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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  December 4, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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alert forecast. it's going to warm up. >> yes. though it's chilly now and there is a little breeze though not the gusty winds we saw yesterday morning. the wind out of the northwest is just 5 miles an hour in pottstown. 6-mile-an-hour breeze in millville where the temperatures are lower. the wind chill readings in the 20s for wilmington and millville. p you may need to bundle up. it is dry and we'll see sunshine warm things up after the clouds clear this morning, 48 degrees at 10:00. and by 1:00 this afternoon much less wind, a 9-mile-an-hour breeze and 50 degrees. we'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in 10 minutes. katy zachry has 4 first alert traffic. >> unfortunately i don't have the great news that you put forth with the weather. we're following an accident. this is in south jersey in burlington city, route 130 this gets to be a busy stretch around this time. north and southbound right at
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high street. that is closed because of a vehicle that hit a pole, wires down, i'm hearing there was a fire and there are injuries. you'll want to take 295 to avoid it. 295 runs parallel with 130 stoxt avoid 130 until i give you the clear. in pennsylvania, 95 at the betsy ross bridge, a look at traffic picking up. not long ago there was construction at the betsy ross bridge and also at cottman avenue along 95 has been cleared. the drive times when cottman, about 9 minutes in both directions. >> it's 6:01. we got this breaking news in, just outside of baltimore a police officer was shot in the face early this morning in aberdeen. we expect to get new information when police give an update. what we know, aberdeen police are looking for the person who shot the officer. they say they are following
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leads the officer is conscious and communicating in stable condition. the officer, we'll bring you updates as soon as possible. >> happening today more efforts to timely pass a budget in pennsylvania and we could see some real progress today in harrisburg. we'll see. nbc 10's matt delucia is live in the digital operations center this morning. governor tom wolf sells he expects a deal before christmas. >> he hopes so, tracy. it's been a long wait. the proposaling discuss std pretty much one secret. the governor is expected to meet and the senators are expected to look at the deal in the workings. these meetings will be in private and pennsylvania we mentioned now going more than five months without a budget. the stalemate has grown tiresome. the state pre-k programs, domestic violence shelters services hit as a result. the first vote is set to happen
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today in harrisburg, in the house and senate are planning to keep working and voting through the weekend into next week if necessary. part of the fighting has been over sales tax, pensions and education funding. we're going to follow what happens today and throughout the weekend in harrisburg. and as many of the lawmakers hope that deal will happen soon. live in the digital operations center, i'm matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." >> now to the deadly mass shooting in california. investigators say they found stockpiles of ammunition and dozens of pipe bombs in the home of the couple they say carried out the attack. one law enforcement official says authorities are looking for a man who bought two rifles. they were bought legally. the attackers died in the shoot-out with police after authorities say they opened fire on a holiday party in san bernadino. the community there came together last night grieve for the 14 killed. 21 others were injured. now we hear from survivors and
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from the first officer to respond to the scene. >> it was unspeakable the carnage we were seeing, the number of people who were injured and already dead. and the pure panic on the face of those individuals, >> i laid on the floor and put my feet against the door and had the other gentleman do the same. he wasn't going to be able to get in f. he did it would have been over our dead bodies. >> investigators don't have a motive but some say the discovery of ammunition, weapons and pipe bombs at the attackers' home along with information about the past points to terrorism as possible component. >> the muslim community has new concerns following the mass shooting in california. in ardmore, he is worried about how the shooting will impact how others perceive his faith. >> i was horrified and praying i hope it's not a muslim. i hope it's not pakistani because you know, when somebody
