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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  December 11, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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live in the poconos. drew, usually cold there, doesn't feel like december in the mountains. ski resorts are empty. what other activities are open? >> reporter: well, keith, you could just see the looks of disappointment on people's faces when they came up to see the ski slopes are just grass right now and the ski lifts also closed, but like you said there are other attractions up here and because it was so warm, it was a perfect day to hit up the zip lines here, as well as the water park. no, this is not a scene from last summer, it's inside camelback resort's new indoor water park, where people hung out today, even though they originally planned to be out on the mountain. >> i was a little disappointed, we were hoping to do snow tubing or something. >> reporter: no tubes, but plenty of ways to float in the water. kids found a different thrill than downhill skiing as they tried body boarding for the first time. >> indoor water park is definitely a boom for us in the season when we are behind with the weather. >> cam elback is also still
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offering warm weather outdoor activities, even though it's mid-december. >> kind of a great time to get out without having to bundle up and do things like archery, mountain culture here at camelback. >> we went on the mountain slopes, i went on the 4,000 zip line, it was so fun. >> reporter: families who thought about cancelling their trips say they are now pleasantly surprised. >> there's so much to do, so we decided to enjoy all the rest of what they have to offer. >> reporter: the visitors bureau here is also doing a couple of special promotions, 12 days of christmas give away, overnight stays for free. they hope that will attract you to come up here since the snow certainly isn't doing that. the lack of snow, i should say. live in the poconos, drew smith, nbc 10 news. >> grass behind him there, just bare. thank you, drew. glenn, we could be hitting the 70s this weekend. your advice is to enjoy it while we can. >> yeah, because next weekend i promise you is not going to be anything like this weekend.
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we've had some clouds around here today, and that's prevented us from being even warmer than it was, and even with clouds we still got to 60 plus. we have 62 yesterday, 61 so far today. 68 saturday, and then 70 on sunday. average high is 46, so both of these temperatures would be records, and one on sunday, the record was set in 1923, and several other parts of our area also are vulnerable to breaking some records. well, we're 51 in allentown now, 50 in pottstown, 52 in mount pocono, where they've had this incredible stretch of mild weather. it doesn't necessarily have to last all the way through the winter. pattern is not that locked in that it's never going to change, so if you like holding snow, don't give up yet. 52 in lancaster, 53 in reading, 59 degrees in dover. and it was in the 60s across
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much of the area. there are some clouds that came through today, another batch coming through later tonight, but that is not going to be producing any rain either. and the temperatures as we go through the evening hours are going to stay in the 50s. amazingly mild for this time of the year. how long this warm weather lasts and when the rain is coming in a few minutes. let's go to philadelphia now, protesters supporting immigrants say they are willing to be arrested to get mayor michael nutter to give into their demands. the group blocked entrances to city hall today. police moved them, but the protesters weren't arrested. they want mayor nutter to keep philadelphia a sanctuary city and avoid making changes to the city's current immigration policy. >> we are putting our bodies on the line because we believe we want to live in a city that welcomes people and does not kick people out. and we believe that it's our
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right to be able to defend united families. >> mayor nutter's office says, "we have never called philadelphia a sanctuary city. we have in a limited way cooperated with i.c.e. and the proposed change is a matter of notification, not deportation." across the delaware river new at 5:00, new jersey's black mayors are calling for a national boycott of donald trump's properties and businesses. the alliance for social justice is reacting to trump's call for a ban on muslim immigration. they say, "trump's remarks are beyond the pale, they are more than racist, bigoted and offensive, they threaten our security by giving isis a powerful new tool to use in recruiting new terrorists here in america and around the world." by the way, trump appeared at a pennsylvania gop fundraiser in new york city and controversy followed. protesters gathered outside the
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plaza hotel where the pennsylvania republican party's annual commonwealth club luncheon was held today. trump was the keynote speaker. the fundraiser wasn't open to the media, but several protesters got inside and disrupted his speech. the pennsylvania gop chairman has said trump's appearance today is not an endorsement by the state party. meanwhile, a bensalem mother and her cousin are accused of setting a loved one's home in washington township on fire in an attempt to kidnap her daughter. investigators say mcguire and her cousin denise coyle are responsible for last night's house fire. witnesses captured the flames on their cell phones after a family of six escaped, including mcguire's four children. mcguire's father owns the house. he was granted custody of mcguire's children and claims she came there last night wanting to see her kids. investigators believe she started the fire in the garage. >> when we started to call the police is when she said, you
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don't understand, the house is on fire, get out. not us get out, get my kids out. >> reporter: no one was hurt here, but the family's overwhelmed by the devastation. they did not have insurance. neighbors are donating gift cards and clothing to help the family get back on their feet. police arrested a couple in sussex county after their infant son died. doyle hundley and kasie leighton are charged with murder by abuse. their son was taken to the hospital in critical condition back in may and died in september at eight months old. a police investigation found adan suffered broken bones and blunt-force trauma to the head, but they couldn't give an explanation for the baby's injuries. philadelphia police are looking for a man who may have assaulted an 11-year-old girlment the girl says she was approached by an unknown man as she walked home in her neighborhood on widener street. she said the man reached out and indecently assaulted her.
