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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  December 9, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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she is still working despite criminal charges and suspended law license. but today, pennsylvania lawmakers could take an important step in the decision to remove state attorney general kathleen kane. >> talk about keeping up appearances. this block is full of christmas lights with homeschooled children but police say inside one house a delaware county mother of two was running an elaborate drug operation.
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>> the sand dune battle rains on the jersey shore. some people in margate are waving the victory flag. this is "nbc 10 news today." it's just after 4:30. we check in with meteorologist bill henley, starting to feel more like december. >> certainly the temperatures have been dropping and still falling at this hour. we have clear skies at the shore and completely dry. it's just cold out. 20s in new jersey, millville and wrightstown. atlantic city at 29, it's 37 in philadelphia at the airport. most of the area is running chillier than that. roxborough and northeast philadelphia in the middle 30s and still falling. but we'll see temperatures warm from the 30s into the 40s and then into the 50s. it will be a warmer afternoon than yesterday. 6:00, still in the 30s, but low 40s at 9:00, and with clouds and sunshine, 52 degrees at lunch time. and still getting warmer at that hour. we'll go through the high
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temperatures neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in 10 minutes. jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> we're watching an accident scene now blocked off with police activity on torresdale avenue. you can see police officers in here and all the way back in there, actually. so, that stretch of street actually closed and detoured for right now. we'll keep you updated on when it opens and speaking of that, not open on the vine street expressway east and westbound closed, you can see in the red between broad street and the schuylkill expressway that will be out there until about 5:00 this morning. we are seeing delays for mass transit, septa's warminster and airport line dealing with up to 11-minute delays. >> the big question today, what to do with pennsylvania's embattled attorney general kathleen kane. state lawmakers could take a major first step in possibly removing her from office.
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monique braxton is live in norristown to explain. >> reporter: rosemary, we're outside the courthouse where kathleen kane will fight the perjury charges against her. but a different battle looms on the horizon up in harrisburg. kane is accused of leaking grand jury material to a philadelphia newspaper, then lying about it. today, state senators will vote on whether to start a process that could lead to her removal as the first democrat and female a.g., ultimately a two-thirds senate majority vote would be necessary to remove kane. kane calls the majority of-er work administrative. she anticipates being able to carry out about 98% of her duties without the help of others. but since the temporary suspension of her law license, duties that require a license have been delegated to kane's deputies. last month a committee examining her ability to stay in office with a suspended license questioned what happens when a
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judge might dismiss a case on the grounds that the office of the attorney general lacks -- the committee decided this must be addressed by the pennsylvania supreme court. they also said she should come to the senate and have a complete hearing before all state senators. well, kane released a statement criticizing the senate committee calling their actions unconstitutional. she says she intends to vigorously defend the office of attorney general. kane also says she is innocent. we're going to continue to follow what happens in harrisburg and have that for you. live in norristown, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. a delaware county mother is behind bars this morning after police say they found more than 700 bags of heroin in her home. police served a search warrant on maria gutierrez's house on people street on friday following an ongoing narcotics investigation. according to detectives, the
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29-year-old mother of two young daughters had 50 bundles of heroin and two loaded guns and cash. >> never seen any activity. i was very surprised. so close to home. >> authorities have charged gutierrez with dealing heroin. she is being held in the delaware county prison. >> we learned that police in florida have arrest add man wanted for a murder inside a philadelphia grocery store. authorities say they took tieread reed into custody. there was a baby in his car but the baby was not injured. reed has been on the run for nearly a month. he recently moved into a home in orange park, florida but marshals were keeping him under surveillance. he is wanted for shooting and killing a man in j and r perez back on november 10. it's unclear when he may be brought back to philadelphia to face charges.
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>> a famous animal abuser turned animal rights activist is pushing activists to save pets from deadly danger. former eagles quarterback michael vick was in harrisburg lobbying for the hot dog bill. the measure would give first responders the authority to rescue dogs and cats from vehicles when it gets too hot without facing liability. vick served nearly two years you may remember in prison for running a dog fighting ring. >> i was part of the problem when i was at my lowest. i made the decision to make change. >> vick is now a backup condition for the pittsburgh steelers. it's a victory for margate in a long running dune battle. yesterday a judge ruled that margate can challenge the state's plan to seize properties through eminent domain. some residents of margate and other shore towns in new jersey oppose the plan.
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>> a small pennsylvania college stude students -- a building called lynch memorial hall is located on the campus of lebanon valley college. students there say the word lynch carries racial overtones and want the school to change the name or add lynch's first name to it. the students are also calling for more diverse curriculum and more sensitivity training for staff. today a team of 8 to 10-year-olds from bucks county will play in the pee-wee league version of the nfc championship game. the quake you are town panthers face a team from florida in the pop warner super bowl semifinals. the game kicks off where else but disney world this morning at 8:30. we wish them luck. the time is 4:37. and we're learning new details about the married couple who
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killed 14 people last week in california. plus we're hearing stories of bravery. next, we'll learn more from some of the police who helped save lives and their promise to the terrified victims. also ahead -- >> oh, my god. >> close encounter off the coast of sea isle. why whale sightings are on the rise. 37 degrees, a cold start but we've got a warm-up that starts today. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast just ahead.
