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tv   Today  NBC  December 10, 2015 7:00am-10:01am EST

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local updates coming up in 25 minutes is there we'll see you shortly. have a great day, everyone. . d morning. a bigger plan? police sources telling nbc news the san bernardino shooters left evidence they may have been considering other targets, including a high school. and there's troubling new information from that close friend of the shooter who police say, years earlier, bought the assault rifles used in the attack. crisis a chipotle. more than 120 people now sick with norovirus, linked to one of the chain restaurants in boston. this alfter a separate outbreak out west. with falling stock prices and weak sail and weak sail s weak sailales, can the company bounce back? we'll pose the question to the ceo when he joins us exclusively. taken for a ride. a cabbie confronts an uber driver and gets dragged 60 feet
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down the street, as the battle between the car service app and traditional taxis gets ugly. going for gold! one of hollywood's most coveted award honoring both movies and tv. nominations for this year's golden globes out this morning, and we'll bring them to you live this morning, thursday, december 10th, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everybody. welcome to "today" on a thursday morning. a lot of people are big fans of chicago po chipotle. >> steve ells is the founder and ceo of the company and we'll get his take on what's going on in a couple of minutes. first, our top story. the investigation into the san bernardino shooting. new information revealed about the attackers and other potential targets. miguel almaguer is on the story again for us this morning.
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miguel, good morning. >> good morning. the conference center behind me, where so many lost their lives, will be closed until january. this as investigators learn chilling new details about the gunman's plot of terror. >> reporter: before the terror attack that left 14 dead and 21 wounded, syed farook and tashfeen malik left behind evidence they had other targets in southern california. they include a possible plan to attack a university or a public area. officials say three years ago, farook may have talked about staging an attack in los angeles with his childhood friend enrique marquez, before getting cold feet. marquez is being questioned. he's the one farook obtained the rifles from used in last week's shooting. we know farook and malik trained at a shooting rage.
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the fbi says the couple was radicalized at least two years. first online, talking about jihad. farook later moving from pakistan to california. >> we interview people in the k-1 visa program on in instances where something needs to be explored. >> reporter: she lied on her visa application, possibly steering investigators away from any trail that may have led to her radicalized background. >> too soon to know what, if anything, might have been missed in the screening process. >> reporter: after raiding the shooters' home, valuable evidence is being found on smashed computers and cell phones. leads that brought investigators to this local high school, where farook had worked as a food inspector and had pictures of the campus on his cell phone. was it a possible katarget? >> we're working hard to understand if they had other plans for that day or earlier.
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>> the fbi director says the terrorists were inspired by foreign terror groups. this so-called family terror group made financial plans for their family before the shooting. >> miguel almaguer, thank you. new fallout from donald trump's call of a total and complete shut down of muslims entering the united states. a controversial proposal putting the republican party in a difficult spot. peter alexander has more on that. good morning. >> good morning. donald trump's plan is as controversial as it is divisive. new polling shows most voters oppose his plan, to bar muslims from entering the u.s., but it resonates with republicans. listen to this. one-day online poll found 37% of the voters said it made them more likely to vote for trump. >> wow, thank you. >> reporter: donald trump again threatening gop bosses with a third-party bid. >> if they don't treat me with a
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certain amount of decorum and respect, if they don't treat me as the front runner, by far, the front runner, if the playing field is not level, then certainly, all options are open. >> reporter: trump remains unapologetic. >> are you racist? >> i am the least racist person you have ever met. >> reporter: for the first time since trump ignited this latest fire storm, president obama speaking of slavery, took a swipe at his critic. >> our freedom is bound up with the freedom of others, regardless of what faith they practice. >> reporter: trump's provocative words are sparking condemnation worldwide. >> mr. donald trump. >> reporter: parliament is calling for trump to be banned from the uk, after hundreds of thousands of people signed on. ahead of trump's planned trip to israel, the israeli prime
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minister publicly rejected trump's plan. a middle east department store chain yanked all trump merchandise all the shelves. hillary clinton is trying to capitalize, arguing his plan helps radical jihadists. >> donald trump is supplying them with new propaganda. he's actually playing into their hands. >> reporter: facebook founder mark zuckerberg is speaking out in support of muslims in his community. writing, i want you to know, you are always welcome here, and we will fight to protect your rights and create a peaceful and safe environment for you. after trump lashed out at time magazine for snubbing him as its person of the year, "time" is striking back with this never before seen blooper reel from a recent photo shoot. the billionaire dodging a bald eagle. >> he says, how's the hair? trump has a 20 point lead and
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his support grew after his controversial plan was announced. trump is up early this morning, already tweeting, wow, my poll numbers have gone through the roof. matt? >> peter, thank you very much. one of the most well-known muslims in the world is also weighing in on this. boxing great mohamed ali is calling for muslim leaders to not bring fear. he says in part, i am a muslim. there is nothing islamic about killing innocent people in paris, san bernardino or anywhere else in the world. true muslims know the ruthless violence of so-called islamic jihadists goes against the tenaten innoce tenets of our religion. he says we need to stand up to those who use religion to further their agenda. tennessan alarming announcet of north korea. kim jong-un says his country has
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developed a hydrogen bomb. keir simmons is following this story. >> this is the first time north korea's leader claimed his nation developed a hydrogen bomb. weeks ago, he issued an equally belligerent statement, that he could attack the u.s. at any time. the hydrogen bomb produces a stronger blast than the nitrogen bomb. he has been on a campaign to pressure the international community, repeatedly making threats. last month, north korea staged the biggest military parade in its history, but did not appear to be any new weapons. a year ago, computer hackers attacked sony over "the interview," a movie about the plot to assassinate north korea's leader. so far this morning, there's no comment from the state department on this latest north korean nuclear claim. it's viewed with suspicion by many experts. some say it's rhetoric. the aim, perhaps, to send a
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message that the country won't abandon its nuclear weapons, to force the international community to recognize north korea's nuclear status, something washington says it will never do. savannah? >> keir, thank you. more protests expected in chicago today, a day after demonstrators flooded the streets. they're calling for the resignation of mayor ram emmanuel. this is in response to the video of a white officer shooting a black teenager 16 times. it's led to the firing of chicago's top police officer and a federal investigation into the police department. wednesday, mayor emaneul issued an apology to his city but he's not stepping down. 120 boston college students are suffering now from norovirus symptoms, being linked to one chipotle near the school. the health scare, another hit for the restaurant chain already dealing with the impact of an e.
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coli outbreak out west. we are going to talk to chipotle's founder in a moment. first, nbc's ron mott with the latest from boston. good morning. >> good morning, savannah. first, e. coli and now norovirus. this has been a rough couple months for chichipotle. the company is changing how it handles with food. >> reporter: chipotle brands itself a fresher, healthier alternative to fast food. the norovirus outbreak has college students who ate here hours before it was announced, questioning their loyalty. >> i got a text from my roommate saying, did you see the e-mail? so many people got sick after eating here, and i'm not sure i'll come back. >> reporter: the number of students sick jumped to 120. the restaurant was cited for three violations.
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>> i'll make sure the establishment is safe. >> reporter: it's a fast-spreading virus that causes distre distress. it is hard to kill. >> hopefully, it'll be effective. you have to do more than cleaning solutions. you need ultraviolet light. you need things like high temperature. >> reporter: the latest round of bad news comes on the heels of an e. coli outbreak at chipotle restaurants in nine states. the company warning of a double digit drop in same-store sales in the fourth quarter. >> one of the things the company says it'll do is prepare fresh food ingredients off site. things like diced tomatoes and other risky ingredients, sanitize and seal them before shipping them back to restaurants. >> thanks so much. steve ells, chipotle's founder and ceo, is with us exclusively. good to have you with us. >> thank you.