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she ran home and called police. investigators searched the area and weren't able to find the guy. to video you have to see, new video of dash cam from a truck. you can see the moment it loses control on a highway in delaware county. look at this, the truck flips on to its side and then on to the top. the driver is okay remarkably. he's the one who posted this video to his facebook page, just remarkable to see that firsthand there on the windshield. a heads-up for drivers if you're taking the treks in delaware, a major construction project will start in mid-february causing extra backups, also congestion. repave roads, rebuild ramps, add a lane, too, to the i-95 northbound lanes of 295, i should say. the highway connects the new jersey turnpike with i-95 to the delaware memorial bridge. the project will result in faster, safer commutes, but it will take nearly three years to complete.
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all new at 5:00, hundreds of delaware workers now are nervous they could be losing their jobs as an iconic business merges with a major chemical company. jack merkel is worried about a ripple effect in real estate and construction. all around the state dupont could be cutting 5,000 jobs. nbc 10 delaware bureau reporter tim furlong explores the impact of the deal. >> reporter: tonight dupont's employees in delaware are facing an uncertain future, merging and splitting into three companies, dupont says shareholders will benefit, but employees, 10% of its global workforce will be let go. >> i see people come in daily that are in fear and that kind of breaks my heart. >> reporter: little vinny's is across from dupont's headquarters west of downtown wilmington. beverly hates the idea of not seeing her dupont regulars faces at lunch every day and will miss the money they spend with her.
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>> they do a lot of catering orders from us and keep us going. quite a few other businesses around us also, but dupont is a major part of my business. >> reporter: the story began here in wilmington in 1802. over the past couple hundred years there have been many chapters in the company's story, but many fear this next chapter might not have too much to do with delaware. dow and dupont say if the merger goes through, they'll maintain headquarters in michigan and delaware for a couple years, once the company is split into independent companies, though, there's no guarantee any of the companies will be here in delaware. it's not clear what would even happen to the 500 dow employees who already work in newark. >> no, no, it's not good news for delaware. >> reporter: a business professor at wilmington university, her husband a career duponter like so many others in delaware, she isn't sure who becomes the dominant partner in a merger but says it's clear the local company that keeps police
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officers safe, suits that allow doctors to fight ebola and the various products contractors use to build and insulate our homes, that company is not going to be the same. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. much better reading is happening in delaware these days, by the way, thanks to one of the winners of the nbc 1021st century solutions program. we'll show you the work they are doing to set kids up to thrive. and ronda rousey has been laying low since being knocked out in a fight last month, but tonight she'll be wearing a ball gown on the arm of a south jersey marine. we'll explain why coming up. and on this mild december night, rittenhouse park is packed. everyone is just hanging out, but i'm finding mixed emotions about these mild conditions. i'll give you the details after the break.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> ultimate fighting championship star ronda rousey says she'll be at tonight's marine corps ball with a marine from south jersey. the video went viral earlier this year. >> you are my celebrity crush, like, i love everything you do and i think that you are a phenomenal person. >> the ball is tonight in washington. marine jared hasher grew up in
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camden county, he's been certain all along that his date, his crush, would show up tonight. and this morning rousey in the black outfit you're about to see was in a car heading to the airport to the ball. she said despite it being the worst month of her life, it's an honor to be asked. rousey lost her ufc title in november. increasing the odds of success for delaware kids one word at a time. that's the mission of the reading assist institute and nbc 10 is supporting that 25-year-old outreach. we selected them as the winner of our 21st century solutions contest. the program awards grant money to nonprofits making a huge difference in our community. nbc 10's rosemary connors shows how they used to be just that. >> what's the hand signal for that one? octopus? good. >> reporter: remember how difficult learning to read could be? it took plenty of practice.
