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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  December 8, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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right now at 11:00, lives saved. the fire department says smoke detectors prevented a tragedy just before fire destroyed a frankfurt family's home. good morning, i'm vai sikahema. seven people were rushed to the hospital but they will all survive. nbc 10's george spencer is live for us on the scene in frankfurt. he has been tracking developm t developments since early this morning. george, give us an update. >> reporter: vai, the fire department tells us one of their crews had installed smoke detectors in the home where this fire started just three years ago. the damage on this block was significant, but officials say the fire very well might have been deadly if those alarms were
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not working. through the flashing red lights we washed firefighters work early this morning. a 5:30 a.m. fire consumed three row homes here while many residents were still fast asleep. >> i woke up my girls, i said "get up, it's a fire. i don't know if it's here, but it's a fire." my girled jumped out of the bed. when i opened the front door, the fire was right on my front. >> reporter: marlene tejeda and her daughters made it out safely but you could see the damage to her home and the neighboring properties, including the house where that fire started. residents of the home, including two little girls, jumped to safety from a second-story window into the back into the arms of jamar franklin. >> they were crying, they were shaking. they didn't want to jump. we had to yell "jump, jump, jump." >> reporter: fire crews say this is the type of blaze originating in the living room in the middle of the night that can be deadly but working fire alarms saved
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lives. >> we have some minor injuries but the occupant was alerted to the smoke alarm, woke up, realized there was a fire and started evacuating the family. >>. >> reporter: even people were hospitalized, including the family that jumped to safety. but all of them will be okay. the fire marshal is still trying to figure out exactly how this blaze began. reporting live this morning in frankford, i'm george spencer, nbc 10 news. >> george, thank you. philadelphia police are investigating an encounter that started with a man forcing his way into someone's home. a 35-year-old man walked through the front door of the home on reed street in lawncrest. police say he had a gun and tried to rob the place but the homeowner shot and killed him. police say two women who live in the home came rushing down the stairs with their own guns. authorities found drugs, hundreds of dollars and
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packaging material, we're working to find out if anyone will be charged. one person was killed in a crash this morning in philadelphia's east falls neighborhood. the accident happened just before 7:30 at fox street and abbotsford avenue. several vehicles were involved in the crash which also knocked down a pole. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the accident. now to the latest on the terror shootings in san bernardino, california. the fbi says the husband and wife who opened fire on san bernardino county employees last week had been radicalized for quite some time. yesterday, authorities revealed that active shooter training was held last year in the very similar conference room where the deadly attacks happened. last wednesday, syed farook killed 14 of his co-workers of the county health department with the help of his wife. also yesterday, the government released a new photo of farook and his wife entering the u.s. last year. it shows them moving through a customs at chicago's o'hare international airport. the fbi says the couple had been
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practicing for the attack and had taken target practice at area gun ranges. a survivor in that deadly shooting rampage is speaking out and she's calling it a haunting tragedy. >> the thought of we're going to go, we're next and we're going to die right now was so terrifying to all of us. i just thought that was my last day. >> regina karuppu was on the second floor when a yesterday farook and tashfeen malik entered. she was huddled beneath the desk with co-workers and began to pray. she said the images are hard to see but she can not live in fear. hundreds of people gathered last night to remember those killed in last week's mass shooting. the kindle light vigil took place on the campus of california state university, san
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bernardino, where five of the victims along with one of the two shooters went to school. mourners sang and prayed to help for a better tomorrow. a total ban on muslims entering this country. that's what donald trump is calling for with the idea sparking yet another controversy on a presidential campaign trail. >> it's going to get worse and worse. you're going to have more world trade centers. it's going to get worse and worse, folks. we can be politically correct and we can be stupid but it's going to get worse and worse. >> trump says his proposal is a response to what he calls hatred by a large segment of the population. he spoke on "morning joe" and really got into it with joe scarborough. >> you're just talking. >> i'm not just talking. joe, i'm not -- >> donald, you're not going to keep talking, we will go to break if you keep talking. we're going to ask you questions. >> go to break then.
