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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  December 10, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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antimuslim feelings are higher than ever. >> this seems dangerous. >> we cannot allow this injection of fear by mr. trump and others to take root in this community. >> reporter: today leaders from several churches say they are pushing back against people using fear to promote discrimination. >> unfortunately, for human beings, it becomes a perfect time to peddle fears. >> reporter: besides fear, moore thinks people may just be uninformed about her religion. she hopes that can change. >> i'm counting on people, humanity, you know, stand with us. >> reporter: and the prayer vigil begins in just about an hour. following that there will be a program on the refugee crisis. people are going to talk about that and explore that. we plan to hear from pastors, as well as rabbis, all planning to express support for refugees who have been under increased scrutiny around the country. live in rittenhouse square, drew smith, nbc 10 news. now to breaking news in arkansas. we've learned police have just
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taken an armed man into custody after he drove on to the campus of arkansas state university. this is a live look over that campus. the university was placed on lockdown. officers are saying no shots were fired and no one was hurt. we'll keep you updated. and another breaking news story in san bernardino, california. the fbi is searching a lake near the site of last week's mass shooting. this video was just in from the scene, it's unclear what the fbi is looking for. the scene is near inland regional center, where a couple shot and killed 14 people last week. that couple was later killed in a shootout with police. we'll continue to monitor both situations. donald trump has scrapped a plan to visit israel on the heels of his controversial comments about muslims, but says it's only temporary. he says he'll schedule it later after he becomes president. the republican presidential candidate planned to meet with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu.
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earlier this week netanyahu's cabinet said he disagrees with trump's plan to call for banning muslims from entering the u.s. the calendar may say december, but certainly doesn't feel like it outside. nbc 10 in prospect park, delaware county. we saw joe putting up his christmas decorations. but he says this weather is making it a little hard for him to get into the spirit of the season. >> feels like christmas is already gone, like we're getting ready for summertime. it's not raining and not cold and it's 30 degrees out putting decorations up, so figured i'd take advantage of the warm weather. >> definitely take advantage. it's not going to last forever. he says he's waiting until this weekend's even warmer temperatures to go pick out his christmas tree. here's a live picture from camelback mountain, where there isn't a sign of any real snow in sight. we're going to have to wait for that. people are usually skiing here this time of year, but instead people with the beach on their minds during this warmer
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weather. a live look from our cape may camera and we officially made it into the 60s today. the warmup is going to keep going. >> oh, no, glenn "hurricane" schwartz has a look how long the warmup is going to last. glenn? >> well, jim, that warm weather is going to last at least through next monday, and for much of next week. of course, that includes some football being played on sunday. going to be played near record temperatures. today we've gotten up to 62 degrees so far. the average high is 46. then 65, 68, 70 degrees on sunday. right now it's 59 at philadelphia, 55 in pottstown and reading. and wildwood, those are the cool spots other than the poconos, 50 in mount pocono right now. and in many cases we're several degrees warmer than we were at this time yesterday. that's a warming trend and that will continue. we have clouds moving in from the west, but there's no rain
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associated with those clouds, so expect another dry night. temperature not really dropping very much, especially in the city, only down to 50 at 11:00, and at the shore similar. it's going to be a mild night with some fog developing late tonight. we'll see how long this warm weather lasts and if there's any rain coming with it with the seven day in just a few minutes. new today, nbc 10 has learned of a police investigation surrounding a former athletic coach at an exclusive philadelphia private school. this is happening at springside chestnut hill academy. deanna durante has spent three days digging into this story, she's joining us live now from chestnut hill. tell us what you found, deanna. >> reporter: well, jim, the school says it can't say much about this case, it does confirm it has turned the incident over to the philadelphia police department. we do know the coach no longer works here, but very specific information about this has been difficult to come by. >> i can say that i'm aware of