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>> a-b-o-v-e, above. >> reporter: and lots of encouragement. >> let's read it together. a wisp of wind ripped the flag. good job. >> reporter: at wilmington manor elementary two tutors spend 45 minutes each school day with 12 students who struggle to read. >> what we're doing with our program is we are increasing the odds of success for these students. >> reporter: vicki innes is the executive director of the 25-year-old literacy outreach organization based in delaware. since september, r.a.i. has been providing tutors from americorps to six schools in the school district. >> we are a resource for schools. we bring a specific expertise, and we bring the set of hands that they need.
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>> and that is really what, i think, is able to make that difference, that consistent daily intervention that can really help students over time. >> reporter: wilmington manor principal has witnessed the progress. >> how about prove? >> reporter: so have the children and their parents. >> when i come home from school, they say did you have a fun day? i'm like, yes, and they get excited because i tell them what i do here and they get all excited. >> we get to learn, and learn words i never learned before. >> reporter: while the immediate success stories are gratifying to hear, so are the long-term achievements of former r.a.i. students who are now adults. >> one is an associate professor at the university of pennsylvania in architecture. we have a student who just contacted us that's in the nursing program at the university of delaware. and these are adults who say to us this changed my life. >> reporter: and r.a.i. hopes to change many more.
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reporting from wilmington manor elementary, i'm rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. >> incredible work there. if you'd like to make a nomination for our 21st century solutions program, check back with us this summer when the application period opens. talking about the weather now, perfect day to go to the park with the little one and feed the ducks. his dad had the right idea in fairmount park. no coats needed on this warm december friday. first alert meteorologist brittney shipp joins us now live from rittenhouse square. brittney, 60s now, 70s this weekend. >> reporter: i know, can you believe it? and i guess a lot of people got the memo, because this park is so crowded. they have all the holiday lights up, everyone is just taking an evening stroll, still have an outdoor performer here with the cool kid in the santa hat, looking good. and we also have so many kids out here just having fun and playing around, and they are out here a lot later than they would normally be because the
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temperatures are so warm. shorts in december, that's not something you see this late in the season. most people i talk to can't get enough of this mild weather and they are staying out longer, opting to read and eat outside, but i did manage to find one couple studying here from arizona kind of disappointed by the mild temperatures. >> i'm a little upset, i want it to be colder and it's warm like arizona. >> i enjoy it, but it does not really feel like it's christmastime or the holidays. december, and it's this warm, we're not even wearing winter coats. >> reporter: that's right, none of us are wearing winter coats. what do you think about the temperature? zbli love it, so nice. >> i hate it. it's not like christmas at all. >> reporter: we keep getting mixed reviews. i left my winter coat at home, also left glenn in the studio because the temperatures are so nice, it's great to just get out and enjoy it. glenn, it's going to get warmer into the weekend, right? >> absolutely, brittney.
