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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  December 14, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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steve's freshman football teammates escorted his family on to the field. >> he was a great kid and great person, best person i've ever met in my entire life, and i hope to be more like he was. i think he was the best. >> reporter: the driver involved in this case stayed at the scene. police say the driver will not be charged, and investigators are looking at this as just a very, very tragic accident. live in doylestown, i'm doug shimell, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> first alert radar tracking showers ahead for your monday night. taking a live look from center city. well, looking west where the rain will move in later on. you can see clouds hanging there in the sky. >> and it will get cooler once the rain arrives, but we hit a record high today for a third day in a row. these people took advantage in wilmington this afternoon.
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it's been another day in the 70s, but now we are looking ahead at changes tonight. >> let's get to chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz who's tracking the rain and change in temperatures coming along with it. glenn? >> somewhat of a change in temperatures, but it's not exactly going to drop dramatically and we broke some records today. we smashed some, broke the record in philadelphia by a degree so far, but wilmington broke the record by six degrees, allentown broke a record by eight degrees. that is unheard of. 69 degrees in philly now, 70 in northeast philly. near 70 in dover and, of course, the warm air continues across the entire region. showers approaching, not especially heavy or quickly, so most of the afternoon rush looks like it's going to be dry, but you can see, obviously, some of that rain that is going to be moving in as we head toward 6:00, 7:00 tonight. most of it on the light side and
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kind of scattered until 11:00, but it is going to stay warm tonight. look at these temperatures staying in the mid 60s as the showers increase during the evening hours. we'll see just how much cooler it's going to get. eventually we're getting a cold blast, that's coming with the seven day in just a few minutes. >> all right, glenn. glenn will be tracking the rain all afternoon and evening to show you when it could start to come down near your house. if you have the nbc 10 news app, you can track the rain yourself. live first alert radar and weather alerts right to your smartphone or tablet. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with a developing story. bill cosby is firing back at seven of his accusers for defamation. cosby is suing the women, claiming they, quote, knowingly published false statements and accusations against him for financial gain. cosby filed the countersuit in boston today. the women claim cosby defamed them by allowing his
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representatives to brand them as liars after they went public with allegations of rape and sexual misconduct. about 50 women have made those accusations against cosby. the comedian has never been charged with a crime. the u.s.-led coalition fighting isis is gaining ground, while the terror group is losing it. that was president obama's message at the pentagon today. the president met with his national security team before his announcement. he said more air strikes and special operations forces have killed several top isis leaders, but president obama said he recognizes that for some, progress against the terror group cannot come soon enough. >> we recognize that progress needs to keep coming faster. no one knows that more than the countless syrians and iraqis living every day under isil's terror, as well as the families in san bernardino, paris, and elsewhere who are grieving the loss of their loved ones. >> u.s. secretary of defense ash carter is on his way to the middle east now to get more
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military support from u.s. allies and secretary of state john kerry will be in russia tomorrow to work to end the syrian civil war. new video of a gas station attendant who was attacked and robbed on the job. police think this case is one of three in burlington county recently, including two robberies in burlington city and one in burlington township. nbc 10 reporter cydney long tracked down the new video today. she's live in burlington with more on the search for the suspects behind the attack and the robbery. cydney? >> reporter: i can tell you the common thread between the crimes is they are all occurring at night and usually when these gas clerks are working all alone. with each assault and robbery, police say the suspect is becoming more violent and the fear is he will strike again. overpowered, assaulted, and robbed for the third time in ten days, police in burlington city and burlington township say gas attendants are being preyed on by the same suspect.
