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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  December 12, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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pçpçpç >> announcer: nbc 10 news starts now. right now at 6:00, that's the sound of a time honored tradition. the 116th army-navy game is under way at lincoln financial field. we'll have a live report on this clash survival. but first time to break out the shorts and t-shirts. it may be december but it's feeling more like april with record warmth outside. kelly drive was packed with people taking advantage of this great weather. good evening, i'm denise nakano. we have team coverage. we begin with brittney shipp. brittney, how long has it been
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since we've seen temperatures like this this late in december. >> we broke the record. the record of 65 degrees set back in 1931. today our high reached 69 degrees and we're going to do it all over again as we head into tomorrow. temperature wise 62 in philadelphia, 52 pottstown, low 50s in allentown and close to 60 in the poconos. your eight-hour city planner shows by 8:00 a.m., 59, 56 by 11:00 p.m. and overnight lows will actually stay in the 50s. so a closer look at how far above average we are, average for this time of year is 46 degrees. we already set a new record today. with our forecast high of 70 degrees tomorrow, we expect to break another record. that's what i'm watching for you. i'm also tracking rain on the way. it's going to help us out with temperatures. i'll let you know the details coming up in my seven-day forecast. denise. >> thanks, brittney. we continue with randy gyllenhaal live in center city. randy, there are plenty of december events happening, although it does not feel like
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december at all. >> it does not feel like it. those events went off without a hitch. people didn't seem to mind the weather. beautiful afternoon, big crowds in the city going outside. no need for a coat new york city need for gloves. over at the santa run, we dropped by the electric factory. hundreds of people dressed up as santa claus, reindeer an elves. they say last year it was freezing cold this time around. they could have worn shorts if they wanted to. we dropped by pico winter wonderland. huge crowds of families and kids. the only guy really having trouble out here today was the guy making ice sculptures. giant block of ice melting fast. temperatures broke records and got close to 70 degrees. >> the strategy is to work quickly. >> in weather like this, you don't have to do too much polishing, the ice will polish itself. >> it doesn't look too much like christmas but we make the best of it. >> reporter: tonight temperatures still feel fine, so
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expect big crowds in center city and restaurants. we've seen outdoor seating restaurants here in december. live tonight in center city, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. >> and to get first alert weather updates in realtime, be sure to download nbc 10 news app to your cell phone or tablet. turning now to one of the biggest traditions in college sports, the 116th army-navy game. today it returned to philadelphia for the first time. live at linc financial field for more on the excitement surrounding america's game. george. >> reporter: denise, as we've been seeing, certainly doesn't feel like december football here. the experience, the linc with the sights and sounds of a sporting event and today was no exception. marching onto the field with the linc, we watched two teams truly in a league of their own. army followed by navy.
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in a tradition that brings back supporters for tailgating and football year after year. >> camaraderie. also camaraderie between individuals you went to school with. almost a home coming. this is our home coming. >> just before game time parachuters descended from above, planes flew overhead. the near record high temperatures made for unusual december football weather. but in this crowd we didn't hear any complaints. >> this is fabulous. when we were here two years ago, it was nice. >> it was cold. >> mist y, overcast. >> rose and her family came in from as far away from alabama and chicago. the army-navy game draws some 50,000 visitors to our area generating unique impact and $35 million according to the city. philly was originally chosen as a neutral site. >> we love it. it's the city of brotherly love. we love being here.
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you guys put on a great show. we feel safe here. >> navy fans wore their team support on their sleeves and even on their heads. >> we've been here for 12 years straight. >> 12 years. >> i've never seen navy lose. >> army fans are just as proud and emphasized how much more there is to the game than football. >> we're both fighting -- >> that's the attitude we heard. back to the live pictures of the linc where crowds are still packed in the stadium there as navy tries to keep alive its 13-year win streak. no matter which side of this you come down on, this game is considered one of the five very best games to watch live. so you can be sure the crowds we saw out here today will return again in the future. live tonight at the linc i'm george spencer, nbc 10 news.
