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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  December 14, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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and right now at 11:00, more mildest weather, but it was a very foggy start to the day. take a look at intense fog along ivy mills road in glenn mills, delaware county this morning. the clouds are hanging around right now but once again it is unseasonably warm. here is a live look at boathouse row in philadelphia. there will be another challenge for the afternoon commute. bim henley is here with the forecast. >> really thick fog and still feeling the affects of it in
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philadelphia, big improvement, now see across the delaware but see gray skies overhead and a ground stop is still in effect at philadelphia international, even though the visibility has improved greatly. now, mile and a half visibility in trenton was down to zero for hours, five-mile visibility in philadelphia international airport and wilmington is looking a lot better. and the temperatures, well, a nice warmup, 61 degrees in philadelphia. look at dover, getting close to 70 degrees and that's where we are heading this afternoon. clouds will be staying with us, might see a break or two of sunshine, more likely in delaware and into south jersey, then most of the rest of the area. we should see 68 degrees by 1:00 this afternoon and in between 1 and 4 touched 70 degrees in afternoon, which would set a new record for this date. later this afternoon, this evening, we have got rain that we are tracking, heavy downpours, possibly even some thunderstorms. we will go through the forecast hour by hour, the futurecast, show you when that rain will be moving in when i come back later
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this half hour. all right, we will see you then, bill. you can track the rain as it moves into our area on your phone with the nbc 10 app, a free download for smartphones and for tablets. police are investigating whether fog played a role in a deadly crash early this morning near the airport. two cars collided on 95 southbound around 3:30 this morning. a man in one car died a man in the other car was shaken up. he said it was foggy at the time of the crash. meanwhile, two teens were shot in west philadelphia overnight, one did not survive. this happened on crate.street. both teens went to the hospital where one of the victims is in critical condition now. police are still trying to determine the motive for that shooting. in clay month, new castle county, dozens of people were forced from their homes after an apartment fire broke out around 2:00 this morning inside a closet at the harbor view drive complex. the flames quickly spread from that complex forcing all 31
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apartments to be evacuated. no one was hurt. utility crews were fixing a water main break that flooded basement on langdon street, the ron hurst section of northeast philadelphia. officials to $us water from the broken main flowed into at least eight homes, philadelphia city crews are helping people pump out their water. philadelphia police looking for a man who trapped another man inside an elevator and then robbed him. it happened at an office building in west powell ton. the suspect blocked the elevate and would not let the other man off. a struggle ensued and the suspect took more than $800 in cash from the victim. the suspect then took off and the other man was not hurt. in the pocono mountains, police shot a suspect dead after they he started pointing guns at customers inside a walmart. this happened in northeastern pennsylvania, east stroudsburg, monroe county. the man refused to drop his weapons inside that store, officers say.
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police showed up around 10:00 saturday night. they say andrew todd was armed with two guns and a machete and was threatening customers. police shot todd in the chest and he was pronounced dead at the hospital. customers and employees went running from the store during the incident. none of them was hurt. in delaware county, the family of a teenager found shot to death wants to know what happened. last night, a crowd gathered at the youth league football field in west philadelphia where xavier stern played. police say the 15-year-old left his home in upper darby after a family argument in late november. officers found xavier's body in the back seat of a car on friday in north philadelphia. xavier's grandmother spoke to the crowd. >> i'm praying they find out who did this to my grandson, 'cause he did not deserve this. >> police have made no arrest in this case and do not have a motive for the shooting. just in the last hour,
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philadelphia mayor-elect jim kenny announced who he is tapping for city solicitor when he takes office next month. >> i'm just very, very excited to take the opportunity to recommend to you and to announce to you our new city solicitor, socialcy tulundi. >> he is currently a federal prosecutor, his family emigrated to philadelphia from the democratic republic of congo. they return to session in january. pennsylvania lawmakers are working to an state budget threat morning after a session last night in harrisburg. yesterday, members of the house made some changes to legislation that was passed by the senate earlier in the week. house gop leaders want to spend less than 30.8 billion dollars involved in the senate's budget. that plan includes a $1.2 billion tax increase. lawmakers are trying to find a way to end the five-month-long budget stalemate before the new
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year. bear hunters in new jersey are getting extra time for their sport. state wildlife officials announced they are extending this year's hunt for four extra days starting this wednesday. anyone who already hunted a bear this season cannot participate in the extended hunt. 472 bears so far were killed during the regular six-day hunt that ended on saturday. the eagles are still clinging to a share of first place this morning after holding off a late charge from the buffalo bills. at the linc yesterday the birds went ahead to stay when sam bradford hit nelson agholor for a touchdown here. the eagles' defense had to save the day. less than two minutes to go the birds edged the bills, 23-20. eagles head coach chip kelly will talk to reporters about yesterday's win at 1:00 this afternoon. the first-place eagles return to primetime sunday night when they host the arizona
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cardinals right here on nbc 10. cruising to the top, as the republican presidential candidates gear up for their next debate, a new poll reveals which presidential hopeful is gaining momentum. plus, stopping isis overseas and at home. what president obama is doing right now in an effort to ease public jitters ahead of the holidays. a warm, foggy start. the fog is gone. now the warmup, 60 degrees and climbing. add another ten to that for this afternoon. we are in record territory later today, but there are some changes ahead that could affect the evening commute. got your hour by hour futurecast just ahead.