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>> it's normally when they are closing up for the night, when they are distracted trying to get their work done. >> reporter: at 10:00 p.m. inside this fuel express on route 130 and wood street, watch as he appears to drag the clerk in the door, pinning him down as he reaches in his pockets to steal his wallet and cash collected from gasoline sales that night. pretty bold. >> yes, very bold. these are going on, three now, they are getting more violent this time. he's starting to get more physical with the attendants and last one sustained some facial injuries as a result. >> reporter: december 2nd, this video at speedy gas was november 28th, a clerk punched in the face and the struggle persists off camera. police say the man is at least 6'2", his motive is to distract the clerks with conversation. >> when they go to turn their back, they attack them from behind, rob them and rob the registers, as well. >> reporter: he has no car. police say he runs away wearing these air jordan sneakers. >> on two it was $300 and $500
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and the one was over $1,000. >> reporter: carlos medina works next door to the most recent and violent assault and robberies and knows the victim. >> injured his head, broke his nose. unfortunately, he wants another job. can't take this, a lot of crime out here. >> reporter: police have stepped up their undercover detail and plain-clothes detectives. they are also asking the gas stations in this area to make sure there is more than one associate on the clock, especially when it gets dark. i just got a new piece of video from the third crime and we will share that with you coming up at 5:00. live in burlington, i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. new information this afternoon on a carjacking outside a south jersey liquor store. we're getting our first look at the suspect now. investigators say christopher dumas stole an suv with two children inside saturday night. police say this surveillance
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video shows dumas crossing before jumping into the suv. happened around 11:00 saturday night. dumas was arrested after police say he hit another suv, flipped over, and crashed into a house. children ages 8 and 10 had minor cuts and bruises, their mom had been in the liquor store when the suv was stolen. dumas was taken to the hospital and then into police custody. new information on a double murder in delaware yesterday. we're getting a look at the estranged husband police say is responsible for the killings. two counts of first-degree murder, he's being held without bail. police say rochester killed his 80-year-old mother-in-law as she was leaving for church yesterday morning. rochester allegedly stabbed mary lane outside the house minutes later. neighbors heard screams, witnessed the stabbing, called 911. rochester and lane were in the process of getting a divorce.
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jury deliberations in the trial of a baltimore police officer charged in the death of freddie gray. william porter faces several charges, that's porter on the right. he's one of six officers charged in freddie gray's death. prosecutors say porter was negligent for failing to buckle freddie gray into a transport vehicle and for failing to call a medic when gray asked to go to the hospital. instead, gray was taken to a police station and arrived with a broken neck. his death a week later set off protests and rioting in baltimore. to decision 2016 now, and a new poll that shows donald trump's lead is growing nationwide. the monmouth university poll has trump leading his republican rivals in the race for the white house with 41%, as you see there. senator ted cruz is the runner-up with 14%, followed by senator marco rubio with 10%. ben carson with 9%. another new poll shows democrat hillary clinton would top trump in a hypothetical head-to-head general election.
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the nbc news/wall street journal poll finds clinton would beat trump, but would lose to both marco rubio and ben carson. and the stage is set in las vegas for the final debate for the republican presidential candidates. it will take place tomorrow night at the venetian hotel on the strip. new jersey cover cristiano ronaldo t-- chris christie will be on the main stage. he'll run the city's law department, currently an assistant u.s. attorney who graduated from northeast high school, he came to the u.s. from the republic of congo back in 1983. >> this is the honor of my life. the opportunity to serve the city, serve your administration, and to serve city council. >> city council will vote on the appointment when it returns to session in january. philadelphia's schools may need to find a new way to come
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up with money to stay open after the new year because of the budget battle. the school district is borrowing money to operate and only has enough for the rest of the month, but now standard & poor's has withdrawn its rating because the school doesn't have a reliable and stable source of money, which means the school could have a harder time getting a loan. >> the budget was on the mind when lighting the christmas tree this afternoon. the first lady joined the governor for the noontime ceremony. take a look at this time lapsed video of the tree going up. today's lighting happened in the afternoon to make it easier for people who work in the capitol to see the celebration. while there, governor wolf took a jab at the current budget impasse. >> it's time for hope, it's time to make big wishes. i'd like to wish for a budget. >> the good wish to have.
