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tv   Early Today  NBC  December 18, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EST

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don't miss a day of brilinta. condition after being attacked under the convention center arch. new this morning two men are arrested. president obama putting off his christmas trip, heading to california to mourn the victims of the san bernardino shootings. and one week away. one week from christmas today. some people are still buying the major perk you buy online today. it's 4:00 a.m. good morning. i'm tracy davidson. let's get right to brittney shipp with her first alert forecast. >> good morning. temperatures are going to continue to drop as we head into the rest of this morning so much colder than what we're used to. closer look at our temperatures
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show the colder air coming in from the northwest so temperatures in allentown at 48, 46 in pottstown, 50 in wilmington. 53 in atlantic city. low 50s in wildwood. as we go into the rest of the morning our temperatures actually by 9:00 a.m. will drop down to 46 degrees, we'll start to recover as we get into your lunch time hour. 47, a mix of sun and clouds and winds at about 12 miles per hour. we're also dealing with a little bit of patchy fog and dense fog closer to reading. visibility is now down to about a half mile that's probably the worst of it. cape may we're dealing with patchy fog, same in atlantic city. as we go into the rest of today our temperatures will stay in the 40s so it is going to be colder than what we saw yesterday. even colder as we head into tomorrow. i'll go over more on what you can expect as we get closer to the weekend. we want to check in with katy zachry. >> things are good on the majors, average speeds are in
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the 60s. 76 eastbound as you make your way from the blue route into center city philadelphia. that will take you about 13 minutes before you reach the vine. 95 southbound between woodhaven and the vine looking really good, and the blue route southbound between 76 and 95 that's about 15-minute drifk. in new jersey this is a live look at the roadway, route 38 and 70 on the camden/pennsauken line. just expect overnight construction especially around the 295/42 area. the 42 freeway northbound between route 55 and the walt whitman bridge only about five minutes. >> thanks. we begin with breaking news, matt delucia is live in olney where there is a fire in a store front. i know you just got on the scene. what can you tell us? >> reporter: tracy, we just got out here. let me show you what's going on. fire crews are out here, the fire is out, the building with
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the store front is over on the right here, that is where you see the ladder truck. a lot of the firefighters are going on the roof to get to the one on the left. you see the taller building, that appears to be a home. you can see there is some fire damage there. again, we haven't seen smoke, flames since we got out here in the past few minutes. the fire started about an hour ago. there are several people just waiting out here along the sidewalk, some of them just really telling me they don't know much about what's going on here at the moment. i'm going to try to get more information including information about any injuries at this point but here fifth and rockland this is where this is, this area on fifth street in olney is blocked off right now. a lot of fire department activity as they continue working on this house here. as soon as i get more information i'll bring it to you. live in olney, matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." it's 4:03. happening now a man is in critical condition after being stabbed in the tunnel under the
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convention center under the arch there. we brought you this last night. this morning we know it was two against one in a knife fight according to police and now two people are under arrest. >> this morning new jersey state police are mourning the loss of one of their own, the trooper was killed in a car accident. trooper eli mccarson died yesterday in an accident in salem county. investigators say the trooper was responding to a domestic dispute when his cruiser went off the road and smashed into a pole. crews cut him out of the car, he died at the hospital. witnesses tell us the cruiser was badly damaged. >> they tried to get him out. the door was really stuck. >> mccarson was recently married. he just graduated from the police academy earlier this year. >> in montgomery county police are investigating a car accident that killed a student. around 7:30 last night a car hit the victim on the campus.