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20 minutes before 5:00. it's a cold morning. this is going to be really the end of the cold for the week. the temperatures in the 30s right now, the next several days will feature a warm-up. 35 degrees in philadelphia with
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calm conditions. that is colder than yesterday by 4 degrees. you'll feel the chill in the entire area. chester springs 31 degrees down to 30 degrees, below freezing for quakertown. shenandoah is below freezing this morning. and in the 20s for millville, atlantic city, woodbine is 29 degrees. it's in the lower 30s for delaware. a cold start but we'll get sunshine today. see some scattered clouds that are moving through the area. these are not going to bring us raindrops, we'll see the clouds break and get enough sunshine to warm us into the 50s for most areas. pocono mountains will see a high of 43. but low 50s for allentown and reading. feels more like november than it does december. for doylestown, trenton and mount holly, partly sunny skies at the shore. upper 50s for rehobeth and cape may. vineland warms to 55 degrees. partly sunny skies for wilmington, swedesboro and philadelphia all up to 56 degrees today. this is just the beginning of the warming trend. wait until you see what happens
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this weekend. i've got the seven-day forecast when i come back. >> let's check in with jessica boyington taking a look at conditions on the roads in northeast philly. >> yeah, and we have an update for you. torresdale avenue is back open. this is a few moments ago. the last police officer removed from the scene between run street and decatur street. no problems with that activity. on the p.a. turnpike, construction, eastbound betweens about bensalem. west and eastbound great from route 1 to valley forge, 23 minutes. vine street expressway is closed between the schuylkill and broad street. that's going to be there another 20 minutes. east and westbound is closed. we'll have updates when i come back in the next ten. >> police in florida chase two burglary suspects but they both ended up getting away. or did they?
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days and weeks leading up to the deadly mass shooting in san bernardino as well as the heroic actions of some of the first responders. first let's begin with new information. nbc news confirmed that more than $28,000 was deposited in the couple's bank account but questions remain how the plot was funded and who else may have been involved. we're seeing cell phone video taken as detective jorge lozano
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helped survivors to safety. >> take a bullet before you do that's for sure. >> i said what i said. i meant what i said. it's nothing short of what any other person in law enforcement would do. >> in the meantime, agents continue to question a former neighbor they say agreed to purchase two assault rifles for farook, weapons that were used in the attack. investigators are looking at a number of people seen entering farook's garage in the months prior to the attack. authorities say farook and his wife shot and killed 14 people last wednesday before dying in a shoot-out with police. a little later on we'll learn "time's" choice for person of the year. the final contenders include republican presidential candidate donald trump, russian president vladamir putin, isis leader abu bakr al baghdadi and the black lives matters activi t
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activists. >> did you happen to misplace three boeing 747s? if you did officials at malaysia's airport would like to you give them a call. they are parked at 3 bays. if nobody claims them in 14 days they may end up selling the aircraft. >> back in the u.s. in central florida police say an alligator attacked a burglary suspect and killed him. according to investigators an 11 foot gator devoured matthew in november. it happened when he and another man were out to burglaryize homes. the alligator attacked. the gator was trapped and euthanized. >> staying in florida, folks there are snapping up yellow containers of coffee. the coast guard says more than two dozen shipping containers went over board from a container
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ship on the way to puerto rico. the captain says he lost the cargo when the load shifted. investigators are checking the environmental impact of the lost cargo. >> massachusetts health officials now confirm norovirus sickened students. the chipotle was closed after a dozen of students complained of symptoms. according to a health report an employee was sick while working a shift last week. >> i guess you rely on the local food stores to serve you healthy food and this is slightly annoying and frightening. you don't want to get this sort of negative attention in your local restaurants. >> chipotle believes the latest round of illnesses are not related to the recent e. coli outbreak at a number of its restaurants. in pennsylvania the health department has confirmed one case of e. coli while it's the
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same strain as some of the chipotle cases, the person did not eat at the restaurant. health officials are trying to determine the source of the infection. well, it may not be a day at the beach at the jersey shore today but boaters are spotting hump back whales out on the water and they are shooting video to prove it. >> oh, my god. >> a hump back whale hit this boat and lifted it out of the water. experts say bait fish used to catch striped bass is drawing the whales toward the coast. some folks are concerned about the boaters getting in too close to try to get a better look. >> very dangerous and it's also illegal. that's considered harassment by changing the direction of the whale or causing it not to feed. >> they could keep surfacing for a few more weeks.