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>> i have watching your face watching the tape. this is a tough time for you guys. >> i'm sorry for the people who got sick. they're having a tough time, and i feel terrible about that. we're doing a lot to rectify this and to make sure this doesn't happen again. >> let's start in boston and work our way back to the pacific northwest. the norovirus is what sickened these people. 120 people up in boston. the restaurant is closed down. they've been issued some violations. the cleanup is underway. are you convinced you've contained this now, that more people won't contain being sick? >> well, in regard to the e. coli, you know, there was one particular period of time, from mid october until early november, that appeared -- that's when the outbreak occurred. the reporting of the illnesses came out over a long period of time. >> you're saying in boston, you could have more cases report s? >> well, with the norovirus,
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probably, you've heard that this is the extent of it. but it's a very -- it's a disease that is very easily passed and spreads very, very quickly, from person to person. >> you're convinced when you reopen the store near boston, people will not be getting sick if they go back to eat there? >> when we reopen, the restaurant will be complepletel sanitized and every employee will have been tested and assured they do not have norovirus. >> the e. coli outbreak started in early october. dozens of people got sick. it's my understanding that after weeks of investigating this, the fda has not found an exact source of that e. coli bacteria, is that true? >> it's true. we have had teams looking at this. we closed our restaurants out of an abundance of caution and tested all the ingredients, surfaces. thousands and thousands of tests, matt, all came back
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negative for e. coli. if there is a silver lining in this, it is that we have looked at every single ingredient that we use at chipotle. we use 64 ingredients that we bring in, from farm through the distribution network, how we prepare the food, serve the food. we've had a team of food safety experts to raise our standards from the already industry norms that are -- >> you call it a silver lining. it might be troubling. if you can't identify the source, how do you eliminate it in the future? >> unfortunately, what got people sick, was no longer in the system by the time they even showed symptoms. so, unfortunately, you'll not find that. but the silver lining comment is that it has caused us to put in place practices that our
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epidemiologist expert says will put us 10 to 15 years ahead of industry norms. i believe this will be the safest restaurant to eat at. >> a lot of damage has been done, mr. ells. stock prices doubled, double digits since early november. first, financially, can the company recover? >> certainly. that's not what we're thinking about now. we're thinking about the safety and quality of our ingredients. to put in place practices that will not enable this to happen again. practices that are so far above industry norms today, we will be the safest place to eat. that is our commitment.integrit to bring the best ingredients to fast food, we have practices that will make it the safest place to eat. >> there are critics who say, mr. ells, this company started with a great idea and grew too fast. that it took off at a rate where you couldn't keep control of
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things like sourcing and quality control. even things that would affect the public health. is there some merit to that claim? >> i don't think so. because if you look at the quality of our ingredients over time, we've made great strides in sourcing better quality food. more organics. more local and sustainably raised foods. this was a very unfortunate incident, and i'm deeply sorry this happened. but the procedures we're putting in place today are so above industry norms that we are going to be the safest place to eat. >> steve ells, good of you to join us this morning. we know you have a lot going on. >> thank you. now, we go to colorado and a fiery day in court for the man accused of killing a police officer and two others at a planned parenthood last month. robert dear in court to be formally charged had several outbursts, including telling the court he is guilty. >> the truth, huh? kill the babies, that's what
7:17 am
planned parenthood does. nobody ever know the amount of blood i saw inside that place. >> dear called himself a, quote, warrior for the babies. his attorney said he had serious concerns about dear's competency to stand trial. he'll be in court on december 23rd. now we'll move to the weather and tale of two coasts. you have some stories. warm out here and -- >> warm here, but stormy out west. it continues. let's look at some video from northwestern oregon. folks have been having to drive through flooded roads, which they should not do. there have been landslides, mud slides. we're going to be seeing more of this, and mountain snows, as well. we'll show you what we have happening now. we have two storms. currently, one is getting ready to push on shore. we've got another one out here in the pacific. that's going to be bringing some pretty strong storms, as well. we watch this rain make its way in, and we're going to see heavy
7:18 am
rain, heavy snow making its way through the pacific northwest. first, one batch comes in today. snow from the cascades to the sierra. tomorrow, heavy rain for oregon and washington and more snow for the sierra. look at the rainfall amounts. we're talking about 7 inches plus along the oregon-california border. mudslides, debris flow possible. a real mess. if there is a silver lining, it's the heavy snow that'll fall in the sierra. some areas may get 3 feet of snow, which is great news for helping to alleviate the
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>> good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. a warm-up today, a mild afternoon, sunshine, temperatures that climb into the upper 50s and low 60. the warming trend continues, 64 degrees in the afternoon. that's one degree away from the record. a great record this weekend, saturday, 66 degrees. even warmer, cloudy skies on sunday here comes the rain. still mild. sunshine returns tuesday and wednesday. have a great day. . . g up, an ugly scene. look what happened to this taxi driver on the streets protesting uber. could your holiday lights display accidentally blind pilots? the new warning about the star shower lasers. first on a thursday morning,
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this is "today" on nbc.
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good morning. >> good morning, it is 7:26. no need to bundle up. let's get the first alert forecast. >> a nice jacket should do the trick. the temperatures are chilly. warm for december. look at cape may. the sun is up. we will see more and more sunshine as clouds from overnight move out of here. 49 degrees now in philadelphia. cooler spots, millvale is at 39 degrees, with that cooler temperature, some dense fog for millvale. ze zero visibility. sun shain warms into the upper 50s by 3:00 today.
7:27 am
we'll see if that fog is acting track at all, jessica boyington is keeping an eye on that for us. >> a foggy spot on the but route. you can see hein me. we are focusing a delay. we have a disabled truck on the right-hand shoulder. these are the northbound lanes approaching an accident scene around route 1. we go from 95 to the schuylkill. that accident is over into the shoulder. the rest of our drive times. 95 the schuylkill, a little slow on the blue route southbound. >> thanks, jessica. new from overnight, many is are trying to physical out who shod shot a pan several times in camden. the victim was taken to the hospital. no word on his condition. we'll have another update in 25 minute. you can always get the latest news an weather with our nbc 10 app. now back to the "today" show. have a great day. . we work weekends here. because it works for our patients.
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here, at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, we give our patients the freedom to make appointments that fit their schedules, even on weekends. because we believe in being here when our patients need us, so they can keep living their busy lives. weekend appointments are now available here. learn more at
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♪ so here it is 7:30 now on a thursday morning. little christmas music in the background. we'll explain that in a little while. the tree, also, in the background. a nice crowd of people in the plaza. we'll get out in a little while and say hi to them on a warmer thursday morning here in new york. >> good morning, everybody. good to have you with us. here are the stories making headlines right now. law enforcement sources telling nbc news the san bernardino shooters left behind evidence that they were considering other potential targets. among them, a school building and gatherings in public areas. protesters in chicago stormed a macy's last night in new demonstrations over the deadly police shooting of a 17-year-old suspect. mayor rahm emanuel, facing calls to resign, tried to calm tensions at a special city
7:31 am
council meeting, by apologizing for the shooting and vowing complete and total reform of the city's police department. president obama is signing a major overhaul of the no child left behind law today, while standardized reading and math tests will still be required. the changes will limit the classroom time spent on them and lessen the penalties for underperforming schools. let's start with a story behind the video we've been showing you this morning of a cabbie being dragged by an uber driver. this happened during an anti-uber protest. willie is following this story for us. >> good morning. it was a wild scene in toronto. the driver was banging on the car, to make a point that uber drivers are unsafe and uninsured. >> reporter: during a protest against uber in toronto on wednesday, a cabdriver was caught taking out his frustration on the company, banging on the window of an uber driver's car. the driver pulls away with the man still clinging to the car, dragging him nearly 70 feet.
7:32 am
>> i thought this guy followed the law and should have stopped. >> reporter: the man was among several taxi drivers protesting what they see as unfair business practices by uber, which they also say is threatening the very existence of the city's taxi industry. the man, the uber driver and his passenger, were not hurt. but it's just the latest in a long line of incidents involving uber drivers across the country and around the globe. cabdrivers in new york, chicago and new orleans joined the global day of action against uber in september. with more protests in france, brazil and india. while the car-hailing app may have revolutionized the way we get around, the company has faced questions about its business practices. >> what is your response to, uber kills professional, good paying jobs, and it's unfair to the drivers and it's destroying the cab industry? >> in the uber world, you can use your own car. you don't pay $40,000 to rent the vehicle. you may more dollars per hour and it's flexible. you don't have a shift. you can turn on your work when
7:33 am
you want to, and you can turn it off. >> reporter: traditional cabdrivers complain uber cars are often unsafe and uninsured. >> as for the protester's complaints, uber says our focus remains on working with city officials to update regulations that allow for inthat vation which will benefit everyone in the ground transportation market. we've seen this in cities around the world. between uber, the new technology and the old city cabs. >> dangerous move there. >> i don't care how frustrated you are. don't hang on a moving car. there is a warning this morning tied to a popular new way to might up your home for the holidays using lasers. as we know, they can be a potential hazard to pilots. nbc's tom costello covers aviation for us. good morning. >> good morning. these lights are an easy way to cover your house with holiday cheer and sparkle, but one that may carry this hidden danger. the faa warning homeowners that laser light displays if not used
7:34 am
correctly, are bright enough to temporarily blind a pilot. >> simple to spectacular. >> reporter: you can deck the walls with a flip of the switch. >> same old christmas decorations? now make them exciting with star shower. >> reporter: star shower sold for $39.99 and sold out almost everywhere. >> plug it in and you'll have thousands of colorful stars everywhere. >> reporter: it saves 99% on electricities. no ladders, tangled wires or burned out bulbs. it may come with strings attached. an american airlines pilot over dallas claimed a laser struck his plane. it was connected to a light display. same thing happened in california. the faa is issuing a new warning about the holiday lasers. a stray laser can blind a pilot. >> flash blindness, which is exactly what it sounds like, and
7:35 am
it can cause anything from a mild distraction to an incapacitation of the pilot, resulting in the aircraft crashing. >> i thought it was a cool, very easy decorative piece to put up. we put it up the day after thanksgiving. >> reporter: jen parker bought star shower for her home just two miles from the philly airport. >> i made sure positioned correctly on our house. >> reporter: there is a warning on the website and the packaging, not to project the lights within the flight of an aircraft. star shower said its complianpr are in compliance. each beam emitted is not as strong as a laser pointer. laser strikes have been a growing problem. pilots reported 6,600 strikes this year, almost twice as many in all of 2014. >> don't look at it. >> reporter: like this bright green laser that lit up an nbc helicopter over new york.
7:36 am
>> hitting us now. don't look. >> reporter: a nightly problem in cities across the country. now, holiday lights adding to a growing danger in the sky. >> police determined that both of the incidents involving laser light displays on homes were innocent mistakes, but intentionally pointing a laser at a plane is, as we've said, a felony. punishable by up to 20 years in prison and $250,000 fine. back to you. >> tom, thanks so much. al, you promised us record heat? >> that is right. it is coming, and it is going to hang around, really, right through the weekend, for a good portion of the country. big dome of high pressure dominating, bringing the clock wise flow of air up into the center of the country, all the way to the east. dc, 12 degrees above normal at 62. tallahassee, 77. memphis, high of almost 70. 15 degrees above normal. friday, new york city, we're going to be 17 degrees above normal. these are march-like temperatures. greenville, 70. new orleans, 79 degrees. look ahead to saturday, we see
7:37 am
temperatures somewhere from 10 to 25 degrees above normal. on sunday, more of the same. the heat continues. it's going to be a great weekend to wash the car. you'll be out there in shorts, having a great time. maybe you don't want to be in the shorts. anyway, long story. . >> good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. a big warm-up. sunshine and transportation climb in the upper 50s and low 60. the warmer trend continues until tomorrow. 64 degrees in the afternoon. one degrees away from the record. it looks look we will break records this weekend. saturday, 66 degrees, warmer, cloudy skies on sunday. here comes the rain. still mild, sunshine returns tuesday and wednesday. have a great day. . >> that's your latest weather. big sales on winter coats coming up. >> tough time for retailers. >> it really is. >> al, thank you. coming up next, the uncertain future of the
7:38 am
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we're back now. 7:42. big changes coming to the struggling internet giant yahoo! >> yahoo!'s board will take its core business, an internet search engine, e-mail and other digital content, and create a newly listed company. that has many wondering about the future of its ceo marissa mayer. >> there's always new frontiers to explore. >> reporter: yahoo! ceo marissa mayer in the hot seat, defending the tech giant's decision to spin off into two separate companies. >> do you agree with the board's decision? >> absolutely. it was a unanimous decision at the board level. >> reporter: rumors about yahoo!