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the fact that my client is being investigated for certain activity. >> reporter: criminal defense lawyer won't get into specifics about what his client is being investigated for. sources affiliated with springside chestnut hill say parents were notified by e-mail with a communication issue between a coach and student, but those who have spoken with nbc 10 off camera say the e-mail was vague and did not give parents specific information. the name of the coach or what the person was alleged to have done. a school spokesperson tells me the school is limited in what it can discuss and will not comment on personnel matters. she did send a statement that reads in part, "we are confident our students know they have unfettered access to anyone in the school if they believe they are victims of any type of inappropriate conduct." the spokeswoman also says when the school became aware of the allegations it notified child line, a state hotline to report suspected abuse. the school says the coach in question no longer works at
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springside chestnut hill. was he let go from his job? >> again, we're still reviewing that. >> reporter: we have reached out to the philadelphia police department and special victims unit. our requests for comments have not been answered. at this point, perry says no charges have been filed in this case. the school says it now rests in the hands of authorities. reporting live in chestnut hill, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. we have new information about the trial of a local police chief's daughter accused of attacking two gay men in center city last year. a lawyer for 25-year-old katherine knot insisted in court his client never touched the victims. she faces years in prison if convicted of aggravated assault and other charges. prosecutors say her and friends were out on the town last year when they encountered the couple and started spewing profanity-laced slurs. another friend was hit and a male friend rushed the victim. the attack left one with a broken jaw.
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the other two suspects accused with knott in the attack pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and conspiracy charges. her both avoiding jail time by doing community service. from our south jersey bureau, police say wet roads caused several cars to collide in berlin this morning. one of the four cars crashed into this office building. you can see the heavy damage left behind at first brokers insurance. amazingly, no one was hurt here. and take a look at this, a car burst into flames this afternoon in norwood, delaware county. this happened at mohawk and cleveland avenues. there you see firefighters doing what they can to put out the smoke and flames. no one hurt here either, but it's not clear what started the fire. a car hit a man while he was riding his bike through waterford, camden county this morning. the crash forced police to close jackson road during the morning rush. the victim went to the hospital. nbc 10 is working to learn his condition. police haven't said if the driver of the car is going to be charged. lawmakers in harrisburg
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voted on several smaller pieces of a potential budget, but there's still no indication they are close to a deal on the entire spending plan. the senate wants a $1.2 billion tax increase as part of the budget, but house republicans want a smaller tax increase and a smaller budget. democratic governor tom wolf says he's backing the senate's plan. philadelphia city council addressed two significant issues today in their final session of the year. the city and comcast agreed to a new 15-year franchise agreement after eight months of negotiations. the council passed the bill unanimously. under the deal, comcast greaagr to give $20 million to government and education access channels. comcast's low-income program also will expand to seniors. comcast is the parent company of nbc 10. and a new casino in south philadelphia is one step closer to reality after a big vote from city council today. council unanimously approved
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zoning for the new destination hotel casino resort near the city's stadium complex. the proposed site is at tapper avenue and 10th street, just to the northeast of citizens bank park. the casino will include more than 2,000 slot machines, more than 125 table games. the hotel will have more than 200 rooms, spa, and conference center. the project is expected to bring thousands of new jobs and hundreds of millions of new tax dollars to the area. laid off casino workers in atlantic city are one step closer to getting some help. the new jersey senate approved a bill to develop job training initiatives for workers affected by the casino crisis. college tuition, classes, vocational training, and books would be available to the former casino workers. 8,000 people lost their jobs last year when four casinos shut down, including the atlantic club, trump plaza, showboat, and revel. president obama signed an education reform law today that
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sets public schools on a new course of accountability. the every student succeeds act is a rewrite of "no child left behind." it will change the way teachers are evaluated and how the poorest performing schools are pushed to improve. the new law turns more decision making powers regarding education back to the states. >> with this bill we reaffirm that fundamentally american ideal that every child, regardless of race, income, background, the zip code where they live, deserves the chance to make out of their lives what they will. >> reporter: president obama called the agreement a christmas miracle and an example of how bipartisanship should work. a six-car train with dozens of passengers onboard left a suburban boston transit station without a driver and now authorities say someone tampered with that train. nbc 10's harry hairston is live in our digital operations center. harry, walk us through what happened here. >> reporter: jim, the