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>> go to break, everybody. go to break. we'll be right back with more "morning joe." >> here's how one islamic leader responded to trump's comments. >> this is outrages you. coming from someone who wants to assume the highest office in the land, it is reckless and simply un-american. >> the council on american islamic relations and other groups blasted trump's comments. several white house candidates also criticized them. the anti-muslim backlash from recent terror attacks appears to have made its way right here to philadelphia. someone threw a pig's head at a local mosque. surveillance video shows someone in this car throwing the pig's head near the front door of the al aqsa islamic society mosque in north philadelphia. the pig is seen as an insult since muslim dietary laws forbid the eating of pork. the mosque manager tells us this isn't the first time his house of worship has been targeting. the mosque received a voice mail
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from an unknown caller days after the deadly terror attacks in paris. >> i hope you people are happy about what you did in france. i'd just like to state for the record that allah is a piece of pork [ bleep ]. >> i said a prayer for the?÷ gu that may got put him on the straight path. if he wasn't in his mind, he wouldn't be doing this. >> mayor-elect jim kenney said "the bigotry that december traited al aqsa mosque has no place in philadelphia." the fbi is investigating. here's a live look now at boathouse row. but cool out there. today will be the coldest day of the week but it's not very cold for the month of december. first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast. it's warm for december, glenn. >> it's been that way. after the second warmest
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november ever reported in philadelphia, we are in the same target for december, at least so far. the flag blowing, some colder air in to the area today, but it's still above average for this time of the year. it was chilly, not exceptional for this time of the year. quakertown was 27, pottstown 28, reading 28 degrees, 33 in mount holly. 32 in coatesville. there were some places into the 20s this morning. 31 in wilmington was pretty close. millville got to 29. toms river at 30. so there were places that didn't cool off very much last evening but when it finally cleared up late last night that allowed the temperature to go down. now it's going back up in the mid-40s across most of the area. 43 in potstopotts town, 44 in m holly.
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so as we go through the afternoon, dry conditions again, the wind out of the northwest keeping it a little bit on the cool side as temperatures go near the 50-degree mark. but as vai said, this is the coldest day of the week. we'll tell you how much it will warm up and when we could see record warmth with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> thank you, glenn. happening today, temple university leaders will meet to discuss a proposal to put a football stadium near temple's campus. here's a live look at lincoln financial field where the owls currently played their home games. temple's board of trusties will talk this afternoon about whether to move forward with a plan to move owls football to a smaller stadium that would be located near or on campus in north philadelphia. the plan calls far 35,000 seat $100 million stadium. temple's president calls it the next logical step but some residents don't agree. >> they're going to build that thing over there, it's going cause more problems.
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they tear up our flowers, they tear up everything, not just me, everybody. >> i feel like one of the issues where people didn't want to travel all the way to the link and i feel like if we have a stadium right here more people will come out. >> the timing of this new plan is convenient for the university. temple's football team is wrapping up the most successful season it's had in recent memory with major wins against big teams. the eagles, meanwhile, are back in first place thanks to their arch rivals, none other than the dallas cowboys. the boys held out the birds -- helped out the birds when they beat washington with the late field goal last night. the dallas victory not only made the eagles fans happy but, of course, the new york giants fans as well. look at the divisional stand this is morning. philly, new york, and washington all tied at the top of the nfc east with 5-7 records. the cowboys at 4-8 just one game back. the eagles will host buffalo on sunday at 1:00.
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later today, the grand opening and ribbon cutting for qlq tallest attraction, one liberty observation deck. philly from the top gives people 360-degree views of the city. it's panoramic, gorgeous, nearly 900 feet above street level and it's open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. some police dash cam video from out west looks more like a hollywood action movie. j a dramatic chase was caught on camera. we'll tell you why this incident has a dozen officers on paid leave. u2 finally takes to the concert stage in paris after their show was rescheduled following the terror attacks. and last night they brought with them some surprise guests.
