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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  December 17, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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rifles, not the christmas present one home owner expected. tonight, how the ups said this mistake happened. also happening right now, an active scene inside and outside this south jersey home. tonight, why crews are in hazmat suits rescues cats. good evening everyone, i'm jim rosenfield. >> and i'm jacqueline london. we begin with a dreary thursday night. the rain is moving out of the region, but it's going to start getting cold again. taking a look at center city, combination of fog and rain, all of our warm days took a break for the rain today. >> nbc 10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is joining us now with his first alert forecast, then the latest on the rainy weather. glenn? >> reporter: the rain is finally moving out, but the fog is in, and the cold air is not in yet. so we have fog right now in areas where the rain has stopped. the last of the rain right at the jersey shore. it continues to move out fast. still raining in atlantic city, and that's about the last place
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that is seeing it. some of the delaware beaches, too. it's moved out rapidly over the last few hours after hanging around all day. the visibility is down to less than a mile at philly international. that could be affecting flights. it's quarter mile in mount pocono, half mile in millville, and until we get the winds to kick up, we can't really see that fog breaking up, but as you saw on the radar, that steady rain is gone. it's rather mild night, areas of fog around and the temperature not changing very much, but it is going down. cold air on the way finally. how cold and for how long with the seven day in a few minutes. we continue to follow breaking news out of harrisburg where a pennsylvania man just secured in federal court just a short time ago on charges he spread isis propaganda and tried to get someone to syria to fight for isis. fbi agents arrested aziz in
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harrisburg today. the 19 year old is a u.s. citizen. the department of justice says he has more than 50 twitter accounts he used to talk about violence with the u.s. and distribute isis propaganda. he's also accused of posting a link with names, addresses and information on 100 members of the u.s. military. detectives also found a backpack filled with five loaded m-4 style magazines, as well as a knife and thumb drive in his closet. new at 6:00, a loaded package delivered to the wrong house, a box full of 11 guns ended up in south jersey. south jersey bureau reporter ted greenberg shows us the high powered mix up. >> reporter: rifles, revolvers, and semiautomatic pistols, 11 guns like these that police say were mistakenly shipped to barnegat township. >> i was flabbergasted to think that weapons could get lost in the mail like this. >> reporter: authorities say it began last month when gun
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manufacturer rouger tried to send the fooiirearms from its facility to an employee at a trade show in las vegas, but when the box arrived at a ups processing center in secaucus, new jersey, police say it was damaged and in turn relabeled, then sent to southern ocean county. >> the employee at ups put the wrong label on the package and it was then shipped to an address here in barnegat township. >> reporter: and left november 25th on the doorstep of this home, along with two other packages delivered by ups. police say 33-year-old kevin nagle who lives here decided to keep the guns rather than tell ups he mistakenly received them. >> these guns in the wrong hands, as we all know with current media, could cause serious problems. >> reporter: following a visit from a ups security investigator yesterday, police say they found the guns in boxes in nagle's garage. he was arrested and charged with theft and offenses related to
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unlawfully having the weapons. no one answered the door at his house today. >> fortunately, they were not used, they were only stored. >> reporter: in a statement, ups says an unusual labeling error caused a package to be delivered to the wrong address. ups quickly recognized the error and worked with the barnegat township police department to ensure that secure retrieval of the package contents. ups delivers 18 million packages on a typical day and incidents like this are extremely rare. >> there needs to be stricter standards as far as the packaging and the handling of these types of shipments. >> reporter: as for the guns, police tell me they are being held as evidence and aren't being shipped anywhere else. in barnegat township, ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> two school employees accused of assaulting two teenagers with special needs in haddonfield. prosecutors say surveillance video shows heinz and jamba
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hitting a 14-year-old boy with a belt and also holding him under a desk. they are also accused of restraining a 19 year old under a desk for an extended period of time. both employees are behind bars tonight. bancroft released a statement, "we have a zero tolerance policy towards any action that would endanger or purposefully injure an individual served at bancr t bancroft. our primary concern is always for the safety and well being of those we serve." following breaking news out of salem county tonight. a new jersey state trooper was killed in the line of duty today. trooper eli mccarson died in a crash in quinton township. he was responding to a domestic dispute when his cruiser went off the road and into a utility pole. the 30 year old had been on the force since february. new at 6:00, dozens of cats are being rescued from the home of a suspected hoarder in new jersey. the new jersey spca is processing the scene right now. this is along 6th avenue in
