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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  December 10, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EST

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news today. >> bill henry, i left my home about two hours ago, i had to use my wipers. not fast, but intermittently. maybe every 30 seconds. it wasn't too bad. >> if you left right now, you would be completely dry t. showers are on the move, they're moving out of here. it is dry at the shore. the showers missed the shore completely. look at the radar, how it fizzled in the last few minutes. there are still some light showers in south jersey. not much left of them there. in northeast philadelphia, it's dry in bucks county. it has an isolated shower. moving to the feast at 30 miles per hour. >> that means they will be out of the picture in minutes. the temperatures, we'll see them climb nicely. what remember this morning, 47 rate now. 47 degrees at 7:00. a little breeze at 10:00. 50 by 1:00 this afternoon. it will turn na'a beautiful day with more and more sunshine during the day and parts of the
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area will be in the 60 today. we'll do the forecast neighborhoodpy thabd when i'm back in ten minutes. rate now jessica boyington is watching your first alert traffic. >> we have pa look at the vine street expressway. all that ongoing construction lifted. no problems east or westbound, traffic moving along nicely. the rest of our drive times, we have no problems yet t. green, 95 southbound to the vine street expressway. the schuylkill eastbound, also a 13 minute stretch. the blue in the green, southbound from the schuylkill to 95. mass transit alternates so far this morning. new jersey transit, septa dart and no delays. lauren. donald trump's recent comments on muslims sparked outrage across the country. today the muslim community in philadelphia, they are trying to prove the true followers of their faith did not turn to violence in the name of religion. nbc 10 monique braxton is following it for us. what have you learned? >> hi, lauren, in just a couple
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hours, civil rights leaders, politicians as well as other local faith leaders will plan to denounce recent extremist attacks. now, the head of the philadelphia plaque clergy who is baptist and the head of the naacp who is muslim are calling on the citizens of philadelphia to stand together. they want to say no to extremist attacks, this follows the murders of 14 people in san bernardino and the terrorist attacks that killed 130 in paris. now this week, you can watch the verbal battle between mayor nutter and donald trump. after the republican presidential candidate suggested a temporary ban on muslims entering the country. >> donald trump is trying to divide and conquer america in a shameless political manner and is not really adding to the
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commentary. >> we will have tremendous problems. it's getting worse and worse. they come from a terrible sector. >> in new york, they condemned such rhetoric. so today philadelphia leaders will publicly follow what they say are the words of dr. martin luther king, jr., injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. we will be following that announcement. live for now, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> thanks. boxing legend muhammad ali is criticizing donald trump's banning muslims from entering the united states. he said, in part, quote, we as muslims have to stands up to those who use islam to advance their own personal agenda. they have alienated many from learning about islam. he says he couldn't recall many great muslim athletes, months ago, trump called ali his friend
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and posted this photo on his facebook page. more than a dozen former officers are suing the camden county police department. they say they were denied jobs because of their age and race. they were laid off when county police force two years ago, the lawsuit says black and hispanic apply can't will pull over. the two say those new officers were yinger and white. a statement from the county says in part this suit has got more fiction in it than a harry potter novel and is an utter and complete waste of the taxpayers time. the officers were not hired they say because they mixed application deadlines or did not pass medical or psychiatric exams. the university of delaware, now whether they like it or not the school is buying bullets for students even as the debate over gun control rages on. the university granted a $500
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funding request for students for the second amendment t. club promotes responsible gun ownership. the university says it met the criteria for funding. the club will find out and practice at the state gun range in newcastle. we will buy a 9mm with a rifle. >> the university says the campus is a gun free zone and the ammunition cannot be used or stored on campus. an online retail giant is getting out of the hoverboard business. coming up, we will tell you which companies are balancing safety above profit. we'll take you to a ceremony that welcomes dozens of people into the country at a time when immigrants are coming under increase e creaseing scrutiny. it's a warm start. for most of the areas dry, a few
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showers overnight a. live vie from south philadelphia. you see the parking lot. not a drop there. 47 degrees now at 5:37.
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>> clouds moving through this morning. it is mild. some clouds around. the rain has already exited the city and we will be live for the balance of the day. showers are moving out of the area, the heavy stuff was offshore. look at the weekend forecast. record territories for saturday and sunday. sunday the clouds move in. >> that will lead to the weather ahead. i have the 7-day forecast when i come back if ten minutes. the time now is 5:38. let's take a look at the roads
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this morning. >> jessica boyington will show us what the cameras are showing. >> we're looking at 295 around route 130 where we had an earlier tractor-trailer overturned with lanes blocked. crews still there. that's pretty much under control. no delays or packup at all in the area, southbound from 42 to 42 freeway up north. in the green, good to go there. no problems blocking two right lanes. >> that will be out there the next ten or 20 minutes until 6:00 this morning. 422 is looking great. down to one lane for a bridge replacemen replacement. >> the man accused in that deadly planned parenthood used a court appearance to get his
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message across. >> that was not his only we'll show you how it all played out. plus, what's in a name? we'll explain how a local university is switching up a certain professor in an effort to be more politically correct.
