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tv   Early Today  NBC  December 9, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EST

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>> does she stay or go? today could be the first step for pennsylvania lawmakers trying to determine whether attorney general kathleen kane should be removed from office. hate on campus. someone carved swastikas on a local university. hanukkah celebrations continue there this week. temperatures are close to normal for an early december morning but this afternoon a much different story and today's warm-up is only the beginning. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." it's 4:00 on this wednesday. i'm rosemary connors. let's get to the forecast with meteorologist bill henley. >> we're starting off cold again but this is going to be the
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coldest morning for the rest of the week, the temperatures have fallen, 37 degrees in philadelphia, trenton is in the middle 30s, 34, the 20s for millville and atlantic city. so a cold bundle up kind of morning but we'll see a decent warm-up and much of it happens this morning from 39 at 6:00 to 44 at 9:00 this morning with just a light breeze out of the southeast, wind increases by lunch time as does the temperature, 52 degrees. that will be warmer than all day yesterday by noon and the numbers will be climbing. we'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back. first jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> and bill, we are watching the vine street expressway for that closure this morning. a lot of construction so it's closed east and westbound in between the schuylkill and broad street right now. as you can see these are cameras from the schuylkill expressway looking at the on ramp to the vine. you can see in here some crews blocking off the on ramps so
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traffic forced to keep going. so you want to avoid that this morning so you don't get stuck in a little jam. that should be the until about 5:00. the rest of the drive times are great. no problems on 95 and the schuylkill, the blue route great, the schuylkill to 95, watch out an opening for the burlington bristol bridge we're in the process of right now. no problems on the tacony palmyra, or the betsy. >> thanks. a fire broke out on the second floor of a house in the powellton section of philadelphia. around 11:30 and got the flames under control. no one was hurt. we don't know what started the fire. >> a philadelphia officer is recovering from minor injuries this morning after colliding with the back of a construction vehicle. the suv crashed at about 3:00 this morning. the police officer was taken to the hospital to be checked out.
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investigators are looking into what caused this crash. today could be an important step in deciding what to do about pennsylvania's attorney general kathleen kane. some lawmakers want her gone from office. monique braxton is live with more. >> reporter: rosemary, the court suspended kathleen kane's law license after she was charged with perjury. so we're going to take you back down what's happened since then. she's accused of leaking grand jury material to a philadelphia newspaper, and trying to cover it up. state senators in harrisburg could vote as early as today on whether to start a process that could lead to her removal as the first woman and first democratic attorney general. ultimately, though a two-thirds senate majority vote would be necessary to remove kane. kane has said the majority of her work is administrative and ministerial and she anticipates being able to carry out 98% of her duties without the help of
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others. but since the temporary suspension of her law license, duties that require a license have been delegated to her deputies. last month a senate committee examining her ability to stay in office with a suspended law license questions what happens when a judge might dismiss a case on the grounds that the office of the attorney general lacks authority when the law license is suspended. well, the committee decided that scenario must be addressed by the pennsylvania supreme court. in the meantime, kane released a statement criticizing that special committee, calling their actions unconstitutional. she says she intends to vigorously defend the office of the attorney general and she also says she is innocent. we're going to continue to follow every move of the senate. now outside in norristown outside the courthouse, monique braxton, nbc 10 news.