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gloucester county. we could see workers in hazmat suits bringing the cats out in boxes. the county animal shelter will hold up to 40 cats but we're told there could be more felines rescued from the home. tonight fire investigators are trying to figure out what or who started a fire that destroyed a city church. >> last night we showed you the video from an nbc 10 viewer's drone directly overhead as the roof of new jerusalem baptist church collapsed. today investigators and agents are sifting through the debris looking for clues and talking with neighbors. heavy equipment was brought in to clear the site. this is actually the second fire here in the last two weeks. >> this is the second one in two weeks, what's your gut tell you, did someone set this? >> i don't want to speculate on that, because my speculation could be wrong. >> once the site is safe, we're told arson dogs will be brought in to sniff for accelerants and tonight the pastor tells us a
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friend allowed him to hold sunday church services in his community center. it could be one of the most important days for atlantic city in decades. new jersey lawmakers working on two measures that could change the gambling landscape in the state. they are expected to vote on a package to bailout atlantic city, still struggling from the closing of four casinos last year. lawmakers are considering two proposals to let voters decide whether to allow two new casinos in the northern part of the state. a vote could come next week. a man who took his dogs out for a walk last night was shot to death a block from his home. police found mark marshall on the street near his west philadelphia home. investigators say marshall got into an argument with a man who pulled out a handgun and shot marshall in the neck, chest, back, arms, and legs. so far no one has been arrested and marshall's neighbor is taking care of the dogs. a local woman will have to
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wait another day to learn her fate. >> deanna durante is joining us live from outside the courthouse. deanna, the jury had a lot more questions again today. >> reporter: they did. they wanted to know more details about the charges that kathryn knott is facing. one of them is conspiracy, and the jury asked the court does that mean that the parties would have had to verbalize the conspiracy, they also ask if ignoring a situation constitutes reckless endangerment. leaving the courthouse, kathryn knott doesn't speak as there is a gag order in the case. knott is accused of assault last september. the prosecutor told the court knott hates gay people, but the jury is asking for copies of the law as it applies to reckless endangerment and conspiracy. knott told the jury she didn't hit anyone, but the prosecutor says she threw a punch and shouted homophobic slurs at the men. jurors have to decide if knott is guilty of the actions and if
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she engaged in conspiracy with the men who pled guilty. both are serving probation in the crime. the two victims, along with supporters, have been in court the entire time. they are also waiting to see what the verdict is that the jury returns. all parties will be back here again tomorrow morning for deliberations again. reporting live outside the criminal justice center, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. rapper meek mill said his whole life is on the line as he took the stand in his own defense today. he told a philadelphia judge this afternoon he never intentionally ignored travel restrictions or other rules of his probation. just minutes ago a judge found him guilty of probation violations and he could be sent back to jail. prosecutors say mill should be sent back to jail. his defense team says the music business is chaotic. legendary singer kenny gamble testified as a character witness today saying meek mill is not a criminal, putting him in jail is not going to help at all.
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mill's girlfriend nicki minaj was in court and says she'll help him stay out of trouble. temple's team bowl game, also this afternoon school leaders met about a new stadium. right now the temple owls play their home games at lincoln financial field. kenney said previously he believes temple and the eagles should work out a deal instead of building a new stadium. temple is looking into a $100 million stadium after the team enjoyed historic success this season. kenney's staff says today's meeting was not open to the media. a montgomery county mother will spend at least five years behind bars for injecting her teenage daughter with heroin. this afternoon a judge sentenced patricia davenport to five to ten years in prison. davenport supplied her daughter with heroin. police arrested davenport last year. a perfect score for philly. today the human rights campaign gave the city high marks for lgbt equality. philadelphia was the highest
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scoring city of the ten largest cities. mayor nutter says he's proud of his city and for decades philadelphia has been a leader on the forefront of lgbt equality. next on nbc 10 news at 6:00, women shopping alone targeted. tonight the warning from police and who they are looking for. plus today's warm december has stores offering some deals. now that the rain's gone, we're going to start feeling a cold snap. is it going to stick around for the weekend? my first alert forecast is next.