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military choppers flew over espn college game day this morning. the show brought thousands in south philadelphia. this was the second year the army navy debuted the game as the backdrop. also the second time in philadelphia they were here for temple notre dame matchup. it happened on halloween. this just in, a guatemalan immigrant who authorities believe may be in the u.s. illegally is now behind bars accused of sexually assaulting a child. juan campos morales was arrested friday. police say he assaulted the victim on several occasions in woodbu wood gloucester county. a motel considered a dangerous nuisance. officers called to north philadelphia around 3:00 this morning. they found a 52-year-old woman
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who had been slashed with a box cutter. she told police schett into an argument with another woman and was cut and chased around the lobby. police took the suspect into custody a short time later. tonight three armed suspects are charged with breaking into a home and tying up two teenagers. philadelphia police say the masked suspects pretended to be officers when they came into the home along almond street at 2:45 this morning. an 18-year-old woman and 19-year-old man were tied up with scarves. the suspect got away with a cell phone. police tracked that phone and arrested the three men. a delaware county family survived an early morning house fire but their cat was not as lucky. the group collapsed after the fire started in the attic of the home on glenn spring lane in marple township. it happened before 8:00 this morning. the home owner and his wife made it out safely. tonight more than 1,000
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wreaths decorate graves of fallen soldiers at a philadelphia cemetery. a wreath laying ceremony at philadelphia's mount moriah cemetery honor thousands of soldiers as far back as the civil war. this cemetery was abandoned in 2011. since then an army of volunteers has been working to preserve it especially with families like today. >> these are the people who cared enough about this country so that all of us who are still here can enjoy the freedom they fought and some died for. so it's important to honor them. >> more than 1,000 locations around the country also honored their troops today as part of wreaths across america day. standing strong. how the community is rallying behind the local mosque that became the site of a suspected hate crime. ramping up the fight against climate change. what you need to know about
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historic agreement reached today that calls on the world to take action.
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a global agreement to fight climate change but there are questions about how much impact it will really have. governments from 190 countries today adopted the climate deal. it asks all countries to limit greenhouse gas emissions. the agreement put the cap on rising global temperatures. it puts $100 billion towards developing nations, but there is a catch. this agreement is voluntary and the pledges the countries have made could end at any time if a regime changes. still ahead getting into the holiday spirit. we'll tell you how christmas came early for some local chirp in need. brittney. >> hard to believe our temperatures are still in the low 60s. today close to 70 degrees.
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we'll see more of the same as we head into tomorrow. tracking all the changes coming up in my seven-day forecast.
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today hundreds walk to end violence, part of 100 walks nationwide this weekend to mark the third anniversary of the sandy hook shoog. it's organized by every time for gun safety, a group with a mission of ending the death of 88 people taken by gun violence each day. ,0 now to a show of solid artie, hundreds gathering at a mosque. a pig's head was thrown at the
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mosque. laws for bid muslims from eating pork. a look at how the muslim community has come together to show support. >> even organizers surprised at the turnout. when this started, the parking lot full of people. right now starting to clean up here. we saw people from several religions, community organizations and police. they all believe this show of unity sends a powerful message. >> it's a miracle. something bad turned into a miracle. >> kalil joins several members of the mosque to serve food to anyone who showed up today. this picnic organized with help from the mosque neighbors is an effort to show solid artie. >> we're upset and insulted just as much as all the neighbors and friends and family. >> they are upset because someone threw a pig's head at the mosque. police are investigating it as a hate crime. islamic law for bids eating pork. that affront to the religion has
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led to an outpouring of support. >> it creates peace and tranquility for everyone. >> reporter: people who never stepped foot inside the mosque came out today. they say embracing their neighbors is the best way to drive out hate. >> we as a community wanted to show that we stand completely in solidarity. acts like this that attempt to divide only bring the community together and stronger. >> the muslim communities have been on edge around the country. a fire yesterday in california is now being investigated as arson at a mosque. here after this event, this community hopes they have no further issues. north philadelphia, i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. 125 local children are feeling the holiday spirit tonight after they got to go on a shopping spree today. philadelphia frontiers international hosted their 17th annual christmas shopping for
