa this morning. an appeals court convicted paralympic runner oscar pistorius in the murder of his girl frepdz reeva steenkamp. pistorius could face a 15 year prison sentence. the minimum punishment in south africa. he served one year of a five year prison sentence. after he was convicted for shooting steenkamp through bathroom door in 2013. new from overnight, a fire fighter was treated after battling the row home fire in north philadelphia. fire spread through the home. everyone made it out safely. investigator itself are still trying to determine a cause. and here is video just into the nbc 10 newsroom, philadelphia police investigating a tire theft. at a car dealership.
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someone stole tires off two brand-new suburbans overnight. four tires and rims are missing. police are looking at a security camera video that actually shows the suspect removing the tires. happening today, a cumberland county man is expected to face a judge after police say he confessed to killing his exgirlfriends and her daughter. sources recovered the bodies in a swampy area in fairfield township. police say ramirez and a suspect seen here have a sun together. investigators say they were involved in a dispute. last fight dozens gathered at ramirez' church in vineland as a villagible. those who remember her know her as a remarkable person. >> they know something of their story, it's almost unimaginable to have them taken away in such difficult, such violent
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circumstances. >> police have not said how ramirez and the baby were killed him they expect to get more information from an autopsy. santiago is being held on $1 million bond. 47 degrees. we just got knew video, british fighter jets returned from carrying out airstrikes in syria. it started hours after parliament expands isis targets if syria. england's ministry of defense says details about the plane's targets will be provided later today. you remember isis claimed the terrorist attacks in paris last month. the bataclan concert hall, one ott sites where militant killed people, will reopen by the end of next year. they said it's necessary to see the doors opened again. they don't want it turned into a mausoleum or pilgrimage site. gunmen stormed november 13ing, firing into the crowd, holding concert-goers hostage for hours. in all, 131 people were killed
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in paris that day. an american student was among the victims. hundreds more were hurt. they were the deadliest attacks on french soil in more than half a century. happening today, a developer will layout his plan for a project in broomall, delaware county. >> that has residents concerned. more than 200 acres would be developed into the cardinal crossing town center. it would include stores, ochs space, townhouses and a park. the construction and retail stores are expected to bring thousands of jobs to that area. but many in the community worry that a forest will have to be moved to make way for the project. >> i think it needs to stay green. it can also be a recreational space like a state park for kids. >> it's a better opportunity for them to use it for 14 space. i think the idea of what they will do. congress they researched it enough. they will have traffic problems, sproul road is already bad. >> we reached out to the
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developer. he says some open space will be protected and they're setting aside 38 acres for wetland. >> eight minutes after 6:00. we are drying out this morning t. rain has ended for most locations, seeing breaks in the clouds. gusty winds have already started. they'll stay with us through the afternoon. >> that will make for a cooler day. we hit 60 degrees cloudy skies in philadelphia. philadelphia has dropped to 49 degrees. >> that is going to make it chillier. a steady breeze gusting to more than 20 miles an hour if parts of the area t. wind gusts at 22 miles an hour in philadelphia. stronger in dover. you can see the cloud.
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way north and west. that's where the colder air is. that's snow falling in northwestern an north central pennsylvania, where the snow meets the rain. a few raindrops moving into and through berks county. you might see a sprinkle. ha should be it for reading and allentown, partly sunny skies you will feel the gusty chilly winds no sign of the 60s for the shore today. atlantic city, cape may, rewhopot in the lower 50s. the gusty winds all in the 40s today. full 7-day forecast when i'm back if ten minutes. >> time to get a check on traffic. are you looking at route 202 i believe. >> katy, what are you seeing? >> i want to tell you about drive times.
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202 has been pretty good. as has 76 and the pennsylvania turnpike. so it's looking good northbound, that will take you about route 30 about zen ten minutes. moving into new jersey, there is an accident we learned of. it involves two vehicles. the crash west of north maple avenue. be aware of that. there are some tie-ups. i'll let you know when things are cooler. >> thanks for that. ten after 6:00. following two break news stories first. monique braxton is headed to a home invasion. we continue to follow the breaking developments in that. the big push for no child left behind could be over.
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states could soon get school testing power back if their hands.
