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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 7am  NBC  December 13, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EST

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it ended like this, but all started with a stolen car and a police chase and two kids were along for the ride. we'll explain coming up. a weapon-wielding man shot dead by cops inside a walmart in the pocono mountains. state police just held a news conference and we will have more from that in a moment. we are waking up to temperatures in the 50s and wrapping up the weekend on a high note, but it's not going to last forever, we are approaching winter. that and more in the forecast. let's check in with meteorologist, michelle grossman, she has good news for us. you are well liked these days. >> this for this weekend. a beautiful day today. we are seeing a little cloud cover this morning and a little fog also, and a live look
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outside, so we do have reduced visibilities across the area and we have mild air in place once again and we will see warm temperatures later this afternoon. 50s right now, and 40s to the north and west, and 48 degrees in allentown, and 47 in lancaster, and 54 this morning in philadelphia, south and east we are mainly looking at the 50s, 56 in atlantic city, and 49 in millville and 52 degrees in dover, delaware. there is fog out there reducing visibility, down to 2 1/2 miles in reading and 3 1/2-mile visibility in reading. just be careful as you head out this morning. we are looking at -- you want to put on your low beams and take it slower out there. otherwise, looking at mostly cloudy skies and will see a mixture of sun and clouds, and by 9:00, 58 degrees. a mild start. lunchtime, already up to 57, a warm afternoon and then topping out around 71. normal this time of year is 46 degrees, so the record is 65, so
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we broke a record yesterday. looks like we will break a record once again today, and 4:00, 68 degrees. another mild night tonight and a mild day on monday and tracking rain later on monday and that will bring changes on tuesday. we'll look at that coming up. new from overnight, police tell us two children took an unexpected ride with a car thief in camden county. the thief allegedly led officers on a chase from magnolia to autobahn. police took the vehicle while the owner was inside a liquor store just before 1:00 this morning. the two kids were in the backseat. the car struck a black suv injuring the driver and the driver is now in the hospital. the stolen car then rolled through the front yard of this home and turned over. also new from overnight, police in the pocono mountains shot and killed an armed man inside a walmart.
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this happened last night in east stroudsburg in monroe county. the man walked into the store with a weapon and threatened customers. officers shot the man and police administered further aid until medics arrived but the man died at the hospital. minutes ago we got this comment from pennsylvania state police. take a look. >> we told him to drop his weapon and he continued to refuse those commands continuing to point the weapon. >> they believe this was an isolated incident and the public is not in danger. this morning a man to be in the u.s. illegally is being held in gloucester on child sex assault charges. morales is from guatemala. police say a teacher tipped them off. according to investigators,
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morales assaulted a child under the age of 16 a number of times this year and last year. a fight at a motel in north philadelphia sent one woman to the hospital and another behind bars this weekend. police tell us an argument at the liberty motel on germantown avenue yesterday morning led to a 52-year-old woman -- led to a woman slashing the face of a 52-year-old housekeeper. police have arrested a suspect in this case, and the victim is listed in stable condition. we're learning this is not the first incident at this motel. according to documents obtained from nbc10, from 2012 to 2014, there have been more than 100 arrests and 20 deaths at this hotel. and then now wanted for arrest in florida, lopez and another man are charged with killing a man. he is now waiting to be
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extradited to new jersey. he is accused of gunning down franco during a hold up in september. new information about the identity of a teenager found dead inside of a car in north philadelphia. the victim is 15 years old and identified as xavier stern of upper darby. on friday night, somebody found the boy's body in the backseat of a broken-down car on north park street. he had multiple gunshot wounds. police are still investigating this case. starting today, you may want to double-check the schedule if you ride septa's regional rails. septa says it wants to enhance service reliability so made schedule changes on all of the regional rail lines. of note, the airport line will no longer continue through service to west trenton or nor wester on weekdays. go to or click on the
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nbc10 app for more. shopping turns to horror. we will tell you why police evacuated this mall in north jersey yesterday. and coming up, two things shady says are going to be a little weird about today. we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. tylenol® 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we give you your day back. what you do with it is up to you. tylenol®.
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we start out the weekend with a record-breaker yesterday and we are going to break another record today, probably.