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find out who shared their stage. we'll have that coming up.
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california rock band eagles of death metal made a surprise return to paris yesterday less than a month after the terror attacks. take a look. >> they were robbed of their stage three weeks ago and we would like to offer them ours tonight. [ cheers and applause ] would you welcome to eagles of death metal.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> u2 frontman bono welcomed the band on stage during a u2 concert. roaring applause there as you can see. the group was performing in bataclan theater on november 13 when gunmen broke in and started shooting. 80 people were killed in the theater. this is the first time the band has performed since escaping the terror attacks. a judge in south africa allowed former olympian oscar pistorius to remain under house arrest at his uncle's mansion five days after an appeals court sentenced him to murdering his girlfriend. his legal team plans to appeal his murder conviction. pope francis has launched his holy year of mercy and he did it amid unprecedented security.
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[ applause ] the holy father walked through door of st. peter's basilica after he celebrated mass. about 10 million other faithful will pass through over the course of the next year. security was heightened after the vatican was listed as a possible target following the terror attacks in paris. francis launched the 12-month jubilee to show the merciful side of the catholic church more often known for its moralizing and judgment. the seattle police department released video of a chase that led to a deadly shooting on sunday. we want to warn you, this is pretty dramatic video you're about to see. take a look. >> a carjacking suspect crashed a stolen car at the end of a chase and fired at police. they fired back and killed the 35-year-old man. officers and several cars had been chasing the driver at a high rate of speed. three officers were hurt in this
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chase. the police union calls the shooting justified but 12 officers are on paid administrative leave while the investigation continues, which is part of protocol. a simple parking job ended with a car slamming straight through a south florida restaurant and the whole thing is caught on camera. instead of stopping in a parking lot, the driver of a toyota van drover right through the miami restaurant's front window and into the restaurant filled with people. one person was trapped under the van and was seriously hurt. four others, including the driver, suffered minor injuries. a homeless man in colorado is celebrating a big lottery win this morning. the 60-year-old man won $500,000 in a scratchoff ticket. he's been homeless for more than six years and in and out of alcohol treatment. people at the aspen homeless shelter where the man has been staying say the win couldn't have happened to a more positive person. the man says he plans to find a home, buy a new pair of skis and visit his daughter he last saw
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more than 20 years ago. it may feel like we have a bit of a chill in the air, but it's been so mild for november and early december it just feels that much colder. temperatures are actually above average during the day today so, yeah, it's still mild for december, even milder air is on the way and potential record warmth over a portion of the weekend. lots of sunshine out there right now, 45 degrees. the winds out of the north at seven miles an hour. it's three degrees cooler than at this time yesterday. yesterday we got up to 57 degrees. today closer to 50. 54 tomorrow. you can see the temperature climb over the next few days going up by a few degrees everyday. 61 by friday and then it keeps warming up over the weekend.
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right now it is 38 degrees in mount pocono. 42 in reading and in coatesville, chester county, 43 in doylestown. 41 in kenneth square, so that's one of the cold spots. 43 at swedesboro. trenton, 46 atlantic city airport, wood vooine and 43 in delaware with a wind coming across delaware bay. so far, the first week of december, average temperature six and a half degrees above average in philadelphia and close to that in other places. now, we're going to have a stretch of incredibly mild weather. these numbers are going to be up significantly by a week from now. there's the mild air coming back on thursday. it's with us on friday. builds even more on saturday and
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peaks on sunday when we could actually see some record high temperatures. the record is 65 degrees. temperatures up near 50 today, cooler than it was yesterday but still a little bit above average for this time of the year. and the seven-day forecast, 54 degrees tomorrow, then 57. we could have a chance of some showers south and east later thursday night and then it gets warmer. 63 on saturday for your army/navy game. 65, close to the record for the eagles on sunday. >> thank you, glenn. helping families in need this holiday season is the aim of a radiothon. some nbc 10 personalities will be taking part. joining us to tell us more about it is ben phenomenfm radio host good friend marilyn russell.