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. it's 6:14. happening today, representatives with the montgomery county district attorney's office will talk to students at my mouth white marsh high school about sexting. they began their investigation into secing at the school. last month authorities started looking into a dropoff full of pictures of female students. congress is moving to rewrite the no child left behind law. the house voted to scale back the federal government's role in education and give more control to the states within it comes to measuring students' performance. the bill would also stop efforts to hurt academic standards, including common core. again the bill was overwhelmingly approved 369 to
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64. help is on the way for five philadelphia charter schools. they're getting more than $10 million in grant money t. school partnership made that announcement yesterday. mass will use the money to open a sec campus in the northeast. the oth the. some people with obamacare are finding brand name drugs can be limited. patient versus to pay out of pocket for up to 40% of the cost of branded drugs, close to one-third of the mid-tear aca exchange plans limit cover of branded cancer and hiv drugs, according to a new industry study. some patients are forced to switch doctors as a result. >> i will find someone to follow me. as heart breaking as that is, i'm going to do it.
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>> experts say most employer plans are not as restrictive, but like narrow doctor networks brand name drug limits are becoming more common. nationwide, more than 2 million people enrolled in the mark place, in. pa, more than 100,000 signed up n. delaware. more than 5400 t. data for new jersey was not available. we are following a possible home invasion in philadelphia. monique, you just got onto the scene, what do you know? >> reporter: hey, i talked to the commander on scene. he tells us an unidentified victim is now at a local hospital recovering from wounds, he tells police he was pistol whipped. let me show you where the possible home invasion took place. if you look at this corner house, you see the initial a, down you see someone standing. it is just down behind that area where someone is standing at the door. now the victim tells police that
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just after 5:30, two men wearing ski masks knocked on his door, forced tear way in and beat him up. he then stumbled outside but was able to call 911. an emergency crew arrived on the scene anding to him to a local hospital. so police tell us at this point they're looking no ar weapon. they're also looking for those two attackers. the motive. they're still unclear about but this continues to be an active and fluid scene. the investigation continues. we will be in touch with police here and let you know as much information as we can as soon as we have it. monique braxton, back to you. >> all right. thanks, for the update. now let's get you updated on your ride to work. >> katy, is it opened an how farce can i go? good news is opened at 5:5:30.
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no problems to report along the vine street expressway. 76 through philadelphia looks good. 95 southbound between wood haven and the vine looks good as well, this is at mount laurel. route 73 and i-295. traffic is running smoothly as it is on the new jersey turnpike. there is an accident in bass river township along route 9. i will have information for you. it involves two vehicles there. your drive times between route 55 and the walt whitman bridge, about five minutes if you are headed south. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 18 minutes after 6:00. we have clouds. can you see them now we are getting closer to sunrise, the nbc 10 decides. the clouds will be thinning out. we will get sunshine and see the
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wind out of the wet at 15 miles an hour. a wind chill of 43 degrees. 49 right now in philadelphia and it's not going to get much warmer than that all day long today. we are seeing the drying process. the puddles are starting to disappear on beach avenuech we will see more and more sunshine. but it's going to be a chilly wind proceeding at the bus stops. the zush suburbs, 47 degrees to start with. a chilly breeze will be here all day long. the last few sprinkles now in northern lancaster county, moving through berks county. they have also been thinning out. any snow and there is snow in pennsylvania. will stay clear of our area. gusty winds. 40s to near 50s this afternoon. that's about where the temperatures are right now. it's the wind that's going to keep a lid on the temperatures in spite of bright sunny skies.
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less wind tonight gets colder tomorrow morning. 36 degrees, a warm-up over the next several days, the temperatures will inch up. friday and saturday low 50s. look at sunday, pretty good. 57 degrees for the first weekend of december. plenty of sunshine, clouds move back in on monday. the next round of wet weather do you in tuesday. julien okafor faces trouble and consequences for his off the court actions.