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and they are going to be even bigger crowds out there over the weekend. and if you're thinking about putting it off until next weekend to go outside, we're in a warm weather pattern, we'll be fine, no, it won't be fine, nothing like this next weekend. we've got record breaking warmth coming as we were talking about. we've got some fog coming in early tomorrow morning, once again, and the rain looks like it's going to be holding off until monday. we have partly cloudy skies now, we had a period of cloud cover prevented the temperature from getting higher today, 59 right now, winds south/southwest at 6 miles an hour, and across the area it's 52 in mount pocono, 51 in allentown, 50 in pottstown. you don't find it too often that the poconos are warmer than any other part of the area. 58 in glassboro, # 5 in millville, 59 degrees in dover, delaware. up into the mid 60s today.
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and we'll be seeing some records tomorrow. at least 60 or above the last couple of days, the average high this time of the year is 46. 68 degrees tomorrow, would set a record, 70 sunday, would set a record. 70 monday, could set a record. depending on how quickly the clouds increase. but look how warm it is back to the west. that's why we're so sure it's going to get warmer. it's 71 degrees in nashville, tennessee. 75 in little rock. 76 in dallas. we've got a wind coming right from that direction, and there's just no doubt there's going to be an exceptionally warm weekend, just a matter of the exact number. we've got some clouds came through today, more coming in behind it, but there's no rain there. the rain is up in canada. and certainly not going to be affecting us. how close are the records? 65 for the record tomorrow, going for 68, 65 the record for sunday, set in 1923, and
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predicting near 70 degrees for that. for the army/navy game on saturday, 67 degrees the kickoff, and even warmer than that for the eagles on sunday. so we got patchy fog late tonight, 50 degrees for the low, which isn't very low, and during the day tomorrow, early fog giving way to partly sunny skies, record warmth, highs in the upper 60s and the seven-day forecast, more record warmth sunday, more possible warmth monday, the record is 69 there, tougher, and that's where we get the showers and not very cool. kind of warm all the way through thursday. and then the colder air comes in. >> look at those 40s right away. the city of baltimore is getting one step closer now to the decision on the fate of the first officer tried in freddie gray's death. plus -- >> i need help. i need help. >> an officer screams for help during a shooting inside a hospital. we'll show you more of this dash
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cam video next. and later, leaving the gop. why a frustrated ben carson says he may not be a republican for much longer.
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this is nbc 10 news.
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>> call for somebody! call for somebody! help! help! >> a desperate police officer calls for backup after a suspect struggles to take the officer's gun. it happened at a hospital in new mexico after the suspect was arrested for stealing a car and dwi. the officer ended up tasing that suspect. the local police chief stands by the officer's actions. elsewhere, the defense rested today in the manslaughter trial of a baltimore police officer charged in the death of freddie gray. closing arguments are set to begin monday in the trial of william porter. that's porter there on the right side of your screen. prosecutors say he was negligent for failing to buckle freddie gray into a transport van and failing to call a medic when gray asked to go to the hospital. instead gray was taken to the police station and arrived with a broken neck. his death set off protests and rioting throughout baltimore. and the family of a teenager shot 16 times by chicago police
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officer spoke out today. now they are calling on president obama to step in. >> mr. president, i want you to send a representative from the white house to convene a white house summit on gun violence and urban poverty and police brutality. >> that is the great uncle of laquan mcdonald. he was shot and killed by a chicago police officer in october of last year. the officer's charged with murder. video of the shooting released last month has set off protests throughout the city. there are also calls for the mayor's resignation and demands for an overhaul of the police department. protests are continuing throughout chicago. hundreds marched through downtown last night chanting and holding signs. switching gears now, he is the number two presidential candidate most of those republican polls, but tonight ben carson says he could be leaving the gop. and philadelphia mayor michael nutter said he'd like to ban donald trump, the front
5:27 pm
runner, from our city this week. now one local company wants to let babies support that idea. but first, bashed in the face because he's gay. a man testifies in court today saying someone gave him a bear hug and then started punching him in center city last year. we'll take you inside the courtroom next. plus, recruiting a local terrorist. tonight a break in the case of a man wanted in philadelphia for working with jihad jane.