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president obama is meeting with his national security team at the pentagon. u.s. officials have insist there had are no specific credible threats to the country but the apparent lack of warping before the san bernardino shooting has raised concerns about whether the u.s. has a handle on potential attacks. the president plans to make a statement after the meeting that's under way right now. nbc news will have a special report with the president's remarks. we will bring it to you live when it happens. president obama spoke to the nation last week on terrorism and anti-muslim sentiment in the u.s. and travel to the national counter terrorist center on thursday. the fbi is pursuing new leads in the terror attacks that claimed 14 lives in san bernardino. federal officials salt complicated case is still
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unfolding. nbc's miguel almaguer reports. >> reporter: as the fbi investigates a mosque that was fire bombed and another vandalized over the weekend, dive teams searching for a hard drive at this lake say there were -- though the investigation is far from over. federal agents believe sayd farouk and tashfeen malik dumped evidence here close to the time they murder 1erd 4 and wounded 22. jen stevens was shot twice. >> this guy comes in with a big gun, starts shooting up. and, yeah, i -- you don't really see the bullet or anything, you can hear they are, they are loud. >> reporter: with farook and malik radicalized as early as 2010, investigators fear warning signs were missed. the "new york times" says malik posted about jihad on social media, saying she supported it and wanted to be a part of it well before she was approved for her visa into the u.s.
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>> we need to look that the carefully, which is what we are doing. >> reporter: fegd agents are building their timeline between the shooting and the shootout with police. in all, four and a half hours went by. what did the gunmen do before they were killed? >> we saw them putting on what i believed to be bulletproof vests. >> reporter: sergeant andy katz was among the first to engage the terrorists in that final shootout. >> we could not let them get away from there because it was apparent what they intended to do, they were going to fight with us and hurt our people and we just can't allow that. >> that was nbc's miguel almaguer reporting. another focus of the investigation is enrique marquez. he is sayd farouk's long-time friend who bought the assault rifles eventually used in the shooting. and to decision 2016, chris christie will be back in primetime the republican presidential candidates debate in las vegas tomorrow night. the new york -- new jersey governor qualified for the main gop debate this time because of
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a boost in the polls. he failed to make the debate last month. christie will be on the stage tomorrow night with donald trump, ben carson, ted cruz, marco rubio, rand paul, carly fiorina, john kasich. and jeb bush. there are big changes. cruz is topping donald trump by ten points. now, trump is calling cruz a maniac for the weekend. cruz said he would not get into a verbal battle with trump. we are feeling record highs, looking like december in other
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parts of the country. washington state, drivers were stuck digging out of heavy snowfall there, snow and ice causing accidents and backed up traffic in stevens pass, near a ski resort. they are getting cold and snow, we have warm, in fact, a warm start, why we saw fog once again this morning, but the thick fog is finally easing and will not repeat tomorrow. today, heading to another day, then possibly into the record books. we saw that over the weekend, 69 saturday, 71, sunday. could see 70s this afternoon, drop another record, 70 would break the record of 69, sat back in 1881. record heat this afternoon, then showers for the afternoon commute and the evening hours, the rainfall coming through, even a chance for the thunderstorm. clouds in the pocono mountains,
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53 degrees, warm start for the mounta mountains. northeast philadelphia, 59 degrees, clouds are breaking, parts of new jersey and delaware for some sunshine. no sunshine here, the view from blue mountain. fog slowly dissipating, take time to clear completely, then mostly cloudy skies the pocono mountains, see more clouds over allentown and philadelphia with breaks of sunshine parts of delaware, south jersey, in and out of the clouds of cape may, enough to warm up considerably this afternoon back into the 60s today. we have clouds and rain on the way. this line of showers is making some pretty good progress, now in the ohio valley, eastern kentucky and tennessee, the atlanta area's getting rain from this storm system, which is tapping into some colder air in iowa, that is where they are getting snow. we won't see the snow, we will see the temperatures climb before the rain moves in, 70s from trenton, mount hollis, wilmington up to 71 and 72