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marilyn, last time we were together where we were? >> cutting a rug at the best of philly magazine party having the time of our lives. that's what we do. >> tell us about the radio on this -- radiothon. >> it's our first ever. we will be broadcasting live all day. >> are you tweeting right now? >> no, i'm looking at my notes! >> multitasking! >> the tweet is already out, vai, relax. i'll tell you everyone who makes a donation to volunteers of america for their adopt a family program automatically in the running for a faub loubulous tr legoland in florida. family of four. isn't that nice? place all day long we'll have live entertainment, give aways. did you watch "last comic standing" on your very network? >> yes. >> very funny from last comic standing is joining us. >> how were you able to nab them? >> we're working it hard. it's our first year. our adopt a family has been on the air with us for five years but we're taking it to a whole
11:22 am
new level. >> rebecca, tell us more about your organization. >> well, volunteers of america is a large social service organization. we give hope to 13,000 people in need each year: in addition to the many services we provide. we have three homeless family shelters, homeless veteran shelters and do a lot of affordable housing so there's a lot of people in need we help. >> real quick, we have 30 seconds. what can viewer do to help out? >> they can contact us to adopt a family. they can go online to or >> and we'll provide a link to the adopt afamily radio than thursd. just go to our web site. we'll provide a link at and the mobile app. >> love you. >> there you go. my girl right here. more trouble for chipotle. more customers sickened. another restaurant temporarily closed but this time it isn't a
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case of e. coli. plus, relieving nausea. researchers find a simple solution that works for some emergency room patients. it involves something you may have -- may already have in your medicine cabinet.
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chipotle says it believes norovirus is to blame for sickening 30 boston college
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students who ate at one of its restaurants. the company says it thinks the illnesses are an isolated incident not related to an outbreak of e. coli cases. chipotle closed the restaurant where the students ate late last night. the outbreak sickened dozens of people in nine states. we're continuing to follow the latest political controversy to the campaign trail. reaction is continuing to come in after donald trump proposes banning all muslims from coming to america. see what members of his own party are saying coming up. an alleged christmas grinch caught on camera. we'll show you what he was seen taking from one local home. come on in pop pop.
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we're checking our nbc 10 headlines. one person was killed in a crash this morning in philadelphia's east falls neighborhood. the accident happened just before 7:30 this morning at fox
11:30 am
street in abbotsford avenue. several vehicles were involved in this crash. philadelphia police are investigating a deadly shooting in lawncrest. they say a homeowner killed an intruder late last night. investigators are checking -- who are checking the house found drugs and cash inside the home. happening later today, the grand opening and ribbon cutting for philadelphia's tallest new attraction, 1 liberty observation deck, philly from the top, gives people a panoramic 360-degree view of the city. nearly 900 feet above street level. it is opening daily from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. now to the latest on the terror attacks in san bernardino. the fbi said the shooters had been radicalized for some time and carefully plotted the attack inside their home. we now know in great detail more about the ambush where employees were ambushed.