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>> this is nbc 10 news. >> right now at 5:30, the beating left him in the hospital for five days with screws in his face and his jaw wired shut. the man attacked in an alleged gay bashing case in center city testified in court today. he says he saw the defendant kathryn knott pointing and screaming during that attack. nbc 10 investigative reporter harry hairston was inside the courtroom today. >> reporter: kathryn knott declined to comment as she and her family left court today, day two of her trial.x-:lr knott is accused of shouting homophobic slurs at a gay couple last year in center city. she maintains her innocence, but the man she's accused of punching told a different story, he saw knott point at him while shouting slurs.
5:31 pm
someone placed him in a bear hug while others started punching him. the victim describes five days in the hospital, his eye injured and jaw broken. he says he couldn't eat anything but soup for weeks after doctors wired his jaw shut. knott also faced the witness for the prosecution who testified she saw knott punching the victim. philadelphia detectives testified knott and others she was with went to a nearby bar after the incident while the victim was in an ambulance. two men with knott who were also charged in connection with the incident pled guilty and were sentenced to probation. the judge issued a gag order from letting lawyers and witnesses talking to the media. trial resumes on monday. in center city, harry hairston, nbc 10 news. an assistant football coach has admitted to having sex with a 15-year-old student last year. adam ped bedmarik started flirting with the girl in 2013 and sent her a nude photo of
5:32 pm
himself. he faces up to five years in prison when he's sentenced in march. i want to show you this. this was the scene in center city today after a construction worker was struck by a massive beam during a job. the man was working at 15th and chestnut in center city when the beam fell and struck him. dozens of firefighters and police crews arrived on the scene, you see them there in the video. the man was conscious when he was taken to the hospital. we're working now to learn more about his condition. let's talk about the weather oud. a beautiful day to be out there, especially out on the steps for the museum of art. the sun shining for much of the day, what a beautiful shot. so warm out there, too. let's talk to glenn "hurricane" schwartz. glenn, it's only going to get warmer. >> yeah, keith, it's going to get a lot warmer over the weekend and even has been over the last couple of days and the last couple of days have been exceptional for this time of the year. and it's going to be exceptional from sunday when the eagles are
5:33 pm
playing over there at the linc. near record warmth. yesterday we got up to 62, the average high is 46. today's high officially 61. we jump up to 68 tomorrow, which would be a record. 70 on sunday would be a record, as well. temperature not dropping a whole lot, 59 degrees, same as an hour ago in philadelphia. 50 in pottstown. the cold spot. the cold spot. that's hard to believe. 51 in allentown. 59 in dover. another one of the warmer spots. we have some thicker clouds coming in from the west, but there's no rain. that's going to help keep the temperature up tonight. we'll see how long it's going to stay up and when the rain does come with the seven day in a few minutes. an fbi dive team didn't find what it was looking for near the san bernardino shooting massacre. they are looking for physical evidence that the killers may have dumped something there.
5:34 pm
sources tell nbc 10 news they are looking for a computer hard drive or other digital evidence. they think that syed farook and tashfeen malik threw something in the lake on the day they carried out that massacre. >> we did have a lead that indicated that the subjects came into this area. >> investigators now believe the two were in the final planning stage of another assault on a place bigger and with even more people than the inland regional center. protesters tried to disrupt the pennsylvania gop event today in new york city. donald trump was delivering the keynote speech, but big talk in washington today about a plan to deny trump a majority of delegates of the convention. nbc 10 national reporter steve handelsman has more. >> reporter: as republican insiders debate how to defeat him, donald trump is on a roll. his call after san bernardino for a ban on muslims entering
5:35 pm
the u.s. sparked a firestorm, but support from many republicans. 42% in the nbc news/wall street journal poll. >> and we have them talking very positively, because people are saying, you know, trump is right. >> reporter: but gop political pros fearing trump is wrong for the party and could not win the white house plotted ways to stop trump at one of their regular private dinners in washington monday night revealed today. these dinners are important to the process. of the american conservative union heard the plan that he says billionaire donors could finance. >> if you're an antitrump republican, what you want to see happen is a smaller field where out of that smaller number somebody catches fire. >> reporter: chris christie is catching fire, polling second to trump in new hampshire, where with three other early contest states delegates can be awarded proportionally. christie could take some to the convention like trump will, and