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degrees in dover. a big warmup, late this afternoon, it's umbrellas that will be going up. 5:00 today, look at the heavy downpours, parts of delaware, south jersey, some scattered showers in allentown, reading, lancaster at this hour. showers sweep through the evening commute, 7:00 in the evening, still some heavy rainfall and a possibility of some thunderstorms during the early evening hours. by later in the evening, just some scattered mainly lighter showers, but there will be one line of heavier wet weather moving through allentown toward doylestown and pottstown, that's 11:00 tonight. then overnight tonight, finally moves out, clearing skies but look at those temperatures, doesn't look anything like the middle of december, 54 degrees, that's at 7:00 and it won't be as warm as today, but we will see a lot more sunshine for tomorrow. for today, the clo v hanging in there for most of the day, mostly cloudy skies, more likely to see some breaks of sunshine, delaware, south jersey, philadelphia, temperatures range from the 60s,
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northern western suburbs, low 70s in delaware, philadelphia should see 70 degrees this afternoon. so breaking a record today, but tomorrow, it's a different story. 60s, the high temperature. gusty winds that kick in out of the northwest that will keep the warmup to just five degrees from the morning low. see lots of sunshine tuesday and the winds settle down tuesday night. so, chillier on wednesday morning, 41 degrees, 57, another mild day for wednesday. umbrellas go up thursday, so does the temperatures, 61, the high temperature, where the mild weather ends, at least for now, friday, 49 degrees, a chance of some rain and pretty good winds picking up friday, continuing to saturday, cold wind blowing, saturday morning down to 32, even colder on sunday morning, most afternoons, in spite of sunshine, we will see highs in the 40s that's typical for december. >> yeah. that's what we expect. the warm december is leading
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to hot sales. what stores feeling the heat are doing to move their merchandise off the shelves and what's being discounted the most. and later, say hello to dale. the superstar has a big show on nbc. you can soon get your adele fix live in our area. we have the details on the philly stops on her north american tour. we will have that straight ahead.
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there is just one day left to enroll in the health insurance exchange for coverage starting january 1st. tomorrow is the deadline for the millions of still uninsured americans. so far the obama administration says it has seen more than 1 million new customers already for the 2016 signup season. in its third year now the administration has set a modest target of 2016 -- for 2016 of 10 million insured. that will be a 10% increase over the last year. and green tea is known for its health benefits but researchers found too much can abad thing. that's according to a study out of the university of california irvine. researchers found that excessive consumption affected development and reproduction in fruit flies. they say it's unclear how too much green tea could negatively affect humans but say further work needs to be done to make any definitive recommendations. while you enjoy meals over the holidays, be careful around your pets. that's because certain foods can
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be deadly for your four-legged friends. nbc's monica robbins has hidden holiday dangers for cats and dogs. >> reporter: we love to make them part of the family, but it's important to remember some of what we enjoy can be dangerous, if not deadly, to them. >> if the dogs are always the kind that put their heads on the table and tray to steal stuff, then put them away while you're eating. >> reporter: while a taste of turkey can be tolerated, it usually never stops there. >> the skin, here's a little mashed potatoes, here, just clean up my whole plate. >> reporter: usually all the guests are sneaking fido some food, too. >> if they are used to getting things like that, then they don't know where the boundaries are. >> reporter: that's when the gi problems like vomiting and diarrhea can start, but depending on what they have ingested, it could be worse. artificial sweeteners found in many baked goods contain xylitol. it can be deadly to dogs. >> the main problem is liver disease and it can cause death from liver disease. >> reporter: there's always a spike to calls in the pet poison
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hotline over the holidays, especially over dogs ingesting chocolate. bottom line, just keep everything out of reach. >> there's not much you can trust your dog and cats with around the holiday times, you just have to have sense. >> that was nbc's monica robbins reporting. you also want to keep dogs and cats away from holiday plants like poinsettias and mistletoe. both can cause serious stomach problems for your pets. sproles, mighty mouse, to the end zone, touchdown, eagles. >> eagles running back darren sproles, known for his speedy moves on the field but his wife, michelle, is doing a lot of good work off the field as well. tonight, the sproles are hosting a benefit to raise money to help young people in our area. michelle sproles is here with us this morning. first of all, congratulations on the win yesterday. >> thank you so much. >> now, you're from l.a. and your husband is from kansas city. you guys have gotten a feel for this city. you guys love it here in philadelphia? i know they love you. >> yes, we do.
