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tv   Early Today  NBC  December 4, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EST

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remembering 14 lives lost. these are the victims of the california mass shooting and we're learning more about the man who carried out the attack. five months and counting. the budget battle continues. a new plan in harrisburg. we're starting off in the 30s and 40s, the wind has died down. let's look at the weekend. 4:00 a.m. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. let's get to meteorologist bill henley to look at the weekend and today's first alert forecast. >> starting off with a chill in the air. it is dying down this morning. there are still clouds in the area, 44 degrees in philadelphia with clouds, philadelphia is warmer with clear skies look at wilmington, millville below
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freezing, and it's in the 30s in south philadelphia, northeast philadelphia is in the low 40s right now. we'll see these temperatures climb a little higher than yesterday afternoon. 39 degrees at 6:00. 9:00, we'll be in the low 40s. look at the wind, much lighter out of the west at 6 miles an howard and sunshine, we're near 50 at lunch time and in the 50s for most of the area this afternoon. we'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. first katy zachry has traffic. >> happy friday. if you're getting up and out the door early you're good to go. this is a live look right at 95 at academy road. light traffic in both directions north and southbound. the drive times on 95, southbound to the vine street expressway from woodhaven only about 15 minutes so you can't beat that at this time. new jersey roads are looking good as well. 295, the 42 freeway is great, we said drive times in pennsylvania are solid. this is a live look in mercer county.
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295 at 195 where very few cars on the road there. >> it's 4:01. today a new push to get a budget passed in pennsylvania. earlier this week governor wolf said he expected progress by today. the state hasn't had a budget deal in nearly six months. matt delucia is live in the digital operations center with more on the plan. >> that's the thing, not much of anything has been released and revealed about what exactly is in this proposal, it's pretty much one big secret at the moment. what we know is that governor wolf is expected to meet with house democrats today and the republican senators are also expected to get a look at the deal that has been in the works. these meetings will be in private. earlier this week the governor said he believes that there will be a solution to this soon. now, pennsylvania as we mentioned gone more than five months without a budget and a stalemate has grown tiresome. state pre-k programs and domestic shelters an example of services hit as a result.
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the first vote on the budget is set to happen today in harrisburg in the house and senate are planning to keep working and voting through the weekend and into next week if necessary. part of the fighting here has been over sales tax, pensions and education funding. just a couple months from now you got to figure the governor has to give his budget address for 2016-17. as of now lawmakers are still dealing with this budget. matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." now to the investigation into the mass shooting in southern california. a law enforcement official says authorities are looking for a man who bought two rivals used wednesday. authorities recovered the rifles and they were bought legally. one of the attackers syed farook bought the pistols. a man bought the rifles. farouk and his wife died after authorities say they opened fire on a holiday party in san bernadino bern.
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the community came together to grieve for the 14 killed. 21 were hurt and now we're hearing from survivors and from the first officer to respond to the scene. >> it was unspeakable, the carnage that we were seeing, the number of people who were nired and unfortunately already dead. and the pure panic on the face of those individuals. >> i laid on the floor and put my feet against the floor and i had the other gentleman beside me do the same. he wasn't going to be able to get in. i guess if he did it would be over our dead bodies. ch >> investigators don't have a motive but some say the discovery of ammunition, weapons and pipe bombs at the attackers' home along with information about the suspects' past points to terrorism as a possible component. one of the 14 killed worked in cape may county. hear from those who knew and loved nicolas thalasinos.