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above-ground train went through four stations before it was finally brought to a stop. shortly after 6:00 this morning the train departed the southern-most stop of the line after it failed to stop at several stations. transportation authority workers have cut power to their rail, finally bringing the train to a stop. the governor said inspections showed that some of the controls had been manipulated. >> manipulated, tampered with. it's pretty clear that it was set in forward motion, which is why it moved in the first place when the signal was manipulated. >> reporter: none of the passengers were hurt, but the train's operator has a minor injury after he was brushed by the train. the governor says this appears to be an isolated incident and the fbi is not involved. boston transportation officials are about to hold a news conference. we will monitor that and bring any new information that we get. live from the digital operations center, harry hairston, nbc 10
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news. back to you guys. >> all right, harry. protesters were back out on the streets of chicago today once again calling on the city's mayor to resign. >> 15 shots and a coverup! >> dozens of medical students marched to city hall this morning while holding signs reading "white coats for black lives." then they held a 16-minute die-in. they are calling for the resignation of chicago mayor rahm emanuel for his handling of the deadly police shooting of laquan mcdonald. and the 16 minutes represents the 16 times mcdonald was shot by chicago police officer jason van dyke. van dyke is now charged with murder. from our trenton bureau, the burlington county sheriff says he's concerned about undocumented immigrants getting driver's licenses in new jersey. the sheriff says allowing individuals who are not in the u.s. legally to have licenses is dangerous and irresponsible. stanfield says it would make it
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easier for unauthorized immigrants to violate a law, as a license can be used to buy a gun, board a plane, open a bank account, but supporters were at the state capitol today urging legislators to allow the licenses. >> we ought to let these people be able to register their vehicles, be able to buy insurance, so that when we're sharing the roads with them, we can have peace of mind that if there's an accident, everyone is going to be covered. we also need to make sure that they know the rules of the road. >> rojas went on to say the legislation could help about a half million undocumented drivers in the state. chipotle's ceo says he's deeply sorry that more than 100 people have reportedly become sick from eating at his restaurants. steve ells made the apology on the today show this morning. 120 students who ate at a boston area chipotle resident contracted the neurovirus, coming on the heels of an e. coli outbreak that sickened more
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than 50 people last month. ells said the chain is taking action to make sure this does not happen again. >> from farm, through the distribution network, how we prepare the food, how we cook the food, and how we serve the food, we've had a team of epidemiologists and food safety experts to raise our standards. >> an fda investigation was unable to determine the source of the e. coli outbreak. we're learning more about the vw emissions cheating scandal. a company says a small group of workers began developing a software to cheat the system ten years ago. the chairman of the automaker says a whole chain of mistakes brought the company to where it is today. vw will be road testing all vehicle emissions with results verified by a third party. volkswagon admitted on cheating using software installed in 11 million cars. are you planning to fly this holiday season? as always, get ready for crowds
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at the airport, but maybe more so than usual. experts say airline travel will be even busier this winter than it was last year. the industry group airlines for america says u.s. carriers expected to fly just over 38 million passengers worldwide from mid-december to the beginning of january, and that's up 3% from last year. the group says airlines will use larger planes to meet that demand. and the holidays are just a few weeks away, sure doesn't feel like it, though, outside. >> we're inching closer and closer to record warmth as the weekend approaches and people are finding a lot of ways to enjoy the december warmup. brittney shipp is live where a holiday parade and tree lighting is planned for tonight. i know we love the leather, the boots, it's all good, but kind of nice not to worry about the hats and scarves right now. >> reporter: i know. these temperatures are well above average. take a look behind me. let's paint the picture for you, lots of people have gathered here. you can see not really wearing heavy jackets or anything like that because temperatures were so mild.
