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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  December 10, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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right now at 11:00, standing against extremism in philadelphia. local religious leaders are taking action as the backlash continues for donald trump following his controversial comments about muslims. good morning, i'm vai sikahema. developing this morning, calls for peace from clergy of all faiths. local political and religious leaders gathered to denounce the terror attacks in the name of faith and emphasize islam is fundamentally a religion of peace. george spencer was at that meeting and he's live this morning. george, this gathering involved a wide array of leaders and religions.
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>> reporter: vai, everyone from naacp to clergy from all stripes. they denounced the extremism terrorism we've seen of late and encouraged regular citizens of faith to work for peace. you grew up in this neighborhood? >> right in in napt. >> reporter: yousef is a south philadelphia native, a born and bred americans. but his own neighborhood streets have felt less friendly after the mass shooting investigated as terrorism in california planned and executed by radicalized muslims and here at home, a pig's head left at the mosque in north philly where he went to grade school. >> i don't feel safe in my own environment, in my own neighborhood. i don't feel safe. i have to look out for my own well-being. >> kroma, who is studying to become an imam, says the terror he's seen on the news beis nothg like his faith.
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leaders denounced the recent extremist attacks in the name of religion and stressed christianity, judaism and islam are fundamentally religions of peace. they also criticized presidential candidate donald trump's call for a ban on muslims entering the u.s. >> we've come in a united voice to say this must stop. the muslim community are our brothers and sisters. >> we can not close our eyes and our ears to the stoking of fears and peddling fear and pushing the poisonous drug of hate into the vaughns of people who normally would be humane. >> reporter: for croma it's a message that bears repeating in our region around the country and world. >> when i look at people bombing on the news and people killing and mass shootings in france and america and all over the world, i don't recognize that sort of islam. i don't know what that is. >> reporter: that's not your faith? >> that's not my faith. >> reporter: and the leaders at this morning's news conference emphasized that they will
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continue their calls as they did this morning here as long as the national rhetoric centers on the topics we've been hearing recently. live in hunting park, george center, nbc 10 news. george, thank you. also happening today, people of several faiths will gather this evening for and a l light interfaith vigil at philadelphia's rittenhouse square. an imam, rabbi and christian pastor will offer prays and call for an end to anti-muslim and anti-refugee rhetoric following recent terrorist attacks. donald trump has scrapped a planned trip to israel. he says he will schedule it later after he has become president. trump has planned to meet with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. earlier this week, netanyahu's office released a statement saying the prime minister disagreed with these remarks from trump about muslims. >> donald j. trump is calling far total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united
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states until our country's representatives the k figure out what the hell is going on. >> trump made that remark monday night, immediately igniting a firestorm of criticism from members of both parties. meanwhile, police want you to take a good look at this video from a robbery at a grocery store in southwest philadelphia. the man climbed into estevez mini market through an air vent back on november 15. the robber spent an hour trying to break into the atm using a power tool. you can see the sparks there shooting off the machine. when that didn't work, he took about $7,000 in cash and cigarettes from the store. and we have learned a man shot several times in camden overnight is in stable condition. the shooting happened around 1:30 this morning. police are still trying to figure out who shot him. a four-wheeler caught fire in front of a home in kensington overnight. right now the fire is out but let's look at the damage there.
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the four-wheeler is burned and the home it was parked in front of also suffered some damage. the fire marshal is investigating that fire. philadelphia police are looking into how hypodermic needles ended up in school after five students were stuck with those needles this happened at meade elementary school. it appears a child brought the needles from home to school and passed them out to other students. some kids poked themselves. some kids poked other students around them. right now it's not clear whether the needles had been contaminated. >> that's what scares me. i don't know hiv, hepatitis, herpes, syphilis, anything. >> most of the students who were stuck were taken to the hospital for precautionary tests. at this point the school district says there are no signs of infection or serious injury. the father of a young teaching student says his son's killer got away with murder.
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beau zabel was murdered seven years ago. marcellus jones was charged but yesterday a jury found him not guilty. after the not guilty verdict was read, beau zabel's family gathered at the spot where beau was shot to death and they tell us they're looking for a higher justice now. >> well, he'll be in prison. but the thing is, he thinks he got away from something and he thinks he got over and that's it. >> jones shouts his thanks to the jury after his acquittal. he is serving a life sentence for another hurt. >> can you believe this mild december we've been experiencing? it's amazing z. our streak of above-average temperatures continues today. as we take a live look at boat house row in philadelphia nbc 10 first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast and today officially starts the warming trend, is that right, glenn? >> it keeps going. we started the warming yesterday.