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10 minutes before 5:00. the temperatures will be climbing today. it's going to be a warmer one. this morning a bit of a chill is in the air. you can make out a few thin clouds rolling through the area. that's about as thick as the clouds are going to get this morning. 37 degrees right now in philadelphia. the wind has died down. and is going to stay light today. right now in the pocono mountains you can see snow on the ground at shawnee. they are making snow as the temperatures have fallen nicely. 2020s in new jersey, 36 in wilmington but below freezing in westchester at 32 degrees, 30 along with chester springs at 30 and phoenixville 31 so it's cold to start with. but the rest of the week is going to feature warmer temperatures. the nearest rain and snow is way to the northwest. that's going to miss us. there is a slight chance we could see a shower overnight but
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i think it's more likely we'll stay dry. we'll be dry during the day with partly sunny skies, 54 to 57 degrees this afternoon. tomorrow, not as chilly in the morning. 44 to start with. look at that high temperature. 61 degrees. and it goes even warmer for friday, but the weekend featuring record heat. saturday, 65 would tie the record. 66 sunday would break the record. then we've got rain. finally moving in on monday. but still mild. 65 degrees. as we clear out it cools down. warm for this time of year on tuesday, but sunshine, 55 degrees. >> on this wednesday, jessica boyington is keeping an eye on traffic. schuylkill expressway. how is it looking? >> how we want it to look. so for to the have jams or delays around girard avenue. if you are headed east or westbound, looking great into center city. the blue route to the vine street expressway a 12 minute
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trip. now over to delaware through 95, you can see everything still moving nicely there. 11 minutes at the most. northbound from 295 to 495. watch for ongoing construction in delaware, 95 northbound up to 896 northbound is closed. i'll come back in the 5:00 hour with a check of the vine street expressway. >> today philadelphia police will help spread holiday cheer, the second and 15th districts are scheduled to host holiday parties for underprivileged school children. this is a look at previous holiday parties. the department expects to have about 100 children if not more which will feature music, games and a special visitor from the north pole. like he's a rock star. i guess he is, santa, very busy schedule yesterday. kids swarmed him when he stopped by the police athletic league in southwest philly.
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powell put a party together with santa being the center piece. all eyes again on pennsylvania's attorney general. kathleen kane faces criminal charges and is working despite a suspended law license. hear what state lawmakers may do about it today. also next, get them while they are hot. find out where nbc 10 found a fresh batch of patti labelle pies.
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today our area will be getting some new citizens. about 51 delaware county residents are scheduled to be sworn in at a naturalization ceremony at the courthouse in media. the new citizens are from more than a dozen countries and four continents. >> now to pennsylvania's budget battle. the stalemate shows no signs of coming to an end. house republicans are still
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trying to solve the crisis with their own spending plan, instead of a bipartisan senate proposal that would be supported by governor tom wolf. democratic critics say the house plan is very similar to a budget that passed in june and was vetoed by the governor. >> a local student is competing for one of the highest science honors and her work may be saving some lives in the process. emily chan competed in the math science and technology competition. she and the team helping to detect liver cancer through a urine test. they developed software thata e ab analy analyzes. >> a lot of companies are trying to find ways to treat cancer. we're young, we want to look to the future so focusing on early detection. we don't even have to worry about trying to cure it when it's in the later stages. >> finalists will receive a total of $500,000 in
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scholarships. >> a pair of local producers celebrating grammy nominations this morning. ♪ >> darren henson and keith pelzer received nominations for the song in the best traditional category. the grammys are on february 15. >> patti labelle's sweet potato pies are back on the shelves. i know you have been looking for them. >> i love the story as the pies. can get them. they became hard to find after a youtube video praising them went viral. tuesday people scooped them up at the walmart on columbus avenue. >> i'm cutting into it today as soon as i get home. >> all the commotion about them so i want to get one. >> the sweet potato pies are only sold at walmart.
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>> sweet potato patti labelle. this is the patti edition. >> this is of course the video that started the pie excitement before thanksgiving. walmart rep tells us they don't know when other stores in the area will be restocked. the plan is to start selling the pies year-round. the guy is james sheinelle. i think that patty had to do a duet with him. his voice sounds more like patti's. >> he helped her sell a lot of pies. >> "nbc 10 news today" at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. today in harrisburg lawmakers are taking a closer look at the scandal surrounding embattled pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane. we'll tell you what happens that would have an impact on her
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future in office. >> donald trump's comments. >> those aren't the only words michael nutter has for donald trump. we'll hear more from the mayor as trump continues to take heat for his comments on muslims in america. >> i was frightened. i was annoyed more than anything. >> robber roughs up a 102-year-old woman and we'll explain what happened during the confrontation and how the thief had a change of heart. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm rosemary connors. i definite ly -- >> let's start with bill henley. bill, it's cool out there. >> yes. the wind has died down and with mostly clear skies the temperatures have come down. calm conditions, yesterday we had that steady breeze so the temperatures are running lower. low 30s at freezing for
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allentown and pottstown. 34 northeast philadelphia. but the coldest spots remain in interior new jersey in the 20s right now. we will see a warm-up starting this afternoon. 38 degrees at 7:00. in facts, starting this morning, 46 by 10:00, by lunch time and early this afternoon the temperatures will be in the 50s. 54 and climbing at 1:00 today. we'll go through the forecast and show you how warm it's going to get when i'm back. right now jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> bill, we're watching the vine street expressway. they start moving the cameras around. that's because the off ramps are still blocked off. we have police activity blocking the on ramps. there we go. we tried. there we go. okay. right on the on ramp here police activity blocking those. these are from the schuylkill expressway facing the vine. closed east and westbound between the schuylkill and broad stet


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