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she died a short time later. police have not released her name. the driver did stay at the scene. >> a revealing report out from the cdc that shows a nurse who reused a syringe to give flu shots at a clinic was in september, made several other mistakes as well. one of those, keeping the vaccine in her personal refrigerator. she only brought enough of the vaccine for 20 people but administered to 67 people. the nurse has since surrendered her license. >> it is a new day in delaware. a law decriminalizing the use of small amounts of marijuana is in effect now across the state. now you are allowed to possess and use one ounce of marijuana privately without the threat of jail time. you will still face a $100 fine public consumption is not allowed and the law does not apply to any one under 18. today you can catch up with the sunday night football bus at the comcast center this morning, then at children's hospital of
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philadelphia this afternoon. the bus is in town until sunday when it will be parked at xfinity live prior to the eaglesmatch up sunday night at lincoln financial field. also you can have coffee with a cop at manayunk. a chance for officers to discuss neighborhood issues. that will be this morning. >> we're heading into the last weekend to shop before christmas. the gloucester outlets join stores and shopping centers gearing up for the rush. a survey by the national retail federation finds the average shopper finished a little more than half of their shopping and 90% of shoppers still have gifts to shop for. >> if you are doing holiday shopping online is a good day, it's free shipping day. many online retailers offer free shipping on items that they say should arrive by christmas eve. you can find a link to check out the retailers participating on
4:07 am and our app. good morning. as we head into the rest of today we'll continue to see colder temperatures, windy conditions will keep moving in from the northwest so that's a cold wind that's going to push through. you'll notice the difference as you wake up and head out the door. 43 degrees right now in reading, temperatures in coatesville at 46, you can see where the blue is where the cooler air has reached these cities so a little warmer in philadelphia but temperatures will drop down a few more degrees. we're at 51 in swedesboro. 50 in blue bell, 49 in doylestown. low 50s in woodbine and 53 degrees in lewis. we head into the rest of today, this is how your temperatures break down. 7:00 a.m., temperatures fall in the 40s for philadelphia, 47 degrees, 42 in wilmington as we progress, into the rest of the afternoon we're not going to
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warm up too much more. we'll see a high in philadelphia at 49 degrees. if you're staying out late tonight, temperatures will drop quickly into the 30s, so keep that in mind as you make your plans. it's going to feel pretty cold and get even colder into the rest of the weekend. so today's high 49 take a look at saturday, our daytime high at 41 degrees will actually be below average for a change but it will be short lived by sunday we're already starting to warm up. i'm tracking record warmth as we get closer to christmas eve. i'll go over more and what you can expect coming up in my seven-day forecast in about ten minutes. >> see you then. 4:08. let's get you to work. tgif. hope for a smooth ride to work. >> tgif is right and crossing our fingers. the pennsylvania turnpike despite construction it's not causings delays headed westbound between route 1 and valley forge. that will take about 23 minutes eastbound, between the same two
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exits expect the same amount of time. up in the lehigh valley, this is a live look at 78 at morgan hill road, few cars on the roadway there. headed to the lehigh valley or the poconos, 78, 309, 22, all looking good. all are looking really good right now. your drive times in new jersey reflect the same. 295 and 42 freeway right at that intersection, there is long term construction but it's not tying anything up. as you make your way on 295 south between route 38 and 168 that drive is about 13 minutes. the area bridges are free and clear of issues, this time yesterday we saw an opening of the tacony palmyra bridge but i'll keep my eye on it and let you know. >> thanks. so everyone's talking about it this morning. >> i will finish what you started. >> can't wait to see it. the new "star wars" movie is out and getting great reviews. we'll tell what you one library is doing to celebrate the new
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cult flick. it's among the most popular destinations now a trip to a major theme park can mean a new kind of ride through a security checkpoint.
