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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  December 14, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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you need to know coming up in a live report. >> fog is blanketing the region this morning, so take it slow on the roads out there. it is going to be a foggy commute this morning. >> the eagles pull out another win. i think i was driving in to work i saw people still out partying in philadelphia. two straight wins, now the birds are getting ready to take on their next target. i'm rosemary connors. >> i'm vai sikahema. also this fog we have to deal with throughout the better part of the morning and then it's warm out there. i don't understand the science, bill, when the warmth has something to do with the fog. >> it is, absolutely related, yes. we love the warm weather but it comes with extra moisture and as temperatures try to cool down this is what you get. the fog that's forming, that and warm air trying to surge into the area that is setting the stage for another huge warm-up during the day. but it comes with fog this morning. coatesville, half mile visibility. that's improvement.
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but it's holding at quarter mile, dense fog for wilmington, northeast philadelphia and mount holly and it hasn't budgeted at philadelphia international. 1/8 mile visibility. the good news it's warm. it's still december but doesn't look like it. look at that, 58 degrees in cape may. 55 in northeast philadelphia. even the pocono mountains are warm this morning. and it's a warm-up during the day that will ease us out of the fog. slowly. 56 degrees at 8:00. 64 by 11:00, the fog will disappear but cloudy skies and a breezy afternoon. we'll be dry at 2:00, but then later this afternoon it's rain that will be sweeping in for the evening. a lot going on. let's find out how the fog is causing trouble on the roadways this morning. katy has your first alert traffic. >> causing trouble is right. this drive time keeps creeping up. it moved up to nearly 50 minutes so. this is all because of a crash
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you have on 295 southbound, south into philadelphia international airport. the drive time between the vine street expressway and the blue route is nearly 50 minutes because of that crash. let me tell you where between exits 10 and 9 on 95 southbound one lane is getting by right now and because of the increased volume we're seeing on the roads around this hour, that's accounting for the crazy long drive time. uf might want to take the blue route to 95, to avoid that mess on 95 south of the philadelphia international airport. other parts of 95 looking good. this is a great number if you are going south between woodhaven and the vine. 76, some stretches of patchy fog not affecting drive time and the blue route a good alternate to get around that mess on 95 southbound right around wannamaker avenue. i'll let you know when that clears. into new jersey this is a live look at camden, traffic is moving pretty smoothly.
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there is some fog in camden. this is 76 at market street so proceed with caution and allow for extra time because we are seeing some slow drive times throughout the area. >> thank you. we're following breaking news in delaware county, a car accident on i-95 kills one person and ties up traffic there. matt delucia is live for us in tinicum township. we're dealing with the fog all morning. do the police, are they telling you that the fog may have played a role in this crash? >> reporter: the investigation is still under way, they were taking pictures out here not long ago. a lot happened. i-95 southbound was shut down, now you can see as katy mentioned one lane is getting by, the left lane. earlier we had two lanes but right now it's just the one lane right now. another car come through in the other lane at the moment. you see to the left you can see all of the emergency vehicles and then right in that brush there, about 30 to 40 feet off
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the roadway here on the southbound lanes of i-95 you see the overturned vehicle, the vehicle where a man died here earlier. this happened about 3:30. still in the process of trying to remove this. they were in the process of removing that man's body. he died at the scene. a look at video in the past hour, someone else involved in this deadly crash, he didn't want to say too much on camera, just that it was foggy and he's very shaken up as a result. hills vehicle was not heavily damaged. a gray vehicle up from where we are now. it's parked at the moment. it has some damage to the back end. back out live again. you can see the southbound lane of i-95 south of the philadelphia international airport by exit 10. you can see the northbound lane to the right. we're on the southbound lane. the one lane getting by at the moment. katy, i will keep you updated as
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well. for now live in tinicum township along 95, matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." we're following more breaking news at a water main break. nbc 10 is giving you live pictures on the scene here. officials are telling us that the water from the broken main flowed into at least a dozen homes there flooding basements. the water department is handling repairs. we'll keep you updated. >> in new castle county a fire forced dozens of people from their homes at an apartment complex. the blaze broke out around 2:00 this morning in a closet at the harper view complex. the flames spread so firefighters decided to evacuate the entire building as a precaution. nobody was hurt. last year one resident died and another injured during a fire at this same complex. in the pocono mountains