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>> new this morning, you are not going to buy hoverboards from late lat night the retail giants decided to stop selling the hot holiday gift. here's y. some are too hot as in catch fire hot. the mall was evacuated because after the board caught fire, mall employees doused it with that fire extinguisher. >> that set off fire alarms. the national association of state fire marshall issued an advisory about hoverboards. the first funeral is being held for one of the 14 people killed in the terrorist attacks in san bernardino, california. also today, congress will give high level classified briefings on the killing sprees. those briefings come one day after the fbi revealed the couple were radicalized long before they even met each other. they had apparently been
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practicing at shooting rages for more than a year. sources tell nbc news there are indications that syed farook was planning an attack three years before last week's shooting. a colorado court still has to schedule an arraignment for a mampb accused of killing three people at a planned parenthood clinic. at a hearing yesterday, robert dear called himself a warrior for the babies as he stunned the court withous bursts like this. >> kill the babies, that's what planned parenthood does, nobody will ever know the amount of blood i saw inside that place. i want the truth to come out. there's a lot more to this that lead me silently to the grave. >> he disrupted court proceedings more than a dozen times. he stormed a planned parenthood clinic on plaque friday killing a police officer and two other people t. standoff lasted five hours before police arrested him. >> pennsylvania lawmakers are moving ahead in the process that
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could remove attorney general kathleen cane from office. senators unanimously approved a plan that involves the january 12th hearing. it will focus on whether she can perform her duties with a suspended law license. the senate could then vote to have her removed t. state supreme court suspended her license last month while she awaits charges and lied about it. the pennsylvania governor tom wolf says he is still committed to a budget deal negotiated with top law makers. washington made that statement yesterday, a day after house republicans opposed that spending plan and instead passed a significantly smaller bug. meanwhile, layoffs continue and social service agencies and school districts are taking out huge loans to cover costs. they say if there is no bug deal, he will stay here this weekend instead of going to new york for the annual pennsylvania society event. businesses in bucks county are worried they could be hurt how
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lawmakers decide to pay for spending increase. pennsylvania will start cashing their services. some are reaching out to customers asking them to contact their lawmakers and ask them to find the money elsewhere. a plan on how wine is sold in pennsylvania is moving forward in the legislature. the full senate could vote on the proposal today. under this bill, you'd be able to buy up to four bottles of wine from grocery stores and restaurants with takeout beer licenses. beer distributors are not included. it is not clear if the plan coulds a in t could pass in the house. yesterday, 51 people were sworn in as american citizens. >> there is a national debate of immigration and a backlash against muslims. [ cheers ] >> nbc 10 was there while those people celebrated. some came from bangladesh,
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pakistan, they waited years to become americans. one acknowledged presidential examined donald trump's recent proposal to ban muslims. >> it scared me a little bit. all i can say is i'm a muslim him all muslims are not terrorists. >> common sentiment we heard is americans don't hear differences, we celebrate them. >> racial concerns are causing some professors to get a new job title t. university of pennsylvania decided to change supporters argued the term master connotes a legacy of slavery. the move comes after weeks of racial insensitivity protests across the country. new jersey owners have legally killed more than 350
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bears in jersey in the last three days. that's more than in an entire week long bear hunt last year. officials recently expanded areas will hunting is allowed. new jersey wild life officials say the annual hunt is important to control the state's bear population. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 12 minutes before 6:00. it is a december morning. it does not feel leak it. it feels like we are in october this morning. drying out. showers moving through, they are moving out fairly quickly. now the temperatures are cooling down. that's 12 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. but with theical now comes a little bit of fog. you see it a little in the light in the mountains. that's the blue mountains. other areas are seeing more fog
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in the wake of the showers from light fog. lancaster, now most of philadelphia is just fine, but in south jersey, millvale is seeing some of that smog, too. quarter mile visibility. fog won't last. neither will the clouds above the fog. they will be coming out, moving out during day today. we see more and more sunshine, as far as the showers that came through overnight, well, most of the heavy stuff is way off shore. now just an isolated shower, moving through northern mercer county. you won't have to worry about the rain or the fog as the temperatures will be climbing under partly sunny skies. mild this morning. warmer this afternoon. 50s to low 60s. try in the morning. 64 the high temperature friday afternoon. and then na the record books, saturday and sunday, record
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warmth for saturday 66, 67 degrees, on the books since 1923 on sunday, maybe too warm for football. i don't know. army five. >> monday 65 degrees with rain and wind and freezing. a little cooler on tuesday. >> all right. ten minutes before 6:00. the morning because it's so early, it's in this area. you can see we are all in the green right now. don't worry about it. that's good news at least to start w. on route 38 in camden, new jersey, around airport circle. we are doing a there as well.