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children today at the walmart in wyncote. underpressed children 4 to 10 are chosen from church groups and shelters and given $75 to spend however they wished. they can buy for their siblings, for their parents or for the people of their shelter. but it's all up to them. they make the choices. >> the philadelphia club of frontiers international is a volunteer organization with the mission to serve children. today 20 children shopped with a cop in newark, delaware. twenty police officers paired up with a child to help them pick out $100 worth of christmas presents. it's in partnership with the kmart store on college square. comcast hopes to revolutionize the way latino families watch tv. the company hosted a customer appreciation event at a store aramingo avenue in philadelphia's port richmond neighborhood. they were given giveaways, light
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demos and refreshments. comcast is particularly proud of their new spanish language guide. >> today our event is focused on demonstrating to our latino customers the spanish guide. it's a voice command that is going to make the viewing experience easier. >> the store is part of comcast's efforts to improve customer service. it's also adding hundreds of technicians and creating new technologies to make it easier for customers to do business for the cable giant. comcast is the parent company of nbc 10. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good evening. it was a beautiful start to the weekend. temperatures close to 70 degrees. we did break a record. as we head into tomorrow we are tracking another round of record warmth. warm eagles tailgating forecast and game forecast for you, i'll have that coming up. i'm also tracking changes. by monday rain moves in.
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shortly after that our temperatures will start to get cooler but not quite close to where we should be for this time of year. philadelphia, 62, a few clouds. our humidity at 65%. it's a comfortable evening if you're heading out for dinner. 64 in east philadelphia, 54 in wildwood, low 50s in dover, 58 in mount pocono and 56 currently in wilmington. so our 24-hour temperature change map shows we're up 6 degrees in philadelphia, 9 degrees in northeast philly, 7 in mount holly. our temperatures keep climbing. that's the trend since friday. yesterday at 61. today we broke the record, which was 5 set back in 1931. as we head into tomorrow expect a high of 70 degrees that will break the record of 65. our average for this time of year is 46 degrees. we are well above average. we're warming today. as we head into tomorrow, 20 to 25 degrees above normal.
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we will stay nice and dry, however, heading into tomorrow. we are tracking patchy fog that will move in later tonight and into the morning hours. despite clouds, we'll stay nice and dry into sunday. i am tracking the next weather mak. this is how it will play out. we will see a cold front through the great lakes, moisture out of gulf of mexico, head our way into monday. not as much for monday morning commute. as you head home from work, a little rain out there, won't linger, but cooler air will follow. record warmth a high in philadelphia, 70 degrees, 71 in wilmington. we should make it to 70 degrees as well. in pottstown your eagles forecast a great one. well above average, nice and dry. warm for kickoff 1:00 p.m. 66 degrees heading into the fourth quarter even warmer, close to 70 degrees. that's going to be a nice day to watch football. as far as tonight's concern patchy fog and warm temperatures 52 in philadelphia, 49 suburbs
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north and west and rains tomorrow between 67 and 71. seven-day forecast shoes we track rain as we head into monday. a cold front drops us down into the low 60s. we get p coastal our friday heading into next week. >> brittney, thanks. guess who is back. shady is bag in town. show you him arriving. phillies traded ken giles. we find out the return in the deal may be better than anybody thought. that is next. come on in pop pop. happy birthday. i just had a heart attack... and now i have a choice. for her. for them. and him. a choice to take brilinta. a prescription for people who've been hospitalized
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time to check in with jose diaz-balart for what's happening in nbc news. new presidential poll including impact of trump's call to ban muslims from coming in
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the united states. investigation on the san bernardino terror attacks including a objects found in the lake. the drug war, we're there in the caribbean as authorities try to reverse a big increase in cocaine smuggling. a touching human connection behind a little pink droid making a cameo appearance in the new "star wars" film. all that and more. we'll see you on "nbc nightly news." >> we look forward to it. thanks, jose. >> good to see you. >> this is xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity. your home for the most live sports. i'm john clark from comcast sports net. eagles completely healthy on friday. today they add receiver jordan chris matthews to the injury report. he's now questionable with a back injury tomorrow against the bills. here are the bills arriving in philly in afternoon. take a look who is back. yes, lashawn mccoy back in town. there he is. he'll make his return to the linc tomorrow. he's going through a lot of emotions in his first trip back here.