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>> the 6ers suspended tear star player okafor. he will miss saturday's game against the denver nuggets. new video shows him in a second fight. video posted shows him outside a boston fight club. this happened last week and this happened after another man said
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okafor punched and knocked him to the ground that very same fight. it follows other off the court bad behavior, including a stop for speeding over the ben franklin bridge. >> we're at a light where you can't afford to do any type of anti-social things. kids are looking up to you there the 6ers say they are disappointed in his recent agencies, but they have faith in him as a valued member of their team. >> good morning, i'm katy zachary a. live look outside in new jersey. the 42 freeway right at the new jersey turnpike as you head northbound, you can see a lot of brake lights. so things are slowing. coming up, we'll give an updated look at your drive times. plus i just have new information about an accident in montgomery county i will tell you about. first let's head outside, bill what does it look like today? >> you can leave the umbrella at home t. rain has ended. the wind is kicking in. >> that will keep things chilly
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through the day. we have wind chills that are in the 30s and 40s right now as temperature is falling. the food news is we will see some sunshine. don't look for a big warm-up today 49 in philadelphia. >> i'm matt delucia live. we got new information about the weapons used in yesterday's mass shooting in california. i'll be back with an update on the other side of the break. i'm monique braxton, police are investigating a possible home invasion. i'll have more information after the break.
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it is just about 6:30. we are following two breaking news stories. first a man is pistol whipped in a possible home invasion in philadelphia. we continues to follow breaking
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news in the deadly mass shooting in southern california. all night, police have been combing through evidence trying to determine if this was an act of terror. and a change could be on the way for south philadelphia. the sports complex, it could get a neighbor that some current residents aren't too happy about. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today. >> just about 6:30. much different than yesterday morning. detroit out there today. what's ahead we finds out with bell henley. >> no sign of the fog. no sign of rain for most of the area. but we're all getting a chilly breeze blowing that is giving us 15-mile-an-hour winds in philadelphia up to 18 miles an hour in wilmington, we have seen gusts of 20 miles an hour, should top 30 miles this afternoon. so wind chill, that itself the deal. look at the 30s for reading and potts town, the 43 degrees the
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current wind chill for philadelphia. we see the clouds clear out. we get sunshine. check out the wind. westerly at 20 miles an hour, gets stronger at 11:00. 47 degrees, really about the same we got, topping out fear 50 degrees at 2:00 this afternoon. neighborhood by neighborhood forecast, back in ten minutes. katy zachary has your first alert traffic. >> much different this morning than the last. just cool crisp morning. tiepgs are proceeding crisply on the roads, volume is picking up. things are going at a good clip t. 42 freeway, right at the new jersey turnpike. we are seeing some brake lights headed northbound. so i wanted to check drive times. looking good, especially if you are headed nort bound between route 55 and the walt whitman bridge. speaking of area bridges. everything is free and clear of issues, unlike yesterday morning. in new jersey in bass river township, there is an accident
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on route 9 near north maple avenue. so be aware of that. a new crash into our system. this is in montgomery county in the landsdale area a. crash on valley forge road right near morris road. >> 6:30. we continue to lorne more about the deadly mass shooting in southern california. >> police say two suspects died in a gun battle with police following yesterday's shooting at a social services center in san bernardino. this morning, we have this new video. take a look. >> that non-stop popping is the sound of gunshots. this video taken by a neighbor near the scene of the deadly mass shooting. nbc 10's matt delucia is live with what we know about the suspects. matt. you just got new information. tell us? tracy, vai, we learned in the last 30 minutes from federal authorities two assault rifles an two hands guns were purchased legally in the united states.
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two by someone now under investigation. that information is come track the atf. meantime, vergs spent the night searching the suspect's home. it was a frightening day with shock that carried into the night in san bernardino. now the morning begins as well as this search for answers. we saw that video again the cell phone video of the shootout. >> that was after the shooting at the social services center in san bernardino. that's where one of the suspects were. police say the 20-year-old, syed farook. he left a holiday party and returned with his wife. both were armed and opened fire on farook's co-workers. there are three active scenes this morning. where at least 14 people were killed an 17 injured. the roadway where the suspects
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were killed during the shootout with police and farook's home in nearby redlands, california, where investigators continue their search for anything that may help them understand how and why this all happened. police say they have not ruled out terrorism and are looking into how this attack was carried out t. suspect's family is also talking about the attack. >> there had to be some degree of planning that went into this. so i don't think they just ran home, put on these types of tactical clothes, grabbed guns and came back on a spur of the moment thing smr i have no idea, why would he do that? why would he do something like this? i a am in shock myself. >> an explosive device was found at the 15 of the shooting t.atf says the rifles were 223 caliber. >> that is enough to pierce the standards protective vest as worn by police officers. we are expecting to learn more throughout the day. along with the victims and the stories of survival. matt delucia, nbc 10 news.