5:36 pm
in iowa antitrump forces see ted cruz winning delegates. and if cruz, christie, ben carson, and marco rubio in the primaries can deny trump a majority of the delegates to the convention in cleveland, some party insiders hope they can deny donald trump the nomination. but carson warned, if the winner of the primaries isn't our nominee, we have a massive problem. donald trump is again warning republican leaders that he could still make a third party run that would virtually guarantee what they don't want, a win by the democratic presidential candidate. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. back here at home, listen to this, a northern liberties clothing company is capitalizing on the trump controversy. look at your screen, this is a ban trump from philly baby gear. it was released after mayor michael nutter said he'd ban trump from the city if he could. trump responded calling the mayor on twitter, quote, a low life. presidential candidate ben
5:37 pm
carson, currently number two in some polls, is threatening to leave the republican party, allegedly slamming the gop after reports emerged that deal making would decide the republican nominee instead of voters choice. he said if the plan was true that donald trump wouldn't be the only one leaving the party. it comes just days from the next republican presidential debate set for tuesday. 50,000 visitors, $35 million coming to philadelphia this weekend for the army/navy football game. the midshipmen are using the force now to get their fans in the spirit. we'll explain what's happening here coming up. just call him phanta claus. special deliveries today, we'll take you there next.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> many of you will like this, a new place to bargain shop in
5:40 pm
philadelphia just in time for the holidays. the new bloomingdale's open this morning in center city, part of the shops at liberty place. the outlet store offers discount clothing and accessories for men, women, also children. the company says it's a way to get the best brands at the best prices. 600 holiday gifts given to families in need today. part of the phillies season of giving, the philly panatic. great cause there. meanwhile in italy, i want to show you this, sculptors are hard at work making a nativity scene entirely out of chocolate. they'll use 220 pounds of it to construct the nativity scene for charity. the whole scene should be completed tomorrow and will later be displayed at a hospital for children. well, the eagles' all-time
5:41 pm
leading rusher back at the linc this weekend, but he'll be wearing a bills uniform. we'll hear from the eagles about the return of shady mccoy next in sports. well, we could see some record high temperatures this weekend, and you should get out and enjoy it while you can, because it's not going to last forever.
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this is nbc 10 news. congress sent the president a short-term spending bill to keep the government open until wednesday as they work to finalize a government-wide spending bill. the short-term bill gives congress more time to negotiate and avoid federal shutdown. cuba and the united states have struck a deal to
5:44 pm
re-establish direct mail service. mail service between the countries was cut in 1963 at the height of cold war tensions. both countries announced today they would launch a pilot program to test direct service. the announcement comes six days before the anniversary of president obama and raul castro's development they'll re-establish diplomatic relations. amazon is getting into the holiday spirit by adding spirits to its one-hour delivery service in manhattan at least. people in new york city, what that means is they can get beer, wine, and liquor delivered in under an hour. it costs $8 and it's free if you're an amazon prime member, but you have to wait two hours instead of one. alcohol is just one of 4,000 items under amazon's prime now delivery. we have breaking news to tell you about now. fantasy sports companies fanduel and draftkings can keep operating in new york at least temporarily thanks to an appeals court judge.
5:45 pm
earlier today a judge had ruled the websites must shut down in new york until a full panel of judges makes a final ruling, but in the past hour an appeals judge says they can continue operation for at least another month. nbc 10's parent company comcast is an investor in fanduel. you know what that sound means, the eagles hoping to break a three-way tie for first place in the nfc east this weekend and they'll have to do it against the running back they know quite well. lesean mccoy. comcast sportsnet's danny pommells joins us live with a preview. danny, warm weekend but i don't think schady's going to get that warm reception. >> i don't know, keith, i think fans might warm up to him and give him an ovation, but much of the week, as you know, has been rehashing how the trade went down and who's still angry at who, but make no mistake, there is a football game to be played this sunday at the linc. eagles all-time leading rusher will want to make a statement sunday.