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kills somebody that is so sad but when it comes the name of muslims into it, it kind of an ugly situation. >> the council on american is m islamic relaelgss condemning the attack. >> on the day after new jersey lawmakers came up short in attempt to override governor christie's veto of a gun bill. the bill would require police to be notified when potential gun buyers tried to eerase their mental health records. >> two-game suspension for jahlil okafor. does it mean the trouble around the center is going away soon? the city of camden rejected okafor's guilty plea for a speeding incident and reopened a case. his lawyer went before a judge yesterday. the court rejected the guilty plea and fine he admitted to
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driving 108 miles per hour across the ben franklin bridge. the only reason the case is being reopened is because video surfaced of okafor fighting outside a par and that incident pub sized a speeding ticket. >> a shame that any other defendant would come in and be able to enter into a plea agreement and it wouldn't matter. because of who he is now he's almost becoming victimized. >> this is from the bar fight last week. the teen superstar was assigned a security guard and suspended two games. that ends on tuesday. >> a big sign today. the blue cross tree lighting ceremony and monique braxton is live. tell us about the time preparations happening. >> reporter: we are here to officially launch winter fest and invite you to the countdown for the fireworks, a little bit tonight, basically the tree
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lighting ceremony this evening. one new attraction here is the open area, this has been expa expanded. at this philadelphia traction. if you want to come down early, beat the crowd this is the what's in store for you. there are open face tottages. the delaware river water front corporation tells us they wants to provide a space for groups to reserve, have a catered party and take a break from skiing and skating. >> they are decorated, there is a heater inside so it's warm, we have great pillows, wreaths, nice foliage and each one is individually decorated so they look a little bit different. >> also new this year is the frank lin fountain. if it sounds familiar, yes, the confectionary owners are
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offering their signature milk shakes as well as liquid chocolate. join us this evening at 6:30 as we count down to the tree lighting. there are some lights on the tree but it's all aglow for our guests tonight. we're all excited and we want you to be as excited as well. live along winter fest, monique braxton, "nbc 10 news." >> look likes they got the fake snow machine running or bugs in the area because there is no wet weather in the region. we're getting a colder breeze this morning. the sun will come out after some morning clouds clear out and that will start a warming process. we'll have a turn around in the temperatures for saturday and sunday. 43 now in reading with cloudy skies. mostly cloudy over philadelphia but clear at 43.
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feel see sunshine and less windy day. there is much of a breeze to make it feel like the 20s or 30s. there is confirmation nothing out of the clouds and no organized storms so we're in the clear today and the weekend. partly sunny skies camelback, 47, bethlehem up to 47, warmer in pennsburg, 49. and you'll see after morning clouds. low 50s at the store. for avalon and ventnor city at 50. and 52 in symrna with sunshine. and mostly sunny for will mipg on the and newark. 49 degrees this afternoon and into the low 50s for philadelphia. it will be warmer this weekend. the seven-day forecast with the timing when i'm back. >> we launched sky force 10 to get you this video of round 130.
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directly across from a high school. a car crashed into a pole on its side, wires are down in the area. we checked. doesn't look like there are outables. katy says all lanes of route 130 are blocked in that area. let's get you an update. >> yes, in that area. that's what i'm seeing from the information feet lee about 10 minutes ago. in the last 10 minutes it looks like from the video the crews fanned out over both directions. north and southbound between high street and 543 in that area. i would avoid it as they clean up. looks like there was a fuel spill and that vehicle overturned. in this area of south jers the two run parallel. i'm getting reports of an accident on the schoogle expressway near south street. im trying to find it.
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i'll have more information coming up. but your drive times on 76 out of center city to the blue roud only about 120 minutes. >> looking for answers to a graing problem. next, what local lawmakers are doing today to help combat squatting.
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>> 6:14. 44 degrees. happening today family, friends and colleagues will say a final farewell to the police officer who was killed while responding to the shooting at a colorado planned parenthood last week. officer garrett swasey died. two other people were killed in the attack and nine others hurt.