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the capitol tree ornaments came from senior centers across the commonwealth. speaking of the holidays, 15.5 billion letters, cards, and packages making the rounds for the holiday season and today, in fact, is expected to be the u.s. postal service's busiest mailing day of the year. nbc 10 at this post office on chestnut street in center city. postal workers are delivering packages and mail seven days a week. they say a lot of the extra shipping traffic is because more people are using the internet to do their holiday shopping. and here are the important shipping dates to remember if you want the post office to deliver your card or package by christmas eve. tomorrow, december 15th, is the deadline for standard postal service for first class mail. it's this saturday, the 19th. priority mail must be sent by the 21st and priority express by the 23rd. hollywood is rolling out the red carpet tonight for the latest movie in the star wars franchise. three theaters will be premiering "the force awakens" tonight. a half mile of hollywood
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boulevard has been closed off to traffic and this giant tent lined four blocks of the famous roadway. the iconic chinese theater hosted the premiere of the original star wars in 1977. "the force awakens" opens nationwide friday. and from battles in outer space, to a battle for first place. >> the eagles are on a roll now as they continue their playoff push with another big win over the weekend. the birds remain tied for first place in the nfc east after beating the bills. of course, yesterday, 23-20 with a strong showing from quarterback sam bradford and the defensive line. nbc 10 delaware bureau reporter tim furlong talked to fans today about what's shaping up to be a very meaningful december. >> reporter: the eagles shut down shady mccoy, they also finally threw some long balls and had guys not drop them. are the eagles now a legit contender? >> beat arizona, they are good, but right now just kind of average. >> reporter: there's the problem the eagles created for
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themselves, we never know which team is going to show up. a good one will have to show up sunday night. that seems to be the consensus on sports talk radio. we don't just want to know if the eagles can win their weak division, we want to know if they can compete with the big boys. >> even though they could lose the next game and do it, i'd like them to beat a good team. >> reporter: the win gave us hope for the playoffs but also something as eagles fans also want, a reason to get out of the basement, put on our eagles jerseys, sit down in front of the tv and enjoy meaningful late december eagles football. it also means sunday night business bump for bars all over the region, including in newark, when the eagles are winning, bars are winning. a primetime game&xówd -- >> super bowl mentality and feel, because everybody's rooting for the same team, also keeps people out you don't want here, like steelers fans. >> reporter: hopefully a win keeps the momentum going right into the playoffs. you never know, even lukewarm teams sometimes catch fire.
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tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> and the first place eagles return to primetime sunday night when they host the arizona cardinals right here on nbc 10. inventors from our area showed off their work today and guess who was there to see it, a couple of eagles who also signed some autographs. stepping stone scholar students built and designed a robot and today they worked with coaches at temple university to perfect the machine. take a look at this highway of misery out west, cars sliding off snow covered roadways, others just spinning out. heavy snow hit washington state, kansas, and oklahoma. some areas are now under a flood warning, but here at home, not a trace of winter in sight. in fact, the warm weather broke a record, some folks out there with shorts and short sleeves, it's incredible. feels way more like spring.
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>> i don't know if i should say this, but i kind of miss the winter pictures with the snow falling. forgetting what that's like. sure it will be here soon enough, right, glenn? >> yes, i think we'll be getting some eventually and we did expect the first half of the winter to be mild with little snow and the second half of winter to be much more active. well, i'll tell you what, it is not going to change significantly through the end of this month. forget about any chance of a white christmas around here. we've had three days in a row of record high temperatures. we are tracking some showers, as a little bit of cooler air comes in, but we do have a cold blast coming in over next weekend. it's going to be a brief one. we have a lot of clouds around there, and hasn't stopped the temperature from skyrocketing. 69 degrees, the winds south at 10, and right around the same temperature as we saw yesterday when we were setting records then. mount pocono, 58 degrees, but it's in the 60s.
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64 in westchester, 68 in mount holly and glassboro. 65 in millville, 69 in dover, they were in the 70s today. the average high is 45. there they are, three records in a row, some of them set way back in the 1800s. and tomorrow we drop to 62, 17 degrees above normal and for the month overall, through today, we are way, way ahead of the record pace for the warmest december ever. look at mount pocono. you can see this rain coming in, it's certainly going to be a warm rain. no threat of snow here, and you can see most of it is on the light side. behind it, look, there's a big storm up across the great lakes, but that's going up into canada,
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and we just have some warm showers moving in. as we go to 6:00, dinnertime, nothing more than a couple sprinkles around, maybe a couple showers up towards the poconos, so we're not expecting a lot of rain out of this tonight. and we're certainly not expecting a lot of cold weather. it's going to be warm when you get up tomorrow morning, just not going to warm up as much as it has in the last couple of days. there's that last line of showers coming through in the middle of the night, and then the drier air comes in. we will not see fog tomorrow morning, it's not going to be an air quality alert or anything like that. nice clean atmosphere, but it's going to be kind of windy during the day tomorrow. after that, things change again. so we have a lot of sunshine tomorrow, we have dry weather again on wednesday, and wednesday's not going to be that cold either. and even on thursday when the rain is coming back, it's not going to be that cold. there it is. some of that rain could be on
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the heavy side. look at that down in delaware and extreme south jersey, some of that may even come up for philadelphia, that may be the heaviest rain we're going to see in a while, but we're also going to see a return of the warm weather. watch what happens here. here's the end of the week, colder air, finally coming in. on friday you're going to feel it and over the weekend, yeah, especially saturday and saturday night, going to be the coldest weather we've seen in a while. we'll actually get below freezing in philadelphia for the first time, but now watch next week. bye-bye to the cold. here comes the warm air. christmas eve, christmas day, potential record warmth during that period again. unseasonably warm tonight with showers moving in, 56 for the low in philadelphia, 53 north and west. that's not very cold. then tomorrow we don't warm up as much, still into the low 60s and kind of windy. gusts to 35 miles an hour.
