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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  December 4, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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a terror attack in california, the fbi says that was the motivation for the mass shooting in san bernardino. the suspects, a husband and wife who apparently flew under the radar. good evening, everyone. tonight, the agency's director says there's a lot of evidence that doesn't quite make sense as investigators try to figure out what drove the pair to kill. tonight, the fbi is officially investigating wednesday's shooting as an act of terrorism but the agency says there's no indication the husband and wife attackers were part of a broader network. officials say the female suspect tashfeen malik pledged allegiance to isis on facebook
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and facebook said it was under an alias. she and her husband syed farook killed 14 people at a holiday people where he worked. farook's sister fears backlash towards the muslim community. >> i just want to say that not all of us are like this. you know? we're not all, you know, terrorists. >> we've also learned tonight farook's brother is a u.s. navy veteran who earned medals for fighting global terrorism, served from 2003 to 2007. police say there is no known threat here in philadelphia but the city is working with the fbi to make sure it is safe. nbc 10's andrea klein-thomas live in center city tonight. i know you spoke with the police commissioner tonight. what did he have to say? >> reporter: commissioner ramsey said that philadelphia on high alert since paris attacks and san bernardino is another example of the potential
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dangers. now, tonight, he and a local security expert tell me when's happening behind the scenes to keep us safe. >> terrorism is here. in the united states. >> reporter: every day the intelligence community is investigating leads looking into individuals, family and friends connected to them that could potentially be a threat. >> the individual's movements, behavior, their actions, they're the thing that is are going to bring them on the radar to the security intelligence services. >> reporter: homeland security expert dr. scott white says the growing concern is that people are being radicalized on social media and can sometimes go undetected. >> we're dealing in an electronic environment now. and it's very difficult to access every single account out there. >> reporter: police commissioner charles ramsey says there are no known threats in philadelphia. >> we are part of the joint terrorism task force with the fbi and there are some cases that we take a look at but, you know, we can't get into too much detail.
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>> reporter: he says everything possible is being done to keep people safe and the images of another mass shooting are difficult to watch, ramsey says the response should not be fear. >> people should continue to do what they do. i mean, these incidents that take place, can they happen? yes. is it widespread enough for everybody to panic and not even, you know, go christmas shopping or enjoy themselves at various events? like tonight when we're here, the answer to that in my opinion is no. >> reporter: both dr. white an commissioner ramsey stress that what the terrorists want us to do is change how we live our day-to-day lives and if we do that, they win they say. i'm aundrea cline-thomas, nbc 10 nows. >> these are the victims, many worked for the county health department. was a father of six. another had moved to the u.s. to escape persecution in iran.
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and one man had roots in cape may county. niklas thalasinos moved to california and according to "the new york times" he was overheard two weeks ago arguing about israel with his co-worker now the suspected mass murderer farook. one of the other victims was a pennsylvania native, harry bowman born and raised in york, moved to california 15 years ago, worked for the san bernardino county health department. today, pennsylvania governor tom wolfe offered condolences to the bowman family. there's discussion about the definition of terrorism so here's a look at what the term means under u.s. law and designed to intimidate or coerce a civilian population, to inpluns government policy by intimidation or to affect government conduct by mass destruction, assassination or kidnapping. to other news now here at
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home, philadelphia police describe two men in these images as armed and dangerous tonight and desperately want to get them off the streets. men are suspected of murder and a series of violent robberies. nbc 10's drew smith is live tonight at police headquarters with more. drew? >> reporter: jim, good evening. tonight we learned about a stolen car and a stolen debit card. two pieces of evidence that led police to surveillance photos of men they consider dangerous and still on the run tonight. these surveillance photos show two men inside a td bank, unsuccessfully trying to use a stolen debit card early thanksgiving morning. just hours later, ryan kelly was found shot on almond street. >> it was a shock. it was. especially him, you know? >> reporter: he says kelly was his neighbor and a good person who lived here with his parents, one block up from the crime scene. >> he had the funeral this week.