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>> matt, thank you the tragedy in california is the deadliest shooting since the sandy hook shootings that happened years ago. this is a map of other mass shootings. events where four or more people were shot. the nbc 10 investigators found 70 mass shootings in the past three years in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware combined. breaking it down further here in the area. since january of 2013, there have been 35 mass shootings in the state of pennsylvania, six in delaware and we continued to track breaking developments from california on air and online with the free nbc 10 news app. we are following breaking news in philadelphia a. man is recovering in hospital this morning after a possible home invasion. nbc 10 monique braxton is on scene in hunting park. what have you learned? >> reporter: hey, tracy, just sense i talked to you, we have
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learned that there was someone who witnessed that attack of a man at his doorway here at the corner of butler and let me show you what is going on here. police remain on the scene. you see a police tape up. to give you an idea of what's going on, you can tell you a witness was taken by police to be interviewed. if you look up the block, the second doorway, there is a back alley there. >> that is where police say someone knocked on the door and began attacking him. he says there were two men involved. they were both wearing ski masks. now he stumbled outside, someone did call police and right now, that unidentified victim is recovering at a local hospital. the person that witnessed the attack has been taken to headquarters to be interviewed. the motive still remains unclear at this hour. the gun use, police have not been able to recover.
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detectives and forensic units are on the way here to the scene. >> police are looking for suspects after someone shot and killed a man in cobbs yeck ov overnight. he died at the scene. they don't have a motive, they have not made any arrests. today, prosecutors will continue to layout their case against the icuesed killer in the murder of a teacher, who investigators say was killed for an ipod. 37-year-old marcellus jones is charged with killing him if 2008. he moved to philadelphia six months before he was gunned down. a number of his families and friends are in trial him several came from his hometown in minnesota. jones, the man on trial is already serving a life sentence for killing the get away driver in the zabel murder.
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happening today philadelphia city council is putting a plan in south philadelphia t. council rules committee has recommended zoning approval for the planned live philadelphia hotel and casino. now it's up to the full council toway weigh in. people we talked to split opinions about opening a second casino in the city. >> of course, it will bring the area a lot of pollution, traffic quality of life, neighborhood wise, everything, everything will be going down. >> they talk about traffic. but we have parking for the eagles games. it's knot as bad as they say it is. >> developers estimate the $450 million project and 2,000 permanent new jobs. >> the temperatures are coming
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down, gusty winds. we are drying out this morning. as the temperatures fall, those gusty winds will keep them lower for much of the morning. we will see sunshine the clouds will be finn thinning out. they've already started to break in reading. 49 in philadelphia. it's 50 degrees in cape may. i'm not looking for much of a warm-up today. a few showers are possible this morning. the rest of the area is already drying out. look at the winds gusting to 28 in wilmington. gustings for dover and wildwood a. windy day ahead that will help clear out the clouds. we come off the north and west, that wind. those are colder conditions north and west. so you will feel the chill in the air right on through the day. even though you will need your sun dplaszs.
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gusty winds. 50 degrees in borden town this afternoon. right at 50 degrees for ventnor city and avalon. mill poured upper 40s. gusty winds for malverne, wilmington and woods town with sunshine and we're on track for sunshine this week, too. saturday and sunday, warmer in the afternoon, 53 degrees on saturday. vempb degrees. there is more wet weather heading our way. i have the 7-day traft with the timing when i'm back if ten minutes. >> katy zachary is like a pitcher working on a no hitter. you aren't supposed to act knowledge it, things can go awry. she is superstitious. >> i am superstitious. >> you know i tell vai not to do that for the fear of what will go bad. >> well, sadly, things have changed a little on the
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schuylkill expressway. our drive times reflect the added volume. the 76 the schuylkill expressway right at belmonte avenue, you can see some things slowing in this direction, westbound as you head out, center city philadelphia, if i remember correctly, this time yesterday morning, it was taking you about 89 minutes to make that stretch because there was an accident there. so no subsequent on this stretch of 76 or 95. just some body building on 95. let's move out into new jersey. this is a like look at 73 right at route 130. if you take 73, the bridge across the delaware river from pennsylvania. 73 is looking good as well. we have one in bass river township near north maple avenue. it involves two vehicles there and in montgomery company a crash at upper gulf road.