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>> today firefighters and their families will remember a hero one year after she died in the line of duty. lieutenant joyce craig passed away after fighting a house fire in west oak lane, she is the first female firefighter to die on the job in the city's history. the fire department will honor craig at engine company 64 in the long crest neighborhood tonight at 6:30. >> two philadelphia drug suspects are in jail but not before investigators say they led police on a chase that banged up patrol cars and caused a neighborhood uproar. sky force 10 was over tarsdale avenue in may fair where the chase began after officers witnessed a drug deal and tried to make an arrest. a black mercury took off rolling through a play ground. according to investigators the driver then stopped as if to surrender but pulled away again. >> in his haste to get away the
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vehicle struck two vehicles, striking one two separate times at two separate locations. >> the front tires were like sparking. he was speeding down. i don't understand how he could be speeding. >> officers arrested the driver and passenger when they tried to run away. both are facing drug charges. the driver also faces aggravated assault charges for trying to injure the officers. police in ocean county are looking for a robber who roughed up a 102-year-old woman for a couple of bucks. we spoke with evelyn and her daughter. on monday bonnie answered the door bell for a man who pushed his way in. bonnie was too shaken to talk on camera. she did tell us off camera the robber dragged her through a hallway. she says he knocked down her mother and took away evelyn's life line pendant before yelling at bonnie. >> give me money. i said i'll give you whatever i
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have in my wallet. i tried to bite him i was so mad and afraid. he said he had a knife but he didn't have a knife. i was frightened. i was annoyed. >> police say the robber gently picked drucker up off the floor. he did not take credit cards from the victims but he did steal $30 in cash. >> you are looking at a tearful tribute in the fish town section of philadelphia. the community gathered last night remember a block captain who was murdered. kathy wilson was beaten with a wrench in her home on friday. two people are charged in the killing, one was wilson's former house keeper. investigators say the suspects took $20,000 from wilson. this morning police are investigating a case of hate vandalism on a college campus in our area. ♪ students at rowan university in
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glassboro are coming together to celebrate hanukkah just days after someone carved swastikas at a dorm. last night they late menorah on campus. last thursday someone carved several swastikas on dorm doors at chestnut hall and left other hate filled messages. investigators are trying to track down the person responsible. meantime t local jewish community says they will not be intimidated. >> we're about love and peace and unity and light and there is no room for darkness. >> rowan is asking anyone with information about the vandalism to come forward and call university police. subaru will break ground. the company and city officials will gather for today's groundbreaking ceremonies at the new site, 13-acre lot mere admiral wilson boulevard. subaru is moving from its corporate headquarters in cherry
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hill. the company will relocate roughly 500 jobs to camden and create around 100 new jobs. nine minutes after 4:00. we've got a cold morning, the temperatures are still falling, most of the area is in the 30s, a few spots in the 20s. we're on track for a mild afternoon. sunshine, some scattered clouds, and turning warmer as the week goes on. right on through the weekend. right now 34 degrees in doylestown. it's chilly in philadelphia, 37. and there's the 20s, millville with clear skies, 29 degrees right now. we will see sunshine today. a few scattered clouds that are moving through the area. obviously you can see there's nothing falling, don't expect wet weather. no wet weather on the horizon either. a few low clouds moving through the area right now. they keep on going, we'll get enough sunshine to warm us into the 50s. a little warmer than it was
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yesterday when we topped out at 50 degrees. you can see the radar showing nothing is falling from the clouds. it's the temperatures that will be climbing. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast. partly sunny skies for camelback, 47 degrees into the 50s for fleet wood, pennsburg and morgantown. sunshine and low 50s for sauter on the and at the shore warmer, upper 50s for ventnor city, avalon, rehoboth beach 57. in the middle 50s for wilmington and newark. philadelphia expecting a high temperature of 56 degrees. a look at the warming trend when i come back in ten minutes. let's check in with jessica boyington, she's keeping an eye on the roads. on 95, good morning. >> we're on 95 now, this is how we like to see it. no problems, no delays, no lane restrictionings you can see on the southbound side in here.
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headed to center city so from woodhaven to the vine street expressway 13 minutes, no problems there northbound looking the same. wish we could say the same for the bridges. we're in the process of that opening and another at 4:05 for tacony palmyra, so we're a little behind schedule there. i checked in on route 73 approaching that scene, no backup yet so we're good to go. you can take the betsy ross bridge to get by for an alternate for the tacony palmyra bridge opening. could donald trump actually be the great uniter? well, politicians on both sides of the aisle are all speaking out against him. next, hear mayor michael nutter's choice words for the presidential candidate. who joe biden thinks trump is helping the most. >> reporter: i'm katy zachry. the homeless problem in camden problem has been on the rise for years, but in a few hours leaders are going to announce a new way to fight homelessness.
