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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  December 10, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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>> in the wake of the california pass shootings, today local religious students will condemn violence. some former camden cops, hear why they claim they were turned away. and buying bullets for students. the university of delaware is paying for a campus fun safety club. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today. well, keep that heavy weather here in the closet. it is getting warm out there good morning, bill. >> we will see a nice warm-up as the week goes on, this morning, though, this is the only fly in the ointment. a few scattered light showers moving through. no heavy rain now, upper chester county moving into montgomery county t. showers won't match
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much longer as they're moving to the feast at 30 miles an hour. very light showers. the showers will be gone before sunrise. then the temperatures will be climbing. we're getting a warm start. 40s and 50, looking at 52 degrees along strict city. sunshine will break through the clouds. the showers done by 6:00. by 9:00. into the middle 60s. parts of the area will make it up to 60 degrees or warmer this afternoon. we'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood. first jessica boyington is watching wet roads. >> looking behind me on the vine street expressway. we're actually still closed to traffic east and westbound in 29 the schuylkill and broad streets. watch out for that watching an
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overturned tractor-trailer at exit 1. traffic is moving through the area, though, nicely. a little further forth around route 130, two lanes will be blocked. you have another hour-and-a-half at least. coming over into philly today. scheduled opening 4 there. 35. you can expect delays there. >> thanks, jessica. new from overnight, a four wheeler caught on fire in front of a home in kensington. this happened less than an hour ago. right now the fire is out. take a look at the damage. the home, that also has some damage. the fire marshall is investigating there. today, muslim leaders plan to take a stand against extremism, after donald trump's remarks, local muslims say their true
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faith has nothing to do with violence. >> monique, what are you finding out about this? >> reporter: hi, lauren, i can tell you the philadelphia black clergy head who is baptist and the head of the naacp is muslim are calling to publicly denounce recent extremist attacks in a symbolic call for unity. they are saying particularly islam, this follows the murders of 14 people in san bernardino, california. and terrorist attacks that killed 130 in terrorists. we watched words between mayor nutter and donald trump. they have defiantly suggested a temporary ban on muslims entering the united states. >> it is undermining the fundamental tenet of democracy
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here in the united states of america. he must beery jeked at every possible turn. >> i have people i have tremendous relationships with, they are mus muslims. barbara, they agree with me 100%. >> reporter: in just a couple hours, a denomination group say they will stress islam, judaism is peace. monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> thanks, boxing with mohammed awill i is criticizing donald trump's call to ban muslims. they released a statement saying we as muslim versus to stand up to islam. if alien nalted many from learning about islam. donald trump recently said he couldn't recall any great muslim
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athletes. months ago, trump called ali and posted this photo on his own facebook page. the university of delaware is giving money to 350 clubs t. school is buying books. that they promote gun ownership. it met the criteria for funding the club will use the money to buy ammunition to practice at the state gun range in newcastle. >> we're going to buy a 9mm, two rifles, and. >> the university is a gun free zone and ammunition cannot be stored on campus. more than a dozen former officers are killing the camden county police department.
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they say they were denied jobs because of their race and age the officers were laid off whenry placed two years ago. the lawsuit says the black and hispanic applicants were passed over if favor of few officers who had no training. the suit says they were younger and white. a statement says, inpart, quote, this has more fiction in it than a harry potter novel. they say they missed deadlines or did not pass medical or psychiatric exams. veterans get a chance to talk to leaders of a local va medical center. veteran administration officials are scheduled to hold a town hall meeting and will share information about veterans and
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allow vets to give feedback about the program. robert mcdonalds meetings like this are a part of the effort to build trust. children in camden will get holiday cheer today. the annual camden holiday parade begins at 6:30 tonight. it ends at the camden children's garden. after the parade, kids and adults can enjoy a winter wonderland celebration, which includes rides, crafts and a pennsylvania law maker continues to wage buying wine across the state a. vote today would give you new "options action". also ahead, change is coming to the university of pennsylvania. hear what some professors will be called and the reason for their new time. >> a few showers in the area. they are starting to the area.