11:31 am
this as the fbi pores into the life of both suspects abroad and at home. nbc's miguel almaguer has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: two days before the mass shooting investigators say say yesterday farook spent hours at this gun range honing his skills if for massacre that left 14 dead and 21 wounded. a plot executed by farook and his wife tashfeen malik seen entering the united states here. the fbi now says they were radicalized for "quite some time." >> the question we're trying to get at at is how did that happen? by whom? where did that happen. we don't know the answers at this point. >> with the feds following their trails, malik's begins in pakistan where she was born. farook was raised in california. today investigators are looking into a report of an incident several weeks before the attack, someone matching his description caused a disturbance trying to enter a 21-story l.a. high-rise. >> why didn't you tell the
11:32 am
authorities? >> reporter: this morning, neither his father nor his mother are talking. she lived inside this modest home with the couple and their baby where the fbi now says they stockpiled 19 potential pipe bombs. the attack well planned but was it well-known? >> we want to find out everyone who has -- who participated in the pre-planning, if there was anyone else. >> reporter: as the fbi pushes forward with its investigation, it's difficult to look past the bloodshed. >> the doors flew open and the gunman came in. >> reporter: truly ramundo and corwin porter were in the conference room when their colleague syed farook opened fire on their friends. >> it seemed endless. it never seemed to stop. it was constant gunfire. >> survivors say farook showed no mercy. now those inside the room may never have closure. >> reporter: that was nbc's miguel almaguer reporting. republican presidential
11:33 am
candidate donald trump is rejecting criticism that his proposal to ban muslims from entering the u.s. is un-american. as nbc's peter alexander shows us, much of the criticism is coming down from his own party. >> reporter: donald trump on a retired aircraft carrier, but his latest aerial assault calling for a ban on all muslims entering the u.s., not just refugees, may be his most outrageous yet. met with a standing ovation from his supporters. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out why what the hell is going on. [ cheers and applause ] we have no choice. >> reporter: the republican front-runner repeatedly painting a dark picture of islam. >> you're going to have more world trade centers. it's going to get worse and worse, folks. we have to look at mosquing and we have to respect mosques, but, yes, we have to look at mosques.
11:34 am
we have no choice. we have to see what's happening. because something is happening in there, man, there's anger. when we see violations, you have to report those violations and quickly. don't worry about profiling. i promise, i will defend you from profiling. [ cheers and applause ] i promise. >> reporter: trump's most provocative comments yet coming less than 24 hours after president obama appealed to americans not to single out muslims. >> it's our responsibility to reject proposals that muslim americans should somehow be treated differently. >> reporter: trump's republican rivals were quick to blast his comments. jeb bush on twitter calling trump "unhinged." chris christie on the air. >> this is the kind of thing people say when they have no experience and don't know what they're talking about. >> and ben carson insisting everyone visiting our country should register and be monitored during their stay as is done in many countries regardless of their religion." hillary clinton tweeted "this is
11:35 am
reprehensib reprehensible, prejudiced and divisive. donald trump, you don't get it, this makes us less safe." even former vice president dick cheney weighing in. >> i think this whole notion that somehow we can just say no more muslims, just ban a whole religion, goes against everything we stand for and believe in. >> reporter: still, trump's overheated rhetoric forced his opponents to toughen up their own language. tuesday hinting at nuclear war against isis. >> we will carpet bomb them into oblivion. i don't know if sand can glow in the dark, but we're going to find out. >> that was nbc's peter alexander reporting. a congressional panel is hearing testimony right now on gun violence. democratic lawmakers are talking with experts in various fields about the epidemic and common sense solutions to curb the skyrocketing number of gun-related deaths in the united states. mean while, the fire department says a local family is alive this morning thanks to smoke detectors that alerted
11:36 am
them to evacuate just before a fire destroyed their home. a frankford family and their neighbors are lucky to be alive this morning after smoke detectors alerted them the fire that destroyed their home. all seven people who were rushed to the hospital will survive. but as nbc 10's george spencer reports, this is exactly the type of fire that firefighters say often turns deadly. >> reporter: the fire department says fires that start in the living room in the middle of the night are the fires that most often become deadly. it's very likely that the fire in this home could have ended up involving fatalities, but working smoke detectors here awakened the family in time to get out alive. the fire started around 5:30 on oakland street. it consumed three row homes while many neighbors were still fast asleep. the fire department has installed smoke detectors in the house where this fire started three years ago. the family woke up at the sound
11:37 am
of those alarms in time to rush out through second-story windows on the back of the house and jump to safety into the arms of neighbors. >> the message here is working smoke alarms. working smoke alarms saves lives. >> my mother passed in this house. i grew up in this house. all my memories are in this house. >> reporter: seven people were hospitalized, including the family that jumped to safety. they will all be okay. at this point, the fire marshal is still working at this scene trying to determine how this blaze began. reporting in frankford, george spencer, nbc 10 news. new video into nbc 10 this morning shows the grinch who stole a christmas wreath in fairmount. philadelphia police say this man went up to the front door of a home on aspen street sunday night, removed the wreath and then took off. if you happen to recognize him, you're asked to call police. pennsylvania has a new teacher of the year. take a look.