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we enjoy being here. the weather is different, being i'm from l.a. >> this is like l.a. >> yes, it is. it is. >> in the winter, i know what you mean. let's talk about your foundation and what you and your husband have set up and why you guys decided to do this. >> we both come from humble beginnings so important for us to give back to our community and give back to the communities that we also live in. we have given back in new orleans, we lived there, done events and things in san diego and now here in philly. trying to do our part here. >> your husband is not the only athlete in the family. >> no. >> you grew up playing sports. tell us about your background a little bit. >> i ran track for 14 years, started when i was 7 all the way through college i gotten a athletic scholarship to unlv. >> who is faster? >> he is faster, i ran middle distance, 400 and 800. >> still the 400, i think that's the toughest race there is in track, that 400. >> i agree. >> you are still fast. >> thank you. >> that's awesome. your husband -- he must recognize how beloved he is. he is so tough, he is small, but he does so many things well,
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returns kicks, the back field. >> thank you. thank you. >> he does. he does. appreciative and super humble and quiet. you would never know. >> he is quiet. but we certainly appreciate it. we appreciate what you guys are doing in this community. >> thank you. >> so r, the event is happening tonight, 630 to 8:30 this evening at the fine palate restaurant? >> absolutely. >> that is on south 15th street in center city, philadelphia. more information, go to our website, we will have a link there so that you can get all the information you need at thank you so much for coming. >> thank you so much for having me. >> please tell your husband how much we appreciate him and so going to win this week, next week? >> yes, we are. >> got our fingers crossed. >> yes. >> we appreciate ya. >> thank you for having me. the fog is lifting and the rain is coming. here is a live look now at the ben franklin bridge in philadelphia. bill is tracking cloudy and warm conditions. there it is, there is the ben
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franklin. we have some changes on the way. bill will have that coming up. >> plus, caught on camera, another police-involved shooting is sparking outrage. up next, see what witnesses recorded and why the local police department says the officers did the right thing.
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♪ ♪ with the name trusted for nearly 80 years, you have the courage to enjoy the ride. independence blue cross. live fearless.
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a mild, foggy start to the day and the week, this was the eerie scene in philadelphia's east falls neighborhood. earlier this morning, storm force ten was out tracking the conditions, the thick fog was a big issue throughout the morning commute. not as much there on that drive, but it was thick, nonetheless. very mild outside right now, but december will be making a comeback. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley is here with that forecast. bill? >> we should see temperatures in the 30s in the morning, 40s in the afternoon.