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police shot and killed a man they say pointed guns at customers in a walmart. this happened in monroe county. after officers say the man refused to drop his weapon. police were called to the scene saturday night. according to authorities andrew todd was armed with two guns and a machete threatening customers. police shot him in the chest, he died at the hospital. the incident september dozens of customers and employees scrambling. no one else was hurt. a man is behind bars akulsed in the double murder of his estranged wife and her 80-year-old mother. authorities say the two were killed as they were on the way to church. this happened early yesterday at a house on hockey branch road in symrna kent county. the police have arrested 66-year-old gilbert rochester. investigators tell us he stabbed his wife mary lane and her mother around 7:30 monday
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morning. police found rochester allegedly holding the murder weapon. according to detectivings he and his wife were in the process of getting a divorce. he is being held without bail. >> in delaware county the family of a teenager found shot to death wants to know who pulled the trigger and why a. crowd gathered at the youth league football field where zav rer stern played. the 15-year-old left his home in upper darby after an argument in late november. officers found his body in the back seat of a car in north philadelphia. xavier's grandmother made an emotional plea to the crowd last night. >> i pray they find out who did this to my grandson. he did not deserve this. >> police have not made any arrests in this case and have not released information about a motive in this shooting. >> eagles hang on to first place after beating the buffalo bills
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at the linc yesterday. the birds took a lead when sam bradford finds the rookie for the touchdown. the eagles defense had to save the day. reynolds intersecting this pass with under two minutes left. that was the difference there. the birds edge, improve to 6-7. >> we asked birds fans how they feel about the team now that they won two straight. improved to 6-7 on the season. >> first place, on to the playoffs. that's the way we look at it. >> let's go. >> you come home and win but you got a tough one next week. >> we got to win two of the last three and they are in. >> there you. go fans are talking about what shawn mccoy, the former eagle in his first game back in philadelphia. shady wasn't happy after the
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game. look at this. yeah. our cameras caught shady tossing his helmet in anger. mccoy left without speaking to reporters. the first place eagles who turned to prime time sunday night when they host the arizona cardinals here on nbc 10. they get flexed into that national gig. >> what do you make of them this season? >> i think they are going to win the division. i don't know how far they get but they are getting to the playoffs i think. >> we'll see on sunday. >> the weekend warm-up created the day to remember. >> a lot of folks enjoying it. these guys, no winter blues, more like spring fever. neighbors on irvington road in drexel hill had no flakes falling around them. just a little soap and suds to make up for mother nature. there wasn't sledding but they
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got a taste of winter. now a check of the weather with bill henley. >> looks like good clean fun there. not with temperatures, another warm day. but it's coming with fog this morning. thick fog to start with. will stay with us for the next few hours. once it clears we're on the way to another record warmth for today. these look like 70 degrees, we saw records call, then attracting showers later today. the evening commute looks like we'll set some rain and possibly thunderstorms. this morning thick fog. millville, cloudy skies and 57 degrees. look at the pocono mountains, thick fog for most to start with as the temperatures have come down. we've seen improvement in the last few minutes. tots coatesville, down to 1/8 and holding at international which will likely mess with flights this morning. this afternoon look at the line
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of wet weather. that's rain and that's what's going to be here for the evening commute. before it gets here a big warm-up. 60s for pennsburg and morgantown. the fog will clear, cloudy skies. sing of kbraush. while across the delaware at 70 and 72 in millville light fog, 69 degrees. symrna 71. the 70s for burlington, new jersey. a record for this date, the old record 1881 on the books for a long time. 68 degrees this afternoon. and wilmington and in newark. there is a change for the end of the week, you won't wonder what happened to december by saturday and sunday. the seven-day forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. >> probably good to get the kof tee go. >> especially if you are headed toward 95.