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and the seven-day forecast, somewhat cooler readings from wednesday and the rainy day on thursday, cool down on friday. look at saturday, though. may not get out of the 30s. plus wind. the eagles game is going to be a lot colder than yesterday's eagles game, but we warm up next week. >> thanks, glenn. and some warm for bear hunters in new jersey, they are getting extra time for their sport. state wildlife officials announced they are extending this year's hunt for four extra days starting wednesday. and ones who already hunted this season cannot participate, and 472 bears were killed during the regular six-day hunt that ended saturday. just one day left to enroll in the health insurance exchange for coverage starting january 1st. tomorrow's the deadline for millions of uninsured americans. so far the obama administration said it's seen more than 1 million new customers already for the 2016 sign-up season. in its third year the administration set a modest
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target for 2016, 10 million insured, a 10% increase over last year. a deer problem has a carmaker issuing a recall today. >> next, the suv that could shift out of park when it's not supposed to. plus, new clues about autism of the the medication linked to a greater risk of autism in children. also, many of the treats we enjoy during the holiday season can be dangerous for your pets. coming up next, veterinarian's advice to keep animals safe through the new year. easy, girl. >> and an uninvited holiday guest. a family finds a four-legged intruder inside their home. how this deer finally made its way back into the wild.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> one of the hottest gifts this holiday season appears to be too hot to handle. two major retailers are putting the brakes on hover boards over
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safety concerns. amazon has pulled most hover boards from its website because of several recent reports of fires like the one you see here. amazon is asking sellers for documents proving that the hover boards are compliant with safety standards and has shelved hover boards altogether. here's a warning from vets this holiday season, too much people food can be dangerous, even deadly for your pet. one vet tells us artificial sweeteners can damage a dog's liver, that's a sugar substitute used by dieters or diabetics. chocolate and caffeine can be toxic or fatal for dog and people food can lead to vomiting and diarrhea. >> there's not much you can trust your dog and cats with around the holiday times. you have to have sense. >> doctor says there's a spike in calls to pet poison hot lines every holiday season, so don't do it. nothing from the table. a warning now, do not look away from your television, if
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you do you'll miss this, recently released video from the columbus zoo showed the 5-week-old cub taking a snooze here. this is cute right here, i'm telling you. the cub is being monitored around the clock because her mother stopped caring for her. can you imagine? awesome. >> adorable. meanwhile, an arkansas family has a different kind of wild animal story. >> one that gave them quite a scare. check it out. >> easy, girl. >> imagine waking up to find this in your living room, a frightened and confused deal. the animal crashed through the front window of the house yesterday and after several tries the home owner was able to coax the deer out the back door. the deer was injured, but able to run off. i like how he tried to coax her, easy, girl. >> it can do a lot of damage. >> it can. we're looking ahead to what's expected to be a wet evening. >> glenn "hurricane" schwartz is going to be back, he's tracking the rain. >> that's right. the rain's going to bring
4:26 pm
somewhat cooler weather. i'm tracking when the showers will move through your neighborhood and the windy changes ahead for tomorrow. plus, today marks the anniversary of tragedy at an elementary school in connecticut. next, how lawmakers in our area sparking a push for changes to our gun laws.