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today the mayor of chicago will speak to city council about the city's troubled police department. mayor rahm emanuel plans to address council members about the challenges the department faces in the wake of police shootings and alleged brutality incidents. the mayor will talk about reforms needed so the department can move forward. a warning you may find this next video disturbing. vick poli chicago police released this video showing a man in custody getting tased and dragged down a hallway. police arrested phillip coleman for allegedly beating his
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mother. the family members say he needed to be hospitalized, not taken to jail. after this incident coleman was taken to a hospital where he died. that video is the latest of several controversial pieces of footage involving chicago police. the u.s. department of justice announced this week that it is investigating the practices of the department. the probe will focus on whether police should use deadly force. this comes after a video showing the shooting death of laquan mcdonald which over the past weeks sparked protests and calls for the resignation of chicago's mayor. today in baltimore defense attorneys will begin their case in the trial of the first police officer charged in the death of freddie gray. officer william porter is charged with manslaughter, misconduct in office, and reckless endangerment. gray died in april after suffering a spinal cord injury. prosecutors say porter
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contributed to gray's death. five other police officers have also been charged in this case. the white house is backing a bill passed by the house that would tighten controls on visa-free travel to the u.s. yesterday house members approved the measure by nearly a unanimous vote. the bill focuses on the visa waiver program that allows dozens to travel here before first obtaining a visa. it would require a visa for any one who has been in iraq or syria in the last five years, also countries in the program would have to share information with the u.s. about known extremists. >> this morning republican presidential candidate donald trump is denying reports that he's planning to visit jordan. yesterday the associated press reported that trump was set to visit the muslim majority kingdom later this m. trump denied it on twitter. on monday the front-runner called for a temporary ban on all muslims entering the u.s.
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leaders across the country including philadelphia mayor michael nutter are condemning trump's proposal. >> i think in recent times nothing more vile or ignorant could be said whether it's a political environment or any other environment and certainly if i had the power to do so, the only banning that should be done is that person not being allowed in the city of philadelphia. >> nutter compared trump to hitler saying that trump is causing a level of fear mongering not seen since world war ii. last night democratic white house front-runner hillary clinton blasted trump's idea, called it barring muslims in the u.s. dangerous and a grave mistake. >> at a time when america should be doing everything we can to lead the fight to defeat isis
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and other radical jihadists, donald trump is playing right into their hands. >> vice president joe biden also slammed trump's stance on muslims after a diplomatic trip to ukraine. biden called it a very, very dangerous brew for america. >> take a look at this cartoon on the cover of the new york daily news, it shows trump cutting off the head of a statue of liberty with the phrase when trump came for the mexicans i did not speak out as i was not a mexican, when he came for the muslims i did not speak out as i was not a muslim. then he came for me. the phrase borrows from a poem targeting germans during the rise of adolf hitler. >> it's on cold mornings like this when cranking up the heat and layering extra blankets make all the difference but not everybody has that luxury. it's in this kind of weather when the homeless are the most
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vulnerable. today leaders in south jersey are launching a new plan to end homelessness. katy zachry is live in camden to explain. katy. >> reporter: camden county leaders tell me this is a problem they tackled for years, homelessness. they want to get a handle on it. in a few hours those leaders will announce a new way to fight homelessness. this is why it's unique. it focuses on housing first. it gives people who are homeless their very own place to live. and that's what is different about this initiative. it gives them housing first, then provides the services after that. once a person is in their own space, a safe environment if you will, proponents like camden county free holder argue that this way they can better take care of themselves. >> you house them first, you take that stress and drama out of their life so that they can focus on the healing process and re-establishment in the community. >> reporter: so how many homeless people will get this opportunity and who may be