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>> congress approve add 5-year transportation bill and provides more than $300 billion to repair and expand highways and bridges. it also funds mass transit. it gives states the money for major road projects and puts new emphasis on road safety. lawmaker desire not raise the gas tax to pay for it. instead they will move money from other areas. the bill is on its way to president obama who says he will sign it. >> also on capitol hill senate republicans pushed through legislation to defund planned parenthood and cripple the affordable care act. the house is expected to approve the bills in days but president obama promised to veto both. >> the pentagon will open all combat jobs to women. it's an historic policy shift for the u.s. military. ash carter announced the move saying our military cannot effectively defend the nation if half of the population is not allowed to serve. women will now be able to fill some 220,000 roles currently
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only open to men. >> we have breaking news just in. germany has approved plans to provide military support in the fight against isis. germany plans to send reconnaissance plans, tanker aircraft and about 1200 support personnel. this decision follows the deadly attacks in paris, several other countries have joined in the attacks against isis in syria including the uk just two days ago. and happening today one of the paris bars targeted will reopen today. gun men killed five people during the assault. people near the bar support the reopening saying they need to continue won their life as it was before the attacks. let's get you out the door and on the roads. there's an accident on 76. >> katy, bring us up to speed. >> this is an accident, 76 t schuylkill expressway as you make your way eastbound to around south street. so this is the eastbound traffic
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moving this way. this is westbound. westbound is not affected. there is no gaper delay. and i'm told that the accident is right on the shoulder but if you know this part of the expressway you know how narrow that shoulder is. so see if you can take the left lane as you approach south street and get around it. there are police officers out there. hopefully that will be cleared. we've seen police for some time. this is route 130, northbound near tyler street. however, north and southbound right now between high street and route 543 is closed to traffic because of that cleanup mess out there. we understand a vehicle hit a pole, there are downed wires, there was a fire as a result. this is the in a pretty busy area. you'll want to take 295 around this and i'll let you know when that happens.
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>> chill is in the air this morning. the temperatures have been dropping. the good news is skies are clear at the shore. you can see it's dry on the pavement this morning. a clear view that there is no sign of the wet weather. we still had some of yesterday morning. this morning you see the clouds that moved in over philadelphia. this is a live view at the nbc 10 studios, enough of a cloud deck to help keep temperatures from falling much lower. and there are some thin spots in the clouds. we'll see those increasing, so sunshine will take over. 44 degrees right now in philadelphia. with the wind blowing out of the west at 9 miles an hour. a wind chill of 39. that's not the only spot that feels colder. pocono mountains, man made snow is on the ground. that's the view from shawnee. you'll see clouds to start with in the mountains but some sunshine breaking through too. nowhere near as windy as yet but enough of a breeze to make it feel colder. the wind chills are in the 20s
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tor wilmington, feel likes 29 degrees, 36 in northeast philadelphia. less wind in allentown. here are the clouds on that wind. the clouds will thin out, sunshine and a lot of this weekend too. for today, afternoon temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s, becoming sunny. out of the northwest at 12 miles an hour. tomorrow less wind and with clear skies overnight 33 to start with. a colder start. a milder afternoon. 53 with bright sunshine and look at sunday up to 57. a few clouds roll in but it will stay dry monday and tuesday. another warm-up. >> look at that weekend. 6:19. caught in the act and now police have new information on the two stealing packages. an update from police. a philadelphia police officer is hospital itzed after she's involved in a car crash.
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>>. >> it's 6:23. 44 degrees. you take a live look at cape may, new jersey from our camera atop the marquis de lafayette hotel at beach avenue. get to the low 50s according to bill henley. >> new from overnight a police officer is in the hospital with minor injuries after a driver crashed into the back of her cruiser in south philadelphia. the officer was stopped at 25th and passayunk around 12:30 when this happened. police arrested the car's driver for dui. two people escaped a fire at this home safely on south reed avenue in runnemede camden county. firefighters got a call when they showed up there was a fire in the basement. firefighters are investigating what started that fire. >> and we have new information about the thieves who stole
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packages off of people's steps in new castle county. police issued warrants for the two men they believe are in this video. the video showing a car pulling up minutes after a delivery, then a man in the steelers jersey gets out and starts taking the boxes into his car. here is another look at the two men wanted. brandon tony and michael leary, police are asking anyone who knows who they are and where they are to come forward. philadelphia district attorney seth williams reassigned three prosecutors involved in an e-mail scandal. he made the move yesterday, the three part after group that exchanged sexually explicit e-mails when they were working at the state attorney general's office. they now work for the philadelphia d.a., the city council is calling on williams to fire the three men. >> happening today, the last day of the camp out for hunger. a live look now in south philly. they got the music going.