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it's 4:12. a live look outside, 53 degrees, a mild morning. we see the wind blowing that flag. brittney shipp says it's going to be 70 on christmas eve. but for the last shopping weekend before christmas, it's going to be chilly. we'll get you updated with the first alert forecast coming up. >> oh, "star wars: the force awakens" is out only one day and
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according to ticket vendor fan dango it's breaking records. today is "star wars" day at the camden county libraries, inviting kids to create "star wars" crafts and play jed eye games. today a neighborhood school in southwest philadelphia will recognize the achievements of students while helping those in need. the middle school partnered with the community to provide supplies given out today to students and their families. >> two city-based colleges may become one. thomas jefferson university and philadelphia university have announced a preliminary deal to merge. they expect to close the deal by next june. the merger could take around three years, leaders of both institutions say it will help both offer more programs and attract more students. two other schools will announce agreement today to strengthen their ties. salus and arcadia university
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plan to strengthen their partnership focusing on health sciences program. they will spell out the plans this morning at arcadia's campus. the philadelphia fbi joint terrorism task force is handling the investigation of a 19-year-old harrisburg man charged with conspiring to support isis. authorities raided the home of the man last night. they say they found a back pack filled with ammunition, a modified kitchen knife, a thumb drive and medication leading them to suspect that he may have been plotting an attack. authorities say he has more than 50 twitter accounts that he used to talk about violence against the u.s. and distribute isis propaganda. >> president obama is visiting with the families of the victims of the deadly rampage in san bernardino earlier this month. the president added that stop in southern california to a previously scheduled trip to
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hawaii for christmas vacation. >> meantime, in a shooting investigation federal officials have charged a friend and neighbor of the san bernardino shooters with conspiracy. enreta marquez made his court appearance yesterday. the feds say that the pair had plotted two other attacks in 2012, but they were never carried out. farook and his wife killed 14 people at farook's co-workers on december 2. the couple later died in a shootout with police. it's 4:15. if you are taking the family to any of the theme parks over the holidays be ready to face stepped up security. disney world, universal, orlando, and sea world are among the theme parks that have installed metal detectors for the busy holiday season. disney will have more police and specially trained dogs, plus
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disney parks will stop the sale of toy guns and they banned character costumes to heighten security in response to recent terrorist attacks including the one in san bernardino. >> there is no specific credible terror threat to the u.s. over the holidays, that's what president obama said after a briefing at the national counter intelligence agency center in virginia yesterday. the president also offered assurances that the government is doing all it can but he called on americans to be vigilant during the holidays. >> bowe bergdahl will be back before a military judge in north carolina next week, that announcement made yesterday, he will be arraigned on charges of desertion and endangering the safety of fellow soldiers. bergdahl walked off of his army post in afghanistan and held captive by the taliban for five years. critics blasted his release in exchange for five taliban prisoners last year. >> the chicago police officer charged in the death of black
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teenager laquan mcdonald will be back in court today indicted on six counts of first-degree murder and one count of official misconduct. he is expected to plead not guilty. the case sparked protests after the release of dash cam showing van dyke shooting mcdonald 16 times within seconds of stepping out of his police car. >> martin shkreli is free on $5 million bond after fbi agents arrested him yesterday on security fraud charges. he is the drug company ceo infamous for hiking the price of a drug by 5,000%. the are fraud charges are not related to that hike. good morning. as we head into the rest of today and then into the weekend we're right at the beginning of a cold snap so the cold snap will be on saturday with temperatures dropping down to the low 40s for auer daytime
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highs. a few dry days. then we actually are expecting to break a record, record warmth expected for christmas eve. for philadelphia, 53 degrees now, a few clouds, breezy conditions out of the northwest. and that means we're going to see colder conditions as that cold northwest wind continues to blow. we're also dealing with a little patchy fog, right along the shore, dense fog if you are closer to reading, visibility is down to a half mile for us this morning. so we'll continue to keep a close eye on that. if you're in reading especially definitely want to be careful driving this morning. temperaturewise throughout the rest of the region we're at 38 in the poconos, 48 currently in allentown, 46 in pottstown. our wind gusts up to about 20 miles per hour but we'll continue to see our wind speeds picking up as we go into the rest of tonight and into the rest of tomorrow. so by tonight we'll see our wind speeds closer to 20, 25 miles per hour. you'll probably hear the wind howling overnight as you sleep, then as we get into tomorrow still a pretty cold wind.