5:46 pm
mccoy has eclipsed the 100 total yard mark and eagles know they need to be ready for number 25. >> you know, gassed up for the game, it will be fun. obviously, all of us play with shady last year and he's a good friend of a lot of ours, but when you get on the field, it's all about the competition and, you know, i'm sure both sides are going hard. >> one non-football note to pass along, the sixers have signed bret brown to a two-year contract extension. i'm danny pommells from comcast sportsnet, keith, back to you. >> danny, thank you. before sunday the stage is set for one of the biggest traditions in college football happening right in philadelphia tomorrow afternoon. here's a live look at the linc, the logos are both on the field, what you can't see at the far end zone is the army logo there. this is the 86th time philadelphia has hosted the game. excitement is building tonight.
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we can tell you navy got the win and some bragging rights this morning's rocky relay. the cadets and midshipmen run a relay at the famous rocky steps museum of art, also compete in other endurance challenges. navy is also doing some healthy trash talking if you want to put it that way leading up to the game putting together a star wars themed video highlighting their 13-game winning streak against army. listen. ♪ >> you'll fall again to navy this year. >> i know, but so will you right now. >> we'll find out tomorrow who comes out on top. kickoff at the linc scheduled for 3:00. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> and it sure is going to be a warm weather game considering that we're in the middle of december.
5:48 pm
we got some record warmth coming this weekend, perhaps both saturday and sunday. we've got some fog coming later on tonight and into tomorrow morning, and the rain looks like it's going to hold off until monday. we have clearing conditions right now, clouds thinning out a bit, 59 degrees, winds south/southwest at 6 miles an hour, about the same temperature it was this time yesterday, and we were right about the same for the high. tomorrow we should jump up some, 68 degrees would be a record 70 on sunday and monday. right now we're down to 48 in quakertown. that's one of the cold spots, but that's not very cool, is it? 54 at kennett square, normally a cool spot, but that's not cool for this time of the day, this time of the year, it's amazing. 58 in wilmington. and 57 in ricetown, 56 in trenton. and 55 in beach haven, 54 in
5:49 pm
woodbine. some of those clouds came through earlier in a bit of a break now and more clouds out to the west, but no rain with them. these are mostly high clouds and you get sunshine through those clouds. and if we get enough sunshine we're going to set some records. this is tomorrow, and the record for philadelphia is 65 degrees set way back in 1930. got a good chance of beating that. wilmington has an even better chance of beating a record. record 64. allentown's record is 63. reading's record is only 61. they have the best chance of beating the record tomorrow. and for the army/navy game, 67 degrees at kickoff. cools down all the way at 61 by the fourth quarter. and for the eagles game the next day, it could get up to 70 degrees by the third quarter. and it's going to be a very warm
5:50 pm
evening, too. 50 degrees for the low in philadelphia tonight, unseasonably mild with patchy fog towards sunrise. that's above the average high for this time of the year. and then after the early fog we have partly sunny skies, none of the high clouds, and record warmth again, upper 60s. then 70 degrees sunday and monday. that will be near a record, too. the showers come in generally in the afternoon and at night. the wind comes in but doesn't really cool us down that much on tuesday. we stay mild through thursday and finally cool down starting friday. >> look at that, thank you. let's turn to new york now, lester holt joins us live with a look at what's coming up on "nbc nightly news." lester, good to see you. >> hi, keith, good to see you. busy friday night. late word of a fire bomb attack against a california mosque as the fbi focuses on the missing four and a half hours in the timeline of last week's terror attack. the answers possibly lying at the bottom of a lake. we'll tell you the holiday gift airlines are saying they don't
5:51 pm
want on their airplanes because of the risk of fire. and we have a story on holiday package problems, from delayed deliveries to gifts disappearing from doorsteps because of thieves. those stories and more coming up at 6:30 for "nbc nightly news." keith? >> thank you, lester. see you in about 40 minutes or so. speaking of flying, flying with an infant pretty safe to say can be difficult, right? but the tsa is hoping to make it a little easier this holiday season. we'll tell you how.