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that's what we will have this weekend, but today, look how quickly things have improved, the thick fog is disappearing, actually got some breaks of sunshine on boathouse row, that little bit of a breeze will be picking up as we go into the afternoon. 62 degrees right now in philadelphia, a westerly wind at five miles an hour, 62 in wilmington. millville now 64 degrees. a few spots still in the 50s, pennsauken, camden, spruce street, audubon, 63 and climbing today to near 70 this afternoon. still a little light fog in the allentown area. now improving conditions for trenton, 7-mile visibility, down to an eighth of a mile much of the morning in philadelphia. clouds, some breaks of sunshine, but going to be a mostly cloudy afternoon. in spite of it temperatures the middle 60s at 1:00. i do expect between 1 and 4, hit the 70-degree mark a new record today and then go into the evening commute, we will get some rain and steady rain will be falling at 7:00 this evening. the temperature will come down a
11:31 am
little bit with the rain, not all that much, 65 degrees. it's the weekend that's going to look a lot more like december and feel like it, too. i have got your 7-day forecast when i come back later this half hour. >> thank you, bill. you can track the rain as it moves into our area on your phone with the nbc 10 news app. it is a free download for your smartphones and your tablets. and checking out our nbc 10 headlines at this hour, one man died in a crash along i-95 this morning. it happened around 3:30 in tin couple township, a car landed on the roof about 40 feet off the roadway much the other car in the crash came to the side of the highway. that driver is expected to be okay. and crews are working to fix a water main break that flooded basements in philadelphia. nbc 10 was on the scene at langdon street earlier in the rhawnhurst section of the city. officials tell us water from the broken main flowed into at least eight homes, city crews are
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helping people pump the water out of their basement. lawmakers in pennsylvania will try to make headway on the budget battle. house gop leaders want to spend less than the $30.8 billion involved in the senate's budget. that plan includes a $1.2 billion tax increase. lawmakers are trying to end the stale mate before the new year. and an update on that russian passenger plane that crashed back in october. egypt's chief investigator says there is no indication of illegal or terrorist acts involved much nbc's keir simmons has a report. >> reporter: debris from flight 9268 was strewn across the sinai, but there is no evidence of terrorist action. egypt's civil aviations officials announced from cairo this morning, no evidence of illegal intervention, caution the crash of the russian passen. er plane that killed all 224 people on board last october. russia anden and western governments said the airbus 321
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was likely brought down by a bomb, the plane, operated by metro jet, lost contact with air control just 23 minutes after departing from sharm el sheik on route to st. petersburg and previously, egyptian officials said they were focus on critical cockpit recordings, pointing to an explosion while last month, an isis affiliate said this picture showed the crude, homemade explosive made from a soda can it claimed to have smuggled on board. now the head of the egyptian committee investigating the crash claims no criminal action is suspected. the egyptians are not saying what they think did bring down the plane, if not a bomb. privately, british security officials say it was a bomb park britain the first to reach that conclusion. since then, egypt's tourism industry has been devastated. back to you. >> keir simmons reporting. dozens were killed today in north argentina when a bus went off the side of a bridge and fell more than 60 feet below.
11:34 am
officials say the bus lost control before it fell into a creek but not sure why it happened. at lice 41 people are dead. local tv images showed rescue crews working around the overturned bus. the argentine president issued a statement offering condolences to the families of those victims. more than 700,000 people forced to evacuate from the central philippines today as a typhoon made land fall. you can see the winds shaking those trees and heavy rains soaking the ground. the state weather bureau director said the rain could cause flooding and landslides, disaster authorities temporarily closed some schools and offices. and a police shooting sparked outrage in los angeles over the weekend. surveillance video shows deputies opened fire on a man and continued to shoot even as the -- as he crawled away. nbc's blake mccoy has a report. >> no justice, no peace. no justice, no peace.
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>> reporter: for a second day outrage in los angeles. >> [ bleep ] keep on shooting. >> reporter: over this cell phone video showing l.a. county sheriff deputies opening fire, shooting nicholas robertson as he walked away. firing 33 times, even as he crawled on the ground. it is unclear how many bullets hit robertson but this video only shows part of the story says the sheriff's department. >> you see the suspect entering the frame. weapon in happened. >> reporter: these surveillance clips released sunday, just 24 hours after the shooting, show the man holding what appears to be a gun. deputies say they were called after he shot the weapon in the air in a residential neighborhood and briefly went into a pizzeria, gun in hand. >> he is handling the gun in an odd sort of way and he is -- he seems to be agitated. >> reporter: even after falling to the ground, robertson still appears to be holding the gun. deputies believed they were in danger and so were two women and three children just feet away at
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the gas station. >> that was nbc's blake mccoy reporting. closing arguments are under way in the trial of a baltimore police officer accused in the death of freddie gray. officer william porter is the first of six officers to stand trial for gray's death. he is charged with manslaughter. gray died in april while in police custody after breaking his neck in the back of a police van. his death sparked riots across the city and the country. today marks the third anniversary of the mass shootings of sandy hook elementary in newtown, connecticut. it killed 20 children and six educators. the gunman who had mental health problems committed suicide as police closed in. the school was demolished in 2013. a new school being built is expected to open a year from now. today, connecticut's governor has ordered that flags in the state be lowered to half-staff. tonight, the newtown community will gather for an interfaith church service.