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we're warmer today. we'll be warmer than this tomorrow. we're going to continue getting warmer everyday until we get to sunday and we have subshine to help us warm up more today. we got up to 58 yesterday, 62 today, 65 tomorrow, 68 degrees on saturday and we could even hit 70 on sunday. that's more than to 20-degrees above normal. 54 in philadelphia right now. already 60 degrees in atlantic city international. 59 in millville. 58 in dover and a cold spot, 48 degrees in reading. many of these places are more than five degrees warmer than they were at this time yesterday. we have some clouds coming in from the west but there's no rain associated with those clouds and so expect a lot of sunshine during the day. the temperature getting up to around 60 or a little bit above. then it goes up from there. we'll see how long this warm
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spell lasts with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> glenn, see you then. pennsylvania lawmakers are moving ahead with the process that could remove attorney general kathleen kane from office. senators unanimously approved a plan yesterday that involves a january 12 hearing for kane. that hearing will focus on whether she can perform her duties with a suspended law license. the senate could then vote to have her removed. the state supreme court suspended kane's license last month while she awaits trial on charges she leaked secret grand jury information and then lied about it. veterans will get a chance to talk directly to leaders of the local v.a. medical center about ways to improve service. veterans administration officials are scheduled to hold a town hall meeting today at 11:30, about a half hour from now, at the main v.a. medical center in wilmington. they will share information about benefits and allow vets to get feedback about v.a. programs. v.a. secretary robert mcdonald says meetings like this are part
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of an effort to rebuild trust following the v.a. scandal across the country. new jersey hunters have legally killed more than 360 bears in new jersey in just the past three days. that's more than the total number of bears killed during the entire week-long bear hunt last year. officials recently expanded areas where hunting is allowed. new jersey wildlife officials say the annual hunt is important to help control the state's bear population. children in camden will get holiday cheer today. the annual camden holiday parade begins at 6:30 tonight. it starts at the corner of broadway and market and ends at the camden children's garden. after the parade, kids and adults can enjoy a winter wonderland celebration which includes rides, craft, and visits with santa. th this morning, philadelphia
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police honored a crossing guard who kept kids safe for more than 40 years. willie fullwood began her career back in 1972 and has since crossed children in two neighborhood schools. runaway train investigation. we're following a developing story from the boston area where officials say a train took off with passengers on board but no one operating it. in the midst of a second illness outbreak linked to chipotle in two months, the company's ceo talks about the restaurant's troubles in an exclusive interview. his promise to customers just ahead. in case you're loving this mild december weather, just wait until the weekend. we could shatter records. i'll let you know how warm it will get just ahead.
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the first funeral being held today for one of the 14 people killed in the terror attacks in san bernardino, california. also today, congress will get high level classified briefings on the killing spree. those briefings come one day after the fbi revealed that the couple that carried out the attack were radicalized long before they even met each other they had been practicing at shooting ranges for more than a year. sources tell nbc news there are indications that siyed farook ws planning an attack three years before last week's shooting. family members of sandy hook shooting victims joined with democratic leaders on capitol hill to call for changes to gun
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laws. the newtown action alliance called for congress to expand background checks for gun purchases. as the third anniversary of the sandy hook massacre approaches they pledged with congress to reduce gun violence. >> gun violence is a public health crisis that must be addressed immediately. americans are getting shot and killed everywhere and anywhere. also appearing on capitol hill, people from chicago are and other big cities who lost loved ones to gun crimes. police in geneva are searching for suspects connected to last month's attacks in paris. they received an alert from swiss federal authorities that suspicious individuals could be in the geneva region. meantime, senior officials from the u.s. and six european countries will cooperate more closely to fight isis. you'll remember isis claimed responsibility for the paris attacks. attorney general loretta lynch met with the other world leaders
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this morning. they agreed to take tougher action to disrupt extremist activity and financing. the companies will encourage communications firms to remove extremist content from the internet. ♪ imagine all the people living life in peace ♪ you may say i'm a dreamer >> madonna played an impromptu concert in paris to honor the victims of the terror attacks. she sang songs like john lennon's "imagine" and her own "like a prayer." the plaza has become a shrine for the 130 people killed in the attacks. we're following a developing story in the boston area. transit officials say a train took off without an operator this morning and the train had passengers on board and it also hit a transit worker. that worker is being treated for