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we have santa claus, he's back there. not sure if you can see him. we also have a bag pipe band, clydesdales will be here this evening, so if you're looking for a way to get into the holiday spirit, this is where you want to be. mild temperatures today were in the low 60s compared to average this time of year just 46 degrees. last year temperatures were in the mid 40s, not today and not for the rest of the week, plenty of blue sky once again. it was a playground paradise for these young ones playing in t-shirts a the the park, and these guys are taking full advantage of the warmer temperatures. they left the extra layers at home. you're enjoying this? >> yeah, get to come out, play basketball on your day off, wear shorts, good time. >> it's pleasant, but it's scary, because what's going to come in january, february. i like the seasons, so i would like to see some snow. >> reporter: all right, well, there's no snow in the forecast, of course, but here you can get
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in the holiday spirit with a tree lighting at 6:30. you have time to get down here and we have a lot of faces out here. are you guys excited for the holiday? >> yes! >> reporter: what do you think about the weather? >> it's okay. >> reporter: you like it colder or hotter? >> colder, hot. >> reporter: back to you guys in the studio, but we'll check in once again at 5:15. do you hear santa back there? wished us all a merry christmas. see you guys in a bit. >> brittney, i should have given you my list for santa claus. >> reporter: oh, i already gave him mine, if you want to give it to me, i'll make sure he gets it. >> help me out. >> that young lady was so confused because it's so warm, she doesn't know what she wants. >> i like summer, winter, i like it all. she was just happy to see santa. >> warmth going to continue for a while, right, glenn? >> yeah, it's just going to get warmer. this is kind of crazy. as we go into the weekend, it
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really is going to be feeling more like early october rather than december, and i don't see major changes in the pattern, not as extreme by the end of next week and next weekend, but we've already gotten temperatures into the 60s and it's just going to get even warmer. we've got some record warmth coming this weekend. seems increasingly likely, and showers in the forecast for monday. not so much before that. we've had a lot of sunshine today, some patchy fog early in the day. temperature down to 59 degrees, and virtually no wind, three degrees warmer than at this time yesterday. so these temperatures have been pretty amazing. tuesday was 50, yesterday 58, today 62, tomorrow 65, and then we have to change our scale, because the temperatures are going to go right off the scale as we go into the weekend. 50 degrees even in mount pocono. they would love to have colder
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weather. can't even make snow with temperatures like this. there are a lot of cold and snow lovers. i don't want to forget about them. they are not happy with this. 55 in reading and pottstown, 58 in trenton and mount holly. 59 in philadelphia, 59 in glausboro. atlantic city, they were 60 degrees at 11:00 a.m., and there's record warmth to our west. 69 degrees in st. louis right now. 58 in des moines, iowa. 71 in little rock. 75 in dallas. this air is coming this way, as we go to the weekend. there's just no doubt about it. we have some clouds approaching, and that may knock the temperature down a little bit tomorrow from what it would be. saturday, the record is 65 in philadelphia, predicting 68. sunday the record 65, predicting 70. that record at 65, that was set
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in 1923. and other places have a good chance of setting records, too. wilmington could easily set a record, allentown, trenton should be close. reading has a really good chance with my forecast five degrees above the record. you don't normally see that. for the army/navy game, one of the warmest in history. 68 degrees at kickoff, and for the eagles game, even warmer than that. the temperature may actually get to 70 degrees, perhaps, during the third quarter or so of the game. clear and mild tonight, patchy fog near day break. 47 for the low, that's about the average high temperature this time of the year. even the suburbs don't get below 40. early fog tomorrow giving way to at least some sunshine. it's going to be even warmer than today, highs in the mid 60s. and then we go even higher with the record warmth saturday and sunday, close to a record again on monday with the showers coming in.