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>> we have to stop you. >> a routine traffic shop goes wrong. it may be this officer's side step that makes the twimps i difference between life and death. what's this? yeah, a brands new day for the blind. they'll get a chance to experience nbc's live production of "the wiz" like they never could before.
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. 6:44. breaking news we're following from southern california. two suspects died in a police gun battle following yesterday's shooting. investigators say this man, syed farook and a woman opened fire on a holiday party killing 14
6:46 am
people injuring 17. police say farook worked for the health department, had left the party before returning with malik and opening fire. authorities are looking for a motive. they have not ruled out terrorism they say it could be work place violence. nj transit agency will restore the free rides to workers in a cost cutting move. they say more eyes trained to spot a threat will make the rails safer. they made this move in the wake of the november paris attacks. police in york county shows an officer running for cover after a driver shot right at his head we do want to warn you, the video may be disturbing to some. police say the officer suspected the driver was under the influence and was trying to arrest the man and when the
6:47 am
officer asked the driver to turn around, put his hands behind his back t. man started shooting. you can see the officer ran and then shot back. he wasn't hurt t. gunman took off and is still on the loose. the philadelphia school district is investigating a high school principal for what happened in a school hallway. we are told the principal in southwest philadelphia confronted z the school. the principal sayss abdul mohammed told the student to go home and get the uniform. the philadelphia police department is aware of the incident. they told us the school district. this is the second year on the job for abdul moment. we are told the principal will be reassigned pending the outcome of an internal investigation. now, camden county man
6:48 am
hoping to do nate his kidney after reading a post on craigslist had surgery tuesday. doctors thought they could not safely remove glen calderbank's kidney. called sper bank is recovering in the hospital and family members say he is still their hero. 6:46. new this morning the army says two pilots were killed when tear hock crashed in rural tennessee last night. the apache chopper went down near ft. campbell. emergency responders found the helicopter in a river bottom still on fire. the cause of the crash is under investigation. australia says it will step up search efforts in an area they believe holds the bist hope of finding that missing malaysia airlines plane t. search has so far focused on a 46,000 square mile area of sea floor in the remote southern indian ocean where the plane is believed to
6:49 am
have gone down. it provided the first direct everyday the plane had crashed into the sea. now to a story that shows a bond between man and man's best friend >> i love this story. take a look t. protective pitbull we fused to leave her owner's side after a house fire in maryland t. dog appreciation wasn't aggressive. but she was in the way of workers as you can see, we were trying to treat the unconscious man. firefighters had to set off a fire extinguish torres get to dog to move to create space to get to the owner. he is expected to be okay. the dog was not hurt. meanwhile, nasa will launch a rocket filled with supplies to the international spacecraft. it is scheduled to plast off just before 6:00 this evening. the craft will carry more than 7,000 pounds of research. they will have true supplies and vehicle hoard ware. it is scheduled to arrive
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sometime on sunday. >> a live musical performance, can you see "the wiz" live, a three-hour trip to oz. it airs right here at 8:00 sands some will experience the imaging like never before. [ music playing [ music playing ] >> a voice description of the sites and the action will be interspersed between pauses in the dialogue. comcast, which is nbc 10's parent company says it is the first time this service will be available in the u.s. >> we will have a describeer literally in an isolation booth describe income realtime the dance sequences, characters as they move in and about, costumes, scene changes. >> comcast customers can access the service by hitting the sap button on the remote. don't miss "the wiz" live
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starring queen latifah, three-hour production starts tonight at 8:00, like we said. >> less than 20s minutes before sunrise, we will see sunshine today. there are still some clouds him you see them, notice it has dried out, a gusty wind is blowing. the temperatures have been slowly falling. with the wind blowing, it feels like the low 40s. we'll see sunshine, thanks to the wind, we will not get a warm-up today. reading, a few showers, a few sprinkles. much of this is not even reaching the ground. it looks like it's moving into western chester county. you can count on leaving the umbrella hat home. >> that snow you see north and
6:52 am
west, it gives you an idea of the colder air moving in. look at this, no storms to deal with. we won't see the snow. we will be seeing sunshine the next few days. the hour by hour forecast shows the temperatures are dropping a bit more. by 9:00 this morning. drive degrees in philadelphia. they slowly climb into the upper 40s by lunchtime today. so hold on to your hat. gusty winds, we'll keep things cooler. 40s to 50 degrees. not much warmer than it is right now. we will see sunshine, so that will make us feel warmer. tonight less wind, colder, 36 degrees tomorrow morning. then with sunshine, we're in the low 50s. the beginning of a remember whating process that will see temperatures inch up a little on saturday. look at sunday afternoon. after colder morning, 57 degrees on sunday. and then sunshine will fade on monday. rain will hold off until tuchltsz then it's gone on tuesday.