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minor injuries. the train passed several stops before workers stopped it by shutting off power to the line. no passengers were hurt. an initial investigation shows a safety device in the train's cab may have been tampered with. chipotle's ceo says he's deeply sorry about the customers sickened after eating at the chain. at least 52 people in nine states have been sickened in an e. coli outbreak, including pennsylvania. the majority of them ate at chipotle and just this week boston college said more than 120 of their students fell ill after eating at the chain. health officials say norovirus was to blame. ceo steve ells talked about what the company is doing to prevent future illnesses on the "today" show. >> we're thinking about the safety and quality of our ingredients to put in place practices that will not enable this to happen again. >> the ceo says the restaurant
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in boston will be completely sanitized when it reopens and every employee will be tested to make sure they do not have norovirus. happening right now, president obama is holding a ceremony at the white house to sign a bill affecting students across america. we're taking a live look at it from washington, d.c. the every student succeeds act replaces the no child left behind law. the legislation will continue to federally mandate reading and math exams in grades three through 12. the high stakes of those exams for underperforming schools will go away. states and local districts will be able to determine how to assess school and teacher performance and the bill will prohibit the feds from mandating specific academic standards like common core. >> we've had a pretty
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exceptional november and first ten days of december. now it's about to get more exceptional. first the temperatures getting into the 60s and we could even go beyond that. near 70 degrees with record warmth this weekend and showers, the next threat of showers coming on monday. a lot of sunshine out there now. we did have fog early today. 54 degrees. zero wind. humidity fairly high. two degrees warmer than it was this time yesterday and we got up to 50 tuesday, 58 yesterday, 62 today. we'll have to change the scale because those temperatures are going to go off the scale. 48 degrees in reading. 49 in pottstown. some of the cool spot, doylestown at 52. 56 in northeast filly and in mount holly.
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54 in wilmington and swedesboro 56 in wrightstown. average high temperature 46 how about this? beach haven 61 degrees already. we've got a west wind, land breeze there. little bit of the wind off the bay, that's why it's only 53 there. we have some clouds moving in from the west. you can see there's no rain until you get back into minnesota. so we're going to stay dry for a while. and we have some near record highs coming this weekend. on saturday the record is 65. set back in 1930s and i'm predicting 68. on sunday the record is 65, set back in the 1920s. and we're going up to near 70 degrees. so we could break records by a good bit. so not only in philadelphia but also wilmington, allentown, reading especially has an excellent chance of breaking a record. that's for saturday itself and then, of course, gets warmer
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sunday. mostly sunny and warmer today, high temperatures getting to near 60 or into the low 60s and the seven-day forecast mid-60s tomorrow and then the record warmth, the army-navy game and the eagles game played an unseasonably warm weather. not a whole lot of wind, either, the next threat of rain on monday and then it cools off but just a little bit. is. >> thank you, glenn. we are counting down to the 2016 summer olympics in rio and tonight some members of team usa will be honored in philadelphia. i'll talk live with the gold medalist from the 2012 olympics about the upcoming games. and later, a golden day in hollywood. the actor who made "rocky" a household name gets some exciting news as the golden globe nominations are announced. we stop arthritis pain,
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nbc 10, of course, is your home for the 2016 summer olympics in rio de janeiro and tonight some of the athletes compete manager the games will be honored in university city and here with us this morning is lisa baird from the u.s. olympic committee along with u.s. women's water polo player maggie stefans, a gold winner the 2012 olympics in london. thanks for being here. lisa tell us what's in store. >> we've got the 2015 team usa awards presented by dow. we'll be giving awards for female and male olympian, female paralympians and the team awards
11:24 am
for olympic team. >> we just lost our camera, hang on. >> maggie here is a nominee and we have a lot of exciting silly sports legends here so brian westburke will be here to present an award. the mayor is coming tonight so it should be good but i think one of the great stories is we'll be honoring the incredible olympic history that philadelphia has. more than 195 olympians from the philadelphia area. it's number four in the country, believe it or not, in terms of number olympians. >> oh, no, we believe it. >> including kobe bryant. >> and summer games we have tons of people. the winter games. maggie, talk to us about your experience. tell us about your experience as a gold medallist in 2012 and what you're looking forward to. >> just to represent the united states of america, it's such an honor and to be surrounded by such inspiring athletes is what you dream of as a kid. so to be here tonight and once
11:25 am