7:43 am
have been swirling for months. now, new questions about mayer's role in its future. yahoo!'s chairman says the board still has faith in her. >> i've never met anybody that works harder, that's smarter and cares more. >> reporter: under her leadership, yahoo! has gone after businesses large and small, acquiring over 20 companies. bringing big names, such as katie couric, even spending $1.1 billion on tumblr. the web pioneer, one of the earlier web icons -- >> yahoo! >> reporter: -- the struggling against competitors like facebook. >> the problems are bigger than a handful of entrepreneurs are help solve. >> reporter: mayer first launched into the spotlight three years ago, taking over as chief executive when she was seven months pregnant, making headlines for taking a short maternity leave. while hoping to revitalize yahoo!.
7:44 am
at the time, appearing on "today." >> i've had a ton of fun coming into the company. there's a lot of great people there. there's great ideas. >> reporter: now pregnant with twins, mayer says she will be taking another short leave. this time, her future at the company is unclear. >> she wants to save core yahoo! the yahoo! we're all nostalgic for. her legacy will be tied to whether or not she does a good job running the company. >> mayer's net worth totals $310 million, and some estimates a severance of $50 million and $150 million if she is fired. >> turbulent times. >> she's tried to do a lot but has a lot of challenges. >> thank you. coming up on pop start, black shelton, what he admitted about gwen stefani. >> tamron is going to help us survive the holiday office party, so things like that don't happen to you. first, these messages.
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we're back now. 7:49. some love them, some dread them. tamron, we're talking about office holiday parties. >> good morning, everyone. the holiday office party comes once a year, but it can provide, as we know, enough to talk about for months to come, and much of that embarrassing. for preparing for small talk, deciding what to wear, what to drink or not, and people have
7:50 am
questions about bringing significant others. take a look at this article from the "washington post." it calls the annual gathering more awkward than meeting the parents. what do you think? >> if you bring significant others, i guess that does add a sense of awkwardness to it. >> okay. we asked twitter, how do you feel about your company's holiday party? look at the numbers. 66% dread it. >> really? i love the holiday party. >> maybe there's something wrong at our party. it's a great time. >> 34% are like you guys, extremely excited about it. i dread it because i feel like you get trapped in small talk and you don't know what to say. >> have a drink. >> then you end up like bridget jones. there are survival tips. say yes to the invitation. go to the party, that's a clear sign you really value your company. show up on time, arriving 15 minutes shows respect to the organizers. that applies for any party. share the fun on social media.
7:51 am
assuming you behave yourself, sharing photos is a symbol of workplace pride. i love it. another tip from a real expert who knows when to say when. savannah said -- >> oh! i did say that. >> don't have the third glass of wine. #holiday party. >> it just so happens that natalie was present last night, and i said, you know how i say i can never have a third glass of wine? >> she had a third glass. >> she outdur drank me. we fought over the last pig in a blanket. >> i ended up on a street corner with savannah. i said, we're in a neighborhood. keep it down. i was recording that. >> what? >> you don't remember. >> you were recording it? >> no, i'm kidding. no, no. >> this took a weird turn, it really did. >> this is your tv show? >> what is this about? >> don't have the third glass. >> tamron, thank you for outing savannah. adorable and important
7:52 am
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7:56 am
good morning, i'm lauren mayk. it's 7:56. watch out for fog if you are headed out the door. meteorologist bill henley has the 1st alert forecast. >> that gave us moisture. we are seeing some areas of fog. a, the source are concerned, they're already pulling away, light fog from the french manor. thick fog in south jersey and parts of pennsylvania. zero visibility in coatesville. hazelton, visibility, quarter mile visibility in millville. >> be extra careful out on the roads. >> we're already watching the accident scene in new jersey, atlantic city expressway.
7:57 am
on the westbound side. small backups on the atlantic city expressway the schuylkill. the big delay is eastbound, 32 minutes drive time. >> today in philadelphia, religious leaders will ban extremism. the head of the naacp is muslim will lead a gathering. their calm for unity follows a deadly terrorist attack in san bernardino and paris. this evening, leaders of several faiths will gather for a candlelight vigil at philadelphia rightennous square. they will offer prayers and call for an end to anti--muslim and anti--refugee rhetoric. we will have another update for you in 25 minutes. you can always get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 app. back to the "today show." have a great day, everyone.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ i really, really like you coming up, test tube puppies. the first litter born by in vitro fertilization. could they save endangered animals around the world? then sister act. >> somebody call a stripper? you'll take your clothes off for us? you can't come in without the judge signing the thing. >> amy poehler stops by to talk about her new film with bestie, tina fey. the nominees are -- we'll have coverage of this morning's golden globe nominations from beverly hills. this morning, thursday, december 10th, 2015.
8:01 am
♪ >> hi, mom in ohio. we love you! >> to our friends and family, guess what? it's a boy! >> hello, friends and family in arizona. >> good morning, everybody. it's thursday, december 10th, 2015. we are smack dab in the holiday season, and we have a great crowd enjoying the warm and toasty temperatures out here on our plaza. it's absolutely beautiful. may i come and join in your throwback thursday song? >> 1980, the police. >> love that. another person we love, amy poehler. we're not worthy. she brought that thing of fake flowers for us. thank you, amy. can't wait to catch up with her and hear about her movie with
8:02 am
tina. >> oh, that's nice. we love it. if you're looking for holiday cheer -- >> it's early. >> holiday cheer. don't miss michael buble's christmas in hollywood tonight. he has celine dion, blake shelton and others, 8:00 here on nbc. >> impressive. mike caused wrangler to sit. >> where is my treat. >> let's get a check of the top stories. >> investigators have uncovered disturbing new details about the couple who carried out last week's terror attack in san bernardino. the killers may have considered other targets in southern california, including a university or a public area. gunman syed farook had pictures on his cell phone of a high school where he worked as a food inspector. officials say three years ago,
8:03 am
farook may have talked with a childhood friend about staging an attack in los angeles. that friend is the one who first bought the assault rifles used in san bernardino. donald trump announced this morning that he has postponed his trip to israel to meet with prime minister netanyahu. he says he will see netanyahu after, quote, i become president. the israeli leader is among those at home and abroad who criticized his proposal to bar muslims from entering the u.s. trump hinted wednesday night he might pursue a third party bid for president if the republican establishment doesn't treat him with the respect he deserves as front runner, as he says. the head of the chipotle restaurant chain is trying to reassure customers after an outbreak of norovirus linked to a boston-area restaurant. it comes on the heels of a separate e. coli outbreak in nine states. in an exclusive interview earlier on "today," steve ells told matt the problems have
8:04 am
resulted in a new commitment to its chipotle customers. >> this was a very unfortunate incident, and i'm deeply sorry this happened. but the procedures we're putting in place today are so above industry norms, that we are going to be the safest place to eat. >> chipotle has taken a financial hit. warning investors of a possible double digit drop in same store sales in the fourth quarter. families were forced from their homes overnight after a tanker truck hauling chemicalsen -- exploded on a highway in southern california. he smelled it before the explosion and was able to get out safety and call 911. everyone within a half mile of the truck were evacuated. a roof collapsed on to a busy walkway. pedestrians were showered by debris but nobody was seriously hurt. high winds are blamed for the
8:05 am
collapse. a high school basketball player made the shot of a lifetime in north field, minnesota. with his field down by two, less than two seconds, he grabs the rebound and heaves it for the full court shot. three points and the victory. oman says sinking the buzzer beater was a combination of instinct and luck. he's the big man on campus today. congrats to him. >> oman oman. >> everybody on the court was probably saying that. >> you should get five points for that. >> only needed three. >> natalie, thank you. now to a scientific break through that's unleashing a lot of cuteness on the world. these are the first puppies born by invito fertilization. >> these puppies are the talk of the veterinary world.
8:06 am
this morning, we're getting our first look at the litter. >> reporter: cute, cuddly and cutting edge. these are the world's first puppies born by invito fertilization, a process human couples struggling with inf infertility used since the 19d 7 1970s. the puppies were born months ago after researchers at cornell university moved them into a female. >> it gives us a starting place to use it for other species. >> reporter: the thinking is a similar process could one day be used to help breeding programs for endangered species. but it's not just animals who could benefit according to researchers. >> it gives us several opportunities to help address genetic disease in dogs. that can give us information about human help, as well.
8:07 am
there's over 350 genetic diseases known in dogs that have direct similarities to diseases in people. >> reporter: while it does show promise, the research isn't without critics. mainly from animal rights activists. the researchers at cornell argue their work advances both the health and the future of animals. >> we need techniques like invito fertilization to help breeding programs for endangered species, so someday, we can return these animals to the wild. not only saving them but the entire ecosystem. >> reporter: for now, the focus is on these little guys. whose true measure of success will come with age. >> this process has been in the works for more than a decade. researchers say it's tough because the reproductive system of dogs is different than humans and other animals. the researchers told us the puppies have almost all been adopted. one female will be kept for further research. we're told they're very happy and healthy this morning and excited with their newfound
8:08 am
fame. >> erica, thank you. bring more puppy stories. >> okay. up next, a perk you don't have to pay for. the airline bringing back the free snacks. singing for peace. madonna's impromptu concert for the people of paris. live from studio 1a, it is amy poehler. >> yay. >> with the same vase. >> out of africa. the more you learn about your insurance, the more gaps you may find. like how you think you have coverage for this... when you only have coverage for this...