6:25 am
all week long the wmmr morning team has been collecting food and donations. you can make donations at the camp out through 11:00 this morning. >> good friday morning. i'm katy zachry. this is 295 at route 30 in south jersey. this stretch of both those roads is looking pretty good. farther south we're following a crash, a pretty sizable accident scene along 130 northbound. i'll tell you what you need to take to get around that mess. we're also following new information, there was an accident on the schuylkill expressway at south street, that just cleared so good news on the traffic front bill, how does it look? >> we've got some clouds rolling through the area. 44 degrees at 6:25. the good news is the radar is completely clear, nothing falling from those clouds. your hour by hour forecast ahead. >> i'm matt delucia live in the digital operations center following the latest on what is
6:26 am
happening with the budget stalemate in harrisburg. lawmakers are expected to meet later on this morning. i'll explain what's happening, next. >> and changes happening this weekend for some septa riders. we'll tell you why you might have to take the bus instead of the train.
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about 6:30. the push for a state budget has been more than five months but now a plan could finally end the stalemate in harrisburg. we'll tell you all about it. >> trying to find a motive. police in california still don't have an answer for why 14 people were killed in a mass shooting but we'll tell what you they are learning about the husband and wife accused of carrying out the attack. >> warming trend. parts of the region seeing temperatures in the 30s today,
6:30 am
but it will be a different story this weekend. all you need to know in our first alert forecast is coming up in a second. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. it's 44 degrees in philadelphia. meteorologist bill henley is here with his forecast, chilly morning but a warm-up for the weekend. >> that's it exactly. we do have clouds moving through the area this morning and this is actually helping to keep the chill out of most of philadelphia. colder without these clouds but the spots that are a little bit clearer are running chillier this morning. look at toms river at 30 degrees. 34 in millville, and 34 in wilmington. 10 degrees warmer in philadelphia. but in south philadelphia at fifth and warten 38 degrees. so a chill is in the area. colder than yesterday. clouds to start with will clear by 11:00. by 2:00 this afternoon, 50 degrees and climbing. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. for now it's a friday, check out the commute. katy has your traffic.
6:31 am
>> it is a friday, a mixed bag we're seeing. this is the vine street expressway. so for drivers on the vine, your average speeds are in the 40s now, east and westbound, traffic moving pretty smoothly, construction lifted that had closed the vine off to traffic. so everything on the vine is looking good. 476 good as well. a live look at 76, earlier the eastbound lane right in here there was a crash, it was off on the shoulder bleeding into the right-hand lane. that cleared in minutes. after it happened and there was no gaper delay on the westbound side. into south jersey in burlington city there is a crash on route 130, northbound at tyler street but the area around tyler between high street and 543 you are going to want to avoid until the scene is clear. take 295 around that. >> thanks. we could see progress in harrisburg today as lawmakers gather to try and push for a state budget in pennsylvania.
6:32 am
matt delucia is live in our digital operations center with the new plan proposed in the state capital. what do we know? >> we're entering day 157 without a budget in pennsylvania. not much has been revealed about what exactly is in this proposal. it's pretty much one big secret but what we know is that governor wolf is expected to meet with house democrats and the republican senators are expected to get a look at the deal in the works. these meetings will be in private. earlier the governor said that he believes there will be a resolution to this issue soon. domestic try lens shelters an example of services hit as a result. the first vote on a budget is set to happen today, in the house and the senate are planning to keep working and voting through the weekend and into next week if necessary. and a couple of months from now the governor has to give his address for 2015-17, but as of now the lawmakers in harrisburg are still dealing with this
6:33 am
budget. matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. officials investigating the deadly mass shooting in california say they found stockpiles of ammunition and a dozen pipe bombs in the home of the couple believed to have carried out the attack. also law enforcement official says authorities are look forge a man who bought two rifles used in wednesday's shooting. investigators are trying to figure out why the attackers carried out the massacre and whether terrorism played a role. the two died after they opened fire on a party killing 14 and wounding 21. >> one of the victims of the deadly attack had ties to our region. nicolas worked as a health inspector in cape may county for 14 years until 2002, he moved to california to take a similar job there. he was in the party when the shooters opened fire. his former colleagues are in disbelief. his wife says he knew the
6:34 am
gunman. >> he knew syed. he never had anything bad to say about him. >> suddenly we have one of our own out there in california now that is murdered by these terrorists. >> he leaves two sons and a former wife in new jersey and pennsylvania. delaware county officials will draw attention to the growing problem of swatting. that's when someone calls in fake report about an active shooter, hostage or other potentially dangerous situation in order to get a response from police s.w.a.t. teams. political leaders will join to talk about swatting and what can be done. new jersey has toughened its laws against swatting. the governor signed a bill that includes prison terms and huge fines. after gloucester county assemblyman sponsored that bill he says he was a victim of swatting. he testified before homeland security officials against a
6:35 am
prankster who called out to his home. >> philadelphia getting into the christmas sbirt the blue cross river rink tree lighting. monique braxton is live for us. there are a number of new things in this year's winter fest. >> that's right. we're here as the proud sponsor of the river rink and we are officially launching the christmas tree lighting this evening, i'll tell you more about that later. look at this. this is what we are used to seeing ginger bread houses look like. during the holiday season. but if you come on this side. check throughout life size ginger bread house. it's a bank branch posted by pnc. the columns portray the 12 days of christmas. this was made by the third generation owner says 5,000 pounds of ginger bread and a lot of love went into the project.