again be surrounded by athletes of different sports and representing different states and different backgrounds is humbling. >> we're watching some video of you in a double box, water polo. water polo, this is a sport that has to be in your blood. tell us what your family experiences were like. because it's not just going swimming, you're going swimming and playing water polo. >> water polo for me is one of the hardest sports. like swimming, it's a head-to-toe full body workout. you have to physical game and the mental game. i like to compare it to basketball a lot, too. a lot of people are still learning the sport and i think if you can compare it to basketball or even soccer tactics you can understand it better. >> i played water polo, but in the kiddy pool where you can stand. >> do some jump. >> exactly. but you'll be surrounded tonight by great athletes and celebrities. are you looking forward to that? >> totally. i think that, you know, there's
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some women that i've met recently, tatiana mcfadden, one of the paralympians nominated tonight. an amazing background story. people have gone for their dream in a different way than i have so it's cool to be surrounded by people like. >> that and real quickly, for 2016, are we favored to win the gold? >> let's go, team usa all the way. >> there you go. the "today" show's natalie morales is hosting tonight's team usa awards presented by dow. the best of the year ceremony at the university of pennsylvania's houston hall. you can watch it on december 27 from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. on nbc sports network. good luck in ree yoenchts thank you. >> thank you, lisa, appreciate it. taking a stand. the message local leaders are getting out as the backlash over donald trump's controversial comments about muslims continues to grow. plus mohammed ali takes a swing at donald trump. we'll hear what the champ has to say about what he calls true muslims.
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calling for peace and unity following recent extremist attacks in the name ofry lidge i don't know. local leaders coming together and defy the controversial comments this week made by donald trump. george spencer is live in nicetown where religious leaders held a news conference this morning. george tell us more. >> reporter: leaders felt they could not remain silent. they denounced any form of terror in the name of religion but criticized political leaders using this moment in american history to stoke fear. it comes at a time of heightened awareness in the city of philadelphia. earlier this week, nbc 10 told you about an apparent act of vandalism at a north philadelphia mosque. a pig's head dumped out front,
11:31 am
now being investigated by the philadelphia police department. and that, of course, followed last week's mass shooting in the state of california investigated as terrorism carried out by radicalized muslims. but the clergy today insisted now is the time for unity, not division, and they roundly denounced calls by republican presidential candidate donald trump for a ban on muslims entering the united states. >> it's offensive on so many levels. it should disqualify him from even serving as president of this great nation which is represented by nearly every population and every religion in the world. >> reporter: the clergy and political leaders here today emphasize they will continue the fight they started in here this morning as long as the national stage is dominated by the rhetoric we've been hearing of late. reporting live, i'm george spencer, nbc 10 news.
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>> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. >> reporter: it's this statement monday night from republican presidential candidate donald trump that set off so much controversy. and now boxing legend muhammad ali is criticizing trump's call to ban muslims enter entering the united states. ali released a statement to nbc news saying in part "we as muslims have to stand up to those who use islam to advance their own personal agenda. they have alienated many from learning about islam." donald trump recently said he could not recall any great muslim american athletes, but months ago trump called ali his friend and posted this photo of his -- on his own facebook page. here's more fallout. references to donald trump have been removed from signs of a planned golf course in dubai. the developer took down the sign
11:33 am
yesterday that showed trump in mid-golf swing. meanwhile, the landmark group indefinitely suspended sales on all trump-branded items for its life-styles outlets in the middle east. trump's remarks were also among the topics last night as 51 people were sworn in is as american citizens in delaware county. [ cheers and applause ] nbc 10 was in media as those people celebrated their citizenship. some came from bangladesh, pakistan, and liberia and waited years to become american citizens. one former liberian acknowledged trump's recent proposal to ban muslims. >> it offended me a little bit because all i can say, i'm a muslim, so all i can say is all muslims are not terrorists. >> he doesn't make a lot of sense sometimes, you know? >> one common sentiment we heard last night was american pride. the delaware county district attorney told the crowd that americans don't fear
11:34 am
differences, we celebrate it. despite backlash from all sides, trump continues to defend his proposed muslim ban and as nbc's peter alexander shows us, trump is again hinting at a possible independent run for president. >> reporter: donald trump again threatening gop bosses with a third-party bid. >> if they don't treat me with a certain amount of decorum and respect, if they don't treat my as the front-runner, by far the front-runner, if the playing field is not level, then certainly all options are open. >> reporter: and trump remains unapologetic. are you racist? >> i am the least racist person that you have ever met. >> reporter: for the first time since trump ignited this latest firestorm, president obama commemorating the end of slavery took a swipe at his loudest critic. >> our freedom is bound up with the freedom of others.