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65 is the record for this day and 46 is normal for this time of year and i think we will be around 71 degrees. later on this afternoon, already above the normal high for today. eagles play at 1:00, and looking to be nice weather for the eagles game. later this afternoon, a mixture of sun and clouds and around 71 later this afternoon. we shot up to 69 yesterday, and broke the record of 65 and today we are going to tack on a couple more degrees. currently mainly in the 50s around the city. 54 in philadelphia, and 53 in trenton, and 51 degrees in wilmington and delaware. temperatures mainly in the 40s, and 48 degrees in reading, and 56 in mt. pocono. 46 in quakertown, and 48 in oxford. and 49 in millville, and 56 degrees in beach haven. a mixture of sun and clouds after the fog burns off and then temperatures around 70 degrees. we will talk more about the warmth today and more warmth on monday and then need the umbrellas on monday.
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we will talk about that coming up. the u.s. postal service assessing the damage after six of its trucks caught fire in new york city last night. the blaze broke out on the third floor of a postal service garage in the chelsea neighborhood of manhattan around 10:30 and nobody was hurt. a mall in north jersey was evacuated because of a bomb threat yesterday. a security officer at the shops at riverside in hackensack noticed the warning written on the wall in the restroom. police found nothing. the mall re-opened around 4:00 later in the day. students may see a lot more police around the rutgers campus this week because three robberies early saturday morning sparked the increased patrols and police are now investigating the robberies. santa ditches the sleigh. it's not his usual ride, but who says no to a boat? we will explain what santa was
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doing on the water this weekend. everybody seems to be doing it, leaving the mall behind to shop online. while you may think it's convenient, it's actually causing problems for the delivery company. we will have more on their so-called seasonal struggle, next.
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almost quarter after 7:00 on this sunday. here's a live look over center city philadelphia, and we do see haze like the past few days, and temperatures in the low 50s right now and they are going to get pretty close to the 70-degree mark like they did yesterday. we will have details throughout
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the newscast from meteorologist, michelle grossman. now to decision 2016. ted cruz is now the top in iowa, a major poll in that state shows the texas senator leaping 21 points in the latest survey. and passing donald trump, and the iowa caucuses are now just seven weeks away. donald trump in the meantime is criticizing a u.s. supreme court justice on the campaign trail. the republican presidential candidate offered his views at a town hall in south carolina last night, and trump called chief justice john roberts a disappointment for supporting obamacare. and the billionaire businessman also took aim at president obama and his use of executive orders to achieve policy goals. >> executive action can be, you know, defunded, whatever you want to call it, it can be
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unsigned so quickly by the new president. >> trump will join his republican rivals for a fifth debate on tuesday in las vegas. one of the rivals, florida senator, marco rubio, he will sit down exclusively with chuck todd on "meet the press," and that interview and plus a look at the new iowa poll all comes your way this morning right here on nbc10. now to the terror in california. authorities say they may have overlooked a call for violence on social media by one of the san bernardino shooters. here is what we know. tashfeen malik posted support for violent jihad before she received her visa to come to the u.s. immigration officials ran her name against several data bases but did not check social media as part of the process.
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the couple killed 14 people in san bernardino at farook's workplace earlier this month before dieing in a police shoot-out themselves. president obama and other world leaders are hailing a historic climate change accord as the best way to help preserve planet earth. yesterday in france nearly 200 nations adopted the first global pact to fight global warming. delegates clapped and cheered and some wept through the break through deal. first it asks all countries to cut their greenhouse gas emissions and it puts a cap on rising global temperatures and the agreement puts $100 billion towards developing nations. >> today the american people can be proud because this historic agreement is a tribute to american leadership. over the past seven years we
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transformed the united states into the global leader in fighting climate change. >> now it's up to individual governments to ratify the accord. it's eagle's game day. here is a live look inside lincoln financial field from our eagle's nest camera. quiet right now. today the birds and the bills with playoff implications for both teams. here is a look at the buffalo bills arriving yesterday, and look who is back, former running back, lasean mccoy. >> that's for sure going to be weird, going to the visitors' locker room and traveling to the game, all different things. >> mccoy and the eagles did not part on good terms when he was traded. you will hear more from him coming up later in sports. don't forget, nbc10 is your