6:36 am
>> we had to make special cookie cutters for this, then bake it off and store it. >> i'm looking at several i guess hundreds of squares of ginger bread. >> i think in between. share how you put it together. >> well, we used a thicker -- inside a royal icing, outside because of the weather we used a formula of caulk and royal icing. >> so we asked karen how long this baked master piece will last. she told us three months. that means it will be in place for the official tree lighting and no doubt it will be frozen in place when the fireworks show happens on new year's eve. once again nabz 10 is a proud
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sponsor. live in winter fest. "nbc 10 news." >> countdown and with that the holiday season can begin. the city flipped the switch on the tree last night. a 45-footer and will be sparkling in the court yard for the next few weeks. >> music helped in camden last night. the holiday tree is shining for the first time at roosevelt plaz park. the stree synchronized with lights and sound and there is santa in line watching the whole thing. >> it's 6:37. commuters will see changes on several septa rail lines today and tomorrow. may need alternate trains or buses because of closures in center city. workers will perform nj mains in the tunnel that connects between tunnel street and university city.
6:38 am
6:38. and it's chillier this morning. there is a chill in the air and a cold breeze blowing too. fortunately it's not as windy as yesterday. and even though we've got clouds this morning they will be clearing out for this afternoon and a mild weekend with plenty of sunshine. saturday and sunday. clouds over mount pocono, 36 degrees, trenton, chillier at 39 but look at wilmington. 34 degrees, one of the colder spots. this is the view from the french manner. the screen is clear and that's not going to change today, tonight, tomorrow. in the foreseeable future we're likely to stay storm free. 44 degrees in mount pocono. allentown and quakertown near 50. partly sunny skies in doylestown, more sunshine this afternoon than this morning and
6:39 am
at the shore nothing but sunshine. we'll see plenty of sunshine, too, we'll warm into the low 50s in philadelphia, swedesboro and wilmington, each location up to 51 degrees. clouds, then more sunshine later on and we're on track for a sunny weekend. the seven-day when i'm back in ten minutes. >> let's get another update on the situation in burlington city. >> katy has been watching it. >> i've been watching this crash about ap hour and a half ago in burlington city. along 130 especially northbound you want to take an alternate. traffic is slowing as you fete to the seen. ear's a look from skoor force 10. this vehicle you see on its side we understand it hit a utility pole. we're hearing there was a fire
6:40 am
and injuries because of this scene. you're going to want to avoid that. take 295 which runs parallel with this part of route 130 in this zex of south jersey. moving on now a wider look we have delays. 95 southbound as you approach. going to be slowed to the 20s for your miles per hour. then parts of 76 eastbound if you head to the walt whitman bridge. i did check mass transit. pretty much on or close to. you want to have a heads up there. >> thank you. six incidents in the last ten months, up next, why some libraries are forced to close their doors in philadelphia. what employees are told to do. septa is planning to extend its reach to a popular place.
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>> former stone temple pilots front man scott weiland is dead at the age of 48. his manager says the singer died in his sleep and was found on his tour bus in minnesota. while his cause of death is unknown the performer had well dock upped struggles with heroin, cocaine and alcohol. people are returning more than books to the library these days. bed bugs are making their way inside some libraries. yesterday the holmesburg branch was treated. this is the tenth time they have been found in philly libraries in six months. you won't get a heads up about the problem. at the holmesburg branch the sign only said it was closed because of a building emergency.