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8:11 am
8:11. good time to trend, guys. >> sometimes it's hard to love the airlines, can we be honest about that? but units united announced it bringing back free snacks, and in coach, no less. it's going to start in february. by the way, they have upgraded the treats. look at this one. >> waffle. >> it's a stroopwafel. >> i'm married to someone that is dutch. i've seen a stroopwafel or two. >> you put it on top of your coffee cup and it warms up, and then -- your hot coffee, and you have this nice, melty stroopwafel. >> other snacks include --
8:12 am
>> what? >> soy nuts and pretzel sticks. no word on whether other airlines would follow suit. >> the dutch would say -- >> you're totally making this up. >> it's like i know. how about the 30s? when you lived through your 30s, what was the period like? >> i enjoyed it. >> good time? >> good time. >> yeah. >> lots of kids. >> it can be a little awkward. it's the transitional decade between the wild 20s and the more settled 40s. well, the independent -- website of the independent newspaper came up with an interesting list of the big mistakes people tend to make in their 30s. one, you don't spend enough time with your aging parents. >> yup. >> definitely. >> good one. you think you have to be completely ready to start a family. >> yup. >> check. >> a lot of people in their 30s think it's time to stop having fun. >> really? >> because you think you have to
8:13 am
mature. as you said, it's the transition time. that's what some say. >> you want to settle down. >> one of my biggest regrets in life, and i don't have many, is in my 30s, i felt old. i'm like, i'm 35. i was constantly referring to myself -- now, i'm like, i was only 35. >> a lot of people tend to get serious in their 30s because they say, either my career has taken off, i have to really concentrate on it, or my career hasn't taken off, i have to get serious and get a career. >> or all your friends are married and you haven't yet so you're feeling crappy about that. >> interesting. >> i would tell my 30-year-old stuff, don't sweat it. >> i would have said, be more healthy. have you ever tried to talk to somebody looking at their smartphone? seems like they can't hear you, right? >> sure. >> guess what? they can't. a new research says the scientists at university college of london call this unintentional deaf ness. a person texting and e-mailing
8:14 am
can't hear you because hearing and vision are controlled by the same parts of the brain. in other words, it's hard for us to multitask. i think it's true. >> when i'm writing about something, i'm thinking about it in my hard. my kids do it all the time. i'm telling them something, and they're completely -- >> they're just ignoring you. >> that, too. >> ever have someone show you something and it's funny and you fall back laughing? >> sure. >> check this out. here's a magic trick that had one orangutan in hysterics. it happened at the barcelona zoo. this man performs slight of hand with a chestnut and the cup. the chestnut seems to vanish, showing the orangutan nothing is left inside. watch what happens. [ laughter ]. >> so cute. >> that's great. >> you kill me.
8:15 am
>> that one gets me every time. that trick. >> i love, also, the man was on the right. >> thanks for clarifying. >> making sure people knew. now to madonna's move for peace and first lady michelle obama like you've never heard her before. tamron? >> madonna surprising fans in paris to a tribute to the lost lives there in the recent paris attacks. ♪ to say i'm a dreamer, but i'm not the only one ♪ >> madonna with her 10-year-old son and singing john lennon's "imagine," as well as her own song. she said this is her way of proving there is more goodness in this world. now to the "voice" which ends next week, and so will your front row seats to the hottest
8:16 am
couple. in an interview with "extra," blake offered a sweet solution. >> i don't want gwen to not be on the show. let's have a fifth coach. >> why can't we have two females? >> i vote for that. >> who will you miss the most? >> i wonder. it's the combination. it's the chemistry. >> gwen saying she'll miss all her fellow coaches equally. the "voice" finale kicks off here on monday on nbc. now to michelle obama, rapping for a good cause, to get kids to go to college. ♪ south side chicago we all know we had to do overtime every night to make it to tomorrow ♪ ♪ and everyone could make their dream true. hey, kids, that could be you ♪ >> incredible, right? >> wow. >> mrs. obama with one of our favorites, dave of "snl," and
8:17 am
the people at college. this is incredible, part of a new education initiative called better make room. i say, she needs to host "snl" after they wrap up their party. interesting to see. speaking of the first lady, she and the president are sharing their favorite movies of the year. the first couple revealing their picks in the latest issue of "people" magazine. the president went with matt damon's thriller "the martian." the first lady, her favorite movie of the year was the cute "inside out." >> i loved that movie. >> so good. heartfelt movie led by none other than amy poehler. amy is standing by. what do you think about it, amy? >> i knew she was a genius. >> i'd like to see amy poehler and michelle obama rapping. >> any time. >> throwing a little vice president biden, the trifecta. >> there you have it. thank you very much, amy. there's your pop fix, guys. >> tamron, thank you. are. let's get a check of the
8:18 am
weather. >> it's been quiet as far as severe weather, but that'll change as we get to the weekend. we have a lot of moisture up out of the gulf. big jet stream and sheer coming across. storms on saturday from missouri to texas. snowstorm in the rockies will dump decent amounts of snow, up to a foot or more. on sunday, the storm shifts to arkansas, louisiana, down to the gulf. look at the rainfall amounts. first, we have a risk of severe storms on saturday. 23 million people at risk. damaging winds, hail, possible of tornadoes. rainfall amounts from 3 to 5 inches, stretching from central texas on into arkansas. sglnchts good morning, a big warm-up today. a mild afternoon. sunshine and temperatures that will climb into the the upper 50s and low 60s. the the warming trend continue pps 42 in the the morning. 64 in the the afternoon. that's 1 degree away from the the record. we'll break records this weekend. saturday, 66 degrees.
8:19 am
even warmer with cloudy skies on sunday. and here comes the rain for monday. still mild, sunshine returns tuesday and wednesday. have a great day. starring in the new movie, "sisters." take a look. >> you're lucky, i am free. >> that's a good news. i'm not italian. i don't know why i said it like that. >> i like italians. >> okay. i'm half italian. no, i'm not. that was a lie. i'm just going to casually george jefferson was way out of here, to you. >> all right. >> ease on down the road and rerun it to the car. okay. good-bye. >> oh! >> amy, good morning. >> thank you. good morning. >> i don't think i can repeat right here on tv my favorite line from the movie, what your safe word is.
8:20 am
>> oh, yeah. there's good moments in the movie. we kind of let loose a little bit. >> i remember, i think it was a year ago, reading in the tabloids, amy and tina have a movie being shot. there was all this buzz. there was "star wars" level anticipation and excitement for you. >> that's great because we're coming out against a little indie film called "star wars," made by a first-time director. i'd love everybody to give him a chance week two. week one, see "sisters." >> you and tina in "sisters" play sisters. >> we play women in our 40s whose parents are selling our childhood home. they decide to have one giant blowout party, the kind they never had in high school. >> we remember from "baby mama," you were the lunatic and and the straight laced. now, you start as the straight laced one and she's the one who is kind of trying to pull it together. >> we start out that way. what's fun about the movie is we cross in the middle, and i go a
8:21 am
little crazy, my character starts to go bananas and her character realizes she has to keep it together. >> i think we're about the same age, so thank you for the '80s art fact artifacts. >> you're welcome. >> i wanted to get a banana clip. >> they had to clean out the childhood bedroom, and i got to request posters of michael j. fox and "out of africa" and "e.t." >> what were you like in high school? rage rager, boom workworm. >> i was a good kid. >> you had the bangs i wanted. >> it was a tough time in the '80s. >> for all of us. >> what was i thinking? >> you look cute. >> i don't, but thank you for saying that. i was a late bloomer, which i recommend to anybody. >> you don't want to peak in high school.
8:22 am
>> if you're most popular, it's downhill from there. >> exactly. can we talk about how great you are? >> okay. >> you have a star on the hollywood walk of fame. you were there with your boys. was that cool? >> it was great. my parents were there, my family was there. it's something i never imagined. i had never been to california growing up. i never knew anyone who was an a actor or writer. to be in that fine company -- >> have you visited your star, dusted it or placed flowers on it? >> my kids laid down. there are my parents. they'll be happy. i'll call them to say they're on tv. maya rudolph and rashida jones joined me that day. it was special. >> you're nominated for a grammy for your book, up against jimmy carter. >> once again, it's down to me and jimmy. if i win, i will bestow it to
8:23 am
jimmy, in his honor. fine company. patty smith, jimmy carter and me, you know, as usual. >> you and tina, of course, we all love. so much has been written and said about it. you're also going to go back to your roots, "snl." you're co-hosting on december 19th. i'm dying. i can't wrait. >> it's fun to host the christmas show. as you know here in new york city, 30 rock, it's a special time. bruce springsteen is the musical guest. it's going to be exciting. >> will you -- i'm not going to say are you going to, but i'll make a request. could you reprise your role as hillary clinton? >> you don't take your impressions with you. the great kate mckinnon does an amazing hillary. hillary was on the show, and they did something together. that's not my choice anymore, to decide that. >> i'll pretend this is "meet the press." are you ruling out another impression of hillary clinton, amy? >> i'm not ready to answer that question yet. i'm not saying yes or no. all i'm saying is that i can't
8:24 am
emphasize enough how little i've thought about "snl." we are not even in the zone yet. >> you'll do it december 18th. >> like this show, you know. >> are you saying i wasn't prepared for the interview? >> i absolutely am not. >> saying i didn't watch the movie? >> did you watch the movie? >> look at the time. >> we caught her! >> no, i did. >> i'm kidding. >> amy poehler, thank you. reques "sisters" is the movie. tina fey will be here on monday. i'm looking at the wrong camera. hello. amy, you made me nervous. >> sorry. >> december 18th. it's not that easy, just because the red light is on -- >> it is the last thing that's so not easy. it's a hard job, high wire act. >> it really is. >> especially since everybody here is drunk. coming up, this morning's golden globe nominations live after your local news. >> i think the camera is up there.