11:37 am
high school in fairfield, connecticut is honoring the sandy hook victims with 26 days of kindness. some students are writing letters of thanks to first responders in newup to and else were other students are donating food and blankets to the homeless. teenagers say it makes perfect sense. >> dear newtown school teacher. >> to first responders. >> dear newtown police officer. >> i wanted to let them nose that they were appreciate and their job was selfless. >> not remembering something bad that happened, counteract that bad with good. >> you spread one good idea and it just becomes, like, disease, a goodies sees. >> the students and teachers say they now consider the kindness program part of the curriculum. a raccoon rescue in massachusetts is making the rounds on social media. here's the look. it was a tough few days for this little guy after getting stuck on a utility pole. people called the power company and posted it on social media looking for some help. they even placed bales of hay
11:38 am
around the pole in case the raccoon fell so he would have a softer landing spot. national grid eventually shut the power off and carefully coordinated the rescue effort with the animal rescue league. >> people in town have been calling national grid, the police, it's been going crazy on facebook and twitter. >> the raccoon was scooped into the net and lowered down to a cable, but not before trying to make another break for it there. the animal rescue league says the raccoon does appear to be injure and dehydrated. he is now at a wildlife rehabilitation center. good for him. amazon is now pulling some hover boards off its site, questioning their safety. the news comes after several reports of hover board fires as i don't the u.s. the online giant is selling -- asking sellers for documents demonstrating that all hover boards are compliant with applicable safety standards. if you have one, firefighters say check with the ul label which shows that it meets the
11:39 am
board -- the board has been tested for safety. and today in tinseltown it is the world premiere of "star wars," "the force awakens." the film will make its debut at three different theaters in hollywood. harrison ford and carrie fisher who played happens solo and princess leia are expected on the red carpet. "star wars'" fans started camping out last week to get choice seats. the seventh film in the franchise opens nationwide this friday. and tonight following the first night of the voice finale, nbc will air a special called "adele live in new york city." it is an hour-long concert taped last month at new york city music hall. the concert will feature songs from the singer's new album "25" including her smash hit "hello." "adele live in new york city" airs tonight at 10:00 on nbc 10. the grammy award winner will perform right here in philadelphia at the wells fargo center in september. she will have two shows,
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september 9th and 10th and tickets will go on sale thursday morning at 10 a.m. up next, the cost of love. if you're getting ready to put a ring on it, find out how much the average engagement ring is going for and why it's not exactly a well-kept secret. well, we are saving money actually when it comes to heat, temperatures that are headed for the record books again today fwluchl are some big changes ahead. what a difference a week makes. the weekend is looking a lot more like december. 7-day forecast just ahead.
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today, holiday shipping heads into high gear. fedex, ups and the postal service will be handling billions of boxes, cards and packages before the christmas rush. if you want the post office to deliver your card or package by christmas eve, here are the important shipping dates you have got to remember. tomorrow, december 15th, is the deadline for standard postal service. for first-class mail, it is saturday the 19th, this coming saturday. priority mail must be sent by the 21st a week from today and priority express by the 23rd. and we are less than three weeks away from the start of a new year and experts say there's one particular resolution that should be at the top of your list. that goal, to get your financial health in order. a study from fidelity investments found the most popular financial resolutions include paying off debt and spending less and saving more. the study also found those who
11:44 am
made financial resolutions going into the new year last year are more likely to be financially secure, debt free and optimistic going into 2016. >> even if i was to increase my savings by 1%, ultimately, that's going to get me a lot closer to building up the kind of nest egg i want in retirement. >> according to the experts, you're more likely to stick with your goal if you make it measurable. for instance, commit to putting away a certain dollar amount each month into savings. and speaking of money, for many couples, the gift to give or receive this holiday season will be an engagement ring. a new study finds men and women are paying more than in years past. wedding site, the knot, found that couples now spend about $6,000 on engagement rings. that's up nearly $1,000 from 2011. well, we are seeing unseasonably warm temperatures, not just in our area, but in much of the u.s. right now. that means many retailers are