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police in south jersey are on the hunt for a crew of purse thieves. the ring is on the move in gloucester township and washington township. police say they are stealing purses from female shoppers. >> i have been guilty of putting my pocketbook in the cart. i won't do that anymore. i've been guilty of not being aware of my surroundings. >> police have already arrested three people, including this man. they are still looking for more. now to some december rain. people needed to break out their coats, maybe not their winter coats, but, of course, their raincoats. stores that sell winter supplies and skis are taking a big hit this season.
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>> nbc 10's doug shimell went looking for deals and what stores are doing this warm december to attract customers. >> we're not panicking. we've seen this before. >> reporter: it's almost like a staring contest with the skis. and the boots at buckman's ski and snowboard shops aren't exactly walking off the shelves. >> we know winter is going to get here, let's just hope it gets here sooner than later. >> reporter: rain instead of snow means the basement of bargains is now open. >> that is on the inside. >> reporter: snowboarders like kimberly, though, are undeterred. >> it's a shame, but i'm hopeful for the future and i think there's going to be snow in vermont, i think, this weekend. it said maybe an inch or two, so just going to, you know, get through it. >> reporter: they are helping santa pick out snowboards, despite predictions of temperatures in the 70s on christmas day. >> imagine if this was snow, but you got to think ahead and with the holidays, with christmas coming, got to do it now.
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hopefully, at some point this season there will be snow. >> reporter: the warm weather is not affecting the star wars ski masks, which are selling out as the new movie debuts, but to move that winter gear, buckman's sees the marketing moment for nbc 10 viewers. >> exclusive offer of 20% off all outer wear running that now through close of business saturday, all you need to do is come in and say you saw buckman's on nbc 10. >> reporter: now that's spontaneous marketing. in king of prussia, doug shimell, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> yeah, i still think their time is coming. my original winter forecast called for very mild early winter and a cold and snowy second half of the winter. still sticking to it. the rain ending quickly across the area over the last couple of hours. we've got a cold blast coming
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for the weekend. and christmas, we're going to be seeing some more record warmth as we head toward the christmas holiday. we've got clouds, at least the steady rain is out. we also had fog around, 55 degrees. we've got no wind. we've got moisture all day and no wind and high humidity kind of adds up the fog. and we have temperatures near 50 and into the mid 50s, very mild for this time of the day at this time of the year. the average high is only 44, and look at that, right now it's 58 in atlantic city. that is really warm. we got up to 57 today officially. even with the rain, 49 tomorrow, 41 saturday. a day below average, may end up being the only one for the whole month, then sunday back up to 45 degrees. the visibility is down three-quarters of a mile visibility in quackertown, coatesville down to zero. blue bell one half mile, so
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areas of dense fog developing because of the rain ending and no wind. not getting the lower humidity until we get the wind picking up. one-half mile visibility in millville, but we're not going to have fog tomorrow morning, because the wind is going to pick up overnight, and there goes the rain. three hours worth from lancaster county, all the way offshore, so that's the end of the rain across our area, at least any kind of steady rain. some places got over an inch. as you can see, drier air coming in, eventually we're going to be seeing some sunshine. not so much to start the day tomorrow. so look at the temperatures. not really cooling off very much tonight. it's going to be a mild night, it's going to be a fairly mild start tomorrow, but if anything the temperatures are going to be kind of level or maybe fall a little bit tomorrow until the sun comes out during the afternoon. then tomorrow night, that's when we really start to cool down.