8:25 am
8:26 am
good morning, it's 8:26 this morning. if you're reaching for the big coat, hold off. let's get the first alert forecast from meteorologist bill henley. >> 47 degrees. a little bit u of fog in the distance. but that snow is on the ground. there's a little bit of a chill in the air. definitely foggy for much of allentown. zero visibility in quakertown. dense fog. the fog has ended in south engineer sea. temperatures will climb from the 40s to to near 60 degrees this afternoon. >> thank you, bill. let's get a check on the roads
8:27 am
from jessica. >> route 130 northbound, all lanes are closed with an accident. you can follow the local detours posted. that might be your best bet also. also atlantic city westbound, there's also an accident, but the left lane closed. >> thank you. parents may be on edge at a north philadelphia school after five students were poked with needles there yesterday. it happened at meade elementary school. it's not clear whether the needles had been contaminated. the district says there are no signs of infection or serious injury. another update for you in 25 minutes. you can always get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 app. have a great day.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
we're back now. 8:30 on a thursday morning. 10th day of december, 2015. that means these nice people have 14 shopping days left until christmas. always fun, isn't it? so nice to see you. anyway, back with the big crowd out on the plaza. really nice day. breezy, but nice and warm. >> coming up, the best tv shows, movies and performances of 2015, we'll break down this morning's golden globe nominations. one of our favorite bands, train, stops by to perform music from their christmas album. a lot of fun things to get to, but mr. roker, let's start
8:31 am
with a check of the weather. >> friday, we're looking at snow making its way through the northern plains. out west, record highs from texas into the mid-atlantic states. saturday, we move ahead and look for severe weather. we have a risk of strong storms. texas to the mississippi river valley. snow through the rockies. sunday, sunday! record highs along the eastern sea board. risk of strong storms in the low to mid-mississippi river valley. mess out west with the rockies, cascades and sierra with rain into cen good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. a a big warm-up today, a mild afternoon. sunshine and temperatures that will climb into the upper 50s and low 60s. the warming trend continues. look at tomorrow. 42 in the morning. 64 degrees in the the afternoon. that's 1 degree away from a record. we'll break records this weekend. saturday, 66 degrees. even warmer with cloudy skies on
8:32 am
sunday. and here comes the rain for monday. still mild, sunshine returns tuesday and wednesday. have a great day. >> that's your latest weather. guys? >> al, thanks very much. more of our special series, the women of silicon valley, welcome changing the face of american innovation. >> natalie is introducing us to a woman who helps other women create their business. >> you can't not mention jessica herrin. she launched the wedding channel wnt c in the '90s and has a family of brands with a mission to empower all women. >> do you want eggs and ham? >> reporter: to under jessica herrin's business approach, it's important to see where she's coming from. >> you look beautiful. >> reporter: a wife, mother of two and founder of a multi-million dollar company. they go hand in hand.
8:33 am
>> i think how old the company is based on her birthday, and she's 12 this month. she was in the belly for the first trunk shows. it really was when i became a mother that i realized y ed i w to be as ambitious as i had been with my career. >> reporter: unlike most entrepreneurs who start with a product and build business around the needs of clients or customers, herrin came up with the idea for the booming jewelry business with her future employees in mind. >> it was the mission that came first. too many women are sidelined by the lack of flexibility in traditional jobs. by modernizing what flexible work from home opportunities look like, we're giving women the ability to take control of their lives. >> reporter: stella and dot recently expanded to include a family of brands. a personalized jewelry life. ever is all about skin care. independent business owners use parties, social media and online
8:34 am
stores to sell their products. >> in all our businesses, we offer a business in a box. that just means that people can sign up, click buttons and they instantly get an ecommerce website, mobile apps and products they can sell. >> is it a pyramid structure? you hear about pyramid businesses. >> the stella and dot business model works like any fortune 500 company. the success of the sales manager is based on how the overall sales are. most owners earn personal commissions. if they choose to, they can be a sales leader and empower other people to sell the product, as well. >> of course, there are many executives you know who say women should be leaning in, going all in when it comes to their careers. how do you think finding a way for women to pull back and work part time is helping in their cause? >> you see women dropping out
8:35 am
during their childbearing years because they're seeking a balance. work and family. our mission at stella and dot is very specifically addressing the flexibility issue. so women can still work, but they're working on their own terms. that way, they don't have to take one for the team of women and continue to lean in if they're going to lean in and fall over. it's not going to create happiness in their lives. >> reporter: all together, the company employed 50 business owners in six countries. they paid $300 million in commission. blit harris is he arerrin's co-found >> i'll spend time with my family and get back online at night. with the mission underpinning everything, you don't feel guilty. >> reporter: guilt, women point out, is the enemy of creativity and happiness. >> do you think you can have it all truly? >> you should not pursue having
8:36 am
it all. you should pursue what matters most. being able to know what matters to you and then choosing that is what lets you live with authenticity and intention in your life. >> reporter: showing no signs of slowing down. >> i want to get ahead of it. december capital, moving to spring. >> reporter: herrin is living her dream by helping other women design theirs. >> i think a lot of people will love this. >> smart women behind the brand, and you can see it's made a difference for their employees. >> like the idea. thank you. up next, we'll go to beverly hills for this morning's golden globe nominations. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:37 am
thousands of people came out today to run the race for retirement. so we asked them... are you completely prepared for retirement? okay, mostly prepared? could you save 1% more of your income? it doesn't sound like much,
8:38 am
but saving an additional 1% now, could make a big difference over time. i'm going to be even better about saving. you can do it, it helps in the long run. prudential bring your challenges we're back with this year's golden globe nominations. >> we'll take you there live. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to the nominations announcements for the 73rd annual golden globe awards.
8:39 am
this morning, america ferreira, chloe grace and dennis quaid. america, please get us started. >> good morning. best performance by an actor in a television series, musical or comedy. aziz ansari, master of none. 34r ron lowe, the grinder. jeffrey, transparent. best performance by an actress in a television series drama. ba outsander. viola davis, how to great away with murder. traj e hensen, empire.
8:40 am
house of cards. best motion picture, musical or come comedy. the big short, joy, the martian, spy, train wreck. >> best television series drama. "empire," fox. "game of thrones," hbo. "mr. robot," usa network. "narcos," netflix. "outlander," starz. >> best performance by an actor in a musical or comedy. christian bale, the big short. steve carell, the big short. matt damon, the martian. al pacino. mark ruffalo, infinitely polar bear. best director motion picture.
8:41 am
todd hanes, carol. alejandro, the revenant. tom mccarthy, spotlight. george miller, mad max fury road. ridley scott, the martian. >> best performance by an actor in a television series drama. john hamm, mad men. malik, mr. robot. mora, narcos. better call paul. donovan. best performance by an actress in a supporting role in any motion picture. jane fonda, "youth." jennifer jason leigh, "the hateful eight." helen mirren, "trumbo."
8:42 am
kate winslet, "steve jobs." best performance by an actor in a supporting role in any motion picture. paul donough, love and mercy. beast of no nation. mark rylance, bridge of spies. michael shannon, 99 homes. sti s s stallone, creed. >> best actor in a motion picture drama. trumbo. leonardo addicaprio. eddie redmayne, the danish girl. will smith, concussion. thank you. >> best performance by an
8:43 am
actress in a motion picture, musical or comedy. jennifer lawrence, "joy." melissa mccarthy, "spy." amy schumer, "trainwreck." maggie smith, "the lady in the van." lily tomlin, "grandma." best performance by an actress in a motion picture drama. cate blanchett, "carol." brie larson, "room." rooney mara, "carol." ronan, "brooklyn." vikander, "the danish girl." and best motion picture drama. "car "carol." "mad max furmuirfury road."
8:44 am
if t " "revenant." "room." "spotlight." >> congratulations to all our nominees. please join us on sunday for hollywood's biggest celebration, january 10th. the 73rd annual golden globe awards, live on nbc. >> all right. here to break it all down with us, host of front runners on fan dan fandango. we love doing this. as you listen, you say, wow. >> so predictable. a wow is the showing for "carol," which i knew would do well but it got two best actress nominations for rooney mara and cate blanchett. at the golden globes, they think she's a lead actress, so they put her there. vikander, a rising star, the
8:45 am
star of "the danish girl" was also put in the best actress category, even though she's campaigned as supporting. she got two nominations. >> one of your other wows came on an emission. johnny depp not getting a no, ma'am -- nomination. >> he was great in "black mass." i thought it'd have a nice showing, at least for him. another surprise was a strong showing for "mad max fury road." best director nomination and a best picture nomination. this is a film that came out this summer. it was more of a blockbuster type film. it got ragreat reviews and gettg critics awards. >> "the big short" also has momentum. >> helpful that there's separate comedy categories, and that did well, best picture and two best actor nominations, for steve carell and christian bale. it opens this week, so people are beginning to discover it. it's about the collapse of the blanks and the housing market.
8:46 am
>> somehow, it is entertaining. >> i guarantee it is entertaining, yes. >> anything jump out in the television category and best actor and things like that? >> earlier this morning, they announced the best comedy series category, and four of the six nominees were streaming shows on netflix, amazon and hulu. the others were hbo. it shows that casual and shows like "mozart in the jungle," and "orange is the new black," is the future that the voters are loving. >> thanks for being our guy. you can catch the gloeolden glo here on nbc. up next, our friends from train perform live in the studio. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:47 am
8:48 am
the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. >> we're back. it's 8:48.
8:49 am
train is adding to the festive spirit of the season with its first ever holiday album. >> it's called christmas in tah tahoe. pat is train's front man. daunting to tackle a christmas album? >> it is in june. but, yeah, it was a lot of fun to do. >> was it hard to pick the songs that would make the final cut? >> i've wanted to make a christmas album forever because i love it so much. we had too many songs. it was easy and fun. >> do you have one all-time favorite? >> i think "this christmas" is always going to be my favorite. >> do you have any special plans for the holidays? >> i'm just going to hang out and then go to kona and hang out in hawaii. i've never done it. >> kona, tahoe, either one. >> either way. >> train, take it away. >> thanks. ♪ are you hanging up a stocking on your wall ♪
8:50 am
♪ it's the time that every santa has a ball ♪ ♪ does he ride a red nosed reindeer ♪ ♪ does he turn up on his sleigh ♪ ♪ do the fairies keep him sober for the day ♪ ♪ so here it is merry christmas, everybody's having fun ♪ ♪ look to the future now, it's only just begun ♪ ♪ are you waiting for the family to arrive ♪ ♪ are you sure you got the room to spare inside ♪ ♪ does your granny always tell
8:51 am
you that the old songs are the best ♪ ♪ then she's up and rock and rolling with the rest ♪ ♪ so here it is merry christmas, everybody's having fun ♪ ♪ look to the future now, it's only just begun ♪ ♪ what will your daddy do when he sees your mama kissing santa claus ♪ ♪ are you hanging up a stocking on your wall ♪ ♪ are you hoping that the snow will start to fall ♪ ♪ do you ride on down the
8:52 am
hillside in a buggy you have made ♪ ♪ when you land upon your head then you've been slade ♪ ♪ so here it is merry christmas, everybody's having fun ♪ ♪ look to the future now, it's only just begun ♪ ♪ so here it is merry christmas, everybody's having fun ♪ ♪ look to the future now, it's only just begun ♪ ♪ so here it is merry christmas, everybody's having fun ♪
8:53 am
♪ look to the future now, it's only just begun ♪ [ applause ] >> once again, the album is christmas in tahoe. pat, train, thank you, guys. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
8:54 am
8:55 am
we are back at 8:54. we called and got on the phone. amy schumer nominated for a golden globe for "trainwreck." i want to hear your reaction. this is live television, with no delay, okay? >> i got your back, girl. yay! i got nominated. >> you are awesome. does it feel great? i mean, are you calling old high schoolb boyfriends? >> it feels good and i'm proud of what i accomplished. really, it is more about the revenge. i want to thank the hollywood foreign press, but more than that, there are people i want to say no thank you to. how much time do we have left on the show? >> not enough for you to trash people. are you going to start to write the speech now, or is that a jinx? >> i would practice it right now. i want to say -- matt, hello? you guys, we did this together. the three of us, this is ours.