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official eagles station. join us this morning before the game for "eagles game day kickoff," and comcast sportsnet's john clark will take us inside the huge upset last week with the patriots, and the return of lasean mccoy, and plus you will here from demeco ryans. that's right here on nbc10. we are going to have perfect weather for that game. light winds and the skies are going to be a mixture of sun and clouds and temperatures around 70, 71 degrees. not typical for december football weather but nice if you are headed to the game. we are looking at fog this morning and looking at reduced visibilities across the area, and then another record breaker today and we broke a record yesterday and will probably do it again today. we are looking ahead towards monday, and rain on monday a little after the monday evening
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commute. right now 54 degrees and fog in place, and winds out of the west-southwest. warmer in mt. pocono compared to this time yesterday. 56 degrees in mt. pocono, and 49 in pottstown and 54 in philadelphia. south and east temperatures mainly in the 50s, 56 in atlantic city, and 52 right now in dover, delaware, and 49 degrees in millville, new jersey. there is your mild start. we are enjoying that and we are going to be warm later this afternoon. look at what happens to the temperatures. by 10:00, already at 60 degrees, and into the upper 60s by the afternoon, and eventually around 71 degrees before we dip back into the 50s and 40s overnight. another mild night, and then monday we will see another warm day, but we are going to add in showers and even some rain. a live look outside, still seeing the soupy look. the fog still in place and it will take a few hours before the fog burns off, a lot of thursday. we are continuing that pattern and we will see the fog also
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starting out with your commute. mild air in place, and it's going to be warm once again, and a mixture of sun and clouds and a nice afternoon. light winds and 54 in philadelphia, and 40 to the north and west. monday, we have plenty of cloud cover in place, so different on monday. more clouds and also bringing in some showers, and you can see that green right behind me. this will swing through. a look at 7:00, heavier rain to the north and west where you see the darker shading, and by 11:00, still seeing some of the rain falling, this cold front will sweep through and bringing back cooler air on tuesday, and still in the 60s and well above normal but not the 70s we are seeing today. tuesday, eventually we will see sunny skies, maybe starting out with a stray shower. tonight another mild night, 54 in philadelphia, and winds light and skies mostly cloudy and we
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will be mild. 7-day forecast, a quick peek, monday 68 degrees, and shower and rain in the evening hours, and tuesday 63, and wednesday 57 and cooler and mostly sunny, and then it's cold friday and saturday, back to realistic numbers. saturday breezy and 44. usually you see santa on a sleigh. there are usually some kind of snow on the ground typically this time of year but that's not the case, and he decided to go by boat. he rolled into the marina yesterday to greet hundreds of children. the event featured breakfast and crafts. only 12 days until christmas and plenty of people are scrambling to buy presents while many are turning to online shopping, fedex and ups are struggling a little to keep up with the demand. fedex typically has a 95% ontime delivery rating. new data puts them at 91% in the
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week after black friday and cyber monday. both companies admit to some delays because of a sharp increase in online orders, but they say they are working hard to deliver your packages on time. if you would like to make sure your gifts arrive by christmas the experts suggest you place your orders by the end of this weekend, and that means today. imagine your favorite football player saying you want to come over for dinner? that's the level of excitement. >> it was not a football player that called that family, it was a major hollywood director and he wanted to use their idea in the new "star wars" movie. coming up the touching story of a little girl whose dream came true.
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a little girl's legacy is
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about to make the leap into the year's most anticipated movie. you probably heard of r2-d2, but this girl we are talking about dreamed of a pink droid called r2-kt. and that r2-kt is making a cameo appearance in the new "star wars" film. >> ten years ago in a galaxy not so far away, a dying "star wars" fan had a dream. >> when katie was receiving her treatment, there were times when she could not get out of bed and she said out loud, it would be cool to have a droid watching over me as i slept. >> her dad, who founded one of the largest "star wars" costume club reached out to see if anybody could build it, and within weeks she had a donated
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pink droid called r2-kt, named after katie. though katie lost her battle, her family knew there were others to watch over. >> our first thought was, you know, this can't be just a trinket that sits in our living room and we want to give back to other people. >> over the past ten years, r2-kt visited children's hospitals and conventions and toy drives and weddings, taking on celebrity status. all donations going to charity. but then jj abrams wanted r2-kt to appear in the new movie. >> that level of excitement was what it was for us. >> it will be in the background in one of the biggest film releases in the year. >> it makes me feel so good
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because that's my sister's legacy living on. >> she would love it and she would take full credit for it, and she would say, that's me. >> the little girl with a dying wish living on in ways she could have never dreamed of. kristin dahlgren, nbc10 news. it's a few minutes before 7:30 on this sunday. still ahead a. double stabbing at a bar in mannien bg. that's coming up.