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the traffic is moving around that intersection. >> that spot seems to get hairy later on st right now, we are doing okay. 95 is looking great as well. we are still in the 14. southbound woodhaven road, 14 minutes to center city. >> fighting for fares, promotion on the streets, a cabbie and uber driver cross paths. how the scene came to an end. fwlus a special recruit, how an 11-year-old landed on a rider zblemplts 5 f-150 and focus
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. new video for you this morning, a fight between a taxi driver and uber driver escalated yesterday. this happened in toronto. the cab driver held on for more than 65 minutes before letting go. look at this. in toronto there is a city wide protest by taxi drivers. >> coach chip kelly said he
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would like to shake hands sunday before the team faces the bills, mccoy has no interest. >> i'm not talking about it. you can't call me. there's nothing to do with me. it's as simple as that. i don't dislike him. i don't have nothing against him. there is nothing to talk about. >> i don't think one is coming, but we're going to be watching. the bills take on the eagles sunday at 1:00 zplmplts. he's got a live look at the park this morning. they are going to expand protective netting behind home plate keeping it safe from foul balls. major league baseball made the
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recommendation following a season where a number of fans were hit by foul balls. we have a closer look. the team will expand the protective netting behind home plate about fen feet on both sides. it plans on replacing all existing netting. they say it is thinner and easier to see through. they will announce this year's golden globe nominees. the awards are for both television and film and often give a hint of which movies may be up for academy awards. several high profile actors an act tress typically read the nominations. they will be handed out live here on nbc. "time" magazine has chosen a bold woman as its person of the year for the first time since 1986. this year that woman is german chancellor angela merkel. "time" today her as chancellor
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of the free world t. magazine praised merkel for her leadership from the syrian refugee influx to the greek debt crisis. "time" also sighted the long response to what it called vladmir putin quest of the ukraine. she took office in november of 2004. she is now the european union's longest serving head of government. the 61-year-old has gained a rep takes for diplomatic pro first and broker compromises. she has been a dominant feature in the debt crisis that unfolded in greece six years ago. . i voted for you, vai. >> right. i thought it was going to be donald trump. >> at love opeople did.
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>> no. >> great story here. >> there is a special recruit for the basketball team. i got to show you. >> just 11-years-old, but savannah is now a lady bronc. take a look. >> savannah has a disease and she is 7-years-old. she was chosen to a program mapping children with life-threatening illnesses and college athletic teams. she is a true fighter who is a real inspiration to everyone. >> i was very happy and i didn't really know what was going on at firs first. oh. how about that, as a member of the team, savannah is invited to
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practice. she will stick behind the bench during home games. how about the press conference? she handled it like a pro. >> she has the hat. she's official. >> she handled it much better than sean mccoy did. >> a lot of. >> exactly. >> nbc 10 news today, 6:00 a.m. starts right now. [ music playing [ music playing ] >> gunfire rings out in camden overnight. this morning, one man is in the hospital and a funman is on the run. >> five children are stuck with a needle at school. now parents are worried and school officials are trying to figure out where the kneadle com from. >> trump passed a message for muhammad ali for the gop front runner. good morning, i'm lauren mayk. >> i'm vai sikahema.
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>> it's in a good way. >> record territory for this weekend and we're actually getting a warm start this morning so we won't be in the record books during the day today, we are drying out. had a few showers overnight. you see the schuylkill, vine street expressway are dry right now. now we got fog in the wake of the showers, thick fog has developed in lancaster. zero invisible there. down to half a mile in millvale and potts town is seeing the fog as well. as far as the showers are concerned. it's fizzling. with a warm-up. the fog will disappear very quickly. 48 degrees. by 11:00, we're looking at sunny skies, temperatures in the 50s and in the 60s by 2:00 this afternoon. parts of the area will make it into the 60s today. we go through this forecast neighborhood by neighborhood, jessica buyington is watching


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