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a dentist is worried how the shooting will impact how others perceive his faith. >> i was horrified. i hope it's not muslim. i hope it's not pakistani because you know, when somebody kills somebody that is so sad but when it comes the name of muslim into it, kind of an ugly situation. >> fearing potential backlash the council quickly spoke out after the mass shooting condemning the attack. >> one day after the mass shooting the senate voted down another attempt to expand background checks for gun buyers. the measure co-written by pennsylvania toomey would expand checks to all gun purchases including those on line and at gun shows. right now you only need a check at licensed gun dealers. this is the same bill the senate rejected following the shooting at sandy hook elementary school. in new jersey lawmakers fell three votes short in attempt to
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override governor christie's bill. the bill would require police be notified when potential gun buyers tried to erase their mental health records. democrats say christie vetoed the bill. >> with delaware county officials will draw attention to the growing problem of swatting, that's when someone calls in a fake report about an active shooter, hostage or other potentially dangerous situation in order to get a response from s.w.a.t. teams. political leaders will join to talk about swatting and what can be done about it. new jersey has toughened up its laws against swatting. the governor signed a bill that includes prison terms and huge fines for swatters. after gloucester county assembly man sponsored the bill he was a victim. he testified before state homeland security security officials about a prankster who house. >> a two-game suspension for jahlil okafor doesn't mean the
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trouble around the rookie center is going away soon. the city of camden has rejected his guilty plea for a speeding incident and reopened the case. his lawyer went before a judge yesterday. the municipal court rejected the guilty plea and fine. the center admitted to driving 108 miles an hour across the ben franklin bridge in october. his attorney maintained the only reason the case is reopened is video surfaced of okafor fighting outside a bar and that incident publicized the speeding ticket. >> a shame that any other defendant would come in and be able to enter into a plea agreement and it wouldn't matter but because of who he is now he is almost victimized. >> this is video from the bar fight last week. the teen superstar was assigned a security guard and suspended for two games. that ends on tuesday. >> happening today jim kenney will take questions in a town
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hall style meeting. he has been holding these to get feedback. topics from public safety to improving education, tonight's meeting is the at strawberry mansion high school at 7:30. today is graduation day for more than 50 police recruits, most will join the philadelphia police department. one will work for the housing authority and another is headed to falls township. a police chief in bucks county is retiring after more than 40 years of service. chief william wigman is calling it a career. the department held a retirement celebration last night. eight minutes after 4:00. it is friday, and it's a little chillier this morning. a chilly morning. we're in for bright sunshine. a sunny day and look likes the weekend will be nice with plenty of sunshine for saturday and sunday. there is some cold air moving in during the morning. we're feeling that this morning.
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doylestown 38, 31 in millville, clouds helping to keep philadelphia in the 40s right now. otherwise clear, no sign of precipitation, not expecting rain, no snowflakes. the clouds will be thinning out this morning, we're starting off with that cloud cover, that will actually help stop the progress of the cooling down this morning so may not get a lot chillier than it is now. thicker clouds to the south, behind the clouds nothing to show you on the radar screen. it is dry. so the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood calling for partly sunny skies for allentown, quakertown and reading with afternoon temperatures near 50 degrees. less windy for doylestown, trenton and mount holly. up to 51 in rehobeth, 50 degrees even atlantic city and vineland. sunny along the coast and mostly sunny for philadelphia, swedesboro and wilmington. and the weekend is looking sunny. we're in the low 50s today. saturday and sunday the temperatures will be climbing into the low 50s saturday, but a
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milder sunday afternoon after a chilly morning. got the extended forecast when i'm back in ten. >> we'll seal you then. let's check your early morning ride to work. specifically the vine street expressway. katy has that. >> tracy, it's another morning we're seeing the vine street expressway in both directions close down because of overnight construction. but it should lift around 5:00 a.m. so we have about 50 more minutes of that. but the vine in both directions is closed down. 95 is looking good. if the you're taking 95 southbound in center city philadelphia you have a smooth ride. any construction projects on new jersey roads they should lift around 6:00 a.m. this is just outside of center city philadelphia, 76 right at the conshohocken curve, very light traffic on the roadway. there was an accident on 76 eastbound headed into the city about an hour and a half ago. that cleared quickly. this is 95 right in delaware around the wilmington area. your drive times on 95 north and south if you go between 295 and 495, they are really good.
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about 10 minutes in both directions there. when i see you in a bit we'll look at area bridges. tttáu and bured tape some of the reasons for veterans affairs runner-ups. last month the director of the philadelphia v.a. got demoted. but now because of an error that is no longer the case. plus this. ♪ musical history is made on nbc 10. next, hear from philadelphia music legend kenny gamble how the original wiz changed entertainment.