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right now on "nbc10 news today," two people stabbed on main street in manayunk. details on how they are doing this morning. coming off a big win, the eagles return home to take on the buffalo bills and former
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teammate, lasean mccoy. a preview is ahead. the birds can't blame a loss on the weather. another warm one, a beauty in store for tailgaters that will be here at the linc in just a few hours, most likely wearing t-shirts and jerseys on this mid december day. welcome back to nbc10 news tod today, i am rosemary conners. michelle grossman, one of our viewers on twitter said, i have to check if it's december. >> one of the viewers said i think we're looking at southern california. we're looking at 40s in our 7-day, but today we are looking at temperatures into the 70s. here is a live look. we are looking at the comcast tower. we do see the clouds behind us and we are waking up to cloudy skies and fog across the area, but i don't think anybody is complaining with the mild air in place because we are looking at 50s and 40s already.
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already above the normal high for today. 54 in philadelphia, and normally we come in around 46 degrees, and 48 degrees in allentown. 47 in lancaster. 51 degrees in mount holly. south and east temperatures mainly in the 50s as well. 56 at the atlantic city airport, and 49 in millville, new jersey. reduced visibilities because of fog, down to two miles in pottstown, and five-mile visibility in philadelphia. we will talk about the warm weather today, and it will last until monday but tracking rain later on for monday and we'll talk about that coming up. two children took an unexpected ride with a car thief in camden county. the thief led officers on a chase from magnolia to autobahn. police say the crooks swiped the vehicle while the owner was inside the liquor store just before 1:00 this morning and the
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two kids were in the backseat. the car struck a black suv and that driver is now in the hospital. the stolen car then rolled through the front yard of this home, as you can see, and turned over. two people are recovering this morning after being stabbed at a bar in manayunk overnight. it happened around 2:00 this morning at mad river bar on main street in manayunk. both victims are in stable condition. police did make an arrest in this case. take a look at this. a fire ripped through a house in franklin township, gloucester county overnight. nbc10 was on the scene on dogwood after. crews had to bring in water tankers to fight the fire because there were no hydrants nearby. no reports of any injuries and no word yet on what may have caused this incident. five firefighters in montgomery county catching their breath this morning after their
7:34 am
fire truck caught on fire. members were returning from a nonfire, a nonemergency call last night when the flames erupted near their engine. the fire spread so quickly the crew had to rush out before they could radio for help. responding trucks were able to get the flames quickly under control. all the firefighters involved are expected to be okay. investigators are now look into what may have sparked the flames. police in gloucester county are holding a man on child sex assault charges and they believe that man is in the country illegally. police in woodbury alerted federal immigration officials about the arrest of morales on friday. he is from guatemala and authorities say he is in the country illegally, and he assaulted a child under the age of 16 on several occasions this year and last year. police say a teacher in woodbury was first to learn about the child abuse and that teacher is the one that tipped them off. campos morales is being held on
7:35 am
$500,000 bail. we have new information about a teenager who was found dead inside of a broken-down car in north philadelphia. police identified the victim as 15-year-old xavier stern of upper darby. his parents reported him missing on wednesday and on friday night he was found in the back of a car where he had multiple gunshot wounds. police are still investigating. and then investigators say three masked men pretended to be police officers when they kicked in the door of this house on almond street in southwest philly. investigators tell us the intruders tied up the 19-year-old man and stole the cell phone of an 18-year-old woman that lived there. the police tracked down the cell phone and the three men, however police even cltually released t
7:36 am
three men pending first investigation in the case and they have not released any other details. marching to end gun violence, and that's how many people marked the anniversary of the newtown shootings. the event was organized by every town for gun safety and that's a group with a mission of ending the deaths of 88 people from gun violence daily. this is one of many walks around the nation this weekend. the birds still flying high after the win over the patriots, and now another challenge as they face-off against the former teammate, lasean mccoy. a preview is coming up. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid.