11:38 am
>> 2016 pennsylvania teacher of the year is rebecca foxwell. >> reporter: rebecca fox swwell a first grade teacher in lebanon. nominees at the hershey award ceremony included teachers from lehigh, delaware and berks county. she will represent pennsylvania in the national teacher of the year competition. >> these are individuals who are changing our world, contributing to our communities and it really impacts and has a positive impact on our children and their lives. >> reporter: the secretary of education tells us foxwell's students say she's someone who makes them feel important. good for her. it's an organization helping turn today's local kids into tomorrow's musicians. we'll introduce you to one of the future rock stars and show you how the organization is getting set to spread holiday cheer. we'll have that coming up. glenn? >> well, it's only tuesday but you have another reason to look
11:39 am
forward to the weekend most likely. we could be in for some record warmth. we'll show you how high this temperature is going to go ahead in my seven day forecast. we stop arthritis pain,
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so you don't have to stop. tylenol® 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we give you your day back. what you do with it is up to you. tylenol®. are you feeling sick to your stomach? you might want to take a whiff of rubbing alcohol. new research reveals the smell of rubbing alcohol may help relieve nausea.
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scientists asked emergency room patients who were told to sniff pads soaked in rubbing alcohol, for many that seemed to do the trick. alcohol wipes are safe and there were no adverse effects. an important story now for anyone who may have a menorah candle or christmas tree in their home this time of the year. december is one of the deadliest months of the year for house fires with many fires traced right back to unattended candles and dry trees. here's nbc's tom costello. >> reporter: it happens dozens of times a day in december alone. house fires, a candle left unattended, a dried out christmas tree. at the consumer product safety commission laboratory, the tree on the left was watered daily. the tree on the right, no water for weeks. within seconds, the dried out tree explodes like dry kindling. within 90 seconds what firefighters call a flashover, the entire room consumed by
11:43 am
fire. christmas tree fires cause some 200 house fires each year. 10 people are killed, hundreds injured. >> during the holidays, hundreds of kids are taken to the e.r. with severe burns. >> reporter: this year shriner's hospital for children is trying to get the word out. in annapolis, maryland, last winter four children and their grandparents died when their house caught fire. investigators traced the cause to an electrical fault near a christmas tree that had been cut down two months earlier. >> after a tree is cut it begins to dry. how quickly it dries depends on the type of tree, how it is cut and how often it is watered when it's on display. >> reporter: something we saw firsthand in the lab. up until this morning this tree was sitting in water so the needles are full of water and bendable. the other tree, brittle and dry. >> unfortunately, it can dry out in a day two and become a very serious fire hazard. >> reporter: the advice from the experts, water your tree daily, keep it three feet from a fire source, closely inspect the
11:44 am
bulbs and wires and never leave candles unattended. that was nbc's tom costello reporting. many people are still becoming distracted while driving and there's a new growing threat. a report out today from state farm finds 29 of drivers admit to surfing the web while behind the wheel. that's up from 13% in 2009. is another 21% say they're reading their facebook or twitter feeds. more than a third are still texting while driving, but that number stayed about the same for several years. state farm attributes the rise in web surfing while driving to the prevalence of smart phones. this morning we know people donated more than a million pounds at last week's campout for hunger event at xfinity live hosted by wmmr's morning team preston and steve. on behalf of nbc 10 i went down to south philadelphia where my colleagues tracy davidson and sheena parveen and we helped deliver food from our own food
11:45 am