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katy, fill us in. >> we're focused on the area south of the philadelphia international airport between exits 10 and 9, that's the exit for bartram avenue and wannamaker avenue. you'll encountercrazy high drive time. almost an hour between the vine and the blue route. there is an accident in the far left side you can see the flashing lights there. i am seeing now, in the last minutes, just one lane was getting by. you can see look likes two lanes are getting by between one and two lanes because of the increases volume that's why you have the drive time so high. so locally route 13 through delaware county around or take the blue route to connected to 95 southbound. >> 2016 is a few weeks away. it's time to plan your resolutions. ♪ from that promise to exer size every day to a commitment to
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improve a different kind of health. we'll look at it coming up. and we continue to keep an eye on the fog this morning. a live look at the schuylkill expressway near city avenue. you can see the traffic is moving slowly but surely at this hour.
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>> it has been one month since the terror attacks in paris. when 130 people died. yesterday parisians paid tribute to the victims outs of the concert hall. 90 people were killed there. candles, flowers and photos line the streets outside of the ven you've. the area has become a makeshift memorial, a shrine. france is still under a state of emergency. authorities continue to search for suspects involved in the attacks, only one person believed to be directly linked
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to the attacks escaped and is said to be in syria. >> today holiday shipping heads into high gear. fedex, ups and the postal service will be handling billions of boxes, cards and packages. if you want the post office to deliver your card or package by christmas eve here are the important shipping dates. tomorrow is the deadline for standard postal service. first class mail is saturday the 19th. priority mail must be sent no later than the 21st and priority express by the 23rd. >> a warning if you plan to get packages delivered to the door police are looking for two men they say stole packages minutes after a ups driver dropped them off at the door. it happened about two weeks ago in newark's barrington neighborhood. authorities are looking for two men after they tracked down the
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car in this video. a few ways to keep packages out of the hands thieves. request a signature. that way you or someone else will be around when it's delivered. you can ship it directly to a fedex location where you can pick it up. in the last tip, if you know you won't be home ask a neighbor or a friend to collect the package for you. >> 6:18 this monday morning. as we get set to start the work week. and kind of interesting to start the work week with all of this fog. >> a mess to say the least. katy, what are you seeing? >> for drivers on 95 southbound, the area south of the philadelphia international airport between exits 10 and 9. so this is a live look from our camera right at the scene. you've been seeing it throughout the morning. crews are throughout attaching the wires to the vehicle, this overturned vehicle, one of two cars involved. they are going to pull it off
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the road there. we'll let you know when that happens. hopefully soon after that they can reopen the four lanes of 95 in this area. right now if we 2 to my camera i can show you the drive time. it keeps creeping up. normally your drive between the vine street expressway and the blue route would take you 14 minutes. it's 60 minutes now because of that crash scene you saw around the exit for 421 and wannamaker avenue. because of our increased volume and accident that's accounting for that crazy high drive time. two lanes are moving by as you saw that now. into other parts of the area, the area bridges expect patchy fog as you head over them. we know from one of our crews traveling over the girard point bridge that it's extremely foggy. no speed restrictions on our area bridges which is somewhat surprising. but expect some patchy fog. for drivers in delaware who may
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be in and around wilmington, 95 northbound between 295 and 495 that is only about 10 minutes in both directions there. >> 20 minutes after 6:00. this time of year a thick fog can lead to icy conditions. not today. it is warm to start with along with the fog, 55 degrees at afternoon. but it's not going to stay dry. won't stay foggy. the fog disappears, cloudy skies this afternoon, for the evening commute we'll see rain. so fog to start with, thick for the next couple hours, then cloudy skies through the day, ending the afternoon and rain, possibly a thunderstorm. look at those temperatures. 67 degrees to 70 this afternoon and 70 would break the record for philadelphia. we'll see record temperatures tomorrow but we won't see the clouds or the fog or the rain. we'll clear out. 55 in the morning, 60 in the
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afternoon. cooler but sunny. umbrellas go up ape long with the temperature. but december makes a comeback friday a chilly rain with gusty winds that blow into saturday, look at saturday afternoon, lots of sunshine, 42 degrees, in the 20s to start with sunday. >> not looking forward to it. there is a new lineup for the republican debate tomorrow night ahead see who made it this time to the main stage. and we'll tell what you the president is doing this week to calm peers of terrorism abraud and here at home.