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that will be dependent on the timing there. and then we don't really cool off much all the way through thursday. merry christmas! >> okay, so don't adjust your television. that's santa wearing, yes, an orange suit. that's because he's flyers santa. this morning he delivered some holiday cheer to septa riders at 30th street station and didn't come out empty handed, flyers freebies, bobbleheads to, well, this says ugly holiday sweaters, but i kind of like that one, what's wrong with it? flyers colors. all right, gift cards are going to be a top buy this season, but buying them can come with a risk. >> what if a store goes out of business? that's what happened at one south jersey spa, leaving customers with worthless plastic. find out what happens when an nbc 10 viewer asked the nbc 10 investigators for help. plus, first round nominations are out for awards season. you're going to see the surprise today that puts a famous philly
4:22 pm
story right in the spotlight. ♪ plus, first lady turned rap star, see michelle obama like we haven't seen her before. that's still ahead when nbc 10 news at 4:00 continues.
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awards season under way in hollywood, the golden globe nominations were revealed this morning and there's several local ties to this year's nominees. rocky himself, sylvester stallone, yeah, there he is there on the right. he's grabbed the best supporting actor nomination for the philadelphia character that, of course, ignited his career. he revisited it once again in the movie "creed," which is in theaters right now. all right, west philadelphia's will smith, there he is, joining the best actor -- there we go -- best actor in a drama nominee, his movie "concussion" has drawn headlines for his depiction of head trauma in the nfl.
4:26 pm
and to the best original song, "see you again" from the blockbuster film "furious 7" grabbed a nomination for best original song. charlie couth wrote "see you again" in memory of his friend that crew up in chester county, died in a motorcycle crash in june of 2012. that popular song became not only a tribute for cerullo, but paul walker who died just over two years ago. and another local tie, adam mckay nominated for best screenplay for the movie "the big short." mckay grew up in melbourne, attended temple university and penn state. overall, though, the 1950s romance "carol" picked up five nominations, including best drama, two best actress nominations, and on the television side really no clear front-runner.
4:27 pm
six shows tied for the most nominations, three a piece, fargo, mr. robot, transparent, american crime, and wolf hall. mark your calendars now, ricky gervais will host the golden globes on sunday, january 10th, right here on nbc 10. police in florida closed a case they didn't even know they had. next, why a man calls 911 to report himself for growing marijuana. plus, a spa closes its doors without any warning leaving customers hanging on to gift cards they can't use. next how the nbc 10 investigators are helping those people get their money back and the warning for everyone this holiday season.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> gift cards really popular,
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especially around the holidays, but the nbc 10 investigators found there are pitfalls that can leave you holding a worthless piece of plastic. >> harry hairston shows us what happens when a company closes and you're left holding on to one of their gift cards. this is not good, harry. >> that's right, jacqueline. a local spa is at the center of controversy. customers we spoke with say this company shut down without warning after selling gift cards. >> my husband got it for my boys for christmas, $200. >> reporter: her two boys keep her busy. a real treat when her husband surprised her with this gift card to haven day spa. >> i got a pedicure and a manicure. >> reporter: but months later when she tried to schedule an appointment at the spa, it turned into a day of frustration. >> called a few times and went to the voice mail the mailbox was full, so i knew something wasn't right.