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after he was traded from the eagles, mccoy lashed out at chip kelly. he first talked about a lack of communication after the trade to the bills. shady then took allegations against chip to a new level in may. >> former eagles running back lashawn mccoy takes more shots at head coach chip kelly and this time he talks about race. in an interview mccoy was quoted as saying kelly wants the full control. you see how fast he got rid of all the good players, especially all the good black players. >> i've got great respect for la sean. however, in that situation i think he's wrong. we put a lot of time looking at character and retention of player and color has never been won of them. >> his first season in buffalo started slow, missed two of the bills first five games with a hamstring issue but he's averaging nearly 100 yards a game in his last five. last week against houston, you
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could tell a return to the linc was already on his mind. this week the feud was pushed back to the forefront. first chip offered to shake lesean's hand, then shady had this response. >> can't shake at all, nothing. he knows this. that's why i said, i know him. he's very intelligence. i can read between the lines. like i said, i have nothing against him new york city hatred. we're not enemies. i won't say anything wrong to him. there's nothing for us to talk about at all. it's as simple as that. >> after that chip on thursday opened up even more about the whole situation when shady was traded. >> my understanding, how he was traded wasn't handled right. i've said that before. i did not get an opportunity to talk to him and it's a lesson,
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to be honest with you, we were told the trade wasn't initiated and wouldn't be initiated until the next morning so there were no phone calls to be made. all of a sudden i'm driving to an event to be trade. i called him. he didn't answer my phone calls. i know he was mad. he should be. >> we'll see how it shakes out on you know but if this saga holds true to form, it will be anything other than simple. all right. onto the phillies now. today they closed the deal ken giles trade to astros and turned out better than we thought. phillies now get 2013 number one overall draft pick of the deal, pitcher mark appel considered to be one of astros best projects. phillies wind up with five pitchers in the deal. nice job. congratulations to northwest philly raiders, they have now won back-to-back pop warner super bowl championships. back to you. >> thanks, john. can you expect to see santa on a sleigh but how about a boat. that's what he was riding today.
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he arrived at the marina to greet hundreds of children. it was breakfast and crafts and today's event raised money for vest the cops program and raises money for vests. brittney is back with more like baseball than football weather. >> it's so nice. hopefully you have lots of plans. if you didn't get out today another chance tomorrow. record warmth expected again with a high of 70 degrees. anyone going to the eagles game, that's probably the best place to be. that's going to be a lot of fun. rain moves in monday. by tuesday a cold front drops temperatures back down to the sick. we're back to the 40s next weekend. >> oh, my gosh. really drops. >> on the way. >> next week. all right. that's nbc 10 news for now. for brittney, john and all of us here, we'll see you back at 11:00. "nightly news" is next.
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on this saturday night, trail of terror. the search for answers in san bernardino as divers uncover potential evidence and reports tonight that tashfeen malik posted about violent jihad on social media before she arrived in the united states. donald trump runs into new opposition to his controversial plan to ban muslims from entering the u.s. as a new poll in iowa reveals the lead that all important fate might be shifting. hundreds of infants possibly exposed to tuberculosis from a hospital work who tested positive. cocaine hunters. authorities try to reverse a big


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