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happening now, back in
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business. this is one of the cafes in paris where people were killed in the terror attacks. it reopened this morning. the bataclan concert hall will reopen next year. 130 people died in those attacks and france is still under state of emergency. >> 4:14. congress approve add five-year transportation bill that provides more than $300 billion to repair and expand highways and bridges. it also funds mass transit, gives states the money for major road projects and puts new emphasis on road safety. lawmakers did not raise the gas tax to pay for it, instead, they will move money from other areas. the bill is on the way to president obama who says he will sign it. also on capitol hill senate republicans pushed through legislation to defund planned parenthood and cripple the affordable care act. the house is expected to approve the bill in days but president obama has promised to veto both. >> the department of veterans affairs rescind add demotion of two high ranking officials after
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a paperwork mix-up. one of them is from philadelphia. diana rubens was the director of the regional office for the veterans benefits administration. the v.a.'s acting inspector general said in a report ruby rubens forced lower managers to accept transfers against their will. in november she was demoted from senior executive to a general worker but there was a discrepancy in the demotion paperwork so now the v.a. has to rescind the demotion and reissue it. >> this morning a secret service is in crisis, that's according to a congressional oversight committee which says the agency is in worse shape than previously known. a bipartisan report revealed previously undisclosed breaches of security lapse that could have endangered president obama. >> a lot of people with guns near the president that the secret service didn't know had guns. how does that happen? >> the report blames budget cuts for leaving the agency understaffed and overworked.
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the white house is standing behind joe clancey who the president hired to reorganize. an exfiance of charlie sheen sued claiming he didn't disclose he was hiv positive until after they had relations. the suit was filed yesterday in los angeles superior court by brett rossi. it claims she and sheen had an intimate relationship five times before she learned he was hiv positive. his attorney says the actor will contest the suit. the star publicly disclosed he was hiv positive on the "today" show last month. >> happening today children's hospital of philadelphia and saint christopher's will join to help child sex abuse victims. they will cut the ribbon at the children's alliance. the facility will treat victims of child sexual abuse and help them investigate the justice system. >> it's a big weekend for temple football. tomorrow at noon the owls take on number 17 houston.
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the two teams met four times and all four times houston won. the winner of this game is expected to go to either the peach or the fiesta bowl. this is temple's biggest game since it lost to notre dame in october. and buffalo, new york has broken a snowfall record. that might not sound out of the ordinary but this will be for lack of snow. at 12:01 this morning buffalo broke a record that has stood since 1899, the latest first snow of the season. so what is the highway department in buffalo doing when there is no snow on the ground on december 4? >> it's not going to snow, then we continue paving. but the quarry is going to close. then we move into our trees, we have 180 trees to be removed. we'll be removing trees. >> they did have their fair share of snow last year. remember this. known as snovember. 8 feet of snow fell in three days last year. cars were trapped, people
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trapped in homes. according to the national weather service the buffalo area had more than 90 days with more than an inch of snow on the ground. 18 minutes after 4:00. we're not the only ones that are warm this time of year. it's december, but this morning things are running chillier than yesterday. we have clouds moving into the area, not expecting to see qs f. 44 degrees in philadelphia. that is a little cooler than yesterday. down by 6 degrees. the suburbs have dropped in the 30s. and we will see sunshine, though there are some clouds that have blown into the area. so a little bit of a breeze blowing, stronger in the mountains and the rest of the area. 8-mile-an-hour wind, nowhere near the strong gusts we saw during the day yesterday which topped 30 miles an hour. some areas got closer to 40 miles an hour. these clouds blowing in this morning will not stay with us all day. they are going to help act as a blanket and keep in some of the
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heat. the golder spots are the spots that are clear, and delaware and south jersey. but everybody is going to see a warm-up as the sun will be bright going into mid morning. by lunch time we'll be in the low 50s and at 3:00 this afternoon nothing but sunshine and temperatures in the low 50s. and less windy as well. so forecast is calling for sunglasses after clouds this morning, we'll see sunny skies and temperatures that will be in the upper 40s and low 50s. we're on track for sunshine for both saturday and sunday. trch full seven-day forecast in the next half hour. >> weekend looks great. thanks. 4:19. look at 295, katy zachry is watching the roads. >> don't you love when bill orders up nice weather for the winter. especially on the weekends, right. taking a live look outside, this is in mount laurel, 295 at exit 43 very few cars on the road. 295 not going to see problems this morning. the 42 freeway is looking good, you might see construction 295
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meets wp the 42 freeway. you can see drive times on 295 southbound between 38 and 168 only about 13 minutes, 42 freeway if you are headed northbound, the walt whitman bridge, that's only going to take about five minutes. there is some of that construction but not tying anything up. if you take one of the area bridges the ben, the betsy, the walt, everything is free and clear. no speed restrictions. and also if you're taking 76 throughout center city, philadelphia, if the you're starting at the turnpike eastbound coming to center city you have a smooth ride ahead om about 18 minutes. tracy. ♪ >> before the wiz live there was "the wiz." it renamed the wizard of oz and paving the road for diversity.