11:35 am
regardless of what faith they practice. >> reporter: trump's provocative words are sparking condemnation worldwide. >> mr. donald trump. >> hear hear! >> britain is considering a ban from the uk. and a major middle east department store chain has yanked all trump merchandise off its shelves. here hillary clinton is trying to capitalize, arguing trump's plan helps radical jihadists. >> donald trump is supplying them with new propaganda. he's actually playing into their hands. >> reporter: facebook founder mark zuckerberg is speaking out in support of muslims in his community, writing "i want you to know you are always welcome here and that we will fight to protect your rights and create a peaceful and safe environment for you." after trump lashed out at "time" magazine for snubbing him as its person of the year, "time" is striking back, taunting trump with this never before seen
11:36 am
blooper reel from a recent photo shoot. the billionaire dodging a bald eagle. >> that was nbc's peter alexander reporting. trump's rival ted cruz gave a foreign policy speech this morning in d.c. the texas senator told the heritage foundation that the obama administration issi ignorg the reality that america is under attack. elsewhere in the campaign trail a live look now at a west des moines, iowa, where marco rubio is holding a town hall with veterans. rubio says he's committed to veterans affairs because his older brother mario is an army veteran. and we're following a developing story in the boston area. transit officials are trying to figure out what caused a train to take off this morning without an operator. it hit a transit worker and that worker is being treated for a minor injury. the train passed several stops before workers stopped it by shutting off power to the line. no passengers were hurt.
11:37 am
one just spoke about when they realized there was no the one driving the train. >> it was when everything was dark, everything was stopped, and we were trying to open the doors and we couldn't and we were trying to press the buttons to the emergency room and nobody heard and the people that was on the first car were trying to knock on the door of the conductor and that's when we discovered there was nobody there. >> she said there was no indication when she first boarded the train that anything was wrong. with an initial investigation shows a safety device in the train's cab may have been tampered with. while many of us are enjoying this mild weather, it's too warm to make snow in the poconos. here's a live look at camelback mountain resort. don't see a trace of white there at all. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast. glenn? >> they're not getting natural snow and it's too warm to make
11:38 am
snow and those problems are going to continue for those folks. there are people who like cold and snow. not everybody is going to like this seven-day forecast. well, we don't have a whole lot of wind now, but the wind that we do have is generally coming out of the south and warming us up. yesterday we got up to 58 degrees and the average high temperature now is down to 46. so 62 today, 65, then 68. we're talking about more than 20 degrees above normal as we head through the weekend. now, this morning it wasn't all that cold. one of the cold spots, quakertown at 37, pottstown 38 degrees. but as you can see, the other parts of the area in the 40s. 47 in northeast philly for a low temperature. again, the average high is 46. it's what the official low was in philadelphia this morning and you can see millville 39
11:39 am
degrees. there are a lot of december mornings where you can get down into the single digits or teens, let alone what we're seeing here. right now it's 54 in philadelphia, already 60 atlantic city international and 51 in allentown. there are clouds back to the west that are moving this way, but there's no rain associated with them so we're going to be seeing a lot of sunshine today, temperatures getting into the low 60s and it's certainly not going to be cooling down much tonight or over the weekend. we'll see how warm it gets with the seven-day in just a few minutes. >> thank you, glen. north korean leader kim jong-un claims the country has developed a hydrogen bomb, a step up from the atomic bomb. nbc's keir simmons has the details. >> reporter: this is thought to be the first time north korea's leader has claimed his nation has developed a hydrogen bomb. just weeks ago he issued an equally belligerent statement that he could attack the u.s. at any time, while a hydrogen bomb
11:40 am
would be a significant step forward from the less powerful atomic bomb, producing a much stronger blast. kim jong-un, north korea's supreme leader, has been on a saber rattling campaign to pressure the international community. last month, north korea staged the biggest military parade in its history, though there did not appear to be any new weapons. while a year ago, computer hackers attacked sony over its movie "the interview," a comedy about a plot to assassinate north korea's leader. the u.s. responded by imposing further sanctions on north korea. so far this morning there's no comment from the state department on this latest north korean nuclear claim. but it's being viewed with suspicion by many experted. just rhetoric, some say, the aim, perhaps, to send the message that the country will not abandon its nuclear weapons and to force the international community to recognize north korea's nuclear status something washington, of course, says it will never do. back to you. >> keir simmons reporting for