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now, by the time we get to sunday night and the eagles are playing, that will be pretty cool. starting off at 45, going down into the 30s by the end of the game. pretty nice for football weather in december, but a lot colder than this past sunday. so the rain ends and areas of fog are around for a while. 44 for the low in the city. fog is not going to be around in the morning. we still may see some clouds. that wind is going to break up the fog. gusting up to 30 miles an hour during the afternoon once the sun comes out. then another windy day, even windier on saturday. that's the one cold day. one cold night, and then sunday kind of chilly. then it warms up. monday 58. by christmas eve, i'm predicting a record of 70. breaking news. we have new information just in about the day care in north philadelphia where a 10-month-old died just
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yesterday. we have just learned the department of human services has issued what is called an emergency removal at sister childcare, that means the facility will be shut down. the department says it is contacting parents and will be at the germantown avenue location tomorrow to help families find other care for their children. again, that daycare will be shut down by the health department. amy? >> thank you, jacqueline. i'm amy fadool from comcast sportsnet. demarco murray talked about his role, or lack thereof, in this eagles offense, while carson palmer is focused on one particular player on the eagles defense.
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this is the xfinity sports desk, brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports.
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>> hi, i'm amy fadool from comcast sportsnet. the eagles got good news today, byron maxwell returned to practice and appears good to go against the cardinals on sunday. we know demarco murray will be on the field sunday night, but just how much? murray has gone from leading the league in rushing last season in dallas, to being the second, sometimes the third option in the birds' backfield this season. today murray talked about his role. >> obviously, you always want to have a chance to contribute as much as you can in a game and, you know, we're winning, so i think that's all that matters. we have a lot of talented guys on the team and only one football, so it's hard to get everyone the ball at the same time, so they've got to, you know, i think we're all having opportunities to play and contribute, you know, so it's just the way the offense goes, fast offense, different guys rotated at different times. >> well, the arizona cardinals certainly have a high flying offense, averaging more than 400 yards and 31 points a game, so the eagles will have their hands
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full sunday at lincoln financial field. if they have success, it's likely due in large part to fletcher cox continuing his dominance up front. cox has been the eagles best player on defense all season long, and cardinals quarterback carson palmer knows it. >> man, he's as good as a guy we faced. he runs really well, he's extremely strong, he's big, he plays the run as well as he plays the pass. probably the best player they have on that defense. there's a lot of really good players. and, you know, we definitely have to, you know, watch out for him. we have some stuff for him and just a great player. >> we've got you covered for the eagles game sunday night right here on nbc 10. our special playoff push starts at 6:30, then kickoff is at 8:30. after the game don't miss the highlights, interviews, and reaction on nbc 10's eagles game day final all here on nbc 10. steve mason will back between the pipes tonight when the flyers host the canucks on
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comcast sportsnet at 7:00. flyers fresh off the overtime victory in which rookie scored his third overtime game winner of the season. overall he has six goals in 15 games. highlights from that game tonight at 11:00 and more. that will do it for sports from now. we're right back after this.
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it's a tradition that gives hope in troubled times during the holiday season and this year more than 2,000 toys and books will be donated to the children of steel elementary in philadelphia's germantown neighborhood. this is the 13th annual save just one child celebration at the school. >> they are excited. >> they are, so cute. >> we're looking forward to moving this rain out of here. >> and it is out of here. now we got to get the fog out of here, but we'll do that, too. dry tomorrow and colder and windy, but even colder and windier on saturday. and then we start a warming
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trend that might peak more records by christmas eve. >> all right, i'm jim rosenfield. >> and i'm jacqueline london. news continues now with "nbc nightly news". tonight, breaking news. terror arrest. a friend of san bernardino killer arrested and charged and now we are learning of at least two other attacks he's accused of helping to plot. ceo arrested. he's been called the most hated man in erica for jacking up the price of a drug 500%. now arrested for fraud. >> the secretary of defense admits using his private e-mail for official business, even while hillary clinton came under fire for doing the same. guarding theme parks. major changes for visitors to disney, universal, seaworld and more. security is stepped up amid heightened fears of terrorism. and stopping cancer cold. the quick freeze


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