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kenny reflects on how the original wiz changed show business. here is keith jones. >> behind the characters, costumes and choruses. ♪ when i think of home i think of a place where there is love ♪ >> a cultural touchstone. all black cast critical acceptance, progress at the eyes of philly music legend kenny gamble. >> i don't think there had been an african-american musical until "the wiz." >> that was 1975. gamble and huff producers of soul music. wiz would earn seven tonys including best musical. diana rorks michael jackson. nipsy russell and richard pryor standard on the big screen. >> the same message not only with african-americans but
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everyone as they were going down the yellow brick road and singing, happy, and once they got there, the message was hey, listen, you got to make it happen for yourself. >> 40 years later. >> i, the all powerful wiz decided to grant your wishes. >> queen latifah, the message as important today as it was then. >> doesn't matter the color of your skin, i mean, and eventually the world will get to that place. unfortunately, the world ask not at that place yet. especially in america. >> from dorothy in 1939, to "the wiz." >> pick the right people to be around and you get encouragement and educate yourself, that's number one. and i think your life will be fine. >> keith jones, "nbc 10 news." >> it's 4:22. well, this is no work of
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fiction. several philadelphia libraries had to close doors but it's not because of funding issues or lack of visitors. we'll tell you about the health concerns. and history comes alive in delaware. next see how dozens of writers and artists put together their version of a 70-page bible. this holiday, ford america's best-selling brand is giving you more. the ford holiday sales event... with 0% financing for 60 months on 2015 f-150 and focus and 2016 fusion and escape. plus 1,000 dollars holiday bonus cash
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on 2015 focus and 2016 fusion and escape. it's the best gift ever. now during the ford holiday sales event get 0% financing for 60 months plus 1,000 dollars holiday bonus cash on select vehicles. see your local ford dealer. mike? janet? cough if you can hear me. don't even think about it. i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. yeah...but what about mike? he has that dry scratchy thing going on. guess what? it works on his cough too.
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cough! guess what? it works on his cough too. what? stop! don't pull me! spoiler alert! she doesn't make it! only mucinex dm relieves both wet and dry coughs for 12 hours with two medicines in one pill. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. a handwritten bible that took 15 years to complete will be on display in delaware. today the museum opens its illuminating the word exhibition. you'll be able to see 70 pages of a handwritten hand painted bible commissioned by a college in minnesota. every letter and illustration
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was done by hand. the nearly two dozen artists used turkey, goose and squaun quills, animal skin for paper, and candle smoke and soot for ink. they call at labor of love and they want you to see it for yourself. >> you are a person who loves books, a person of strong faith it's going to be a natural for you. if you are a person of no faith and love art there will be something for you as well >> the museum is next to delaware state capitol in dover. it runs through march 27. >> 4:26. 44 degrees in the city. the suburbs have dropped into the 30s. there is a chill in the air this morning. but we've got a nice turn around when it comes to temperatures during the day. your hour by hour forecast is just ahead. first katy zachry. >> we have a good ride outside. things are looking good on our majors in pennsylvania and new
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jersey and delaware. this is 73 at the ac expressway. we'll look at the shore and tell you how traffic is moving there. >> happening this weekend changes for regional rail riders. why septa train riders in center city will have to get on buses for part of their trip.
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new from overnight officer injured. a crash sends a philadelphia police officer to the hospital and the driver of the other car is now under arrest. new details emerging about the man behind the california mass shootings. and one of the 14 killed in san bernadino has ties to our area.
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today we could see progress in pennsylvania's budget battle. a new proposal will be announced. about 4:30. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. let's start your day off get you an update on the weather with meteorologist bill henley. his first alert forecast. >> tracy, it was a windy one yesterday. the winds started to come down. there is a breeze past boathouse row. so the temperatures that have been cooling with cloud cover won't get a lot chillier in philadelphia in the 40s but look at the chill in the air for wilmington and for millville. millville below freezing, atlantic city at 37 degrees. it's a colder start this morning than what we saw yesterday. light wind and 42 degrees at 6:00, by 9:00 the clouds move out. we'll see sunshine, and that will take us up to 49 degrees at lunch time. still climbing in the 50s this afternoon. we'll go through it neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back. first let's check win


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