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so our feels like temperatures by tomorrow will actually be in the high 30s. satellite/radar shot shows that we're seeing a few clouds but we're done with all of the rainfall and if i widen out the picture we're not tracking any storms over the next couple days so our weekend is going to stay nice and dry burt we are going to see the return of showers as we head into tuesday. a closer look at what we expect to see in terms of any type of precipitation, we might see a few snow flurries coming off the great lakes there blowing into parts of the poconos but that's it. a little lake effect snow. as far as today is concerned, expect temperatures to stay a little bit below average, actually still above average by tomorrow we'll be below average, 49 in philadelphia for today, even colder as we head into tomorrow, then we drop below average, 41 degrees, your eagles football game on sunday, 8:30, our temperatures on the chilly side by kickoff. 41 degrees, the seven-day forecast shows we reach our peak
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with the cold air saturday, then we warm things back up right into next week. >> thanks. 20 minutes past 4:00 now. let's check the roadways. katy zachry is in the traffic center watching all of the information. >> i am watching the vine street expressway despite what our computer says you can see the average speeds in the 40s at this hour, lane closures along the vine street expressway as they are doing construction. that should lift around 5:00, 5:15. there are detour signs in place. your 95 drive times southbound into center city philadelphia from woodhaven, going to take about 14 minutes. northbound just a little less time. and be aware, northbound there is a ramp close yurks 95 northbound at girard avenue that ramp is closed because of the construction project. >> thanks. a ups delivery mistake led to a dangerous discovery by a man in ocean county. but instead of calling police, the police called him, now he is
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under arrest. rifles and semi-automatic pistols dropped off at his home. authorities say a gun manufacturer tried to send the guns from its facility to an employee at a trade show in las vegas but when the box arrived at a ups processing center in new jersey police say it was damaged and then it got mislabeled. police say kevin nagle was arrested because he decided to keep the weapons instead of telling ups. ups called it an unusual label error. the company says it delivers 18 million packages on a typical day and incident likes this are extremely rare. >> police in south jersey have a warning for women shopping solo this season. a group of purse snatchers is preying on unsuspecting victims in camden and gloucester counties. the thieves caught on camera, police say it happened dozens of times in daylight in busy
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parking lots like this washington township walmart. the purse snatching ring has targeted shoppers in gloucester township. >> i have been guilty of putting my pocket book in the car. i won't do that anymore. i've been guilty of not being aware of my surroundings. >> police have already arrested three people including this man but they are searching for more suspects. >> it's 4:22. schools in philadelphia could be forced to close now the philadelphia school district has a message for parents today. and ordered to close by the state, a daycare closed its doors indefinitely after a 10-month-old in its care died. we'll tell what you parents can expect to find if they head there today.
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it's 4:24. if you've got spare change around the house today is the day to make it count as part of its bring change campaign your td bank penny arcade will be a place you can donate your extra change to help support the the victim services center of montgomery county and td will match up to 2,000 in coin counted and donated to the center. also today a number of chester county agencies teaming up with the annual marine corps toys for tots. last year this event provided toys for more than 700 children. this year because of increased financial hardships and budget situations the event will provide toys for more than 1300 children. >> it was an early taste of christmas for some children in delaware. in newark, santa was doing his thing last night. the gift he was delivering were collected at the newark police department as part of the toys
4:26 am
for tots campaign. it's a tradition that gives hope in troubled times. nbc 10 the annual save just one child holiday celebration at steel school in germantown. more than 2,000 toys and books will be donated to the students. i'm tracking a cold snap for us as we head to the end of the work week. that will extend into the weekend. 60s are right back in your seven-day forecast. i'll go over all of the details coming up in a bit. >> a live look outside, this is 76 at market street in camden where there is light traffic. things are running smoothly along 76 through camden. we'll take a look at your drive times on new jersey and delaware majors. >> we'll continue to follow breaking news in the olney section of philadelphia. firefighters are making sure no hot spots there after a fire
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i'm matt delucia live in the olney section of the city. there is a house fire out here, firefighters are out at the scene, just got an update. i'll have that in a couple minutes. >> also, parents, the philadelphia school district wants you to do more than make lunch for your student. schools could be forced to close and the district is asking for your help. >> carted off the court. a woman gets crushed by lebron james. how she is doing and who she is
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married to. a famous guy. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. let's get started with our forecast. the first alert forecast with brittney shipp. >> good morning. temperatures today are going to be a lot colder than yesterday. that trend is going to continue into the weekend. so for those that felt like it was a little too warm out, we're getting cooler temperatures. you can see the cold air from the northwest already. 48 degrees in allentown, 46 in pottstown, 43 degrees in reading, where the cold air has not moved in, places like philadelphia at 53. 52 in millville and at 52 degrees right now closer to wildwood. our city planner shows into the morning our temperatures will drop down a few degrees. 9:00, 47. winds at 12 miles per hour so the feels like temperature is closer to the mid-40s even the low 40s by noon 47 degrees so a cold lunch hour for you. and then as we head into the rest of the morning we'll see


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