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comcast business. this is nbc 10 news. >> the nbc 10 first alert weather radar is tracking a rainy night ahead. you can see the wet weather moving in from the west. that rain will cool us down a bit after another record breaking warm day. >> first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz back now with more on the unusual temperatures and the latest on the timing of this rain, glenn? >> yeah, it's coming in a little bit later than originally
4:30 pm
expected, so it's going to be generally after the afternoon rush. one of the first places getting it in the pocono mountains, the clouds getting thicker as the rain gets closer. we're talking about light rain, maybe even considering sprinkles at the leading edge here, then more back across central pennsylvania and into virginia, and there's the rest of it going through pittsburgh. we don't see any thunderstorms associated with it, but it is some rain, we could use a bit of moisture here. and you can see on the future cast we get some of it this evening, not a lot. it's not going to rain all night, but it will rain at some point in most places. this is the last of it coming through around midnight in the lehigh valley. the temperature just extreme for the third day in a row, setting high temperature records across the area. and some of those records were just smashed like in wilmington
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and in allentown. breaking a record by 8 degrees is just about unheard of. now for tonight, we're going to be seeing warm weather. not going to need any heavy coats tonight. by 8:00 it's still 65 degrees. 11:00 it's still 65 degrees. you'll need the umbrella for the showers. you're not going to need it by day break. the sun's coming out, it's going to be windy, and we're setting up for a fairly nice day. we do have a cold blast on the way, more of that coming up with the seven day in a few minutes. >> all right, glenn. you can track the rain that moves through your neighborhood with the nbc 10 news app. it's free to download in the app store. the community in newtown, connecticut, will gather for a vigil tonight to remember 20 children and six educators who died in a mass shooting three years ago. this was the first anniversary of sandy hook that newtown students were in school. the governor of connecticut ordered flags to be lowered to half staff. the gunman, adam lanza, killed
4:32 pm
his mother inside their house before driving to the school, killing his 26 victims, then committing suicide. the anniversary of the shooting renews calls for stiffer gun control laws. nbc 10's aundrea cline-thomas shows us how a bucks county representative hopes to gain momentum for universal background checks. >> there are so many families represented here, so many individuals represented here, that it's just unbelievable to fathom. >> reporter: 1,289 american flags are on display in the shape of a heart, each flag represents a life lost in mass shootings since sandy hook. >> to think that so many children died in such a horrific event and then nothing happened, nothing, what kind of society is that if we don't care about our children? >> reporter: the sandy hook shooting spurred state representatirepresen
4:33 pm
representative for background checks. three years later, there's renewed hope that the bill will finally muster enough support. >> more and more people are signing on to it. it is a bill that has very strong bipartisan support. >> doesn't do anything to stop crime. >> reporter: sandy hook inspired mike to join firearms owners against crime. he says there are already strict gun laws on the books and new proposals burden the law-abiding gun owners. >> you just cannot legislate evil. it's that simple. >> reporter: still the push continues in hopes not to have to add anymore flags to this memorial. aundrea cline-thomas, nbc 10 news. >> and we are digging into the statistics of what happened since sandy hook, and at 5:15 we'll look at how many kids still die from gun violence every day. and at 5:30 we'll hear from the father of the teacher who gave her life to save her students during sandy hook. what he says three years later. police in the pocono mountains are trying to figure
4:34 pm
out why a man walked into a walmart wielding two guns and a machete. police say andrew todd showed up at the store saturday night and pointed the weapons at customers. police shot todd in the chest when he refused to drop the weapons. he died at a hospital. there were about 100 people in the store, but no one was hurt. police say speeding and fog were both factors in this deadly crash early this morning near philadelphia international airport. two cars collided on i-95 southbound. not wearing a seat belt and was partially ejected, he died at the scene. the driver of the second car is expected to be okay. well, if you have a nissan parked in your driveway, listen up. the carmaker is recalling 2015 rogue crossovers over fears it could unexpectedly shift out of park. nissan dealers will fix the problem free of charge. libraries in new castle county are forgiving your fines
4:35 pm
if you donate food for the needy. all 20 branches are participating this week and they'll forgive up to $25 in fines for anyone who brings in their library card and asks for amnesty. the libraries will also collect donations to support the american federation of state, county, and municipal employees annual food drive. well, a soccer celebration is going viral today. >> check it out. mens players stripped off a shirt revealing what looks to be a sports bra. now we figured out the story behind this look. ♪ you've heard this song. >> must have called 1,000 times. >> we learned today adele is coming to philly. when she'll stop in the area and where you can see the star live much sooner.