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good monday morning. i'm katy zachry with a look at your foggy commute. this is a live look at 76, right at girard avenue on the left side of your screen that traffic headed toward center city
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philadelphia dealing with patchy fog along 76 but drive times are looking really good. unfortunately, if you are headed on 95 southbound between exits for route 291 and 420 you are going to experience significant backup because of an accident there, crews are on the scene. i'll give you details coming up in a few minutes. first bill will tell us what we can expect today. >> we've seen very thick fog, storm force 10 is driving through it. a soupy start. the temperatures are in the 50s right now. and areas of fog in some areas down to zero visibility. it will take hours for that to happen. [barks]
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are those... you there... stormtroopers! halt! turn here. go go! follow them! bb-8! beep, beep! this way! where'd they go? they went that way! that way, they went that way! i can't believe that worked! of course it worked! beep, beep, beep!
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>> we are following breaking news in delaware county. the fog may be to blame for a deadly crash on i-95 that's backing up traffic. we're live on the scene talking to police and helping you get around this accident. >> low visibility is also going to affect your morning commute. we are off to a warm, foggy start. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm rosemary connors. difficult driving in to work this morning. a check of the weather from meteorologist bill henley. what are you seeing? >> we're socked in for most of the area, we saw it when we went on the air at 4:00 and it's still with us, dense fog, wilmington, philadelphia international, northeast philadelphia, trenton, areas north and west. south jersey and central delaware not as foggy there. but everybody is seeing a really warm start. it's this warm air that's giving us all of the moisture and a surge of warmth is trying to come into the area producing the fog that you see this morning. it will still be here at 8:00.
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56 degrees. as the temperature climbs, the ability of the atmosphere to hold more moisture will get rid of the fog. cloudy skies at 11:00. 64 degrees. close to 70 degrees at 2:00, when we hit 70 degrees this afternoon, that will be a new record for this date. katy is watching the first alert traffic. >> not good for drivers on 95 southbound between exits 291 and 420. this is the scene here in the extreme left hand portion of your screen. you can see the yellow flashing lights. that's our accident scene that's been out there since around 4:30 this morning. two lanes of traffic are getting by around us. but it's still when you have all of the volume that we see around the 6:30 time your drive time typically this would take 14 minutes to go between the vine and the blue route now an extra half hour because of this. so your alternates route 13 through delaware county or take the blue route to connect to 95 south and you'll avoid this
6:31 am
mess. taking a look now at our drive times on other pennsylvania majors, 95, things are slowing up between woodhaven and the vine. areas of patchy fog with drive time is not bad, just additional extra few minutes to add there. the blue route is looking really good. it always is around this time. >> thank you, katy. more on that breaking news now of the deadly crash on i-95. matt delucia is live near the republican sce scene. >> reporter: two lanes are getting by, for a while here it was shut down about an hour ago as investigators were taking pictures. one of the vehicles involved in this crash. this car was about 30 to 40 feet in the brush off of the southbound lanes of i-95. the crews just flipped it over about 15 minutes ago and pulled this out.
6:32 am
we got video of that. let's look at that. where we can see that car as it was being pulled out. then the crew flipped that vehicle to get it right side up and bring that onto a tow truck which is what is the happening now. there was another vehicle involved in this crash as well. a gentleman in that vehicle didn't want to say much, that it was foggy when this happened about 3:30 this morning. he says he was shaken up and as a result of this crash as you can imagine one man died here as a result of this. we come back out live and we'll show this is the southbound lanes of i-95. more traffic than we've seen since early this morning when this happened. two lanes getting by now. the left two lanes. this is a four-lane stretch on the philadelphia international airport. so half of this is shut down right now. the investigators are still out at the scene and as i mentioned they are in the process of trying to get that car on a tow
6:33 am
truck. they got it almost onto the truck right now. so could be a little while longer before the crews officially get this thing wrapped up. for the time being two lanes getting by. should prepare for traffic heading out in this area. for now live along i-95, matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." >> we're following breaking news in philadelphia aeps ronhurst neighborhood. a water main break flooded basements. nbc 10 is on the scene where officials tell us water from the broken main flowed into at least a dozen homes. the water department will handle repairs. go to to stick with us for updates. >> one teenager is dead, another in critical condition after a west philadelphia shooting overnight. this happened on clayton street around 11:00 p.m. both teens went to the hospital where one of the victims is still listed in critical
6:34 am
condition. police are trying to determine the motive. two children founs themselves in the mid of a high-speed chase after a man stole an suv with the kids in the back seat. this happened outside after liquor store on saturday night. the surveillance video shows the suspect crossing the white horse pike before he jumps into an suv while it was running. christopher dumas was arrested. children had minor injuries. their mom had been in the liquor store when her car was stolen. >> now to the budget battle in pennsylvania, today lawmakers will get back to work after a session last night in harrisburg. gop leaders want to spend less than that proposed in the senate's budget that includes a $1.2 billion tax increase.