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>> 20 minutes before 5:00. unusually warm this morning. there are clouds overhead. not only do we have heat, we also have a few scattered light showers. northeast philadelphia airport 51 degrees. look at the change. 16 degrees warmer tan yesterday. cloud helping from getting cold overnight. scattered light showers steady light showers in burlsson county, browns mills. you can clearly see they're pushing off the feast at a steady clip. tears the tail end of the shower. here it is not 5:00 in the morning. then we'll see a nice warm-up. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast. 50. 50 this afternoon from mount
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pocono. 56 in allentown and quakeer town. in the middle 50s. sunshine breaks through. clouds from mount holly and at the shore, showers will be long gone by the first thing this morning. then this afternoon, 60 for atlantic city. close to 60 degrees for vineland and dover. very close to the 50 degrees mark this afternoon. then into the 60s this week. i got the 7-day forecast. >> thanks, bill. all right, let's bring in traffic reporter jessica boyington keeping an eye on the roads for us. what is going on out there? >> we are smooth sailing so far, according to our drive times and majors on 95 around girard, center city, no problems yet.
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no problems there. it will be out there another 20 minutes. a little backup in our jersey cameras. not a lot of traffic headed in that direction. >> thanks, jessica. it is hard to think about snow and ice-covered roads when we are still seeing temperatures in the 50s and the 60s in december. one local state is already trying to help residents. >> coming up, the asset that will let you know when the plow will be fear your streets. they're all adorable. find out why man played a big role in the litter. zplmplts
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. >> the first funeral is being
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held for one of the 14 peemd killed in the terrorist attacks in san bernardino, california. also today, congress will get high level classified briefings. those briefings come one day after the fbi reveals the couple who carried out the attacks were radicalized long before they each met each otherch sources tell nbc news, there are indications syed farook was planning an attack three years before last week's shooting. a california court still has an arraignment for killing three people at a planned parenthood clinic. robert dear at a hearing yesterday called himself quote a warrior for the babies and stunned the court with outbursts like this. >> killing baby, that's what planned parenthood does, nobody will know the amount of blood i saw inside that place. i want the truth to come out. there is a lot more to this.
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>> he disrupted court proceedings more than a dozen times. he killed a police officer and two other people t. standoff lasted five hours there before police arrested him. new this morning, if you are looking to buy a few car for the new year, we have a lift of the cars considered the safest. the insurance institute for highway safety say 48 models needed criteria. of those the chrysler 200 is the only domestic to qualify. to see the complete list, you can go to it is a rolex treatmently important to air traffic safety. but at many airports, the feds say there are not enough people to do the job. union leaders worry that could lead to danger. dallas-ft. worth is listed as
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one not enough controllers. each controller is now required to work six days a week. the department, the transportation department says new york, denver and chicago also have shortages. the number of flights could be reduced as a result of this. >> they're going to have to get on track with hiring people, they're going to have to change some of the age requirements. >> in a statement, the faa says it fears staffing levels and have been working hard to hire workers at an increased rate. "time" magazine has chosen one woman as a person of the year for the first time since 1986. this year, that woman is german chancellor angela merkel. the "time requests" touted her as the person of the year. "time" says the chancellor's strong response to what it calls, quote, vladmir putin's
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creeping theft of ukraine. merkel became the first german chancellor in november of 2005. she is now the european union's longest head of government. the 61-year-old has gained a reputation for diplomatic persistence. merkel has also been a dominant feature in the debt crisis that started unfolding in greece six years ago. "time" named abu bakr al baghdadi. and the ironian president and donald trump also ceo travis kala na kas. they don't want your kids riding something this hot. another hoverboard fire happened in the mall in seattle. the mall was evacuated.
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after the board caught fire, a mall employee doused it with a fire extinguisher. >> that set off an alarm t. state fire marshall issued an advisory about hoverboards. some special babies were born recently at kornell university. they have the potential to help prevent diseases. this is the world's first litter of puppies through invitro fertilization. besides the fact that they are extremely fierce, the technology used to create them opens the doors to hereditary diseases. >> ini have tra can't help disease, but what it does, it gen rates technology to hopefully go in with certain genes that caused those. >> the ivf technology can change them.