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chosen first over others chosen down the line? i'm working on answering those questions for you at 5:00. for now reporting live in camden, katy zachry, "nbc 10 news". 20 minutes after 4:00. the cold is back this morning. the temperatures have dropped into the 30s. we've got clear skies, a clear view of philadelphia. looking toward the city this morning. very little wind so the temperatures are still dropping. 37 degrees right now. that's 3 degrees colder than yesterday. dead calm at philadelphia international. it's cold enough for snow making again in the pocono mountains, the blue mountain adding to the base, working on for the last week in the mountains. temperatures have dropped in the 20s in interior new jersey. millville, wrightstown, toms river in the 20s, in the very low 30s for pottstown, and 37 at philadelphia international. and delaware county just below
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freezing now in wallingford and at the bus stop a chilly breeze to start with. temperatures in the 30s. and center city 40 degrees. that's first thing this morning. then during the day, completely dry. the only chance that we have showers will come early tomorrow, and that doesn't look like it's a very likely. during the day, 11:00 this morning, your hour by hour weather shows 47 degrees at philadelphia. the 50s at millville and dover, a nice rebound from the cold temperatures. 54 degrees at 2:00 this afternoon. we'll see some scattered clouds, especially into the later evening hours, that's when the clouds take over into early tomorrow morning and this is our chance of a shower. nothing much there, just a few scattered showers possible. so sunny skies and a chilly breeze and temperatures that will climb into the upper 40s by -- and low 50s by lunch time, even higher this afternoon. full seven-day forecast hey, let's look at the weekend forecast while i'm here.
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record heat. for saturday. we tie the record, 65 degrees and 66 on sunday. that would break the record. so stand by for a big warm-up. full seven-day forecast coming up in the next half hour. >> nice bonus there, bill. thanks for that. now let's check in with jessica boyington. she's keeping an eye on the traffic cameras. what are you seeing on 295? >> smooth sailing so far. this is out in west deptford. no lane restrictions in this area. 644 now, 22 minutes from 42 freeway, heading to the delaware memorial bridge no problem. average speed 65 miles per hour. everybody is moving along nicely. north or southbound. and pretty much true for most of the majors in new jersey. construction on the 42 freeway between 544 and 295. but you can see the drive times are great. five minutes north or southbound. from 55 to the walt whitman bridge into philadelphia. >> happening today the state
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department of transportation will unveil a new snow plow tracking feature added to the deldot app. >> 4:23. on temple's campus hopes are high for the future of the football program. but tensions are also high. next, nbc 10 was there as students tried to make their voices heard about building a stadium on campus. why the board of trustees put plans on hold. and ahead in the next half hour, a new line in the sand at the jersey shore. who just won a victory in the battle over the dunes.
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>>. >> today's "sports illustrated" kids will honor philadelphia's student athlete and olympic hopeful reese wittily, naming him the sports kid of the year it will happen at lincoln financial field. his classmates and teammates from penn charter high school will also be on hand for the celebration. >> this morning the decision on building a stadium on can pus for temple's football team is on hold. a closer look at where the stadium could be built. the plan does not have final funding approval but has critics. tensions mounted outside sullivan hall when students tried to get into the board of trustees meeting. some students joined neighbors to protest the $100 million stadium project. in a surprise move the trustees decided to postpone a vote on the plan after philadelphia
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mayor-elect jim kenney said he wanted to weigh in. >> this was driven by the exorbitant amount of money being charged to them at the link so we can get that straightened out maybe they don't need a stadium. >> the owls play their home games at lincoln financial field. trem pell trustees are expected to me with kenney in the next week. 4:27. 37 degrees. you can see it's dry, not a drop on the parking lot in front of the linc. that's a live view from south philadelphia. it is cold. you have to bundle up. we have a warm-up that starts today. jessica boyington is in the first alert traffic center. >> today we're also watching torresdale avenue being blocked off with an earlier accident. we'll have more on this and drive times when i come back. >> what's in a name? controversy.
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she is still working despite criminal charges and suspended law license. but today, pennsylvania lawmakers could take an important step in the decision to remove state attorney general kathleen kane. >> talk about keeping up appearances. this block is full of christmas lights with homeschooled children but police say inside one house a delaware county mother of two was running an elaborate


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