4:32 pm
and so i drove over there, they were shut down. >> reporter: haven day spa closed in late september. customers, the nbc 10 investigators spoke with, say they had no idea the spa was shutting down. how did they close? >> one day they just closed. they just shut the doors. >> reporter: attorney mark sheps represents the spa. >> reporter: what is their obligation to those who bought gift cards to them? >> legally, none. >> reporter: the owners are protected from any financial responsibility because the business was incorporated. >> when one incorporates a business, that shields one from personal liability. >> reporter: after the nbc 10 investigators reached out to the company, shepp says the spa will pay back customers with the gift cards. >> i can say within the next couple of months they absolutely will be made whole. >> reporter: consumer protection has opened an investigation into the spa's closing. the new jersey consumer affairs office has no complaints against the company. a spokesperson suggest customers
4:33 pm
file complaints with they feel wronged. some former customers are taking their cards to a competitor. >> we're willing to take a little bit of the hit for people, you know, during the holiday season if they are holding this money they can't use. her company hair quarters in new jersey will honor haven day spa gift cards. >> so then they can come in and use up to 40% of their service total, they can pay with the gift card. >> reporter: she says as many as 15 former haven customers have taken advantage of the offer and more are calling. now, state consumer protection experts say here's what you need to know to protect yourself. read the fine print on the gift cards and check for expiration dates and ask about hidden fees. know the federal and state laws regarding expiration dates and research the company, look and see if they have had any financial issues. earlier this afternoon we learned haven day spa owners plan to send refund checks to
4:34 pm
those who already have complained. we're told those checks will be sent out as early as next week. if you have a gift card from their spa, the attorney wants you to contact them by sending them an e-mail. find the e-mail address on our website, just click on this story. for the investigators, harry hairston, nbc 10 news. >> all right, harry. if you have tips for harry and the investigators, let us know. you can e-mail harry directly or call our hotline. find all the contact information at and on the nbc 10 news app. florida police say a man growing marijuana mistakenly surrendered to police when he thought officers had him surrounded. jasper harrison heard a helicopter hovering over his storage unit so he called 911. harrison allegedly told dispatchers he was, quote, the guy police were looking for, but turns out police were investigating an unrelated suspicious death. police in one part of our area are issuing a warning about
4:35 pm
eggnog, but not what you might think. in this case it's a potentially deadly drug. last week investigators in cumberland county found a synthetic opiate mixed with heroin or cocaine, the bag was stamped eggnog. extra presents this year thanks to gloucester township police. the department is donating brand new dvd players, star wars, lego kits, and a lone ranger kit to the township's annual toys for tots campaign. the gifts were all recovered during criminal investigations. after several failed attempts to find the owners, they decided to doe nalt the toys and electronics instead. take a listen to this. ♪ michelle obama starring alongside "saturday night live" comedian jay farrow, they rapped
4:36 pm
about the benefits of having a college education. the campaign is part of the mrs. obama's reach higher, make better room initiative. >> having some fun there. >> yeah, catching a lot of attention. walmart is offering a new way to pay. >> why you can leave your wallet at home the next time you head there to shop. plus, is it safe or not? what experts now say about cheerleading.
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so there's a therapy proven highly effective in treating chronic diseases, but doctors aren't prescribing it often enough, it's simple, called exercise. now a prominent group of physicians is calling for colleagues to write out prescriptions for exercise like they would a medicine or drug. >> exercise can help children with high cholesterol. a report shows one in five
4:40 pm
children in the u.s. have cholesterol levels outside the normal range, and is putting them at risk for heart disease later in life. researchers tested kids between 6 and 19 years old, found 7.5% had high total cholesterol, but here's the bigger problem, 13% of children had low hgl or good cholesterol. kids and teenagers who were obese were most likely to have abnormal cholesterol levels. with all those tosses and flips, might not feel like a safe choice, but data shows cheerleading is among the safest high school sports. it ranks 18 out of 22 for overall injuries, mostly concussions, muscle sprains, and fractures. one of the hottest gifts this holiday season will no longer be available through one popular retailer, has stopped selling so-called hover boards. growing safety concerns prompted that decision.
4:41 pm
overstock has contacted customers when purchased a hoverboard and offered them a full refund, as well. as we've shown you here on nbc 10, a number of people reported hover boards catching fire and the consumer product safety commission says it's looking into the matter. walmart shoppers have a new way to pay for christmas gifts. walmart pay allows customers to pay in stores with their smartphones using the walmart app. customers can use any major credit card or walmart gift card to make the purchase. right now it's only available at select stores but expects a nationwide launch in six months. 60s today and even warmer weather is ahead. i'm tracking the potential record breaking changes and when we could see some rain next in my first alert forecast. then all new tonight on nbc 10 at 5:00, kids in delaware took the advice of president obama, bill gates, and mark zuckerberg today.