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scientists can freeze genetic material and then reintroduce it into the gene pool. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henry. >> ten minutes before 5:00. we have a few scattered showers. boathouse row warms up in a hurry a. warm start this afternoon. 61 degrees in philadelphia. scattered clouds there at the airport. it is calm this morning. you can see they're taking a brake in the pocono mountains. just too warm in the mountains, in fact, the entire area is warm. 45 degrees from mount pocono, 51 degrees in philadelphia. warmer in south jersey. cape may is 54 degrees this morning. clouds pushing through theiar right n -- the area. in jersey, those clouds quickly
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move out of the area. temperatures, after a mild morning, we will be drying out the last few scattered showers, just exiting custer county, moving through montgomery and bucks and light scattered showers in jersey. definitely mild. high temperatures in the upper 50s and low 50s. a little bit of a breeze out of the west. anywhere from four to 12 miles an hour. tomorrow morning, 42, first thing in the morning. look at that, one degrees away for the record for friday. this weekend, we will appease the records on saturday and sunday. 65 is the record for both days. 60 on saturday. . 2k3we9 more sunshine, temperatures pay get higher source are due sunday. mild, 65 degrees. clouds and a few raindrops. by tuesday, wednesday, sunshine is back. but it stays mild.
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>> thank you. we can fought get over those temperatures. we'll see if traffic is just as good this morning. traffic reporter jessica boyington is keeping an eye on that. route 73, what itself going on there? >> we had an earlier opening on the taconey pal myra bridge. right now, the pennsylvania tehran u turnpike is okay. watch out for construction. in the next 10 to 15 minutes or so, we will let you know about that. valley forge is at its 22 minute trip. when i come back, we check out the vine street expressway. >> thanks, jessica. record warm heat is expected.
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but it will get cold event wally. del-dot showed off a new snowplow tracker app. it will be monitored. they say it's their latest effort to give residents access to more information. >> because they are fe finicky about information. we are tracking it, we use a lot more technology moving forward. >> this mobile app is a free download. >> donald trump's comments have pushed muslims into a negative national spotlight. the next report at 5:00. what local leaders plan to do today? muslims and extremists are fought mistaken. also next, an ivy league name
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change. hear why the university of pennsylvania has a new, brand new title for some full time professors.
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>> new jersey has killed 360 bears in the last 30 days. officials recently expanded areas where hunting is allowed. the annual hunt is important to help control the state's bear population. racial concerns are causing tense professors to get a new job title t. university of pennsylvania has decided to change the name of tenured full-time professors who live in dorms, they are changing from faculty mast tore director. they arc you the term master denotes slavery. this comes after weeks of racial insensitivity on college campuses across the country.
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pennsylvania governor tom wolf says he is still committed to a budget deal with top lawmakers. wolf made that statement yesterday, a day after house republicans opposed that spending plan and instead passed a significantly smaller budget. meanwhile, layoffs continue with social service agencies and school districts are taking out huge loans to cover costs. they said if there is no budget deal, they will stay instead of going to new york. businesses in bucks county are wird they could be hurt by how long it goes before paying for a spending increase. they are worried pennsylvania will start taxing their services. they are reaching out to examiners asking them to contact lawmakers and to find the money somewhere else. now, they plan to change how wine is sold in pennsylvania is moving forward in the legislature. the full senate could vote today. under the bill, you would be
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able to buy up when they take out licenses. it is fought clear if the plan could pass in the house. santa made a virtual visit at a shriner hospital in north philadelphia. >> how are you today? >> i want santa. >> they can't leave to sit on santa's lap, thanks to the magic of technology like this, it helps children to chat with santa about tear christmas wish list. how adorable. >> the kids are here in the hospital, which could be a challenging situation for them. they go in. they look at santa. they just forgive where they are. it's all abosanta and them. >> each child got a blanket and of course, some of his helpers stopped by as well. 51 people were sworn in as american sids last night in delaware county. >> this is special.
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this comes as a backlash against muslim muslims. >> nbc 10 media, some came tra bangladesh, pakistan and liberia. they waited years to become americans. one acknowledged republican presidential candidate donald trump's proposal to ban muslims. >> all i can say, i'm a muslim. so all i can ze say is i'm not a terrorist. >> it doesn't make a lot of sense sometimes. >> one common sentiment we heard american pride. the delaware district attorney told the crowd americans don't fear differences. we celebrate it. >> i went through that same ceremony 15 years ago. >> that is one of the highlighted. congratulations to all those folks. >> it's a special moment for so many families in that room.
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>> it's ralily cool. you are watching nbc 10 news today at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. >> hiv. hepatitis, herpes. syphilis, anything. you don't know. >> officials believe they came from a school. next, we'll have that report. a south jersey business is destroyed. donald trump's recent controversial comments on muslims sparked a national debate. the muslim community is carrying out violence in the name of religion. good mo


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