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>> that song has been number one on billboard's top 100 charts for the past six weeks, and now adele, the woman behind the song, of course, she's coming to philadelphia. she's going to perform two shows in september at the wells fargo center. tickets go on sale this thursday. but tonight nbc is airing a special called "adele live in new york city," it's an hour long concert taped last month. airs tonight at 10:00 here on nbc 10. and now to a soccer celebration that has people talking. watch as stanford scores to help lead cardinal over clemson for the national championship sunday. then he takes off his jersey, slides towards his teammates, glenn likes this, he's wearing what appears to be a black sports bra. it's actually a harness that holds a heart monitor. either way, the celebration may feel a bit similar. check it out, it was a tribute to brandi chastain, who scored the winning penalty kick in the 1999 world cup. she celebrated by taking off her
4:40 pm
jersey and falling to her knees in a sports bra. the image is one of the most memorable in u.s. soccer history. >> good slide there, too. local town spending is now under the microscope. >> an auditor is looking into tens of thousands of dollars spent in colwyn. next the nbc 10 investigators reveal the spending that's now in question. plus, i'm tracking rain ahead for your monday evening. i'll show you the timeline next and also when a cold blast is finally going to set in. patients across the country have spoken.
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they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at slash eastern. cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now.
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an update now on a story the nbc 10 investigators have been covering for the past year. >> $88,000 in spending at the colwyn fire department is being questioned by the state auditor general. nbc 10 investigator harry hairston has been digging into a new audit. he joins us live in the studio with more on what he found.
4:44 pm
harry? >> a lot of the audit confirms what we've been reporting all along, the financial records of the colwyn volunteer relief association are either nonexistence or in complete disarray. take a look, this report covers 2012 to 2014. this is video of us going over records with then-city manager paula brown. brown told us she returned a $10,955 check to the state because she was concerned with how colwyn's volunteer fire police association was spending the money. as the nbc 10 investigators first reported earlier this year, the fire company's spending has been a concern for years. the auditor general's report confirms our finding, auditor general telling us today he's never seen this kind of unaccounted for spending by a volunteer fire company before. he says that's why he referred his report to the delaware county district attorney's office. now here are some of the expenses highlighted by the auditor general.
4:45 pm
there was a cash withdrawn of just over $10,000 that was not documented. he says that's a huge red flag no matter what size the city is. plus, there are no records supporting $2,500 used to pay cable tv bills, and there were unauthorized payments for more than $10,000 in property tax bills. there are still concerns at the fire department. as you may remember, our cameras captured this exclusive video of detectives from a delaware district attorney's office searching the fire department. earlier this month the fire company's board voted to suspend the company's deputy chief, treasurer, and a board member. now, just moments ago i spoke with the current president of the fire department, clark, clark tells me, tells us, he has never seen financial reports during his year as president.
4:46 pm
we're going to continue to stay on top of the story and bring you the latest information as we get it. for the investigators, harry hairston, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> well, the record breaking december continues. no snow on the slopes, and none in the forecast either. we've got a record high for the third day in a row. today's record was set originally 1881. we broke a record set over 100 years ago. we're tracking some showers. finally, but it's not going to last. and it is going to affect the eagles' game next weekend, going to be 25 degrees colder than yesterday, still nice weather for football. 69 degrees, the winds south at 10 miles an hour. it is not going to be 69 degrees for the eagles game on sunday, i guarantee you that. and you can see these temperatures way, way up there.
4:47 pm
those asterisks for records. tomorrow down to 62, which is a mere 17 degrees above normal. now, everywhere it's warm. 63 in doylestown. allentown, as you saw, smashed a record. they beat the record by 8 degrees, which, again, is not done. 65 degrees, 68, of 68 in washington township. 68 in mount holly, 69 in ricetown, 70 still in northeast philly, 66 in lewes. 50s in beach haven because of the winds coming off the ocean. now look at the showers. not much. a few very light sprinkles in the poconos. little bit heavier back to the west. still not real heavy, not looking at thunderstorms.