drive here at nbc 10. those donations will go to fill abundance to help feed the needy this holiday season. a local program that helps young people explore their musical talent is getting ready to show off the result of their hard work and spread holiday cheer in the process. rock to the future provides music education to philadelphia's underserved youth at no cost to them or their families. this weekend they'll hold their sixth annual holiday showcase. we want to welcome back to the program rock to the future's program director josh craft and he is here joined by one of his young performers, cheyenne, an 11th grade student at the creative and performing arts high school. thank you both for being here. >> thank you. >> josh, let's start with you. a lot of people won't be aware or familiar with our program. tell us what you do and what your mission is. >> sure. so rock to the future is a nonprofit. it provides free music education
11:46 am
to kids in the philadelphia area and we have a couple different program areas. we have an after school program. we also have in-school workshops where we teach group guitar classes and we also do summer camps, too, as well. and all the programming is completely free for philadelphia youth. >> cheyenne, tell us what your experience has been like and what it's done for you. >> i've been in the program for six years, since the beginning of the program. i was 12 years old. >> wow. >> i learned how to play the guitar. ever since then i have become a part of the house band, we perform around and i've gotten extremely better. >> you're also a songwriter. >> yes, i am. i go to school for creative writing so this has helped me actually write different ways. i learn how to compress my writing. i learn different poetic structure. it's a lot different and it's very good. >> did you already know how to play the guitar at 12 before you went to the program or did you
11:47 am
go there and then realized "this is my gift" or did you already know it was a gift and went there to enhance it? >> i had little experience. i had a teacher before but it didn't work out so i actually stopped and i forgot how to play the guitar, actually. and then my mom found the program and offered up the suggestion so i took it and it's -- i don't regret it. i love it there. >> and you're from fishtown. josh, you have kids from all over the area that come. >> yeah, kids from west philly, south philly. a lot of the neighborhood kids, though, in the kensington, fishtown area. they'll walk right to the program. but with our in-school workshops and summer camps, we're reaching kids all over philadelphia. >> tell us more about the holiday showcase, josh. >> so this saturday you can catch all of our students in our afterschool program are going to be performing this saturday at st. michael's church in fishtown
11:48 am
kensington area at 5:00. they'll be performing original material so all of the bands will be performing original songs, a cover song and a holiday song, too, as well. >> cheyenne, do you play other instruments besides the guitar? >> besides the guitar i can also play some bass. i can play some key boards and i'm not going to try for drums. i do not do well with that. >> i bet you probably play all of them well and you're just sort of tamping down being humble about it. that's pretty amazing. i find a lot of people who play one instrument can easily pick up another instrument and at least figure out the basics of it. >> the theory connects a lot of the instruments together so you can eventually get some sort of basic knowledge so you know what you're doing together. >> tell us what you hope to do then with all this music. >> i actually is a band outside of the program so we actually use what we learn from the program to actually learn time management through the program
11:49 am
more than anything so we help with our instruments, we have the time management and we create our own songs and we put on our own shows. >> you know what you learn beyond time management? money management? >> we here in that right now, the music industry class. >> good. because that's -- i should have you sign this, get your autograph before you leave. that's so nice. what a great program you guys are involved in in helping youth in the area who may be interested in the music and music business and learn how to play an instrument. it helps probably with your studies academically if you learn how to play an instrument, studies have shown. thank you very much for coming in. rock to the future's sixth annual holiday showcase is saturday at 5:00 p.m. at st. michael's lutheran church. 2139 east cumberland street in philadelphia. we've posted a link for more information on our web site and on our nbc 10 mobile app. guys, thanks for coming in. >> thank you. >> thanks for having us.