4:42 pm
how they are creating mobile apps they are so addicted to.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> pro football hall of fame coach john madden was released from the hospital after under going heart surgery. roger goodell says he's spoken to madden and he, quote, sounds great. madden underwent surgery to repair blockages and is expected to fully recover. now to the eagles and demarco murray's reported questions about playing time. >> today the running back is explaining what happened in his meeting with eagles owner. comcast sportsnet's danny pommells is joining us live with more on what murray had to say about the reports. danny, what is it? >> things getting curiouser and
4:46 pm
curiouser. all what was perceived to be disgruntled running back, murray spoke with team owner jeffrey lori, expressing disappointment in his role with the offense. today was the first time murray addressed the topic and tried to clear the air. >> i wouldn't say i was disappointed. obviously, you know, we won the game, so i thought i was happy for that, but i think every player wants the opportunity to contribute to the team. >> promises made to you that haven't been fulfilled? >> i'm not talking about anything like that. yeah, very happy. these are my teammates, my guys, a lot of respect for everyone in this locker room, coaching staff, ownership, i love it here. i'm not worried about what anyone else is saying, you know, i think these guys have my back, i have their backs, i'm just here to win ball games. >> yeah, a lot of meat in what demarco had to say. coming up, chip kelly addressing what mccoy said yesterday, maybe the best sound bite you've ever heard from the eagles head coach. stay tuned for that, danny
4:47 pm
pommells from comcast sportsnet. jim, jacqueline, back to you. >> all right, danny. nbc 10 is your official eagles station. join us sunday morning before the game for eagles game day kickoff. inside the huddle of last week's huge upset of the patriots, plus hear from demeco ryans on his recovery from a devastating injury last year. that's here on nbc 10. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> and considering that game is being played in the middle of december, it's going to be pretty amazing for the weather and has been amazing, there's camelback without any snow on the slopes. can't even make snow with temperatures this warm. but it's still early in the season. don't give up, skiers. temperatures into the 60s already during the day today. on our way to record warmth over the weekend. we have some showers in the
4:48 pm
forecast, generally, though, for monday. so the weekend is looking pretty nice. the sunset looking nice, clouds in the western sky. 59 degrees, the wind is calm, and we're three degrees warmer than we were at this time yesterday. and we were kind of warm yesterday. so 62 so far today, 65 friday, 68 saturday, 70 on sunday. the average high is 46, so sunday we're talking 24 degrees above the so-called normal for the average. it's 50 in mount pocono now, certainly not going to be able to make snow the next few nights. 52 in quakertown and blue bell. some of the cool spots. we had a good bit of fog in the northern and western suburbs this morning and more coming tomorrow, too. 55, 58, 57 in ricetown, 58 in
4:49 pm
trenton, 54 in doylestown, one of the relative cool spots. beach haven is 54. it was warmer, but the wind has shifted coming in off the ocean and that's knocked it down a bit. we have clouds, as you can see, on the way, but the rain is up in canada or in wisconsin and that's not coming this way. so we do have some warm weather, exceptionally warm weather coming. so, these are the records in the orange. there's allentown, record is 63, predicting 66. in reading, i'm predicting a record. maybe by quite a bit. mount pocono is going to be close, atlantic city maybe not because of the sea breeze, and philadelphia, 68 degrees, record 65. this is just for saturday. sunday we've got another round of record temperatures, and we'll be close monday, too. and how much rain? this goes all the way through next monday at noon. this computer model gives us
4:50 pm
zilch, and so we've got the mild weather, we've got dry weather, so a lot of people are going to enjoy a lot of stuff outdoors this weekend. and let's see if this is going to last. there's sunday, mild air is covering much of the country in the east at least. going to have record high temperatures all over the place from chicago, to the east coast. there's some cold air. maybe trying to come in, no, not making much progress. by next wednesday we're a little bit cooler, but it's not a big change that we're going to be seeing next week. just going to be not as extreme. 47 for the low in philadelphia, 41 north and west with clear skies early, then the clouds increase, then we get some fog late. partly sunny skies, temperatures into the mid 60s. and then the records saturday and sunday without any rain, the showers come in on monday, and near record high temperatures then. and after that, it gets windy,
4:51 pm
but it doesn't get a whole lot colder. a cake decorator with autism who sparked a flurry of internet chatter is now speaking about her masterpiece. >> here's the picture. coming up next, the message the decorator says she hopes people take away from her story. then all new tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00, a shouting match at the polls in one delaware county town, now under investigation more than a month after election day. the nbc 10 investigators get new information.