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
pregnancies in the u.s. hit an all time low according to the most recent data from 2010. the biggest droughts were younger women and teenagers. more recent data suggesting a slight increase in the birth rate, that rise was attributed to older mothers giving birth. the tsa is showing travelers with babies how to go through screeners a little easier. today a tsa agent showed parents ways to make the process go more smoothly. one tip, put snacks for your baby in a clear zip lock bag, you can also bring regular sized bottles with formula and juice, but that will have to be screened separately and could
5:55 pm
slow down the process. >> there's no limit on the bottles, amount of bottles brought through. the big thing, most important thing is making sure they are in clear enough bottles or containers where we can screen them properly. if not we'll have to use alternative modes to screen. >> one more obvious tip, arrive early to give yourself extra time. if you haven't put up your christmas tree yet or decorations, there are ways to make sure you're doing it safely. christmas trees are fuller than ever, that means watering them every single day is even more important to help prevent fire. for decorating, l.e.d. lights are a good solution to the traditional incandescents and another decorating don't -- >> a lot of people want to use the indoor extension cords outside, it's not approved. that is definitely not safe. they don't have the thickness of the grade of wire, they can short out, definitely cause fire. >> and another way to stay safe, don't leave candles or anything
5:56 pm
else burning unattended. tickets for bruce springsteen's concert in new jersey no longer available. the tickets went on sale 10:00 a.m. this morning for the concert next month, selling out in less than two hours. new york's attorney general is warning about ticket resale, saying tickets posted on secondary markets may be fake or not exist at all. we have a bittersweet announcement, after 65 years, willard scott announced he's retiring. his official last day will be tuesday. scott was a member of the today show family for 35 years. coming up next on nbc 10 news at 6:00. >> casinos built in new jersey and not in atlantic city. tonight, who now holds all the cards and what a.c.'s mayor just said minutes ago. plus, her nickname was jihad jane. tonight an arrest in the suspect
5:57 pm
accused of recruiting a local terrorist next on nbc 10 news at 6:00.
5:58 pm
nbc 10 news starts now. >> right now at 6:00, a family feud, a mother accused of setting her father's house on fire with her children inside. good evening, everyone, i'm jim rosenfield. >> and i'm jacqueline london. the bensalem mother is accused of torching the home late last
5:59 pm
night in gloucester county. her four children were inside at the time, but they made it out safely. investigators say what unfolded was sparked by a recent custody dispute. nbc 10's south jersey reporter cydney long spoke to the suspect's father. >> reporter: bryan mcguire is still numb after watching his home go up in flames thursday night. police say his own daughter was fuming about the custody of her kids and set the home where her children were about to go to sleep on fire intentionally when her father refused to open the door. >> she said, you don't understand, the house is on fire, get my kids out. the house is on fire. i said, you're crazy. i'm on the phone with the cops. >> reporter: police say she and her cousin torched the grandparents' home. >> i looked up and seen smoke coming out of the garage, opened up the garage door and it was all flames. >> reporter: when everyone ran outside to escape the flames, the youngest child was swiped up. >> put her in the car, they
6:00 pm
kidnapped her. >> reporter: this past tuesday mcguire and his wife became the official foster parents for their four grandchildren. they are shocked and devastated by emotions that ignited a terrifying situation. police dash cam of the women's arrest and police rescuing the child is being reviewed by detectives now. >> sad situation. four kids involved, and, you know, it's the holidays. >> reporter: investigators have yet to say what if any accelerant may have been used. mcguire tells me half the home inside is gutted, and they didn't have insurance. on top of it all, mcguire lost a 14-year-old son due to a heart attack just over a year ago. >> we never agreed, our daughter came up from florida, then it was hell on earth from that point on. >> reporter: his appreciation with those who are rallying to help with donations. >> i have two boys, so it's right before christmas and i can't even imagine. >> reporter: his face is not shattered. >> we believe


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