8:56 am
>> you know what i was thinking, "trainwreck 2," and we are available for a cameo. >> well, we'll look at your audition tape, but the demand is high. i don't know. >> matt is willing to be nude. >> i'll reprise the lebron role. >> i picture matt nude and still wearing his socks and loafers. >> congratulations. live television. good morning, it is 8:56 opinion when you step outside today, you may find it hard to believe it's december 10th. let's get the forecast from meteorologist bill henley. >> not your average december 10th not weather wise any way. temperatures are climbing. we have some sunshine. it it is 51 degrees in philadelphia.
8:57 am
52 in northeast philadelphia. even a little warmer at the shore. still watching some areas of fog, but it is beginning to ease in coatsville. more and more sunshine and a nice warm-up. by 1:00 this afternoon, 57 degrees. >> thank you, bill. if you're riding patco today, a heads up to bring cash. they tweeted a couple hours ago their credit and debit machines are down. they apologize for the inconvenience and said it would tweet out when the machines are back up and running. right now the fbi is investigating threats at the university of philadelphia just outside of erie. the unspecified threats were e-mailed to some e e employees. students are in the middle of finals. school administrators e e-mailed an alert to staff and students. they have been asked to remain calm but vigilant. erg is expected to be back to normal at an elementary school after graffiti was found
8:58 am
on. a bathroom wall. someone found it at cold spring elementary on tuesday. police wont say what it said, but the principal did say it involved a threat. in a letter home to parents, the principal said, i surgecertainl understand your concern but we have taken precautions to keep your children safe here at school. we'll have another update in about 25 minutes. now back to the "today" show. have a great day, everyone.
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," the golden globe nominations are in. which of your favorite shows and stars made the cut? a girl asked sanity to brta her daddy home for christmas. we go one on one with country legend dolly parton. all that and more now. >> announc: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today." it's thursday morning, december 10th, 2015. i hope your day is off to a good start. i'm willie with al, natalie and tamron. classic one this morning, natalie. >> 15 days to go. counting down, so i figured,
9:01 am
let's lay it on now. right? we have the tree behind us, great christmas holiday crowd on the plaza. here you go. my little christmas song for you. >> brenda lee bringing it this morning. very nice. we have breaking news, hot off the press. >> golden globe nominations. >> here's an interesting thing, i think for the first time in the history of the golden globes, if you watched broadcast network television, you didn't see a golden globe nominated tv series comedy. best tv series, "casual" in hulu. "orange is the new black," netfl netflix. "silicon valley," hbo. "veep" and "transparent." also, by the way, for best comedy actor, jeffrey tambor, our good friend who is on the -- is not on the phone? >> he's going to call us though because he watches the show every morning.
9:02 am
jeffrey, call us. >> jeffrey, call us. i'm sorry. i thought he was on the phone. >> we're trying to get him on the phone. >> we've got, let's see -- >> best motion picture drama. >> "carol." having a big season. "mad max fury road." >> they're saying this was a surprise for this category, because it was a blockbuster. it is incredible. >> i've got to see it. i have yet to see it. >> i'll tell you what, it's quietly been winning some of these smaller awards in the lead up to the golden globes and oscar. best picture awards. >> "spotlight." >> amazing. >> doing really well. "revenant" with leonardo adl l dicaprio. >> brie larson has been on our show a couple times. "ro "room" is another one, a lot of people haven't seen it, but it is intense.
9:03 am
brie larson is incredible in that role. >> best picture comedy musical. "the big short," "joy," "the martian." >> i don't know if that's a comedy. >> didn't laugh much in it. >> no. >> "spy." >> love it. >> "trainwreck." >> melissa mccarthy, amy schumer, queens of comedy. >> the two of them should share it. >> "spy" was so good. >> if you want to get happy this weekend, put the tree up or finish the tree, put in "spy." the scene of her on the vespa. >> people have a lot of tv/movie watching to do after this list came out. >> i saw "trumbo." it was terrific. everybody is talking about leonardo dicaprio in "the revenant." also, eddie redmayne. >> "the revenant" isn't out in theaters yet. >> somebody saw it.
9:04 am
>> will smith back on the scene. >> michael fassbender, "steve jobs." >> best actor nods in dramas. let's look at best actress, too. we've done the best actor. actress in drama. cate blanchett for "carol." brie larson in "room." rooney mara, also in "carol." two in the same category. >> apparently, according to earlier, the golden globe folks changed this to be listed as best actress. >> you had her own earlier a couple weeks ago. ronan in "brooklyn," apparently, incredible actress. >> one of the most charming people we've ever had on the show. >> heart her. she is great. we loved her. >> vikander from "the danish girl." >> tv series. "empire," "game of thrones," "mr. robot," "outlander,"
9:05 am
"narcos." you can go on a marathon with "narcos." it's why they developed the marathon television concept. it's brilliant. it's a tough one, but i'll go with "narcos." >> "empire" is nominated for a lot of stuff. >> phenomenal. pablo was nominated for best actor in a tv series drama. >> best tv series, comedy or drama. "casual," "orange is the new black," "transparent," "silico e vall valley." all streaming shows. incredible. >> i'll bring up one thing. this is important to me. the best supporting actor drama. sylvester stallone was nominated
9:06 am
for "creed." there was an audible gasp. i believe he's going to be the favorite. the sentimental favorite, the heart string favorite, and he was phenomenal in "creed." >> i was surprised by how good this movie was. i kind of thought, going back to "roc "rocky," but it was terrific. >> we've seen stallone in the action movies, but this was a great drama. >> we're working on getting the nominees on the phone. as soon as they call in -- >> jeffrey, call us. >> john hamm, best actor in a tv drama. >> well deserved, absolutely. >> as we wait for our friends to call us, hollywood. >> nobody calls us, does that mean we have no friends? >> we have friends and we have friends in the military. willie geist last night hosting the armed forces gala and gold
9:07 am
medal dippenner. tell us about it. >> it's great. the uso loves you, al, and they love you. you did the show with jay leno last year. it's a great event. you have generals, you have former joint chiefs of staff, you have medal of honor recipients, jack jacobs, and all the men andveterans, as well. there was a moment, i'm wearing this bracelet today, i don't know if you can see it, i think we have a picture of it, as well. army specialist carlos gonzalez, 101st airborne, killed in 2006 while serving in iraq. left behind a wife and 1-year-old daughter. his mother came up to me last night and said, it's been almost ten years since i lost my son. it's still hard to wake up in the morning, hard to get out of bed, but, she said, when you guys come on at 9:00, it gives me a smile. it lifts me up, and it helps me up. i have to tell you, natalie, her favorite part of the show, dark natalie. all she wanted to talk about.
9:08 am
>> i love you, ms. gonzalez. >> we loves you all, too. it was moving to hear her say, sometimes i wake up and i can't believe it's still real that i don't have my son, but you allow me to smile a little bit, especially when dark natalie shows up. we love you back. thank you. >> i'll bring it back a little more for her. >> maybe you can call her. >> call her as dark natalie, surprise her. well, she's watching so we can't surprise. give her our love. >> i have to share this video. men and women fighting for the country, and a lot won't be home for the holidays. one soldier, trent, went to make his homecoming special, wanted to do it for his family, especially for his two daughters. he enlisted santa. older daughter told santa she wanted her daddy home for christmas. here's what happened next.
9:09 am
>> when i say the magic words, you open your eyes, okay? open your eyes. >> daddy! [ applause ] >> ho, ho, ho! >> that is the best. >> trent baskerville. thank you for bringing that us. i had to watch it a couple times in my office to get the emotions out so we could do it on tv. >> so beautiful. >> here's an incredible -- i mean, we love high school athletics. a lot of us played. you played high school basketball. >> sure. >> have you seen a shot like this? done a shot like this? >> not even close. >> this is a game-winning shot like you haven't seen. out of austin high school in austin, minnesota. less than two seconds on the clock. oman oman gets the rebound to nail that. three points puts them over to win. they defeated northfield high
9:10 am
school. congrats to oman oman. >> oh, man, oh, man! >> half of the room are stunned, in their seats, can't move. >> you can take that shot a million times and maybe make it once. >> i think we have brie larson on the phone right now, nominated for "room." are you on with us? >> we have to pay our bill. >> we have no friends. >> maybe not. >> we have friends. >> i'm going to go do the weather and maybe somebody will call. >> call us if you're a friend of ours. call. >> ms. gonzalez, call us. >> we're looking at this storm system. another system coming into the pacific northwest. next three days, there's a storm behind that. look at the rainfall along the oregon-california coast. we're looking at runoff from the rain. some areas may pick up 7 inches or more. mudslides and debris flow possible. we'll be watching that.