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it was rough. devastating for both of them. >> reporter: at this point, police aren't sure what prompted the gunshots last week. >> i don't know if this was an attempted robbery or not but at this point it seems that he was approached and shot by these males. >> reporter: investigators say kelly was not the only target. these men may have been involved in several other gun point robberies. this car, parked at the bank, matches the description of a car seen leaving the shooting. >> considered armed and dangerous. we don't want anyone to approach them. contact 911. >> reporter: police later found the consider coming back stolen. but no sign of the suspects. ryan kelly's neighbors want the know why this had to happen. >> terrible. >> reporter: and police stress tonight that they really need the public's help to figure out who the guys are, where they may be right now. as with all homicide cases in the city, there's a $20,000 reward for information. live at police headquarters, drew smith, nbc 10 news.
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a bucks county middle school math teacher behind bars tonight accused of exchanging sexual videos with one of his students. 30-year-old joseph becker apologized in court hours after being arrested at the middle school. prosecutors say becker pressured a 14-year-old girl into sending him sexually video graphics of herself and a former substitute teacher in the east town school district. officials there say there's no evidence he did anything wrong at the schools and asking parents with concerns to contact them. pennsylvania lawmakers will be working through the weekend to try to get a budget deal passed. the legislature's gone more than five months without a state budget. house and senate republican majority leaders met separately for several hours behind closed doors today. three, two, one! >> 40,000 led lights now shining on one of philadelphia's largest
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christmas trees at the blue cross river rink. nbc 10's emceeing the tree lighting and people enjoyed the first friday of december on the ice. we're the proud sponsor of the winter fest. beautiful night out there. needed a jacket, though. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist glen here. looking good? >> looking great. chilly at night, ers away from the cities. rosemary not wearing a heavy coat and not as cold in philadelphia as surrounding areas. let me show you this. the temperature difference is more than ten degrees. 43 in philadelphia but it's only 31 at potsstown. 30 degrees in millville. 32 in mt. holly. that urban heat island and the concrete around the city to help keep the heat in and why tomorrow morning, 36 in philadelphia predicted and 26 in pottstown and mt. holly.
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25 degrees in millville. 28 degrees in allentown. we've had some mild weather lately. todd was actually the coolest day we'll see in a while. we'll see how long this pattern will hold and the seven-day in a few minutes. the philly pops kicking off their holiday holiday concert tonight with a treat for the military. the show was free for 2,000 men and women in uniform and their families. philly pops also has a salute concert series recognizing the military and tonight announced that comcast nbc universal will be a sponsor of that series. looked over. we know that you're in heaven. >> this candle light vigil in chester county to remember a 19-year-old woman killed in a hit and run crash in thorn dale a year ago tonight. friends and family gathering to remember gray at the scene of the crash along west lincoln
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highway. 48-year-old gina bennet charged with homicide by vehicle. police say she was under the influence when she hit gray and then kept driving. >> this is the type of tragedy that should not happen. individuals who have too much to drink should not be on the road. and if they are on the road, accident does happen, they should take immediate responsibility. >> gray's family is hoping for some kind of closure when this case goes to trial next month. in the wake of the terror attack in california, hillary clinton wants to keep people on the no-fly list from buying guns. the democratic front-runner for president was talking gun control here in iowa today and criticized the senate failing to pass legislation banning people on the no-fly list from getting licenses to own guns. >> i got to tell you. if you're too dangerous to fly inöpamerica, you are too dangerous to buy a gun in america in my opinion. >> clinton said she does have
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high confidence in law enforcement to run down every lead in california's mass shooting. republican front-runner donald trump pushed for less gun control today as he spoke to supporters in north carolina. he says more guns could have saved lives. >> if the people in paris or the people in california, if you had a couple of folks in there with guns -- and that knew how to use them and they were in that room, you wouldn't have dead people, the dead people would be the other guys. >> trump also spoke on other familiar topics like immigration reform, rebuilding the military and boosting the economy. pop star nicki minaj's brother in the spotlight for the wrong reasons. why he's facing criminal charges tonight. plus, if you're picking up your christmas tree this weekend, listen up. the big gift you'll be getting from mother nature. glenn? >> i'm tracking the return of
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every day after school. ♪ >> this is a classic scene a lot of people remember this man, dancing on a giant toy keyboard with tom hanks in "big," of course. the actor died today at his home in los angeles after a ballot l with alzheimer's. other notable roles are a drug lord in "scarface" and earned a grammy nomination. an arrest following the death of scott weiland. a band mate is facing drug charges after police say they found cocaine in the tour bus bedroom where weiland died. ♪ best known for his days at the
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front man of stone temple pil pilots, the agent said he died in his sleep last night. a cause of death isn't released. he was 48. well, with hits like "super bass" nikki any knowledge is no strange tore the spotlight but her brother is making the headlines for the wrong reasons -- charged with sexually abusing a child. >> reporter: smiling and celebrating in much happier times. he got married in august but now according to court papers, the 37-year-old long island man is charged with child rape. no one came to the door at his home late today. he was arrested this week by nassau county authorities and accused of two incidents of sexual contact with a minor. charges include first-degree rape of a child younger than 13 and course of sexual conduct against a child. court documents say the attacks happened to a 12-year-old between april and november.