6:45 am
library officials say it's not part of protocol to tell patronings. >> police are joining the city school district in the investigation of a high school principal accused of pushing a student during a confrontation earlier this week. the principal abdul mohammed was brought to the school to help get it back on track but he allegedly lost his cool about a uniform violation. sources say the girl spit on him and he pushed her. the student wasn't hurtd. mo ha head has been resigh signed pending the investigation. >> stockton university's former president who oversaw the deal to buy the show boat casino is leading. herman so itcamp has been on medical leave. he will leave december 31 we $47,000 owed him for unused vacation time and a small payment for medical insurance. he was president when stockton bought it.
6:46 am
restrictions kept them from turning it into a campus. the university signed on a new president last april when satcamp went on leave. >> you might be able to take a septa train to the king of prussia mall. the economy league released a study outlining the benefits of extending rail service. the new service would reduce traffic, create thousands of construction jobs and help the economy. >> this is a great opportunity to transportation, making service much more lee liable and convenient for customers. >> the project would cost hundreds of millions. ♪ maybe you saw it last night on nbc 10. the modern day twist of "the
6:47 am
wiz", lots of local watch parties in wilmington, they welcomed the fans for a free showing there. attendees brought unwrapped toys and books for a kids toy drifk. the organizers say turnout was higher than expected. >> you can feel the energy in the room. you see the older parents, they are singing along to the songs they recognize. and they are dancing along with their children and it's a wonderful warm feeling. the lgbt community hosted their own watch party there. nbc 10 at the community center there was also a pre-better free food and live performances. clouds moving through the area this morning. the temperatures overnight have been moving down. but we will see some sunshine to see the numbers turn around
6:48 am
nicely and will wind up warmer than it did yesterday. the clouds blowing in on a lighter wind, fortunately that yesterday. the winds gusting to near 40 miles an hour. the clouds not producing raindrops or snowflakes for that matter. not with temperatures in the 40s in philadelphia. 44 degrees, a little bit of a chill in the air with wind out of the west at 9 miles an hour. look how clear it is in cape may. a great view of the blue sky over the ocean with clouds in the distance. the wind is blowing. stronger in reading at 12. a wind chill of 37 degrees right now in reading but look at the wind chills in wilmington. in new jersey, millville feel likes so bundle up. there you can see them. they end in south jersey. but the thicker clouds stay out of the picture and these clouds will be clearing so stand by to enjoy a warmer afternoon,
6:49 am
becoming sunny after clouds this morning. afternoon temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s. after some cold mornings. and tund into december will be warmer. 57 the high after temperatures start below freezing. hanukkah sunday evening and it will be chilly. by monday morning the low 30s. but we will see a warm-up later in the week. tuesday afternoon chilly at 36 in the morning, then up to 51 and by thursday we'll see temperatures in the upper 50s. >> thanks b. 10 minutes before 7:00. let's get you up on your right to work. >> there is a cvs and car dealers in that corner. tell us more. >> a busy corner especially as the morning commute progresses. so we do know that police are on the scene now. directing traffic around this
6:50 am
cash at lisler. between high street and route 543. you have -- excuse me. you have police directing traffic around the scene. they cleaned up a potential fire, a hold in the roadway. you can take 29 fight. activity is out there and it's going to delay you if you head on 130 northbound in perlington. south into new jersey this is a live look in cam pen, 76 and market, our traffic shows traffic moving well. no issues to report. moving into pennsylvania, 95 at girard avenue we know this stretch. a lot of brake lights we see your if drive times between allegheny and the vine street expressway around 5-minutes. that's better so things are looking good. >> thanks. 10 minutes benefit 7:00.
6:51 am
family members investigators reveal new details about the murders that this man is accused of. ricardo santiago charged with killing his ex-girlfriend and her baby girl. prosecutors say he strangled neidy in her home last week, and is also accused of il kg her daughter genesis. police say santiago pleaded not guilty. a judge curveballed his baf to 2,000. >> reporter: kenney will take questions, he has been holding thegs all week to get feedback from neighbors and from his constituent wednesdays. topics prom pub lincoln safety. tonight's meeting on ridge avenue. >> i'm matt delucia live in the digital operations center. more than five months without a
6:52 am
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you got your big games... ...and regular games. get it all at a great price... ...and the holiday season is won. everything in one place. my giant.