6:35 am
lawmakers are hoping to end the five-month-long budget stalemate before the new year. >> chris christie will be back in prime time when the republican presidential candidates debate tomorrow night. the new jersey governor qualified for the main gop debate this time because after boost in the polls. he failed to make the fox business debate last month. donald trump leads in most polls but there are some changes to report. the new poll shows 27 percent of republican primary voters support trump. ted cruz is in second place, if that development that led to this statement from trump yesterday. it's a foggy one this morning. dense fog, storm force 10 is driving around in the soup this
6:36 am
morning. visibility in some spots near zero. take it slow, use the low beams and you'll be fine. the fog will be with us for the next few hours, then a big temperature jump, but as far as clouds are concerned that is a different story. a different problem for the evening commute. thick fog for most of the area this morning. record warmth for this afternoon. but late this afternoon for the evening commute i'm tracking showers, possibly heaven the downpours, even a chance of a thunderstorm. 51 in doylestown, philadelphia international 54, both reporting thick fog. mill skril, light fog and clouds at 57 degrees, you can sew cape may is fog free. not everybody is seeing it but many areas are. big improvement in coats will town to zero, now 2 mile visibility. later today you'll need your umbrella. this will be arriving for the afternoon commute and the
6:37 am
showers will be around in the evening. but before the wet weather moves in, temperatures will move back up. middle 60s for allentown, reading and quakertown. look at this, doylestown 67 and 68 in norristown. low 70s for voyn land and dover. evening hours for cape may. fog for wilmington. 70, that's a record for philadelphia breaking the old record of 69 degrees. this weather is not going to last. i'll be back with that in 10 minutes. thank you, bill. 6:37. for the drive time, that stretch of 95 in delaware county ha ballooned to 44, about an hour now. >> yeah, it's going to be a while. let's check in with katy. >> it is nearly an hour. for drivers there are few
6:38 am
alternatives. kae can take route 13 or the blue route. so -- but 95 southbound between exits 10 and 9. there was an accident seen out there near the exit for route 420. 58 minutes to go again the vine and the blue route. crews are out there trying to clean up the mess, continuing with their accident investigation and only allowing two lanes of traffic intermittently to get past the scene. take route 13 through delaware county or 476 to connect. if you want to avoid the mess and local roads. moving into new jersey. a look at route 73 where it meets the new jersey turnpike. increased volume there. other parts slowing things down throughout the morning so you want to add extra time as you head out.
6:39 am
>> three years ago today a gunman walked into an elementary school and killed 26 people, 20 of them were children. instead of looking back these high school students are honoring those who died with 26 days of kindness. the eagles are drawing attention not only for on the field but -- shirts that they are wearing off the field. right there.
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>> here is a live look at the schuylkill expressway near the city avenue and roosevelt boulevard exits. you can ski a lot of traffic this morning. give yourself a few extra minutes because the fog could create problems.