11:45 am
stuck with an overload of unsold winter clothing. that may bode well for your holiday budget e nbc's olivia sterns reports sales are down, stockpiles are up and shops are looking to unload at a big business count. >> reporter: from coats to boots, hats and gloves, the stores are all geared up for the cold winter. only thing, the weather suspect cooperating. >> guess what? it feels like march out there. we are going to see temperatures that are way above normal. >> reporter: so far this season, it's warmer, a lot warmer, in the northeast, november was four to six degrees above average and five to eight degrees higher in the midwest. and when it comes to winter clothing, all that sunshine means major markdowns. >> we had a great assortment within outerwear and offering really great values now, so, now is a really terrific time for our customers to shop. >> reporter: but it's a big bust for retailers that stocked up on inventory based on last year's
11:46 am
cooler-than-normal fall weather. macy's, nordstrom and lands' end all blaming disappointing earnings in part on higher temperatures. >> unseasonably warm weather has put a damper on coat sales and sales of boots combined with the usual markdowns you see this time of the year during the holidays and equal to huge savings bonanza for the consumer. >> reporter: how bad is it? sweat sales are down 3%, boots, 6% and blank pelts plummeted down 10% compared to last year. but what's bad news for retailers is good news for bargain hunters. warm temperatures mean hot deals, often up to 50% off or more. >> typically, we don't start to see really heavy discounting until after the holidays. right now, because inventories are so high, these retailers that traditionally sell a lot of clothes are loaded with coats so they are trying to unload them. >> reporter: you will snag some of the best deals at stores like macy's, j crew and the gap, experts say.
11:47 am
>> trying to rack up my winter ge gear. >> reporter: if you are bargain hunting, time pounce. >> now is the time to pounce, gloves, coats, halts, scarves, great deals on these gifts and after the holidays, you can buy some goodies for yourself. >> that was nbc's elivia sterns reporting. if you haven't put a dent in your holiday shopping this year, guess what you respect alone. according to a holiday poll conducted by "consumer reports," more than a third of americans, 36% total, haven't done a lick of holiday shopping in that 36%. that's 6% higher than last year at this very same sign. the good news overall is even procrastinators don't seem to be stressed out about the holiday gift giving. only about one in ten say they are feeling overwhelmed or unprepared. well, there's another chance to get some holiday shopping done. today is green monday, a term coined by ebay to mark its biggest sales day of the year. green monday has since turned into big business for all
11:48 am
retailers and it's the third largest online shopping day of the season. an littistings firm com score says shoppers spend $1.6 billion on this day last year. well, families across our area celebrate this holiday season with time-honored traditions and maybe a visit to the same christmas tree farm every year to select just the right tree or going caroling with neighbors and singing the same songs every year. but one local family is carrying on a christmas tradition and they are spreading goodwill to those in need. pamela batalad so a berwyn mother of four and founder of the plaid pajamas project which donates new pajamas to men, women and children every year. welcome. you were just making mention as we were watching that piece about the overstock in coats. what were you saying about that? >> if there's overstock in pajamas, if anybody is watching. >> bring it this way. >> send them to us. we will take it. >> tell us about your project and how it's -- it came from a
11:49 am
family tradition. right? >> our family, like so many other families that i have met throughout this project have a tradition of giving new pajamas on christmas eve and that's something my grandparents always did for me and my sisters, the only gift we were allowed to open before going to bed on christmas eve and we would change into our pajamas and they are 82 years old and they still send my husband and i our christmas panel jam mass, my mom and dad continued that tradition as well and sent pajamas to my kids. >> why pajamas? some people collect fan canned food and other things, other things. >> pajamas are cozy, keep people warm and something that makes everybody feel good i think the project really clicked with so many people across the country. we received panel jamas from all over because it is an easy way to really feel like you're making somebody feel warm, like you're giving them a hug. >> doesn't matter, i think, if you're a child the little onesies pajamas that they have or you're woman, older man,
11:50 am