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you got your big games... ...and regular games. get it all at a great price... ...and the holiday season is won. everything in one place. my giant. the holmesburg 14 and under football team is headed to florida. nbc 10 was out there earlier today as they boarded campers to drive to kissimmee. the tigers play in a national championship tournament over the next week. the team has been asking for donations for the trip. the city came through with $5,000. the kids raised some collecting change and then the parents and coaches chipped in for the rest. >> it's a great experience for these kids. they worked hard all year. we have a lot of fun down there for a week. they get to go to universal studios. we'll have fun. good teams from all over the
6:56 am
country. >> what arn experience. the team is collecting donations. you can go to to get to their go fund me page. >> game ended. >> it's being called a miracle in motown. the green bay packers rally from a 20-point deficit to beat the detroit lions, lions thought they had the game won. as time ran out the penalty there, rules say the game cannot end on a defensive penalties. packers get a final untimed down. this is swha happens. yeah. aaron rodgers, a 61-yard hail mary, caught by tight end richard rodgers, and the packers stun the lions, 27-23. >> it's a big weekend for temple football. tomorrow at noon the owls take on 17 houston. the two teams met four times. all four times houston won. the winner of this game is expected to go to either the peach or the fiesta bowl. this is temple's biggest game
6:57 am
since the loss to notre dame in october. i'm matt delucia live in the digital operations center. today lawmakers in harrisburg are expected to meet and learn more about a new budget plan that may end a stalemate. the governor said earlier in this week he hopes the resolution will come soon. meetings are planned for today and lawmakers are planning to work and take the vote through the weekend. and into next week if necessary. five months and counting without a budget, 156 days so far. state services have been impacted because of the situation. we'll be following what happens. live in the digital operations center, matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." >> reporter: i'm monique braxton live at winter fest. no better way to get you in the spirit than come down here for the tree lighting. a few new things here. franklin square set up an ice cream parlor, here you're going to see open cottages,
6:58 am
reminiscent of what you find at a ski lodge. then over to the left there is a life size ginger bread bank complete an atm, it's going to cost you about $20 to park but no doubt you can hop on septa or park on the street. about $13 to skate. if you have blue cross health insurance it's $10 to skate. the rink encourages those who own skates to bring them. if the you meet family and friends here, the cost to eat is between 5 and $10. the tree lighting ceremony gets under way at 6:30 this evening. join us, nbc 10 is a proud sponsor we're looking for you. live at winter fest, monique braxton, "nbc 10 news." >> we have an accident on 309 southbound right near the pennsylvania turnpike. you can see it in the cameras, there is a penn dot truck on the scene. it doesn't seem to be tying anything up on 309 north or southbound.
6:59 am
no gaper delay and burlington city a crash we're following, route 130 northbound right at tyler street. >> we have breaking news, sky force 10 is on the way to a fire in norwood delaware county. it's pulling up. you can see the smoke drifting there. we're hearing at least one person is hurt. we're getting limited information but that's what we know. you can see the fire trucks on the ground. >> it's a chilly start, the wind is blowing, though it's not strong when it gets chilly with temperatures in the 30s and 40s it doesn't take much wind. wilmington, in the lower 30s. it's 43 right now in philadelphia. we'll see sunshine this afternoon at 51 degrees today and we're on track for a warmer
7:00 am
weekend. >> you can get updates with the news app. >> good morning. signs of terrorism, growing evidence the couple behind the rampage in san bernardino had become radicalized. the attackers in communication with jihadist sympathizers leading up to the shooting. this morning the brother-in-law of the shooter speaking out. >> you left that behind. what did you achieve? >> as the community comes together to remember the victims. fear and lotting on wall street, the dow dropped sharply amid concerns the fed is about to raise interest rates for the first time in nearly a decade. is that a foredpoen conclusion? >> dead at 48. rock star scott weiland the former lead singer of stone mp


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