6:43 am
a live look from storm force 10 traveling through north broad street in philadelphia. you can see the fog here in the city not as bad as out on the highways. again, though, proceed with caution out the door. >> today the third an versetry of the mass shooting at sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut. the massacre killed 20 children and six educators. the gunman who had mental health problems committed suicide as police closed in. the school was demolished in 2013. a new school being built is expected to open a year from now. a high school in fairfield, connecticut is honoring the victims with 26 days of kindness. some students are writing letters to thank first responders. other students are donating food and blankets to the homeless. the teens say their efforts make perfect sense. >> first responders. dear newtown police officer. >> i want to let them know they were appreciated and their job
6:44 am
was selfless. >> we're not just remembering something bad that happened. trying to counteract that with good. >> you spread like one good idea it becomes like a disease, a good disease. >> the students and teachers say they now consider the kindness program part of the curriculum. later on this morning in our area, a state lawmaker from bucks county will mark the sandy hook anniversary during an event. democratic house member and gun safety groups will be at snipes farm to remember the victims, they will renew their call for universal background checks for gun purchasers. >> president obama will share with the nation his latest strategy on fighting isis. the president plans to release a statement after he meets with his team. president obama spoke to the country last week on terrorism and anti-muslim sentiment in the u.s. and this month coalition forces
6:45 am
carried out more air strikes in iraq. iraq's ministry of defense released video of three days of attacks in two cities. they say the strikes hit a militant base and destroyed mom-making factories in targeted areas. canada welcomed hundreds of syrians. canada's newly elected prime minister is leading the committee. hash tag welcome to canada was trending over the weekend. in syria dozens killed over the weekend in a damascus suburb, with no end in sight people are desperate to escape. >> they all lost their joob, they couldn't attend school. stuck at home living day by day. a missile would hit the roof and thachk god nothing happened to one of them. >> let's head to los angeles. a deadly shooting involving
6:46 am
police was captured on cell phone now sparking protests. 33 shots in less than 25 seconds. a warning this video is graphic. there were tense moments as two l.a. county deputies opened fire on 28-year-old nicolas robertson. investigators say he was warped with a gun when they pulled up robertson ignored their commands to drop his weapon and continued to walk toward a gas station. we stopped the video but as the shooting continues robertson falls and tries to crawl away. >> he's crawling on his knees and they kept shoeing. why. >> you see the suspect entering the frame, weapon in hand. he was behaving erratically, oddly and in a bizarre fashion. >> authorities released three 911 calls from witnesses who say they saw a man firing gun shots
6:47 am
in the air before police arrived. it's unclear how many of the 33 shots hit robertson. community activists are now calling for an independent investigation. closing argumentings are set to begin in the trial of a baltimore police officer accused in the deaths of freddie gray. william porter is the first of six officers to stand trial for gray's death. charged with manslaughter. gray died in april while in police custody after breaking his neck in the back of a police van. his death sparked riots across the city and the country. >> the eagles are clinging to a share of first place. >> right back in it. they got there by holding off the late charge from the buffalo bills at the linc yesterday the birds took flight when sam bradford finds the rookie for a touchdown score here. eagles defense had to come in
6:48 am
and save the day. picking off this pass with up der two minutes to go. the birds edge the bills. eagles get their second straight win. inside motivation may have helped. what could be a lucky t-shirt. as you read, 53 angry men. eagles players were wearing them beneath their jerseys. the pirds took their cue from the own here told them to start playing angry. of elaine johnson, and brandon graham are three pirds who believe in the t. >> it's a good, a great thing a great way to look at it. >> play angry, that's what he mean. we've been playing angry the last two weeks. >> expect this to be standard gear sunday night. your official eagles tv station. let's go to a look at the
6:49 am
"today" show, also congratulations to savannah and her family with the eagles win. >> thank you, vai and to yours as well. good morning to you. sorry. we have a thing nouf. >> giants play tonight. >> coming up, the already unpredictable republican presidential race getting wilder. ted cruz surnls in our new poll and a new attack from donald tru trump. >> a mistake a lot of parents make when it comes to kids and car heefbs in the winter months. >> those and the great tina fey stopped by. and her entry into a very elite "snl" club. back to you. >> we're all proud of her. thanks, guys. >> you got it. >> all right. so, the new year, vai, we know is around the corner. you know what this time of year
6:50 am