9:11 am
the really good news is we're going to see a ton of snow in the sierra and the cascades. especially in the sierra. that will help the snow pact as we get into next spring, as well. on the other hand, we've got on saturday, 23 million people at risk for severe storms. super cells in the afternoon. possible tornadoes. rainfall amounts, anywhere from 3 to 5 inches of rain, from central texas to western and central arkansas. that's good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. a big warm-up today, sunshine and temperatures that will climb into the upper 50s and low 60s. and the warming trend continues. 42 in the morning. 64 degrees in the afternoon. that's 1 degree away from the record. it looks like we'll break records this weekend. saturday, 66 degrees. even warmer with cloudy skies on sunday. and here comes the rain for monday. still mild. sunshine returns tuesday and wednesday. have a great day. >> that is your latest weather.
9:12 am
and we have someone on the phone! >> a friend. >> somebody who i love. >> gina rodriguez, congratulations for your golden globes nominations for "jane the virgin" on the cw. >> thank you. i love you guys. >> she rapped with us and salsaed wisals with us. >> her speech last year had us in tears. >> it was beautiful. >> to be honest, i couldn't have asked for more. i really am driving to work right now, just so super thankful. i'm going to make sure i work my tush off today, to not make it for nothing. pretty exciting. i'm shaking, so i'm trying to keep my hands on the steering wheel. >> you're driving and talking to us. >> gina, how did you hear about it? >> hands free, of course. i promise. >> how did you hear the news, gina?
9:13 am
>> well, i had a 6:00 a.m. call this morning. i was up at about 5:15. my best friend was sleeping over at my house to keep my company, so i don't freak out and i actually sleep. she was in the living room listening to it, and i couldn't bring myself to walk over. i started pouring myself coffee. then they called my name, and i pretty much dropped to the kitchen floor and started crying. it was kind of ridiculous and amazing. yeah, i heard from afar, from the kitchen to the living room. >> you won last year, and you're there again at the big dance. congratulations. >> got to start working on the speech again. >> thank you for your support. >> we'll see you. >> bye, gina. >> we also have brie larson on the phone, i'm told. we just mentioned, nominated for best actress for the "room." congratulations. >> what the heck, you guys? >> come on, you were expecting this. i mean, that performance was -- and you were here on the show to talk about that movie.
9:14 am
it is absolutely phenomenal. it's a movie that is so emotionally wrenching. how does it feel, to be a nominee now? >> i can't even figure this whole thing out. i mean, i'm in hawaii right now so i had to get up at 3:00 a.m. i was sitting in between my parents, and i still can't tell if this is a dream or not. i had a realistic dream yesterday, where i ate a whole bag of chips. >> you deserve the bag of chips. and the range here, you have your nomination for "room" and the movie you were in, one of the funniest of the year, "trainwreck." you talk about the range of your life. we said when you visited us, this was your year. does it feel as special, even though it's surreal? >> it feels so special. i mean, this is beyond anything i could have ever imagined. to be able to be nominated myself, but also know i'm surrounded by so many people i
9:15 am
love. i have so many wonderful people i know that are nominated. to have "trainwreck" nominated and know that judd and amy will be at a nearby table, it's awesome. it's amazing. >> it's been an incredible year for you, and we have a feeling this is the beginning of the good news this award season. brie larson, thanks for being us early. go back to bed in hawaii. >> enjoy. >> hello. ahola. >> thanks a lot. back with more, including usher, right after
9:16 am
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okay! fun's over. aw. aw. ♪ thirsty? they said it would make me cool. they don't sound cool to me. guess not. you got to stick up for yourself, like with the name your price tool. people tell us their budget, not the other way around. aren't you lactose intolerant? this isn't lactose. it's milk. ♪ do you think you have what it takes to be a star? usher wants to help. >> he is giving aspiring performan performers a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn in his master class. good morning. >> good morning. >> this is a terrific idea. you have a mass of knowledge, and sometimes, there's no way to share this. so you're doing it online in a master >> ushering in the world's new talent, giving them an
9:19 am
opportunity through a lot of my own personal experiences. this is, you know, years and years of experience. now, i want to offer it. i want to inspire those out there who want to be an entertainer, and see if you have what it takes and give you the tools you need to be great as a performer. this is the art of performance, all wrapped in a master class. you guys can go to master and learn about what it is to be a master. >> i love the concept. not just now, but you have serena williams, james patterson teaching writing. a lot of masters. >> dustin hoffman, as well. >> acting. >> think about it, in journalism, you wanted to learn what it was, what were the tricks of the trade. you have to look at television and figure out what it is. to have it spelled out for you right there, i mean, so many people think they know what it takes to be an entertainer, but i'm showing you exactly what it takes. >> anyone can -- lucy, willie's daughter, is a hip hop princess,
9:20 am
ready to be the queen, can she -- >> she takes hip hop dance and loves usher, or as we call him, usher. what is she going to see? >> there's a chapter on dance, captivating the audience, meditation. a lot of what i've said in my introduction. if you thought you were just getting a dance class, you're getting that and then some. a lot of this can be applied to life, from the transition for me from music to acting on broadway, i track that. i talk about my humble beginnings. i kind of give them a performance to give you an understanding of what was going on and what took place in the process. she can get a lot, yeah. she can learn about dancing. >> she loves you. >> you assign homework and critique. >> yes, there is homework. >> before you go, your son's birthday. >> yes. today, he turns 7. >> happy birthday. >> thank you so much. >> thank you, guys. you get that master class, man. >> it's available on master
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9:24 am
olay. ageless. we've got another golden globe nominee on the phone. our buddy jeffrey tambor is with us. nominated for best actor in a comedy musical for "transparent." congratulations, sir. >> hi. thank you. congratulations is great. i have to get something off my chest. >> yes. >> i was so excited, and we had such a good time, that i accidentally -- and i'm looking at it right now -- i accidentally stole a "today" cup. >> mug? >> it's okay. >> confession. >> it's our present to you as a congratulations. we knew, we felt you'd be nominated. it was our gift to you already. >> i'm sorry. >> we will always fill your cup for you. >> it's getting a lot of money on ebay. >> jeff, you won last year. how does it feel this time around? >> you know, it's so wonderful. i'm so honored.
9:25 am
the hollywood foreign press has been so supportive. they've -- they're so cool. then to nominate the show, it's such an ensemble effort. then it's a good day. today is my kid's birthday. >> wow. >> usher was just on, and it was his son's birthday. your son's birthday. >> in honor of you and your nomination, we're eating on your behalf. >> we love you, jeffrey. >> congratulations. >> jeffrey, congratulatio looks like some folks have had it with their airline credit card miles. sometimes those seats cost a ridiculous number of miles... or there's a fee to use them. i know. it's so frustrating. they'd be a lot happier with the capital one venture card. and you would, too! why? it's so easy with venture. you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. just book any flight you want
9:26 am
then use your miles to cover the cost. now, that's more like it. what's in your wallet? good morning, it is 9:26. and it's warming up out there today. let's get the forecast from meteorologist bill henley. >> clouds have move d out and w have some nice sunshine and the temperatures are climbing. already in the 50s in philadelphia. look at the mountains. a few scattered clouds there. they are thinning out too. sunshine and it's going to be a nice warm-up into the 40s binto the mountains. 51 in philadelphia. the winds out of the west/northwest. wilmington is 48 degrees. happening now, a reminder of how dangerous train tracks can
9:27 am
be. they are calling it a safety blitz. the safety officers are talking rail safety at the regional rail station. today in philadelphia, religious leaders are standing together against extremism. the head of the philadelphia black clergy who is baptist and the head of the naacp who is muslim will lead a gathering in about 40 minutes in nice town. their call for unity follows the attacks in san bernardino and in paris. and then this evening leaders will gather for a vigil at philadelphia's health square. they will call for an end to anti-muslim and refugee rhetoric. this following recent terror attacks. we'll have another update in about 25 minutes. as always, you can get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 app. now back to the "today" show. have a great day, everyone.
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
taking a look at the headlines. insurance institute for highway safety is out with its latest ratings on cars and trucks. 61 vehicles get the group's top safety pick for 2016, including the ford f-150 pickup. of those 61 vehicles, 48 do even better, with the rating of top safety pick plus for having an advanced or superior rating for front crash prevention. the chrysler 200 is among the cars getting the plus rating. to see the full list, go to researchers are showing off the world's first puppies born by in vitro fertilization. they were born five months ago after 19 embryos were transferred to a host female. the researchers hope the technique will help breeding
9:31 am
programs for endangered animals and lead to a better understanding of genetic diseases in dogs and perhaps in humans. for the first time ever, u.s. renters are older than the age of 40. a harvard study finds almost 51% of renters are in that age group, up from 47% a decade ago. analysts say it reflects lasting damage from foreclosures after the housing crash and an aging population. overall rental boom is not just fueled by 20 somethings heading to trendy urban centers, but also former owners choosing to rent. if you're wondering what the best day is for booking a low air fare, sundays are in and tuesdays are out. experts say prices generally are 13% cheaper if you book on sunday. in the past, tuesday was believed to be the best day. experts say friday is the most expensive day, but how early you buy is also important. they say booking 57 days before a north american flight is
9:32 am
ideal, if you have that much time to plan. united airlines is bringing back free snacks in economy. starting in february, passengers will get a complementary ca caramel-filled waffle on early flights and savory snacks later in the day. it comes when airlines have been charged for just about anything. >> i like the stroopwafel. >> let's get to the weather. >> i saw you sneaking in on me there. >> we have snow through the plains. wet weather in the pacific northwest. record highs making their way from texas to the mid-atlantic states. ahead to saturday, you're going to be looking also at some risk of strong storms through texas on into the mid mississippi river valley. record highs continue along the eastern sea board. snow back through the rockies and the cascades. on sunday, sunday! record highs along the east, real mess from the great lakes to the gulf coast. good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. a big warm-up today. a mild afternoon, sunshine and temperatures that will climb into the upper 50s and low 60s.