11:41 am
nbc. the man accused of killing three people at a planned parenthood clinic called himself "a warrior for the babies" and stunned the court with outbursts like this. take a look. >> they kill the babies, that's what planned parenthood does and nobody will ever know the amount of blood i saw inside that place. i want the truth to come. there's a lot more to this than me going silently into the crave. >> reporter: robert dear disrupted court proceedings more than a dozen times. police say he stormed a planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs on black friday and killed a police officer and two other people. a standoff lasted five hours before police arrested him. a hearing to discuss dear's mental state has been scheduled for december 23. a lot of famous names we're celebrating as the hollywood foreign press association announced the golden globe nominations. a philadelphia favorite was among those honored.
11:42 am
>> sylvester stallone, "creed." >> you heard that right. sylvester stallone was nominated for best supporting actor in a drama for playing rocky in the new spinoff "creed." a star-studded group of actors helped read the nominees' names in beverly hills. here are the nominees in the big categories. for best movie drama, "carol," "mad max fury road" "room" and "spotlight." in comedy or musical category, "the big short" "joy" cinderella" the martian" "spy" and "train wreck." for tv, it's "empire" "game of thrones," "mr. robot" "narcs" and "outlander." we have brand new information about the safest cars on the market. glenn? >> christmas eve is two two weeks away but it's feeling like october outside.
11:43 am
if you think it's warm now, wait until the weekend. i'll let you know how high temperatures will go just ahead.
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11:45 am
a new report shows one in five children in the just cholesterol that's outside the normal range, putting them at risk for heart disease later in life. researchers tested kids between six and 19 years of age, they found seven and a half% had high total cholesterol. but the bigger problem, 13% of
11:46 am
children had low hdi or good cholesterol. if you're looking to buy a new car for the new year, we have a list of cars considered the safest. the insurance institute for safety for highway safety says 48 models meet its highest crash test criteria. of those, the chrysler 200 is the only domestic model to qualify, toyota honda and subaru had the most winners. if you want to see the complete list, go to or check out the nbc 10 app. ♪ ♪ notnot ♪ "walking in a winter wonderland." the depew brothers band will
11:47 am
have guests on stage for tomorrow night's performance. joining us now this morning, quite a talented duo, don luitsy is a member of the band and the director of philadelphia's high school for creative performing arts and a violinist with the philadelphia youth fork from. thank you for being here. don, tell us about your band and the unique sound. there's a mix chir of blue glass. >> classical and bluegrass, the brothers call it grassical. it's classical and blue glass. and cheyenne has that cleanliness but a bluegrass style is looser in the lines in how they're played. >> cheyenne, this is an important event for the
11:48 am
philadelphia youth orchestra. how long have you played the violin and tell us about the experience and what it means to you. >> i've been playing violin for 11 years and this is my first time -- my first year in pyo but i think this is a uniquers peerns being able to play with such strong musicians who are so inclusive and expert and it's helped me grow as a musician to be playing with the depue brother skbls i've always viewed generally those who play classical music thumb their nose at people who play bluegrass. no? not the case. >> that's changing. >> why is that changing? or has it always been that way? >> i think that's an old stereotype that we thumb our nose at other kinds of music but that's changing. people realize that all kinds of music are vital to get versed in. the philly pop, you have to be able to swing when you play in that orchestra. and the philadelphia orchestra,
11:49 am
when we do pops concerts we have to swing so we're learning that. and the music schools are better jobs at learning how to swing. >> we're looking at the philadelphia youth orchestra. i get that impression because they're in those suits and the kids are wearing black. cheyenne, do you feel that way? don mentioned when you play this type of music it's looser in the lines. do you feel a little bit less inhibited when you're playing grassical as don calls it? >> classical is so beautiful but it's definitely a lot more strict and i think the strongest musicians are the ones who are able to branch out and play all different types of music. so it's been good. >> good for you. you can catch the depue brothers band tomorrow night along with the phil full youth orchestra at the sellersville theater in bucks county. show time is at 8:00. don't be late. for more information, head to our web site at or check out the nbc 10 app.