means. right? >> yeah. new year's resolutions. going to the gym. >> you already do. every day. instead of focusing on your physical health, you're in good shape, you don't need to worry. focus on your financial health. fidelity investment study found those that made financial resolutions into the new year last year are more likely to be financially secure and debt free as we approach 2019. >> each if i was to increase my savings that's going to get me closer to building the kind of nest egg i want. >> you are more likely to stick with your goal if you make it measurable. for instance, commit to putting away a certain doll amount into savings. >> 10 minutes before 7:00. nice to be able to store this
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warm weather for the cold you know is coming. moisture and look at the fog we're starting off with. it is a a foggy view the from the timberwolves 10 studios. 54 degree, in the 50s today, we'll wrm into the 70s. that's about 20 degrees above normal. foggy in the pocono mountains. that's the view the from camel back. that will start a warming process. it's going to take time for the zero visibility to burn off. starting to ease but no change for trenton, mount holly. but it's likely to cause problems with flights first thing this morning. it's a different story. the fog will be gone. we'll see cloudy skies. look at temperatures in spied of the thick fog we'll be in the 50s into the 60s this afternoon. it won't be a sunny 70 later
6:52 am
tot. the rain is to the west. you see it moving through indiana and kentucky and tennessee destined for our area later today in time for the evening commute. in fact, the futurecast shows wet weather at 5:00 just to the west, the rain moves in and light rain at 5:00 there will be heavy downpours. each a possibility of a thunderstorm. the showers, by 11:00 tonight a few hours in the area, they year out. we could see more than an inch of rain. so a lot going within. eventually ending in rain but before the rain moves in the temperatures hit 67 degrees to 70 this afternoon. if we hit that 70 that would break a record on the boks since 1881. tomorrow, the clouds, the rain, the fog all out of here and the
6:53 am
temperatures, a low of 55. gusty on tuesday, ness win. then a warm up as umbrellas go up on thursday. rain moving in thundershowers and a chilly rain possible. a cold wind blows. here comes december. p 29 sunday morning and 48 the high on sunday. >> it's december? you're kidding. no. yes. 6:5 they on this monday and we're keeping an eye on the roads. >> it's coming down from what it's been. >> we've seen significant progress on 95 southbound through delaware county. so for drivers headed out the door cross your fingers that it stays that way. exit 9 there was a crash that has clored. so your drive time southbound between the vine street evai and
6:54 am
the blue route. it was nearing an hour so. this the normally 14 minutes so clear going to have to at 25 minutes to your commute. between route 291 which is exit 9. all lanes reopened. if you want to avoid that potential backup and that long drive time locally or stick to the blue route where it connects with 95. checking airport delays, you see new york, delays up to 50 minutes, here at philadelphia, delays of up to 44 minutes. you'll want to call ahead your specific airline. into new jersey this is a live look outside at route 42 freeway at route 41 when i see you we'll take a look at your drive times headed toward center city. >> speaking of drive times and the drive, we've got our eyes
6:55 am
open in our cameras peeled to the fog that's out there. you see a live look at 76 where traffic there is flowing but slow. and this is storm force 10 out and about. it was in north philadelphia. we'll have a location here but it's foggy out there. doesn't matter where you are it's foggy all over the delaware valley.
6:56 am
6:57 am
6:58 am
>> a quick update in the ron hurst neighborhood. a water main break that flooded basements. nbc 10 is live on the scene. year told that water from the main flowed into at least eight homes.
6:59 am
crews are helping people pump out the water. it appears service is out alopg the stretch of lang don street. crews will make repairs. >> you're going to want to avoid that stretch of langdon street. moving outside the city a look at 95 south of the philadelphia international airport near route 420 where it was the scene of a pretty bad crash not long ago. since then all four lanes have reopened. your drive time is looking really good on 95 southbound. >> a foggy start this morning. that's 76, thick fog. widespread this morning. quarter mile visibility now from trenton through northeast philadelphia. philadelphia international, and wilmington. thick to start with but it's not going to last all day. the temperature will be climbing from the 50s to near 70 this afternoon which will be a new record for today. >> thank you.
7:00 am
the "today" show is up next. good morning. breaking overnight. egyptian investigators announce they found no evidence a terror attack brought down that russian passenger plane over sinai in october killing all 2241 on board. this despite an isis claim of responsibility and a russian report concluding a bomb downed that jet. we're live with the new twist in the investigation. frenemies, donald trump turns on rival ted cruz calling him a maniac after the texas senator pulls ahead in iowa and gains ground in a new national poll. cruz laughing it all off on media still calling trump his friend as the field gets set for another debate tomorrow night. too hot to handle. a popular holiday gift even harder to fd


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