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4:54 pm
workers in the delaware county spca played the role of santa today, handing out stockings to customers of the food pantry in prospect park. the stockings were filled with
4:55 pm
goodies for four-legged friends. free pet food, vaccinations and spay and neuter surgeries for the client. now a follow-up to a story we brought you last week here on nbc 10 news at 4:00. >> about a young woman with autism who decorated this birthday cake right here at a michigan grocery store. the story went viral and now we're hearing from the decorator for the first time. again, this is the cake that started it all, the handwriting spelled out happy birthday mandy wasn't perfect, but the buyer kept the cake anyway. abby wrote the words, she has autism, cake decorating not part of her job, but abby was the only one there to help when she showed up. >> she asked me happy birthday mandy and i asked how does she spell mandy, because a lot of people spell different names differently. >> abby finished the cake and forgot about all of it until it just took off on facebook. the customer posted the story and it was shared more than
4:56 pm
151,000 times. people from all over commenting on how it touched them. >> well, you need to do research on things that they don't understand, and she understood that i have disability and i don't do things like other people do. >> on her facebook page the woman who shared the photo said, i didn't do anything special, be nice, that is all. abby's message to that woman, thank you for being so understanding and nice. what a great story. >> yeah, this time of year, so appropriate. coming up next on nbc 10 news at 5:00, to a serious story fighting terrorism and fear. >> the local faith community is gathering right now. we'll take you there live next. first, the delaware beaches are getting more action than normal this holiday season as we near record setting temperatures this weekend. we're bringing you live team weather coverage. sheena? >> we're talking about those unseasonably warm temperatures
4:57 pm
possibly 20 degrees above normal as we go into the weekend. i'll show you how warm it will get coming up. and all new at 5:00, she's been keeping kids safe as they cross the road for more than 40 decades -- four decades, and today she's getting a big honor as she hangs up her stop sign. winter is hard on your nose.
4:58 pm
from first sniffles to endless runny noses. puffs plus lotion is soft. they help soothe irritation by locking in moisture better so you can face winter happily. a nose in need deserves puffs indeed. and try puffs softpack today.
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right now on nbc 10 news at 5:00, united against terrorism and hatred. various faiths in philadelphia's
5:00 pm
religious community coming together right now to pray for calm and peace. but first it's beginning to feel a little too hot for the holidays. temperatures in the 60s today, ahead of what will likely be a record setting weekend. nbc 10 news at 5:00 starts right now. thanks for joining us this evening. temperatures around 10 degrees above normal, hitting the 60s at a time when most of us expect to start seeing some snow on the ground some places. >> yeah, you might be enjoying doing your christmas shopping in shorts, but not as much as some businesses who are staying busy well beyond their usual season. we are bringing you live team weather coverage tonight, nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen tells us what kind of warm records we can set this weekend. >> let's begin with nbc 10's delaware bureau reporter tim furlong. people liking this weather? >> reporter: i know i sure am, as it gets dark here, i can tell you getting more festive as the holiday lights come up, but getting chillier. let's keep this in perspective. mid-december, take a look at the


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