9:33 am
and the warming trend continues. look at tomorrow. 42 in the morning. 64 degrees in the afternoon. that's 1 degree away from the record. it looks like we'll break records this weekend. saturday, 66 degrees. even warmer with cloudy skies on sunday. and here comes the rain for monday. still mild, sunshine returns tuesday and wednesday. have a great day. >> that's your latest weather. willie? singer, song writer, business mogul dolly parton is a legend. growing up with 11 brothers and sisters in the hills of tennessee, she never forgets her roots. tonight, "coat of many colors" premieres on nbc. i went down to dolly's resort in pigeon forge, tennessee, to pay dolly a visit. ♪ got no money but we're rich in love ♪ >> reporter: set in 1955, "coat
9:34 am
of many colors" introduces us to dolly parton, living in a small home in rural tennessee, long before the platinum records and the rhinestones. >> what do you remember about a household that wasn't big, you didn't have a lot, but you had a lot of love and brothers and sisters. >> we did. >> you had a mom and dad with you. >> that was enough. we didn't always make jokes and say, we didn't know we were poor until a smart aa allic told us didn't have much. we had what mattered. >> reporter: her parents are played by jennifer nettles and rick schroeder. >> you're as beautiful to me today as the first time i saw you. >> what does your mom and dad make of your rise? here's the little girl they knew, singing on the front porch to her corn cob doll, and you become this huge star. what do they think? >> i don't think mama was that surprised. she saw it in me.
9:35 am
she thought, if smib anybody isg to do what they say, it's going to be her. i was determined. mama helped make little clothes and stuff. when i got to be a teenager, i wanted to wore clothes, push them together and up. she said, you better not tell your daddy. >> she did it for you? >> she did. i used to steal the shoulder pads out of my grandma's winter coat to make me a push-up bra. my grandma would say, where is my shoulder pads? i don't know. >> reporter: it's that charm and sass that people love about dolly parton. well, that and the music. including one of her biggest hits, which i confessed to dolly, i had attempted to perform myself in public, on national tv. >> dolly, i have a little -- i don't know if i'm going to call it a treat, or might be -- you might think it's something other than a treat. this is on jimmy fallon's lip sync battle show. they let me choose a song, and here's the one i chose.
9:36 am
♪ pour myself a cup >> they didn't give me the costume. little hips. look at the chorus though. ♪ getting by >> for the record -- >> that was really good. >> thank you. i hit all of the notes. >> you sound like dolly. >> that's the idea. >> that's cute. >> i won, thanks so you. >> did you? >> i have to thank you, dolly. >> reporter: i think we all can agree, it's best to leave the performing to dolly, whose first album came out in 1967. >> her it is, dolly. your career in one place. >> i know. there's about 72 album covers, i think, on this wall. >> reporter: dolly will turn 70 next year, but she's already making plans for her 100 birthday. sealing a capsule full of dolly parton artifacts to be opened 30 years down the road. >> what we're going to put in
9:37 am
this is little pieces from my childhood. where i used to sing with a tin can, microphone, and a song i wrote this year called "my place in history." i'm going to open it when i'm 100. if i'm not around -- >> you'll be here, dolly. >> i wouldn't be surprised. >> you'll still be making records. we know you will. >> just like the rest of the world, i love dolly parton. my wife is aware, and we're working through it. "coat of many colors" debuts tonight at 9:00 on nbc. the apps that could save you i was not aware of how much acidity was in my diet. i was so focused on making good food choices, i had no idea that it was damaging the enamel of my teeth. i wanted to fix it, i wanted to fix it right away. my dentist recommended pronamel. he said that pronamel can make my teeth stronger, that it was important, that that is something i could do each day to help protect the enamel of my teeth.
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using invokana® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase risk of low blood sugar. it's time. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. we know about the dangers of texting and driving, but only five seconds, the average time your eyes are off the road to check a text. texting is not the only distracted driving danger. >> joel feldman and diane anderson know it firsthand. six years ago, their 21-year-old daughter casey was hit and
9:42 am
killed by a distracted driver. since then, they've made it their mission to help prevent this from happening to anyone else. >> casey's crash was in 2009. it was broad daylight. she had had a summer job in ocean city on the board walk. she was walking in a crosswalk, was three quarters of the way across the intersection, when a driver blew through the stop sign and literally ran her over. he claims he'd never seen her. she was conscious after she was run over. she was able to speak with the emergency responders, and the first thing that she said when they asked her how the accident occurred, she said, "i want my mom."
9:43 am
>> i was shocked. i was angry. i think that then, of course, it led into grief. although it's been six years, it's just really, really hard each and every day. >> beside being a young woman who was so full of life, she was also just a lot of fun and had a great sense of humor, and she was a person everybody wanted to be around. >> i go to weddings now, and they're as painful as you can imagine. seeing the dad walk down the aisle, or the first dance with his daughter. knowing that'll never happen. we started end distracted driving, and the mission is to educate the public about distracted driving. it's the holiday season. a gift every parent can think about giving their parent is be the driver you want your teen to be. model safe driving. what i like people to remember
9:44 am
is we have the power through our driving to take life, but we also have the power to safe lives. i want people to look at that pretty face, to learn about casey, but i also want them to think that, that picture, the pictures we have of casey, they show an unlimited future. an unlimited potential. it was taken away in just a few seconds. >> our thanks to casey's parents. diane anderson and joel feldman for sharing that story with us. >> jennifer jolly is here with strategies to prevent distracted driving. as more people hit the road during holiday season. good morning. >> good morning. >> sadly, we hear so many stories like caseys and we' sca trying to prevent that. there's technology that help with this problem. drive mode app from at&t. a lot of the carriers are putting into place these apps. >> all the major carriers have
9:45 am
some system in place to save us from ourselves. at&t's drive mode, you download that app, and as soon as you do, the minute you get in your car, any time you go over 15 miles an hour, the message pops up. it can wait. it blocks incoming texts and the folks sending you a text will get a message on their screen. you can make it so you can still dial emergency contacts, stream your music or access navigate apps. they'll get an auto reply. i'm driving, i can't talk now. verizon has something similar. set the message in the settings inside your phone. you don't download an app. you can customize the message that goes out. hey, i'm driving. i can't talk right now. >> so smart. i want to ask you about this cell control device. i've never seen one. what does it do? >> incredible device. it's the most robust system i've stumbled across when it comes to locking down phones if you're driving a car.
9:46 am
you stick this device just understood beneath your rear-view mirror. similar to an easy pass or fast pass where i'm from. a message pops up on to your phone that says, i'm in safe mode. we can show you this here. i'm in safe mode. it locks it down. cell control, the sensors in this device, this is a solar powered device, it knows if you're in the driver's seat. you cannot get phone calls, can't go on social media. you can't do anything with your phone. you can hand it off to a passenger or someone in the backseat. they can still do it. >> brilliant. >> this is amazing. $130. they also have a report card where you can see how their teens are doing. it's amazing. >> drive id, look that up. >> jennifer, great ideas. we're back after this. actually be exactly what i am. i got to hang a picture. it may not seem like much, but to that resident it was the best thing in the world.
9:47 am
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stop by a store or visit us at to share wonder every day. >> time for a showdown before the texans and patriots face off on sunday night football. >> representing the texans. chef and owner in houston. rooting for the patriots, boston's own steve, chef and owner of -- >> so close. >> he's an amazing man for allowing me to mess up your name. we love you. good morning. >> starting. >> chili on this side. what do you have for me many. >> old school texas chili. the way you want to start it off, we'll make chili powder. we're going to toast these which makes them smoky. crack them like that. you put them in this thing. >> grinder, coffee grinder. >> right. you grind them up. >> wow. >> mix that with cuban garlic powder and mexican apadraragano.
9:52 am
you can smell the difference. >> you can refrigerate it. ground beef, sauteed in the pot. add your onions and chilies, and mix. >> we'll have this on the website. i have to taste it now. the true texas way, inside the frito bag. i'm going to taste it. >> we're going to go over to steve. this is a chili your mom helped you make. >> this is a chowder, al. the chili is over there. >> sorry, chowder. >> the secret of this is we take the potatoes raw and put them in here. it's the thickener. instead of flower, the starch of the potato thickens up the chowder. then a clam broth we made earlier. look at this, full of flavor. we let it simmer and add our cream. >> boom. >> little cream. let this go. at the very end, al, before we serve it, we take the fresh clams. don't put them in until the end to keep them tender. if you put them in too early, it'll be tough.
9:53 am
>> i have to try a little bit of each. >> all right. >> we have to try ours, too. >> we're going to award the winner when we come back. >> we are? >> we have to after this. first, this is "today" on nbc.
9:54 am
9:55 am
if this were sunday night football, it'd be sudden death. it's a tie, too good to choose. tamron? >> al, thank you very much. cabootles is donating for an eighth year to our drive. steve is in charge of sales and marketing and brought his kids. tell us about your donations. >> we are offering over $50,000 of cash
9:56 am
good morning, it is 9:56. you can leave those big coats at home today. let's get the forecast from bill henley. >> you'll need the sunglasses. we have lots of sunshine and the temperatures are warming up nicely after a chilly, but not a cold start. 52 degrees already. that's 7 degrees warmer than e yesterday at this time. a few clouds around. no sign of the fog that we started off this with morning.
9:57 am
it's 52, but look at cape may and atlantic city already into the upper 50s. so a little light fog in redding, but a big improvement for quakertown where it was down to zero visibility. sunshine and upper 50s to near 60s this afternoon. developing right now in northern new jersey, roads are closed in marlboro township while police are investigating a suspicious device on a bus there. this is a live look this morning. we have been watching this now for 20 minutes. now this is a popular retail area. we're going to bring you any updates on it. new this morning, two men have been arrested accused of a rash of daytime burglaries in delaware and chester counties. a number of police agencies have been working for six months to catch these guys. even former a burglary task force. now police are trying to recover what they have stolen. police say in most cases they would pry open doors and go directly for jewelry boxes. happening today veterans
9:58 am
administration officials are scheduled to hold a town hall meeting in wilmington. now back to the "today" show. . i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid.
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once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody, you have madet to thrifty thursday. 15 days to go to christmas. >> how's your shopping going? >> i'm not shopping anymore. that is by selena gomez. a little bit of controversy, whether she was lip-synching. >> i like her. who cares? we have a really fun show. one of the funniest women in hollywood is here, amy poehler.


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