11:50 am
don and cheyenne, we thank you very much for coming in. good luck. >> thanks so much. >> appreciate you guys coming. >> i hope you are coming. >> got tickets? >> i do! and those going to outdoor event this is weekend are probably going to love it unless you're trying to go skiing somewhere in the eastern united states. in that case you'll be disappointed. temperatures going into the 60s around here, setting us up for record high temperatures this weekend and then some showers coming in during the day monday. it looks like it will stay dry over much if not all of the weekend. a little haze here in the skyline but otherwise sunshine. 54 degrees. no winds right now. two degrees warmer than this time yesterday.
11:51 am
47 in west chester. that's because the average high temperature in philadelphia, we're already 54 in philly. 56 in bensalem and mount holly and glassboro, 60 atlantic city international. ha that's an 11:00 a.m. temperature in december. we have a land breeze today and so that's why beach haven is so much warmer than inland. 63 degrees there and 58 in cape may with the wind coming in off of the bay so we're two degrees warmer in philadelphia but allentown and northeast philly, seven degrees warmer than this time yesterday. there are clouds back to the west moving in but there's no rain associated with that so we'll see more in the way of warm weather. here we are on saturday. these are the records and the
11:52 am
predicted high. you can see that reading has a great chance of beating the record of only 61. in philadelphia the record is 65. we're predicting 68 so it's going to be exceptional and exceptional for the army/navy game. 68 degrees at kickoff! if you can believe that. and for the eagles game maybe even warmer, perhaps during the third quarter or so we get up to 70 degrees. 70 degrees for a football game in the middle of december in philadelphia. mostly sunny and warmer today. high temperatures into the low 60s and the average the only 46 when you look at these numbers. may not believe that. we're talking about temperatures more than 20 -- 25 degrees above normal with records saturday and sunday, at least parts of the area. then there's showers on monday but it doesn't cool off that much after that. and we'll be right back.
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a. the eagles are getting set for a big matchup at the link. the birds taking on the buffalo bills. kickoff at 1:00 sunday afternoon and nbc 10, of course, is your official eagles station joining us sunday morning before the game for eagles game day kickoff. john clark will take us inside
11:56 am
the huddle of last week's huge upset against the patriots and we're looking ahead to see the return of la sean mccoy plus you'll hear about pa remarkable recovery from a devastating injury last year. sunday on nbc 10. this afternoon at 3:00, it's ellen with two broke girls actress cat dennings. then nbc 10 news at 4:00. a woman with autism's attempt at cake decorating is spreading a message of acceptance on social media and she's speaking out about a stranger's kindness and what she wants people to understand about her disability. that's this afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00. our chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz here to take bows for the weather. >> well, i know people are happy. a lot of people are happy and a lot of people will be happy with me now but don't blame me when it goes dawn because it will eventually. 62 degrees during the day today and then going up.
11:57 am
record warmth over the weekend. >> take your bows, people will blame you at some point. thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm vai sikahema, for glenn "hurricane" schwartz and all of us here at nbc 10, have a great day.
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>> kayla: so you think that someone's helping joey to get us back together. >> steve: i don't know. i just don't see how joe could be pulling this off on his own. i mean, that hotel room, that expensive champagne? >> kayla: yeah, it doesn't sound like joey or his budget. and the rose petals on the bed-- i's a woman's touch, not his. >> steve: well, whoever it is, i think that person may be calling the shots. >> ava: your parents are together tonight? good work, joe. >> joey: it's mostly you. i mean, it was your idea to... lock them in the supply closet. >> ava: yeah, but you knew that kind of closeness would still have a powerful effect on them. and it did. >> joey: mm. i still don't understand, though. i mean, ify


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