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it's not clear how he knew the alleged victim. the district attorney's said the defendant is released on bond. nicki minaj is usually active on social media with more than 20 million twitter followers and posted nothing about the charges against brother. >> nbc news reached out to them and received no response. well, it's another no go for a special delivery to the international space station. supplies on the rocket set to lift off for the space station tonight but gusty winds at cape canaveral forced a delay. yesterday's launch was rained out so they'll try again tomorrow and hope for better weather. lots of people will be heading to christmas tree farms this weekend to pick up the perfect centerpiece for the deck corations. tree growers tell us mother nature is on their side with
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mild weather and several rounds of heavy rain last month. >> trees have been well hydrated this year so it gives it a nice hydrated needle which is going to last longer on the tree. >> still growers urge you to make sure your tree gets plenty of water once you get it home. a celebration of diversity in philadelphia tonight. nbc 10 emceeing the eastern minority supplier development council's choice award gala. celebrate it is achievements of minority businesses and people who are here committed to diversity in the work force. well, we had a couple day this is week with all that rain and the clouds and the fog. things have really cleared out and now we've got chilly nights because we have the clear skies and light wind. but we're getting mild days. sunshine is certainly going to help with that. we have a sunny weekend in store.
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great weekend for outdoor activities. we have got clear skies now. the visibility is great. 43 degrees. the wind is only 3 miles per hour. and that is one of the reasons that we have that big contrast from the city to the suburbs. see today, the coolest day of the next several. 56 tomorrow. 58 degrees on sunday. look at it now. 28 in coatesville. 28 in quakertown. 43 at philly international. not that far away. all about the concrete. 30 degrees in millville. the wind is very, very light. we have had several places reporting calm conditions now. and just about everybody's less than 5 miles per hour. we're all clear. and we're clear pretty much in the eastern united states, all except for florida where they had the problem with the launch. this afternoon. no weather problems for the eagles on sunday. kind of mild for massachusetts at this time of the day.
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at this time of the year. and it's going to continue to be dry all across the east as we go through saturday and sunday. this is some of the latest computer guidance just in and it keeps the storm that we have been talking about down to the south well to the south so that keeps us dry early next week and that was the only real threat for a while so we could get through the entire week without any kind of rainme. some of the models show that, no rain for the week. 36 degrees for the low in philadelphia. 26 north and west. big temperature contrast, depends on where you are. as to how cold it will be when you get up. with the light wind and sunshine, warms up quickly and go into the mid-50s. several degrees warmer than today. with the light wind, with the sunshine. it's going to feel even more comfortable. and then a couple more degrees added on sunday again with fairly light winds and still
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fairly mild on monday. we cool down on tuesday. that storm develops offshore brings a little shot of cooler air in and then we start to warm up once again as we go into the end of the week and by next friday we could be near 60 and close to that next weekend, too. the eagles were tossing strikes or maybe not at cherry hill tonight, the 14th annual bowl with the birds fund-raiser for the foundation for children. let's hope the birds saved some energy for sunday. they take on the patriots in new england. temple university's football team and their fans, they're gearing up for a big game, the owls left today for texas. they'll take on houston for the inaugural american athletic conference championship game. kickoff at noon tomorrow. temple's hosting a watch party
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on campus in morgan hall. and another for alumni at the piazza in northern liberties getting started at 11:30 and more on the owls coming up next in sports. this holiday, ford america's best-selling brand is giving you more. the ford holiday sales event... with 0% financing for 60 months on 2015 f-150 and focus and 2016 fusion and escape. plus 1,000 dollars holiday bonus cash on 2015 focus and 2016 fusion and escape. it's the best gift ever. now during the ford holiday sales event get 0% financing for 60 months plus 1,000 dollars holiday bonus cash on select vehicles. see your local ford dealer.