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great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at a 23-year-old man is in jail this morning charged with setting a southern california mosque on fire. karl dial is being held on $150,000 bail. according to investigators he set the fire friday afternoon at the mosque. nobody was hurt. he is accused of burglary, arson and a hate crime. this mosque is about 75 miles away from the site of the san bernardino shooting on december
7:40 am
2nd. a muslim community in north philadelphia is coming together in the face of hate. we showed you the surveillance video earlier in the week. you can see somebody inside the car throwing a pig's head at the door steps at the moss income north philly. muslims view this as a serious insult because their dietary laws forbid them to eat pork. the community members and leaders decided the host a picnic for solidarity. neighbors of the mosque tell us embracing and understanding the culture of the faith is the best way to drive out hate. >> we as a community wanted to show that we stand completely in solidarity, and acts like this that are attempts to divide only bring the community together. >> folks at the picnic told us all of the support here will discourage any crimes targeting any house of worship. turning to severe weather now. today people in eastern texas
7:41 am
will be cleaning up after about 50 homes, including some of the homes you see behind me were damaged by a tornado. one woman caught cell phone video of a funnel cloud in the city of lynn dale yesterday afternoon. forecasters are still trying to determine the strength of the tornado. nobody was hurt. lindale's mayor has declared the city a disaster zone. and then warmer weather in our area are drawing people outside, and some are grabbing last-minute christmas trees and others shopping, and the annual santa run usually has snow, but this year a lot of santa's decided to dress in shorts and short sleeves. certainly a rare december day to get rid of the gloves and jackets, and guess what? it's going to stick around for one more day. we broke a record yesterday,
7:42 am
69 degrees. 65 was the record. 46 is normal for this time of year. we loved it and we're going to love it again today. temperatures around 71 degrees. later on this afternoon, well above normal for this time of year. we are looking at fog across the area reducing visibilities across the area, down to a quarter mile in some spots. looking for the potential for another record breaker today and good chance we will break it. monday we will bring in clouds and rain later in the afternoon, so 54 degrees right now in philadelphia. winds out of the west-southwest at 6 miles per hour. it's 3 degrees warmer compared to this time yesterday and some spots even 10 degrees warmer, and it was warm to started out saturday. right now looking at 48 degrees in allentown, and 49 in westchester. 54 degrees right you in philadelphia, south and east, in the mid-50s, 56 in atlantic city, and 52 in dover and 49 degrees in millville, new jersey. mild this morning.
7:43 am
enjoy it. look at these temperatures, though. going up quickly. by 10:30, 61 degrees. by 2:00, 69, and then we are going to drop back into the 60s later this evening and then tonight in the 50s and 40s. another mild night and fog on monday morning. there's a look at the fog, and we will see future weather, and the big story today being the mild air in place of mixture of sun and clouds. monday, there is your change. more cloud cover on monday. kind of a gray-looking day. mild once again with temperatures in the upper 60s but tracking rain later in the day, especially by 7:00, 8:00, and seeing rain over spreading the area, and this will last through 11:00, midnight, before we clear it out, and that's a cold front bringing in cooler air on monday, into the low 60s. today, fog and warmer, 69 to 72. and then tonight in the 50s, and
7:44 am
the 7-day forecast, we get a reality check by the end of the work week. monday mostly cloudy and a chance for showers and rain in the evening, 68. tuesday, cooler, 68 and partly sunny and warm, and then wednesday in the upper 50s, and then look what happens on friday, partly sunny, windy, 49 and just 44 on saturday. we thought the eagles were totally healthy go into the game against buffalo but yesterday jordan matthews was on the injury report so he is questionable today with a back issue. here are the phillies arriving yesterday afternoon. look who is back. shady is back in philly. there he is. he will make his return to the linc today. he is going through a lot of emotions in his first trip back here. >> it's definitely weird just getting here at 20 years old, you know, and then having my
7:45 am
whole career there, so that's for sure going to be weird, going to the visitor's locker room and traveling to the game, just a lot of different things. because you grow to have a different routine, the way you come into the parking lot, and so many different things but you can't get wrapped up in that. >> how about the eagles win over the pay trtriots? it has breathed new life into the birds. they are only 5-7 but know they can still accomplish their goals. >> you have got to believe. i think for this team that everybody is sticking together, man, and believing in each other. >> there's four games left. whoever has the best record of these four games are going to go to the playoffs, and you have to go to the playoffs and that's what everybody is focussing on now. take a look at the parachuters making their way into lincoln financial field. all the papbgeantry that goes o
7:46 am
with the game. how about this, army is leading. and then a 50-yard touchdown and navy takes the lead. army has a last chance in tfour quarter, and hail mary, and navy beats the army for the 14th straight time. no losers in this game. much respect to you. and the raiders, they win the pop warner super bowl for the second straight season and beat the old town gators at disney world. good stuff. we will have a full eagles wrap-up after sunday night football. hopefully the birds win. i am john clark. enjoy your sunday. just about quarter of 8:00 on this sunday. the start of the "today" show starts in a few minutes, and we will check in with erica hill and craig melvin joining us from new york with more of what they are working on. >> just ahead we will continue
7:47 am
to take a look at the crazy spell of warm weather that we are not complaining about, and then talking about cruz. >> and usher are giving online s classes. >> and a soldier and his dog recovering side by side after surviving an ied. >> you know, we will wait and see at 8:00 what the surprise is. if it's sunday, it's "meet the press." this morning, donald trump and his muslim mandate. has it hurt him in the polls?