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>> nine minutes before 7:00. let's check the ride to work. >> increased volume, not surprisingly. . first i want to say, remember what we were saying about interesting superstitious? it all came true. >> not long ago, there was an accident reported. in just the last few minutes, as i was walking out here, i'm told it is clearing. that's why the drive time is so high. it's over a half hour to go between wood haven and the vine. so it is clearing. stay with it. hopefully, it will dissipate soon. 76 eastbound as you head into center city philadelphia, increased volume there, 22 minutes between the blue route and the vine, everything is running smoothly there. heading out on 95 in south philadelphia, island avenue,
6:54 am
moving into new jersey, this is 295 right at route 70. you can see a little traffic pickup. everything is running really good there. vai. >> thank you, katy. we continue to follow bravrpg breaking news in southern california. matt delucia is live in the individual operations center. he is gathering details about the suspect. matt. >> new details about the suspects a and the weapons used. it's a very busy night for investigators. i'll recap what we've learned next. i'm monique braxton live in nicetown, detectives have just arrived, excuse me, on the scene of a possible home invasion. details after the break. zplmplts
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. >> this morning we are following the newest developments if that mass shooting in san bernardino california. 28-year-old syed farook, he and his wife according to police carried out the attack on farook's co-workers attending a party. police still don't know why this happened. no motive yet. terrorism has not been ruled out t.atf said in the past hour the guns used were all bought legally in the u.s. now, a search has been under way at the suspect's home throughout the fight. of course, we expect to learn a lot more, including more about the victims of this mass shooting. you can stay up to date on air and and the local app. >> reporter: i'm monique braxton live. this is what the residents of nicetown in this community are waking up to. a possible home invasion at apartment c. we have been speaking to the commander who says a male victim
6:59 am
told them someone knocked on his door just after 5:30 this morning. when he opened the door, he saw two men wearing ski masks. the victim says he was pistol whipped. police tell us a female who witnessed the attack has been taken to police headquarters for questioning. we've asked police if anything was taken, if the home is in disarray. i was told they are awaiting a search warrant to go inside. we have just seen detectives pull up and go inside. we will be following this still very active, very fluid investigation. live for now in nicetown, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. [ music playing ] and good thursday morning, i'm katy zachary with a look at your traffic we will start things offer a. lot of brake lights, if we take a look at your drive times between route 55 and the walt wittman bridge,
7:00 am
a little extra time. look for six minutes to head north t. walt whitman is looking good as are your area bridges. moving into pennsylvania, unfortunately, 95 southbound, we are seeing backup because of an earlier accident the last ten or 15 minutes has cleared. because the volume, it's slow going. 76, minor delays, no accidents there. 476 is looking good as well. here's a live look at 95 and south philadelphia around island avenue. if you are headed to philadelphia international airport, you should have a smooth ride ahead. >> clouds are blowing through the area. that's a live look through philadelphia. the turbines are flowing in a steady wind. we are seeing good gusts, too. you can see the clouds blowing lou the area. some hints of


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