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hi, i'm amy fadool. temple football is playing in the first ever american athletic conference title game. the owls will face the houston cougars tomorrow. a win and they could play in their first new year's day bowl game since 1975. tom herman poised with the
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trophy today in houston. he knows beating the cougars will be a tough task tomorrow. >> they are probably the most talented team in the league the past two years. i think the coach did a great job of assembling talent and tom has taken them to a championship level so it's an honor to play against them. the eagles and patriots face off sunday. today we learned that two of tom brady's biggest targets, gronkowski and ettleman will not play that game. devils, late in the third, pull their goalie for a 6 on 4. cammalleri buries the rebound. headed to overtime. 3 on 3. matt reed, gets it done. 2 on 1, waits and waits and waits and pays off. flyers win the fourth straight game, 4-3 the final.
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okay forwith the sixers today. serving a suspension stemming from off the court incidents and two fights last week in boston. okafor with the sixers today at practice and still has to sit out one game tomorrow, that would be tomorrow's game with the nuggets part of the suspension. today in an interview about a wide range of philadelphia sports topics, the mayor-elect gave us his take on the off the court issues. >> how many times can you have a boston fan in your face giving you crap and, i mean, you have to put yourself in a position to be in those situations or at least have some type of security personnel to shelter you but he is 19, 20 years old and, you know, that's young guys have a lot of testosterone and push somebody so far and that's what happens. >> jim kenny will be the famous fan on kickoff sunday morning at 10:00 a.m. more sixers news, they recalled guards from the d-league.
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in college hoops, st. joe beat columbia on the road. we're back after this. this holiday, ford america's best-selling brand is giving you more. the ford holiday sales event... with 0% financing for 60 months on 2015 f-150 and focus and 2016 fusion and escape. plus 1,000 dollars holiday bonus cash on 2015 focus and 2016 fusion and escape. it's the best gift ever. now during the ford holiday sales event get 0% financing for 60 months plus 1,000 dollars holiday bonus cash on select vehicles. see your local ford dealer.
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19-year-old man named bud weiser charged with breaking into a budweiser brewery in st. louis. his name is bud weiser and charged with trespassing thursday night. security officers asked him to leave and then called police after an altercation. police say bud weiser broke into a gas station in august of 2014. "the tonight show" is next. let's find out who's on the show tonight. jimmy? >> hey, guys. sting is here to talk and perform and eva longoria and thank you notes. it's a great show. do not change the channel, everybody. we're saying thank you for the nice weekend ahead, glenn. >> yeah. beautiful weekend.
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and got the rain that we needed earlier in the week and great timing and so temperatures are in the 50s. no rain, lots of sunshine both days. >> enjoy it. that's nbc 10 news. have a great weekend. the ford holiday sales event... with 0% financing for 60 months on 2015 f-150 and focus and 2016 fusion and escape. plus 1,000 dollars holiday bonus cash on 2015 focus and 2016 fusion and escape. it's the best gift ever. now during the ford holiday sales event get 0% financing for 60 months plus 1,000 dollars holiday bonus cash on select vehicles. see your local ford dealer.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- sting and mylene farmer. eva longoria. and featuring the legendary


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