4:48 pm
it's definitely coming up this way. it's definitely going to rain across most of the area, but not tomorrow morning. the big storm associated with all of this is you can see this spinning around the great lakes, but that's going up to northeast, cold air is not really coming in here any kind of push, as you can see. and with the showers, the future cast showing some showers from time to time this evening, there's the last batch coming through after midnight, and then some cleaner air comes in. we've had some pollution issues over the last couple of days, and that's going to go away, because it's going to be nice and clean and the wind is just going to be picking up. as you can see, computer model rainfall really not that much outside the poconos for overnight tonight. things will change for thursday, though, we'll get into that a little bit later. unseasonably warm with the showers tonight. 56 for the low by morning, 53
4:49 pm
north and west. and during the day tomorrow, we're going to be seeing -- temperatures not going to rise a whole lot, but that's still very warm for this time of the year. windy and mild, gusts up 35 miles an hour. relatively mild through thursday, even when it's raining. cooler on friday, and pretty windy, and that sets us up for a windy and cold saturday. it's really going to feel cold. and we may actually go below the freezing mark for the first time saturday night and into sunday morning. and then we warm up right back next week. christmas looks warm. >> been incredible how warm. does that mean we're going to get hammered the second half of winter? >> that was my original projection, but to get the opposite of this on the cold side, that would be pretty -- >> drastic? >> extreme? >> i don't think that would happen. >> confusing things in nature too right now, isn't it? things blooming. >> nature's confused. we're confused, nature is
4:50 pm
confused. >> one of the prettiest sights we see in the spring. >> nature, whether it's flowers or animals, they are reacting to the weather that is out there. sometimes they are, obviously, going to get confused. >> this is outside of wynnewood shopping plaza. and some other pictures that we have, too, roses are blooming from audubon in camden county. that rose bush right there, very confused by everything that's going on in the way of temperatures right now. >> they are not the only ones confused. not supposed to be like this. >> feeling a lot more like spring in wintertime. >> thanks, glenn. to this now, a new kind of coffee that could boost your health. >> next the experiment that's giving java a new jolt. plus, how a mother's depression could lead to a higher risk of autism. this is the best block of all.
4:51 pm
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many of us add something extra to our coffee like cream or sugar. now you may be able to add antioxidants to the least. infused coffee beans with the same antioxidant found in red wine. he believes the cup of joe will reduce your heart risk, but bewise, a person has to drink hundreds of glasses of red wine a day to get much of a benefit from the antioxidants, so how's that going to work? >> what good is that going to do? doctors may have a clue about what causes some forms of autism. >> antidepressions with the communications disorder and now some women are worried about it. erika edwards breaks it down. >> reporter: the new study from researchers in canada is large, involving more than 145,000 kids follow from birth through age
4:55 pm
10. its findings are important. women who took antidepressants during pregnancy, especially during the second and third trimesters had an increased risk of having a child diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. it's also important to point out the increase in risk was extremely small. >> for women who are taking antidepressant during pregnancy, they found that they have one-half of 1% of an increase in having an autistic child. >> reporter: while the study did find an association, it does not prove antidepressants cause autism. depression itself may play a role. while the researchers continue to sort out the possible link, doctors who treat pregnant women say those with mild depression may want to talk to their physician about going off medication and trying other therapies instead. for women with more severe forms of depression, it's dangerous to stop taking antidepressants
4:56 pm
abruptly without consulting a doctor. >> untreated depression leads to higher incidents of alcohol and substance abuse and those are known to be harmful to the development of fetuses. >> reporter: the majority of those who take an antidepressant don't have a child with autism. erika edwards, nbc 10. next at 5:00, neighbors in bucks county are seeing red, orange, and yellow. >> and it's coming out of their faucets. tonight, they are concerned about what's in their water and how leaders are handling the problem. well, another record in the books, and we're not done with this warm december just yet. what you can expect leading up to the christmas holiday and i'll look at some of the rain moving in. december 14th today, three years since my daughter has been killed. >> plus, a father's grief, he lost his daughter in the sandy hook shootings. on this three-year anniversary he talks about living through the pain and the positives that
4:57 pm
have come out of the tragedy.
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
right now at 5:00, what's in the water? neighbors are seeing some strange colors coming out of their tap. why they are upset with the town's response. plus, attacked on the job. new video shows the man who could be behind several gas station robberies and now police are worried about what he might do next. nbc 10 news at 5:00 starts right now. we'll get to those stories in just a moment, but we begin with
5:00 pm
yet another record on the books. >> for the third day in a row we have reached a new high temperature and people are getting outside to soak up every second of this warm weather. we spotted golfers hitting the links in northeast philadelphia today. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here now. >> glenn, this is going to be a december to remember, isn't it? >> absolutely, and the record that we broke today has stood since 1881. we broke that by a degree in philadelphia. we broke records by up to eight degrees in other parts of the area. well, it's not going to be real warm when the eagles are playing next weekend. they play in the middle of a record warm day, but it's going to get cold for next weekend. also showers moving in, these are light showers. some coming up through the pocono mountains, some coming into chester county right now, little bit more in central pennsylvania, heavier stuff there is going into new york state. there's going to be some rain this evening,ng


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