everybody loves being in their pajamas. screams who will dies be in pajamas. >> screams holidays, warmth, makes people feel good they are taking care of somebody. my children are into it, go to the store, pick out pajamas for the sizes they need. some people that donate to us, one of the organizations we con tribute to touches their hearts. >> tell me what this is done, we are looking the some of the pictures of you and your family and children what has this done for kids, sometimes in the society that we live in, always looking to get sents but i'm sensing that with your kids, because of this project, probably more about giving. >> they are getting there. it was really important for my husband and i to teach our kids about the importance of giving back. they are very lucky to have, you know, their parents here and healthy. they have two sets of grand parents. they have got great parents. they have got ants and uncles, great ants, great uncles, they really do get a lot of things. we wanted to make sure that they are not learning just about the receiving but also about the
11:51 am
giving. so when we started collecting pajamas last year, they were really into it. they loved pajamas, too, they had a lot of fun shopping with us. they are going to the post office to empty out our po box and open up the pajamas and help me separate them and deliver them. you can see my daughter, mia, in the car, delivering big stack of pajamas with me. >> what a great project. more information about the plaid pajamas project and how you can donate, head to our website, we have a link there for you, or check out the nbc 10 app. pamela, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thanks for sharing your project with us. good luck to you and your family, your children and your project. >> thank you. thank you. definitely need the flannel pjs later this week and weekend. today, the temperatures, beautiful view, what a difference just a few hours makes, temperatures have climbed into the 60s, some sunshine, no sign of the thick fog that started us off, 62 degrees now in philadelphia. i think we will hit 70 degrees
11:52 am
this afternoon. now we are seeing a little bit more sunshine boathouse row than just a few moments ago, the southwesterly wind, kicking in, too, 62 in philadelphia, but look at wilmington. 64 degrees. reading, 65 degrees right now. what a big warmup. doylestown, 56, at the shore, temperatures into the 60s, woodbine at 67, dover, 68 heading into the 70s today. record warmth, yeah, we saw it over the weekend, going to happen again today, the record for allentown is 60, expecting 65 degrees this afternoon. it is 65 now, reading, so, we may break the record there as well. get close to a record in mount pocono. and fall just a little bit short in atlantic city, if it tops out at 64. a little warmer, another record in atlantic city and it has been on the record books a long time in philadelphia, 69 degrees from 1881. there, you can see nice breaks in the clouds, but this is the storm that's just waiting in the wings for later this afternoon
11:53 am
and this evening. this is a line of wet weather that's going to be moving in just in time for the evening commute. but before the rain arrives, that warm air continues to surge in to the region, so, a big warmup. late this afternoon, that's when we get the first round of showers. by 10:00 this evening, those showers are offshore, light scattered showers that will completely clear out overnight tonight. so mostly cloudy day today, but we will get some breaks of sunshine, see the temperatures warm into the upper 60s, low 70s, rain on tap later this afternoon and this evening. and then it's out of here, it clears out for tomorrow. sunshine will be bright, gusty winds will limit the warm jim from 55 to 60 in the afternoon. less wind, colder wednesday afternoon, a mild afternoon. more rain on thursday and then here comes the december cold. friday afternoon, the wind will be blowing, a chance we will see some lingering showers on friday, just 49 the high temperature, the cold arrives saturday and sunday with clear
11:54 am
skies, the mornings will be especially cold, 20s and low 30s, highs in the 40s. we will be right back. winter is hard on your nose. from first sniffles to endless runny noses. puffs plus lotion is soft. they help soothe irritation by locking in moisture better so you can face winter happily. a nose in need deserves puffs indeed. and try puffs softpack today. when i was sidelined with blood clots in my lung,h. it was serious. fortunately, my doctor had a game plan. treatment with xarelto®. hey guys! hey, finally, somebody i can look up to... ...besides arnie. xarelto® is proven to treat and help reduce the risk of dvt and pe blood clots. xarelto® is also proven to reduce the risk of stroke in people with afib, not caused by a heart valve problem. for people with afib currently well managed on warfarin, there's limited information on how xarelto® and warfarin compare in reducing the risk of stroke. you know, i tried warfarin, but the blood testing and dietary restrictions...
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coming up this afternoon on "ellen" the voice of "frozen's queen elsa, i had dina men zell. at 4:00, an uninvited who hadal day guest, a family wakes up to
11:57 am
find a four-legged intruder inside their home. how this deer finally made its way back into the wild this afternoon at 4:00. thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm vai sikahema, bill henley for all of us at nbc 10, have a great day.
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