7:48 am
maybe one poll. we will check in with chuck todd for a preview after the break. we stop arthritis pain,
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now to decision 2016, and donald trump and his muslim mandate, is it a defense against terrorism or what some call islam phobia. that's the discussion on this morning's edition of "meet the press." joining us for a preview is moderator of "meet the press," chuck todd. >> good morning, rosemary. >> there's a new leader, ted cruz, and is this in response to donald trump's ban on muslims or is this a sign of cruz's str strategy is working. >> the poll shows trump improving his standing in iowa as well. this is a sign cruz has become the candidate of christian conservatives. both had the support of christian conservatives, and cruz established himself as that candidate. donald trump has his own core
7:52 am
chunk of one-third of republican voters, voters that have not been active in primaries before, and a little angry and upset at the establishment, and his muslim ban is still going well with his supporters, and you have an established candidate that is starting to rise and that's turning out to be marco rubio, who happens to be my guest on the show. >> chuck, we just got word you have an interview with secretary of state, john kerry. >> yep. >> what can we expect to hear from him? >> the big question is that the agreement looks good on paper, but is there any way of making it a binding agreement? you have republicans and congress not wanting to abide by it at all, but how do you -- everything in this agreement is voluntary around the world, so when a country -- what is the
7:53 am
punishment mechanism? and then how do we vet people that get visas that come into the country, and we are learning more about the terrorists in san bernardino, and had they been vetting the social media of the wife she may never have gotten that visa in the first place. as you heard chuck mention, gop white house candidate, florida senator, marco rubio will be sitting down with him for an exclusive interview on "meet the press," and secretary of state, john kerry, he will talk with chuck about the global warming accord. we'll be right back. patients across the country have spoken.
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they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at slash eastern. cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now.
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some of the world's most famous horses brought holiday cheer to montgomery county yesterday. the budweiser clydesdales capped the tree-lighting ceremony. they also dropped off beer to local businesses along the route. conshohocken is where they appeared a couple months ago. >> they came through doylestown a couple months ago, and people said they were humongous. we are looking at fog this morning, and it looks like a
7:57 am
duplicate of yesterday and the day before that, and fog across the area reducing visibilities, and the winds are light and we are looking at calm winds on the ground, and temperatures are mild, around 54 degrees around philadelphia. by this afternoon, 71 degrees, way above normal. typically we come in at 46, and we are not close to that. monday, 68 and then rain arrives at night and a cold front comes through and still warm for this time of year. 50s on wednesday, and thursday, that is going to be the big umbrella day. we will see periods of rain. temperatures still above normal, 59 degrees, and then a little shock to the system, a reality check by friday, a cold wind in place, and temperatures around 49 degrees. factor in winds around 10 miles per hour, and it will feel like the mid-40s. saturday breezy and 44, and feeling like the 30s. >> we're going back.
7:58 am
>> that's going to do it for us. we will see you right back here at 9:00.
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good morning. twisters in texas. wild moments in the lone star state when the tornado touches down, crossing a highway. snapped trees, downed power lines, homes severely damaged, while the east sees record-breaking heat once again today. what is behind this wild weather? cruz control. a major shakeup in iowa. ted cruz skyrocketing in a new poll, now leading donald trump by ten points. with 50 days to go until the iowa caucuses. this morning, what it all means as the race to the white house shifts into high gear. missed warning signs? san bernardino attacker tashfeen malik openly posted online she wanted to take part in violent


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