11:50 am
now today is going to be the coldest day of the week and even today is on the mild side for december. temperatures a little bit above average. but even milder air will be coming through the rest of the week and by the weekend we could be near record levels. we've got a lot of blue in that sky out there and not a whole lot of wind. it's 45 degrees. we're north at seven. a little cooler than this time yesterday but only 38 degrees in west chester right now. 43 in pottstown, 44 in mount molly and glassboro. we have sunshine to help warm these temperatures up and with a land breeze it's the same in atlantic city marina as it is at the airport well inland. when you get the sea breeze, especially in the summertime,
11:51 am
you can have tremendous differences just in those few miles. it's also cool in delaware, 44 degrees because of the wind coming off of the bay. so several degrees, up to five, six degrees cooler than at this time yesterday but still above average. and those are the northerly winds, that storm we were showing you yesterday moved offshore, pulled down a little colder air but the wind already diminishing is down to calm in reading. now as we go through the day tomorrow we're going to be seeing some clouds around but it's also going to get warmer. we'll have a little bit of moisture possibly coming up, especially thursday night and into early, early friday. but once that moves by we're going to be seeing a lot of sunshine and also warmer temperatures. sunny, schooler today than it was yesterday. the high near 50. we got up to 57 yesterday.
11:52 am
and then 54 degrees tomorrow despite an increase in cloud cover. we could see a couple of showers, especially in delaware and south jersey like we saw on the futurecast. that's especially thursday night. 57 degrees thursday then 61 on friday and even warmer over the weekend. a lot of people are going to enjoy the outdoor activity, the army/navy game, the eagles game playing in unseasonably mild weather. there are folks looking for cold and snow. you're not getting it any time soon. we'll be right back. come on in pop pop.
11:53 am
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coming up at 3:00, ellen has a long list of celebrities that include samuel. will jackson, joshua jackson and chris young. and nbc 10 told you about a payroll mistake that forced philadelphia school workers to give a chunk of their wages back. now the nbc 10 investigators have learned about raises that were give on the administrators at the very same time. we'll have that story this afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00. now to an update on our top story. the philadelphia fire department says smoke detectors saved the lives of a frankford family early this morning. they alerted them to evacuate just before fire destroyed their home. the fire started at around 5:30 on orthodox street and quickly
11:56 am
consumed three row homes. seven people were rushed to the hospital. two little girls had to jump to safety from a second-story win de. luckily neighbors were there to catch them. fire officials tell us they will all survive. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz here with a look at the afternoon weather. >> and it's feeling a little cool out there because we've been spoiled. >> looks great. >> we've been spoiled by this mild weather. november was the second-warmest in the recorded history of philadelphia. so far the first week of december averaging six degrees above normal and today just a couple degrees above at 50 degrees. then it just keeps getting warmer everyday for the rest of the week and into the weekend and by sunday the eagles are playing mid-december game, generally really cold. >> and they're playing buffalo. >> mid-60s, possible record high temperatures. >> >> also army-navy on
11:57 am
saturday. >> that will be warm, too. 63. >> thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm vai sikahema, for glenn "hurricane" schwartz and all of us at nbc 10, have a great day.
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>> roman: hey, relax, all right? there's a reason there's a guard in there. nobody's gonna let ben hurt abigail. >> chad: after everything he put her through, ben will be lucky if she doesn't rip his damn face off. >> ben: no, no, no, no, no, no. no, you died. you burned in a fire. you burned to death. now you're back. you're a ghost. you came back to haunt me. >> abigail: ben, ben. look at me. look at me, ben. look at me. ben, look ate. feel my hands, okay? feel how warm they are? i'm not dead. i survived. and right now, i need you to focus. i need you to focus. where did you leave our baby, ben? >> ben: the baby? >> abigail: where is he? >> ben: don't worry, abigail. i made sure i--


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